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    Season 1 

North Pole Down

  • "Mission accomplished!" *pulls out something that isn't a sword*
  • Penn launches Sashi with a moving catapult to make it over the castle walls. She doesn't make it.
    Larry: Air ball!
  • Penn wakes up and it looks like it's snowing outside his window! As it turns out, it's actually just Sashi beating the crap out of a reindeer decoration with a candy cane. Made even better when she hands him its eyes because there's something she doesn't trust about them.
  • Sashi ordering an old man to shave his beard off because it looks too much like Santa's.
    Old man: Alright then.
  • Penn tells Phyllis he needs a favor, intending to ask her if she can fix the MUHU. Phyllis misconstrues this.
    Phyllis: You cannot find date for prom? Do not worry, I will try to find dress.
    Penn: NO! No. Sorry for yelling. That is literally my nightmare.
  • Gingerbread!Larry constantly eating himself. Later, when he tries to shoot, he's unable to pull the trigger because he ate his fingers.
  • The series of pictures showing Santa going down a chimney. The third is him explaining the situation to two officers arresting him.
  • Sashi's verse about her threatening to make the gingerbread men pay.
    Sashi: Yes, we're breaking out of here for Christmas!
    I won't be trapped by cages, bars, or walls!
    When I get out, I'll make the bad guys pay!
    I'll fight and punch and kick them in the—knees!
  • Penn and Rippen fighting on the moving sleigh, using the various gifts as weapons. Also awesome.


  • Penn's aunt and uncle dressing up a chinchilla in a business suit. The look on the chinchilla's face as the two talk down to it is priceless.
    Uncle Chuck: Look at this handsome rodent.
    Aunt Rose: Yes you are.
    (Chinchilla growls menacingly)
  • "Egg-sack punch!"
  • Phyllis's warning about zapping with loose change. Boone notices the melted face on his coin looks like Phyllis.
    Phyllis: Remember, zap with coins, get scorched horribly.
    Boone: Plus, it's like, impossible to find a snack machine that'll take 'em later. Isn't that right, George Meltface-ington?
  • "Why are we singing?"
  • Penn and Boone are delighted and amused by how adorable Sashi's plushie form is. Sashi attempts to refute this by angrily pounding her fist into her palm as a threat, but ends up accidentally playing ''Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'' She then picks up a rock and starts smashing herself in the chest until the jingle dies.
  • The gang learning that Penn is the "Cheapo Carnival Prize". Made even better by the cheesy carnival music.
  • The constant Running Gag with Penn getting his plush arm torn off.
    • First there was Boone accidentally ripping off Penn's arm during an attempted high-five.
    • Then there was Boone tearing off his arm again after touching the plush police commissioner's eye.
      Dr. Hissy: Nurse, cancel my tee time!
    • Then both his arms get ripped off during Sashi's plan. By this point he doesn't even bother reacting to it.
      Penn: Yeah, that seems about right.
    • Then finally it gets Double Subverted after Penn escapes the plane crash with his arms intact.
      Penn: Well, that could not have gone worse. (dislodged propeller flies by and slices his arm off)
  • "We have heard your cries of distress and have come to save your mayor and your, uh...quilted city!"
  • If you look at Dr. Hissy's schedule when the nurse crosses out his tee time, you can see that his planned activities over the week involves pilates, yoga, brunch with Mrs. Hissy, pottery class, and "me time".
  • Sashi explaining how to deal with babies from experience.
    Penn: They let you babysit?
    Sashi: (sharpening a stick with a stone) Yeah. Why? (throws the stick at a rubber duck in a pond)
  • The Brick Joke with Sashi and Boone in Dr. Hissy's waiting room along with the rubber duck, who's patched up and giving Sashi the evil eye.
  • "Let's go teach those babies the meaning of disappointment!"
  • When Boone is using the 'Here comes the airplane!' feeding trick on his neighbor's baby, he takes it Up to Eleven by acting like the plane is not safe to land on the runway.
    Boone: Someone get me a juice box! I'll put in the straw myself!
  • Boone's plan involves feeding the giant babies to calm them down. Cut to plush toys loading three planes with applesauce while Richard Wagner's "The Ride of The Valkyries" plays.
    • The whole plane scene is practically from a war flick. Especially how Boone takes it.
      Boone: Mayday! Mayday! I'm sorry sweetheart... (cut to a picture of Boone taped to the dashboard, Boone strokes it.) I guess I won't be coming home for dinner.
  • "It's applesauce! Who doesn't like applesauce!?"
  • Rippen's inner monologue when he grabs Penn's plane:
    "Shaking Penn Zero senseless, and developing important hand-eye coordination. Baby win!"
  • Penn's parents' story about Penn as a baby.
    Vonnie Zero: You did go through a lot of diapers, though.
    Brock Zero: Yeah, some days you were like a soft serve ice cream machine with no off-switch. Whew!
    • Which leads to this:
      Sashi: (to Penn) You pooped a lot.

