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He ate so much that his belly literally bursts open.

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  • 28 Weeks Later has Alice's extremely graphic death.
  • The Alien series.
    • The chestbursters. Also, for some, the white, milky stuff the androids spew everywhere when they're damaged. Justified for the android milky fluid — it was literal milk, left to curdle and go bad under hot stage lights. Some of the cast and crew, including the guy playing the android, got sick from it, making it literal nausea fuel.
  • The American Pie series:
    • It has some, particularly with Stifler. Beer with semen in the first. Being peed on in the second. And the worst case ever, involving the results of a dog eating a wedding ring in the third.
    • The dog defecating the ring isn't the worst part. The worst part is when Stifler puts the turd in his mouth and starts chewing it.
    • Fifth and Sixth sequel both have prominent scenes of guys projectile-vomiting on girls' cleavages.
  • Andre the Butcher: The title character eats his own scabs.
  • The Anthropophagus Beast.
    • The killer ripping the pregnant woman's fetus out. It was so realistic that in Britain it was thought that the scene was genuine and it consequently got itself banned. (It was not genuine; the fetus was a rabbit carcass — not that that helped.)
    • At the end, the recently disemboweled killer starts eating his own spilled innards as he dies.
  • In a flashback/dream sequence in Audition, one of Asami's previous boyfriends is shown. He is missing both feet at the ankles, both hands, his eyes, and his tongue. Asami vomits into a bowl and offers it to him, and he drinks it fact 
  • Austin Powers:
    • Any scene in the movies that involves Fat Bastard.
    • There's also this gem:
      Austin: This coffee smells like shit!
      Basil: Austin, it is shit.
      Austin: Oh good, then it's not just me.
      [Austin drinks the "coffee" while Basil looks away, disgusted]
      Austin: It's a bit nutty.
    • The scene in the third movie where Goldmember eats a flake of his own dried skin and describes it as salty falls under this.
  • Peter Jackson's early films like Bad Taste which includes a main character trying to keep his own brain in his busted open head and Braindead which has The Virus-infected boils exploding into food and a man getting his face slowly pulled off... to name a few.
  • Each of the deaths from The Banana Splits fall into this:
    • When Stevie has a lollipop forced into his throat by Drooper, a flood of blood is shown pouring out of his mouth.
    • We get to see the aftermath of Thadd getting brutally butchered by Fleegle.
    • After doing the "Sloppy Time Course", Jonathan gets a key jammed into his back where his spine is graphically shown.
    • Andy gets nailed to a wooden wheel, where he is given the "Banana Split".
  • Battlefield Earth:
    • Given the amount of tilted camera shots, it's probably a good idea to avoid this movie if you suffer from motion sickness.
    • The entire film seems Hellbent on making the viewers as queasy and uncomfortable as humanly possible. From the dirty, grimy actors and environments, to the physically repulsive Psychlos (of both sexes) and ridiculous costume design. Not to mention the overly-harsh filters, making everything too blue, or too green, or whatever. This may have been the point, but that's little consolation.
  • Bite centres around a young woman who is bitten by a waterborne insect and infected with a mutagenic virus, transforming her into a human-insect hybrid. The results are downright revolting. In fact, the film reportedly caused several audience members unprepared for its gruesome content to flee the theatre in disgust.
  • Black Sun The Nanking Massacre has the real, disturbing footage of Japanese soldiers beheading people in a line, and the fake, disturbing footage of a Japanese soldier cutting a pregnant woman's stomach open and spearing the fetus.
  • The camera work in The Blair Witch Project.
  • In a flashback in Bloodbath at the House of Death, Dr Lukas Mandeville's monocle falls into an incision in the patient on whom he is operating. He gropes around in the incision in an attempt to retrieve his monocle, but he only succeeds in pulling out handfuls of flesh and organs.
  • The Gunter Brus semi-documentary film, Body Analysis is this from start to end.
  • The obscure, low-budget Australian comedy-horror film Body Melt (said to be Tarantino's favorite Australian film).
