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Why is Gustavo so violently natured?
  • I mean, in Season 1, why does he have such a thing against the boys? Think about it: He calls them "dogs", scuttlebuts for them because he thinks they're stupid, TELLS THEM that they'll sound terrible while singing, and calls them bad luck. The list goes on and on. In Season 2 he improves his attitude a lot, but still has the occasional outbursts (like in the Christmas special, notably when he went on a rampage with the instruments behind the sound booth) and moments of carelessness (the opener, where he didn't tell Kelly about the boys' homework because he thought she would just yell at him).
    • But he WAS basically forced to take 3 guys he pretty much hated for lacking talent 'cause the one guy he liked was being stubborn. And they weren't exactly paragons of hard work and cooperation either. Lots of bitterness there. By Big Time Concert, both sides had improved, and so had the relation. Ergo, nicer treatment. And that the whole Angry Boss schtick gets old after a season.
Big Time Concert.
  • First off, this issue was mentioned on Wikipedia, but i'll list it here anyway: In the mansion episode, Gustavo mentions a media room worth $1,000,000. He ended up giving up most of his studio and his ENTIRE mansion. According to records, he had to give up $2,000,000 to buy BTR back from Griffin. Then again, the boys did cause a LOT of damage to the place in that episode, but most of it was fixed.
    • Even if it was fixed, it would still affect the resell value. We also don't know if Gustavo managed to get the alligator out of the bathroom.
  • The whole "breaking up the friendship" thing. Kendall tells the others to move on. Logan does, but Carlos wants to be a superhero, and James STILL wants to be famous. He meets with Hawk and goes back to LA. When Gustavo and Kelly convince the boys to come back with them, they try to get James, but he refuses. So they try to replace him, but can't. At first, James feels bad for them until he finds out about that. Meanwhile, Gustavo thinks BTR can just be a trio. Then, for whatever reason, just when it looks like James wants to go with Hawk, he reunites with the boys (possibly because Sebastian blasted him with a hot towel). What's the lesson with that?
  • Next up is the part when the boys are kidnapped and taken to the middle of nowhere. Why did this happen? We don't watch Hawk and Rebecca take them and tie them to chairs, so what happened? Don't you think they would have, oh I don't know, RUN FOR THEIR LIVES once the truck stopped? How did they get overpowered, restrained, tied to chairs and have their phones removed from their pockets? At least one of them should have been able to flee! Unless they were rendered unconscious by that vulcan squeezy thing, it just shows them as weak. Or even better, WHY THE @%&! DIDN'T GUSTAVO AND KELLY CALL THE COPS when they found out the boys were missing?!?!? Ignoring the fact that the trailer basically gave everything away, we live in the year 2010 (well, we did when this was filmed and aired), and this plot-the main characters are hopelessly trapped, NOBODY knows where they are, and they have no way to S.O.S.-is just so cliche at this point. And this is coming from a troper who actually enjoyed iPsycho AND the Victorious episode "Survival Of The Hottest".
    • It's the power of the Gilligan Cut. And as for Gustavo and Kelly not calling the cops, three words: Adults Are Useless.
    • Having written all of this, I wonder how many things would have happened if the boys had actually failed to make it to the concert and the crowd had boo'd and left. The boys would no longer be a band, Rocque Records would die, Gustavo would lose his studio and his mansion, Mrs. Knight would probably ground them for life for costing him that, and everyone would hate them. Let me know if I missed any.
    • Being late for a concert doesn't seem very out of character for them, so they probably thought they were just being irresponsible as usual. And we'd been shown at least once by the time they got tied up that the assistant is capable of beating them all up, so getting them tied up doesn't sound like much of a challenge, especially since we're also shown they're afraid of her.
Season 2 opener = making fun of Kendall and Jo's relationship?
  • This is something that really irked me with that episode. I'll try to sum it up with as little consumption as I can: Even though Jett is way better looking than Kendall, Jo still likes Kendall more than him. But when Kendall goes on set with her and Jett, he repeatedly ruins her scene until he is ejected from the room by security, forcing him to watch them kiss. Afterward, Jo tells Kendall that she and Jett aren't a thing. She goes off to get them both a soda, and it looks like the two are about to make up. He sees a text on Jo's phone from Jett telling her that he "feels the same way about her" (read: him being a really gifted actor). Kendall asks Jo if they can forget this whole thing ever happened, and Jo tells him to forget about her. So the next day, Kendall doesn't want to do that, and leaves her a ticket for Rocktoberfest. Once it's time for that, Jo is the ONLY person from the Palm Woods, old AND new, that he doesn't see in the crowd. He asks Gustavo to let them play the new song, Til I