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Shout Out / Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero

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Pointing: a popular pastime for all movie going characters.

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  • The ending credits scene seems to be a homage to Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • The discovery of the snowman is a direct reference to the end of Se7en, complete with them finding a severed head in a box. Granted, it's a still-living snowman head, but still.
  • "Baby-Pocalypse" parodies the Death Star assault from A New Hope with Boone as Luke Skywalker and Sashi as his flight controller.
    Sashi: Boone, you switched off your targeting computer. What's wrong?
    Boone: Nothing. I'm alright.
  • The universe "That Purple Girl" takes place in is pretty much right out of Avatar.
  • The "Brainzburgerz" Title Card is one to the poster for the original Dawn of the Dead (1978).
  • The first scene in Chuckle City has a clown woman crying for someone to save her baby from a burning building.
  • "Flurgle Burgle" has a Star Trek feel to it.
  • The beginning of "Defending the Earth" alludes to Independence Day.
  • Penn's outfit as Rippen's minion in "Number One, Number Two" bears a resemblance to Westley from The Princess Bride.
    • Rippen selects a new minion by giving them a red arrow, a reference to the rose ceremony in The Bachelor.
    • Rippen's Crossbow outfit is based on Robin Hood's.
  • Flaming-O, a flamingo-themed secret agent, is one to Ian Fleming.
  • Rippen's cell in "Cereal Criminals" is similar to Hannibal Lecter's. His role in the episode is also the same as Lecter's, an incarcerated criminal who provides information on the main villain.
    • During his incarceration, Rippen's serial number is 24602, a reference to prisoner 24601 (AKA Jean Valjean) of Les Misérables.
    • In "Cereal Fugitives", when Boone builds a makeshift dam from rocks (and Rippen) to stop a milk flood, The Milkman sys "Darn nice dam, friend. I'm gonna break it!
  • In "I'm Still Super!" Rippen destroys a bridge and quips, "Is this a bridge too far?"
  • "The Princess Most Fair" alludes to several Disney Princess movies, with Sleeping Beauty being the most obvious.
  • "It's a Colorful Life" contains multiple references to works by Dr. Seuss, including the rivalry between the Hues and the Drabs closely resembling the one between the two Sneetch types in The Sneetches.
  • In "Totally Into Your Body", Boone's list of motivational one-liners ends with "Get off my plane" and the episode is a Whole Plot Reference to Fantastic Voyage.
  • "Rocks. Nano rocks."
  • Penn's brief fantasy in "Rock and Roll" has him asking for a "high-tech tuxedo".
  • Orchid's non-indicative name is a reference to a William Shakespeare quote — "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."
  • "Where Dragons Dare" is one whole reference to Top Gun complete with Kenny Loggins singing the music.
  • "Rip-Penn" is a parody of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
  • "Shirley B. Awesome" is a parody of Toy Story and Small Soldiers.
  • "A Game of Cat and Mouse" is Tom and Jerry set in a spaceship, with a plot similar to Passengers.
    • Larry is a robot similar to the ones in The Black Hole.
    • Near the end, Rippen as Tom Cat is revealed to be a robot cat, in a scene spoofing The Terminator.
    • Penn briefly pulls a Scooby-Dooby Doors, which was most frequently used in Scooby-Doo.
    • Penn and Rippen briefly stop their chase to stare at the scrolling background (which keeps scrolling after they stopped), which alludes to many of the older cartoons such as The Flintstones.
  • The Unicorn army's battle station in "Alpha, Beta, Unicorn" is based on the first Death Star from Star Wars.
  • "A Tale of Two Wizards" makes several allusions to The Lord of the Rings films, and possibly even The Hobbit being stretched into three films. Upon finding something he mistakes for a mushroom, he believes he'll get an extra life or grow taller if he eats it.
  • "Rockullan Papyron Scissorian" is an allusion to Game of Thrones, if the three houses were Rock, Paper and Scissors.
    • Boone mentions a hit song from about three years prior titled "Just Chill Out", a reference to Frozen and its hit song "Let It Go". (The film came out in 2013; the show's episode was completed in 2016, but didn't air until 2017.)
  • "Be My Ghost" had several allusions to The Shining, such as the setting and getting scared by a little girl ghost.
  • "Ninki Ninja Fight Town" is a general spoof of anime series, with Naruto being the main inspiration.
    • At one point the characters ride a monkey bus, a reference to the Cat Bus from My Neighbor Totoro. It also looks similar to Monkey from Kubo and the Two Strings.
    • Sashi's character is based on Sailor Moon, complete with ridiculously long Transformation Sequence. She even strikes a similar pose during said transformation sequence.
    • One of the group's companions is a girl who keeps animals in her earrings, referring to Misty from Pokémon.
    • Rippen's transformation references Tetsuo's from AKIRA. He also has hair like Yugi Moto.
    • The chubby traveling companion wears a similar hat to Ash Ketchum, while the black-haired one bears resemblance to Ryu.
    • Penn adopts a similar appearance to Son Goku.
  • "My Mischevious Son" spoofs 1980s sitcoms like Full House and Family Matters. Larry's character is a Drop-In Character based on Steve Urkel from the latter.
  • Rippen's model for an evil high school in "Trading Faces" shows Penn frozen in carbonite.
  • In "13 Big Problems", after the revelation that he and Madame President are married, Larry quips "She liked it, so she put a ring on it!"
  • During the Series Finale, the team ends up fighting water clones of themselves in one of the dimensions that they visit. "Ocean Gem", anyone?


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