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"It's said that spirits dwell in objects into which people put their feelings. I've always thought that, if that’s true, then the same must be true of artwork. So today, I shall immerse myself in work, so as to impart my own spirit into my creations."
Weiss Guertena

"Beautiful at first glance, but get too close and it will induce pain. It can only bloom in wholesome bodies."
—Description of "Embodiment of Spirit"

"A world where man will never realize that world, I decided that I would engrave it on a canvas."
—Description of "Abyss of the Deep"

"You and the rose are connected. Know the weight of your own life."

"If the rose wilts, so too will you rot away."

"The women here like playing 'Loves Me, Loves Me Not'. If they have one weakness, it's that they can’t open doors on their own."


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