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This is the radar for the children's television show and band, Big Time Rush. See below for the radar for their music.

Season 1

  • They managed to get away with saying Satan in the pilot.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it gag: During the boy's bad boy stint, while they're at Mrs. Knight's apartment, Carlos can be seen mooning. You can't see anything, but he's clearly hunched over, his back facing the window. In addition, there's a faint sigh/squeal noise from a few girls.
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  • "Big Time Fever:" Anyone over the age of fifteen knows what "hopping on the Logan train to Mellowville" really means, and that Guitar Dude probably slipped Logan some pretty good weed.

Season 2

  • Big Time Guru: After Kendall tells Gustavo to take a chill pill, he bursts into the boys' room and pulls out a knife.
    • And in the same episode, after the fake producers Kendall hired listen to Gustavo's mellow song:
    Fake producer: Gustavo! That song's gonna make the top 10.
    Gustavo (calmly): Why, thank you.
    Fake producer: Top ten reasons to KILL MYSELF! (laughs)
  • Big Time Crush: The big new chick flick that everyone wants to see with their date? "Kiss and Tell."note 
  • Big Time Rocker has Lucy's sample album. The first two songs read are fine, but the third one is "Cut it off and..." then there's a collective gasp. Doesn't help when Lucy mentioned that the reaction is actually commonplace for whomever reads itnote .
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  • Big Time Superheroes had this quote:
    Buddha Bob: He was so young and full of suction!note 
  • He's going for the gummy candy. Really.
  • This happened in "Big Time Move".

Big Time Movie

  • At one point, Kendall hits a button that says "sexy fan" and a fan pops out and starts blowing on him.
  • James trying to touch the spy girl in the movie must count. He goes somewhere very low in the "We Can Work It Out" montage.
  • The guy with a hammer for a hand trying to crush people with his hand must count also.
  • Then there's the guns - which shoot out arrows.


Season 3

  • Big Time Returns: Buddha Bob and his hose.
  • In "Big Time Decision", Carlos has to decide between Mr. Bitters and James on who gets the second bottle of Zom-B-Gon. Their arguments?
    Mr. Bitters: But I went all the way to the ATM!
    James: But I went all the way - it's mine!
  • In Big Time Babysitting after Babylace goes into anaphylactic shock, collapses onto and breaks the picnic table they had set up for Kendall and Jo's date, and is revived he says that it looks like Kendall's date went very well.

Season 4

  • Big Time Scandal: As shown in the above picture, the boys are shown to be seemingly naked. Gustavo points out how scandalous it looks in-universe.


Album — BTR

Track 3 — City is Ours

  • "Feel the rush, now hit the lights, we gonna get it all started".

Track 4 — Nothing Even Matters

Album — Elevate

  • Note: This album has been noted by the band to be more "mature" than the last album.

Track 1 — Music Sounds Better with U

  • "I couldn't help myself / Let this heart go through hell..." The word "hell" was ultimately silenced on the music video's broadcasts on Nickelodeon.

Track 2 - Show Me

  • The whole song itself. It talks about a guy wanting a girl to be sexual towards him.
    • Not to mention before the album came out, James was looking forward to fans hearing the song.
  • "Way that you control me - speed me up or slow me".

Track 7 - If I Ruled the World (feat. Iyaz)

  • During Iyaz's part, Logan screams out "Sex!" for no apparent reason.

Music Videos

  • In "Boyfriend", James dances with a set of identical twins under a tree.
  • "Windows Down" might as well be called Getting Crap Past the Radar: The Music Video.
    • It starts with the guys having hangovers.
    • There's a tip jar that says "Good tippers make better lovers." Carlos put $100 in with him and Kendall has his thumbs up.
    • The version on Big Time Returns managed to have Carlos' butt completely exposed in one scene.