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Scrooge's excellent physical condition comes from his similarities to El Capitan.
  • In the pilot, villain El Capitan is revealed to be hundreds of years old thanks to his greed for gold and sheer determination somehow keeping him alive. Now, who else do we know who loves money above almost everything, is a total determinator and is ridiculously spry and able bodied for their age...? Seriously, just watch The Masked Mallard again, Scrooge could almost give Spidey a run for his money and yet he's over a hundred years old! Supported by the fact Glomgold, the world's second richest duck, is the same. Maybe in this world, if someone loves money and thirsts for it that much, it slows down their aging to an incredible degree somehow.

Scrooge caused a time paradox in "Duck to the Future"; there are TWO Magica de Spells and TWO lucky dimes now

Because remember. Magic steals his lucky dime; he goes in the future, there he finds a future version of Magica de Spell who still owns a future version of the lucky dime. Then he manages to go back to his time period, WITH THE FUTURE MAGICA AND THE FUTURE DIME. But he did not get back shortly before the beginning of the story — namely before present-day Magica stole the dime, no ! He got back shortly AFTER with his future Magica and his future Dime. This means that the dime that he currently owns is the future version, and that there is somewhere another Magica owning the present-day Lucky Dime. Then what will happen ? The present-day Magica will have the power of Midas while the future Magica is still running after the future dime that is now owned by the present-day Scrooge ?The easier way to solve the Time Paradox we see would be that the present-day Magica and the present-day Lucky Dime both vanished as soon as the future Magica and the future Dime arrived in the present day. But that is never showed, and it would be more interesting as a fanfic that the present-day Magica still owns the present-day Dime but is hiding somewhere while the Magica we see in recent story is the future Magica.


Scrooge is distantly related to Darkwing Duck (Drake Mallard).
According to Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree, Scrooge's paternal grandmother was named Molly Mallard (maiden name).

Drake Mallard (Darkwing Duck) is Scrooge's illegitimate child
Fearing an scandal, he kept the child secret and provided him with a portion of his fortune as a form of Child Care and Compensation (this is how Drake can afford all of his crime-fighting stuff without any known job). Scrooge probably thinks of him as a disappointment and Drake prefers not to think about his biological father.
  • Adding to another theory, Drake is Dickie Duck's estranged father, who lost the guardianship to his wife (they divorced) and was barred from visiting her, driving him into depression to the point he even renounced to his civilian identity until he adopted Gosalyn. In the meantime Goldie found him (and was told where he'd found Dickie), and when she met Scrooge she told him about his son. Between the series and the 2010 comics, Scrooge cut the funds after he quit being a superhero, and restored them when he returned.
    • Added to above: Launchpad never stopped working for Scrooge, and was originally sent there to snap him out of the depression and keep an eye on him.

"Duck to the Future"
The whole "turn our earnings back over the bosses" thing on payday was a way of saying that taxes have been raised so high, such as "The Privilege of Working for Magica McDuck Enterprises Tax," that getting a paycheck is practically a moot point ("Who gets paid?") since just about all your money gets taken out.
  • So the state too has become property of the ducks? Not that Magica was beneath something like that.
  • Magica McDuck?!! Since when has Magica been a part of the family?
    • Hey, that's what she called her company. Why is open for interpretation...
    • It's actually Magica-McDuck, like Sears & Roebuck or Proctor & Gamble.
    • Same implications.
    • Shouldn't it be DeSpell-McDuck? Magica is her given name.
    • Maybe she insisted on using her first name rather than surname for the merger, for name recognition or because, on some level, she liked seeing her name next to his.
      • It makes perfect sense on some level: as I recall, the reason Magica wanted Scrooge's lucky dime in the first place was not because she believed that it was what had made Scrooge a success, but because she believed that Scrooge's own fortitude and other qualities that made him such a success had rubbed off on the dime. In short, she believes the dime would make a powerful magical talisman because of how much she admires Scrooge himself.

DuckTales (1987) is a highly inaccurate tv series that airs in the comic book Scrooge McDuck Universe, funded by Scrooge himself.
Don Rosa: "I'd love to do a story where DuckTales (1987) is an unauthorized TV series in Duckburg based on Scrooge's life, and Scrooge must sue the creators of the show for slander."

