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  • One episode, "The Right Stuff" involved a minor plot point in which girls from Courtney's and Macie's high-school French class try to expose her as a bra-stuffer at Macie's (unwanted) pool party. For a time, this episode was not aired on Nicktoons, however this statement was blurted in passing by Courtney's little brother Blake in the unaired pilot, which DID make it to a DVD.
  • From "Gym Class Confidential":
    • While probably not inappropiate for the series' target audience, but being aired on a children-oriented network, the main plot of the episode "Gym Class Confidential" can count as this. It deals with the girls having to watch a film about puberty in gym class, with Macie being terrified of it. During the film, the narrator makes an indirect reference to menstruation (a certain monthly visitor will arrive...), and also apparently shows a video of a baby being born (off-screen) that causes most of the girls (except for Macie, who ran off the gym at the "monthly visitor" point, and Ginger, who calmly left after her) to gasp in horror and Courtney to puke in Miranda's shoes. Like "The Right Stuff", the episode was temporarily not aired on Nicktoons.
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    • Afterwards, Macie talks to Ginger in the bathroom and says that she will be "forever terrified by the sounds of cramping". The Latin American dub of said episode actually took this line Up to Eleven, with Macie referring to cramps as menstrual pains.
    • The Carl and Hoodsey subplot of the same episode also deals with gym class, and with Hoodsey's embarrassment at having to shower in the gym. When he talks to Carl about it, he says this gem:
      Hoodsey: I don't know if I believe in premarital nudity, OK?
    • And when talking with his mother about how Carl doesn't feel like he does, she responds:
      Joann: Well, of course he doesn't, the child's a budding exhibitionist!
    • Joann also details how her husband, even though he is a married adult, is still embarrassed of being seen naked and undresses in the closet. Makes one wonder how he dealt with that situation in order to conceive Dodie and Hoodsey.
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  • In "April's Fools", Ginger writes a fake love letter to Dodie from a secret admirer and, when writing, asks how to spell "voluptuous". Dodie is about thirteen.
  • Courtney gives Ginger a blow-up doll of herself as a parting gift in "Far From Home, Part 2." Presumably for innocuous purposes, but you never know...
  • Doubles as a Noodle Incident. Dodie mentions that Ginger once kicked Stuart Higsby, but before she could say where, Courtney interrupts her. You can still hear Dodie say "groin" as Courtney cuts her off.
  • In "Far From Home" Hoodsey says that Carl is "PO'd", an abbreviation for "pissed off".
  • In "Never Can Say Goodbye", Miranda states to Courtney that when she was dating Darren that she was going to his place for dinner, then to her place for dessert. Makes one wonder what dessert is.
  • From "Ms. Foutley's Boys":
    • Ginger says the same thing about Lois's date in "Ms. Foutley's Boys", although in this case, the comment was followed immediately by a cut to the Foutleys and the date (Buzz) having dessert at the table.
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    • In the same episode, when Darren tells Miranda that he thinks he's neglecting Ginger, she tells him to "stop obsessing over Ginger, PDQ." PDQ being shorthand for "Pretty Damn Quick."
  • From "Fast Reputation":
    • Ginger is sitting in a dentist waiting room when two high school boys walk in. She tries to act natural by pretending to read a magazine titled Pregnancy Now.
    • The episode itself is all about Slut-Shaming, albeit in a PG manner where they use the term "fast" to describe it.
  • From "TGIF":
    • Just before lethal mold is discovered in the walls of the Foutley house...
      Buzz: I don't like the looks of this bulge your wall.
    • Earlier than that, Buzz's intro (from Lois's POV) includes a few seconds focusing on his crotch.
  • At the end "Ms. Foutley's Boys", Lois sets the record straight to Dr. Dave shortly after she has finally had enough of the antics of Buzz and his three sons (such as paintball fights and daily meatball sub dinners).
    Lois: I should probably mention we don't do meatballs or paintballs or any other kind of balls.
  • "Love With a Proper Exchange Student" has Hoodsey and Carl rounding up a list of aphrodisiacs to make a love potion. Aphrodisiacs are used for increasing sexual desire.
  • From "Heat Lightning":
    • The episode contains some innuendo:
      Lois: Dave is going to be spending the next couple of days here with us...
