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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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    Episode 1: Beware the Beasts from Below 
  • The foreman's brilliance when he informs his subordinates that the barrels with the radioactive sign means that it's dangerous, which means they need to open it up right away.
  • Everything about Fred's ridiculously complex trap, from the fact that he does absolutely nothing while it's happening to the spectacular failure it produces. In fact, most of the self-parody in the show is brilliantly handled.
  • This exchange with the villain.
    Daphne: But you already have a job as a teacher, why would you need more money?
    Raffalow: (stares back at them)
    Everyone: Oh right... haha... my bad.
  • Velma's deadpan, unenthusiastic droning while she work as the "Ghoulish Guide" for the Crystal Cove Haunted Tour while everyone there reacts to what she says with intrigue and horror about the legends. She clearly hates her job and snarks at every opportunity, even once pulling out a tape recorder that makes a screaming sound with the most unenthusiastic expression possible while everyone else reacts with horror. One particularly great scene is:
    Velma: The first documented case of the Curse of Crystal Cove is from 1630, when a garrison of Spanish conquistadors mysteriously vanished from the harbor.
    Customer: Oh that is so scary! Where did they go?
    Velma: What part of the word "mystery" didn't you understand?
  • When Daphne's parents ask her what she sees in Fred:
    Daphne: He's like one of those geniuses who aren't appreciated until they're dead.
  • "You see what happens when you investigate? PEOPLE GET COCOONED!"
  • Freddie goes over to talk to the Sheriff about the mystery. The Sheriff's not in a talkative mood. Freddie decides to steal one of the corpses and starts screaming at the gang to start the van, as he runs over, corpse tucked under his arm, the most hilarious expressions on everybody's faces.
    Daphne: It's not your fault Fred. We all helped steal the body.
    • Everything about Fred stealing the body, from him running away with it right after Daphne said he'd talk to the Sheriff about it, to Fred and Shaggy bringing it into a classroom and causing everybody to run away screaming.
  • Velma's first snarky line.
    Sheriff Stone: Just cork it. You see this badge? You know why it's here?
    Velma: It came with the shirt?
  • As part of the plan, the team needs two gals to investigate the shop. Cut to Shaggy and Scoob Disguised in Drag, despite, as Shaggy points out, the presence of Velma and Daphne.
    Daphne: We refused.

    Episode 2: The Creeping Creatures 
  • The increasingly ridiculous but apparently completely true montage about Gatorburg's "gator mining" economy. Ending with a gator well, spewing out hundreds of alligators into the sky like oil.
  • Daphne discovering Fred's swimsuit edition of Traps Illustrated.
    Daphne: Freddy!
    Fred: I Read It for the Articles!
    • The fact that he's probably telling the truth is even funnier.
  • Greta citing the hotel's rules:
    Greta: I got a few hotel rules. Rule #1: boys and girls in separate rooms. No exceptions!
    Velma: Then I guess I'm with you, Daphne.
    Velma: But I'm a girl.
    Greta: Oh... right.
  • When the Mystery Machine won't start, the gang opens the hood to see what's wrong:
    Daphne: Can you see the problem, Fred?
    Fred: Well ... *points flashlight* You see that big hole there? That should be an engine.
  • This gem:
    Shaggy: So, like, those fake gator people are selling fake gator products? Dude! We are dealing with serious irony!
  • Sheriff Stone ordering the arrest of the gator people, despite acknowledging he has absolutely no jurisdiction.
  • The gang received a package, and just asked what it is.
    Shaggy: Like, Um. I think it's a box