    • Among its bits of nastiness: A man drinks a bottle of detergent and tentacles grow out of holes in his neck and extend up his nose, the face around a man's mouth splits open and he grows ears in the palms of his hands, a pregnant woman's chest swells up and explodes and her placenta shoots out of her vagina and attacks her husband, a man's penis grows and explodes, a man drowns in his own snot and mucus whilst coughing and sneezing, a child cracks their face open whilst skateboarding, a woman's head shrinks and dissolves into mucus, and a woman's tongue grows until she can't breathe and chokes.
    • Tarantino was a talking head in Not Quite Hollywood, a documentary of Australian films, and he clearly had a lot of enthusiasm for the subject, mainly because of their over-the-top recklessness. For him to call this his favorite is saying a lot.
  • Though the majority of horror-western Bone Tomahawk has these moments, the biggest turn-your-head moment is when Nick is scalped within an inch of his brain, force-fed his own scalp, hacked in the crotch with the titular bone tomahawk, and finally bisected alive by the troglodytes.
  • The nude fight scene in Borat.
  • Braindead has several moments, and reportedly got so bad at times that movie theaters actually started offering free barf bags to customers.
  • Cabin Fever:
    • Marcy trying to shave her legs in the bath, only to shave her skin off.
    • There's also copious footage throughout the film of the diseased carcasses of animals and of a giant stagnant pool of sewage.
  • Cannibal Holocaust. To the point many thought such horrific imagery couldn't be done through effects and accusing the whole thing of being a Snuff Film. The director had to void a secrecy contract with his actors and get them to appear in public, alive, and well, to keep from being charged with their murders.
  • City of the Living Dead, by Lucio Fulci. A woman vomits up her own intestines whilst weeping blood.
  • The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover has a lot of stomach-turning moments, but two really stand out:
    • In the very first scene, Michael Gambon's character is punishing the cook. He strips him naked, issues a savage beating, and then as a final degradation forces him to roll around in dog feces.
    • At the end, Helen Mirren serves her lover's dead body to her husband as a meal, after the husband had ordered his brutal death. At gunpoint, forces him to eat it. While her husband is gagging down the meal, she shoots him.
  • The "jittercam" used in Cloverfield inspired a species of nausea in some viewers.
  • The Canadian sci-fi/horror trilogy Cube definitely has this, with lots of scenes involving people being subjected to various deadly traps including sprays of flesh-melting acid and people-slicing wires.
  • Cuties:
    • Coumba, the other Senegalese girl besides Amy, finds a used condom and plays with it like a balloon in the typical fashion of a child who is oblivious to its use, but the other girls quickly catch on and scream in horror, afraid that she might've contracted AIDS from it. What makes it worse is that Coumba genuinely doesn't know what it was and begins to cry. To that end, the girls try washing her mouth with soap and water.
    • For most viewers, the ending dance garner this reaction due to the overly sexual poses and camera angles, making it come across as the film trying to make the viewer want to see the young girls dancing sexually.
  • The Dark Knight:
    • The Joker is supposed to be scary. Watching him explore the reverse side of his scars, with some relish — with his tongue — is sickening.
    • From the same movie, Harvey Dent. More specifically, his gloriously skeletal half-mug.
    • The Joker's pencil trick. The prisoner who has a bomb stitched inside his chest courtesy of the Joker and then promptly blows up.
    • Or, from Batman Begins Rachel's fear toxin hallucination of Crane.
  • Anything by David Cronenberg has a high chance of containing this. Particular examples are Videodrome (cancerous body cavities and fleshy video cassettes) and The Fly (1986) (a scientist slowly mutates into a man-fly hybrid).
    • And Crash. If the fact that it's about a secret society of people with a sexual fetish for car crashes whom deliberately crash cars and have sex in the wrecks wasn't enough, it also contains a scene where a man has sex with a woman via a wound in her leg that resembles a vagina.
    • The Brood. A woman chews through an amniotic sack growing directly out of her chest, takes the fetus out, and licks it clean.
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) (2008):
    • The birth of the alien at the beginning of the movie. Complete with close up of gooey chunks that encased its body being torn away.
    • The metal locusts. The way they slowly and meticulously tear a human being apart from the microscopic level up in their introduction, all while multiplying exponentially.