      (Carl suggestively raises an eyebrow as a "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" guitar chord plays)
      ...He'll be staying in Ginger's room.
    • Earlier in that same scene, Carl is happily lounging on a chair in front of the open refrigerator completely naked.
      Carl: But Mom, it's sweltering in here. And it's not like Dr. Dave hasn't seen any birthday suits.
      Lois: Not in our kitchen he hasn't.
  • From "The Wedding Frame":
    • Lois goes to a local bakery for a cake tasting. After she is told to "savor" one of the cakes, she starts hallucinating. It is soon revealed that the cake was drugged (it is never said exactly what with) in order to make her fall asleep for the next stage of Mrs Dave's plan to sabotage the wedding, which involved taking off her ring to photograph it on another woman. The next morning, Lois is clearly hung over (she even says this herself).
    • After inspecting Buzz's trailer for any clues involving sabotaging Dr. Dave, Carl asks "Why would someone do that to a canteloupe?", followed by Hoodsey noting that the inspection was "disturbing". Doubles as a Noodle Incident.
    • The reveal that the woman was actually a man in drag.
  • "Family Therapy" had a very emaciated woman in the waiting room of Macie's psychologist parents. The woman looked pinched and like she hardly ate, perhaps recovering from a eating disorder.
  • "Summer of Camp Caprice" had a scene with the girls discussing their plans. Miranda tells Ginger, Dodie, and Macie that she and Courtney will be "cruising the Virgins". The other three stand flabbergasted and Macie replies "Beg pardon?" then it was made clear they were referring to the Virgin Islands.
  • Maude telling Ginger she's decided to go commando.
  • In "Fair to Cloudy", Courtney successfully gets a newborn lamb to drink from its mother and comments about some "icky stuff" on the lamb's head. The farmer tells her that it's afterbirth.
  • From "The Easter Ham":
    • "The Easter Ham" has Ginger, Darren, Dodie, and Macie watching a soap opera where a character attempts suicide, the camera shows the woman running to the window before it cuts to the quartet watching with the sound of breaking glass and the woman's scream. Dodie even utters the word "suicide" shortly afterwards, even though the show attempted to avoid the word in the more serious situations of the episode "And She Was Gone".
    • In a later scene, Joann watches the same soap opera and it is revealed that the woman survived the suicide attempt despite ending up in a full body cast, which was probably the only reason the attempt was allowed to be seen in the first place.
      Joann: I can't believe they show this in the middle of the day.
  • In "Butterflies Are Free" there is a moment when Polly Shuster drops her mini golf balls in imitation of a chicken standing and laying eggs...while she was wearing a skirt.
  • In "Ten Chairs", when Lois passes out eggnog to her Thanksgiving guests, she whispers to Jonas (invited by Ginger, unbeknownst to everyone else), "I wish I could say it was spiked." Jonas responds, "You're not the only one."
  • From "A Lesson in Tightropes":
    • Carl and Hoodsey are seen reading Joann's steamy romance novels, essentially soft-core porn in a cartoon. Obviously, they don't really understand what they are reading. Carl even reacts to the part of the novel that gets read as this:
      Carl: So what, Hoods? Gimme a break, okay? "her tawny round shoulders", is like, what other shape do shoulders come in? And isn't Clifford (the novel's male character) the name of a dog?.
    • As Carl rants about one of the novels within earshot of Joann...
      Hoodsey: Will you hush? If my mom finds out we've been in her romance novels, she'll...
      Joann: "Scrape the cavity clean and stuff mixture into the gaping hole." (zoom out to reveal that she's reading from a cookbook).
    • In addition, religious references are usually not allowed by Nickelodeon, but the episode has a scene where Carl is exiting the prayer room of the hospital and Lois tells him she thought he was an atheist. Surprising and even more radar-dodging that they allowed the word atheist to be used, probably the only non-adult animated series to ever do it.
  • In "Battle Of The Bands" Ginger wears a board that says "Mozart Really Knew How To Score".
  • In "Dare I, Darren?", the educational video about the pituitary gland includes the term "sex appeal".
  • From "And She Was Gone":
    • The episode is about Ginger being mistaken for depressed and suicidal after writing a dark poem. Euphemisms are used but it's clear what others believe.
    • Not to mention Carl and Hoodsey's attempt at 'vanishing' someone is almost blatantly a cover up for wanting to murder someone.

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