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Nausea Fuel / Professional Wrestling

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  • Tommy Dreamer's early run in the WWE involved him doing disgusting acts such as eating discarded hair, sharing a toothbrush with a dog, and drinking The Undertaker's tobacco spit.
  • Bastion Booger was an obese, ugly slob of a wrestler who wore a dingy singlet and not only smelled like a pig, but ate like one too.
  • The Boogeyman's habit of eating fistfuls of living worms. And shoving them into his opponents' mouths when he beat them. He would also foam at the mouth at times. His grossest act is largely considered to be when he bit Jillian Hall's "facial tumor" off of her face, and ate it.
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  • The segment where Mae Young gave birth to a hand. ON LIVE TV.
  • Katie Vick...nuff said.

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