Here's how played out: At some point, he was approached by producers interested in making a series based on his adventures. Scrooge agreed to this after being encouraged that it would make him more marketable with a younger crowd. All the differences were due to Executive Meddling, but Scrooge initially cooperated (although he vetoed many of their original ideas; for instance, they would have made one of the triplets into a girl to satisfy The Smurfette Principle, but he refused to allow that, thus, Webby). It became popular for a time, bringing in money from The Merch that Scrooge felt comfortable to let it run on its own; the less attention he paid to it, however, the more creative license was taken... until it was brought back to his attention just how Off the Rails the series had gone, at which point he pulled the plug.

Donald's neighbour Jones is the commander of his ship.
Well, they look alike, and that would explain their relation: before Donald joined the Navy he showed up Jones in a sea-related competition, then Jones used his rank to get back at him; after they both left the Navy (Donald because he was fed up, Jones because Scrooge noticed the abuse and pulled some string), they were both fed up with each other, and started their infamous battles.

Donald's captain in the Navy, Scrooge, Gladstone and Launchpad McQuack are responsible for Paperinik's birth, and Scrooge knows it. Launchpad then triggered his metamorphosis into hero
Tied to Paperinik's origins as a cynical avenger of himself. In the story he first became Paperinik, Donald was VERY bitter and acted in a very OOC manner, to the point of literally kicking a dog because his nephews wanted to keep him and stealing a whole manor from Gladstone (Gladstone won it at the lottery, but Donald got it because of a mail error and kept it), something very easy if he had just left the Navy where he was treated as an idiot, Scrooge tried to pressure him into giving the nephews back in his care (in that very story he offered Donald an underpaid job as a human mechanical fan and put Donald and his nephews against each other over that), saw the overtly lazy Gladstone staying rich in face of his hard work and Launchpad becoming a role model for his nephews in his place while he was away. So, when he got the items of a phantom thief by chance he saw the occasion to get back at them, starting with Scrooge and Gladstone. Scrooge understood what was going on, but did nothing for fear of his nephew going completely mad (and sometimes did things to be targeted by Paperinik and help Donald venting) and Gladstone needed to know his luck wouldn't always give him everything. Then Donald targeted Launchpad, but seeing him helping Darkwing Duck fighting crime provoked an Heel–Face Turn, and Paperinik the Devilish Avenger went from an avenger of himself to a Batmanesque superhero, with Scrooge secretly paying for his new weapons made by Gyro.

The remake of the first game will have an emotional cutscene at the start of a certain level.
Scrooge McDuck ventures to what Huey, Dewey and Louie think is just another place for adventure. He looks homeward, and tells them that they are somewhere where people are literally never supposed to go. Coming here was meant to be impossible, and yet he and few others went and did it anyway. The gateway to infinite frontiers. And as he finishes his speech, one of the greatest songs in video game history begins. And why shouldn't it be? They're on the moon.
  • And the moment later gets subverted when multiple characters are onscreen at once and Scrooge grouses about how the place used to be a little more exclusive.
    • Jossed: The above doesn't happen at all, plus Huey, Dewey, and Louie don't come with him to the Moon, Gyro and Fenton come instead.

In "Duck to the Future", Gyro develops (or will develop) Alzheimer's disease.
Someone in YouTube commented on this where Old!Gyro seems to be forgetful (hence him saying "Pleased to meet you. What can I do for you?" the second time). But he could be just senile.

DuckTales Remastered will have an unlockable outfit for Scrooge...
...and it will be his grey-on-red outfit from the comicsnote .
  • Jossed.

In the original NES Game, Dracula Duck's form was powered by the Dime itself instead of the treasures like in the Remake, and was only temporarily defeated until the dime was in "pure-hearted" hands
.That's why you had to refight him if you don't get the Dime in time.

Launchpad McQuack is a latent Technopath.
Launchpad may have been trained as a pilot, which would explain his ability to fly any plane, but how does one then explain how he can drive a submarine, a Humongous Mecha, or an alien spacecraft? Launchpad's Universal Driver's License stems from his being able to communicate with machines on a subconscious level.

It's Magica's fault that Poe is a raven.
In the series, Poe is stated to be Magica de Spell's brother who was cursed to take the form of a raven, and she needs Scrooge's Number One Dime to turn him back. However, it was never stated in the show how exactly he got cursed. Perhaps it was Magica's fault. However, she didn't do it out of malice. One day, the siblings had a petty argument, and Magica, in a fit of blind rage, cast one of her spells at Poe. Unfortunately, she didn't realize how difficult the spell would be to reverse, and has spent many years trying to get the Number One Dime in order to undo her biggest mistake.

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