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NOTE: Shout-Out examples under here are for specific entries in the Scooby Doo franchise that don't have their own page.
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    Episode 1: "Beware the Beast From Below" 

    Episode 2: "The Creeping Creatures" 
  • In the teaser, the family and their station wagon that stops in Gatorsburg for gasoline is based on the Griswolds.
  • Velma does Phoenix Wright's "OBJECTION!" pose.
  • In Gatorsburg’s flashback, Nugget Nose is the planner.
  • Velma uses Luke Cage's catchphrase "Sweet Christmas!"
  • When showing Daphne his scrapbook of traps, Fred mentions some villains they caught such as Carlotta the Gypsy and the Phantom of Vázquez Castle with particular traps.
  • After capturing the villains with a trap, Fred refers to it as 'Old 45. Gets 'em every time.' This is a shout-out to Colt 45 Malt Liquor and it's spokesman, Billy Dee Williams, who used to say 'Colt 45. Gets 'em every time.'
  • Both barrels and monsters are references to The Return of the Living Dead, specifically the Tri-Oxin and the Tarman barrels.
  • Fred reads Traps Illustrated, which also has a swimsuit issue, for the articles.

    Episode 3: "The Secret of the Ghost Rig" 
  • The opening scene features an exchange with a police officer that is very reminiscent of a scene in Psycho.
  • There’s a battle between a truck and a smaller car.
  • When the Mystery Machine jumps over the ramp, it makes the same sound as the Mach 5.
  • The vampire waitress working at vampire-themed restaurant "The Bloody Stake" resembles Abby Sciuto.
  • After the gang is startled in the cave, Scooby covers his eyes, Shaggy covers his ears and Velma covers her mouth in the "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" position.
  • When sewing Fred’s ascot, Daphne hums The New Scooby-Doo Movies theme song.
  • The Don Knotts look-alike from the first episode is seen in the crowed that booed when Mayor Fred Jones Jr. said the capture of the Ghost rig driver would lead to a loss of revenue for the town.

    Episode 4: "Revenge of the Man-Crab" 

    Episode 5: "The Song of Mystery" 
  • The way Shaggy is dragged off into the dark by the spookified children calls to the final scenes of [REC] and Quarantine.
  • Scooby and Shaggy being trapped in a closet as the children destroy the door seems directly inspired by a similar scene from Halloween.
  • The mayor, who is voiced by Gary Cole, exclaims "Chotchkies!" at one point.

    Episode 6: "The Legend of Alice May" 
  • Alice May shares the same appearance as Gwen Stacey.
  • Two dancers at the prom looks like Coilman (short and tubby with blonde Beatle-cut hair) and Multiman (tall with a mop of orange hair covering his eyes) of The Impossibles in civilian clothes.
  • Randy and his parents are like the Foremans.
  • There’s a flashback to Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! episode "Jeepers, It’s the Creeper!".
  • When Scooby goes to the kitchen to grab a sandwich, there’s a signed picture of Vincent Van Ghoul.
  • When Alice May is at her locker, a character resembling Suzie Chan walks by in the hallway.
  • When the gang looks at the yearbook page with the original Mystery Incorporated, the group shot looks just like the one in the opening from the original cartoon.
  • Mayor Jones exclaims "Hayzi Fantayzee!" near the end.

    Episode 7: "In Fear of the Phantom" 
  • The plot of The Phantom controlling a theatre, causing accidents and kidnapping a young female singer is a nod to The Phantom of the Opera.
  • Since Fantzee Pantz’s real name is Daniel (Prezette), the identity of the Phantom, it makes a subtle reference to Danny Phantom.
    • Stage Name Fantzee Pantz is similar to another fallen musician using the name Sparky Pants. Coincidentally, both mentioned here and above were created by Butch Hartman.
  • Daphne’s Hex Girl costume is a reminiscent of Starfire’s outfit.
  • Hex Girls’ songs "Hex Girl" and "Earth, Wind, Fire and Air" appear.
  • Another Vincent Van Ghoul movie is shown.
  • The line "class four noncoporeal phantom" refers to spirit classifications from The Real Ghostbusters.
  • Brenda from "Revenge of the Man-Crab" is seen in the crowd during the Hex Girls’ concert.
  • The video website Shaggy and Scooby watched a Fantzee Pantz’s video is called EarTube.
  • The fact Shaggy having an old ventriloquist dummy (named Harry) can allude back to the series that started it all where Shaggy was known to throw his voice in order to fool the villain.

    Episode 8: "The Grasp of the Gnome" 
  • The paramedics taking the frozen pirates to the Crytal Cove Mermaid Theatre looks suspiciously like John Gage and Roy DeSoto, if not actors Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe who respectively played them.
  • One of the knights coming into The Royal Knights Fair seems to be dressed as Dirk the Daring.
  • Angie Dinkley's book, I'm Okay, You're a Scary Gnome parodies the famous psychological self-help book I'm Okay, You're Okay by Thomas A. Harris.

    Episode 9: "Battle of the Humungonauts" 
  • The episode plays tribute to War of the Gargantuas complete with the "Stuck In My Throat" song, though an unnamed female character sings it in this episode.
  • There are two "humongonauts", one green (clearly based off Gaira from the aforementioned War Of The Gargantuas) and one red, stated to be caused by gamma radiation.
  • The blond Don Knotts is sitting among the audience at the Tiki Tub and seemed enchanted by fictional singer Trini Lee.
    • Then later, when Sheriff Stone pans his binoculars over the crowd at the Crytal Cove Stadium, the aforementioned Don Knotts look-alike is seen for an instant.
  • The name Humungonaut is a homage to Humongousaur.

    Episode 10: "Howl of the Fright Hound" 
  • The name Jason Wyatt is likely a reference to the show's lead character designer Derrick Wyatt.
    • There's an actual Jason Wyatt who was the associate producer of this very episode.
  • The Crystal Cove Animal Asylum for the Criminally Insane is based on Arkham Asylum and the building design bears visual concept of the place in The Batman.
    • The main guard holding a grudge against a snapping turtle that bit his finger parallels Aaron Cash holding a grudge against Killer Croc for biting his hand off.
    • When Officer Johnson calls up Sheriff Stone stating all animal inmates have been rounded up, one of the inmates being wheeled in at the time resembles Yogi Bear though drawn more brusquely.
    • One of the inmates is a Chihuahua, probably a reference to the "Yo quiero Taco Bell" mascot.
    • The room holding Professor Pericles is similar to Magneto's cell, if not the Cerebro room used by Professor Xavier in the X-Men Film Series.
      • The way Pericles disturbs those who visit him is similar to Hannibal Lecter.
      • Pericles even shares strong similarities to Arpeggio, another parrot as well as being somewhat similar to Professor James Morality.
      • Pericles may be named for the renowned ancient Greek orator (c. 495 – 429 BC), as it fits his intricate schemes and erudite nature.
    • When the gang visits Scooby, they are checked for weapons via a big walk-in X-ray device.
  • The culprit behind the fright hound is the mother of Jason.
  • The episode makes many references to Terminator: the robotic dog (Fright Hound) plays the role of the T-800, the Fright Hound survives the flames of an exploding car similar to how T-800 survived the flames of an exploding fuel truck, the Fright Hound’s disguise is burnt off at the police station, showing its endoskeleton underneath, which happens later in the movie, the climax takes place in a factory, even managing to bust down a factory door and after the robot is believed to been destroyed, it makes one final attempt before being crushed to death at the very end, the police station scenes... even the music is alluded to.
  • The machine Scooby uses in order to destroy the Fright Hound is very similar in design to the battle suit worn by Ripley to kill the Alien Queen in Aliens.
  • The mechanical hound and it's Implacable Man nature may be a reference to Fahrenheit 451.
  • In Jason's Velma shrine, there is a pair of Velma's broken glasses. Velma dropping and breaking her glasses was a recurring inconvenience in the original series.

    Episode 11: "The Secret Serum" 
  • A character that looks like Cass Elliot appears in teaser amongst the audience at the auction.
    • The blond Don Knotts look-alike is seen during the charity auction as well.
  • The restaurant the gang visits in order to find a rare wine is called ‘Crab Net of Doctor Calimari.’ The oddly tilted windows are even a tribute to the movie’s setting.
  • Angie Dinkley can be heard discussing Sumatran Rat-Monkeys from Skull Island.
    • Angie also mentions they having more vampire literature than anywhere "this side of the Carpathian Mountainsnote ."
  • Where the gang suspects Daphne’s mother being a vampire is similar to an episode of Scooby-Doo & Scrappy-Doo called "I Left My Neck in San Franscisco" where the gang suspected Daphne might be a vampire when she keeps disappearing every time the vampire appeared.
  • The cursed ruby on display at Darrow University Museum of Oddities is called "the Devil’s Eye."
  • Daphne mentions that she has to stake the vampire, likely a reference to the fact that Sarah Michelle Gellar played Daphne in the live action film, and invokes another of Gellar's most famous roles, Buffy Summers.

    Episode 12: "The Shrieking Madness" 

    Episode 13: "When the Cicada Calls" 
  • The episode title alludes to Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, which translates to When the Cicadas Cry. note . However, the similarities between this episode and the series do not end there:
    • Victims of the Monster of the Week were those involved with the environmentally-unfriendly Destroido Company, much like how the victims of Oyashiro-sama's curse were those who supported or worked on the discontinued dam project that would've flooded Hinamizawa.
    • One of the victims of the cicada attacks is driven insane by them, similarly to how victims of Hinamizawa Syndrome act out in higher levels of the disease.
      • The victim also has a heart attack in the hospital as the Gang asks him about the cicada attack as he thought he was being attacked by the bugs again (formication), much like Mion appearing in Keiichi's hospital room to kill him after Ooishi talks to him, only for it to be revealed later that Keiichi hallucinated Mion attacking him and that he instead died from a heart attack. Formication is also a symptom of Hinamizawa Syndrome.
    • A festival is held in Crystal Cove to celebrate the Cicada Monster, much like how the Watanagashi festival occurs in almost every arc of the Higurashi series and is held to honor Oyashiro-sama, the demon god of Hinamizawa.

    Episode 14: "Mystery Solvers Club State Finals" 

    Episode 15: "The Wild Brood" 
  • Episode title refers to The Wild Bunch.
  • The runaway train’s locomotive plunging off a dead end trestle and exploding on impact is taken from Back to the Future Part III.
    • Not to mention when the runaway locomotive is uncoupled and then graphically explodes after being derailed off a broken bridge is very similar to what happens in Anastasia.
  • The Wild Brood's emblem is a large eye with a slitted pupil. Fitting, because they're dressed as orcs.
  • Leader of the Wild Brood gang Odnarb talks like Marlon Brando. In fact, ‘Odnarb’ is ‘Brando’ backwards.
    • With the mask, Odnarb bears a resemblance to Thrall
  • Not only is Swordfish mentioned but it’s also a computer password.
    • The Swordfish game console bears a design quite similar to Microsoft’s X-Box 360 game console.
    • Shaggy calling said game console "shiny" not only means it is literally shiny but in another show, "shiny" means "cool."

    Episode 16: "Where Walks Aphrodite" 

    Episode 17: "Escape from Mystery Manor" 
  • The Darrow Family’s Manor resembles Wayne Manor.
  • The empty swimming pool room Fred and Daphne are held captive in is reminiscent of the one you encounter near the beginning of BioShock 2.
  • Older Danny Darrow is physically modeled after Gollum, even having an obsession with his treasures.
    • Danny seems to also be loosely based off of Bobby Barrows, even almost having the same name.
  • Danny booby-traps his whole house as an act of revenge against the original Mystery Incorporated gang.
    • Also, the squalid rooms in the dilapidated mansion look like the trap rooms in the series. The presence of a disembodied voice giving instructions to the characters heightens the effect.
  • When trying to open the door, Danny splinters it with a fire iron just like Jack Nicholson.
  • The gang fleeing into the gaps between walls, and Danny furiously attempting to stab them through the drywall, is very reminiscent of The People Under the Stairs.

    Episode 18: "The Dragon’s Secret" 
  • The teaser makes references to Gremlins where the pawn shop bears a strong resemblance to the antique store where Gizmo was bought and when Mai Le steals the ring, it has a creature that bears a strong resemblance to the pre-mutated Gremlins, specifically Gizmo, the original and only benevolent Gremlin.
  • Mayor Jones states that "shindig" is the American word for "hootenanny". Buffy the Vampire Slayer had Oz explain that these two words do not mean the same thing.
  • The battle between the Red Wizard and the White Wizard in downtown Crystal Cove mirrors some aspects of the final battle between Neo and Agent Smith.
  • The devices the White Wizard uses in order to fight and shoot lightning bolts out of his hands are very similar in design and function to the retro thrusts jets in Iron Man’s Mark III.
    • In addition, the wizards themselves seem to be fashioned after Iron Man's Arch-Enemy, the Mandarin.
  • After throwing Scooby a Scooby Snack:
  • The tie-in game has Shaggy collecting books and one of them is entitled ‘I Have No Hand and I Must Clap.’
  • Foreign visitor Mr. Wang resembles David Lo Pan. Coincidentally, the voice of Chen, James Hong, plays said character but doesn’t voice him.
    • The moment in the wizard-vs-wizard fight scene where the combatants generate the images of battling dragons is likewise much like how Lo Pan and Chen conjured images of warriors to duel in mid-air.

    Episode 19: "Nightfright" 

    Episode 20: "The Siren’s Song" 
  • Daphne remarks that Flim-Flam is incarcerated, serving twenty five years to life after she and Fred sees his exhibit in the Crystal Cove Spook Museum.
    • When both Fred and Daphne see Scrappy-Doo’s exhibit during the same scene, Fred tells Daphne they promised they’ll never speak of him again.
    • That could be a reference to the Live Action Scooby-Doo movie, in which Scrappy has a less-than-pleasant role.
  • The Abby Scuito look-alike vampire waitress makes her sixth appearance.
  • Ernesto who’s modeled and based after the Argentine Marxist born Cuban revolutionist returns.
    • Ernesto's statement "We have to destroy the environment in order to save it" is an echo of the famous Vietnam-era quote, "We have to destroy the village in order to save it."
  • The Fish Freaks design is very similar to both the Gil-Man and the Thetis Lake Monster.

    Episode 21: "Menace of the Manticore" 
  • The figure in the fortune-telling machine resembles Carlotta the Gypsy.
  • Marcie "Hot Dog Water" Fleach’s father is named Winslow Fleach, now take off the "F" and ya got Winslow Leach.
  • Angel’s black cat-suit is very similar in design to the spy suits Sam, Alex and Clover wear when on missions.
  • Mr. E’s lair beneath Destroido HQ is very similar in design and appearance to Vector’s house.
    • When Angel first goes to talk with Mr. E, he is seated in a chair, watching several monitors to see what goes on, making it impossible for Angel and the audience to see who he is, is how Dr. Claw was portrayed.
  • Both Brenda and Dylan are attacked by titular Manticore while riding the Nauseater at Creepy Spooky Terror Land.
  • The manticore is a real creature in mythology, but older viewers who come across this episode might first think of its appearances in the music of Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

    Episode 22: "Attack of the Headless Horror" 
  • Dr. Rick Spartan is based on Indiana Jones, Doc Savage and Allan Quatermain.
    • Spartan also has a quasi-resemblance to Australian poacher Bruce.
  • Brenda is seen in a class without Dylan.
  • When Scooby is performing as the Jackal, he is wearing a Fez and is handed a staff from Angie Dinkley with a multicolor clothe each reminiscent of the Eleventh Doctor's Fez and Fourth Doctor's scarf from Doctor Who.

    Episode 23: "A Haunting in Crystal Cove" 
  • Not only is the name of Angie Dinkley’s medium friend is "Lady Marmalade", the same title of classic song but the character quotes a lyric "Mocha chocolate, yaya", which she incorporated it as one of the coffee drinks.
  • At one point, the Ouija board bursts into flames.
  • The two pilot episodes of A Haunting (and two later episodes) had the title format "A Haunting in..."

    Episode 24: "Dead Justice" 
  • In life, villain "Dead Justice" was the nickname of Crystal Cove’s first sheriff, "Iron" Will Williamson, who shares a similar name to Bill Williamson.
    • Dead Justice’s appearance is modeled after the Phantom Rider.
    • The bullets with faces used by Dead Justice may tribute to Bill Blaster’s bullets known as "Bullet Bill" with a menacing face and arms.
    • Dead Justice says "Heigh-ho, Greg!" when calling for his spectral steed.
    • The fact Dead Justice was left handed is more likely an allusion to outlaw William Henry McCarty, better known as "Billy the Kid."
  • Night ranger is probably a reference the series Knight Rider and Walker, Texas Ranger.
    • At the episode’s end, the Night Ranger does the moonwalk, a dance technique popularized by Michael Jackson.
  • Once more, vampire waitress resembling Abby Scuito appears.

    Episode 25: "Pawn of Shadows" 

    Episode 26: "All Fear the Freak" 
  • Episode's title refers to Blue Öyster Cult’s 1979 song "(Don't Fear) The Reaper".
  • Mayor Jones being revealed to have pretended to be a demonic monster and having kidnapped Fred may be an Casting Gag towards Gary Cole's role in American Gothic (1995), in which he was literally Satan in human form and had an obsession over stealing another family's son.

    Episode 27: "The Night the Clown Cried" 
  • Episode title is based on the notoriously bad unreleased movie by Jerry Lewis.
  • The villain is an evil clown voiced by Mark Hamill.
  • After a disguised Velma rescues Fred from Crybaby Clown:
    Velma: (using a voice modulator) Nice furbib.
    Fred: Wait ... dry sense of humor, tense of disdain and superiority ... Velma!?
    Velma: (takes off hat and the cloth covering lower half of her face) Who were you expecting? Rorschach?
    • Not to mention Velma’s actions and throwaway line toward Mayor Nettles at the beginning of the episode are similar to those of aforementioned hero.
  • Scooby’s introduced bouncing a ball off the wall where the farmer confined him is how American POW Steve McQueen passes time while in solitary confinement after too many escape attempts.
  • Not only does actor boyfriend of Daphne, Baylor Hotner has a strong resemblance to Taylor Lautner but his name is an amalgamation between said actor and Robert Pattinson where both starred as Jacob Black and Edward Cullen respectively.
  • After raking his nails across a chalkboard, episode’s villain makes a speech at the town hall meeting parodies the scene in which shark hunter Quint makes his first appearance:
    Crybaby Clown: You all know me. You all know how I make a living. I'm a bad clown! Stopping me won't be easy... there's no string in the net to capture me as Mano Tiki Tia or Redbeard's Ghost! This Crybaby Clown swallowed your whole town, hahahahaha! You want your tourism back, you're going to pay me five million dollars! For that, you'll get the pacifier, the rattle, the whole darn clown! So, what's it going to be? Me or Mystery Incorporated?!
  • Fictional brand of pants promoted by Baylor Hotner is "Green Jeans," the name probably coming from fictional character Mr. Green Jeans.
  • The name of the fake bakery devised by Fred as part of the trap to capture Crybaby Clown is "Dawn of the Doughnuts".

    Episode 28: "The House of the Nightmare Witch" 
  • House of the Baba Yaga Witch coming to life and attacking people can allude to titular Monster House.
    • Most likely not. Baba Yaga's house was said to come to life and travel on chicken legs.

    Episode 29: "The Night the Clown Cried II: Tears of Doom" 

    Episode 30: "Web of the Dreamweaver!" 

    Episode 31: "The Hodag of Horror" 
  • One of the background characters at the beginning as well as in the flashback toward the end looks like an aged up Sari Sumdac.
  • The cheese store is called "Something Cheesy this way Comes".
  • Brad and Judy's Cocker spaniel Nova not only strongly looks like Lady, she and Scooby even share a kiss while eating string cheese during the Blake’s welcome home party, all the while a violinist plays for them!
  • When the Hodag attacks the party and starts to grab people and drag them away, one of the guests tries to get away after being caught by crawling away but is only dragged back again into the shadows like how reporter Angela Vidal is dragged out of sight.
  • Traveling Cabinet of Curiosities owner's name, Gene Shepard, is based on Eugene Simeon Shepard, the original discoverer of the Hodag in Wisconsin.
  • Not only does Sheriff Stone accidentally solve a Lament configuration puzzle box, which clicks open and rearranges in a similar manner, but (after hearing a knock on the door) opening the door to his office to hear a disembodied voice manifestation which is a parody of the Cenobite leader Pinhead, before slamming the door and calling it a weirdo.
    • The disembodied voice saying "OH SUCH SIGHTS!" is like "We have such sights to show you!"
  • Inside the Cabinet of Curiosities, Jason Voorhees's hockey mask is seen.

