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Heartwarming / Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero

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North Pole Down

  • After avoiding the topic of Penn's parents for a full day, Sashi finally breaches the subject.
    Sashi: We know it's been hard, but you gotta remember; your parents aren't the only ones who care about you.
  • While helping save Christmas at the North Pole as Santa, Penn loses his MUHU, his only way of contacting his parents, when it falls and breaks. Devastated, Penn sadly goes to sleep alone on the night of Christmas Eve, but on Christmas day he wakes up to find it under the origami tree they had left in the Christmas dimension, fully repaired.

The Old Old West

  • After meeting Sheriff Scaley Briggs, Penn bonds with him and feels bad about leaving him behind so that the team can catch Rippen in time. Once he finds out that the sheriff wanted to stop Rippen in order to prove himself, Penn doesn't set himself up as the hero and instead helps Briggs be the hero.

Flurgle Burgle

  • Sashi admits to Boone that she has to be proud for herself and do her best because her parents don't know that she's a part-time sidekick. So, after the mission, Boone and Penn make her a bad-tasting but well-meaning congratulatory cake to celebrate her success.
  • When a crew member thanks Penn for saving the ship, Penn lets them know that Sashi was the real hero.

Defending the Earth

  • When Boone finishes his final trial (a performance explaining why Earth deserves to exist) he's greeted by pindrop silence. His fear of public speaking begins to creep back up, until the crowd suddenly bursts into thunderous applause. It turns out they just needed a moment to react.

Number One, Number Two

  • The fact that Rippen dismissed Larry as his Number Two gently instead of just outright saying "YOU'RE FIRED!" to his face shows that Rippen may in fact care about Larry's feelings despite his blundering.
  • The wagon-driver turning out to be Larry, who disguised himself and stole the jail wagon in order to save Rippen.
  • Rippen voluntarily hugging Larry at the end of the episode. Also, not stopping even when he sees Phil is looking.

3 Big Problems

  • Boone's final request to Penn, although it veers off into funny a moment later.
    Boone: If I don't make it, tell my best friend I love him.
    Penn: I thought I was your best friend.
    Boone: You are.

Cereal Criminals

  • At the end of the episode, Penn keeps his word and gives Rippen a positive report, allowing him to be Teacher of the Month.

The Princess Most Fair


Lady Starblaster

  • As Boone dances the robot, he says out loud that he hopes it doesn't offend any actual robots.
  • Penn teaching Rippen how to dance, even if it was a distraction.
  • Rippen's unhappy about not getting to dance with Starblaster, so Larry asks if he could get the last dance instead. We later discover that Rippen actually took him up on the offer.


  • Scaley apologizing to Amber for being too overprotective. He makes it up to her by promoting her to deputy.

Totally Into Your Body

The Ripple Effect


  • Brock and Vonnie's pep talk to Penn. it almost helps him regain control of his body.


  • Penn refusing to win the game if it means a planet blows up and decides to marry the two coaches off if it means both planets are saved.

Cereal Fugitives

  • Larry in Ottis after eating Banana Bread cereal states that no one traumatizes Rippen expect him.

Be My Ghost

  • Rippen giving up a chance to finally win against Penn because it would have broken Larry's heart if he threw Sunny, a ghost Larry befriended, into limbo.

The Last Mountain Beast

  • Penn and Sashi making up after spending most of the episode fighting over whether to find the shard to save Penn's parents, or focusing on the mission.

The Most Dangerous World Imaginable

  • Brock got himself eaten by a giant fire-breathing chicken just so he could get flowers for his wife.

The End of All Worlds

  • Penn finally reunites with his parents!
  • When Phyllis reveals that someone needs to go back into the Most Dangerous World Imaginable to activate the temporal bomb manually, Penn's parents immediately volunteer to go back. Then, to the surprise of everyone, it's Rippen who declares that he's going. Why? Because even after all the horrible things Rippen did, Penn still rescued him from falling off a cliff, something he notes that only Larry would have done otherwise.
  • Seeing the montage of all the worlds, safe, at peace and harmony, with everyone having a happy ending. It may be the end of the part-time hero era, but it's time for something new for all their lives...
  • The end credits. Its still the same song only played on a piano.
  • Sashi's parents put her specs on a trophy shelf and hug her.
  • The now former part time team have decided doing good doesn't always have to be big scale and come up with their own missions, starting with finding a lost dog.
  • How about Penn and Sashi's kiss? That's just adorable.


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