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The animated series

  • In episode 50 of season 1, "In Like Blunt", Magica de Spell, Flintheart Glomgold and three Beagle Boys (Bigtime, Baggy and Burger) can all be seen amongst the villains attending the auction.
  • That statue that Drake Mallard pounds on to start his chairs flipping, sending him and his allies to Darkwing Tower? It's Basil from The Great Mouse Detective. Character designer Toby Shelton helped designed the casts of both.
    • Not only that, the idea of a statue opening a Secret Passage to a superhero's headquarters is a reference to the William Shakespeare bust that opened the Batcave passage own the 1960's Batman series.
  • DW's costume is a dead ringer for DC Comics's Crimson Avenger, one of the first costumed heroes, or perhaps to the (first) Sandman, another DC hero with a similar costume (at first) and a gas gun. Or to some versions of The Green Hornet, whom Crimson Avenger was a Captain Ersatz for in the first place.
    • Speaking of DC Comics/Warner Bros., the entire premise of the series is basically "Daffy Duck in a Batman spoof."
  • The phrase "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it" appears in the pilot. It's a shout-out to a previous animated avian adventurer, Super Chicken.
  • Not only is Paddywhack in general a reference to It, but the episode begins with an establishing shot of St. Canard and with D.W. doing a noir narration - both straight out of "The Naked City."
    "There are a thousand stories in the city of St. Canard.
  • The episode "Aduckiphopia" (besides referencing Arachnophobia) had DW grow four extra arms (something that once happened to Spider-Man) and had him take the new identity of 'Arachno-Duck' (wearing a variation of Spider-Woman's costume.)
  • The episode "Planet of the Capes" was a shout-out to normalman, sharing the premise of a planet of superheroes having one inhabitant who has no powers at all.
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  • "Stressed To Kill" has a "How To Relax" segment in the style of the classic Goofy "How To _____" Disney shorts.
  • "Going Nowhere Fast" (where DW gains Super Speed) features a pair of scientists named Dr. Allen and Dr. Garrick-the last names of the Silver Age and Golden Age Flashes
  • "Film Flam" in addition to all the classic film references (being a Tuskerninny episode, after all) also has this exchange:
    Gosalyn: "Look dad! It's Mongol from Mars!"
    Darkwing: "Yeah, right! And I'm Donald-" (sees the Martian monster about to attack) "-DUCK!"
  • There were also at least two references to The Far Side. "Beauty and the Beet" had Dr. Bushroot's fellow scientists Dr. Gary and Dr. Larson, while "Twin Beaks" featured a group of alien cows from the planet Larson. ("On The Far Side of the galaxy.")
  • "Twin Beaks" was an episode-long Shout-Out/Affectionate Parody of Twin Peaks.
  • "The Dark Warrior Duck". Yes, a Shout-Out to Frank Miller in a Disney Cartoon. note 
    • And the first arc of the comic revival is called "The Duck Knight Returns."
    • And one of the alternate covers for the first issue is of Darkwing getting spooked by the lightning bolt that was on the Cover for The DKR, while another had him mimicking Batman's leaping pose.
  • In "Star Crossed Circuits", upon being knocked dazed and stupid from a nasty fall, Darkwing proceeds to sing Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson".
  • An averted shout-out: In the original drafts of the show, Darkwing was a spy (the series was conceived as a James Bond parody) and all the villains were members of the FOWL organization. In the actual series, only a couple of them are. The FOWL mooks are called "Eggmen," and originally their commander was meant to be Tuskernini, who is a walrus. In the final show, Tuskernini is not a FOWL agent, so the eggmen and the walrus never meet.
  • The very first villain is named after Taras Bulba, a Russian novel and movie starring Yul Brynner. This is quite possibly the most obscure reference in the Disney Animated Canon.
    • When Bulba grabs his henchman Hammerhead by the neck and reminds him of his stooge status, Hammerhead replies with "Yes, boss. I'm a stooge. Just call me Curly."
  • The episode "Merchant of Menace" featured a villain named Weasel Loman.
  • Pelican's Island is a Gilligan's Island parody.
  • How about Tuskernini? They probably just chose the name for the "tusk" pun, but he is Wicked Cultured nonetheless. The name's a Shout-Out to Arturo Toscanini, an Italian orchestral conductor known for intensity and perfectionism.
  • Two of the hat aliens in the "Brainteasers" episodes are named Barada and Nikto. "Battle of the Brainteasers" also features a reference to "Gallifreyian digit wrestling".
  • In "Disguise the Limit", Dr. Sara Bellum says "I'm a doctor, not a duck-picker."
  • In "Hot Spells" Beelzebub is briefly seen ordering around a pair of walking brooms from "The Sorcerer's Apprentice".
  • In "Just Us Justice Ducks", as Negaduck pulls out a chainsaw to use on the heroes, he recites, "Now it's time to say goodbye to all our company!" from The Mickey Mouse Club theme song.
    • Also in the same episode, when Negaduck has captured all the heroes, he throws them in a pile and says something to the effect of, "That's it for these loser avengers."
    • Later, before the Battle Royale, Darkwing yells, "Justice ducks, assemble!"
  • There are several episodes (the spy-based ones) where the music pays an homage by playing the first few notes of the James Bond theme.
  • "Fluffy's Reign of Terror", a comic story in Disney Adventures, has a scene of Drake and Launchpad watching The Simpsons.
  • The ending of the episode "Dead Duck", from the moment when DW on his knees promises to Death "to be good" begging for a second chance and especially after his wake-up, with his joyful cries "There's my couch, there's my chair. There's that rug I always trip over, I love that rug!", is a quite clear allusion to Dickens' A Christmas Carol.
  • In "Getting Antsy" the villain who shrinks the city is named Lilliput and a couple of germs are named Blob and Ray.
    • Earlier in the episode, when Launchpad asks to stop for a burger (or three), Darkwing complains by referencing The Lone Ranger;
    Launchpad: Hey, 'ya burn a lot of calories thwarting evil.
    Darkwing: Fine. Lovely.
    The pair march off-screen
    Darkwing: (as he walks): I'll bet Tonto never made The Lone Ranger stop for burgers!
  • In episodes featuring Splatter Phoenix, some famous paintings are referenced or parodied, including Picasso's Guernica, Caravaggio's Medusa and C.M. Coolidge's Dogs Playing Poker.
  • In "Slime OK, You're OK", when the giant patch of ground is brought to life by Bushroot's IQ2U potion, she first references Mae West's most famous line from She Done Him Wrong with "Why don't you come up and seed me some time?"note , then Greta Garbo's most famous line from Grand Hotel with "I vant to be a lawn," complete with vocal impressions of West and Garbo.
  • Heavy Mental has "Here's Hotshot!"
  • One revealed years later at a convention panel - the reason that Negaduck wears yellow with red and black highlights? That's the color scheme worn by Professor Zoom, Evil Counterpart to The Flash.
  • A bullied teen uses paranormal powers to seek revenge during the high school prom. Is this "Clash Reunion", or Carrie ?

