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  • Ib is this; sure, she has Garry with later on, but before so she did handle her own in the painting world before she ran into him. She's nine-years-old, by the way.
  • When the truth about Mary is revealed, her true colors also come to light as she's about to attack Ib. Garry pulls a Big Damn Heroes and knocks Mary out cold.
  • Depending on how you view her, Mary's death is this. When Mary finds Ib's rose and trades it with Garry's, she runs off, only to pluck the petals off his rose, thus killing him in the process. Considering how the finale of the game goes, Revenge has never been so sweet.
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  • When you compare the Bonus Dungeon level that was added some time after the original release with the rest of the game, the progress in kouri's art and music is amazing. Some of Guertena's "new" works look simply mindblowing.


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