  • Dirty Love. A woman has her breasts vomited on and menstruates very heavily all over the floor of a drug store.
  • Dirty Sanchez: The Movie contains a scene where one of the group gets liposuction and another drinks the extracted fat. At least, according to the parental advisory of the movie on IMDB.
  • Skip the popcorn at District 9. Between the vomiting black ooze, the fingernails coming off, and dissections in a bio lab, it's a long, bumpy, nauseating ride through the Transformation Trauma.
  • In Downfall, Magda Goebbels kills her own children, one by one, with cyanide pills.
  • Dreamcatcher is a horror flick about a parasitical creature that comes out of the asses of its victims.
  • Epic Movie has countless disgusting moments.
    • An extensive, nauseating vomiting scene. It starts when Susan chugs an entire Keg of beer. After celebrating for a few moments, her stomach starts to rumble and she pukes gallons of vomit at two people. Already gross, but the extended cut continues. Susan states she's ok... and then pukes on two more guys... and pukes a few more gallons mere moments after. This is certainly gross, which both of the siblings say... but then she clearly still needs to puke, but doesn't want to do it on any more of the soldiers... so she turns around and finds a Legolas look-alike and kisses him... whose mouth is wide open... Yeah, none of the soldiers show up to help them the next day, which Edward attributes to this event. And considering that the soldiers were mostly covered in puke, or struggled in vain to break free as puke was pumped down their throat, it's not hard to see why...
    • Throughout the film, Carmen Electra plays a parody of Mystique. She's practically naked and considering how sexy Carmen Electra is, she's basically the Ms. Fanservice of the film, which continues into a sex scene where her already lovely breasts and ass expand into mouthwatering proportions... but it's soon followed up by the guy, Peter, requesting a monobrow. This already is rather gross... but then he requests Big Flabby Grandma Arms and Bingo Wings Like a Fat Blue Britney Spears... the stunning Carmen Electra soon turns into an entirely different actress, one who's flabby, older, and tremendously fat... we then get a close up on her face, which is chubbier, she's cross-eyed, with her eyes looking almost glazed over, has a big blue wart on her chin, a nose hair sticking out, all while wiggling her tongue... she falls down on top of him, starting to French kiss him and get it on with him... already an absolutely disgusting visual. And don't turn on the "Breaking Wind" audio track. Unless you wanna hear the disgusting Mystique give a manly burp, right into the open mouth make out, making the scene even more repulsive...
  • Eraserhead:
    • The chicken. And the baby; specifically when he cuts it open.
    • The sperm-like creatures crawling all over the apartment. Not so gross, until you find out that Lynch used real human umbilical cords.
    • The entire thing can serve as Nightmare Fuel for some people. Simply the atmosphere the film creates is so nightmarish and alien that some start to feel physically ill while watching it.
  • Event Horizon. The infamous video log left by the last crew because hyperspace was indeed a scary place and made them do very, very icky things to one another, including one crew member trying to reach down his own throat and pull out some thankfully-unrecognizable organ.
  • Evolution. An alien dragonfly burrows under a man's skin (à la The Mummy) and is removed via having a set of forceps stuck up his anus. Later, that same man gets sucked up into the anus of a giant amoeba.

  • The Feast trilogy, especially in the second when the dead creature sprays semen over everyone and they begin to vomit uncontrollably.
  • The climactic scene near the very end of Fight Club, where the protagonist blows a hole in the side of his own face in order to kill Tyler Durden.
  • Jan Svankmajer's Food has a final part called 'Dinner'. This involves a man covering his own severed left hand in condiments, then eating it after nailing a fork to his new, wooden hand, followed by an athlete eating his own left leg, a woman covering her severed breasts in lemon juice, and finally, the clincher, a slobbish, hairy fat man sticking a fork and knife in his own genitals, before covering them and shooing the audience away with his hand. Especially disgusting if you're having sausages for dinner that night.
