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Kittisaurus is a South Korean YouTube channel, formerly a member of Cream Heroes, that chronicles a woman known as Claire Luvcat, aka "Butler," and her ten cats. The cats are:

  • DD, a light ginger and white Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Lulu, a brown tabby Scottish Fold and Munchkin mix
  • Lala, a white Norwegian Forest Cat and Munchkin mix
  • Coco, a white Exotic Shorthair and Persian mix
  • TT, a dilute torbie British Shorthair
  • Momo, an orange Exotic Shorthair
  • Chuchu, a calico Scottish Fold and Munchkin mix
  • Nana, Toto, and Dodo, a ginger bicolor Domestic Shorthair mother cat and her two similarly-colored kittens, added in 2020

Their escapades are centered around three different channels:

  • Kittisaurus - Mostly comprised of the series Kittisaurus Vs., where Claire challenges her cats to various obstacles courses or pranks.
  • Kittisaurus Villains - Scripted skits where the cats get into weird hijinx and create mischief, mostly in the pursuit of more snacks. This one is available in both Korean and English dubs, with Claire providing all the voices on both versions.
  • Claire Luvcat - Vlog channel about the day-to-day life of Claire and her cats, as well as various how-to videos on how to take care of cats and the occasional livestream.

You can view the old CreamHeroes here, with subtitles available for non-Korean speakers. Claire also had a series of animated shorts that depicted her time in Japan as an anthropomorphic ear of corn named Corn, known as If You're Happy, Say Meow, on its own separate channel, but eventually she stopped making them and migrated them to the Kittisaurus channel.

CreamHeroes and related videos contain examples of these tropes:

  • Acrofatic: DD, despite being extremely chubby, has no problem performing athletic feats.
  • All Animals Are Dogs: Claire tried to teach the cats to shake paws after Nana showed she was good at it. Only Toto and Dodo manage to do it to the same degree. The others are either too interested in snacks, have their paws grabbed or (in Chuchu's case) actively pull their feet away.
  • Audience Participation: In Kittisaurus Villains, the cats ask the viewers to post their ideas for snack heists in the comments section.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: Lulu was the youngest, while Lala was the smallest (and second-youngest). That is, until Toto and Dodo were introduced, who are currently the youngest and (formerly) the smallest.
  • Big Eater: Lulu tends to eat nearly anything. Even if it belongs to other cats and chewing on objects. Dodo seems to pick this up from Lulu.
  • Birthday Episode: My Cats Got Drenched in the Rain turns out to be one for Nana in the second half. Claire prepares some boiled eggs for the occasion and gives Nana a little more than the others, and also adds some churu to it.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Lulu often addresses the audience as he's planning heists, much to Dodo's confusion. Sometimes Momo, Coco, and TT will do this as well.
    • In one episode, TT breaks the fourth wall as Lulu visualizes his next heist.
      TT: Don't involve me in your imagination.
  • Camera Abuse: It's not surprising cats can knock over or cover up the camera. Claire even lampshades this in "LuLu's Hidden Second Nature!" where DD and Lulu accidentally knocked over the camera.
  • Cats Are Magic: Kittisaurus Villains outright states the cats have superpowers as shown when Lulu temporarily loses his. However, Momo reveals that overuse of powers comes at a price, revealing that TT's over-reliance temporarily cost her her voice, giving an in-universe explanation as to why there was no voice-over for her at the beginning.
  • Cats Are Mean: TT always assaults anyone who gets into her personal space, even Chuchu.
  • Cats Are Snarky: Momo, Coco, and TT have all delivered some snark at Lulu and Dodo's antics in heist videos. Momo usually comments on their naivety, Coco on how loud, rude, or dense they are being. TT delivers some absolutely brutal snark when the heists are about to fail.
  • Cliffhanger: The Kittisaurus Villains episode "The End of it All." The cats escape collapsing spacetime by jumping through a portal created by TT running on the cat wheel. Chuchu doesn't make it through in time.