    Episode 3: The Secret of the Ghost Rig 
  • The Xerox machine exploding toner everywhere.
  • Fred Senior is caught in one of Fred's traps hanging upside over a Shark Pool.
    Why would a ghost drive a truck, when they could so obviously fly? You kids are letting your imaginations run away with yourselves!
  • Daphne continuing her mother's boys/food metaphor:
    Daphne: But I don't even like meat, I like vegetables *dreamy expression* like Fred.(which, considering Fred's level of intellect in this series, is oddly appropriate)
  • Scooby tattooed a map of Crystal Cove's restaurants on his tongue.
  • This exchange:
    Officer: You realize you were speeding?
    Man: Yes, officer.
    Officer: Okay, as long as you know.
  • "I wouldn't let anything happen to any of you guys! You're all the same in my eyes."
  • The completely ridiculous way of getting into the ghost trucker's lair. First you pull the lever, which reveals a little piece of rock with square and triangle shaped holes cut into it. Once you put the correct blocks inside, it reveals an elevated rock that you sit on, which finally opens the gate.
    Episode 4: Revenge of the Man Crab 
  • Fred putting the 8-track cartridge on the turntable.
    Fred: Why isn't this working!?
  • Fred trying to comfort Daphne by promising her that he'll never have a feeling again.
  • Skipper Shelton's exchange with Scooby:
    Skipper: Almost doesn't shuck the clam. Does it, Wolfie?
    (He and Scooby share a long laugh)
    Scooby: I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • At one point in the episode, a random seagull is pulled under the sand by the Man-Crab. Later in the episode they find the cage where everyone the Man-Crab had captured is, and even the random seagull is in there.
  • When Daphne recalls her time playing volleyball.
  • When the gang is flung into the air, Velma has to keep her modesty a bit since she's the one wearing the skirt.
  • The fact that people fall for the 'diet water' scam. Even Ed, Edd and Eddy couldn't pull that off.
  • Fred's panic after Daphne is kidnapped. He begins frantically digging at the sand and continues doing that even when they're in the radio station.
  • Daphne puts on sun oil because she knows Fred likes shiny things. And it WORKS.
    Fred: We have to get her back, she was so shiny!

    Episode 5: The Song of Mystery 
  • Shaggy's wrist rubber band.
  • "Easy there, Daphne! Remember, we're married. Try not to look so happy!" This may explain why we have yet to see Fred's mom in the series.
    • Oh this so does, and it isn't pretty. Mayor Jones told Fred that his mom left him while he was a baby...but then we find out Mayor Jones STOLE Fred from his real parents making this Harsher in Hindsight.
  • The villain at the end explaining how she convinced every kid in town to play along with her scheme:
    Que Horrifico: I offered them utopia! (Beat) When that didn't work I offered them candy.

    Episode 6: The Legend of Alice May 
  • As Ghost Girl attacks the high school prom.
    Shaggy: Like, wow! I didn't know this year's theme was terror and pandemonium!
    Velma: What's going on?
    Random Kid: Somebody's mom is trying to kill Fred.
  • For some reason, the way Shaggy has to calm down Velma by saying, "Stop breaking the cemetery!" is pretty funny.
    • Or the fact that Velma is able to destroy tombstones just by kicking them.
  • Daphne's older sister, the general, only appears in one scene, but her sheer intensity makes it a memorable one, as she tries giving Daphne advice on boys... to no avail.

    Episode 7: In Fear of the Phantom 
  • Scooby introducing his new best friend - Shaggy's old puppet.
  • Shaggy fighting with "Harry".
    Shaggy: (stops in mid-scuffle) Wait a minute... what am I doing?! You're just a puppet! You can't hurt me!
  • Scooby comforting Fred after his breakdown.
    Scooby: (singing) Freddy, you're a special boy.
  • After Sheriff Stone refuses to go after the Phantom that kidnapped Daphne, Dusk asks "so you're not gonna do anything?"
  • Thorn tells Daphne the story of an old boyfriend of hers that ignored her. When Thorn asks, "Know what I did to get over him?", Daphne suggests, "Cut the brakes on his van?"
  • Fred not understanding that Daphne & Crush are the same person.

    Episode 8: The Grasp of the Gnome 
  • "I'm okay, you're a scary gnome."
  • Velma's assessment of pirates: "Is it just me, or are pirates basically hobos with earrings?"

    Episode 9: Battle of the Humongonauts 
  • After Mr. E gives his clue to the gang:
    Scooby: Rat's Rit?
    Mr. E: Yes, "Rat's Rit".
  • Daphne's suggestion for dealing with emotional issues the way her family does:
    Daphne: When mother starts sleeping in the backyard treehouse again, we hire a doctor, or someone else with authority, to help us work things out. Then we lock her away for a few months.

    Episode 10: Howl of the Fright Hound 
  • Velma's attempted alteration of then-absent Scooby's iconic catch phrase:
    Velma: Relma Delma Doo!
    Fred, Daphne and Shaggy: Uhh...
  • Fred's idea of a safe hiding place:
    Come on gang, into the abandoned factory! We'll be safe among all the dangerous machinery.
  • In Crystal Cove's Asylum for Criminally Insane Talking Animals there is a shot with a deranged Yogi Bear strapped to a trolley and wearing a muzzle just like Hannibal Lecter. Pic here.