Forget About You. In the bridge of the song, Kendall sees Jo in the crowd with a sign that says "I Heart Kendall", so everything between them is back to normal. So how was that "making fun of" their relationship? By going through what looks like her having a new boyfriend, then showing that she still has feelings for Kendall, and resulting in almost costing Kendall his relationship with her just because she recieves a text saying that her co-star feels the same way about her acting, and then things turning around at the last second. It just shouldn't work that way. If there was nothing going on between Jo and Jett, she shouldn't have told him that she could steal him away from Kendall, and when Kendall asked her if they could forget the whole thing ever happened, she should have been happy to do that instead of making him play some song that made it sound like he had to forget about her. The only excuse I can think of is that she was still mad at him for trying to ruin their scene and not taking it professional like he promised he would, but she didn't seem that way after they finished shooting.
    • First of all, Jo doesn't tell Jett he has a chance with her - It's set-up to look like that, but they're clearly reciting their lines from their show. Jo tells him to forget about her, because despite Kendall claiming to be okay with everything, he clearly wasn't. When Kendall asks if they can forget that it had ever happened, he'd just been reading her texts, again showing his lack of trust in Jo - Which is what causes her to break up with him. And just to be clear, Jo never made Kendall sing "Til I Forget About You", he made that decision on his own.
Logan wanting to be a doctor.
  • In the pilot, Logan, and the other two guys for that matter, get all uppity on Kendall, calling him an idiot for not wanting to go to LA, and make it clear that they would have gone by themselves in a heartbeat if they were chosen. Then, in Big Time Concert, once the boys are back in Minnesota, he shows that he was more interested in becoming a doctor than being in a pop band, but the boys are convinced to return to LA with Gustavo and Kelly. And finally, in Big Time Pranks, he ends up at the doctor's office, where he is invited to become a deputied doctor and told to think about becoming an official one. It's clear that he enjoyed helping people, but in the end, Mrs. Knight tells him that because he's a teenager, he doesn't have to choose between the two duties yet. So why does he not respect Kendall's decision at first and (along with James and Carlos) show interest in going, but then try to move on from it?
    • He was mad because Kendall was willing to throw away this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the fantastic reason of... He just doesn't want to. Logan may want to be a doctor, but even Carlos is smart enough to figure out that it's not every day you get opportunities like what Gustavo was offering, which is also why he decides to go back to his dream of being a doctor when Griffin cancels the band's contract.
Griffin's "evaluation" of Rocque Records.
  • Griffin is a greedy man, and is usually mischievous, but most of the time his actions are tolerable. But there is one episode where he made me want to throw my History book at the TV. That episode is Big Time Live. It was downright cruel of him to rig the evaluation and keep giving Gustavo and Kelly D's to keep them from staying at Rocque Records. That wasn't funny. Yes, their studio was saved by the boys' performing, but still, he really took things too far that time. Yes, he tried to rig it. Don't lie that he didn't. How can you give someone a "D" on cleanliness just because "rock and roll is supposed to be dirty" in a corporate evaluation and NOT call that rigging it? And so on and so forth.
    • I don't believe he rigged it simply because Griffin is INSANE. They made sense to him and thats all that matters. Even if the tests were extremely odd underneath they made sense. Like the trust fall. "If I can't trust the head of Rocque Records Gustavo who can I trust." Basically saying he put a lot of money into the recording studio and he needs to trust who he is giving the money to. Also if Griffin wanted Gustavo gone he could just get rid of him. Griffin is his boss and clearly has the power to do what he wants with Gustavo. He wouldn't need to go through some elaborate plan. And if Griffin really wanted them gone he wouldn't give them any A's.
The Palm Woods school.
  • How come we almost never see any episodes with the boys being educated at the Palm Woods school? Is there a specific time where they go in? Because there are only three episodes where the school even shows up.
    • Because the show is about a boyband, and if it was about them going to school then it would too similar to Victorious. However, they need to at least mention the school, otherwise people would question why all these kids are just hanging around at the Palm Woods instead of going to school, and it allows the writers to write episodes about things like Big Time Dance. It was also explicitly stated in the episode that introduced the school that the boys would be there in the morning, and at Rocque Records in the afternoon - I'd hazard a guess that this schedule would apply to all of the other kids, so that they could go to auditions/the set/the studio.

