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    Mr. E is...? 

As of episode 21, his identity has been revealed. But here's what's been speculated (and jossed) since the show began:

Mr. E is the Riddler.
  • Or he's Batman trying to train these kids similarly to how he trained the Outsiders.
    • I think it's Batman too. I mean, who else could do a Stealth Hi Bye while taking, and later putting back, a car engine?

Mr. E is Vincent van Ghoul.
In this continuity, he's a stealth mentor advising the gang from afar, preparing the gang for real ghosts and monsters.
  • It's entirely possible that the thirteen ghosts exist in this continuity, and Vincent, along with the group of kids that mysteriously disappeared, opened the chest years ago. Hence the mysterious disappearance: they, er, didn't quite survive putting the ghosts back in the chest.
  • The gang are being stalked by two guys named "Mr. B" and "Mr. W".

There's only one person who could possibly be Mr. E, and that's...
  • "Seriously, I'm getting pissed off now! I'm gonna kill Fred for this!"

Mr. E is Velma's twin sister.
  • When Daphne asked about Velma's bangs, it was to lampshade the fact that the Velma that Daphne was talking to was a duplicate.
    • Probably not. Velma has a sister, but she's no twin (Abracadabra-Doo). Unless it was an heretofore unseen twin.

When Mr. E is unmasked, he/she will say the "You meddling kids" line in its entirety.
  • Actually, I'm going to predict the Mr. E will say "Thanks to you meddling kids" as a Call-Back to the first episode.
    • To elaborate on this, since I don't know how to phrase it as a WMG: The season finale will see the Mystery Inc. gang at the top of their 1970s-era game, pitted against Mr. E (who has a larger plan behind his prodding of the gang in the right direction) in a scary monster costume. This will culminate in Mr. E being caught in a trap, and the climactic moment of a genuinely suspenseful mystery crystallized in the line, "Now let's see who Mr. E really is!" as one of them pulls the mask off. Whoever he is, there will be a lengthy denouement, and — out of sportsmanship or genuine frustration — he will decry them as a bunch of meddling kids but for whom he would have gotten away with it.
      • Jossed. Not only has the gang still not faced Mr. E, but the season finale became a cliffhanger with the apparent dissolution of Mystery Inc.
      • Velma is the only member of the gang who has faced Mister E (episode 33).

Mr. E is Sheriff Bronson Stone.
He secretly wants to expose the truth about the locket and Crystal Cove's secrets, but can't investigate too much on his own because of his position — he could wind up losing his job, or worse. However, he's seen that the meddling kids are actually pretty resourceful and good at ferreting out secrets, so he's acting as an extremely deep-cover Stealth Mentor, publicly disapproving of their actions while secretly manipulating them as Mr. E, goading them on to learn the truth.
  • This may backfire if they manage to unveil him as Mr. E before solving the mystery, at which point they would have to deal with an even worse replacement sheriff and discover the truth without Mr. E's clandestine help.

Angel is Mister E.
She could just be using a voice changer... Thing. She acts suspicious enough.
  • Then explain the live phonecall with Mr E at the end of the first Angel's studio! (Scare Chord)
    • Angel is clearly a Timelord, well, Timelady, and Mister E is her regeneration.
    • We already know that Mr. E employs a man for various things - he picked up Alice at the end of that episode. Why not have that man make the calls too? it would also explain how the radio and tape could account for what the gang would say. Angel knows the gang well enough to compensate in the scripts she gives to her employee.
    • Jossed as of episode 20. We already know who Angel is. Or at least Velma does.

Mr. E is Professor Pericles.
He seems to have been the Team Pet for the original Mystery Inc. like Scooby is for the gang. A counterpart to the title character is just too big to get a minor role.
  • That's a fool bet.
    • I think you mean a fowl bet.
    • Actually that would make a bit of sense, Professor Pericles looks like a parrot to me, not sure what type, but if he was a maccaw they live to be 50 to 100 years. Since the kids that went missing would have been as old as the Gang's Parents, the bird could still be alive.
    • It would also explain why he never appears onscreen. Even if he only appeared in shadow, it would be instantly obvious who he was.
  • At the end of the Scary Gnome episode, Mr. E sends Velma another picture of the old Mystery Inc. Professor Pericles is circled in this one, so he's bound to be significant somehow.
  • Now that we've met Prof. P in episode 10, this seems to be a distinct possibility.
  • Highly unlikely given that Pericles sent Mr. E a message in episode 16.

Mr. E is Scrappy-Doo
This explains both why Mr. E is helping them and why he's not showing his face.

Mr. E is Mister E
The DC Comics character, also owned by Warner Bros.. He's a mystical mentor who sends others to deal with the supernatural for him. And he's a jerk. Kinda like Van Ghoul. He might even be the villain in the Batman crossover.

Mr. E is Charlie Chan
And is using his daughter Susie as a messenger/spy, which is why she keeps popping up in the background. Charlie Chan is trying to solve the mystery of Crystal Cove as well, but the town has him blacklisted for fear he'll disrupt the revenue stream.

Mr. E is Freddy's Dad.
Think about it, he is trying all he can to stop the mystery gang from running the monster tourist business in Crystal Cove, it wouldn't be surprising if he goes against his own son.
  • Except Mr E is helping the gang solve mysteries, and ruin the monster tourist business. Even the Alice May episode, where he was sort of at cross purposes with the gang, his intent was still solving mysteries rather than letting them lie there like the mayor wants.
    • On the other hand, Professor Pericles did warn Freddy to beware of those closest to him. His father would probably qualify.
  • You guys remember that scene where they brought out the amulet to the crowd, and the camera cut to Freddy's dad, looking suprised, then angry? Is it a coincidence that they got their first call from Mr. E soon later?

Mr. E is Harbinger.
He was able to talk to the gang through a radio. It explains how whenever the gang needs a clue he managASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL!

The Don Knotts look-a-like is Mr. E.
He appears in episode 1 and 9 as far as I noticed. He's not a Shout-Out, but an Early-Bird Cameo.

Candlejack is Mr. E.
In episode eight, Candlejack appears at the fair. He even leaves behind the next clue from Mr. E. Now we know what happened to the original Mys

Mr. E is Light Yagami.
With the villains caught, he kills them by putting their names in the Death Note.

Mr. E is Lelouch.
The main reason why some characters are becoming the monsters is because he has used his Geass on them. On the top of that, he may be the Phantom, not Fantzee Pantz. It turns out that he kidnapped Daphne in order to get Fred to say that he didn't have feelings for her, and once that is done, Lelouch uses his Geass on Daphne and that would explain on how she becomes Crush.

Mr. E is Scooby Dumb

Mr. E is Scooby Doo.
The show runners insist that nobody on Earth is going to see the plot twist in Episode Twenty-Six coming; what better surprise would there be than to have the dopey Team Pet stand revealed as the gang's Trickster Mentor as he complains about how the meddling kids actually thought his second-rate impersonation of George Jetson's dog was his normal speaking voice.

Mr. E is Lewis Black
He's annoyed he constantly has to provide the gang with hints, and swears profusely after he hangs up on them.
  • You just won the Internet for that.

Mr. E is one of Daphne's siblings.
Which is the real reason why they were all shown while their parents talked about how proud they were of all of them and asked why Daphne couldn't live up to their example. Turns out one of them went through their own 'difficult' phase of seeking inconvenient answers, and has just gotten smarter about it. Thanks to their family's wealth, she has the resources to hire any help she might need to help her baby sis and her friends finally ferret out the truth of Crystal Cove's curse... something she once sought herself, but was forced to abandon because she didn't have any True Companions to help her deal with parental disapproval and meddling.

Mr. E is Freddy's Mom.
She couldn't get custody of Fred because his father wanted to keep him around for photo ops and to groom him into his successor (regardless of what Freddy wants to do with his life). She became Mr. E to get revenge by exposing Crystal Cove's secrets — and her husband's dirty dealings — to the world, as well as help Fred take charge of his life and finally escape his father's damning influence.

Mr. E is a Time Lord.

Mr. E is the Original Mystery Inc... sans Cassidy Williams and Professor Pericles.
Mr. E is a collective alias they are using. They somehow escaped their fates at the hands of the "curse" and are trying to keep the Gang from succumbing to it. The reason Cassidy Williams was torn out of the first picture the gang recieved was because she isn't with them for some reason, probably because she's either dead or estranged, and Pericles was locked up in the asylum.

Mr. E is a ghost.
He died as a result of the Crystal Cove Curse, he provides clues to Mystery Inc in hopes that they can lift the curse and allow him to move on. He is invisible and only has limited corporeal abilities, hence the need for the limo driver to perform certain face to face tasks. When he has the messages sent to Mystery Inc, it isn't really a recording, but he is actually speaking to them directly, but nearby invisibly. He slipped up in ep 09 by talking back to the gang while they were playing the recording. In fact, he was in the van with them the whole time.

Mr. E is an Autobot.
Back when the original Mystery Incorporated fell victim to the "curse", they were observed by a Cybertronian who resented how the humans in Crystal Cove didn't react and vowed to avenge them; he waited until a new group of meddling kids arose and has been guiding them in secret. What they don't know is that their van is actually their mentor; when the curse looks like it might consume them like it did their predecessors, the Mystery Machine will transform and light the gang's darkest hour.

Mister E is a Plumber and is testing the kids for true training or trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Crystal Cove's last batch
Scooby is part or full alien, which we know is quite possible in the Scooby-Verse (SD and the Alien Invaders anyone?) which is why he can talk as he does. Normal dogs don't have the right vocal cords. But he probably doesn't know it. Whether the rest of the gang are halfas or not remains to be seen(But Mrs. Blake reminds me a lot of Verdona).

It could be that the original Mystery Inc. was another batch of Plumbers-to-be that had stumbled onto something big but nobody believed them ("I swear! Aliens are invading Earth" "Yeah right kids.") and had to take matters into their own hands but weren't skilled enough or powerful enough. That Parrot is too smart for a parrot, the most a parrot has ever learned is somewhere near 250 words and it was an African Grey Parrot and it certainly never spoke in complete, complex sentences or with an accent. It's at least part alien.

The reason why they haven't sent the Bellwood trio to sort things out is that Ben, and by extension Gwen, Kevin, and even Max, can't even take a pee without it being a national headline. There'd be a media storm on poor Crystal Cove and the criminals would flee.

Angel Dynamite is a Plumber undercover, using a ID mask, to observe and record Mystery Inc. II's progress and methods and deliver clues as they are found.

Or it could be just a big simulation, the gang unknowing, to test their resourcefulness, morality, and teamwork.

As to what or who Mister E, is it's probably not anyone we've met (except maybe that Frog-Guy Plumber) because, as above, anyone we already know can't move an inch without everyone watching...

The costumes of the criminals are starting to resemble aliens we know anyways.

Episode one: Goop

Episode seven: The Phantom resembles Six-Six on a really bad day.

Episode eleven: The Lovecraftian monster looks like a petite female version of VilgaxMore to Come.

That's my WMG.Cross examination can begin!

Mr. E is a guy named Mr. E.
Someone stole his identity and is using it to give the gang hints, while the real Mr. E is busy trying to file a stolen identity report at the police station. Hasn't gone well for him so far.

Mr. E is the Sealed Evil in a Can.
Every thirty years or so he gets the opportunity to contact a group to try and get them to release him. After being released, the only way to reseal him is for somebody to sacrifice their sanity. The previous person each time leads the next group to releasing the Sealed Evil in a Can. The only way to break the cycle is for the sacrifice to die. The Gatorsburg sign was right, and Scooby will make this decision after deciding he wants Velma and Shaggy to be together.

Mr. E is not Mr. E
The tape/radio/voice Mr. E and the note planting Mr.E are too different people.The first,either the Mayor or Sheriff, the second, one of Shaggy's parents.

Mr. E is the guy who claims to be his associate
Ed Machine, the man who bailed "Alice May" out of jail, etc., is only pretending to work under orders from Mr. E. Actually, he is doing it all himself. As the CEO of Destroido, he has plenty of resources to devote to this project. Since he's a greedy jerk who puts landfill waste in snack chips, his motive must be bad — like getting the haunted treasure for himself. He got a message into a bag of Nature Slivers for Shaggy overnight — this is rather fast if he's just a middleman. And the "E" in "Mr. E" could be "Ed".

Mr. E is Angie Dinkley and Angel Dynamite working together
Note how the initials match. The second name is obviously a stage-name, chosen to match the first. They could both be relatives of the missing kids (Angie has a family resemblance to Clive, and Angel has a resemblance to Cassidy). This makes the first phone call easy to explain (it's Angie with a voice-changer). Angel has a picture of an amazon huntress with a tiger partner. She and her partner Angie are hunting the people who made their relatives disappear. Tigers have stripes in their fur, and Angie has a stripe in her hair.

    Jossed theories 

The final season will involve the current Mystery Inc., the past Mystery Inc., Mr. E and Professor Pericles all forming an Enemy Mine against Mayor Fred Jones Sr.

Fred Jones Sr was in the original Mystery Inc
He's the one on the picture locket who looks like Fred. Watch his reaction to seeing the locket in the first episode. He's also the 'close one' Fred was warned about. Whatever happened the first time around, he's trying to stop it happening again.
  • This is jossed; he's not a member but he's searching for something. In the 21st episode, we see him going through an old map and also searching through his son's drawers...
    • When was that Jossed?
    • Right now. He was the one who helped translate the map 20 years ago to the gang, and is not only a complete dick by being the Freak of Mystery Cove, but for what he did to poor Fred Jones, Jr.

