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  • Episode 1:
    • The sheriff has just informed the gang to "Stay out" of the way during the investigation into the latest crime/newest tourist attraction.
      Velma: I've got a "stay out of it" right here! *Raises hand*-
      Fred: Let me talk to him.
    • Velma saying that her generation "has only one thing on their minds."
    • During the ice cream cone scene, Daphne is holding and licking her cone in a way that can only be described as suggestive. How that got past the radar is anyone's guess.
  • Episode 2:
    • Daphne finds a magazine in Fred's room.
      Daphne: Traps Illustrated? Freddie!
    • This episode features the gang staying overnight at a woman's rundown hotel, who says that she doesn't allow boys and girls to sleep in the same room, "No exceptions." Velma remarks that she'll have to stay with Daphne, and the hotelier yells again, "NO EXCEPTIONS!"
    • Velma's a goldmine for these, really. Especially her very... forward approach to her relationship with Shaggy.
      Velma: What do you say Shaggy, wanna go clue hunting with me?
  • Episode 3:
  • Episode 5
    • Daphne makes it fairly obvious that she has no intention of actually tutoring Fred in civics class when she makes the offer to do so... alone with him... in his room...
    • "Do you recognize this creature?" Cue pointing finger, followed by close up on Velma's Que Horrifico shirt. The graphic of the creature was printed squarely over her chest area.
    • In the episode, Velma makes Shaggy wear skinny jeans. While walking, you can see his "thing" sticking out.
    • That may have been how they got away with the line:
      Potrillo: The transformation may be so totally complete, that I don't remember it the next day, like after you've had too much fun.
  • Episode 6. The ghost girl in the beginning of the episode was getting awfully touchy-feely with her prom date. It doesn't help that they were in the back of a limo. She even stuck her hand up his shirt!
    Alice Mae: This isn't my first prom...
    And, "Are you... Randy?". Tell me that wasn't deliberate.
    • Considering the way she treats the boyfriend in the limo, the revelation that she kept him tied up for days in a secret location while stringing along the gang is a little shaky. Anyone else getting...vibes?
  • Episode 7:
    • "Daphne! I've got great news! I'm not a guy anymore!"
    • When Daphne throws Fred out of the room, the Latin American version is as close as Cartoon Network can get to a Fuck Off
      Daphne: Go to Hell, Fred.
    • Daphne's Hex Girls outfit is rather revealing, showing a lot of her legs and her midsection.
    • Angry with Fred, Daphne talks of "cutting the brake lines to his van". Sabotage and intent to cause harm is bad enough, but in some circles, "cutting the brake lines" is a phrase that implies castration. Which makes Fred's repeated declarations that he is no longer a man all the more hilarious.
    • One of the songs they hear is called "Dance in My Pants." HOW did something that suggestive make it past the radar?
  • Episode 8:
    • One of the things a knight might say is, "I've got the pox." That means "I have syphilis."
    • At one point, Shaggy and Scooby observe Lord Barry pretending to be a pirate after being very vocal about his distaste for people dressing up as pirates at the Renaissance fair and referring to himself as a "secret pirate", which could be allegorical to a closeted homosexual turning away suspicion by acting homophobic.
    • Velma rubbing up against Shaggy in a pirate costume.
      Velma: Any way a girl could dock here?
    • Shaggy's "unless ye be in wench garb" to Velma.
  • Episode 9:
    • Shaggy and Velma making out in a secluded garden! Not only that, but saying all manner of... stuff to each other. You know, FOR KIDS!
    • Angel is pretty much made of this. She says she won't go out to solve mysteries with the gang because she's only good at two things — "Spinning plates and being a stone cold fox."
      Angel: So a pair of beastmen attack the town and you kids are moping? What's up, huh? This kind of stuff usually gets you all hot and bothered.
  • Episode 10:
    • In the opening scene of episode 10, Velma mentions feeling like "a side of mayo on a Shaggy & Scooby sandwich".
  • Episode 11:
    • Velma approaches Shaggy and asks him how he likes her bikini. Not too bad on its own, but the fact that she's fully dressed and standing at the poolside while he's swimming seems to imply she was expecting him to look up her skirt to see.
    • Fred gives love advice to Shaggy... by suggesting he build a "Velma trap". One wonders how our Chaste Hero would react to the concept of bondage.
      Fred: Nothing says "I love you" like 200 feet of parachute cord and a cargo net!
    • And sure enough, the boys catch Velma and Daphne in a cargo net.
    • In a totally non-sexual manner, the raw horror Shaggy and Scoob show after Freddy mentions spilling some red fruit punch all over himself while drinking it. He blithely mentions just pulling it off a rack, and that they had tons more inside. Did I mention he was in a blood bank?
    • Freddy says "What the trap are you doing?", which sounds oddly similar to "what the crap are you doing".
  • In "The Shrieking Madness". Freddy joins a fraternity of well-built boys that are all about wrestling. In one scene after tackling Fred down, there is a shot of them both lying on the ground, a smile on his face with his legs still on him.
  • Episode 14 has the principal and Angel Dynamite giving Speed Buggy CPR. Despite having no mouth, Angel tells the principal, "Just blow, girl! BLOW!" It doesn't help that right afterwards, the principal gets... ahem... drenched... and suddenly "becomes a woman". She also pulls out her phone from her bra after that.
    • Earlier on, Principal Quinlan also awkwardly compliments Angel's physique, comparing hers to "female wrestlers, except less vein-y"... huh?
  • From Episode 15, we have Daphne's nightwear. It was basically nothing but her bra and panties with a veil attached to it.
    • The biker gang the Wild Brood kick out of their own bar is called "The Spankers", leading to these lines:
      "This bar is Spanker territory!"
      "Let's go spank somewhere else!"
  • Episode 16: When Aphrodite dusts the entire town with her love potion, Mayor Jones is seen dancing with Sheriff Stone.
    • Most of Crystal Cove's inhabitants where under Aphrodite's love spell. It made them fall in love with anything, including animals.
    Angel, to Velma: Baby, you just scared me out of my skin-tight leather foxy pants.
  • Episode 23: Fred's mother is never outright said to have married and divorced Mayor Jones ("That's Fred's mom. She left [Fred Jr.] when he was a baby."), implying Fred was born out of wedlock.
  • Episode 25: A villainess named the "Obliteratrix" wearing nothing but a black leather bikini top and bottom, leather boots, and leather strips around her arms, legs, and body. Here's a look. Though 'trix' is a common Latin suffix for female nouns, her name could be a play on "Dominatrix".
    • H.P Hatecraft remarks that the Obliteratrix is in "great shape". Complete with him hovering his hands over his chest and hips area for further emphasis.
    • A very subtle one at the end, when it's mentioned that Hatecraft's books do gangbusters business in Japan. Now consider that his most famous creation, and the subject of most of his books is what could accurately be described as - ahem - a tentacle monster.
  • Episode 26: Continuing off of Fred possibly being a Heroic Bastard, it turns out that Mayor Jones had him a couple of years after meeting the original Mystery Incorporated while attending college. It's never indicated if Jones had already graduated by then, so it certainly edges on the possibility that he had Fred while in college, which makes the possible reasons behind why Fred's mother left even more depress ing. Of course, that's what the public may think.
    • Fridge: If Fred's mother was Not So Different from Fred's father in that they both didn't want a kid in the first place because they wanted to prioritize their career first, then she knowingly left Fred with someone who didn't want him just as much as she didn't either. So, even if she was real, did she really love Fred as much as Mayor Jones did, who, despite all the neglect he gave Fred, actually tried to be a good father, while she gave up and left while Fred was still a baby?
    • To an arguably lesser extent, Fred's real parents, Brad and Judy, likely had him in the 18-20 year old range.

