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Fictions for this series would one of the following:
  • Until we get that origin story, people will write their own Origin Story for Team Zero Jr. (Penn, Boone and Sashi) and Team Rippen (Rippen and Larry)
  • A mission which gives birth to Sashi's Blood Knight Jr. act.
    • Jossed. A sneak peak at the prologue episode reveals she has always had a Blood Knight Jr. act.
  • Crossovers with Disney films and shows.
  • People shipping Sashi and Penn.
    • Confirmed. A majority of the Archive of Our Own fanfics are centered around the pairing.
  • Unseen missions for Team Zero Jr.
  • Brock and Vinne's Part-Time Hero Missions before they were trapped.
  • original characters that become part of Penn's team.
  • Elsewhere Fictions that take place else to focus on other Part-Time Heroes.
  • Before and Aftermathes of Penn's missions
  • The secret behind Larry's luck.

List of most likely worlds to return to....
  • Dinosaur Cowboy World.
    • Confirmed in "Amber."
  • The World of Brainzburgers. Pretty logical here — horror movies always has to have a sequel or two... or twenty.
  • The World of Superheroes.
  • The Star Trek-like universe.
  • The Clown World.
    • Confirmed in "Chuckle City 500".
  • The Giant Monster World. Giant Monsters movies always have more sequels then necessary.
    • All confirmed as of "Save the Worlds".
    • The President still crushing on Larry. She even still has the drawing.

List of worlds for Penn's team to visit in the future.
  • Feudal Japan.
    • Penn as a samurai
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    • Sashi as a ninja
    • Boone as monk
  • Ancient Greece.
    • Penn as Hercules, Achilles, or Perseus
    • Sashi as Atalanta
    • Boone as Icarus or Socrates
  • Ancient Egypt.
    • Penn as a Pharaoh
    • Sashi as High Queen
    • Boone as Imhotep
  • A post-apocalyptic world.
  • A video game world.
    • Penn as Mario expy
    • Sashi as a Lara Croft expy
    • Boone as a Knuckles expy
  • Cyberpunk world. Hinted by the theme song.
  • A Star Wars-like universe. Hinted by the theme song.
  • A steampunk world.
  • A street-racing world.
    • Penn as Speed Racer expy
    • Sashi as Penelope Pitstop expy
    • Rippen as Dick Dastardy and Larry as Muttley
  • A 1980's world filled with solid ghosts.
  • A world of anthropomorphic animals.
  • A film noire world.
  • A gender-switch version of Penn's normal universe. Penn become Penny. Boone becomes Booni. Sashi become Slash.
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  • A world of anthropomorphic musical instruments. (Like the Disney short Music Land, but with even more musical genres)
  • A world of anthropomorphic food.
  • A silent film world.
  • A Harry Potter-like universe.
    • Penn as Harry Potter expy.
    • Sashi as Hermione expy.
    • Boone as Ron expy.
  • A Matrix-like universe.
    • Penn as Neo expy.
    • Sashi as Trinity expy.
    • Boone as Morpheus expy.
  • A Tron-like universe.
  • A Greek/Roman mythology universe

Rippen and Larry will have at least one Friendship Moment
  • Confirmed in the episode, "Number One, Number Two".

Sashi will be shown to have a secret crush on Penn
Cliche, I know.

There will be an episode revolving around the team during school hours and dealing with Larry and Rippen.
Seems kinda obvious since Larry is their school principal and Rippen is an art teacher. It will either go in as they never realized they worked at the school before plot, or Rippen trying to deal with Penn through giving detention or something. I feel it may be the latter since how could they go to school and not know who their principal is.
  • "Cereal Criminals" reveals they are fully aware that their art teacher and principal are also their archenemies.

Both the Penn's group's first mission story and the season finale are going to 30 minutes instead of the normal 11 minutes.
Sounds logical in my not-so-humble opinion.

After a fight with Rippen, Larry will become an independent villain.
And he'll succeed in defeating Penn and friends (only to be stopped by Penn and friends with help from Rippen).
  • A similar storyline happens in "Hail Larry", although Larry is an independent villain because he's filling in for a sick Rippen.

Matilda will be promoted to lead character in future episodes.
According to Sam Levine, she will have more appearances.

Vonnie is the daughter of Sam and Donna Beckett.
She became a part-time hero after hearing stories about her father.

Penn was supposed to be born a female...
..But Vonnie kept helping Brock in his part-time missions. During one of these missions, a wizard hit her womb with gender transform self in the womb before he was defeated by Brock. The reason for this is Penn is a little bit more in love in his Princess outfit in "The Princess Most Fair"

Walter Melon is a former part-timer.
He left them to start his own part-time hero business. It's thanks to part-timer equipment that he keeps the people he meets while in disguise from realizing he's not the individual he's impersonating.

One of Larry's relatives will try to kill him for money.

Before the Zeroes got stuck in M.D.D., Sashi was being trained by the Zeros to replace them.
Vinnie and Sashi seem to share Blood Knight traits.

Sashi's parents are secretly villains.
Phyllis is aware of this and that's the real reason she doesn't want them knowing about Sashi's job.

Phyllis and Phil are aliens.
That would explain Phyllis' weird comments about being thousands of years old and being happy to see the kids' "human faces".

  • Confirmed, they are revealed to be two separate halves of the same intergalactic creature and merge back together again at the end of the series finale.

There are Part Time Anti-Heroes.
There will be struggles between good and evil that might be a bit too dirty for straight up heroes to enter.

There will be an episode where Sashi's parents go to visit her where they think she works.
Either Sashi will end up temporarily working there, probably also ending up working with the bad guys somehow, or it will be a surprise visit and they'll wonder why she's not there.
  • Confirmed/Jossed! Sashi's parents visit where they think she works, and end up finding out where she really works in the process rather than putting on a more elaborate ruse.

Sashi's ancestor is the Princess of Dimensions.
Not knowing that Sashi goes where her friends and enemies are, she is said to be related to her royal ancestry. She may even met her ancestor that looked similar to her. Sashi may even a Disney Princess herself.

Sashi's brother will appear in Season 2
He was only seen once as a baby in a flashback during "Baby-pocalypse". He was also mentioned in "Flurgle Burgle" and co-creator Sam Levine even revealed his name.
  • Confirmed, he appears in "The Kobayashis."

Because of Sashi was being a pretty good Molly Wright in "My Mischievous Son"..... that she been in this universe a few times while training with Brock and Vinnie Zero.

In the previous hero team, Boone's mother was the Wiseman, Brock was the sidekick, and Vonnie was the hero.
We see that Boone's mother was the team's resident wiseman in the flashback revealing how they got stuck, and while both Penn's parents are plenty capable of throwing down, Vonnie seems calmer and more emotionally balanced, making her The Kirk, like Penn, whereas Brock is something of a Boisterous Bruiser, akin to Sashi.
  • Confirmed by Word of God here! According to the same source, Brock should have the all-important sidekick specs, but he doesn't like wearing glasses.

"Phase Two" involves a Massive Multiplayer Crisis Crossover between just about every animated show with superheroes and villains (or something similar) you can imagine.
You're welcome, fanfic writers!

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