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"Do you like it? Do you like it, Scott? I call it... Mr. and Mrs. Tenorman Chili!"
Eric Cartman, South Park, "Scott Tenorman Must Die"

"I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said... 'I drank what?'"
Chris Knight, Real Genius

Austin: (after accidentally drinking out of Fat Bastard's stool sample) This coffee tastes like shit!
Basil: It is shit, Austin.
Austin: Oh... then it's not just me. (drinks some more) It's a bit nutty.
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

"I ate a pig?! Was it cooked and called bacon?"
Xander Harris, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "The Pack"

Wadsworth: And monkey's brains, though popular in Cantonese cuisine, are not often to be found in Washington D.C.
Mr. Green (Looking sick): Is that what we ate?

"By the way, I took the liberty of fertilizing your caviar."
Zoidberg, Futurama

Gneelicks: (proudly) The Food of the Future! Chlorella algae.
Buster: (spitting out his mouthful) WHAT! You're serving us pond scum?

"Ah! Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans! I was unfortunate enough in my youth to come across a vomit-flavored one, and since then I'm afraid I've rather lost my liking for them — but I think I'll be safe with a nice toffee, don't you?"
[Duumbledore] smiled and popped the golden-brown bean into his mouth. Then he choked and said, "Alas! Ear wax!"

"What the? This is lemonade! Where's my culture of ameobic dysentery?"
Scientist, The Far Side

C-3PO: Sir! Sir! If you don't mind me asking... where did you get those apples?
Jon: [mouth full] Apple Planet. Infinite apples. Over there. [points to an apple-shaped planet]
C-3PO: Those are the inhabitants of the Apple Planet! Those are the Apple People, sir!
[Jon immediately spits out his mouthful of "food" in disgust]
Jon: [inner monologue, with horrified expression and blood dripping from his mouth] Oh, that's why they were screamin'...
JonTron, Starcade

Timmy had a bellyache
But he don't no more.
What he thought was H2O
Was H2SO4.

John Constantine: Your very good health, sir.
The First Of The Fallen: Quite.
[they both down their glasses]
The First Of The Fallen: Splendid. So that's what the old fool was up to, hmmm? Magic stout.
John Constantine: Yeah. The candles keep the spell going, you see. Stops the stout from changing back to holy water.
The First Of The Fallen: Really... what?
Hellblazer: A Drop Of The Hard Stuff

Lois: Peter, why are there so many bottles of milk in the refrigerator?
Peter: Oh, thanks for reminding me. Everyone, some of the milk in the fridge is not milk, it's horse sperm! I'm a horse breeder now!
[Stewie goes wide-eyed as he stares down at the "milk" in his cereal... then VERY slowly continues eating]
Family Guy, "Family Gay"

Prof. Akari: Toasted chili peppers...
Ron: Whew!
Prof. Akari: ...and mountain grasshoppers. Delicious, aren't they?
(Ron vomits out the jeep window)
Kim: Ron, maybe you should look before you eat.
Ron: Crunchy and spicy has never betrayed me like this before!
Kim Possible, "The Full Monkey"

Father Marks: God is in all of us.
Floyd Feylinn Ferell: ...So is Tracey Lambert.

Gordon Noble: "Thaddeus, what did I just drink?"
Thaddeus Euphemism: "You drank that!?!"
Gordon Noble: "Yeah. I was really thirsty and I thought it was Gatorade..."
Thaddeus Euphemism: (looking nervous) "Well, it certainly wasn't a dangerous gene-altering chemical that someone forgot to secure properly... ah heh..."
Gordon Noble: "Thaddeus... what did I just drink?"

Superintendent Chalmers: "You know, these hamburgers are quite odd, Seymour."
Principal Skinner: "Oh ho ho ho, no. That isn't hamburgers, it's my poop."
This parody of The Simpsons

Little Baa Baa: "It looks a bit like pee."
Quirky Turkey: "It looks like lemonade to me."
Little Baa Baa: "Are you sure it's lemonade?"
Quirky Turkey: "Yes, it's lemonade."
Little Baa Baa: "That's fresh."
Quirky Turkey: "And squeezed."
Little Baa Baa: "And delicious."
Quirky Turkey: "And free."
Little Baa Baa: "To sheep."
Quirky Turkey: "And turkeys."
Little Baa Baa: "You're a turkey."
Quirky Turkey: "I am a turkey."
Little Baa Baa: "Who likes lemonade?"
Quirky Turkey: "Who LOVES lemonade!"
Little Baa Baa: "Then... why don't you help yourself?"
Quirky Turkey: "Don't mind if I do! (drinks it) Ohhh no, I forgot. It was pee!"

Found those by the creek, did you? They're nightshade berries. They're poisonous!
Princess Merida, Brave


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