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Awesome / Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero

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North Pole Down

  • Penn, Boone, and Sashi storming the castle. Not bad for a series introduction scene.
  • Penn giving up ever seeing parents again so Christmas can happen.


  • The whole town coming together to give Baby!Rippen and Baby!Larry a hug. Made better by the doctor coming in to save the day by keeping Penn's arm from ripping off again.

That Purple Girl

  • The mere fact that Penn was able to craft a such a complex hut with great features—sans filtered water.

I'm Super!

  • Adam West as Captain Super Captain.
  • Penn rallying the depowered superheros to fight against Rippen

The Fast and the Floor Rugs

  • Genie!Boone pulling a fast one on Rippen with his wishes.

Chicken or Fish?

  • Underwater high-fives!
  • Sashi holding her own against the octopus people.
  • Boone getting over his fear of water and saving the day (by unlocking the trident and giving it to Penn).

The Old Old West

  • Sheriff Scaley Briggs proving his worth by using one of his tricks to stop Rippen and Larry's plan.


  • Penn pulling a Pinball Projectile that lands the burger that turns people into zombies right in Larry mouth.

Flurgle Burgle

  • Sashi using Penn's Flurgle form to free herself and Boone.

Chuckle City

  • Sashi going full on clown in her fight against Rippen's henchmen (also doubles as a moment of funny).

Temple of the Porcelain God

  • Three words: Best. Mission. Ever.

Defending the Earth

3 Big Problems

  • Penn and Sashi owning the rest of their gym class in dodgeball.
  • Them using this exact same skill to save the city from getting destroyed by the Monster Buster Bomb's barrage of missiles.
  • The trio digging up and lifting the island to move it out of harm's way, made all the more intense by the Orbital Shot of the human president staring in shock as the event transpires.

Cereal Criminals

  • Penn using his trunk to defeat the Milkman via sucking him up through his nose.
  • Boone manning up and eating his awful Kale Flakes cereal to grant him superpowers.
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  • The trio pulling a Batman Gambit on Rippen. He was just stalling the heroes, but they thought ahead of it and tricked him into telling them about the Milkman's plot.

I'm Still Super!

  • Adam West not only as Captain Super Captain...again but also playing his evil twin brother Professor Evil Professor.
  • Penn refusing Professor Evil Professor's option of destroying Rippen which would have ended with nether of his friends dieing even knowing he's not fast to save both of them (granted they don't die anyways but still).

The Princess Most Fair

  • Meta Example: The show's composer successfully wrote entire dialogues set in song.

Lady Starblaster


  • Amber finally gets to be a deputy and marks the occasion by bringing down Rippen's Pteranodon with nothing but a lasso.
    Scaley: Amber, I wish this was a more proper ceremony but... I hereby deputize you.
    Amber: (grins) I'm on it, Pa.

The Ripple Effect

  • When Penn is about to give up on trying to fix everything, Vonnie reveals that the reason she and Brock chose the last name "Zero" is because they've never failed a mission. She then asks Penn if he wants to let this legacy go to waste, lightheartedly pointing out that if he gives up he'll have to change his surname to "One" instead. Later, when the mission hits its most difficult and desperate point, we get a Call-Back to this conversation.
    "My name... is Penn ZERO."


  • Meta Example: Kudos to the show's animators for animating the transformation sequences for the episode. Word of God says it was hard to work on.

Chuckle City 500

  • Larry, winning the race by accident!

Zap One

  • Penn, Sashi and Boone saving the world by rocking out!

Save the Worlds

  • Rippen successfully tricking Penn into jumping into the void (by convincing Nug to jump in knowing that Penn would jump in afterwards to save her) and then closing the vortex leading to said void.
  • Boone, Sashi, Sheriff Scaley Briggs and Caption Super Caption coping what caused the vortexes to appear in the first place just so they can save they friend.

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