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Heartwarming / Big Time Rush

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Having a holiday meal with "borrowed" Christmas decorations.

  • The entire pilot. More specifically:
    • The boys being chased by an enraged girls field hockey team because they turned the sprinklers on? Hilarious. Kendall calling a time out just to give James Carlos's helmet because they "gotta protect the face" and both Logan and Carlos being totally on board with it? Unexpectedly sweet.
    James: I love you guys.
    • Not to mention Kendall, Carlos and Logan - as annoyed as they are at James and his hyper enthusiasm - getting just as excited and downright panicky when they learn Gustavo is in Minnesota just shows how much they love and support their friend.
    • Kendall of all people blowing up at Gustavo for saying James has no talent. He's absolutely furious. And when security tries to forcefully eject Kendall Carlos asks Logan for the worst thing that could happen if he went to help. After Logan is finished Carlos just says "I can live with [twenty hours community service]" and jumps right in. James, seeing this, puts the mic away orderly, breathes and takes a running jump at the cluster. Logan, obviously, joins as well.
    Logan: I gotta get new friends.
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  • When James gives up the part in Witches of Rodeo Drive so Camille wouldn't feel bad about not getting a part.
  • Carlos' father helping him find his lost helmet, being every bit as desperate to find it as his son.
    • Carlos' father visiting in the first place because he missed his boy.
  • Gustavo buying the rights to Big Time Rush from Griffin, after he had cancelled the band.
  • James spending the day before the dance which was only decided upon that very morning helping Logan ask Camille to the dance. And then, getting Kendall to dress up like a horse with him, so that Logan can dress like a prince & ask Camille to the dance.
  • Katie to Bitters in Big Time Christmas.
    • The entire ending of Big Time Christmas.
  • A small one in the reality show episode, at the end after the boys get the show canceled TJ comes over again acting like he had throughout the episode. The boys tell him that the show is over and they still don't know him, he tells them he knows, but he has a new appartment and no friends, instead of kicking him out like in most shows, they tell him to grab a controller and they play video games. It might not be much but it's good to see anyway.
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  • Katie and Kendall's whole sibling relationship, considering that most teenagers and their siblings are stressed to say the least, it's sweet to see siblings that actually care about each other
  • The end of "Welcome Back Big Time": Kendall goes out on stage, having broken up with Jo and left her a sincerely heartfelt message asking if they can repair their relationship. The guys perform "Till I Forget About You", a song signifying that Kendall is prepared to give up on Jo ever taking him back...and then we see this girl in the crowd holding a sign up to cover her face. She flips the sign over and it's Jo. The sign says "I ♥ Kendall!" A Happy Ending if there ever was one.
  • Kendall's face when Logan tells him that they're proud of him in Big Time Secret.
    • From the same episode, James throwing away Heather's phone number because Carlos' friendship mattered more.
  • Mama Knight's attempts to cheer Katie up after their backstage passes are destroyed in Big Time Dreams. Katie is stubbornly unimpressed and insists that no one can make this dream come true, until she sees her mother on the verge of tears, revealing that her only dream was for her kids to be happy. Katie lets go of her bitterness immediately and earnestly tells her that they are all so happy because of everything she does for them.
  • When Kelly finds out that Gustavo hired an actress to have Carlos experience being in love only to have his heart broken just so he could sing a break-up song, Kelly is understandably enraged at him. Then she grabbed a baseball bat and threatened to break Gustavo's awards if he didn't solve the problem without hurting Carlos' feelings.
  • How about when Logan got locked in the bear costume in Big Time Camping, and was about to be attacked by ninjas, only for Kendall, Jo, Camille, Gustavo, Kelly, James, and Carlos to all jump in to protect him. Especially Logan's breathless "thank you!" when Camille takes the bear head off.
  • And is no one even going to mention Big Time Break Up? I mean aside from the fact that it was one of the only seriously dramatic episodes, there were several genuinely sweet moments.
    • The break up, while sad, especially for Jendall shippers, was handled well for them treating it as if she might not return. They both knew that this was an opportunity she couldn't pass up, but Kendall encouraging her to go even though it broke his heart? That's love.
    Kendall: This opportunity only comes once in a lifetime.
    Jo: Maybe you only come once in a lifetime.
    • Carlos, Logan and James finding out Kendall forgot their goodbye kiss, they were just as desperate to get Kendall to the airport so he can kiss Jo goodbye.
    • Small, but as Jo turns away to walk onto the plane, she turns back to look at Kendall, who has the most crushed look on his face, but when he sees her look back at him, he forces a smile on his face and waves goodbye.
    • The entirety of their performance of 'Worldwide'.
    • As Kendall is watching the plane with Jo on it take off:
    Kendall: Because you have my heart.
    • And of course, as Kendall turns to look away after Jo's plane is gone, he sees his three best friends waiting for him with nothing but warm and sympathetic smiles. Carlos even took off his helmet in what looks like respect (also kinda sweet because he never takes off his helmet and Logan and Kelly spent the majority of the episode's subplot trying to take it.). Then as Kendall walks over to them, they embrace him in one armed hugs and shoulder pats. They know Kendall genuinely loved Jo, and can see how heartbroken he is.
  • The look on Logan's face when his mom hugs him in Big Time Moms.
    • The reveal why James's mom wants him back home: She misses him. Which makes it better when James tells her he doesn't want to return to Minnesota, and she gladly accepts his decision, just as long as he keeps contact with her.
  • Remember the old woman who drove the boys to their audition? When they finally make it big they repay her by giving her a limo with a driver.

  • Meta: The boys continued friendship long after they disbanded.