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Vei is a Swedish Sword & Sorcery comic book series written and drawn by Karl Johnsson with Sara Bergmark Elfgren as co-creator.

The story opens with a group of Vikings in search of Jotunheim — the legendary home of the giants. All of a sudden the happen upon the lifeless body of a young girl in the water. Some of the crew members who have been driven mad from starvation, discuss wether to kill and eat her but are taken by surprise as the girl lashes out, killing one of the men. Turns out the girl's name is Vei and she claims she can show the men the way to Jotunheim. An "arrangement" is thus made: Vei will lead the way or she will be killed as a sacrifice to Odin. When they arrive in the alleged Jotunheim, the men first think themselves betrayed and prepare to perform the sacrifice - until a giant blue creature emerges from the mountains, kidnapping all of the Vikings except Vei and Dal, Prince Eidyr's right hand man.


What follows is and adventure that will pit Man against God and God against God.

Vei is serialised in Utopi a Swedish Anthology Magazine for Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Erotica with plans to release it in hardcover album form later.

This comic provides examples of:

  • Barbarian Hero: Many, but Dal comes the closest, actually being barechested and in a loincloth most of the time.
  • Badass Boast:
    Hild: "I'm Hild the Valkyrie, the shield of Asgard. You killed my sister."
    Vei: "I've killed many. I split the skull of Asp with a single strike. I tore out the poisonous fangs of Lofthryl and slit his squirming throat. Your sister, Skögul the Valkyrie i impaled on her own Spear. Gorgas the Pale feared the sun. I burnt him with my bright steel. Bodvar the Berserker was a real peice of shit but i rid the world of his stench, forever. I tore out the heart of Skyter and it kept beating in my hand. I butchered Kurag-Bal the boar from the desert of salt. Larka the Ancient. Her ashes were scattered to the wind. I've killed many Hild the Valkyrie, shield of Asgard. So many."
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  • Cute Monster Girl: Vei belongs to the people of the Ran, who are humans with the blood of Jotún in them and thus, technically Giants.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: What the Vikings (except Dal and Eidyr) wanted to do to Vei when they first found her.


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