  • Delicious Distraction: In one video, to stop the cats from trying to steal from her while cooking, Claire hangs a large dry fish from the ceiling. Nana and her kids have it down within minutes.
  • Description Cut:
    • After Nana grows resentful of Claire due to her having to take her kittens to the vet so often, narrator Tom remarks how Claire has dealt with moody cats before. Cue a shot of TT on a seat grooming herself.
    • Claire wonders who taught Dodo how to meow so loudly when she's taking him and his brother home from the vet. One cat comes to mind. Cue a cut to Lulu.
  • Friend to All Children: DD. He bonds with Jyong-Hun quickly, became a surrogate father to Toto and Dodo, and, in general, is the first cat to befriend other, younger cats when introduced.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: When it comes to the videos of Lulu planning a heist to get snacks something usually goes wrong due to panicking. To add salt in the wound, normally another cat would get treats. One had Dodo following Lulu then swooping in for a snack while Claire carried Lulu away. Another was two bags Lulu had to pick between and he chose wrong while DD and Dodo got snacks from the other bag.
  • Funny Background Event: In "Save Us! The Cats are Scared Stiff of Crabs!," while Claire is showing off her meal to Lulu and Lala, you could find Momo and DD briefly fighting. Dodo is also seen watching in the background.
  • Gone Horribly Right: Claire teaches Nana to ring a bell with her paw. Cue Nana ringing said bell constantly to either get food or attention. Then she tries to get other cats to join in. Fortunately, only DD is interested in the bell.
  • Gentle Giant:
    • DD. He is the biggest of Claire's cats but despises fighting or confrontation, preferring to just relax and chill. His massive coat makes him look even bigger.
    • The cats view Claire this way.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Chuchu to DD. DD is the biggest of the cats while Chuchu, the smallest of the cats, is less than half his size.
  • The Internet Is for Cats: Claire lampshades this in her video explaining why she makes cat videos.
  • Is It Something You Eat?: Dodo asks this so often in Kittisaurus Villains that it has become a Running Gag. Lampshaded by Momo.
    Dodo: Netflix? What's that? Is it...?
    Momo: No, it is not food.
  • Jump Scare:
    • Sometimes a cat suddenly appears in front of Claire or the other cats. It's generally Played for Laughs and punctuated with either a "Peekaboo!" or an "eh-ahk!" sound effect.
    • In "Careful! Kitties Feel Jealous Too Much!", Lala gives a nasty one to Chuchu by jumping onto the bed, right in front of the camera, when Claire has spent awhile petting Chuchu.
    • In "Cats Vs. Reducing Hole", while the rest of the cats are curious with the "hole," DD decided to jump over the paper wall instead, audibly surprising Claire.
    • In "Mirror Maze Challenge", Claire tries to lure each of the cats through the maze by calling out to them (thus allowing them to follow where her voice is coming from) and promising them treats. Lulu administers this trope to Claire after exiting the maze by charging at her from around a blind corner.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: Claire. She was already taking care of seven cats when she offered to take care of a sick mama cat and her two kittens. It didn't take long before it was a foster fail and she outright adopted all three. She has also dedicated her main living room space to the cats, featuring all kinds of shelving units and towers for them to climb and get exercise in. When most of her cats ended up sick with a virus, Claire was so frazzled she couldn't even post vlogs for multiple weeks.
  • Lemony Narrator: Tom, who occasionally narrates various Kittisaurus and Kittisaurus Villains videos, will occasionally throw in his own opinions, such as him remarking he's heard enough bells to last a lifetime after Nana quickly learned to ring one to summon Claire for attention.
  • Like Brother and Sister: Lulu and Lala. Both are munchkin cats, both their names start with 'L' and both are eager to try new foods. DD also seems to especially love Lala like an older brother or even a parent figure since he groomed Lala the most when she was a kitten.