The Boom Studios comic book

James Silvani is having way too much fun with this trope.

The Joe Books run of the comic book

This section is for both the revised omnibus and the ongoing series that is released afterwards.
  • The revision of "Campaign Carnage":
    • Launchpad asks if Madame Kira's crystal ball gets Pay-Per-View, saying that CM Pug has a chutes-and-ladders match with Hog Hogan.
    • The new flashbacks for Mortimer L. Marquand's backstory shows him being bullied by a dogface version of Sid Phillips and an anthropomorphic version of Lampwick in his donkey form. He is also being bullied for owning a Pony Friend comic book.
  • The revision of the annual story "Toy With Me" has Launchpad reference Toy Story when he and Darkwing figure out that Aloysius Mandelbaum has been turned into a toy.
  • The first arc of the Joe Books run is "Orange is the New Purple".
  • From issue #3, when One-Shot is looking for something to throw at Gosalyn:
    One-Shot: Oh come on! I need a knife, but all I have is these useless spoons!
    Darkwing: (While punching out One-Shot)Isn't it ironic?
    Gosalyn: Pretty dated quip, dad.
    Darkwing: What can I say? I have a lot of nostalgia for the '90s
    Gosalyn: You do realize it's not actually irony, right?
    Darkwing: Quiet, you.
  • Issue 3 has Darkwing being menaced by a large carnivorous dinosaur that resembles the Tyrannosaurus rex from Fantasia.
  • Issue 6: There is a shelf with figures of Kaiju from the Godzilla franchise.


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