    Episode 11: The Secret Serum 
  • Fred tries to weaponize Velma's complexion against a vampire.
    Fred: Quick, Velma, set your milky whiteness for STUN!
  • Also, the "Oui, Oui" act.

    Episode 12: The Shrieking Madness 
  • Harlan Ellison's lecture ("...and that's why nothing good has been written since the 1970s!") and snapping at Shaggy ("What if "like", like, were used, like, in its proper grammatical form and not, like, a conversational pause, like every third, like word?")
  • The Running Gag that comes up whenever Hatecraft mentions his novel.
  • Daphne briefly becomes a college radical after meeting Ernesto, a charming wannabe revolutionary modeled after Ernesto "Che" Guevara. She joins his protest group without actually bothering to find out what they're protesting.
    Daphne: So what construct of The Man are we gonna go after next, Ernesto?
    Ernesto: Don't worry, Comrade Daphne! Our true calling will present itself soon! In the meantime, pick something from the list of protestables. It's fun!
    (hands Daphne the list)
    Daphne: "Rice crackers... shawarma... old person smell..." Can you even protest that?
    Ernesto: I don't know... but someone should!
  • The Blakes are so rich they've actually paid for a building at the university. It's the Blake Center for Self-Named Buildings.

    Episode 13: When the Cicada Calls 
  • Shaggy and Scooby seeing through Fred's Blatant Lies when he claims he's not jealous that Daphne like the biology teacher.
  • The argument Fred and Daphne have before Fred decides to accuse the biology teacher.
    Daphne: You're making a big mistake, Fred.
    Fred: Big mistakes is what I do.

    Episode 14: Mystery Solvers Club State Finals 
Captain Caveman: Captain Caveman no read modern ink symbols. Modern ink symbols mock Captain Caveman.
  • The sidekicks are; a talking dog, a flamboyant ghost from the civil war and his ghost cat, a caveman superhero, a shark from the future, and a buggy. Who gets singled out?
    Scooby Doo: Excuse me but... are you a talking car?
  • "We have to drown something so I can bring it back to life again!"
    • And Angel's response: "No time!"
  • The Funky Phantom's cat.
    Cat: (in a ridiculously deep voice) You lied to me.

    Episode 15: The Wild Brood 

    Episode 16: Where Walks Aphrodite 
  • Mayor Jones: Silver-plated seesaws, Fred, you're not in the love anymore? Now I'm going to have to let out an unearthly howl and.. destroy you. RRRRRHHHH!
  • Shaggy has extremely low expectations:
    Daphne: We've got a great look for everyone.
    Shaggy: Does mine involve wearing a skirt and lipstick?
    Daphne: No...
    Shaggy: Awesome!
    Daphne: But Scooby's does.
    Scooby: Not fair.
  • Professor Pericles referring to Aphrodite as "Miss Repugnant Bohemian."
  • Scooby: "Sorry ugly lady, I'm not feeling it."

    Episode 17: Escape From Mystery Manor 
  • The note on the rock near the trap Fred and Daphne are in, the end part is probably the best.
    Fred: (reading) "Cackle cackle, jibber jabber cough cough."
  • Daphne claims that Fred's overdramatic phase will pass, and adds that if it doesn't, she'll just spray him with a hose.

    Episode 18: The Dragon's Secret 
  • In the Cold Open, on one of the shelves in the Chinatown pawn shop, Gizmo can be seen in a cage, eating a carrot. He even gets a line when a mysterious customer, later revealed to be the White Wizard, enters the shop.
    Gizmo: Uh-oh...
    Mayor Jones: (sees the White Wizard caught in the trap) Fred, why do you have a geisha tied up in here? You know they belong downtown, in our geisha house of terror.

    Episode 19: Nightfright 

    Episode 20: The Siren's Song 
  • When Daphne sees the statue of Scrappy-Doo in the Mystery Museum, Fred reminds her that they swore they would never speak of HIM ever again!
  • What may be a Take That! against the more hypocritical type of environmental activists.
  • "Sometimes you have to KILL the environment in order to protect it!"
    • " I don't think that's right..."
  • Velma breaking her keyboard, and she has another one ready. Also when she tells Scooby to put Shaggy on because Scooby's "almost impossible to understand on the phone."

    Episode 21: Menace of the Manticore 
  • The couple who were the first victims for the man crab show up again at the beginning to become victims for the manticore.
  • Fred can't believe his dad is actually asking him for help.
    Fred: Look dad, (raises hand while breathing hard) I'm shaking.