  • Mad Scientist: Coco, who aims to take over the world. The other cats call him "Professor" in the Villains videos and he always shares "scientific facts" when asked for advice.
  • Magic Versus Science: This is a theme in the Kittisaurus Villains episode "Why do Cats Ring Bells?" Lulu and Dodo rely on Chuchu's ability to talk to nature to find the magical snack giving stone (a bell), while Coco and Momo rely on Coco's holographic globe technology to locate the scientific snack giving stone. Both arrive at the same time and begin arguing over the stone, and then over it is scientific or magical.
  • Mega Neko: Have you seen the size of DD? He's almost twice as big as the other cats.
  • Mind Screw: "Where Have All The Cats Gone?" from Kittisaurus Villains. Dodo somehow ends up being temporarily displaced in the space time continuum and ends up wandering around a parallel version of Claire's apartment, looping back on himself and even being forced to walk backwards before he returns to normal time space.
  • Mistaken for Dog: While brushing Chuchu, Claire told a story of a repair man coming and strangely Chuchu came out of hiding to greet the person like a dog would. The repairman admitted he briefly thought Chuchu was a Shih-Tzu puppy because of her fur color and length.
  • Mondegreen Gag: In Kittisaurus Villains where Dodo mishears Lulu's "This place seems nice" as he "misplaced his ice."
  • Mood Whiplash: Happens in "I Hope Nana Gets Better Soon." The video is mostly heartwarming with Nana being welcomed back home after being spayed as Momo, TT, and Lala come to check on her. Then Claire has to chase Lulu out of the cat carrier because it hasn't been sterilized yet.
  • Nice Girl: The Butler, aka Claire. Not only is she very loving to her cats, but she's always polite to strangers and adores meeting her fans out in public.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: During the 2021 move, the cats start acting contrary to their normal selves. Lala is distracted from food to the point where Claire has to carry her to her eating spot. DD refuses to go in his cat carrier while Toto and Dodo huddle together in theirs in contrast to the last time, where Claire wore herself trying to get them in. It's very clear they know they're in for a very big change.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Chuchu, despite being the smallest of the cats, beats Lulu in tug-of-war.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Claire's 2021 move is turned into the collapse of spacetime, forcing the cats to jump from their old home to their new one.
  • Recycled Premise: Claire has recently re-used some of her ideas in videos, especially content that came out before the arrival of Nana, Toto, and Dodo. This involves the return of the creepy nun, the wriggling toy fish, and the narrowing bridges challenge.
  • Rescue Introduction: It is revealed by Claire in "The New Cat Family!" Nana, Toto, and Dodo, a mother and her kittens, were facing euthanasia at an animal shelter. She decided to take them to her house for the time being until the kittens are old enough while isolating the family from her seven cats. Eventually, she ended up adopting them, making the family of seven into a family of ten.
  • Running Gag: Dodo stealing a huge mouthful of food and Claire chasing him to get it back. This has later extended to entire packets of cat food and Lulu's bottle. More recently, he's got Lulu pulling the same tricks.
  • Seen It All: During the 2021 family photo, the original seven cats barely react to Claire's gigantic cat mask as they are used to her wearing silly costumes. This is averted for Nana, Toto, and Dodo. Nana is alarmed at the mask, Toto is curious, and poor Dodo runs in terror.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Evenly split amongst the male cats. DD, Coco, and Toto are the Sensitive Guys while Momo, Lulu, and Dodo are the Manly Men.
  • Shout-Out:
    • In "Cats vs Durian," Lulu "reacts" to a durian with a Big "WHAT?!", sampled from JonTron, after eating it.
    • Nearly every time a cat turns their head around or walks away, it's accompanied by the voiceline "Nope" from the Engineer from Team Fortress 2.
    • "Pikachu LuLu!" has the cats wearing Pokémon hats.
    • Cats vs Squid Game has them play a cat-friendly version of glass stepping stones.
