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  • The more avid fan can notice various references to other Dreamworks properties within the series.
    • Strickler's human guise wears clothes almost identical to that of Bernard from Megamind. This is especially telling because in both contexts, the appearance is shown to just be a glamour used to blend in with human society, both users of the appearance having stolen them and using them to eventually woo a woman (Roxanne with Megamind, Barbara with Strickler).
    • In "Becoming: Part 1", the screensaver on Jim's laptop shows an image of Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon before briefly cutting off as Jim activates the Amulet.
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    • In "Gnome Your Enemy", Mary's Spanish presentation about a love triangle between three characters named Maria, Manolo, and Joaquin is a clear nod to The Book of Life.
    • In "To Catch a Changeling", it is shown that the Gumm Gumms switched the Killahead Bridge with that of a Viking ship from How to Train Your Dragon to cover their tracks.
    • In "Recipe for Disaster", the meat Jim serves for dinner looks identical to the yak-chops Heather serves the Dragon Riders in the Dragons: Riders of Berk episode "To Heather or Not To Heather".
    • The romantic Vespa ride in "A Night to Remember" strongly resembles Hiccup and Astrid's ride on Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon, right down to the moonlit landscape, swelling strings and Jim glancing back at Claire.
    • The shot in "Airheads" where Toby falls heavily on the ground, facing the camera, is almost identical to Ginormica's fall in Monsters vs. Aliens.
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    • In "Party Monster", Not-Enrique throws a party and the dance music playing is "Me and My Crew", from the All Hail King Julien soundtrack.
    • One of the first few times that Jim says the armor-donning incantation, he slips and almost says "By the Power of Merlin". (The 1980s He-Man series is a property of DWA, thanks to their buyout of Classic Media in 2012- who had earlier merged with another company that gave them the Filmation library.)
    • The board and pieces used by Blinky, Draal and Aaarrrgghh!!! for their roleplaying game in "Just Add Water" is in-fact a Maces and Talons board from Dragons: Riders of Berk.
  • The fact that Jim's Transformation Trinket is a disc-like object that integrates into his armor and glows blue and white seems to reference the Power Morphers from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and Iron Man's Arc Reactor.
  • In "Gnome Your Enemy", one of the other girls in the Spanish class can be heard giving a presentation about Maria, Manolo and Joaquin from creator Guillermo del Toro's other animated production. For bonus points, the teacher's example sentence on the board is 'Guillermo is busy.'
    • In the same episode, Toby names the gnome Chompsky.
      • Or Gnome Chomsky a là Noam Chomsky. Either way.
  • Jim auditions for Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and plays the character onstage wearing his Trollhunter armor, giving him a Knight in Shining Armor appearance. In Baz Lurhmann's William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet, Romeo dresses as a knight for the Capulet's ball.
  • Claire's Juliet costume in "The Battle of Two Bridges" bears a strong resemblance to Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • Jim is saved from a deadly fall when Aaarrrgghh! leaps into the air to catch him mid-fall, much the way The Hulk saved Iron Man at the end of The Avengers (2012).
  • An episode involving the characters encountering pixies is entitled "Where Is My Mind?"
  • "The Reckless Club" is a blatant shout out to The Breakfast Club.
  • The episode "Grand Theft Otto" has Jim kill a monster in a arena and as he is taken away one of the soldiers is crying over the dead monster. (FYI Mark Hamill voices one of the characters present)
  • A Brainwashed and Crazy Miss Janeth spouts off several Shakespeare quotes, including "These violent delights have violent ends." In context, it also comes off as a reference to how the line is used in Westworld.
  • In "The Exorcism of Claire Nuñez", after finding out that Claire is possessed by Morgana, Jim calls Strickler for help. When he arrives at Claire's house, it's the dead of night with light from Claire's room illuminating the street, replicating The Exorcist's Signature Scene.
  • Jim's Half-Human Hybrid form in the series finale is a nod to the Beast in Beauty and the Beast or the X-Men character Beast, which is funny as Blinky's voice actor Kelsey Grammer played the latter in X-Men: The Last Stand.
  • Morgana's true form echoes a similar costume as Hela.
  • The background music in the opening scene of "Parental Guidance" is "Morning Mood" from the Peer Gynt Suite by Edvard Grieg (aka the one with the trolls).

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