That Purple Girl

  • When the heroes zap in, Boone observes that he and Penn are both wearing loincloths and comes to the conclusion that they're supposed to be "dancers". Apparently, this isn't the first time he's brought up the idea.
    Penn: What is this this thing with you and dancers?
  • When Boone and Penn first meet the princess, they have Imagine Spots of being with her. Penn's is running up to her, holding hands, and happily circling about in each other's arms. Boone's is exactly the same as Penn's, except it starts with him throwing Penn off to the side and taking his place.
  • Rippen claims he can defeat Penn Zero with the push of one particular button out of the many buttons on the ship he and Larry are on. He says that he knows what he's doing, then presses a button that ejects him and Larry and causes the ship to self-destruct.
  • Larry's "Microwave Loop".
    Larry: This is like, every time I get a new microwave; you got to relearn everything! How to set the time, how to make a bag of popcorn, what makes it burst into flames, how do you put out drapes, now you need to get a new microwave!
  • The princess asks Sashi to go fetch her water, referring to her as "beast" while doing so. Sashi is angered by this and begins to refuse the request... until the princess pulls out a hideous snack, upon which Sashi turns into a dog and fetches her the water.
  • Boone's shelter for the princess.
    Boone: Raised off the ground to keep out the creepy-crawlies, bug netting for double creepy-crawly protection, and a pillow; stuffed with creepy-crawlies.
  • Sashi's punishment for Boone and Penn laughing at her misfortune of being the "Stinkburger" is to perform a tail whip on them.
  • Penn and Boone were supposed to fight a giant monster, and we end up with this:
    Monster: Do you yield?
    Boone: You can yield?
    Penn: You can talk?
    Monster: Of course I can talk! Just because I'm a vile, hideous beast doesn't mean I can't talk! (turns to Sashi) Am I right or am I right, my grotesque sister?
    Sashi: Yep; I hate this mission.
    Penn and Boone: We yield! We yield! We yield!
  • The fact that the monster's mother was in the crowd with a video camera.
    Monster's Mother: That's my boy!

I'm Super!

  • Larry's kitchen remodeling story.
    Rippen: I can read your mind. I'm hearing this twice!
  • "I've never tasted fear before. It's gross."
  • "This looks like a job for..." and then every superhero says their name at the same time, so it's hard to hear their names.
  • The fact that nobody could make out what the logo on Penn's chest was.
  • Spatula Man's side job is repairing spatulas.
    Spatula Man: Hey, it's a living!
  • Upon being told he's going to the superhero dimension, Penn has flashbacks of other times he asked Phyllis if he's going there. One of those flashbacks features him next to a girls' bathroom door while asking the question. Upon hearing a flush sound, he asks if it meant "yes" or "no". Boone comes out of the bathroom and tells Penn it meant "no". Penn is visibly surprised to see Boone.

The Fast and the Floor Rugs

  • Boone and Larry's conversation regarding baby nickels in a bank run by babies and a baby stock exchange.
  • Monkey Business.
    Boone: Rent five monkeys, the sixth one's free!
  • When Rippen asks for a pair of pliers, one bandit replies, "I just have the one plier."
  • Rippen can't figure out how to get to the palace, so Boone suggests wishing for a GPS. Rippen reluctantly does so, but then discovers that it won't turn on.
    Rippen: It's not turning on.
    Boone: Well, you didn't wish for a GPS with batteries.

Chicken or Fish?

  • One of the fish-people tries to comfort one of his kin by explaining how the prince would never abandon his people. Description Cut to the prince packing his things and abandoning his people.
  • Sashi vows to turn the ocean red with the blood of her enemies ...with Dramatic Thunder in the background!
  • Four words: Boone's baby wipe baths. Also funny in-universe.
  • Larry's Christmas tree story.
    Larry: Cause what takes forever? Decorating Christmas trees! I had to buy one in July, just so I could get it done in time! Everyone was all, "Larry, you're crazy; No one buys Christmas trees in July!". And I was all, "Well, if no one buys them, then why are you selling them?". "For the last time, I'm not. Now put down the saw and get out of our yard before I call the police!". I love the holidays.
  • Rippen's inability to find a good pun to match the setting; even in an underwater world.
    Rippen: This is like shooting... something... something in a barrel.
  • Boone building a sand castle while Penn and Sashi are fighting off a billion octopuses.
    "Important wise-man stuff."
  • One of Boone's sand sculptures is a muscular version of himself driving what Larry calls a "sand-dette".
  • Boone instantly overcoming his water phobia after the bubble pops.

