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  • It is easily said that this entire series is one big (and very obvious) shout out to The Monkees.
    • Big Time Rush = The Monkees' Spiritual Successor.
    • The Big Time Rush Mobile is even the same as the Monkeemobile. (without the customizations)
  • The Beatles Paul's bass can be seen in the background of the studio
    • Hell, Big Time Movie had Beatles everything.
      • They cover of "We Can Work it Out", "Help", "Revolution", "A Hard Day's Night", and "Can't Buy Me Love"
      • The beginning of the "We Can Work it Out" cover begins with BTR replicating the cover to Abbey Road, the beginning riff to "A Hard Day's Night", and then replicated scenes from the "Rain" and "Something" Music Videos.
      • The villain Maxwell Moon calls his plan a "Revolution"
      • The villain's henchman is Maxwell, with a Silver Hammer for a hand. They even say the phrase "Maxwell's Silver Hammer".
      • The spy girl they help is named Penny Lane.
      • And probably more.
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  • Big Time Photo Shoot featured a famous pop star called Dak Zevon, who got famous because he took the role of a singing basketball vampire jock. Just guess what movies they are making fun of.
  • "We are not four hockey players from Minnesota anymore! We are four ''Anakins'' that went to the ''Dark Side!''"
  • Fabio shows up advertising a series of fat-reducing pocket grillers. He's admittedly a more convincing spokesperson than a retired heavyweight champion.
  • "And every time you leave your house, your toys come alive!"
  • Possibly with Camille having a crush on Logan, as Erin Sanders' previous role on a Nick show dated a character named Logan.
    • On that note, Erin Sanders' friend dated a character named James throughout most of the last season, who, at least in the end, was pretty tight with the character named Logan. Probably not a Shout-Out, per se, but still an interesting coincidence.
  • Katie tells Dak Zevon "Come with me if you want to live"
  • Big Time Terror features a new girl at the Palmwoods by the name of Stephanie King, who is making a "no budget" horror movie.
  • Welcome Back, Big Time gives us Lil' Lee Roth and Teen NCSI, complete with a character with a habit of putting on sunglasses after spouting oneliners, complete with a sound-alike of
Won't Get Fooled Again playing in the background.
  • The crowning of Kendall and Katie in Big Time Pranks is a shout-out to the ending scene of the Star Wars movie A New Hope, complete with Jo with Princess Leia's trademark hairstyle and Carlos in a bear suit making the Chewbacca call.
  • The standard soundtrack music for any character's romantic inclinations: an instrumental rendition of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On".
  • In Big Time Guru, the answer to James' incredibly long and overcomplicated recipe for toast is 42.
  • In Big Time Songwriters, Gustavo's arrows point to the Muskrat Love song.
    • The Kendall/Carlos vs James/Logan fight scene was a homage to 300.
    • Camille can be seen meditating by the Palm Woods pool dressed like a teenaged version of Barbara Eden in her "I Dream of Jeannie" costume, with a copy of the script to that series.
  • St. Mario and St. Luigi are the names of the hospitals the boys argue over.
    • Another reference is when Carlos and James dress up as Mario and Luigi respectively (The only difference is that the letters on the caps are C and J)
  • In Big Time Bad Boy while trying to expose Wayne-Wayne as a fraud, the boys suggest the codenames Falcon And The Snowman
    • Wayne-Wayne is also a parody of Eminem, complete with a claim that he grew up in 'the mean streets of Detroit,' much like Eminem's childhood.
  • The Palm Woods Doctor encouraged Logan to enroll in the Doogie Howser Junior Medical Program.
  • The show did a bunch of shout outs to other Nick shows:
  • Ghostbusters shows up quite a few times in the series.
  • Their music video for "Like Nobody's Around" is a shout out to The Temptations, The Jackson 5, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, and *NSYNC.
  • In "Big Time Pranks," Tyler is seen carting a box labeled "Warning! Tasmanian Devil".
  • There's no denying that Buddha Bob, Mercedes Griffin, and the immigration agent from "Big Time Wedding" were created to evoke happy memories from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide fans.

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