  • The Show Must Go Wrong: Whenever Claire tries to advertise something for home shopping, the cats will interfere.
    • Claire advertising cat treats results in Lulu biting down on some churu as she tries to wrestle it off him, while Dodo sneaks off with four churus behind her back. Cue Claire chasing Dodo while trying to wrap the video up, and left laugh-crying as she holds up three of the stolen (and now chewed up) churu.
    • Claire tries to advertise cat sand but TT keeps pestering her for attention, meowing and pulling on her hair. Then Momo helpfully gives a demonstration of what cat sand is used for.
  • Sick Episode: In early 2023, the cats (save for TT) all catch a serious virus that causes them to cough, have high temperatures, and even have breathing difficulties. The video focuses on Claire doing what she can to care for them until they manage to recover.
  • Slasher Smile: The animated bug that appears in Kittisaurus Villains. It terrifies Lulu, Dodo, and even Claire.
  • Suddenly Voiced: As of February 2021, Toto and Dodo have a voice. Toto sounds very similar to Lulu's, just a slightly lower pitch.
  • Tears of Joy: A fan bursts into these when meeting Claire face-to-face at her stall at a cat festival.
  • Tempting Fate: Claire makes a large sand pit for the cats, calling it a "massive litter box." No guesses for what three of them use it as.
  • Theme Naming:
    • All the cats have syllables repeated twice as names.
    • Most of the videos on the Kittisaurus channel use a Versus Title.
  • Toilet Humor:
    • In "My Cats Enjoyed a Humongous Sand Bath!", Claire's plan to make a sun beach goes sideways when three of the male cats use it for a giant kitty little box. Momo's use gets extra sound effects.
    • "Why You Shouldn't Keep Playing Dead in Front of Your Cats" has Coco and Research Assistant C make a potion to bring Claire back to life using "dark matter" (his description of cat poop).
  • The Quiet One: Despite having a voice-over, it seems the real Coco is a very infrequent meower. Claire acts surprised when he meows at the water slide set.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: A fairly even split among the female cats.
    • Lala and TT are Action Girls who will punch anyone who gets too close when they are not playing on the cat wheel. Nana and Chuchu are more patient with the other cats and prefer to sit with and befriend them.
    • Out of the Tomboys, Lala is the more girly one due to having longer hair and a more sociable personality while TT prefers to be by herself and tends to be a little grouchier.
    • Out of the Girly Girls, Nana is more more tomboyish due to being more active and having a fairly healthy appetite while Chuchu is more laid back and timid, often found hiding in the many cat beds around Claire's apartment.
  • Transformation Sequence: An animated one in Kittisaurus Villains. Lulu, Momo, and Dodo all transform into superheroes in their quest to stop Claire from doing "dangerous" exercise. It's then subverted as all they do is bow down to TT and beg for her help.
  • Versus Title: Most of the videos on the Kittisaurus channel are titled "Cats vs X," with the intention of showing how each of the cats behaves around or reacts/responds to whatever X is.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Claire notes that Lulu and Momo spend a lot of time together, but also fight often.
  • Vocal Dissonance: DD is the biggest of the bunch, but despite that, he's got a very tiny and soft 'mew' most of the time.
  • Wham Episode:
    • "Good bye, Cream Heroes," when the drama with the Cream Heroes ownership came to light and Claire left what was basically her own channel. While she did have backup channels that a good chunk of fans already knew about, it was rather jarring information to learn.
    • Another that was quite a shakeup was Claire bringing in a mother cat and her two sons. She rescued them when they were on the eve of being put down. The wham episode was seeing this change in the household, with the trio having to be isolated away from the other seven. What wasn't a wham episode, and even a bit of a foregone conclusion, was Claire deciding to full-on adopt the trio. It certainly helped that the seven took to the trio rather well.
  • Wham Shot: "Hey There, Doggy" gives us Claire's face on camera.