    Episode 22: Attack of the Headless Horror 
    Episode 23: A Haunting in Crystal Cove 
  • After the voodoo woman runs away:
    Shaggy: Wow. All this time I never knew running away from monsters had anything to do with Voodoo.
  • While looking at the video of the "haunting" of Fred's mansion:
    Velma: Could someone have accessed your traps to use them against your father?
    Fred: Well, they'd have have to outsmart me first. I mean, come on!
    (everyone stares at Fred)
    Scooby: Mmm-hmm...

    Episode 24: Dead Justice 
  • The Piranha Goat.
  • Sheriff Stone in a dress.
  • The Night Ranger in general but especially the shirtless scene and everyone's disgust towards it.
  • When Deputy Bucky breaks down and cries:
    Fred: Just back away slowly.
  • Sheriff Stone's Paper-Thin Disguise as Bag Head.
    • Bonus points for his disguise literally being paper thin.
  • When Bucky gets carted away, we get this exchange between him and Sheriff Stone:
    Sheriff Stone: Bucky, you were like a father to me!
    Bucky: You're twenty years older than me!
  • Fred's dad public announcement about his social media account before giving the Crimey award.
    Mayor Jones: And I'll say it again. If I haven't already friended you, it's not going to happen. So please stop poking me!

    Episode 25: Pawn of Shadows 
  • Shaggy's Lampshade Hanging on the Obliteratrix's use of hammerspace.
    Shaggy: Like, where does she keep getting these weapons? That outfit has no pockets!
  • Everything about "Dusk" (a Twilight Expy) and its author. From an English professor (Hatecraft, an Ensemble Dark Horse) despairing over how physically attractive guys and romance are now "what matters" in literature to the Stephanie Meyer Expy's entire characterization. Methinks there are Twilight detractors on the Mystery Incorporated staff.
  • When H.P. Hatecraft tries to remodel his image by writing his own teen horror/romance novel. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
    Hatecraft: Forgive the mess. I've been trying to get more into the spirit of a teenage girl. I've tentatively called my novel The Disinterment of Groth Van Anuroth. Yo yo yo! (beat) What do you think? Too urban?
    Shaggy: Hoo boy...
  • YMMV, but also the parody of how a lot of universities today are there to make money and not educate people, as shown with the dean.
  • "We've been teenagers forever"
  • Harlan Ellison being on sabbatical at a misanthrope convention.

    Episode 26: All Fear the Freak 
  • Shaggy's father "posing" for a painting. Don't try to figure out why the long blonde wig hair is covering up most of his body.

    Episode 27: The Night the Clown Cried 
  • Continuing from episode 25 having everything about "Dusk" being funny, in the first episode of season 2 the Dusk actor "Baylor Hotner" (who couldn't be a more blatant Taylor Lautner Expy if he tried) is here as Daphne's perfect boyfriend and the star of a few shirtless scenes including a commercial for jeans.
    • Dusk 4: Still Dusk.
  • So the writers clearly have a fondness for Twilight jokes at this point.
  • Also from that episode, Scooby get all the information he needs to find the others, and right after that, he says, "Got any Scooby Snacks?"
  • "Why do you look like a hobo?"
  • Shaggy's Blatant Lies when he tried to explain to his parents on why he and Scooby were now out of military school and the farm.
    • Bonus for Shaggy's mom having a Freudian Slip with the "Pound" being changed to the "Farm" and the "Prison" for "Military School".
  • Fred figuring out that the disguised figure was Velma just from the snark in her tone.

    Episode 28: The House of the Nightmare Witch 
  • "How long were you standing there?" "Don't try that, you know the concept of time escapes me."
  • "Definitely not looking at your abs!"
    • And the back abs (or "babs" as Daphne calls them).
  • Mr. Trapples, Fred's teddy bear/replacement Daphne.
    • Then Mr. Trapples gets a Daphne wig. ... which might be made from Daphne's actual hair.
  • Shaggy's Disney Death.
  • Fred returning to school and reuniting with the jocks Ethan and Ricky, who hate him because he left town and caused their soccer team to be disqualified and lose their scholarships. Their insults fly over his head.

    Episode 29: The Night the Clown Cried II- Tears of Doom! 

    Episode 30: Web of the Dreamweaver! 
  • Sheriff Stone manages to reach even lower lows.
    Sheriff: (about a box of food he's holding in his hand) What box? What hand?! [...] now, excuse me, while I go destroy this delicious evidence.

