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Literature / I Just Make Them Up, See!

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First published in The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction (February 1958 issue) by Isaac Asimov. This Narrative Poem comes from the way people would ask where Dr Asimov got his ideas for writing, and his response is given in the title of the work.

The first and second stanzas have a fan calling out to Dr Asimov to gain his attention so that they can ask him to share his inspiration for writing.

Each successive stanza has the fan suggest a different mind-altering substance, making it clear that the fan assumes writing like Dr Asimov does requires some sort of indigestion or marijuana to provide the required inspiration.

While the end of the poem implies that "Dr. A." just walks away, ignoring as the fan calls out to him, the question is answered in the title.

"I Just Make Them Up, See!" was republished three times; Nine Tomorrows (1959), The Best Science Fiction Of Isaac Asimov (1986), and The Complete Stories, Volume 1 (1990).

"I Just Make Them Up, See!" provides examples of: