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Scooby-Dooby-Doo, indeed!Spoilers 

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Just the fact that Cartoon Network has modernized Scooby-Doo and done a fantastic job certainly falls under this category.
  • Shaggy, of all people, has one in episode 2 where he saves Velma from an alligator monster.
  • Fred's driving in episode 3.
    • Fred's driving in every episode it's needed. The man has skills. The Wild Brood even lampshades it.
  • Shaggy again in episode 4, when he's the one to catch the Man Crab. Velma even applauds the feat.
    • Angel Dynamite also gets one from distracting the Man Crab, by using her CDs as shuriken.
  • In episode 5 Daphne and Velma are holding zombie kids at bay at the window and Fred at the room door, Fred calls the girls over and simultaneously lets go of the door, causing the children to collectively collide and knock themselves out cold.
    • In this same episode Scooby rescues Shaggy from the zombie kids.
  • In episode 8 Fred pulls off another one when he uses his ascot as a improvised zip line by running leap to a tree branch, grabbing on it midair with said ascot, and slides across to cut off the escaping gnome. Badass is really the only way to describe it.
    • Scooby gets one in the same episode for going ahead of the gang when Shaggy goes missing.
    • When the gnome tries to use his paralyzing touch on Daphne, it doesn't work, then Daphne reveals that she put metal armor under her sleeves.
  • Shaggy has one in episode 10 when confronting the robot dog used to frame Scooby.
    Shaggy: If you want to get him, you have to go through me!
    Scooby Doo: Play dead.
    • With a freaking FORKLIFT, no less.
  • In episode 15, Velma is faced with the choice of assisting a guy in a rubber mask or letting Scooby fall to his death; while noticing that if she refused, she could have Shaggy to herself, she looks Scoob in the eye and says that she isn't about to do anything like that because her heartache isn't worth someone else's life. His response?
    Scooby: Never a doubt, Velma!
  • The Wild Broods are a bunch of nerds. Nerds who take on an entire biker gang with their bare hands and run them out of their own bar. Given that the villain (who stole a bazooka by hopping the ten foot fence and breaking into the police armory) couldn't tear apart a single piece of paper in his rage, the suits probably have some sort of exoskeleton enhancement. But that's still impressive, and they's still very dexterous.
  • In Episode 17, Fred uses his knowledge of traps to save both himself and Daphne from a trap designed so that either he could escape and leave her to die or they could die together.
    • Scooby Doo escaping a trap designed for Professor Pericles, the smartest character in the show.
    • Fred and Danny's epic duel of traps.
  • Episode 19 has Scooby biting Nightfright's cloak, saving Shaggy and Van Ghoul.
    • Vincent Van Ghoul was able to act calm and brave when Nightfright up until Fred activated his trap. For someone who's so freaked out by a guy in a costume, he held it perfectly. He held it like a MAN. A testament to his skills as an actor.
    • On a meta level, you really have to give it up to Maurice LaMarche: He completely nails that Vincent Price impression. Admit it, you could hardly tell the difference between him and the original.
  • In Episode 20, Amy Cavenaugh/Amy the Siren gets one when she leaps out to save the gang and her husband from being tied-up at the oil rig.
  • Scooby saves the gang by jumping onto the Manticore and covering its eyes in Episode 21.
  • Episode 23 was a great one for Professor Pericles. He used Fred's own traps against him and used it to get the treasure piece that Fred's dad had. Just as the gang beats them, he reveals his back-up plan stating that he's the greatest criminal parrot in the entire world.
  • Episode 25 was a good one for Professor Hatecraft, as he not only actively helped with piecing the clues together about the Planespheric Disc, but even tried to fend off the Obliteratrix when the rest of the gang were incapacitated. Sure, he got his butt handed easily, but that was still ballsy for him to do.
    • Also, Alice May/Carlswell just being Obliteratix was awesome for her.
    • Fred gets one in the end too. He states to Angel/Cassidy that unlike the original Mystery Inc, he and his gang are gonna go confront the Freak of Crystal Cove, and making sure no one stops them from doing so.