    Episode 31: The Hodag of Horror 
  • The eponymous "Hodag of Horror" not only hails from the "wilds of Wisconsin", but is actually not a person in costume... but a trained thief chimp in a human costume in the Hodag costume!
  • Sheriff Stone summoned the freaking Cenobites and then slammed the door in their faces by accident!
    Stone: (after closing the door on them) Weirdos...
  • Scooby and Sheriff Stone's "growl-off."
    • "He started it!"
  • Daphne's joy at hearing that her sister Daisy was attacked by the Hodag. When she gets to her sister's house and finds out she was only robbed, she gets disappointed and begins rushing Velma to leave.
  • During the party welcoming the Chiles back to town, romantic violin music plays as Scooby bonds with their dog Nova. Then it's revealed there actually is a violinist there who then proceeds to follow Scooby and Nova around for the rest of the party.
  • Scooby tries asking Velma for romantic advice. This'd be the same Velma who had all that romantic trouble with Shaggy just last season. Not that she's bitter.

    Episode 32: Art of Darkness! 
  • Randy Warsaw beginning his introduction of "Junk" with "Hipsters and rich people..."
  • Randy Warsaw naming Velma "Jinkies." Also: "I look hot blurry."
  • Scooby filling in for the front man of an Emo band. His singing is truly awful.

    Episode 33: The Gathering Gloom 
  • Sheriff Stone has apparently arrested the wrong suspect so many times, he has more wrongful-arrest lawsuits pending than he can count. Then Scooby sums up Stone's character in one line.
    Scooby: (flatly) You're a terrible sheriff.
    Stone: (gives Scooby a dirty look) Looks like the talking dog's been talking to my lawyer.
    • And once Sheriff Stone's made his first deliberate and correct arrest? The suspect has diplomatic immunity, prompting an exasperated Sheriff to declare that he's not arresting anyone ever again.
  • The most hilarious Subversion of You Meddling Kids:
    "... if it weren't for the sheriff and his American-style barbecue!"
  • Daphne's reaction to chocolate.
  • Evallo's rap sheet, definitely a Freeze-Frame Bonus.
  • The grave keeper growling at Velma after she accuses him of being the ghoul and gets scolded for it.

    Episode 34: Night on Haunted Mountain 
  • How did the suspect convince Gary and Ethan to climb up the mountain (leading them to getting attacked and thus attracting the gang to the mystery)? Convince them that professional soccer players climbed Mount Diabla to train their calves.

    Episode 35: Grim Judgment 
Hebediah Grim: All your painted facials, and clothes that rise above the ankle and fall below the neck! You three womenfolk shall be judged!
Velma: Three? What about me?
Hebediah Grim: (suddenly very calm) You shall be spared. You're a model of purity: plain, wholesome, and untempting.

    Episode 36: Night Terrors 
  • The moment Fred , Scooby and Velma barge into Shaggy's room and see Shaggy and Daphne kissing each other, which renders both Fred and Scooby catatonic. After snapping both Shaggy and Daphne out of it, they can't seem to wake up the other two:
    Daphne: What if their minds are permanently gone?
    Velma: How could we tell?
  • Velma's solution? Tell both Fred and Scooby that it's the dream and they snap out of it.
  • "Don Phong...Dean Fenk...Dan Fluunk"
  • Dan Fluunk's hysterical laughter while being arrested by the police because he has finally found an opportunity to leave the library.

    Episode 37: The Midnight Zone 
  • Sheriff Stone explaining to Mayor Nettles why Cassidy's claim that "faulty wiring" caused the explosion of the K-Ghoul station.
    Stone: Faulty wiring is a win-win-win situation. Minimal paperwork for me, insurance money for the station and a new public pool for the town.
    Nettles: A public pool? What do you mean?
    (Stone points to water filling up in the crater where the station used to be)
    Nettles: Case closed.
  • The Mystery Inc. gang arriving to help Cassidy following the explosion:
    Fred: We brought ointment.
    (Cassidy aims and cocks her gun to shoot a Kriegstaffebot behind them)
    Shaggy: She hates ointment!

