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Noughties Drama Series

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These shows were all the rage in their era. They typically have a punchy, easily-remembered title with only one or two words, like "Show" or "The Place". They are heavily character-driven, and each episode reveals only a little more of the overall plot. In many respects, they harken back to the style of classic Television Serials like the old Doctor Who, but Darker and Edgier, Hotter and Sexier, and usually with a generous helping of Mind Screw.

Expect a lot of flashbacks and shocking plot-twists, with most characters being connected in a way which they don't initially realize. Fans of these shows will go over each episode with a fine-toothed comb, forming their own outlandish theories and predictions. However, don't expect the creator to clearly resolve the show's Myth Arc — In fact, there's a chance that they're making it all up as they go along, giving these shows a reputation for Kudzu Plots and clumsy endings.

Lost is the Trope Codifier and inspired many imitators, though other shows of its kind came before, including The X-Files, Babylon 5 and Alias.

See also Ontological Mystery.


Examples of Similar Works in Other Media

  • Rising Stars: Comic book superhero series written by Babylon 5's creator J. Michael Straczynski. It precedes the noughts slightly and has been speculated to have inspired Heroes and The 4400.
  • Supreme Power: Another superhero comic by JMS with a similar formula and sense of mood.
  • Cloud Atlas: Genre-busting novel with multiple characters, going back into the past and the future, and imbued with a sense of mystery and portent, released in the noughts. It's a sort of high-brow version of the trend seen on television.