Crystal Cove is Innsmouth
In that it's a gateway to the paranormal realms where the Chaotic monsters described by HP Lovecraft reside. The town of Crystal Cove has a dark history of burying this and their human sacrifices to seal the portals so that the evil would stay locked away. But now, Fred and company are unraveling mystery after mystery, getting closer to finding out that they can open a portal to one of the world and let out an Old One. The reason Mr. E is sending them these mysteries? So that they'll think everything is rational, so when dealt with the real chaotic monsters, they will be totally unprepared for what comes and doom the town.

Why? Mr. E is a cultist and is trying to awaken the Old Ones.

The locket is a Red Herring.
Perhaps not initially planted as one, but the parents seemed to recognize it. Afterwards, they placed a call that was sure to get the kids' attention, using an inconsequential puzzle to keep them distracted from meddling.
  • The locket is important. From episode 26, Pericles used it to open the treasure chest that contained the treasure of Crystal Cove. When water washed out, the locket fell and sank into the caves. Oh and it showed Fred's REAL parents.

The gang are the reincarnation of the family that disappeared in the past.
Fred and Daphne were the parents, Shaggy and Velma were the children (or one of them was the son/daughter and the other was a spouse/lover), Scooby was obviously the dog. The only reason for anything like this is the brief look at the locket showed a resemblance to Daphne (I think) and why else would the family be mentioned if they weren't important. (I just came up with this as I was walking my dog so it could be complete nonsense).
  • This is technically Jossed by the fact that the son was shown to still be alive. It is hinted that the family died gradually of old age rather than all at once, so the sister may have been alive when the gang was born, too. Yes, it makes no damn sense that they did not all starve to death, but it's a kid's show.

Crystal Cove and the people in it are a result of a wish. It's actually Sunnydale, and the Scoobies are the Scoobies.
  • Alternatively, the show is written by Joss Whedon.

Mr. E is trying to ruin Crystal Cove's economy
By sending the Scooby gang out to different towns with mysteries that are ruining said towns tourism business. Once the mysteries are solved, tourists go there instead of Crystal Cove
  • Or he's trying to ruin the economy of the other towns by having the gang solve the mysteries. Remember for Crystal Cove mysteries are tourist attractions so it can be assumed that the same is true for the other towns.
    • The other places presumably don't have a mystery based tourist trade

The parents, or at least the respective genders, were just like the gang before.
Their parents traits were very clearly passed down.
  • They may have been friends with, or part, of the disappeared group of kids. They're trying to get their children to stop meddling before they'll end up like them. That's why Fred's dad recognized the key.
    • Only Fred's 'not really his dad' dad had relationship with the gang; he's the reason why the old Mystery Inc left Crystal Cove.

Scooby knows Shaggy is dating Velma
He quite clearly says he won't tell Velma in EP. 4
  • Seemingly disproved is episode 9. Unless Scooby is ticked at Shaggy because Shaggy never honestly sat down and talked about it. In fact, I think that maybe Scooby's more mad at Shaggy for not coming clean than him going out with Velma.

There are No Sparks between Fred's parents.
They may or may not be divorced — that would look bad on his father's resume, so they may be estranged and still together, despite the lack or death of sparks. This is directly related to Fred's naivete about relationships — he grew up seeing this coldness as normal. Hence the line "Try not to act so happy, Daphne! Remember, we're married."
  • Don't forget: Guys don't have feelings. AND: I'm dead inside.
    • Well of course there'd no sparks with the dad because the Mayor isn't really the dad. There were sparks between Brad and Judy however...

The climax of Season 1 is going to a two-part episode — which both team switch time periods — the past in the present and the present in the past — though they do solve their mystery
It would give a pretty good closer to the big mystery.
  • The mystery probably wouldn't close. But a that sounds really awesome!
  • Here's what will happen: The season will end when one of gang's — or the entire gang's — fate is put into question. How kick-ass would that be?

Part of Crystal Cove's Dark Secret is how they abandoned the original Mystery Inc. in their time of need.
When the original Mystery Inc. needed help the most, nobody was willing to help them, some because they didn't believe them while others ignored or dismissed it. This led to Mystery Inc having to stand alone against the threat in a huge Final Battle, leading to their disappearances and apparent Heroic Sacrifice. The final showdown involved enough pyrotechnics and whatnot that it drew attention from the media, government and others; rather than explain what happened, the residents of Crystal Cove pretended it was all a big show. They then began building upon this reputation, expanding it into their main source of commerce.

The new Mystery Inc will end up traveling outside of Crystal Cove for a season or two, before returning for the Grand Finale of the original plot arc.
After discovering the above or some other Awful Truth, Fred is so shocked that he confronts his father with the evidence of what they've learned so far, demanding to know how anyone could try to turn tragedy into profit. Dissatisfied by his father's selfish reply (something along the line of 'making the best of things' and not wanting to rock the boat so he can keep getting elected), he decides to leave town, with the rest of the gang tagging along. They then spend some time driving from place to place, solving mysteries and working on other subplots, before being called back to Crystal Cove: all of the demons buried in the town's past (metaphorical or otherwise) are rearing their ugly heads all at once, and they must return, discover and expose the truth before the cove becomes a Doomed Hometown.
  • as of the Season 1 finale they are being split up as the boys are leaving Crystal Cove and the girls are stuck in Crystal Cove, so right now it's up to Scooby to get them together.

Angel is related to one of the missing members of the original Mystery Inc.
She, along with other relatives of the missing, is working with Mister E to expose the truth about what happened to her loved ones. (Mister E may be a false name all of them are sharing, or Pericles coordinating the whole affair.) After all, the authorities can't be trusted to do anything...

  • Jossed

Fred was a Feral Child.
His obsession with traps stems from his earlier years, when they were his main method of procuring resources from animals, and his denseness stems from the fact that he had little to no contact with human life before somebody came and took him back home to civilization.
  • He's not feral but was taken away by his real parents, thanks to the Mayor.

The whole thing is a conspiracy to attract more tourists...
...And everyone in town (except the kids) are in to it. This explains why the sheriff isn't that worried about investigating crimes, and why the kids' parents are so casual about their adventures. The series ends with everyone laughing at the kids for not figuring it out sooner.

Scooby Doo is a Cylon.
Prof. Pericles' was circled in the picture Velma receives from Mr. E along with a note that says All of this has happened before...

Velma is going to vanish while investigating Mr. E on her own.
This doesn't particularly mean anything bad is going to happen to her, per se... Just that she'll start to pursue a lead on her own and mysteriously disappear in some way that directly evokes whatever happened to the original Mystery Inc. This will prove a vital testing point for the Adults Are Useless issue; obviously at least some of them have been withholding information, and such a blatant reminder of what happened before may cause somebody to crack and make a small-but-important slip, giving the other members a clue that will prove vital to solving the mystery. (In fact, this could be a Batman Gambit on Velma's part, or due to some special instructions given to her by Mr. E...)
  • Well now she's gonna have to do it on her own: Daphne hates her, Scooby is off to a farm, Shaggy is off to military school and Fred's off to find out who he really is.

Plus, Freddy's already had plenty of Heroic BSODs. Time for Shaggy or Scooby to get one.

Scooby will die.
The Drowsy Gator's sign is foreshadowing.
  • It doesn't help that Shaggy's parents said they are sending him to a "farm"!
    • Uh, hello guys? This a Cartoon Network Cartoon, not God of War. When they say "farm" they're talking about a farm with a farmer and barn animals.
    • Given how much like Hyacinth Bucket Shaggy's mother is, she probably thinks that packing Scooby off to a working farm is a fate worse than death.
    • While this theory isn't likely, it does have merit: The Sign really was Foreshadowing as of episode 41.
      • But by that time the gang has two dogs.

Velma will adopt a puppy to make Shaggy jealous
This puppy will be Scrappy Doo. Unfortunately, she and everyone else will quickly become annoyed by him. Velma will give him to another family by the end of the episode.
  • Averted as a statue of Scrappy appears in the Haunted museum with Fred saying how they promised never to speak of him.

The parents ARE the "Curse of Crystal Cove."
When you remember that glad-handing creep Mayor Jones is probably divorced and has sole custody of Fred, Daphne's parents are half-insane, the Dinkleys either don't notice or don't care how frustrating Velma finds being a shill and the Rogerses seem to have left the trivial chore of raising their son to a talking dog, it seems obvious that having to be hucksters on the scale the adults of Crystal Cove are tends to eat away at one's integrity and peace of mind; this means that teenagers (such as the original Mystery Incorporated) have the option of staying in town and becoming revolting, messed-up jerks in their own right or leaving and never looking back. The parents would have gotten away with turning the gang into the next generation of smug grifters but Mr. E. is meddling with the kids by getting them to "solve" a pedestrian non-mystery concerning a group of teenagers who skipped a town they loathed out of disgust; this, of course, will lead to Fred and the others doing likewise for the same reason.
  • Jossed: The Curse is linked to a treasure hidden by the first Europeans to explore the area.

Velma and Scooby will both decide I Want My Beloved to Be Happy... at the same time.
Competing for Shaggy's attention has brought out the worst in both of them; while investigating a mystery (probably while forced to work together), both will realize how miserable they're making him, and that their 'competition' doesn't really deserve to be treated the way they've been acting. Thus, they'll both decide to take a step back and stop pressing so hard... at the same time. Leading to something along the lines of:
Velma: "You two go have fun. I insist."
Scooby Doo: "Rur-ruh. Reu go."
Velma: "N-no, I don't mind... I'm sure you two guys have plenty of 'guy stuff' to catch up on..."
Scooby: "Roh, no! Rou two ruv-birds go on! Eh-heehehehe!"
Velma: "You go."
Scooby: "Reu go."
Velma and Scooby: *growl and Lightning Glare*
Shaggy: "...Like, I have no idea what's going on..."

  • Jossed as of episode 22. Velma has put her broken heart and the romance behind her for good.

Johan Liebert is responsible for making Daphne into Crush.
It turns out that he hired the Phantom into capturing Daphne in order to make Fred wish that he didn't have feelings for her. Because of that, his plan worked and she becomes Crush. However, Johan plans on having her killed once ruining Fred through her is finished. That's why he ordered the Phantom to get her after her song, Trap of Love, so that he can kill her without Fred knowing that he planned all this. However, after the Phantom is caught, Johan plans to kill Fred and Daphne by himself with his gun, but ends up getting arrested by the sheriff.

Mystery Inc. will be forced to run a mystery-solving tour.
The Mayor and Velma's parents are both explicitly shown to be masters at exploiting the Monster of the Week to their own ends. But with Mystery Inc. doing so well solving those crimes before they can finish milking them, they're going to have to... adapt. So they surprise the gang by telling them they'll actually approve of their mystery-solving shenanigans — if they take along a paying customer or two, turning it into an exciting and super-exclusive adventure tour.

Naturally, the customer/s will turn out to be more trouble than they're worth. The gang will be stuck dealing with some stranger who's a complete Parody Sue/The Load/Tagalong Kid/Insert Rule of Funny Trope of Choice here. The notion of a mystery-solving tour probably won't survive past its introductory phase, though you never know...

One of Daphne's siblings will be Girl In A Monster Suit Of The Week.
Classic Chekhov's Gunman situation. While Daphne's parents have compared her in passing to her "more successful siblings", that conflict hasn't been given as much attention as Freddy butting heads with his Mayor father or Velma's parents forcing her to shill. Having Daphne unmask one of her siblings would give her a serious shock and bring those issues surging to the forefront.
  • The next episode has them looking for the identity of a vampire, with all the clues pointing to Daphne's mother.

For bonus points, this situation could easily be set up by some shadowy figure — though the question of who and why would be wide open. Could it be Mr. E putting Daphne through a Secret Test of Character, or stepping into the role of Evil Mentor? The Mayor, trying to drive a wedge between Freddy and Daphne and split up Mystery Inc.? The as-of-yet unrevealed Big Bad responsible for the 'curse of Crystal Cove'?

There will be a Shout-Out to Higurashi in episode 13
Why? Because the title is When the Cicada Calls. There is NO WAY that's a coincidence. The main conflict is most likely about a man who controls/is dressed up like a Cicada, but at some point in the episode the Gang will be watching a horror movie with one of the more recognizable lines from the anime. The whole "Transfer out" conversation, perhaps. Or maybe there is a Cicada rumored to drive people into homicidal insanity with its horrifying cry! The fact one actually picture this happening gives you idea of how dark this incarnation is.
  • Tragically Jossed; the final episode had nothing to do with it.
  • On the other hand, the scene where one of the victims has a Freak Out and flatlines may remind Higurashi fans of Keiichi's fate in Watanagashi-hen.

At some point, the gang will find themselves...
In another town. Literally. The majority of locals treat them normally. But some of the locals, especially older longterm ones say things like "You think that's funny?" and "You should be ashamed" and various other outraged comments. Then they run into a man in his sixties,who says something like "Fred? Velma? Daphne?" and then starts yelling that he saw them die and a few more crazy sounding comments. Then he calms down and shows them a forty year old picture of people who look exactly like them And then the graves.

All the former monsters will be gathered to form a mega-monster.
Much like Watchmen, Ozymandius' plot could be adapted to fit with the evil all along Mr. E (if he really is evil) to do something like improve tourism of crystal cove once and for all.

