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  • The song "Rapture" by Blondie includes a man from Mars who eats cars and bars and guitars.
  • From Dayton, Ohio sprung GBV aka Guided By Voices, boasting a songwriter who maintains collections of prodigious proportions:
    He constructed a factory
    Just because he was hungry
    Just to see how it tasted
    Bicycle wheel in a brat's brain

    Yeah he's mad; he's Matter-Eater Lad
    Yeah he's mad; he's Matter-Eater Lad

    First he started on furniture
    Then he moved on to parking lots
    Now he's eating Ansonia
    Now he's eating Andromeda
    • Frontman Robert Pollard—former fifth-grade school teacher—referred to his songwriting style as "nursery rhymes for grown-ups." Prolific? Even the most obsessive fans might tremble, faced with the enormity (and complexity!) of the sprawling discographies of Pollard's erstwhile band, solo recordings and uncountable side-projects.
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  • I know an old lady who swallowed a fly ...
  • The vocaloid song Evil Food Eater Conchita by mothy. Her diet includes dishes (the dish, not the meal), poison, blood, chefs, butlers, maids and HERSELF. Just because she's hungry. The Evil Food Eater Conchita light novel reveals that when she was born, her parents and servants were cursed with the Gula disease after eating a forbidden baemu pig. This gives them the impulse to eat dangerous things like mirror shards, rocks and even fire. The Required Secondary Powers that would allow them to digest said dangerous things does not come with it.
  • "E Eats Everything" by They Might Be Giants


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