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Headscratchers / The Bill

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  • Okay, so in the 2002 episode where the station comes under attack and gets blown up... there are a few things that just bug me. 1) Carver and Ackland hear the alarms going off, but decide to ignore them. Hello? Alarms going off? Aren't there evacuation procedures at Sun Hill police station? Ackland and Carver shouldn't even be allowed to just lock the door and decide not to come out. If anything, Sergeant Ackland should be one of the ones leading the evacuation effort. No OSHA Compliance, anyone? 2) The casualties of the ensuing fireball are very selective. Inspector Munroe and Sergeant Gilmore are both in the custody area together when the station goes up in flames, but in the very next episode, Gilmore is back on duty as though nothing happened to him, while Munroe is dead. At the very least Gilmore should have suffered some kind of second degree burns or something, if the explosion was enough to kill the Inspector.

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