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  • Basically anything that has to do with wizards is a direct reference to Harry Potter:
    • Kyle himself. He looks a lot like Ron Weasley, British accent and all. He even wears Grifflindor clothes.
    • Milkweed Academy for Wizards is a name parody of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. In its rare appearances, it looks a lot like the school as well.
    • Kyle once tries to say an incantation that goes "Dodguardia Leviosa", which is a parody of "Windguardium Leviosa".
  • For The Lord of the Rings:
    • One episode uses the exact title, but is referring to Kyle who's trying to master the ring trick.
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    • In "Precious Pig", when Fanboy is punished he acts as if there are two parts of him, one mean and insisting and one good and patient, referencing Gollum. He even uses the phrase, "It was our precious."
  • The show has directly mentioned Spongebob Squarepants as well:
    • The characters seem to share their personalities:
      • Fanboy = SpongeBob
      • Chum Chum = Patrick
      • Kyle/Lenny = Squidward
      • Boog = Mr. Krabs
      • Mr. Mufflin = Mrs. Puff
    • In "I, Fanbot", Robot!Fanboy tries to escape from the mob but lands back in it, the same thing that happens to SpongeBob in "Bubble Buddy".
    • Chum Chum's pirate name is "Chumbucket", which is the name of Plankton's restaurant.
  • In one case, they had one to the Dramatic Chipmunk.
    • It was even hinted with Fanboy's dialogue shortly after. "Oh, that CHIPMUNK was just being DRAMATIC."
  • The "Cone of Silence" to either Dune or Get Smart, though more likely the former.
  • One of Fanboy and Chum Chum's classmates is named Michael Johnson, who often moonwalks instead of walking regularly, and wears a Thriller jacket.
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  • In "Sigmund the Sorcerer", after Sigmund performs a series of magic stunts, Oz exclaims, "Okay, my mind has been freaked!"
  • Then there are episode titles "Total Recall", "Saving Private Chum Chum", and "Lord of the Rings", the plots of which don't have much to do with the works they are referencing.
  • Boog, a very obvious John Travolta parody, has a sweet ride named Sandy, all three of those homages to Grease.
    • His voice is modeled after the Travolta character Vinnie Barbarino in the movie Welcome Back, Kotter.
  • Oz bursts through the door with a sword... "In the end there can be only one." (A reference to Highlander.)
  • Poopatine. "And now, gum, you will die".
  • The second part of "Brain Freeze," photos of their unremembered Brain Freeze spree on the closing credits and all.
    • Not just the montage, the whole premise of the second part is inspired by that movie.
  • At one point in "The Sword in the Throne", Fanboy has a scene that completely mirrors "He-Man" - He says "By the power of grade school!" and "I have the plunger!" which are parodies of the lines "By the power of Grayskull!" and "I have the power!". In fact, the whole scene is a replica of this.
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  • At one point in the theme song, Chum Chum can be seen doing a repetitive dance from A Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • A Running Gag in the episode "Gameboy" had Fanboy announcing, "I'm on a goat!" (a pun on "I'm On A Boat")
  • In one episode, Kyle says "You will rue the day!".
  • Fanboy's nightmare in "The Tell Tale Toy" is a parody of Godzilla - with Chum Chum as a giant ripping off the roof and scooping Fanboy up, complete with similar background music.
  • The Halloween Episode "There Will Be Shrieks" had a scene that is a complete mirror to Ghostbusters - Lenny and Boog use vacuums similar to the ones Peter, Raymond and Egon used. The ghost is a lot like the ghosts that appear throughout the franchise. Fanboy even says the team's motto, "We ain't afraid of no ghost!".
    • Mr. Trick is one to Jack Skellington, in terms of design and mischievous nature.
  • Oz's names for the boys in "Risky Brizness" are "Purple Rain" (Fanboy) and "Orange Julius" (Chum Chum). The former is a reference to a famous single by Prince. The latter shares the name of a chain of fruit drinks.
  • "Put That Cookie Down!" Need we say more?
  • In "The Winners", Kyle makes a brief name mention to the viking Ragnar.
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