The Old Old West

  • Sheriff Scaley Briggs! *Banjo strum*
  • Sheriff Scaley Briggs constantly getting opposed by a townsperson.
    Briggs: No one done robbed the bank.
    Townsperson: Holy snakes, someone done robbed the bank!
    Briggs: Doesn't mean I done arrested the good guys.
    Townsperson: Sheriff Briggs done arrested the good guys!
    Briggs: Still doesn't mean I should let you go.
    Townsperson: Sheriff Briggs should let 'em—
    Briggs: Alright already, dag-nabbit! (shoots townperson with a slingshot)
  • Boone milking a cow-like triceratops. Then later on he turns it into "Boone's 100% Dino Milk".
  • Penn's mom yelling at the troll while talking to Boone.
    Vonnie Zero: Oh, and Boone? Could you please take your feet off the coffee table or SO HELP ME I WILL SMASH YOUR HEAD LIKE A RIPE MELON!!!
    (Boone screams and yanks his feet off the coffee table)
    Vonnie Zero: Troll! I was talking to the troll.
  • Sashi "training" her dinosaur steed by threatening to eat it if it doesn't behave.
  • "Hard to tell who's a bad guy since they started selling black hats to the general public."


  • When Sashi gets turned into a zombie while she and Penn are driving their boat to the military base to deliver the antidote, he knocks her into the sea and she shoves a Brainzburger into a dolphin's mouth to turn it into a zombie so they can go after Penn. note  At the end of the episode, zombie Rippen and Larry ride the dolphin off into the sunset.
  • Boone claims he has seen every zombie movie and knows that zombies hunt by sound. He explains that he and Penn have to be very quiet, which wasn't easy considering they were hiding behind a booth full of wind chimes. So, they move... to a booth full of cymbals. So they move again... to another booth full of sleeping Howler Monkeys. Finally, they move to a quiet booth with pepper grinders... until Boone starts cracking pepper, causing Penn to sneeze, giving away their position.
  • The sailor zombie untying a knot.
    Penn: Really?! Sailor zombie in a mall?!
  • Penn and Boone's goofing off montage.
  • Whenever Boone holds the clipboard the power goes to his head.
    Boone: What did I say about the 'tude!?
  • Boone's jingle for Brainzburgers has him rhyming "you" with "you" and later Rippen sings the same exact jingle.
  • Boone eating a Brainzburger, thus zombifying himself.
    Boone: Sorry, whenever I get stressed, I eat.
  • Zombie Larry talking and only coming out in grunts.
    Rippen: Larry, your rants are even more annoying when I can't understand you...
  • Sashi kicking zombie Boone. It was so epic they repeated it four times.
    • Then at the end, she kicks regular Boone to keep him from getting infected again.
      Penn: (amused) You enjoyed that one, didn't you?
      Sashi: Most definitely.

Chuckle City

  • When Penn is captured, he goes from a smiling clown to a sad clown with a single tear.
  • 5 Second Clown University.
  • Rippen using a giant whoopee cushion from The Great Whoopee Wars to destroy Chuckle City.
  • Rippen lets us know exactly what he thinks about Penn and Boone.
    Rippen: (referring to Sashi) It's the competent one. Get her!
    • Rippen does it earlier as well.
      Rippen: Penn thinks he can stop us, I think we know who's the real clown.
  • When Rippen captures Boone, he has Larry pull out what seems to be a blade to make him talk. However, when Larry removes the scabbard, it is revealed that it is just a large feather.
  • The Running Gag with flags replacing the sound effects. Not only the usage of the "Bang!" gun, but also when a clown police car crashed, a "Kaboom!" flag popped out.
  • Sashi unleashing her entire clown to stop Rippen. Also a Moment of Awesome.

Flurgle Burgle

  • Sashi taking out the school mascot because "We don't know who's in that suit." When it's revealed that it's just Terry, she drags his body into the janitor's closet while saying "This never happened."
  • The titular Flurgle Burgle, especially after Penn accidentally fuses with it during the teleportation.
  • Larry and Rippen's argument about the row seats. It gets so heated that they end up ignoring their prisoners.
    Rippen: Thought you'd enjoy a front row seat.
    (cut to two rows of chairs)
    Boone: Uh, why are there so many chairs?
    Larry: You can't have a front row seat without a back row, that's just basic words!
    Rippen: The boy's right. All we need are two chairs.
    Larry: Two chairs is not a row, two chairs is just two chairs.
    Boone: You guys need a minute?
  • Phyllis's Shrug Take at Sashi's sidekick mode.
  • Larry not understanding how the evil sarcastic clap works.
    • Then later on he does the same thing to Rippen when the team teleports back to the ship
      Larry: Am I doing it right?

Temple of the Porcelain God

  • The incredible length Phyllis went to eat Boone's mom's meatloaf.
  • The fact that Boone's mom's meatloaf is so good, it has it's own anthem!
  • The Running Gag about Penn forgetting to tie his "man-purse" shut, making him drop the idol three times.
    • First there was the toilet plunger bridge scene in which Penn and Boone fell on the ground, causing the idol to fly out of his man-purse and roll over to Rippen.
      Boone: Penn! You forgot to tie your man-purse shut!
    • Then there was when Larry landed landed into Penn's mine cart and simply took the idol out.
      Larry: Should've tied your man-purse shut.
    • Finally, there was when Penn and Sashi got separated from Boone, along with the idol.
      Penn: I must've forgotten to tie my man-purse shut again. It's the little laces.
  • Boone saying his flip-flops are his 'thang' and having it written on the back of his shirt.
  • "How is it you never get hurt?"
  • Rippen and Larry crash their mine cart and fall off the edge of a cliff.
    Larry: I'm okay! Rippen's soft body broke my fall!
    Rippen: Can't some things be private?
  • The wind talking directly to Boone.
  • "How can that be a scream?"
  • The team blaming each other for the monster being set free.
    Penn: Sashi's fault.
    Sashi: Penn's fault.

Defending the Earth

  • Penn as the president wanted to do things like making homework illegal, Sashi said no.
  • Boone mistaking his Judge's robe for a dress.
  • Penn and Sashi struggling to handle a tiny green slap monster while Boone and Rippen endure far worse trials onstage.
  • Rippen as "Ugthar the Ugly".
    Rippen: No, that can't be my name.
  • This exchange:
    Larry: (talking about Rippen) I'm friends with one of the contestants.
    Rippen: NO HE ISN'T!
  • During the game show montage, Larry tries to enjoy a piece of popcorn, but it just bounces off the glass helmet covering his head.
  • The first thing Rippen's minions do when Rippen gets sentenced to float around in space.
    Henchman: Hey, the boss is gone, let's go get ice cream!
    (alien fleet flies away)
    Minions: Yay!

Number One, Number Two

  • Rippen going through his photo book of Larry's failures and ending up finding a picture of himself in high-school.
  • Penn's atrocious attempt at a British accent.
  • Penn bantering back and forth with himself, made even better by his having to swing from the trees to switch sides and constantly hitting at least two trunks per trip.
    Hero Penn: Hey! Don't you talk about thy mother— I mean, my mother!
  • What Rippen says while he and Larry are hugging.
    Rippen: Yes, we're hugging. Get over it.
  • Sashi's attempt at banter.
    Rippen: Surrender or perish.
    Sashi: YOU surrender or perish!

3 Big Problems

  • Penn defeats Sashi in dodgeball.
    Penn: (laughs) You totally thought that was the bell. You should see the look on your fa-AHHHH!
    (cut to Sashi giving Penn a Death Glare, complete with searing flames in the background and Ominous Latin Chanting, and then back to Penn with an Oh, Crap! face)
  • Phyllis accuses Penn of having "Pondovian moon warts" and threatens to shoot him into the sun.
    Phyllis: (puts Penn in a glass capsule) Okay, say goodbyes. Penn Zero has contracted Pondovian moon warts. So we shoot him into sun.
    Penn: WHAT?!
    Sashi: Relax Phyllis. Those are just welts of shame from dodgeball.
    Phyllis: (rolls eyes sets Penn on his spot on the platform) Sorry. My bad.
  • Boone's last request ("Tell [Penn] I love him.") starts off heartwarming but quickly disintegrates under Penn's scrutiny.
    Penn: You want me to tell myself that you love me? That seems like an overly-complicated way to say that.
  • Three buildings get destroyed by a rolling buster bomb. The first is the "Rubble" building, which is turned into that, the second is the "Dreams" building, which gets crushed, and the third is simply named "Rule of 3".
  • Larry hastily darting out of the room when the island's president asks him if he'd go to dinner with her.
  • Penn constantly torching the city and causing explosions because of his fire breath. He apologizes for every incident up until the TNT museum explodes.
    "Okay that? That was just bad city planning; why would you even have a TNT museum? You humans are crazy."
  • The president has this to say after the team save the city by relocating it entirely to the Monster Island.
    "I mean, you also completely ruined our power grid and sewer system, but let's focus on the positives!"

Cereal Criminals

  • Rippen has to walk through a gauntlet of motion-sensing water sprinklers to get into school, nicknamed "Water Sprinkler Row".
  • Everyone in Cereal World has words magically pop out as if it were an actual commercial.
  • When the Part-Time Hero team deliver their mascot catch phrases, Boone's is pointedly lackluster because he got a healthy cereal made of kale. It's the delivery that sells it.
    Boone: (monotone) Nutrition is radical.
  • "Kale does not actually give you superpowers."
  • The Milkman himself. He is such a calm and friendly person for a supervillan.
  • Penn defeats the Milkman by sucking him up into his trunk. The best part about his protests during his defeat is this last bit:
    Milkman: (while trapped in Penn's trunk) Help, it's gross in here, friend!

I'm Still Super!

  • Phyllis isn't around to greet the team when they enter the Odyssey, so they go looking for her in increasingly strange places: Penn looks inside a trashcan, Sashi looks inside a drywall, and Boone peeks into a tiny mug. Once they finish searching, Boone comments that they've "checked all her usual spots".
  • Captain Super Captain's Weaksauce Weakness: Adult Contemporary Music
  • Captain Super Captain teaching Penn how to properly do a Big "NO!"
  • Larry putting bunny plushies on all of Rippen's things.
  • When Professor Evil Professor asks Rippen to drop Penn's friends into the Funhouse of Doom, he presses a button on the control panel... that shuts down the funhouse and lowers Boone and Sashi into massage chairs while robot arms fan them and paint their nails while muzak music plays.
    Professor Evil Professor: No, you fool! That was the spa button!