Fred's mom is a master criminal
She had a fling with his dad and left Fred on his doorstop. Fred loves traps so much because subconsciously he wants to capture his mother and bring her home.
  • Jossed; his mother is Judy of the original Mystery Inc.; the picture that Fred thinks is his mom is from a magazine.

The original Mystery Incorporated was seemingly betrayed by one of their own.
The Big Bad took advantage of the group already suffering trust issues, waited for them to split up while investigating a mystery in a conveniently isolated place, and proceeded to Divide and Conquer.

Sheriff Stone had other reasons to meet with Daphne's mother that night.
Calling her a suspected vampire was just his way of deflecting suspicion. As to the actual reason why... a few possibilities spring to mind:
  • Daphne's mother is actually using Obfuscating Stupidity to act as a Stealth Mentor. She's smarter than she acts, and acts like an Upper-Class Twit to hide that she's just as bright as her girls. She suspected who was really behind the mystery, and was investigating on her own/using herself as bait to lure her daughter and friends into investigating. She briefly dropped the act when she told Daphne flat-out how important knowledge was, then reassumed it by acting like she didn't even know anything about her claimed "real reason" for sneaking out. Stone heard rumors she was acting up and wanted to ensure she wasn't encouraging those meddling kids.
  • Alternately, he's a secret Stealth Mentor himself, and the two of them were working together (perhaps even with Mr. E?) to try and get the team to start working together instead of fracturing further.
  • Several of Daphne's mentions of her mother call her sanity into question. Whether this is part of her being a Stealth Mentor or an actual problem, Stone wanted to make sure she wasn't having another one of her episodes. The vampire claim was an extremely clumsy effort at showing some tact instead of telling Daphne in front of her friends "Just making sure her choo-choo's still on the tracks."
  • Implications of an affair seem... unlikely, but they have a faulty radar...

Several — but not all — of the parents secretly support Mystery Inc.
That Contrived Coincidence that opened Ep 12? Not so coincidental.
  • Mrs. Blake — As theorized above, she's really a Stealth Mentor using extreme Obfuscating Stupidity. Her father may or may not be in on it.
  • Mrs. Dinkley — She makes a big fuss over her daughter solving mysteries and ruining her business, yet that doesn't stop her from providing her all the resources she can. The only time she seems to discourage her hanging around Shaggy was after he broke Velma's heart, and even then she didn't use that as leverage to try and pry her away from the team.
    • When you realize that she looks a lot like Brad Chiles of the old gang, she might also be trying to find out just what the heck happened to her brother all those years ago.
  • Mr. Rogers — While Shaggy's overbearing mother seemingly has his timid father completely cowed, he's honestly glad to see Shaggy has friends other than his dog. He just hasn't worked up the courage to tell her that... yet.
  • Fred Jones Sr. — Possible, but difficult to place if there's a Hidden Heart of Gold under all that bluster or if he really just is that big a Jerkass. If the other parents are working together, they could have found out about his plan to drop Fred off that particular morning and corroborated from there — especially if they've got Mr. E on their side.
    • He doesn't. He used the gang to get the treasure for himself, AND was the one who caused the mess with the original Mystery inc, AND took Fred from his real parents.

Mr. E has Superman on retainer.
We already know that Scooby Doo exists in the Batman: Brave and the Bold universe, and someone had to move that engine.

Crystal Cove is actually Derry, Maine
Think about it. All the adults are trying to cover up something mysterious, all the animals have gone mad, kids keep disappearing every few decades...

Crystal Cove is actually a post Depopulation Bomb New York City.
Since NYC is the only place (in the USA) where the Mayor is the Sheriff's boss.

Crystal Cove was previously known as Candle Cove

Angie Dinkley is the sister of Brad Chiles, one of the missing kids of the old Mystery Inc.
He's got her freckles, hair streak, and dimpled chin. Since she's lived in Cape Cod and is now back in town running a mystery tourist museum, she must have come to town to try to find information about her missing brother. She may be working with Mr. E (or even be Mr. E).
  • Jossed. In episode 50, she and everyone else in Crystal Cove are being used as slave labor for Pericles' bid to find the treasure. Pericles has Brad, Judy, and Ricky on leashes.

Ed Machine is a robot.
For a CEO, he's very submissive to the will of Mr. E., even guarding his lair at night. He seems to have shrugged off the cicada attack with no physical or emotional damage, and no hospital visit that we know of. And there's that last name of his...
  • It may look like this is jossed after episode 26, but the odds in favor are actually better now. The level of violence implied by Pericles' threat, "I don't want to say anything" is not feasible in a children's cartoon. A human being cannot be killed or mutilated that close to on-screen. But if Ed is a robot, and Pericles disabled him with an electrical pulse (hence the lights flash), then Ed could be reprogrammed to "deliver a message" directly to Mr. E, bypassing his security. That's more the sophisticated attack one would expect from Pericles, not the gangster-style "message" one would first consider.
    • Jossed.

Fred's offer in episode 24 wasn't what it appeared to be.
Fred isn't given to creative metaphors. Maybe his offer was a literal one about Mystery Machine seating arrangements and not a proposal to Daphne. His comment when asked for a delay until graduation: "I don't know what that is. But sure," gives it away.
  • Ah, but symbolically Fred puts a calimari ring on Daphne's finger and they kiss. Maybe Fred's quicker on the draw than we thought.
  • Their engagement announcement plans continue in episode 25, so this one is refuted.
  • Episode 26: Engagement is off as Fred searches for his real parents.

Brad Chiles is Franklin Fruitmeir, and Judy Reeves is a waitress working with him.
Clues: Fruitmeir is always in a clown disguise, and he has no known past. The locket was found underground near his store, near barrels of the stuff he makes his dessert with. There is a waitress in the first episode with a strong resemblance to the picture of Fred's Mom. She is heavily made up (almost clown-like), so she is Judy in disguise. The "Don Knotts" look-alike appears right near her, a possible hint that she too will show up again. When the connection between Fruitmier's and the Slime Mutant was made, the place suddenly needed new servers. That may be because Judy could no longer safely work there, with an investigation so close.
  • Jossed; Brad is nowhere near Crystal Cove.

Alice May is Fred's mom.
You see, we never saw her real face. She has one mask that makes her look monstrous, the "Ghost Mask." The other is her youthful "Alice May" mask. She can put them on in either order (as we saw in the cold opening vs. the ending of "The Legend of Alice May"). Fred was instantly attracted to her because subconsciously he was reminded of his missing mother. What was it Ethan said? "Somebody's mom is trying to kill Fred." She had no intention of harming Fred, of course. The purpose of the plot was to get the yearbook to the gang, so she was willing to do Mr. E's bidding.
  • Jossed; his mom is Judy Reeves.

Mayor Jones is The Freak.
If you think about it carefully, it makes sense.
  • The neck of the Freak appears too scrawny for this to work, even with the amazing masks available in the Scooby-Doo world.
  • Confirmed in Episode 26.

Pericles betrayal to Ricky.
  • Mr. E said that things were going exactly the same as they did in the past and Velma had nothing to worry about. Ricky is Shaggy's equal and Velma is Cassidy's. Cassidy had crush on Ricky just like Velma on Shaggy. The same friend versus lover thing could of happened in the past with Pericles and that's what deals with how or why he betrayed him.
  • Jossed. Pericles made a deal with the Mayor—back when said mayor was a college kid—to get the treasure if Pericles betrayed the group.

The Freak of Crystal Cove is going to be revealed to be Judy Reeves
Since The Freak looks like a male ghost girl with a unicorn horn and we don't know where Judy fits in the scheme of things in the original Mystery Inc. I decided that Judy must be a smarter female version of Shaggy and was getting bored of getting caught up in Mystery Inc.'s mystery. So she make a secret hideout underneath a unexplored part of the caverns underneath Crystal Cove, and created a puppet with a tape record. Next, she took her dad's trench coat and started sneaky around the old Spanish church — to bait Brad. Everyone agreed expect on — Professor Pericles. Upset with him and with him damaging the disc — she called Harry in exchange for not telling his boss about his stealing of money from his circus, he gives Professor Pericles a criminal genius mind. After, she send letter to ring master, exposing Harry. She hired Harry to she give Mayor Jones into believing only goals: get the mayor job in Crystal Cove and that he wants a lot of money from tourism. Still having Brad's DNA from blood from caper during a fake vampire, she created Freddie Jones from her and Brad's DNA — using her own body as the womb. After she recovered from the birth — she left town. She returned to see Mayor Jones and Sheriff Stone looking at locket. She recognized it as her own locket — so she returned to her Freak Control center — and became the Freak to keep the town under watch - but when Obliteratrix showed up. She know she was going to be "hot water" — lucky, she had decode who was who. Brad Chiles as H.P. Hatecraft; Cassidy Williams as Angel Dynamite, and Ricky Owens as Even Eviler (Mr. E.). But when Cassidy tried to get Freddie's gang to stop, she knew she had to try to spook them — but as usual, she ended up in one of Freddie's traps. Shaggy remarks, "This fits in with Professor Pericles' warning. Beware of those who are close to you."
  • Jossed Mayor Freddie Jones Sr is The Freak.

Judy Reeves married Fred Jones. Sr, but he wasn't a member of the original Mystery Incorporated
Since Mayor Jones doesn't exactly resemble Brad Chiles, but Fred's mother does resemble Judy Reeves, there is the possibility that Jones did indeed marry Judy but he wasn't part of Mystery Inc.. In Angel's flashback in episode 25, Mystery Inc. had brought the map they found at the church to someone to help them analyze it. We weren't shown his face, but his hair did resemble Mayor Jones'. Mayor Jones could be related to the person who helped analyze the map, possibly a classmate of Mystery Inc., and he learned about the treasure. But Mystery Inc. fled Crystal Cove, so he couldn't do anything about it since they had all the necessary pieces towards finding it. Years later, Judy Reeves came back to Crystal Cove under a different identity. Mayor Jones secretly figured out it was her, got her to marry him, and somewhere along the line they had Fred. He then grilled Judy for information on the treasure, and through her he stole the piece of the Planespheric disc from Professor Pericles. The Freak discovered that Judy had returned, and Judy was forced to flee Crystal Cove again, leaving Fred behind with her husband. There's also the possibility that the Freak attacked both of them, but Jones left Judy behind as he fled, and because of that he kept his piece of the disc under lock and key for so long, fearing the Freak would come after him like he did Judy.
  • Jossed. She married Brad.

The "Don Knotts" look-alike is the Freak of Crystal Cove.
He has the wiry build for it, including the scrawny neck. The actor was in the old series The New Scooby-Doo Movies, so the character is appropriately old. His mild manner is just an act, so that nobody will suspect him. He's more than a tourist — would a tourist be asked to bring items onstage for a charity auction?

Scooby will get Velma to save him form the farm, and they'll bond while trying to reunite the rest of the team
Velma is the only one not going anywhere (Fred, Shaggy, Scooby) or overly depressed (Daphne). Also, her parents seem the most understanding out of all of them. Scooby will contact her and she will get him from the farm, (the owners will be sympathetic to the whole thing). Then the following will occur:
  • Daphne will refuse to go help get Scooby, so Velma will go alone. She will take the Mystery Machine (Fred took the bus, he refused to use the car since Mystery Inc."is dead"
  • They will try and rescue Shaggy first. It will go one of two ways:
    • They have to break him out of boot camp-with skills they gained fighting monsters and solving mysteries on the road.
    • Or he has been reconditioned and they have to decondition him, get him to come, and some of that conditioning will pop up when they're fighting monsters and solving mysteries on the road.
  • They will find Fred. He will say he's considering going with them, only to disappear.
  • Daphne will show up, having come to her senses, and with a clue about Fred's parents from Angel and/or Mr. E.
  • They will find Fred's parents before him, and shortly learn that Fred is in danger from Pericles/Mr. E/ somebody (Angel will have since completely broken off from Ricky/E).
  • The team and Fred's parents will save Fred. Mr. E, no matter his role, will find a note from Angel saying she'll only work with/have feelings for him again if he stops being a colossal Jerkass.
  • Mystery Inc. will reform, and Ricky/E, in a show of good faith, will explain his theory on the disc (which a season or two later will be proven wrong or not horrific enough). The gang will bring Fred's parents back to Crystal Cove, and Judy will slap the Mayor.
  • The search for the other pieces of the disc (because not all will be found) will begin!
  • During the search for the pieces the team will travel from town to town solving mysteries.
    • And ominous cackling is heard in the distance....
  • At some point during all of this Sheriff Stone will help out the team as a way to make ammends for his previous behavior towards them and in the process becomes a true friend to them and continues to help them however he can.
  • Most if not all jossed

Mayor Jones is actually in a secret relationship with Sheriff Stone
  • Mayor and Sheriff are almost always together.
  • They're pretty much on a date when Fred and Daphne are on a date in episode 15
  • The whole, "I'm in a closet!" when Sheriff gets lost in Daphne's closet in episode 15
  • In the Aphrodite episode, they dance together under the love spell
  • In episode 26, Sheriff is shocked that Mayor Jones never told him about Fred (because he tells him everything else?)
  • Jossed. Episode 16 is not a reliable source to prove it. The love spell affected everyone, and turned them into love zombies that fell in love with everything, including animals. The Mayor and Sheriff had a normal friendship - but not a very strong one. Remember Death Justice?

The 'farm' that Scooby is going to be sent to is Quest Laboratories.
  • Mrs Rogers is just big enough of a jerk to do that to him and, well, E does need to get the gang together somehow. How better than to start with a more trusting and loyal stand-in for Pericles? All he'd need to do is wave a check under a crazy idiot's nose and he'd be off to the vengeance races.
  • Jossed

Mr. E is not Ricky, in spite of what he might claim.
  • He may be a relative of his, one that the real Ricky went to for help after being driven out of town. The hair color (black vs. brown), the level of intelligence (mastermind vs. Shaggy-like screw-up), and the corporate connections are all wrong.
    • Angel Dynamite seems to think he is Ricky. but we know he lies to her (e.g. about the Obliteratrix).
    • Professor Pericles seems to think he is Ricky in episode 26, but does he really? He said, "I'd like you to deliver a message to Ricky. Or, should I call him... Mr. E?" That's backwards. If he really believed Mr. E was Ricky, he would have said: "I'd like you to deliver a message to Mr. E. Or, should I call him... Ricky?"
    • Mr. E said that Scooby-Doo was "a more trusting companion than Professor Pericles was to me." Why "trusting" rather than "trustworthy"? Rick was betrayed by Pericles, not vice-versa. This suggests Mr. E. is actually a prior owner of Pericles with a negative history with him, perhaps the genetic engineer/trainer responsible for his super-intelligence.

Scooby-Dum will be on the farm where Scooby is being sent
Him or Scrappy. Maybe even both.
  • Jossed

Scooby will have an another All Just a Dream episode at the beginning of the second season.
He will be dreaming horrific And I Must Scream fates for the gang:
  • Fred is running around, half-crazed, banging on doors before finally being swallowed up by darkness.
  • Daphne is disowned by her family and is forced to beg on the streets.
  • Velma sits in her room frantically trying to find Brad and Judy until eventually she goes insane and ends up in a straitjacket.
  • Shaggy becomes a nameless, faceless, soulless military killing machine.
  • Suddenly Scooby is in a cell at the Animal Asylum cowering from a looming shadow which becomes Pericles holding a needle and laughing evilly. The theme song plays and we find out that this is all Scooby's dream.
  • Jossed

the show will end up being "hijacked by ganon" during the 2nd season finale

Or rather hijacked by Scrappy. I know the season hasn't even started yet but hey, might as well get a few predictions in. The plot is already far fetched enough and episode 20 did hint that something terrible happened that made them decided to never talk about him again. We don't know what he did but perhaps it was foreshadowing that Scrappy will indeed be written into the plot and hijack the plot with the gang spending the 3rd season dealing with him.

  • Nope. It's already been determined the series will run only two seasons (52 episodes). All loose ends will be disseminated by then.

Season 2 will feature a Marble Hornets parody
OK, so the season finale was a big dropped a BIG emotion bomb, but hey, it can't stay serious forever, can it? Wouldn't it be awesome to have Scooby and the gang chased around by a Slenderman Expy?

The Freak of "Pawn of Shadows" and the Freak of "All Fear the Freak" are not the same.
Think about it. In Pawn of Shadows, the original Mystery Incorporated is led to the old church by the Freak, presumably so that they would find the scroll - meaning that the Freak knew it was there, and that it wanted them to find it. In All Fear the Freak, the Mayor claimed that he disguised himself as the Freak in order to search for the Planospheric Disc, but he found nothing. It was through the original Mystery Incorproated that he found the scroll, when they came to him with it looking for answers, meaning he didn't know it was in the Spanish church.

Also, remember the Freak's little poem from the beginning of Pawn of Shadows? "From six to one, the spell is spun. No time, to run, the curse begun."? There are six pieces of the Planoshperic Disc in total, but only one in the chest underneath the church, and this is clearly referencing that fact. However, Professor Pericles clearly had no idea, and was expecting all six peices to be there in the chest. Keep in mind that, at this point, he'd teamed up with the Mayor in exchange for his information, indicating that the Mayor had no idea, either. Could the Mayor have been withholding information from him? Perhaps, but that would mean that he was disguised as the Freak when he led the original Mystery Incorporated to the church and recited that poem, and that would mean that he knew the location of the scroll, which is clearly not the case. And speaking of the poem, why did the Freak's pattern of speech suddenly change between episodes? In Pawn of Shadows he speaks in rhymes, but in All Fear the Freak he can't even put a sentence together. What gives? And what happened to that sword?

As for why there would be two Freaks, after the Mayor was accepted to Darrow University's History Department as a professor, he discovered more about the lost conquistadors. What if the Freak is part of that legend or story or whatever, and served as the inspiration for the Mayor's disguise? The Freak's attire certainly resembles something from the time period of the conquistadors.

Also, and this is just my opinion, it's pretty clear that the Mayor is searching for the treasure out of greed, but it seems to me that the Freak in Pawn of Shadows is slowly but deliberately leading others to the treasure. Perhaps those who find the treasure will unleash that curse that will destroy Crystal Cove, and that is the Freak's ultimate goal? After Fred announces that they're going to find the treasure and get to the bottom of everything, the Freak recites his second, and last, poem, "The curse begun, but soon they'll see. The buried truth will end with me.".

  • It's possible. Wouldn't be the first time that a villain found out they were indirectly copycatting someone.
  • Jossed. There ARE two Freaks, but one is trapped in another dimension, and Fred Jones Sr. based his costume on that Freak.

The Haunted Treasure is the Fountain of Youth.
Think about it. A treasure many have died trying to find, conquistadors, and a treasure beyond calculation. Also, who is not to say the treasure isn't located in Crystal Cove? People think it is however, but it isn't.
  • Jossed. Velma read the manifest of the Conquistadors' ship and it clearly stated the treasure is buried in Crystal Cove. Also, it turns out the treasure is a sarcophagus with black pearls inside of it that turn you evil.

Possible season 2 events
  • The gang, except Fred will be reunited before the 4th episode, with Fred not permanently rejoining until later.
    • Jossed
  • Shaggy will have manned up a little from Military school, but still be the lovable oaf he's known to be.
    • Jossed. Scooby even says that Military school did nothing for him.
    • In addition, his training may at least have him finally take more initiative in his interest to be with Velma.
  • Red Herring will appear, as a kid who used to bully Fred as a kid.
  • Brad and Judy will be found, and then arrested when Mayor Jones leaks the false documents to Government officials.
  • The gang will have an adventure in Hollywood with impersonators of classic actors, some dressed as iconic fictional television characters.
  • Scrappy will show up to help Scooby and he will be a fully grown great dane.

Prof. Pericles is the Big Good
  • The Planespheric Disk is indeed a map to something important, but Pericles deduced that it's something that needs to be destroyed for it is far too dangerous. He didn't want his friends involved in finding it and risking their lives so he teamed up with the Mayor to frame them and was going to use the Mayor to find it and destroy it since the Mayor was a Jerkass anyway. Since he currently has no emotional attachments to the new Mystery Inc. he goads Scooby into "foiling" the search for the rest of the disc.

Scrappy will play a part in season 2
It's possible that the "nice farm" that Scooby gets sent to might be where some of his family lives. The other dogs will be happy to see him back... except for Scrappy, who's a bit bigger now, who'll notice Scooby wants to go back to the gang. Scrappy and Scooby will find a way to break out, then through Scooby's sense of smell, get to Shaggy's millitary school and break him out. On the way back to Crystal Cove, Pericles (or if you want to be really evil, Shaggy's mother) organises a way to ensure this split up continues, but Scrappy does a Heroic Sacrifice to ensure Scooby and Shaggy get back home. If Scrappy manages to continue back to Crystal Cove himself a few episodes later, he's going to confront Fred about trying to be a loner is exactly what Pericles wants.
  • All jossed. The farm Scooby was sent to was run by a jerkass, he escapes from it and is rescued by Mayor Nettles, who is entreated by a mysterious figure (Velma) to reunite the gang.

Ricky Jones is H.P. Hatecraft
The character models look VERY similar.
  • It certainly works as an alternate take on why he refused to help the Gang when they were researching on the Conquistadors.

The Dragon's Eye will make an appearance
An story from the Scooby-Doo comics has a Mineral Macguffin called the Dragon's Eye that has been scattered across the world that the Big Bad wants reassembled to give him an army of the undead to destroy the unworthy. This could be Retconned into "reassembling the Dragon's Eye will yield a Planosheric Disc Piece" that will send the gang and Pericles on an around-the-world chase.

The Planespheric Disk leads to the TRUE Chest of Demons
A previous WMG has theorized that the reason why Flim-Flam got 25-To Life is that he made a HUGE scam based on a fake Chest of Demons. Following it, there is a good chance that Flim-Flam got the idea from an old legend/history about the Chest of Demons and the 13 Ghosts. Which means that the it could be actually real and the Planespheric Disk would lead to it.

Mystery Inc. will be reduced to Scooby, Shaggy and Daphne during the first half of the second season.
Which would be some kind of homage to the series of the beginning of the 80's.

Scooby will run away from the "nice farm" (which will be the actual opposite of it) and will go to Daphne to help him to "rescue" Shaggy from the military academy. Scooby's determination will help her to break from his depression and after taking Shaggy away from the academy they will reinstate Mystery Incorporated, with Daphne taking leadership. Daphne will refuse to invite Velma back at first since she still feels betrayed but Velma will still help them in some cases and the collaboration will eventually break the ice between them until they make amends and Velma rejoins. Fred will return in that moment but won't rejoin inmediately, rather more like a "client" requesting them to help him to find his parents. He should rejoin around the last episodes once the group finds actual clues about the true fate of Fred's parents and Fred sees that he actually has a "real family".

  • Jossed

Alice May will return in season 2.

Alice will appear in certain episodes as an ally, giving out clues to the identity of the monster of the week.

  • Jossed. She only cameos in a crowd scene in the prison.

Scrappy will be a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds
Like the live action movie, Scrappy will find that his uncle was a coward. This will be given a more serious treatment as Scooby and the gang were the only people who put up with him. Soon all the backlash agaisnt him piles on his psyche and Prof.Pericles uses this to be his personal pawn, as Scrappy is that unused to having someone to love him. Of course this is all false and Scooby and or Fred break him out of this illusion.
  • And he'll actually redeem himself for everything for as long as we've known him

The Cute Monster Girls from Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School will appear in season 2
Sadly, jossed.

The Crybaby Clown is Randy's father from "The Legend of Alice May"
Motive: revenge on Crystal Cove and Mystery Inc. for his son's kidnapping. Clue: the presence of Randy's mom at the town meeting. Why was she there? She doesn't live in Crystal Cove (Fred knocked on her door in some other town). Answer: in case the Clown (her husband) needed help.
  • Jossed.

The conquistadors' treasure will turn out to be worthless or non-existent
It would be delicious comeuppance for Pericles to discover that the treasure for which he betrayed his friends, got scarred, and spent decades in an asylum over was totally worthless.
  • At some point, someone will suggest this and have the suggestion dismissed out of hand. When he's proven right, he'll tell Velma that he finally gets what irony is.

Brad and Judy are in hiding as...
Rick and Marion Spartan.

Mayor Jones was lying...
About Brad and Judy being Fred's real parents.

Quite frankly, they seem a bit TOO eager to have him accept them. So here's the theory: they figured out Jones Sr. was the Freak who'd threatened them to make them leave town, and kidnapped his young son or nephew to use as leverage against him. He in turn rescued young Fred, and demonstrated just how serious he was about protecting him. Now that he's out of the way, they've come back with the intention of emotionally manipulating Fred, and at a crucial moment, will reveal they aren't really his parents, just to screw with his head.

As to why Jones Sr. told Fred that Brad and Judy were his real parents? Guilt, and the fact that he's not quite right in the head at this point. His not quite sane mind figured it was better to have Fred believe the people he took after so much were his family, rather than someone he'd just unmasked as a criminal.

Cassidy Williams isn't dead.
Probably not THAT wild a guess, but after episode 37, I'm willing to bet Cassidy somehow survived the destruction of Abigail Gluck's underwater base. After all, they may have found a broken diving helmet, but they Never Found the Body. And as we know, if there ain't a corpse, they ain't dead. (And even then, don't be so sure.)
  • Tony Cervone confirms it—Cassidy did not survive the explosion.
  • Well that stinks. Here's hoping he's just lying to keep the truth secret, and that she'll turn up alive later.
  • Luckily, she got better when reality was rewritten.

Nova is The Mole.
Scooby mentioned they'd taken her along with the pieces of the disk. But if my theory is right, she's a sentient, talking dog like him, who's just pretending to be a normal dog and is going along with them to keep an eye on the group, so the old Mystery Inc. can track her and follow the gang to the treasure's location. Poor Scooby will be heartbroken if this happens... but the possibility remains.
  • This will most likely happen but not QUITE in that way. Friar Sera's story that the treasure/disk wound up corrupting the animal member of each group into betraying said group and bringing about doom while saying "The dog must die!" has him pointing at Scooby as if Scooby will betray the group. However since the gang has Nova now it stands to reason that she, in fact, will be the one corrupted by the Cursed Treasure/Planispheric Disk and betray the group.
    • If what happened to donkey Porto happens to Nova, Scooby won't eat for a month.
    • It may happen. Nova is critically injured in the stampede of Pericles' mutant cattle in episode 43. But in this case, Nova hasn't been corrupted.
    • Jossed. She's possessed by one of the good Annunaki, and helps the gang. And she survives the series.

Brad and Judy will reconcile with Fred again and mean it.
They're gonna tell Pericles—in a way allowable for a TV-Y7 rating—to perform an impossible sexual act, getting tired of taking orders from a psychotic parrot.
  • Ricky seems to be on the verge of it. Pericles bitch-slaps him in episode 45.
  • Jossed. They never get the chance before getting killed and subsequently revived when reality is rewritten.