    Episode 32: "Art of Darkness" 

    Episode 33: "The Gathering Gloom" 

    Episode 34: "Night on Haunted Mountain" 
  • Episode title is a parody of Night on Bald Mountain.
  • Inversion of the usual standards for handsomeness suggests The Twilight Zone (1959) episode "The Eye of the Beholder".
  • The hillbillies from Scorpion Wells are based on the villainous clans of deformed cannibals from The Hills Have Eyes (1977) and its sequels as well as its remakes.
  • The crystal sarcophagus filled with black pearls which the Conquistadors found and later say is cursed is an allusion to the cursed Chest of Cortez in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and the fact that aformentioned sarcophagus is filled with black pearls alludes to the titular ship.
  • When the gang finds the soccer team’s lucky soccer ball, Boron had a hand print with a smiley face painted on it like Wilson the volleyball.
  • Fred quips that his "trapping senses" are tingling.

    Episode 35: "Grim Judgment" 
  • The title of Brad and Judy's semiautobiographical television series is Sternum to Sternum and parodies its opening theme.
  • In the yearbook, one student’s picture is named Scott Jeralds, a comic book artist responsible for drawing many Scooby-Doo comic books while another name appears is Vic Cook, the name of one of the show’s producers.
  • The costume Scooby wears while he and Shaggy are spying on Ethan at the soccer field is similar to of another Disney princess: Princess Ariel.
  • This episode parodies Friday the 13th franchise, especially main villain preying on those who committed immoral actions.
  • The ending is similar to the Twist Ending of The Scream, where it's revealed that there there are two people (high school friends, at that) behind the mask.
  • It’s the third time Brenda and Dylan are attacked by a monster, this time by Hebediah Grim.

    Episode 36: "Night Terrors" 
  • The girl with her parents at the beginning of the episode resembles Avatar Aang’s granddaughter Jinora.
  • The look-alike Griswolds appear again.
  • Mr. Peaches yelling out "Mr. Pe-Pe-Pe-Pe-Peaches" is like Brusier yelling out "Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Bananas" whenever he gets all excited.
  • When Scooby and the gang enter the main hall of Burlington Library, Dan Fluunk tells them the builder and owner of the mansion where they stand had a fascination with groups of four people and an animal who solved mysteries through the ages alludes to how in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, groups of different people that are real and fictional unite themselves in order to save the world throughout the ages.
  • There are similarities to The Shining.

    Episode 37: "The Midnight Zone" 

    Episode 38: "Scarebear" 

    Episode 39: "Wrath of the Krampus" 
  • The Luna Ghost can be seen in the background.
  • One of the Phantom Shadows makes an appearance in the arcade game Sheriff Stone and Mayor Nettles are playing at.
  • Sheriff Stone quips that he looks like a smelly old wizard from Center Earth, a common joke to Middle Earth.
  • The old abandoned haunted doll factory in which Scooby and the gang catch Krampus is most likely a hint to Scooby-Doo where the gang catches the Luna Ghost in a similar location.
  • The elevator leading to Mr. E's vault bears a strong resemblance to the elevator used by Gru.

     Episode 40: "Heart of Evil" 

    Episode 41: "Theater of Doom" 
  • After the original director quit directing the play about the loss of old Crystal Cove, Vincent Van Ghoul takes over.
  • The Fraternitas Mysterium are not only four monks, but amateur sleuths that solve mysteries just like Brother Cadfael, though unlike the latter, the former had a pet donkey.