  • Penn's campaign slogan.
    "Blindly put me in charge and trust that I'll make the right decision."
  • Penn's attempt at a pun is turned down by Sashi.
    Penn: Well I don't know about you, but I'm having a—
    Sashi: Please don't say "ball".
    Penn: I was going to say "baby".

The Princess Most Fair

  • Rippen critiques his students' art projects, describing each as "dreadful", "atrocious", etc. Then he arrives at Matilda's painting of a kitten.
    Rippen: Ah, splendidly reprehensible!
    (Matilda smiles hopefully)
    Rippen: That still means "terrible".
  • The Pig-oilet!
  • Everyone being forced to sing whatever they say.
  • Larry recounts an incident from his youth where he couldn't beat a game at an arcade—before revealing that it was actually a drier at a laundromat.
  • The one-sided fantasy duet between Rippen and the Pig-oilet, which is accompanied by increasingly bizarre visuals and eventually gets invaded by Boone.
  • Rippen's last line about hating "musicals".

Hail Larry

  • Larry apparently has a custom-made glove with Rippen's fingerprints to get through his security system. The concerned look on Rippen's face sells it.
  • Phyllis has a welding mask in the shape of her own face. She then reveals she has welding masks in the shape of Boone, Penn, and Sashi's faces as well. They're understandably creeped out.
  • Boone distracting the skeletons.
    Boone: (points) Look at that thing over there which upon closer inspection might just be nothiiiing!
  • Boone asks if Penn would mind carrying him for the rest of the mission.
    Penn: Yes.
    Boone: 'Yes, you'll carry me' or 'yes, you mind'?
    (Penn drops Boone.)
  • Inside the underground caverns, the part-time heroes are assaulted by bugs. Boone panics when he discovers one on his back that's almost as large as he is. Sashi knocks it away, and the three make their way further down. As they leave, the bug waves goodbye while looking at Boone with the most heartbroken expression.
  • Rippen destroying the ax by smashing it into smithereens, stomping on its remains, then pounding the residue into the ground — all while muttering angry gibberish.
    Boone: (exasperated) Holy overboard, I think you've destroyed it.

It's A Colorful Life

  • The first line of the episode, which is Penn finishing his description of a past mission to his dad.
    Penn: And we won the mission by body slamming an eight-foot disco ogre! I guess he was only seven-six if you didn't count his platform shoes.
  • When Brock and Vonnie start kissing, Penn proceeds to turn off the MUHU in disgust, before getting stopped by an old man.
    Old Man: Whoa, whoa, whoa, I love this channel.
  • Penn giving Phyllis a bouquet of flowers to "make the world a little better". Too bad she's horribly allergic to flowers.
    Phyllis: (wheezing) Is all right, my internal organ will repair in 3 months.
  • The incredibly goofy and happy nature of Huetown, much to Sashi's dismay. She once tried flushing it out by pulling a cooked turkey over her head.
  • Larry and his fox Belvedere.
    Rippen: No! You have no idea on how to take care of a fox. What does a fox eat?
    Larry: Potatoes.
  • When the rainbow rocks are knocked off the pedestals, the hues go into a panic. One hue even bonks her head constantly with a mallet.
  • The narrator acknowledging how strange his sudden appearance is.
    "Why is there suddenly a narrator? Good question, but that's a story for another day."

Larry Manor

  • When Boone asks whether or not Larry won the lottery to get his large mansion, Larry replies, "No. I won 32 lotteries." At the end of the episode he wins another one.
  • Larry owning a pet teacup elephant named Tony.
  • When the power goes out, Phyllis and Phil pass the time by playing chess with pieces reminiscent of Penn, Boone, Sashi, Rippen, Larry, Phyllis, and Phil. Soon the power comes back on and they both call for their respective team. When they don't pick up, Phil and Phyllis run into their buildings and zap themselves in to complete the mission at hand. The mission ends with Phyllis rocketing Phil into the sun.
  • The race to the theater. Highlights include:

Lady Starblaster

  • During Rippen's fantasy montage, Rippen and Lady Starblaster can be seen sharing a drink... out of Larry's head. Even Larry has a share in drinking it.
  • Rippen turning into an utter mess around Starblaster.
    Rippen: (unmasking Penn) We have a hero in our midst! And his undying love- I mean, h-his sidekicks!
  • Terry, the Middleburg High mascot, gets no breaks whenever Sashi is around. Bonus points in how she's casually riverdancing and kicking him at the same time.
  • Penn swing dancing with Phyllis, who maintains her usual expression even while she's being flung into the air.
    Phyllis: Whew! I feel like I am 1,014 again!
  • Larry's Moment of Awesome in saving Rippen from Lady Starblaster.
  • Count Destructo walks in on Rippen and Larry dancing together. His only reaction is a blank, unamused stare.
    Rippen: (hastily lets go of Larry) Count Destructo! Hey, what up boyyyy?