  • Scooby gets one to Pericles at the Finale, in what may be the most Badass use of his Catchphrase ever.
    "I'll get the gang back together, Pericles! We'll be coming for you, or my name isn't... SCOOBY DOOBY DOO!"
    • Take note. That... was a threat. He threatened Pericles. F**king awesome.
  • Can we give one to the creators also? They made a Scooby Doo series with a great plot, dark scenes, and twists most people never saw coming and pulled it off so well. Here's hoping to season 2!
  • In the finale of Season 1, Fred basically calls his dad out and thus ends his relationship by stating that despite how the Mayor raised him, Fred was being used.
    • Scooby has one too. While Shaggy wanted to hand The Freak the disc piece, Scooby catches it in his mouth and runs away. He wasn't going to let someone doom Crystal Cove.
  • And as MUCH as people hate the character you have to admit how the voice actor for Mayor Jones acted. Man, I have never despised a cartoon character before until now. Thank you creators of this show and voice actor; you have my respect.
  • A very quick MOA for Fred in the finale that perfectly shows his character development through the season. When the gang are exploring the old Spanish church and retracing the steps of the old Mystery Inc, Daphne comes across a picture of Fred's mother in his bag. She asks him about it, only to look up and find that he hasn't reacted at all and is still walking forward with a single-minded determination. From lovable, dimwitted, trap loving oaf to Badass Determinator who will stop at nothing to get the job done. That is how you do character development, ladies and gentlemen.
    Daphne: Fred, is this the picture of your mom from your house? Why do you-"
    Fred: "We're here."
  • In the season 2 premiere, it shows how Scooby is determined to get Mystery Inc. back together by getting Shaggy out of military school with a tank!
  • The capture of Crybaby Clown: he kidnaps a bunch of people and Daphne, and takes them on a plane. He chases Scooby and Shaggy while Fred tries to fly it. Fred takes advantage of Crybaby Clown not tied in with a seatbelt, and uses the plane to toss him around. After that, Fred just punches him in the face.
  • Episode 30: When Mr. E. contacts Velma by cell phone and browbeats her for her devotion to her friends, Velma hangs up on him in mid-sentence.
    • Also: Fred's real parents finally arrive.
  • The new Mayor and Sheriff Stone not falling for Mr. E's attempts to get the gang jailed on trumped up charges. Then when Mr. E says he has a DVD proving it, they blatantly lie to his face about not having a DVD player because they trust the kids.
  • "The Midnight Zone": Cassidy gets a bunch, from fighting off the German robot at the beginning using her studio instruments, and later blowing a hole in another with a shotgun, she says that was her 6th one.
    • Later in the episode, another Robot ambushes them at the crab shack, and this ones defeated by Skipper Shelton, who shoots it in the back with a harpoon gun, and then offers the gang free food to apologize for the Ruckus.
  • Wrath of the Krampus: The gang's mass plan that makes up the plot of the episode, getting them every piece of the disc. Not to mention that they fooled Mr. E, Pericles, and Fred's parents by using everyone from the Sheriff to Ex-Mayor Jones? Hell, their plan even incorporated no less than five of the Gang's previous adversaries now on the side of good, including the classic villain Charlie the Robot from the 1969 original. And the cherry on top? Hot Dog Water going full cat-burglar and singlehandedly breaking into Mr. E's headquarters to burgle his vault. In the end, Pericles and company are utterly stunned that they've been so utterly Out-Gambitted.
  • Heart of Evil:
    • Blue Falcon and Dynomutt the Dog Wonder. Full stop. These two are just amazing! Credit also goes to the creative team for digging them out of mothballs and bringing them back in such an epic manner.
    • The appearance of two legendary characters, Dr. Benton Quest and Race Bannon of Jonny Quest fame, not to mention Race blowing the Demonic Dragon out of Quest Labs with a rocket launcher like it's nothing.
    • The gang and Dynomutt storming the villain's base to rescue Scooby and Blue Falcon.