    Episode 38: Scarebear 
Mr. E: The sheriff refused to arrest the gang. He's a dimwit.
Prof. Pericles: This is not news.
  • Also the mayor's constant hints to make sure the Sheriff doesn't play the disc implicating the gang and the Sheriff's excuses as to why he's not playing the disc to Mr. E.
  • When Scarebear suddenly starts talking before being unmasked, and in a Christopher Walken style voice, to boot!
  • Once it seems like the perpetually incompetent Sheriff Stone is finally going to make a sympathetic/pragmatic decision by choosing not to arrest the culprit on the grounds that Destroido has corporate sovereignty...
    Daphne: Oh, Sheriff! You're wonderful!
    Sheriff Stone: Huh?
    Mayor Nettles: I'll explain it later.
  • A Freeze-Frame Bonus from when the gang finds an all-access pass to Destroido Labs: It reads "Except Salad Bar" on the bottom. One can only imagine the Noodle Incident that led to that being printed on the Destroido badges (maybe it was a Salad Incident?)
  • "Destroido is having a charity ball tonight for the victims of its products." That sentence is just so completely insane.

    Episode 39: Wrath of the Krampus 
  • Scooby and Shaggy are more intent on prison food than they are on capturing Krampus, though this ends up justified.
  • The gang are meeting up with someone lifting weights. It's Mary-Ann from Season 1.
  • When the gang finishes revealing their plan to steal the disc pieces, the original Mystery Incorporated all sport hilarious horrified/shocked expressions.
  • When looking up information about Nibiru, Velma reads, word for word, the Wikipedia article for the Nibiru Cataclysm.

    Episode 40: Heart of Evil 
  • Shaggy pulled off a great feat of driving completely by accident in "Heart of Evil"
  • How Dynomutt fights, in contrast to his gruff partner.
    • The contrast in itself between the two is amusing. You have Dynomutt, a standard "wacky animal" character... And a Frank Miller-ized Blue Falcon who spouts off nonsensical statements and always goes with the aggressive approach.
  • Daphne's commentary on the dragon:
    Daphne: Look! The dragon! It's uploading information from the computer through its claws!
    (Mr. E and Velma incredulously stare)
    Daphne: It's a reasonable guess.

    Episode 41: Theater of Doom 
  • The only part of the play we see, which begins with Scooby and Shaggy singing terribly while doing a shuffle in eerie light. What really sells it is that their singing is practically yelling.
  • George Avacados' reaction to Shaggy and Scooby showing Vincent van Ghoul what they can do.
    Avacados: Boo!
    Boss: Back to work, Avacados!
    • A few seconds later.
    Vincent van Ghoul: I'm doomed.
    Avacados: Yes you are! Ahahahaha!
    Boss: Avacados!
  • This exchange
    Shaggy: You find anything?
    Velma: Just a ham in a friar's costume who doesn't want the show to go on.
    (Shaggy and Scooby look confused for a second, then Scooby holds up a giant ham)
    Shaggy: You read my mind, buddy! (Starts eating again)
  • van Ghoul teaching Scooby how to act like a donkey.
  • The audience being unaware that the Friar's mummy chasing Shaggy is not an act, with some even raising their feet to let Shaggy and the mummy pass when they run through the aisle.

    Episode 42: Aliens Among Us 
  • This little gem after Stone finally told the Gang that he was abducted by Greys as a kid after beating around the bush for like, about, half the episode:
    Shaggy: So you're saying that you were abducted by aliens.
    Scooby: You should have said so before. (pauses) It would have been much clearer.
    (The two of them growl at one another.)
  • Velma again dreading to go to her mother for help on the mystery.
  • Shaggy and Scooby are very susceptible to hypnosis.
  • Velma's (pretty much predictable by this point) response to Sheriff Stone being told the aliens' plans are stored in his brain.
    Velma: Must not be very complicated plans.
  • The ridiculous amount of coincidences required for the entire episode to make sense (bonus points for half of them being classic alien cover ups). To wit:
    • The aliens were just three very, very irish criminals.
    • The bright light was just a government weather balloon that fell out of the sky.
    • The Mystery Machine briefly breaking down was due to too many people turning on their air conditioners at one time.
    • The crop circle was a farmer writing a giant love message to his girlfriend.

    Episode 43: The Horrible Herd 
  • Mr.E's reaction to Professor Pericles telling Brad and Judy to shoot a MISSILE on the gang.
    Mr. E: How much did that cost?!
  • After tricking the titular herd into running off a cliff into the ocean, the Gang discovers that, being part piranha, the mutant cows can swim:
    Shaggy: You mean, other than release an unnatural superpredator into the environment?
    Sheriff Stone: Best to just walk away from this one, kids. Just... walk away.
    [they all slowly back away from the cliff.]