Brad and Judy lied to Fred about Mayor Jones threatening bodily harm on him.

Mr. E is only pretending to work with Pericles in order to obtain and destroy either the Planispheric Disk or the cursed treasure
.Of course, whether he'll succeed or be Out-Gambitted by Pericles remains to be seen...
  • Jossed. He doesn't try to destroy it. He does have a Heel–Face Turn in his last moments though.

The reason the animal sidekick turns evil?
Its because the universe sees them as a "mistake of nature". It would also explain why there are so few in a world where ghosts have turned out to be real. Somehow it makes them more susceptible to the discs.
  • However, Porto, the donkey, was the only one actually corrupted by the discs, as Pericles was probably quite evil before he met Ricky Owens and became part of the original Mystery Inc, as he mentioned enjoying the screams of children being, presumably, tortured by the Krampus in the "old country" (Germany). Humans have also been corrupted by the discs (Mayor Jones, Abigail Gluck, anyone?) The discs, controlled by the Nibiuru entity, can only successfully corrupt weak minded people or animals. Porto was malleable enough for the Nibiuru entity to manipulate. Pericles was contacted by the power of the disk, but had the willpower to resist it.
  • Jossed. The talking animals are descendants of the animals possessed by the Annunaki.

Mr. E is only pretending to work with Pericles in order to obtain and destroy either the Planispheric Disk or the cursed treasure
.Of course, whether he'll succeed or be Out-Gambitted by Pericles remains to be seen...

What's really going on with the original Mystery Inc.?
Bear with me, this gets complicated. Ricky/Mr. E's been planning things for a long time. He deliberately arranged for Brad and Judy to return to Crystal Cove with their infant son, so Fred Jones Sr. would kidnap Fred and raise him on his own. As mystery-solving is in the blood (in this case, at least), Ricky knew Fred would eventually follow in the footsteps of his real parents, and form his own gang of mystery solvers. Then, in time, he'd be able to pass the information to the gang that would set them on the trail of the Curse of Crystal Cove, and Fred Jones Sr.'s true identity as their old nemesis.

Years later, when he feels the time is right, Ricky recruits someone special to pass the information on to the gang... Alice May, who is REALLY Brad and Judy's daughter, and Fred's twin sister. Jones Sr. never knew about her, so he never suspected a thing. When she went back to prison (after the Obliteratrix mystery), she knew she'd get out again eventually, some time after her parents came to town. And when she does get out, she'll rejoin them and become the fifth member of the original Mystery Inc (taking Cassidy's place), just in time for the final showdown between the two groups over the treasure.

Friar Serra was right. Scooby will die
Friar Serra only said Scooby would die, but he didn't say whether he would die on the side of evil... or on the side of good. Probably, in the Grand Finale, Pericles will try to convince Scooby to join Nibiuru, most likely using a We Can Rule Together speech. Scooby will be tempted, but ultimately decide not to, and, somehow, pull a Taking You with Me Heroic Sacrifice, killing himself and Pericles.Jossed. Scooby would have died if the Entity had possessed him, but it didn't happen - it possessed, and in the process killed, Pericles instead.

The Nibiru entity was sealed by its own species
In many myths, there is a civil war between the gods, in which one plans to destroy humanity, but is opposed by the others. The Nibiru entity sealed under Crystal Cove wanted to destroy Earth, but was defeated and trapped in a sarcophagus.

The Nibiuru entity is a collective alias used by the Cult of Skaro
The Nibiuru entity sealed under Crystal Cove is actually a collective alias used by the Cult of Skaro, who wanted to destroy Earth, by transporting Skaro into our solar system, but were defeated somehow, presumably by the Time Lords and trapped in a sarcophagus. The disc is some form of Dalek technology, which allows them to reach out to others. When Pericles manages to release them from the sarcophagus and/or helps them create the portal device to transport Skaro, Sec will tell Pericles You Have Outlived Your Usefulness and exterminate him. It also fits an above WMG that Scooby will die in a Heroic Sacrifice, as he will destroy the device being used to teleport Skaro, before it has fully materialised, causing the portal to collapse and form a black hole, destroying Skaro and sucking the Cult and Scooby into it, killing them all in the process, and saving Earth.
  • Kill Scooby-Doo? Does Warner Bros. really want to traumatize America's children?

Mayor Nettles knows more about the kids' home lives than we think.
When she realized what scuzzbags the townsfolk were, she decided to have the families of the Mystery Incorporated kids investigated. Later on in the series, the Rogers and Blake parents, at least, will all be legally declared unfit parents (Velma's parents might get off with just a warning though) by Social Services, and Shaggy and Daphne will be removed from their custody. Their new families will be more like the Rogers and Blake families from the older cartoons. Fred may have the same thing happen to him, or possibly just be emancipated.[[Spoiler:Jossed. It's never said if Mayor Nettles was investigating the parents, but in the end, reality is rewritten, and the parents become much nicer in the new world.]]

Flim-Flam will return
The Gang will need his skills for something, so they'll have him released from prison. He'll at first hate them for leaving him in there, but as the episode goes on he'll start liking them again.

The Jonny Quest gang will finally make a full appearance
After their cameo in season one and Race & Dr. Quest's appearances in the Blue Falcon episode, how could this not happen?!

Alice May is really Gwen Stacy
Think about it. They look exactly alike, they're both smart and sassy, and although Alice May's story about the Creeper wasn't true, Gwen Stacy went on a similar campaign of revenge for her own father's death against Spider-Man in the comics. And the physical similarity is just too glaring to be an accident.

The Big Bad will end up being Red Herring from A Pup Named Scooby-Doo.
Because it'd make a hilarious Brick Joke years in the making.

Crystal Cove takes place within Haven, Maine (Stephen King's Tommyknockers).
Many of the residents suddenly get the ability to create amazing gadgets out of nowhere and an artefact is increasing their intelligence and affecting their minds. Could also affect the intelligence of animals as well. Could explain why the many people who were previously non-suspects use these inexplicably new gadgets on petty revenge or get-rich-quick schemes.

Dealing with the treasure and the Nibiru aliens won't end the strangeness in Crystal Cove.
The series will end when the gang hears word of another monster roaming around. The line "Well gang, looks like we've got another mystery on our hands." will be used, and the final scene will be of them driving off in the Mystery Machine, with Scooby getting in the last word as always.

Scooby Doo is a Plumber tasked with destroying the rogue Annunaki that's spent the last five centuries terrorizing Crystal Cove.
Although the gang might not have been all that familiar with the Planispheric Disk before they first started getting mysterious phone calls, that's not to say that Max Tennyson and his fellow Plumbers aren't aware of the situation. The best way they can think of to finally put an end to the problem is to put someone on the inside. Said someone once used the alias 'Wolfie' on an earlier case and is at pains to not get made.

When 'things come undone', Scooby will be left wandering alone in a state park and get rescued by a kid in a green T-shirt.
Once the rogue Annunaki is destroyed, history will go back to normal and the site of the town will be the state park it is in the real world. After wandering around loose for a few days, a lost, frightened and hungry Scooby will be discovered by a vacationing county sheriff from a town called 'Coolsville' and his son Norville. The rest is history.

The Annunaki speaking through Nova is the Nibiru entity and the "Heart of the Jaguar" is needed to set it free
The Planespheric disc led to two of the keys and everything we know about "The Hunters of Secrets" and the ways to destroy the entity comes from Nova and the Sitting Room, which is a world between worlds for those corrupted by the entity (where it also demonstrated that it can manipulate good people too (like through guilt). The sometimes contradicting actions of its pawns come from the fact that it manipulates through feelings not logic, and also because they miss information sometimes). It wants to get free, why not make it faster and incorporate the heroes in the plan too? The most surefire way to make them bring any item you want is to make them think that it will help them to defeat you.
  • Jossed. The Evil Entity was in the sarcophagus. A GOOD Annunaki was inhabiting Nova. The "Heart Of The Jaguar" was a metaphor for the gang's friendship. It was anethema to the Entity.

    Confirmed theories 

Mr. E is Harlan Ellison
Because why not?In the finale, Ellison is indeed the Mr. E of the new reality created.

Angel and Mr.E were part of the original Mystery Inc
Episode 17, "Escape from Mystery Mansion", has Angel hand them Cassidy Williams's diary; her claim that it's Mr E's latest clue is disproven by it not having his sigil on it. The obvious implication is that Angel IS Cassidy.
  • Confirmed as of Episode 21: Mr E is Ricky Owens of the original Mystery Inc; Angel is simply his pet name for his girlfriend Cassidy.

The gang are the chosen ones.
Mr. E has chosen them to solve a very big mystery, which involves the Curse of Crystal Cove. The other mysteries Mr. E sent them to are tests to see if they're ready.

Confirmed in the home stretch of the series. The gang is closest to the original mystery-solving quintet, and therefore the only ones who can destroy the Evil Entity.

Mister E was in the group of kids that disappeared years ago.
Furthermore, they were once much like the gang, going around solving mysteries.
  • confirmed.

Angel was in the group of missing kids as well
The article says 4 kids went missing, yet the picture is of 3 kids and a bird with a conspicuous missing part of the photo. Which is why Angel was quick to check it out, since she wanted to know if her picture was in it.
  • That would make sense! Either way, she obviously knows more than she's letting on.
  • Now that we've seen the complete picture, we can confirm that there was a black girl in the missing part of the photo.
  • So, in summary, Cassidy Williams (the Velma of before and the black girl whose picture was removed) is Angel Dynamite?
    • Episode 17 is definitely pointing that way.
    • The end of Episode 20 almost confirms that.
    • Confirmed in Episode 21.

Mystery Inc. will go through a temporary break up due to Shaggy, Scooby and Velma's relationship woes.
The Friend Versus Lover tension will build to the point where both Velma and a now frustrated-to-the-point-of-actually-objecting-to-the-relationship Scoob will try and force Shaggy to choose between them, effectively breaking up the gang until that situation gets resolved. (Whether or not this coincides with Daphne getting fed up with Fred's Oblivious to Love-that-doesn't-involve traps is up in the air; that would be the obvious cliche, but seeing how they function as a two-person team would also be interesting.) To fix things, Shaggy will have to smooth things over with both of them and fix their friendship — helping Shaggy and Velma reconnect so that he can enjoy being with both of them rather than having to pick one over the other. (Rule of Funny also suggests that after this, Shaggy would find himself the odd man out at some point while Velma and Scoob are busy bonding, giving him a taste of what they were going through.)
  • Going with an above theory, we may be treated with an episode where Shaggy tries to maintain a friendship with both Scoob and Velma, and be terrible with keeping the secret.
  • Actually, episode 9 proves they're already headed in this direction... After Scooby catches Shaggy and Velma making out, Shaggy breaks their relationship to him in the most chicken shit way possible... and scooby still figures it out and procedes to fight with Velma, with both trying to make shaggy choose. And it isn't resolved at all At the end of the episode when Scooby and Velma try to force him to choose, he promplty tricks them and runs off. chicken shit
  • Episode 11 is about the break-up; Velma and Daphne don't react at all well to Shaggy choosing Scooby (episode 10—and Velma was deeply hurt by it) and split the gang up on gender lines.
    • Actually they stay as a team until the end of that episode. In episode 12 the gang gets back together.
      • But Velma still hasn't forgiven Shaggy.
  • Episode 20 could possibly foreshadow Velma leaving the gang, since she feels left out and attempts to solve the mystery all by herself.
    • Velma may strike out on her own following a fallout with the gang for not telling them she knew that Angel was Cassidy Williams.
      • Semi-confirmed: Velma is blamed for the gang breaking up in the season finale.

The original Mystery Inc. disappeared as the result of a Heroic Sacrifice to save Crystal Cove from a real supernatural threat
Hence why the parents what to keep the kids out of solving mysteries so they do not suffer a similar fate. The town's haunted tourism is also based around the commonly held idea by the Chamber of Commerce that the "real" evil is gone for good, and everything is is harmless. The supernatural threat is sealed away for now, but will return in a two part finale. The adults have concealed the existence of the kids out of shame of how they themselves were responsible for MI's death/disappearance, either by accidentally summoning the supernatural threat or by not aiding in its defeat. Mr. E was involved with the other adults in the cover up but knows of the lurking danger and is aiding the Gang to help ease the guilt of the original loss/ avenge their deaths.
  • Whatever it is, its probably a good bit more powerful than the usual creature. We know its involved in the Gatorville thing, gators simply don't appear out of the ground like that. Maybe it had made a deal with the inhabitants of Gatorville to give them riches, but it eventually caused the gator well to run dry For the Evulz just to mess with the people there. At the best scenario, we are dealing with a high powered monster, at worst, I could compare the sealed evil to The Wolf, The Ram and The Hart.
    • It was a supernatural event, in their eyes. Angel states that a monster known as the Freak of Crystal Cove warned them if they didn't leave, he'd harm their loved ones...then it's revealed that the Freak was Mayor Jones who wanted the treasure for himself.

In Crystal Cove, Adults Are Useless because they've been cursed.
Thanks to Cassandra Truth and You Have to Believe Me!, the previous Mystery Inc. wasn't able to get the help they needed. While investigating, they accidentally triggered the curse, which quickly affected the whole town. When they tried to uncover what happened, the residents swiftly discovered that any sort of investigation — or even helping others investigate — caused the curse to activate, putting them into serious pain... or worse.

