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Shout Out / DuckTales (1987)

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Treasure of the Golden Suns

  • In the first episode, Scrooge chastises a worker by telling him "there'll be no whistling while you work!".
  • When Launchpad gets attacked by a water snake, he says that he hates snakes, then changes his mind and says that "that's someone else."

Where No Duck Has Gone Before

Jungle Duck

  • The Jungle Duck is a reference to Tarzan, including the bit about him really being Prince Graydrake (Tarzan was really Lord Greystoke).

Duck in the Iron Mask

Much Ado About Scrooge

Dime Enough for Luck

Top Duck

  • The title is a clear reference to Top Gun.
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  • When telling the story of how he messed up, Launchpad begins, " A long time ago in a big sky far away..."

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. McDuck

Home Sweet Homer

  • Circe says to her reflection, "You've come a long way, baby!", a reference to a slogan for a brand of cigarettes known as Virginia Slims.

Catch as Cash Can

Duckworth's Revolt

The Right Duck


The Money Vanishes

  • While holding a teleportation gun, Huey says a variant of Dirty Harry's "Make my day" quote. Definitely something for the adults in the audience.

Sweet Duck of Youth

The Uncrashable Hindentanic

Til Nephews Do Us Part

Super DuckTales

  • As Scrooge is trying to stop his money bin from reentering Earth's atmosphere, he shouts, "Hi yo, silver dollar!"

Dough Ray Me

  • Huey, Dewey, and Louie's first attempt to earn money has them wear gray jumpsuits and use vacuum cleaners while offering to clean the house for Mrs. Beakley as Dirt Busters. At one point, they even say "Who ya gonna call? Dirt Busters!"

The Big Flub

  • Fenton says, "I'm a Pepper too" when the Pep gum makes him float away, referencing an infamous jingle for Dr. Pepper.

A DuckTales Valentine

A DuckTales A Whale of a Bad Time

  • The evil Professor Bluebottle sounds and acts like Peter Sellers' character of the same name from The Goon Show.

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