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Shout Out / As Told by Ginger

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  • Carl takes a liking to an eccentric old lady named Maude due to her having a lot in common with him.
    • In the same episode, Lois' dummy "Car Companion Bob" bears a striking resemblance to Mario, complete with a big round nose, mustache, and a red cap with a "B" in a white circle.
  • Joanne's book club is implied to have been discussing Madame Bovary in "Sleep On It"
  • Lois's baby sea snake dream looks a lot like something Ellen Ripley would kill.
  • "Ms. Foutley's Boys" references the Little Women sequel Jo's Boys
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  • The April Fool's episode had Lois mention a Nurse Betty
  • "Love With A Proper Transfer Student" has two: the title harkens to Love With A Proper Stranger and the play "Mambo In The Catskills" references Dirty Dancing.
  • "Mommie Nearest"'s namesake deals with Mother-Daughter relationships and that's all.
  • The episode "Detention" contains many references to The Breakfast Club.
  • In "Battle Of The Bands", Carl hears a snake telling him to free it from its glass case.
  • The episode "No Turning Back" ("Butterflies Are Free") contains three:
    • In Ginger's dream, Dodie gets hit in the face with a football and exclaims, "My nose!"
    • Carl's nightmare references Twin Peaks, complete with the zigzag floor pattern, red curtain, and Noelle dancing.
    • When Carl and Hoodsey bike to the school in the middle of the night, Hoodsey sits on the handlebars as the bike jumps out of a bush. The duo on the bike silhouetted against the Moon in the background references ET: The Extra Terrestrial.
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  • In "Fair to Cloudy", Courtney's reflection in a funhouse mirror shows her with a short body and an oblong, football-shaped head. This may be a reference to fellow Nicktoon Hey Arnold!.

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