    Episode 44: Dance of the Undead 
  • Upon learning their going to fight Ska-Zombies, the Hex Girls only have one question: Can they wear their war paint?
  • The back story behind the criminals will leave you in stitches.
  • When Sheriff Stone first confronts the dancing zombies at the Tiki Tub.
    Sheriff Stone: Freeze! Nobody move a muscle! (zombified people continue to dance) I said freeze! (zombified people still dancing) Oh come on people!
  • This part with Shaggy:
    Shaggy: (over the hospital intercom) Will Dr. Scoobert Dooby Doo please report to the ICU? Dr. Doo to the ICU.
    Random Doctor: Please don't play with that.
    Shaggy: Heheh... sorry.
  • Shaggy and Scooby getting way too into the Hex Girls song, especially when they begin demolishing the set.
  • Shaggy and Scooby's excuses for not being affected by the ska music.
    Daphne: Shaggy, Scooby, why isn't it affecting you?
    Scooby: I'm a dog. Music is just noise to us.
    Shaggy: And, like, you've heard me sing. I'm totally tone deaf!
  • Shaggy tries to yell to the Hex Girls on stage about their problem, while Scooby Doo unplugs their equipment, leaving everything quiet except for Shaggy, who's yelling that he needs their help to stop zombies from taking over the world.
  • Everything that has to do with Skipper Shelton in his one minute cameo at the end.
  • There's something about that ridiculous ska music that just makes this troper laugh.

    Episode 45: The Devouring 
  • The montage of Scooby and Shaggy eating all the glutton food in town and progressively becoming fatter.
  • Dr. Spartan breaking into a mess hall and completely wrecking the place in an attempt to get rid of all the food. Fred joins in.
  • When Daphne tries to confront Fred about his feelings for her.
    Daphne: You know Fred, with everything that's happening, it makes you realize how precious life is. It kinda wants to make you not waste time and just tell certain people how you really feel, doesn't it? I think I'm ready now. I'd be open to hearing how you feel.
    Fred: You mean, like, emotions or something crazy like that? Uh... Well, right now I guess kind of...
    Daphne: (excitedly) Yes?
    Fred: Hungry! I feel hungry! (stops the mystery machine at a pizza parlor and runs inside)
    Daphne: Hunger is not an emotion, Fred Jones!
  • Dr. Spartan explaining about the different types of food-based demons, and how he couldn't catch the olive oil demon.
    Dr. Spartan: Slippery devil. Ha!
  • The monster triggering an engorged Scooby and Shaggy's berserk button, what follows next is the funniest 2 on 1 street fight in the history of ever.

    Episode 46: Stand and Deliver 
  • "Adventures are stupid."
  • Sheriff Stone:
    • After confronting a man whose wife recently ran off with the Dandy Highway Man.
      Sheriff Stone: Sometimes the things I see on this job... they just don't sit right.
    • Later when he's talking about how they're all men, and they can get through this. Cue the Dandy Highway Man knocking down the door on top of him and stealing Mayor Nettles, leaving the sheriff freaking out.
  • While all the men are complaining about the Dandy Highway Man stealing their women, one of them randomly shouts "I'm hungry!"
  • After the Dandy Highwayman robs Daphne's parents:
    Daphne's father: I lost her, and I wasn't even trying this time.
  • Fred and Shaggy's big takeaway from the mystery? How to "listen to women."

    Episode 47: The Man in the Mirror 
  • How Brad Chiles as Fake Fred contrasts to the real one.
    Fake Fred: Does the dog need walking?
    Scooby: I walk myself, Fred.
    Fake Fred: Perhaps you would enjoy a canine crumpet?
    Scooby: That is not a Scooby Snack, Fred.
    Fake Fred: What difference does it make? I'm sure they all taste the same.
    Scooby: (turns back to Daphne and Velma and mumbles to himself)
  • Earlier on in the episode where the gang is investigating the house.
    Fred:...Well gang, it looks like we've got another-
    Daphne: -Mystery on our hands! Oh Fred, we're such soul mates. We're finishing each other's sentences.
    Fred: Come on, let's-
    Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby: -Split up and search for clues?
    Shaggy: Like I guess that means we're all soul mates!
  • The gang worried about whether Fred is safe or not:
    Velma: Wherever he is, he's probably in life-threatening peril.
    Daphne: And in the clutches of some hideous creature.
    [Camera cuts to Fred walking with aged Daphne]
  • The ending subverting the usual unmasking.
    Fred: (pulls on Fake Fred's face)
    Fake Fred: Ow. It's not a mask, you dumb moron! I had plastic surgery to look like you! You would've spotted a mask too quickly.
    Velma: (pulls on Fake Daphne's face)
    Fake Daphne: Ow, watch it! I had plastic surgery too!
    Velma: (smugly) I know.
    • Just the idea that Brad and Judy went for plastic surgery as part of just one plan to get the disk rather than a mask, excusing that the gang would see through a mask too quickly. Not only does it show some rather hilarious desperation, it implies that the old Mystery Incorporated aren't familiar with the gang's tendency to rarely if ever notice the criminal is wearing a mask until the end.
  • How Fred figures out Fake Daphne is, well, fake: first, he tested her earlier on and she didn't know where Fred and Daphne had their first date. But the biggest clue? She said "jeepies".
    Fred: Daphne says "jeepers". Velma says "jinkies". Nobody says "jeepies", that would just be silly!

