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Nightmare Fuel / As Told by Ginger

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A night of lost sleep...courtesy of Carl!

  • The episode "And She Was Gone". The video helps. Also a Tear Jerker, especially to anyone who has ever felt the way the girl in the poem is interpreted to be feeling.
    • Are we going to ignore the fact that Carl and Hoodsey pretty much wanted to MURDER Noalle? They later only felt guilty because they thought they vanished the wrong person; who's to say that if they had the opportunity to do it again they would take it and make someone else vanish, which is pretty much dying.
      • This trooper always thought by vanish they meant turn invisible
  • In "Hello Stranger", Lois' nightmare with Carl's dehydrated sea snake coming to life, bursting out of her stomach and attacking her co-workers.
  • The entire second half of "Lunatic Lake", including the very end where the screen turns black and white and Hoodsey pops up wearing a gas mask.
  • In "Stuff'll Kill Ya", Hoodsey watches Carl leave his house. As soft guitar music plays, Carl walks under a streetlight, stops, looks at the camera, and all the lights in the background go out as a loud chord plays before the scene changes...all for no particular reason.
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  • The end of the unaired pilot. As the show's typical acoustic guitar ending music plays, an exterior shot of the Foutleys' house is shown. When the music ends, the porch light flickers and burns out (which becomes a running gag in the actual series), followed by the infamous Klasky-Csupo "Robot" logo.
  • The scene towards the end of "Carl and Maude" when Maude suddenly falls over dead on the Foutleys' dinner table is a bit shocking and disturbing.

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