  • Freddy Got Fingered. Tom Green masturbates a horse, masturbates an elephant, skins a deer he ran down with his car and dances around wearing its bloody carcass, licks the open wound of his character's best friend, and sticks his hand up a pregnant woman's vagina to rip the baby out and then swings the baby around his head like a lasso by its umbilical cord.
  • The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. The cards that inspired the movie as well.
  • Ghost Ship. Two men eat some seemingly innocuous tins of beans and rice from the kitchen of a derelict, adrift, haunted ocean liner. Then they realize that they're actually wolfing down... maggots.
  • The house in Girl On The Third Floor has a nasty habit of producing strange, seemingly organic fluids... including a strange white slime in several scenes that is very, very clearly supposed to be semen. There's also the scene in which Don opens a wall to reveal pulsating red viscera.
  • Gozu, by the same Takashi Miike who brought you Audition. The Yakuza boss with a fetish for having cookware inserted into a non-culinary orifice is particularly revolting.
  • Gummo is mostly about this. The bathtub scene in particular has deeply disturbed a lot of viewers. Nothing especially horrible happens; it's just a kid eating his lunch, but the scene is shot and presented in a very off-putting way. For one, the bathwater is near pitch black for unexplained reasons. For two, the bathroom is decrepit in all possible senses of the word, even having a piece of bacon stripped to the wall. And for three, the clincher; said kid is so unfazed by all of this that when his mother gives him a candy bar and he drops it into the water by accident, he still eats it.
  • The early-'80s horror movie Happy Birthday to Me has an extended brain surgery sequence. The filmmakers wanted to ensure it was realistic, so they hired an actual brain surgeon to play the brain surgeon.
  • The premise of The Human Centipede. The sequel takes this Up to Eleven: In the 1st film there were 3 people involved in the centipede, in the sequel, there are 12 people. Also, a woman gives birth inside a car and actually squashes the newborn's head to escape in the car from the villain. Oh, and guess what? The third movie has 500 people.
  • Hostel. The most disgusting moment in the film is easily the bit where Paxton cuts the optic nerve of the captured Japanese girl, who has had half her face burned off.
  • Hot Fuzz:
    • The reporter's death. Just... ew.
    • Skinner getting his mouth impaled on church model too.
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas!: The close-up shot of The Grinch's termite-infested teeth.
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom; the banquet and the heart removal.
    • Those are the most well-known, but how about the scene where blood mixed with a brainwashing potion is forced down Indy's throat from the mouth of a human skull?
  • The Interview: One of the Korean goons biting off Aaron's fingers, as well as Aaron doing the same to the goon.
  • After Hollywood Hacking control of court televisions in Iron Man 2, one video shows an attempted start-up of an Iron Man imitation. The suit starts up... and it turns 180 degrees at the hip. Allegedly the test pilot regained consciousness, though really having your spine split from your legs is usually fatal.
  • It is established in Jack the Giant Slayer that the giants are fairly disgusting creatures, scratching their butts, along with several fart and belching jokes sprinkled throughout. One is also shown picking its nose... and then eating the booger he picks out. Mind you this giant is the chef.
  • Jane Austen's Mafia! includes a long, drawn-out vomiting sequence (even a horse pukes).
  • The autopsy scene from JFK. It didn't help that bits of actual autopsy photography and footage were used as well.
  • Ju-On 2. Kyoko gives birth to a full grown Kayako.
  • Kick-Ass 2 has Hit-Girl getting revenge on a Girl Posse by using a "sick stick" that causes vomiting and diarrhea in its victims.
  • The Last King of Scotland has both brief glimpses of a horribly mangled corpse, and the protagonist being tortured by hanging a meat hook through his chest muscle.
  • The Last Witch Hunter has the moment when Kauldar breaks his hand to break out of handcuffs. This alone happens too quickly to get nauseous, but then his Healing Factor sets in and his bones rearrange themselves in disturbing, unnatural, and loud manner while the camera lingers in a close-up.
  • Lost Highway itself has numerous instances. The one that's probably the most disturbing flashes by extremely quickly: a security camera image of him with Renee's body. She is dissembled, with her lower body positioned to mimic the Black Dahlia murder, and Fred is grinning at the camera. This adds Squick to another apparently innocent security camera image, which shows Fred and Renee in bed together. But Renee appears to have seams on her limbs, suggesting that this is actually Renee's reassembled body.