Fortunately, everyone born after the curse was triggered is free from its effects... for now. Of course, if the Scooby Gang accidentally triggered the curse again...

Alternatively, the adults just believe they were cursed — the schemer behind it all was able to effectively 'fake' a curse by targeting anyone who tried to find out what happened until they backed off, convinced that the curse of Crystal Cove was in full effect.

Either way, it's Nightmare Fuel incarnate for the adults — just consider what they must have been feeling during, say, Episode 5 — desperately wanting to see this stopped, but terrified of possibly triggering the curse...

Freddy's Connection
Professor Pericles did say to be careful on the closes person especially Freddy so what do you people think?
  • Most obvious answer? Fred's dad is the Mayor, and he doesn't like them solving mysteries. So far he's been relatively lax about enforcing this, but if he chose to turn up the pressure on the gang... But then again, maybe that wouldn't be twisty enough?
    • The end of episode 17 has Fred asking if anyone else is looking for the Haunted Treasure; as he does so, we see Fred Senior drive by with an angry scowl on his face.
  • Fred's mom
  • Daphne
  • Sheriff Stone
    • This one hinges on the fact that Fred considers Sheriff Stone close, not that he is. He did ask him to mediate for the group.
  • Angel
  • Fred Himself: He said especially Fred and as seen at the end of 10, he has no clue that Velma's in pain and that that issue is solved when it breaks the gang apart next episode. His ignorance of relationships is also hurting Daphne and Shaggy's just caught in the middle of it all. He's destroying the group and it's only downhill from here.
    • It's actually Fred's 'not' dad the Mayor. The mayor made a deal with Pericles for information and to betray the original Mystery Inc, then the Mayor betrayed him. Oh and the Mayor's responsible for everything that happened to both Mystery Inc.s INCLUDING taking Fred away from his real parents.

Fred will have an All Just a Dream episode about what will happen if they fail to solve the Crystal Cove mystery.
Within it, he will likely find the fates of the gang after failing to solve the mystery and losing him. Theories on possible consequences.
  • Daphne will become a crazy lady living all on her own muttering about a lost love.
  • Velma will be obsessed with solving every minor thing she comes across to the point of not being functional.
  • Shaggy turns to drugs and spends his sober time trying to convince kids solving mysteries is not fun.
  • Scooby ends up like Professor Pericles.
  • Half-confirmed, half-jossed. In episode 47, he does get to see what appears to be a possible future for the gang, but it's really a movie set. And none of the gang are as described above.

The reason no one freaks out about a talking dog...
Is because all animals talk. And have legal rights, explaining why Scooby Doo was arrested by the sheriff instead of the dog catcher,and why there is an asylum for criminally insane animals. Of course, this carries extremely disturbing implications about Daphne's family and their "cut of meat" comments.
  • It could be that only domesticated animals can talk, perhaps having learned the language from their owners. Otherwise, the giraffe and monkey probably would've been talking, too. The only English a zoo animal would ever hear enough of is jumbled half-conversations from massive crowds.
  • Another possibility is that a talking animal is linked to the Curse of Crystal Cove somehow, only everyone has forgotten that aspect of the Curse.
  • Half-confirmed: talking animals are sort of common. All of them are descended from the animal hosts of the Annunaki.
  • Mentioned in the episode the 'The Devouring': when Scooby says that Nova sat up and said "Nibiru is coming", none of the others are really shocked by it, but Freddy responds that it must be a big deal, because, in his words, " Nova doesn't speak. Ever!"(the last bit implying that she is able to but doesn't choose to). This may imply that all animals (or at least all dogs) can talk, that (due to the town's curse or the chemicals from factory) only the ones in the area around Crystal Cove can.

The original Mystery Incorporated was betrayed by one of their own.
Much like the current team, tension and resentment simmered beneath the surface, and it came to a head when one of them turned on the others. Not even Professor Pericles saw it coming, and lost his eye and potentially his sanity for it.
  • Seems possibly confirmed in 21 when Mr. E reveals himself to be Ricky Owens of the original Mystery Inc. and said that Scooby is a far more loyal friend than Professor Pericles was to him, implying that Pericles betrayed him.
  • Definitely confirmed in Episode 26.

Professor Pericles' warning referred to Fred's parents
Because it makes no sense to me that a former hero (judging from his association with the original Mystery Inc.) would try to split up their successors. Note also how Fred's dad is against Mystery Inc. solving any mysteries - ostensibly for the tourist revenue, sure, but in many cases, not stopping the villain could have ended very badly. Take Episode 5, for example: The Mayor was willing to let "spookified" kids run rampant without parents just for a few extra bucks. In essence, he was leaving them to fend for themselves, and these kids are how old again? They look to be approximately 5 years old. This leads to...

The Mayor is/was involved with the curse.
There are multiple ways he could be, but two stick out in my mind. One, he's using the curse to make Crystal Cove profitable. This would explain why he goes so far as to abuse/criminally neglect portions of the population for tourist dollars (again, episode 5). Two, he's the reason the curse nailed the original Mystery Inc. and feels extremely guilty about it, and thus is stopping the new gang from getting hurt by hiding behind a Jerkass facade.
  • He's the one who told them about the curse since he dressed up as the Freak of Crystal Cove. To drive the point home, he took Fred away from his real parents—Brad and Judy of the original Mystery Inc. and lied that he would take care of the boy. But he does have one minor caring moment; he did save Fred when he was about to fall off the cliff.

Major Jones betrayed Mystery Incorporated.
He used to be their friend, back in high school. Then he fell in love. With Judy, or Cassidy... most likely. Former could further explain his reaction to the locket; latter why Cassidy was torn out of the other picture. Once, he worked with them as a Sixth Ranger — extra muscle, perhaps, given which fraternity he picked in college. After learning his Love Interest wasn't interested in him, he pretended to shrug it off, hiding his jealousy behind a friendly smile. But when they needed his help most... He didn't show up. Or worse, took advantage of their plight to take matters into his own hands.

Pericles witnessed part of the betrayal, so Jones ensured he was discredited. (He may even have ensured Pericles' injuries were severe enough that he wasn't in any state to speak for himself while Jones convinced the authorities whatever happened to the rest of the team had driven the poor bird insane.) The whole PR spin of making the "Curse of Crystal Cove" came later, both to help his campaign/secure his office and as a further "screw you" to the memory of the original Mystery Incorporated.

  • Plays into the below WMG that he's the real Big Bad.
  • Confirmed with a vengeance in Episode 26, except for the love thing.

Angel is in on (one of) the Conspiracies.
In "The Legend of Alice May", it is Angel who "finds" records of Ghost Girl attacks going back to the turn of the century (presumably 10 years), which are displayed on her computer screen. This, of course,is impossible: Alice had only recently been hired by those at the back of the attacks, and was too young to be responsible for earlier attacks anyway.
  • Well, she WAS working with Ricky. Possibly confirmed?

The Curse of Crystal Cove is what makes people dress as monsters
It would explain the less plausible reasons people have been dressing up as monsters: They're cursed.
  • Close enough to be confirmed. The Entity's influence (the curse?) was behind people doing this.

The two kids in the locket had a relationship similar to Velma and Shaggy's and Professor Pericles was their Scooby.
When Velma read the message at the end of episode 8, the picture with the message had Pericles circled. The "Don't give up, this has all happened before" could be Mr. E's way of telling her that Judy and her boyfriend had their fair share of problems as well, just like her and Shaggy. Pericles might have been opposed to the relationship like Scooby is now. Remember, Pericles is riding on the boy's shoulder, indicating the Pericles was his pet like Scooby is Shaggy's pet. The creators might have intended the two to be more like Velma and Shaggy then Fred and Daphne. Velma just didn't catch onto it.
  • In episode 21 we find out that we have 2 of the original members working together. Angel Dynamite is really Cassidy Williams and Mr. E is Ricky Owens who reveals that Professor Pericles was his pet.

Mystery Inc. will eventually get fed up with the town's attitude and the worst possible moment
The gang breaks ups, quits, and/or leaves town after getting completely fed up with the town's treatment of them. Just in time for the real Big Bad to make himself known or a truely dangerous person to start causing trouble. Crystal Cove tries to make money off it as always, only for things to go south fast! They try stopping it on their own but to no avail, requiring them to bed Mystery Inc. to return and take care of it, earning respect of the town. Likely a finale, ether season or series.
  • Confirmed in the Season 2 premiere, but the villain is defeated at the end of the premiere.

Mr. E is giving Crystal Cove a Last-Second Chance
The original Mystery Inc. was on the way to breaking the Crystal Cove curse but the town didn't help them, so they failed and fell victim to the curse. Mr. E is giving them a second chance to break the curse before something truly horrific happens.

The Sheriff and Mayor are secretly a couple
Think about it. You hardly see them without each other and in the Humangonauts episode, they were at that tourist attraction together and the Sheriff wasn't on duty. Can we say date?
  • Judging from the fact that they were holding hands in Episode 16, I'd say we could.
  • Jossed by the cold way in which Sheriff Stone is fired by the Mayor in episode 24.
  • Double Jossed by The fact that the Sherriff having to arrest his boss for a) the Freak of Crystal Cove thing and b) kidnapping a child for at most 17 years of his life.
  • Half-confirmed: Sheriff Stone IS in a relationship with the mayor… but it's Mayor Janet Nettles, not Fred Jones Sr.
  • Jossed by Word of God.

The Curse of Crystal Cove is not the Haunted Treasure itself; it's trying to find it that triggers the curse.
As we've seen, Crystal Cove is sitting on top of a series of caves; as we'll see in Episode 17, it's also on top of an active fault line that can be triggered at will. This clearly implies that any attempt to blast or drill into the chamber where the treasure is located will cause a ruinous earthquake.
  • Also, episode 21 has Mr. E hint that Mystery Inc. is trapped there and won't be freed as long as Fred is still around....
  • Jossed: the real Curse is the man guarding it: the Freak of Crystal Cove is someone with not only the intent of punishing those who come too close but the ability to back it up.
  • The above jossing is jossed. The treasure is real, and it's cursed.

Mayor Jones is the real Big Bad
Think about it. Who gets the most worked up over them stopping the monster attacks? Him. Who benefits most from said attacks? The Mayor whose town needs the tourism from them. Professor Pericles warned Fred to watch out for those he cares about, if its not a member of Mystery Inc., then who could it be? His father, who he still cares about reguardless. Mr. E said the other 2 members of Mystery Inc. won't move a muscle so long as Fred Jones is still alive. He didn't say which Fred Jones, and Mayor Jones' name is Fred Jones Senior. He's just playing obvious and his real intentions are far worse than we know now. Perhaps he wants to use the Treasure of Crystal Cove for tourism, or wants to awaken its curse to do that.
  • Confirmed: He put on the Freak suit years ago, shook down the original gang by threatening to have them arrested based on forged testimony and screwed over Pericles. And let's not get to what he did with Fred.

Fred Jones, Jr. is a hostage to prevent his real parents, Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves, from taking any action against Mayor Jones
Mayor Jones doesn't act like much of a father. What if he took Fred away from his real parents at a young age? The remaining two members of Mystery Inc. "won't move a muscle while Fred Jones is alive." That could mean Fred Junior.
  • Plays into my theory he's the real Big Bad pretty well. He at the very least has motives that are pretty underhanded. And its possible that he meant either of the two Fred Jones, Senior while he's holding Junior hostage or Junior because he's being used against them.
  • Confirmed in Episode 26.

The members of previous Mystery Inc. played different roles from their look-alikes in current one, subverting the Five-man Band trope.
  • Cassidy Williams aka Angel Dynamite was the Action Girl, probably the Lancer or even The Big Girl of Cute Bruiser type.
  • Ricky Owens was The Smart Guy, which somewhat explains Professor Pericles' seeming betrayal - two Smart Guys within the team don't get along very well.

Mayor Jones is The Freak.
If you think about it carefully, it makes sense.
  • The neck of the Freak appears too scrawny for this to work, even with the amazing masks available in the Scooby-Doo world.
  • Confirmed in Episode 26.

Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves are Fred's birth parents. Fred Jones Sr. adopted him.
Brad and Judy are both blonde, Brad has the same chin and facial structure as Fred. Judy's hair is also similar to Fred's. Twenty years is enough time for them to have gotten married and have Fred, since he's probably around sixteen. Fred Jones Sr. may have had a thing for Judy and was a friend to the group, only because he liked Judy but hated Brad. In the flashback at the end of episode 25 we see a young man from the back with hair similar to Fred Jones Sr. which would also explain how he knows about the map. He doesn't show any affection for Fred because he's not his real son and because he looks more like Brad than Judy. He maybe protecting Fred as a favor to Judy and he may also have adopted Fred because of his connection to the original Mystery Inc and the curse of Crystal Cove.
  • I actually really like this theory. It fits because it DOES look like Fred Jones Sr. wearing the suit at the desk with the magnifying glass across from the original Mystery Inc. in Ep. 25 (Mayor Jones is also seen in a similar pose in Ep. 21 Menace of the Manticore when he's looking at the SAME MAP and then quickly hides it in his desk when the gang walks in). Also the fact that Mayor Jones has the picture of the blonde woman on the fireplace mantle and Shaggy says that it's Fred's mom— they never make a reference that it was Mayor Jones' wife. And she does bare some similar characteristics to Judy— she could very well be Judy Reeves who is Fred's real mother.
  • Confirmed in Episode 26; Fred's response to the revelation is to leave town ALONE in search of them.
    • Though not so much adopted, as he was kidnapped and held for the ransom of Brad and Judy leaving Crystal Cove and never returning.