Why doesn't Camille get so few roles?
  • She is a really great actor! She's fooled the boys several times with things like fake crying and stuff, and clearly is very dedicated, having tried thirty-something auditions before actually getting one.
  • This is lampshaded once or twice. This is at least partially a case of Truth in Television, as acting, like most artistic endeavors, tends to start off with a large consistent amount of rejections with a couple of successes, at which point you start building up cred and getting a real career going. Aside from that, Camille is, well, kind of crazy, especially in the early episodes, so she probably scared off casting directors with her more committed approach to method acting. And she does mention several things she's been in before, so it's not like her career is barren of roles, she's just a relatively young an untested actress.

The end of Big Time Break Up
  • If Kelly and Logan were only so irritated by Carlos' helmet because of photo shoots and having it at the table, then why didn't they just tell him that instead of trying to get rid of it for good? They were kinda acting like jerks.
    • There reactions to Carlos suggestion of not bringing it to photoshoots or the dinner table shows they didn't think of that. They thought at the time the only way to stop Carlos from bringing the helmet would be to get rid of it completely.
  • And why did they make such a big deal about the goodbye kiss? Probably for an attempt at a Narm, or Heartwarming Moment, but they already had their kiss at least once in the episode.
    • It's noted that the goodbye kiss is Jo's thing. Presumably it was to ensure their relationship had closer.


The blur between BTR being an in-show band or a Real Life band

  • When in heaven's name did BTR become a real band? I always thought that they were just made up for the show like Alvin and the Chipmunks was—until I saw an ad for a CD of "their greatest hits" selling at some brand store I can't remember for ONLY $19.99!! Kinda throws the whole "turning pop stardom on its heel" thing off, doesn't it? Or was that what they were going for—selling CDs?
    • Pretty much, it's similar to Hannah Montana. Besides, I think that's why they use their real names.
    • Yeah, but Hannah Montana originally was supposed to be sort of a satirical look at the popstar life, until it started selling a crapload of CDs and everyone on the show except the background characters and the dudes who played Jackson and Rico became famous. Big Time Rush, on the other hand, had that idea in mind until they started noticing the merch potential.
    • They were always meant to be a real band. Hence why every other episode and special debuts a new song and/or music video. The show is basically a tie-in to the music to create a fictional narrative behind all the songs.

Kat's Crew

  • In the episode that they were featured, it was implied that the girls would continue to be a part of the show. Then all of the sudden, they're never mentioned again. Is that going to happen with the new girl too?
    • Kat's Crew was neve shown again because Cymphonique who plays Kat got a role in the new show 'How To Rock'. It has been revealed that Lucy may become a main character later in the third season.

  • In "Big Time Rocker", the guys write a song called "Paralyzed" to convince Lucy Stone that they can rock like she does, which works, as at the end she acknowledges them as equals. While it certainly isn't a bad song, did it seem to anyone else that "Paralyzed" wasn't that different from the stuff she thought didn't rock? I mean, it still came off like kind of a pop song.
    • I think it was more their action of blocking traffic in the middle of LA (where there is never not traffic and anything that makes the traffic worse is universally hated) just to play a song that she considered "rock" than the actual song.
    • That makes sense in some ways, but it's also kind of confusing. She specifically said their wasn't rock-and-roll enough. ("It's cute and catchy, but it doesn't rock" or something like that.) That's a direct criticism of their music, not a claim that they don't act like rockers, so why would simply pulling a rock-and-roll style stunt be enough to satisfy her?
Why do the boys still live in the Palmwoods?
  • I mean it's not even IMPLIED that they have money. They're a really famous pop group and have sold a lot of records and went on TWO tours. Don't they get some kind of money because if they did, couldn't they move into a house of some sort.
    • I think we can assume its because its more convinent to live in the Palm Woods and they probably like living there.
      • That still doesn't tell me why they don't have a lot of money by now.
      • Maybe they have really poorly negotiated contracts and Gustavo or Griffin gets most of the money. Or maybe Mrs. Knight (or Katie or Logan or someone else smart and/or responsible) convinced them to invest or save it. Logan is still clearly interested in becoming a doctor, maybe he's started a college/medical school fund for himself for after they're all done with the band.
      • Why pay for somewhere to live, when Rocque Records are paying the lease on the apartment?
  • Addressed. The 2nd episode of the 3rd season is about them moving to Bel Air... and meeting CARTLON BANKS! (And likely moving back to the Palmwoods after they miss it).
    • Fully addressed or at least answered in "Big Time Bonus" where it's revealed that the guys can't access their money until they're 21, due to their irresponsibility.

Big Time Moms shows us that Mr. Bitters has a mother, and with the way everyone vacates the Palm Woods during Big Time Christmas, there doesn't seem to be any real need for him to be there. Why didn't he just close the hotel for the holidays and go home to visit her, as opposed to spending Christmas by himself?

In Big Time Concert, did Gustavo have a right to sell all that stuff?
  • Given Gustavo is only an employ of Griffin, I'm assuming that he didn't (or couldn't have) purchased all the things in his studio himself. Also, in Big Time Live, Griffin mentions that he can have the workspace transferred to another division, meaning he presumably owns it. With this in mind, how would Gustavo be able to sell everything in his studio without being fired or something?

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