  • Mallrats: "Would you like a chocolate-covered pretzel?"
  • In Marley & Me, the dog swallows a ring, so later the man has to hose the dog poop down and retrieve the ring out of it. We see the dog poop close-up and see tiny chunks of corn in it too.
  • Matilda: Both the film and the book have the Trunchbull and all the scenes involving chocolate.
  • Meet the Feebles: an anthropomorphic fly character landing on a pile of feces and feasting on it in extended close-ups. A rabbit character slowly decaying from a venereal disease as his body gets covered with boils. The fact that they are puppets may have averted murders and disemboweling scenes somewhat, but there are a lot of other nauseating things that look realistic enough.
  • Men Behind the Sun: It's about atrocities in the form of grotesque human experiments conducted by Imperial Japan's Unit 731 during World War II to try making biological weapons. It contains a woman's arms being frozen and then the flesh being ripped off them exposing the bones whilst she is still alive and screaming, genuine footage of the autopsy of a child, a cat being thrown into a room of rats to be devoured (which may or may not be unsimulated), and; and this one's the kicker; a man being put in a pressure chamber and the pressure then being raised until his intestines squirt out his anus.
  • Monty Python's The Meaning of Life: In order to make room for his massive meal at a fancy restaurant, Mr. Creosote projectile vomits, repeatedly and realistically, onto the floor, into a bucket, and all over the wait staff. The other customers are so disgusted by this that they too begin to lose their dinners — no doubt channeling the reactions of the audience. This culminates in him exploding and spewing his innards and the last bit of vomit all over the restaurant. Worth noting that Quentin Tarantino, the gore-master himself, finds this scene to be too much to stomach. One poor extra, in fact, was apparently so overcome by the stench of the mixture used for the vomiting/explosion that he threw up for real. If you watch the right-hand side of the screen in the closing shot, the poor guy is painfully obvious...
  • MouseHunt, while more goofy and family friendly, has one scene where a character accidentally eats half of a cockroach that had fallen into his soup. He stares in horror at the still twitching other half of the roach before dropping it, then it scurries away.
  • The Mummy Trilogy:
    • Any scene involving scarabs. Especially the one in the first movie where a scarab crawls out of a hole in Imhotep's neck and into his mouth and he eats it.
    • What about that one scene in the second movie where past-Imhotep and Anak-sunamon are kissing, then the scene shifts to the present-day (in the film), and she's kissing a decaying corpse.
  • Duncan drinking dog pee to cleanse himself after diving his hand into a crap-filled toilet in a gentleman's club to retrieve a ring that was recently peed out by a stripper in Mystery Team.
  • The milking scene from Neighbors.
  • Nekromantik features footage of an actual rabbit being skinned, sex scenes involving corpses, and culminates in the main character killing himself while ejaculating.
  • The German indie/DIY production Olaf Ittenbachs Familienradgeber 1&2 (Yes, it's spelled with a 'd') exists solely to play this up to eleven. There is also a lot of Black Comedy involved, more often than not literally. One scene in the sequel shows the protagonist/director pooping in his underpants while brushing his teeth, then scratching his soiled butt with the electric toothbrush, then sitting down still in the same underpants and drinking his breakfast beer and finally dropping them in his sleeping wife's face. Also, guess what the meatloaf in the first part is actually made of.
  • Oldboy (2003):
    • Oh Dae-su eats an octopus alive. Its tentacles continue to twitch and slither after he bit the head. It's a real octopus, by the way.
    • This pales in comparison to the actual plot wherein the main character is tricked into falling in love and having sex with his own estranged daughter. His tormentor later coerces him into severing his own tongue.

  • The writhing, wiggling mandrake root in Pan's Labyrinth. Or the bug-eating giant frog.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean:
    • From Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest: Will Turner cuts one of the mutant pirates' stomachs open, looking for an easy win. Instead of blood, we see a deluge of mud, slime, and what looks like a pair of obese hagfish.