  • "I don't wanna talk about it, but I will go to the roof and sing my backstory to myself."
  • The Reveal that Amber is Sheriff Scaley Briggs' daughter, mostly because Amber and Sashi both keep saying her father's name while their mouths are full of dino jerky.
  • There's some very black comedy where Brigg's explanation that he never deputized Amber because it's a dangerous job is accompanied by one of his former deputies slamming open the door before he falls over with a back full of prickly pear bullets.
  • The guy who keeps yelling what Sheriff Scaley Briggs' is doing wrong is back. This time, however, Briggs shuts him up by using his dinosaur-attracting keychain to get his T-rex to eat him.
  • Briggs sleeps in a coffin. Why? "It was the cheapest bed I could afford."
  • We will never again visit Piece of Cake World.
    "So much blood..."
  • When Amber and Sheriff Scaley Briggs finish singing their Tear Jerker duet, Briggs asks if Penn and Boone heard any of it. Cut to Penn and Boone sobbing.
  • Larry constantly pointing out that Sheriff Scaley Briggs kept all of Amber's things from when she was a little kid under his hat.

Totally Into Your Body

  • Boone trying to trick Penn into thinking his earmuffs are actually headphones by singing when he puts them on.
    Boone: This is a real song!
    Coming through your headphones!
    They are headphones!
  • When the mission begins, Boone thinks they're in space and pours a cup of orange juice on Sashi thinking it will float. It doesn't, and she understandably almost socks him.
  • Boone yelling to Penn.
    Penn: Boone, stop!
  • This exchange:
    Rippen: Larry, did you paint a smiley face on my ship?
    Larry: No. Do you like it?
  • The waffle maker exploding out of nowhere.
  • Boone's song during the Training Montage. According to Sam Levine, Adam DeVine (Boone's voice actor) improvised the melody in one take.

Fish and Chips

  • Phyllis tells the heroes to trust the plaster man. Sashi asks her if she meant to say "master plan" but Phyllis replies that she didn't, then gestures to a plaster statue of a man holding up a sign that says "Fate of multiverse is always at stake!".
    Phyllis: I am taking sculpture class.
  • Throughout the episode, Sashi is annoyed by Penn and Boone constantly mispronouncing the dimension's name, Oceanaquariopolis. At the ending, she finds out that even the people that live there can't say it right.
    Sashi: Really? Even you guys?
  • Penn continuing to confuse the genders of the fish-people.
    Penn: To be fair, I'm not really sure whether or not I'm a girl-fish or boy-fish either.
  • Sashi says she "trusts the Plaster Man" with all seriousness. Rippen asks if she means the master plan, Sashi just glares at him and shakes her head.
    Rippen: Fine. Don't explain what it is.
  • When Penn realizes Oceanaquariopolis is actually a fish tank in a restaurant's kitchen, he notices they're on the menu (never mind how he's able to read the menu from that far) and Sashi's description is "Grumpy Fish".

The Ripple Effect

  • The heroes need to enter the Odyssey but Phyllis has already locked the outer doors. Sashi starts eagerly unpacking stacks of dynamite from her backpack in order to blow a hole through the wall, while Boone simply unlocks the doors with a spare key.
    Sashi: (softly, to dynamite) One day, my huckleberries.
  • The fact that Larry breaks into Rippen's apartment by chucking a brick into his window in the middle of the night.
  • The Cute-lings aren't used to conflict, their military defense system consists of tactics like throwing cotton balls, swarming the opposition with kittens, and pouring ice-cream onto their enemy so that adorable baby animals will eat the ice cream off them, all while being completely convinced that this is genuinely unpleasant.
    General: Release the kittens!
    Penn: (trying not to laugh) No, don't release the kittens!
  • Rippen interrupting his own Evil Laugh to pet a puppy.

Where Dragons Dare

  • Blaze's introduction, especially the part where Sashi starts falling for him.
    Sashi: (confused, love-struck, and smiling) What's wrong with my face...?
    Penn: You're smiling. Why are you smiling?
  • Blaze effortlessly charming everyone. At one point he impresses Sashi by giving her a songbird that he'd apparently been storing in his hair, then turns around to find Boone standing behind him and holding his arms out for a hug.
  • The fact that every dragon has '80s Hair. Even Larry!
  • A dart is thrown off camera and someone yells "My eye!" then reveals that the dart landed on the letter I.
  • Sashi stalking Blaze while using a tree for cover. Not trees that are conveniently placed around the area, an actual, whole tree she uprooted from the ground, and is carrying to be used for cover on a tarmac that is clearly completely artificial, with no trees to be seen anywhere else. It works.
  • Larry points out to Rippen about being overconfident in Blaze and Penn coming up on top because of it and Rippen realizing he has a point.