The Freak of Crystal Cove is...
Fred Jones Sr. Neither Pericles nor Mr. E particularly like or trust him, he clearly knows about some of things going on, and he's the most villainous character in entire series.
  • Confirmed in Episode 26.

Fred will kept his name after he meets up with Brad and Judy
Since "Jr." doesn't appear in the intro to the cartoon. The episode introducing Brad and Judy might go something like this:
  • 1) Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo, unmask as a monster just as Sheriff Stone arrive. Sheriff Stone wanted to tell the gang that old friends from high school are back.
  • 2) After the intro: Sheriff's pal turns out to Brad and Judy who had going under Jones since leaving Crystal Cove after the Freak kidnapped their unnamed son.
  • 3) Freddie returns disappointed on not finding his parents.
  • 4) The gang winds-up in another monster mystery. Judy takes charge of solving mystery. The gang exposes the monster as the usual human crook. Freddie who been watching the gang solve this mystery realizes that Judy and Brad are is parents.
  • 5) The final scene is Freddie Jones is being written done on a birth certificate by Freddie Jones under watch by Judy and Brad.
    • We're at the start. Brad and Judy make their appearance at the end of episode 30.
      • Confirmed that he keeps his surname, but the details of this WMG are jossed.

Mr. E is an Anti-Villain.
Or at the least, a villain that has a Pet the Dog moment for Scooby-Doo.

The treasure has either powers equivalent to Pandora's Box or the Ark of the Covenant or it contains a demon.
  • Confirmed.

Professor Pericles will build an Evil Mystery Inc. team for Season Two
Professor Pericles is a criminal genius, and realizes that his best bet against Mystery Inc. is to counter them with an Evil counterpart for the team. He would fill out the Scooby-Doo role himself, of course.
  • Half-confirmed — he reunited the original team.

Mister E will come out of his room in season 2.
...And he will come out because he was lured out by Pericles.
  • He does comes out but not because of Pericles. He confronts Cassidy at a hair stylist shop because "they're coming for Fred," and he confronts Hot Dog Water at her home because of Velma's loyalty to her friends.
  • Pericles' role in bringing Mr. E out of his room is confirmed in episode 31. Pericles also has Cassidy, Brad and Judy (yes, Fred's parents) called to convene as Scooby and the gang have found pieces three and four of the Planispheric Disc.

The Mayor will have a Villainous Breakdown
Most likely in the form of the entire town having a riot.
  • That or he will be called out by his son.
  • Confirmed in the Season 1 finale, but because the gang discovered his scheme. Fred calls him out on it.

Velma and Scooby will bond in season 2
Velma will be the first member of the gang that Scooby gets back together with. As a result the two will get closer. And start hanging out together more, causing Shaggy to feel left out, and become jelous.
  • Jossed: Velma gets Mayor Nettles to help reunite the gang.
    • Velma and Scooby do spend a good bit of on-screen time together in episode 33. When Velma goes off alone to investigate the Graveyard Ghoul, Scooby follows her at the graveyard because he was worried about her.

The will be several more Hanna-Barbera character cameos in season 2

So far, only the Blue Falcon and Dynomutt were confirmed for episode 40.

other possible candidates could be:

  • Wally Gator
  • Magilla Gorilla
  • Secret Squirrel
  • Huckleberry Hound
  • Quick-Draw Mc Graw
  • And many more.
    • Moby Dick (as a submarine), Tom, Tubb and their pet seal Scooby appeared in episode 37.

Daphne will rejoin Mystery Inc. after Crybaby Clown kidnaps her...
And makes it personal.

  • Confirmed at the end of episode 29.

The Crybaby Clown is really Daphne's new boyfriend
And he was only dating her in order to get at her family fortune.
  • Confirmed in episode 29 that Baylor Hotner (Daphne's new boyfriend) was Crybaby Clown. But jossed in his motive—he was gathering specific people he needed for a movie he planned on doing on Crybaby Clown, and Daphne was merely icing on the cake.

Mayor Nettles will end up leading Crystal Cove in a different direction for the better
Kinda like a reformer, Nettles will prove to be rather divisive in the town. First, there is her open support of Mystery Incorporated. Then, there's her mayoral plan involves moving the main industry of Crystal Cove away from the "haunted" department to the "mysterious department". After what happened with Crybaby Clown, she might even have ample justification to prevent future haunting events too. This will make her a direct contrast to Mayor Jones of last season, showing that for all the grief the gang might get, their presence in Crystal Cove IS making things better, and her actions make a partial change to the status quo. (perhaps she'll even make Mystery Inc. contractors to get the town's problems solved, making that whole "vigilante" bit dealt with as well)
  • A few citizens might be unhappy with this decision. Especially Velma's parents, putting them out of business.
  • Well, half-right. She didn't support any of the hauntings, but didn't try to shut down anyone's business.

The treasure of Crystal Cove will be found then subsequently lost forever.
The treasure will either be lost at sea during a vicious struggle for it between Professor Pericles and Ricky, or swallowed up into the ground by an earthquake. Pericles and/or Ricky will meet their demise attempting to retrieve the treasure.
  • Pericles and Ricky die at the hands of the Evil Entity, while the sarcophagus linked to it was shattered by the gang.

Ex-Mayor Jones will die in a Heroic Sacrifice.
When the chips are down Jones Sr. will earn his redemption by once again saving Fred. And Redemption Equals Death.
  • Half-right. He dies in the finale, but so does everyone else. Not a Heroic Sacrifice either.

Professor Pericles was turned evil by one of the black pearls.
As we know from "The Night on Haunted Mountain", the cursed treasure is a sarcophagus with black pearl inside of it that turn you evil. Now, we know Pericles is looking for the treasure, so it's possible he stumbled upon a black pearl in the old days of Mystery Incorporated, and did not know it was a part of the cursed treasure. When the Conquistadors delivered it, whose not to say some of the pearls spilled out somehow?
  • Jossed, as Episode 41 suggests that the animal is always at the core of the downfall of the mystery solving team.
  • Also, Pericles has been evil for a long time, as evidenced by his enjoying the screams of children terrorized by the Krampus in the "old country."
  • Half-jossed: he never came into contact with the pearls, but the curse itself (and the Evil Entity behind it) are what made him evil.

The gang is hunting for the treasure so they can destroy it.
Given the carnage that the Cursed Treasure has left in its wake, the current version of Mystery Incorporated could well have come to the conclusion that the only sane and responsible option is to destroy it and thus save the world.By the end of the series, they're certainly aiming to destroy it. And they succeed.

Mayor Jones will get a Redemption Equals Death.
He'll either escape from prison, or be released for good behavior (highly unlikely after so little time for so serious a crime IRL, but this is Scooby-Doo). We've seen that he's now willing to help them against Pericles and the original Mystery Inc., and he saved Fred. So, now that his own plans to get the treasure lie in shambles, he'll be more interested in keeping Fred safe. This would be particularly heart-wrenching if it leads to a confrontation between him and Brad Chiles, with him protecting Fred from his treasure-obsessed real father. This would turn his kidnapping into a case of Happily Adopted as Fred realizes that, bad as he was, he really was the one who cared about Fred the most.
  • Well, he did get a case of Happily Adopted briefly in episode 48, and he dies in the finale, but so did everyone else. They got better.

Fred Jones Sr. will have a quasi-Heel–Face Turn
  • At some point where the gang needs him for something and he gets "work leave" to aid them against the old Mystery Inc. There will be a moment when he and Fred's real parents have to choose between saving Fred or (insert MacGuffin about the treasure here). Brad and Judy hesitate (they're probably not smart enough to realize they are two people and can do both or Judy isn't strong enough to lift Fred or the MacGuffin or whatever) but the ex-Mayor will immediately go for Fred, leaving Brad and Judy to take the MacGuffin. Fred can see all of this or just that his fake-dad is the one who saved him, whichever, and he's so pissed off at Brad and Judy that he loudly thanks Mr. Jones with "Thanks Dad!"
    • Brad and Judy thereby swear revenge, where Fred Jones Senior points out that they'd have to break into prison to get at him, and he's sure Sheriff Stone wouldn't mind leaving them there once they're in (not reporting their son's kidnapping, willfully endangering teenagers, random weird laws they broke, etc).
      • Confirmed. Sr. seems to have had a quasi-Heel–Face Turn in episode 48. In the Sitting Room, Fred tells him that while he wasn't his real dad, he was the best dad he had. Sr. tells Fred that raising him was the best part of his life. Jossed in that he never leaves jail.

Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm's cameos in the Man-Crab episode...
Either a) that wasn't them, but their descendants, or b) the Great Gazoo had temporarily sent them to the future for whatever reason.

There's a reason Brad and Judy are acting the way they do.
Pericles found and brainwashed them between the time he escaped the asylum and the time they arrive in town. In the finale, they'll break free and return to the side of good.
  • Possible joss. In episode 47, Brad and Judy have plastic surgery to make them look like Fred and a future aged Daphne. However, nobody was arrested so there may be a Heel–Face Turn before it's all over.
  • Half-confirmed. If anything was brainwashing them, it was the Evil Entity.

The finale will bring back a number of old characters.
Both from this series and past ones. Returning characters from this series will include zombified versions of former allies (Ed Machine and Cassidy Williams) controlled by the Nibiru aliens, former enemies turned allies (Alice May, Fred Jones Sr. and Marcie Fleach/Hot Dog Water), and the Horrible Herd (controlled by Pericles), In the end, any zombified characters will be freed and restored to full life, while the Herd is permanently destroyed. Returning characters from past shows will include Scrappy and an army of characters from other Hanna-Barbara shows, come to lend a hand to the gang.
  • Half-confirmed. Alice, Ed and The Herd don't return, but Cassidy, Fred Jones Sr. and Marcie do.

Pericles dies in the finale.
Two scenarios: his own greed for the treasure causes him to remain trapped in a collapsing cavern, where he is crushed by falling debris; or he is injured at some point, and when one of his enemies tries to get him to safety, he refuses, his pride causing him to prefer death over owing his life to an enemy, a marked turn from how he and Ricky first became friends.
  • Half-confirmed. He dies, but not for the reasons described above.

The Planispheric Disc will be destroyed in the finale.
Either left behind and buried forever in the place where the treasure is hidden, or shattering on its own when the treasure is destroyed.
  • Pretty much confirmed.

The Disc doesn't corrupt the animals...
...It corrupts the humans. Think about it: the human ghosts we've seen so far have the same sickly green color scheme as Nibiru, and the Conquistador's appearance was incredibly sinister. The animals, being descendants or vessels of the Annunaki (the beings who intend to stop Nibiru), aren't possessed by the Disc to want the treasure; they want to destroy it because they were warned or possessed by Annunaki themselves! Thus, the humans are the ones being corrupted by Nibiru. That's why Friar Serra warned the gang to kill Scooby; his master wants to keep the dog from preventing his release!
  • Quite possible. In episode 45, Scooby awakens from his nightmare where Nova, being used as a vessel for the Annunaki, tells him this, and he warns the gang that the treasure must be destroyed.
  • Episode 48 massively supports this theory, in that the "best part" of the people who looked for the treasure are in a dimension between dimensions.

Professor Pericles is some sort of Shapeshifter.
Personally, I hope not, because I like the idea of a little murderous parrot running around. But, considering the direction the series is taking, there's a chance that Pericles is not what he looks like. Either he's got a secret form that he used to kill Ed Machine, or some sort of mad science from Destroido or magic from Nibiru will transform our parrot into a hulking monster, which will then be killed in the final confrontation.
  • Well, he does change form, but only when the Evil Entity uses him for a host.

When the Nibiru entity is defeated...
All the spirits it's holding captive in the dream world will be freed. Those whose originals are still living will pull massive Heel Face Turns, including Fred Jones Sr. and Brad and Judy. Those who are already dead will appear to the gang one last time to thank them for freeing them, then Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence.
  • Fred's reconciliation with Sr. in episode 48 may lead this to be true.
  • Confirmed, as EVERYONE pulls a Heel–Face Turn when reality is rewritten, but none of them know it.

    Everything else 
Note: Most of these would probably fall under "Plausible, but unconfirmed".

The series takes place in the same universe as Riverdale
These two shows have a lot of parallels for instance:
  • Both are modern dark adaptations of older works
  • The mayor and sheriff have a romantic dynamic in both series
  • Both have parents that are very unlikable
  • Both deal with major plot twists that involve the parents being evil
  • Both deal with major character changes
  • Both involve a mystery that goes back many years
The new timeline is the old Scooby-Doo canon.
  • If so, many of their old cases (as shown in the Spook Museum) will be repeated in new locations, which seems unlikely.
    • Not as unlikely as you think: given that the timeline has been restarted, many of them may never have had reasons to move to Crystal Cove (or their ancestors, if they were natives.) To use a real-world parallel: how many people in the United States would be there if their ancestors had not immigrated/they had not immigrated?
    • Jossed. Word of God seems to point that it takes place in a Broad Strokes of the original canon.

The issue of Traps Illustrated with a woman on the cover was covering the other type of trap.
...As part of a feature on Convincing Crossdressing. Fred keeps it handy for the disguise tips — he really does just read it for the articles! (And the centerfolds of Rube Goldberg Devices, but...)