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End:
      • It ups the ante by showing one of Jack's hallucinated copies casually rip out his own brain and lick it lovingly.
      • The part in At World's End where Davy Jones uses his tentacles to kill Mercer.
      • When they're sailing through the frozen wasteland and one of the crew members snaps off his own frozen toe.
  • The majority of Poltergeist. The best example being a man ripping the flesh off his head.
  • Oh, so very much from Problem Child 2! Junior peeing in a pitcher and watching with glee as someone drinks it, believing it to be lemonade ("Ahh... Tangy!"). A small dog that drops feces twice the size of himself. Junior loudly farting in the principal's office. The food fight, with pizza that looks disgusting. Cockroaches infesting a family meal. And then, the vomiting scene! Dear god, the vomiting scene! Junior turns a ride at a carnival up to full speed, causing all the riders to vomit, which in turns causes people watching to vomit, which causes more people nearby to vomit, etc.
  • The mutant bear in Prophecy was so absolutely revolting it had people puking in the theaters.
  • The same could be said for Quarantine, the American remake of [REC]. In a two part rant, The Spoony One even justifies this (along with saying that the movie was lame).
  • Repo! The Genetic Opera: Two people are disemboweled with no anesthetic, a man has his spine removed and a girl's face falls off.
  • Requiem for a Dream: Harry shooting heroin directly into the infected area of his arm.
  • The Sandlot: The boys riding the Trabant and vomiting everywhere.
  • Many of the traps from the Saw series.
    • The scene in ''Saw II where decomposing pig corpses were fed into the grinder and the resulting goo was used to drown a victim.
    • Amanda being thrown into the pit of dirty syringes in the same film.
    • Not necessarily a trap, but the opening scene of Saw IV involving John Kramer/Jigsaw's autopsy was pretty gruesome.
    • And then there was that scene in the seventh installment which topped the rest of the franchise in terms of Torture Porn already anyway – in which the protagonist attempts to free an unlucky victim by trying to retrieve a key hanging on a fish hook inside the victim's stomach. It doesn't help that he has to muffle the victim's screams while slowly pulling on the string tied to the hook since the trap is connected to a sound meter, which in turn makes the whole scene excruciatingly long. It also doesn't help that, once he gets the hook out, apart from the key, there's also a lump of flesh on it...
  • Scary Movie: Cindy's sex scene ends with her being plastered to the ceiling by a fountain of semen from Bobby's orgasm, which drains his body to the point that he appears skeletal.
  • Scary Movie 2: Serving the turkey.
  • Everything about A Serbian Film. Especially the infamous Newborn Porn scene.
  • Shaun of the Dead:
    • When David is dragged though the window of the Winchester, and his stomach is ripped open, while the zombies outside tear out his insides and he is still alive and screaming.
    • The scene is a recreation of a similar scene in Day of the Dead (1985) where Cpt. Rhodes has the same fate, but unlike David, he has the guts to give possibly the best "Facing the Bullets" One-Liner in the history of cinema.
  • "She's All That"'s Pube pizza.
  • Silent Hill:
    • Anna GETS HER SKIN RIPPED OFF by Pyramid Head, who then throws it at the closing doors of the church Rose and Cybil are hiding in, and the blood splatters against their faces.
    • During the execution scene Cybil is slowly burned to death for "helping the witches" and begs her "Mama" for help.
  • Slumdog Millionaire: Jamal is stuck in a bathroom with only two exits, a jammed door and jumping into shit.
  • Brick Top's speech about how he disposes of his victim's corpses using pigs is pretty gruesome in Snatch..
  • Society: The "shunting" in the climax. A massive, writhing... "orgy", for lack of a better term, where the members of high-class society join together as their bodies morph into impossible shapes and consume a lower class member. The protagonist escapes from this madness, only to walk in on his parents and sister doing something similar.
  • Pizza the Hutt from Spaceballs. Also all the other Hutts, to some extent.
  • Squirm is about killer worms, and how they get under their victims' skins, literally.
  • The sound effect used in Stir of Echoes for a fingernail snapping off that is stomach-turning. Apparently, the visceral reaction the sound inspired in the audiences took the filmmakers by surprise.