  • Penn getting sarcastic when he thinks he'll die due to drinking poison.
    "I'm sorry, Rippen's missing? Oh no! Well I have to find a cure by midnight, otherwise I probably will die from poison, but yeah, I'd love to help you find the one guy in the universe who wants desperately to see me fail! That would be a dream of mine! Where should we start looking?! In the library, or the foyer?! WHERE, LARRY?!"
  • The Running Gag of Penn redressing himself once he regains control.
  • While boarding a carriage, Boone comments on how foggy Victorian era London is. The driver (whose face isn't even visible through the fog) takes offense to this.
    "It's an exceptionally clear night! Why, earlier I saw my own hand in front of my face!"
  • Penn desperately trying to keep his cool while he is stuck listening to Larry's rambling stories. He even uses a lemon as a squeeze toy! Though it's Rippen's reaction after he finally transforms that really sells it.
    Rippen: (to Larry) Trying the boy's patience was a stroke of genius! (beat) Can't you just pretend this was your plan?

Chuckle City 500

  • Boone having trouble hiding his emotions.
    Penn: Let's not let competing mess with our friendship.
    Boone: What's that supposed to mean!?
    Boone: Sorry, I meant to say good luck. Yeah, friendshiiiip.
  • The starting gun constantly shooting flags with messages on them.

Rock and Roll

  • The CLIA's "satellite" turning out to be a girl (Nug) who gets thrown into the air and then draws everything she saw while she was up there.
  • After Penn learns they have to stop a rock, he keeps asking if it's some kind of really dangerous weapon, only for Sashi to flatly tell him each time, "It's a rock."
  • Penn's disappointment with the mundane spy weapons:
    Penn: (regarding some sticks) Please tell me they shoot lasers.
    Boone: They shoot lasers.
    Penn: But they don't really, do they?
    Boone: Of course not, that would be silly.
  • After Penn is introduced to his "spy car" (which is actually a log) he's given a rock and pushes it, making the famous sound when you activate an alarm; then it's shown that Boone is actually the one making the noise.
  • Larry mistakes the nostril of his & Rippen's beast for a cup holder.
  • Nug getting eaten by a giant tiger immediately after her Face–Heel Turn.

Plantywood: City of Flora

  • The funniest Ironic Echo Cut ever done in an cartoon.
    Sashi: At least, we don't have an annoying narrator.
    Boone: Sashi had been wrong before...
  • Penn and Sashi keep forgetting about Penn's cactus spines, resulting in various friendly gesture-induced injuries.
    Penn: Sorry! I saw an aloe vera waiting for the bus, want me to grab him?

Boone's Apprentice


  • Uncle Chuck disguising himself as Rippen and saying yes to a date with the music teacher, leading to this:
    Rippen: (shudders) I have the strangest feeling that a terrible fate awaits me...

Shirley B. Awesome

  • After Sashi complains about Penn & Boone always missing training, Phyllis assures her they're probably off doing something important. Cue Penn riding Boone like a horse.
  • Shirley telling Sashi her sad, lonely background and Rippen stating that it is also on her box.
  • Rippen accidentally fires off his hand and sends Larry to retrieve it, but it's taken by a squirrel, so Larry replaces it with an acorn.
  • Penn & Boone's hilariously over-complicated plan to infiltrate the bad guys; disguise a plastic grenade as a steak.

Massive Morphy Merge Mechs

  • When Rippen and Larry combine, Rippen's face is the butt, even when the heroes and villains combine together.
  • When Penn and the gang enter the room, Phyllis is driving a car on a conveyor belt with a bear in the passenger seat.


Zap One

  • Larry's poster of his and Rippen's first hero/villain encounter.
  • Penn's mom and dad saying their tearful goodbyes to their son, all while Penn has no idea with they are like this and it starts drawing attention.
  • At the beginning, Penn is singing about his 50th zap, saying he was just a kid when he started out. Then he comments that he's still a kid, so he doesn't exactly know what his point was.
  • Sashi destroys a punching bag to establish how powerful she is. Instead of being impressed, Penn begins complaining about how expensive the bag was.
  • Sashi asks Penn if he has any skills. He replies that he's really good at making up songs, earning him a chop to the neck.
  • Boone mistaking a drinking fountain for an urinal.
    "Don't drink from this, ever."
  • "If you enter that building, you'll die... is the name of this book!"

Save The Worlds

  • In Oceanaquariopolis, Boone places a oxygen-providing jellyfish over Nug's head and she promptly eats it. He replaces it with another jellyfish, but when Nug starts sniffing the second one...
  • After Penn is trapped in the Nothingness Sashi is shaking Phyllis threatening to continue until she gives an answer on how to rescue him. Phyllis explains she'll do it forever then because there is no way. Then everyone looks at each other sadly, while Sashi is still shaking Phyllis.
    • Taken up to eleven when we cut back to the Odyssey where Sheriff Scaley Briggs and Captain Super Captain start shaking her as well.
  • Penn telling Rippen that he's a coward and Rippen saying that he is okay with that.

    Season 2 

The Pirates, the Parrot, the Puzzles, and the Talking Boats

  • Larry constantly laying down on his side throughout the episode, leading to throwing Rippen overboard upon which he floats right into some watery hazard.
  • Boone talks to Boat Maria about his monkey rental business.
  • The recap of the previous episode is told through a comic book made by Phyllis.
  • Larry telling Rippen that he can't hear him and Rippen telling him that he can because if Larry didn't, they would not be having this conversation.