      • Special mention goes to Fred and Daphne having a Back-to-Back Badasses Battle Couple moment and Shaggy tearing through at least a dozen mooks (this part happens offscreen though)
    • Shaggy proves he can be badass by intimidating Mr. E after Scooby's kidnapping.
  • Aliens Among Us: Having beaten Pericles and his group and after taking down the Titular "Aliens" the gang finds a clue and heads home. Their office blows up in a fire bomb by Brad and Judy. Their group may have been out-gambitted, but they don't take a defeat lying down.
  • Dance of the Undead: When the Zombies attack them on Mopeds and motorcycles, Fred smashes one with a shovel as he drives at him.
    • The Hex Girls, Scooby and Shaggy beating the Ska-Zombies at Beam-O-War.
      • Musical Beam-O-War to be exact. With the Hex Girl's song "Good Bad Girls" and a giant Scooby head forming out of smoke behind them to cure the citizens. Awesome.
  • The Man in the Mirror: Not only does Fred catch on to the trick, he leads Old!Daphne around on a wild goose chase to several locations around town that spell out the words "Fake Fred", tipping Velma and the others off to his Doppelganger. When later confronting said Fake!Fred, he proceeds to open up a can of whupass, knowing that it's most likely Brad. Way to turn your daddy issues into something productive, Freddie!
  • Gates of Gloom: When three doom bots enter into Freddie's house, he just pulls out a remote and says "Big mistake. You're in my house." And simply destroys the three with a simple push of a button from the traps he set up around his house. Crazy-Prepared indeed.
    • The entire town is forced into mining to find the gate to the treasure. Pericles plans to have them all gunned down in cold blood once their task is done. The gang has hours to free them, and two days until the Nibiru event. What do they proceed to do? Raise an uprising and some hell, culminating with Fred nuking the Mystery Machine in a kamikaze move to destroy the Mooks. They then fellow the old Mystery Inc into the treasure cave, with Scooby vowing to make Pericles regret the day he ever messed with him. Kick. Ass.
    • Special props to the one who leads the uprising: Sheriff Stone, taking a level in badass.
    • Shaggy is surrounded by doombots and about to die. What does Scooby do? He jumps on Shaggy's shoulders and shoots them all down in a fit of rage.
    Scooby: You mess with Shaggy' you're messin' with me.
  • Hot Dog Water, with steely determination, managing to grab and hold Professor Pericles hostage, plucking feathers from his head for good measure, and allowing the gang to escape and get a head-start on reaching the evil entity. That this ends up being a Heroic Sacrifice makes it all the more awesome and brave of her.]
  • From Come Undone, Scooby Doo charged the entity with the "heart of the jaguar" spear, trying to end it right there before it got any stronger. The Spear shatters, but the mere fact that Scooby Doo of all people tried to do that to an Eldritch Abomination is pure awesome on how brave and purposeful he's become as a character.
  • The Gang working together to shatter the Crystal Sarcophagus the Nibiru Entity is drawing power from, causing it to implode into a black hole. This not only kills the Entity, it erases him from existence.
    • Special mention goes to Shaggy, who saved and carried Scooby while making the final run, all while fighting off the Entity's minions.
    • It should also be mentioned that the thing they used to save the universe, the Heart of the Jaguar, wasn't the spear. That was just a stick with with a fancy spearhead. It was them and their bonds with each other. So Scooby didn't just karate kick some legendary weapon into the Crystal Sarcophagus to save the day. He karate kicked a completely ordinary stick hard enough to break crystal.
  • Mystery Incorporated Saved the universe. Sure, they might have saved towns, islands, and people before, but for the first time in Scooby Doo history, Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby saved the universe from an evil being from another dimension. There will be NOTHING in the history of Scooby Doo that will ever top that. This, is the Franchise Moment of Awesome.
  • Despite being Screwed by the Network and only having its intended 52 episodes, this still managed to be the longest series in the franchise. The second longest being What's New, Scooby-Doo? with 42 episodes.


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