Season 2

  • Episode 4: Shaggy is playing "Crypts and Creatures" under the covers and when his mother is about to come in begs her not to. It is pretty much the closest thing to Mistaken for Masturbating they can fly under the radar on this show (so far).
  • Episode 6: Mr. E and Professor Pericles pouring a dark liquid into champagne flutes. A carton of grape juice is then deliberately placed in the frame.
  • Episode 9: Mayor Nettles and Sheriff Stone's "stake out".
    • Also in that episode; the villain describing Velma as "wholesome and untempting"
    • That whole episode is full of it; with Judge Grim in a PURITAN costume. It's obvious the matter on which he intends to "judge" people. Mix that up with the line from the teenager about, "How are we supposed to make incredibly bad and stupid decisions that will wreck the rest of our lives over here, WITH ALL THAT NOISE?!?" and the entire thing is basically about sex. Theoretically, the "bad and stupid decisions" could have just been about kissing the wrong person and getting hearts broken, but... come on. You know that's not it.
    • "The best way to take down a puritan menace is a foxhole surprise!" There is no way in hell they didn't fully intend that line to sound as dirty as it does.
    • While setting up a trap, Fred hands Daphne what seems to be a harness and a helmet, saying "As soon as you have your safety gear on we can get started." She then tells him she's not ready to start dating him.
    • At one point, Daphne tells Fred "No means no". Not only does this make it sound like she's talking about sex, but that particular phrase is often used in the context of date rape.
  • "Night Terrors," the only episode of a Scooby-Doo series in which Shaggy and Daphne make out under the influence of psychotropic drugs. (Hallucinogenic smoke? How they got that past the censors is a bigger mystery than anything in the show.)
  • "Aliens Among Us"
    Sheriff Stone: I was 14, home alone, doing what all kids did when their mom was gone; rifle through her drawers, looking for old candy and used lipstick containers to store my baby teeth in. Don't act like you never did it!
    Sheriff Stone (again): "I knew I'd been repeatedly probed, but I had no memory of it."
  • In "Stand And Deliver," Daphne's parents are re-creating a beach in their house and tanning under a solar lamp. The power then goes out, leaving them in darkness:
    Mrs Blake: This is no time for romance, I still need to tan my back!
    Mr Blake: Oh, you know me better than that! It's not Tuesday!
    • Not to mention the blatant seduction scenes featuring the Dandy Highwayman and his tactic of using shallow refined flattery to convince women, even mothers in front of their own families, to ride away with him.
  • Episode 37: The robots are German and referred to as "WWII model" by Velma. This means that this episode has robot nazis.


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