Alpha, Bravo, Unicorn

  • Blaze has fallen from grace when he first fought the unicorns and as a result became overweight and started watching cooking shows.
  • Boone and Larry playing 80's instruments that were in a military truck. You head that right.

A Game of Cat and Mouse

  • The very concept of the episode itself, where Penn is zapped in as a mouse and Rippen as a cat in a sci-fi setting in which Tom & Jerry-esque antics ensue.
  • Bill Nye appears in this episode as himself.

Wings of Destiny

  • The world itself is a world where pixies and fairies fight like professional wrestlers.

Sensitivity Training

  • One sensitivity exercise is just to look at each other's eyes very close and it ends up working for Boone and Uncle Chuck.

The Bewildering Bout of the Astounding Automatons

  • Larry and Boone's bonding montage.
  • The robot fight itself was hilarious.
  • Exploding Mop.

Back to the Past of Future Balls

A Tale of Two Wizards

  • Boone ends up making a miniature version of himself and at one point, the mini-Boone is eating in a high chair.
  • The goblin army trying and failing to assemble their giant battering ram.

Rockullan, Papyron, Scissorian

  • Throughout the episode, Rippen and Larry are stuck together as a pair of scissors and the end, they get separated and Rippen is surprised that they could have done that the whole time.

Be My Ghost

  • Sonny has been one of the funniest characters ever. Fittingly enough, he's voiced by Jeff Ross.
  • When Larry falls down an elevator shaft, Rippen asks if he's okay and Larry replies by saying that "Miraculously Unharmed" was his mother's middle name.
  • The fact that the ghosts from the 70's were on a bus that was on an icy road, and they died because a meteor crashed right onto their bus.

The Chinchilla

  • Rapping chinchilla. That is all.
  • "I, too, used to think The Chinchilla was something to be feared, and later killed."

The Kobiyashis

  • Phyllis attempts to calm down Sashi's parents by telling them it's a video game/ movie. Penn proceeds to accidentally dig himself a very deep grave.
    "Whoah! Boone, be careful. This isn't some kinda video game! This is real life, it's very dangerous, and very violent, and once again, not a video game."
  • Sashi's brother has a trophy for cheese tasting.
  • Penn, Boone, and some guy Phyllis found sleeping outside are all tied up and trapped in a pie that's about to be sliced to pieces. Seconds before the knife hits, they all end up safe in the movie theater, talking about how cool their escape was and how you just had to be there to bask in it's awesomeness.

Cereal Fugitives

  • Penn and Boone eating the marshmallow dogs.
  • Uncle Beardy's cinnamon beard.

The Last Mountain Beast

  • The episode ends with Phyllis going to the dimension to get the shard and she's arrives as a giant version of herself.
  • The villagers were grateful that Penn saved them, but half their stuff was burned in the process.
  • The gross sandwiches taste less bad with mustard.
  • Everytime Penn and Sashi trick each other into knocking the other unconscious.

Ninki Ninja Fight Town.

My Mischievous Son

  • The whole episode plays out like a late 80's - early 90's sitcom.

That Purple Guy

  • Penn and Boone giggling about Sashi's Stinkburger form.
  • The world's original heroes wondering what happens when they blackout.


  • All the newspaper headlines and the last headline has Rippen suing the newspaper company.
  • Turns out that Boone is actually a tiny seed in Penn's pocket instead of a disembodied voice.

The Most Dangerous World Imaginable

  • The stars vomit corrosive acid.

Trading Faces

  • Boone using the parachute when he is only a few feet off the ground.
  • Rippen's plans for the school is to chain up Boone and Sashi and as for Penn, he would be trapped in carbon plating.
  • Madilta's art project is a picture of her and Penn getting married.
  • Larry and Rippen's PA conversation.
  • Penn breaking into the safe.
    Penn: I'll just try Lady Starblaster's birthday. For some reason, I know that.

13 Big Problems

  • Boone thinks his math teacher is his Spanish teacher and he even brought a Piñata to class.
  • Sashi's attitude regarding the mission.
    Sashi: BRING IT! I'll fight a baby.
  • Since the last visit, Larry and the president are married and Rippen is just speechless.
  • Boone's flip-flop collection.

Mr. Rippen

  • Two words: Birthday eagle.
  • Phil's other choices for part-time villain were either Rippen or Gengis-Khan.

At The End of The Worlds

  • Penn and Boone's water clones end up running away and screaming after Sashi defeats all of her clones. Not to mention the fact that the evil waterfall that created them breaks down in tears.
  • Just before Larry leaves with Rippen to the most dangerous world imaginable, it turns out that he bought the mansion from the old bearded guy.
  • During the last song, we see all the villains that went to the Most Dangerous World Imaginable with Rippen sitting down for dinner...and chaos immediately ensues.
    Rippen: (sighs) It's still better than teaching.


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