    Episode 48: Nightmare in Red 
  • Velma's complete break down over how nothing makes sense anymore, and she can't understand anything. Sure, she's kind of pitiable at that moment, but you can't help cracking a little smile at how it happens
    Velma: ... AND NOVA'S TALKING!!!

    Episode 49: Dark Night of the Hunters 
  • This:
    Scooby: (referring to the mosquitoes) They bite me, I bite 'em back.
  • After Mayor Nettles says that she was told to follow them from a dream.
    Velma: That's it, I give up.

    Episode 50: Gates of Gloom 
  • Sheriff Stone throughout the entire episode.
    • Trying to explain what's happened while the gang and Mayor Nettles were away.
      Sheriff Stone: There I was talking to my deputy and WHOOSH! He was gone! Pulled! Down! Belowww!
      Mayor Nettles: Please Bronson, you're scaring me!
      Sheriff Stone: I'm scaring myself! And I hate it! (picks up chair and begins slamming it against the wall) I HATE IT! MAKE ME STOP!
    • "Please Bronson, they're not even whipping you."
    • At the beginning of the uprising, Sheriff Stone gives a speech on how he must start the uprising because he loves Mayor Nettles. It was pretty heartwarming, and at the same time awesome to see the character give a serious speech. Of course, they had to put one funny line in there somewhere.
      Sheriff Stone:... for all the times I arrested the wrong person...
  • The fact that Professor Pericles actually made his robots take Nova down below in the mines while she's still in her hospital bed. This is addressed during the uprising.
    Sheriff Stone: Listen up everybody! Follow me! TO FREEEDOOOM! And will somebody please bring that sweet little dog in a coma? Thank you.

    Episode 51: Through the Curtain 
  • Shaggy completely freaking out in the boat when the gang is trapped in an interdimensional seal.
    [The gang sits quietly in the boat for about five seconds]
    Shaggy: I CAN'T TAKE IT I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!
  • While this is kind of Mood Whiplash, when Brad and Judy attack Marcie, and Pericles is going to kill her:
    Marcie: Ow!

    Episode 52: Come Undone 
  • An insanely morbid one, but, as the Gang are fleeing from the Entity's minions, they run the exact same way they used to whenever they were chased in the original series.
  • Scooby pleads for Nova to tell him how to defeat the Entity and she responds that he will know in his heart what to do. He responds with a frustrated "Seriously! Just tell me what to do!"
  • The looks on both Shaggy and Scooby's faces upon seeing the alternate Ricky Owens and Cassidy Williams kissing during a commercial and Professor Pericles—the Big Bad—is their sponsor.
    • Pericles' happy and goofy tone of voice sells the moment. After spending a whole series being a constant source of Nightmare Fuel, seeing Pericles like this is hilarious.
  • Sheriff Stone and Mayor Nettles's kids in the alternate timeline. Three sons and one daughter, who can stay up as late as she wants on account of being more adorable than her brothers.
    • The names of the kids are brilliant, too - Eastwood, Norris, Billy Jack, and Lynda Carter.
  • The Reveal at the tail end of the series that Harlan Ellison, who had a guest role in a season one episode and a reference in a later one, knew full well about the Cosmic Retcon because his excess work on science fiction and meta-knowledge made him remember all new timelines. The fact that this basically comes out of nowhere is either the weirdest plot twist ever, or pure Narm - especially when the cast barely react to that part and instead to his university offer.
    Ellison: I know who you kids are and I know that you created an alternate timeline by destroying that evil entity. How do I know this? How you ask in your purblind ignorance? It's obvious as antlers on a chihuahua. I'm a genius!


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