  • Strange Brew: After Bob and Doug drink all the beer, they try to take their dog Hosehead's bowl, which has beer in it, by giving the dog a donut, and then they pour the dog's beer into another glass for their dad.
  • Super Size Me:
    • Explicit footage of gastric bypass surgery in the documentary. To the tune of the Blue Danube Waltz.
    • Early on when Morgan Sperlock eats his first huge super-sized McMeal and then McPukes.
  • Taxidermia, a surreal Hungarian comedy-drama/horror, is full of this from beginning to end; scenes such as a 360-degree camera pan of various speed eaters vomiting into a trough, a man performing bestiality and necrophilia on a dead pig, then having his brains blown out, the aforementioned man masturbating and ejaculating to a pop-up book while imagining himself in it, and, in the extremely brutal finale, a man stuffing his dead father, who had his stomach clawed open by his own cats, then strapping himself to a taxidermy machine, removing all of his organs and, after doing so, beheading himself, are all shown on-screen in absolutely nauseating detail. Viewers' discretion is extremely advised.
  • The Thing (1982). John Carpenter's remake of the Howard Hawkes classic is the straight-up epitome of this. The Body Horror / Eldritch Abomination transformations are so disgusting and revolting that they sickened battle-hardened horror film test audiences — which Carpenter responded to by changing nothing. In its theatrical run, Carpenter requested theaters to screen this in the auditorium nearest the bathrooms in case anyone had to puke at the gore.
  • The scene in Thinner where the guy slices his hand open and pours his blood into a pie.
  • This Is the End:
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: The Doctor sends a crab-bot covered in green slime up Sam's nose to probe his brain. You can see tendrils peeking out his nose and mouth.
  • The scene where the curly-haired kid projectile-vomits blood in Trick 'r Treat.
  • Tropic Thunder, the scene where Ben Stiller's character tries to prove that the director's death was fake... by tasting the bloody tatters still attached to his head. Even his co-stars are revolted.
  • Turistas has a scene of a woman being vivisected on-screen, because the doctor believes that organ theft from the poor is how the rich foreigners take advantage of Brazilian "natural resources" and delivers a Breaking Speech about "collecting payment" to her tied-up boyfriend while slowly and methodically extracting her organs one by one. She's fully conscious while it happens, crying and whimpering as she watches the doctor casually pulling out a kidney through the incision on her belly. After everything of value is removed, her topless and still bleeding corpse is dumped into a sideroom for the boyfriend's rescuer to stumble on.
  • Twilight: The birthing scene in Breaking Dawn.
  • In the second Urban Legend, when the main character finds the corpses of her friends, there's a graphic shot of rats eating their way in and out of one of the bodies.
  • The vampire dinner scene in Waxwork has vampires loudly slurping up bloody chunks of meat. And another scene where China finds her "fiancé" on a slab, still alive, with the meat cut off of his leg, leaving just muscle and bone. It doesn't help that a vampire falls on it later on, causing it to make a disgusting breaking noise.
  • Withnail & I: Withnail and Marwood's kitchen. They haven't done the washing up for so long that the pile of dirty plates in their sink has things living in it.
  • A documentary, and by extension, Real Life case: Woodstock might have this for neat freaks uneasy for so many people Covered in Mud. (and they're lucky a movie wasn't made of Woodstock '94, which was a borderline swamp where even artists got muddy!) Woodstock '99, however, is this for everyone once it's discussed how the mud in that edition had less to do with dirt than broken and overflowing chemical toilets.
  • Xtro. After being raped in the mouth by an alien, a woman gives birth to a fully grown man, dying in the process. Later, a woman is 'infected' with alien eggs that are seen growing under her skin.
  • Year One had some very gross scenes, like Jack Black eating poop, Michael Cera (the Butt-Monkey of the movie) having a Potty Failure resulting in him peeing all over his face, and Michael Cera rubbing oil on Oliver Platt's chest.
  • From Zack and Miri Make a Porno, the scene where the constipated chick shits on the guy who was just giving her anal sex. Actually its just the guy filming it.

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