    Episode 42: "Aliens Among Us" 
  • The scene where the Mystery Machine breaks down is a homage to Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the cornfield sequence is an homage to Signs.
  • On a wall of Angie Dinkley’s office is a poster with an UFO and the letters saying "Believe It," similar to what FBI Agent Fox Mulder has though with the words "I Want to Believe." There are also numerous pencils stuck in the ceiling. (Mulder would throw pencils at his ceiling when he was bored.)
  • The Space Kook costume is stolen from the Crystal Cove Spook Museum.
  • When Angie Dinkley is laying out the three major alien races—Greys, Reptilians, and Nordics—she claims that the Reptilians are already settled on Earth, and that they live in a city at the center of the Earth. This is likely a reference to the Silurians of Doctor Who fame, who were a reptilian Precursor species who'd inhabited Earth for millions of years, but lived hidden away in cities at the center of the Earth.

    Episode 43: "The Horrible Herd" 
  • "Farmers Barrel of Crackerness", a bar for famers, is based on "Cracker Barrel", a famous chain of restaurants with a store attached.
  • The scene of Nova losing Scooby’s grip and falling from the helicopter and into the skull cattle’s stampede of the skull cattle is animated in a similar fashion to the scene from The Lion King (1994) where Scar pushed Mufasa off the cliff, into the path of wildebeests’ stampede, with both victims' being mortally wounded. The only difference being Scooby tries to save Nova.
  • A villain’s scheme involving a mutated heard of cattle occurred in the predecessor series starring Scooby and the gangnote  during the episode Scooby Dudes.
  • The scene introducing the queen of the mutant cows bears a marked resemblance to the introduction of the xenomorph queen in Aliens.

    Episode 44: "Dance of the Undead" 

    Episode 45: "The Devouring" 

    Episode 46: "Stand and Deliver" 

    Episode 47: "The Man in the Mirror" 
Could be an Actor Allusion since he and Shaggy’s father Colton are the only members on here worked from that show.
  • This conversation between Fake Fred (Brad Chiles) and Scooby in the Mystery Machine after leaving the electronics store with Shaggy behind the wheel and the girls in the back:
    Brad: (Scooby rests his head next to Fake Fred) Does the dog need walking?
    Scooby: I walk myself Fred.
    Brad: Perhaps you would enjoy a Canine Crumpet.
    Scooby: Mm, that is not a Scooby Snack Fred. Hmph!
    Brad: What difference does it make? I’m sure they all taste the same.
    Scooby: (goes to back and rests head on Velma’s lap) You eat it then.
    Brad: What was that, Scoobert?
    Scooby: Uh, nothing, nothing.
  • The episode's plot bears a few similarities to Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There.
  • Fred getting attacked by an evil Mirror!Fred is reminiscent of a scene in Evil Dead 2.
  • The episode's clips changing from post-apocalyptic version of Crystal Cove and the true Crystal Cove is similar how in Fringe they change the action from one Earth to another.

    Episode 48: "Nightmare in Red" 

    Episode 49: "Dark Night of the Hunters" 

    Episode 50: "Gates of Gloom" 
  • Upon seeing a plane taking off:
  • The Mystery Machine’s destruction is very similar to the Enterprise’s destruction down to the dialogue between Daphne and Fred being a near perfect recreation.
  • The underground attacker that attacks those by sound is how grabods attack victims who make noises.
  • After Scooby, in an armored robot suit, has just chain-gunned (!) an entire platoon of Kriegstaffebots, he says, "They drew first blood. Not me."
  • After the denizens of Crystal defeat the Kriegstaffebots:
    Stone: (to Mayor Nettles next to him) It’s not over yet, we have to get these people to safety! (stands on top the broken pile of bots) Listen up everybody! Follow me to FREEEDOOOOMM! (Crowd cheers) And will somebody please bring that sweet little dog in a coma? Thank you.
  • The Kriegstaffebots carry a trunk supported by a pair of long poles, the same way the Ark of the Covenant was carried.

    Episode 51: "Through the Curtain" 
  • Not only are the four gate keys (the Primero Llave , the Segundo Llave , the Tercero Llave  and the Cuarto Llave ) are tied to the four classical elements: fire, water, earth and wind/air respectively but with the Heart of the Jaguar, might be a reference to the five elemental rings bestowed upon Wheeler, Gi, Kwame, Linka and Ma-Ti, five youths of different diversities chosen to protect the Earth.
  • When the gang is adrift on the interdimensional sea and they're looking for the fourth gate, they realize it's directly below them- to be precise, "the gate is down".

    Episode 52: "Come Undone"