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Literature / Jabberwocky

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A nonsense ballad by Lewis Carroll to parody overwrought and poorly-written yet seriously-intended poems. It appeared in Through the Looking-Glass, the second of Carroll's Alice books.

Some of the nonsense words invented by Carroll for the poem — like "vorpal" and "chortle" — have entered usage and become semi-official words.

Be aware that, while "Jabberwocky" is the name of the poem, the eponymous monster is the Jabberwock.

It is also said to have been inspired by a tree. Make of that what you will.

Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark is a Spiritual Successor to this poem, and features several of the same creatures, though not the Jabberwock itself.

In 1977, Terry Gilliam made a very, very loose movie adaptation, also titled Jabberwocky.

In 1999, prog rock keyboardists Clive Nolan and Oliver (son of Rick) Wakeman recorded a Concept Album based on the poem, with Wakeman Sr. reading bits of the poemnote  between the songs.


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