The reason Scooby and Shaggy always believes the monster is real, is because before meeting the gang they met the Boo Brothers and the Ghoul School.
If there is a real paranormal activity going on, it lends some credence for them being scared even though most of the monsters are just fakes in Crystal Lake.
  • This could also mean that the three male kids that went missing were the Boo Brothers (only taking up the name of "Brothers" since they kept together in their ghostly state.
  • Alternatively, they're scared because the ghost/monster being fake doesn't mean it's not dangerous. The Man Crab could have killed Shaggy and Scooby if he had knocked them off the platform, and the ghost trucker could have likewise killed them if he ran them off the road.
  • Where and how they were raised could also be a factor. Crystal Cove seems like the only place where your folks would gladly tell you that all the monsters you're afraid of are REAL. Even the ones in your closet and under your bed...

Velma and Scooby used to get along before Shaggy started using Scooby as an excuse.
That's part of why Shaggy did it in the first place. Not every girl would buy a line like 'sorry, but I have to consider my dog's feelings about this' note , but Velma was friendly enough with Scoob that she complied. The first time, Shaggy probably threw it out just as a desperation tactic and was shocked to see it worked; by the time the series starts, he's come to rely on that as an easy dodge, while Velma is seriously suspecting that there's more to it than that. Scooby, for his part, still likes Velma and wouldn't mind seeing her and Shaggy get together — especially if their becoming 'official' would help Velma revert back to the friendly girl he remembers.
  • And as for episode 9... Scooby's just mad because he had found out. He expected Shaggy to come clean before and might be more mad that his best friend couldn't tell him the truth.
  • Scooby has since tried to make amends to Velma, but in episode 13, she's not quick to warm back up to him. Something dire along the line may happen to Velma that will require Scooby's aid, she will practically owe him her life.

It wasn't Scooby's disapproval Shaggy was originally worried about — it was his mother's.
She doesn't approve of his being friends with the rest of the gang; imagine how she'd react if she knew he was dating one of them. That's the real reason why he didn't want anyone to know about it... even the rest of the gang. After all, what if Scooby slipped up and clued his Mom in?

Angel really spends most of her time spying on the town
Her job at the radio station is the perfect cover for this. While she broadcasts music to the area she also has the technology for massive wiretapping and other forms of electronic surveillance. Just like how she listened in on the gang from her studio she keeps her ears open to all channels. Remember that she's friends with the gang beyond just having a cool place to hang out: the go to her when they are in need of certain information, like when tracking down who has bought and used what kind of tires during the ghost trucker case. She's keeping tabs on everybody. And she's all alone when the gang isn't visiting. And she KNOWS about all the current events in town. This WMG further enhances "Angel is Cassidy Williams/Angel is tied with Mr E" speculations because she would need the brains and resources to pull this off.

The Blake sisters are not hypercompetent over-achievers.
Instead, they are insane, believing themselves to be doctors, models, military officers and so forth. Their mother shares in these delusions, while their father merely humors them.

Reasoning: A lot more probable than multiple siblings making it through college by age 13, also: If they all have successful careers, why are they still apparently living with their parents?

Not only is Episode 13's Title a Shout Out to Higurashi, but it serves as a clue for the Myth Arc
And by "clue," I don't mean "it's meant for everyone to get." Mystery Incorporated is a clear deconstruction of the "Whodunnit for Kids" genre and its already well crafted Myth Arc will likely avoid both "easily solved by a kid" and Clueless Mystery that Scooby-Doo more or less runs on. It isn't a Fair Play Who Dunnit either. It's a true mystery, one where the fanbase has to put on its collective thinking cap and grow a good crop of Epileptic Trees.General Evidence:
  • The Crystal Cove Curse is real and involves the repeated disappearances/mental breakdowns of the members of "Mystery Inc" or at least what seems to be the school's Mystery Club.
  • The curse has struck often enough for someone (Mr. E) to know how it strikes and possibly why.
  • The Mystery Club's disappearance isn't the first. Spanish Conquistadors, "an entire town full of missionaries," and the Darrow Family are all possible victims of the Curse.
  • No two generations of Mystery Inc members are exactly alike, however they follow a very strict pattern in terms of archetypes and relationship to each other. Going back to the previous point, the Conquistadors could possibly have been a troop of adventuresome youths who set out to explore the mysteries of the New World. There could have been a similarly curious band of missionaries who solved crimes Brother Cadfael-style ("entire town" seems like hyperbole). The Darrow Family is interesting because they are named outright. Hypothetically, Native American residents who lived in where Crystal Cove now is could have also been apart of the curse. We only heard of three reported disappearances from Velma in episode 1 and of a fourth in episode 6. There could easily be more that we don't know about.
  • Not everyone literally disappears, but those that do remain are either scarred by the Curse or in hiding from it. One known member (Pericles) went insane and a possible member (Angel Dynamite, who could be Cassidy Williams) obviously knows something. Those who know of the curse keep it a secret themselves, even if they subtly help the current Mystery Inc solve things.
  • The curse has to be triggered by stumbling onto evidence of the previous victims. Mr. E tells the gang that the locket wasn't meant to be found and that due to their finding it the curse has begun anew.
  • Pericles knew something about Fred he probably shouldn't (unless we're playing the whole "magically unseen spies" game). Someone close to Fred is untrustworthy AND Pericles has prior knowledge of this person to cause him to warn Fred about it.
  • Mr. E knew Daphne found the locket, even when she didn't tell anyone about it. He also knew her phone number and is mysteriously good at knowing what questions the gang will ask him, going well beyond The Tape Knew You Would Say That. Episode 13 provides the most suspicious example of this, with the response message being far too well timed, far too direct an answer, and just far too bizarre in general. A radio is one thing... that there was another thing entirely...

Evidence for a large influence from Higurashi:

  • The towns are cursed and people disappear mysteriously there. Stories of monsters and an unshady connection between them and a powerful local political faction. So Yeah. The stories are already similar right off the bat. Suspicious, but not strong evidence. However, I find it unlikely that the team behind the series lacked an anime fan, and even more unlikely an anime fan who had never heard of Higurashi. Someone probably made the connection and they ran with it.
  • Fred's newfound obsession with traps is suspiciously familiar to Satoko Houjou's. His status as the Mayor's son and thus in the process of being groomed as the next mayor of Crystal Cove mirror's the Sonozaki family. Minus the twin, of course. We're looking at a homage, not plagiarism. If Fred's Dad is in on it, the resemblance between the two political families becomes even closer.
  • Fred also hints that he may be faking his personality. He chastises himself on several ocassions for not acting cold and emotionless. Mion and Shion Sonozaki had similar hidden personalities that were forced upon them in order to fufill a place in their family's political world.
  • The division of the True Companions led to the previous Mystery Inc's downfall, as was the case time and time again in Higurashi.
  • If Angel Dynamite is Cassidy Williams, her role mirrors "Girl A," aka an older Rena Ryuuguu. Not exactly, mind you, but it is close enough to be noticeable.
  • The possible direct to Higurashi shout out that started this whole WMG is the title for episode 13. The number 13, if you'll recall, is not a friendly one. The gang also shows visible divisions in this episode (with Velma and Daphne insulting the boys in their faces), furthering the thematic connection of "dividing the true companions = bad."
  • Fred claims they'll be together forever. Considering what I'm about to put forward, that will make this phrase more of a brilliant moment of foreshadowing rather than merely a stupid statement spoken by a clueless Chaste Hero. It wouldn't save Fred from that role, but it would make the writers look awesome. And it'd be a very creepy "Funny Aneurysm" Moment to boot.

Overall Theory: The cast is stuck in a double "Groundhog Day" Loop. The Curse of Crystal Cove plays Literal Genie with the phrase "these events are destined to repeat themselves forever." "Forever" meaning not only that the events repeat themselves once a generation, but also "after the end of this universe, the universe begins again and events repeat themselves (with slight variations)." Forever equaling eternally and without end. The gang only reincarnates once per universe, with all previous generations of Mystery Inc. reincarnating once per world as well. Eventually the gang will begin to remember previous cycles, some of which could contain shout outs to previous Scooby Doo series and various clones of the franchise (eg. Jabberjaw). One cycle might already be remembered, something Mr. E took advantage of in "the Mystery of Alice May," where a previously solved case comes back to haunt the gang in a way that makes no sense unless rapid aging was involved; it was a lie to begin with, but still. No excuse. The gang clearly had a faulty memory of those events. They saw Alive May as a younger girl rather than someone of their own age, which she clearly was. It is likely that the gang won't know the memories are false unless they begin to severely differ from reality (like a memory of Scrappy Doo or Flim Flam). This series is already playing around with references to previous series and having it all come full circle by making the entire franchise a series of loops fits right in with the show's style of deconstruction. This theory works spectacularly because it works not merely as very creepy Mythology Gag, but also explains why the characters are so different across the various incarnations of the series. I would like to further theorize that the first season will end in failure for the gang and they too will disappear mysteriously one by one, with Season 2 starting the loop all over again in the next world. The gang is clearly two steps away from breaking up, which has already stated to be very, very bad. It is doubtful that their relationships will magically be repaired in the time remaining. Season 1 is to establish that there is a loop. Season 2 will likely be all about solving the real mystery, or at least the beginning of actually trying. This season looks like one big Bad End waiting to happen. All in all, this theory just works. Or it'd make for an awesome fanfic, at the very least.

  • (Poster of original Higurashi WMG) My God... I haven't even watched the series... (Is Chicken). You, my dear, are epic. This makes so much crazy sense it HAS it be true. (Makes V-sign) Respect.

Mr. Rogers is vegetarian.
Because he's voiced by Casey Kasem.

Fred has high-functioning autism/Aspergers syndrome.
He is laser-focused on what he loves and is really REALLY good at it(solving mysteries and making traps), has poor social and communication skills, and it might explain why he broke down like he did after Daphne was kidnapped by the mancrab. He seems dumb because of his obsession and some of the things he says, but he's really an intelligent person who's mind works differently and has a hard time socializing.

Harlan Ellison is Velma's real father
He remembers "Cape Cod Dinkley" fondly because they had an affair. Velma inherited his intelligence, sense of superiority, and hatred of the way Shaggy uses "like."
  • Dunno about this. Velma says she wants to see the good in people, while episode 25 tells us that Ellison is misanthropic.
  • Harlan Ellison is a real person (and massively misanthropic) who actually kinda does look like Velma.

Flim-Flam's scam was the 13 ghosts.
Flim-Flam went to prison for his confidence games. What if his last big trick was a fake Chest of Demons, worked with the help of a Van Ghoul impostor? Special effects and hypnosis could have fooled Shaggy, Scooby, Daphne, and Scrappy. The motive would have been an all-expenses-paid trip wherever he wanted to go, for whatever schemes he was working on the side. A distorted version of that story (calling the demons real, of course) would merit an exhibit in the Spook Museum.
  • Well, check the following fan-fic, Flim Flammed, for a possible version of how the scam might have worked.

The following is Amy Cavenaugh/Amy the Siren's planned plan
  • 1) Made a mermaid costume
  • 2) Send an anonymous tip to Mystery Inc. via e-mail.
  • 3) Befriend Velma as Amy the Siren.
  • 4) Mystery Inc. takes care of the Fish Freaks (real or not), but stay underwater in her mermaid costume just in case of a person or non-sea animal drowning.
  • 5) Say good bye to Velma as Amy the Siren.
  • 6) Return as Amy Cavenaugh to pick up her husband
  • 7) A few days later, send "a thank you" e-mail to Mystery Inc. with the sign-off: Princess Amy of the Mermaids.

Somewhere out there, there's a talking dog named Wolfie who knows what Skipper Shelton is talking about.
You've noticed that Skipper Shelton is awfully chummy with Scooby; since he calls him Wolfie and talks about a shared past, it's likely that in Season Two, he and Wolfie will meet and compare notes.

A duplicate Mystery Machine was used for the engine-theft trick
Mr. E. has one or more duplicates of the Mystery Machine. He just had one without an engine towed up to Gatorsburg, dropped off, and original towed away. To return the engine they just swapped it back. What the Obliteratrix did was just a more dramatic version of the same trick.

Fred's birth name is Geoffrey Michael Chiles.
  • A commentator on the TWOP forums noted that the Fred Jones character was originally a composite of two people named Geoff and Mike; he or she speculated that the show runners would sort of pay tribute to his origins by giving him a birth name that reflected that fact.
    • Geoff and Mike were the developmental characters in what was first titled Mysteries Five before it became Scooby Doo. Fred could also have learned his name would have been Ronnie, as that was his original name until he was renamed as a salute to CBS daytime and children's programming chief Fred Silverman.

The original Mystery Incorporated are representative of what happens to the gang as they lose their ability to communicate with one another.

  • Professor Pericles is basically Scooby Doo, but with little compassion toward his comrades.
  • Ricky Owens may or may not represent an obsession with getting back at Professor Pericles for betrayal. Being Shaggy's counterpart, he's not fond of his best friend selling him out for a treasure.
  • Cassidy Williams, being Velma's counterpart, is meant to represent the loneliness and pain associated with all of her friends being corrupted by the influence of either revenge, The Treasure of Crystal Cove, or out and out separation via other means.
  • Brad and Judy... Well, we know little, so let's wait a bit, we'll see if they're not functional.
    • Pericles says that Brad and Judy are "an enigma."

Shaggy's mom hates/fears Scooby because of Professor Pericles.
She sees the parallels between the two of them, and she doesn't like it, not one bit. After all, look where the parrot ended up! And Ricky... well, that didn't turn out so well, did it? Now she sees her own son forming a similar bond with another talking animal — and if that wasn't bad enough, he's gotten into the mystery-solving, too! The last thing she wants is for her little boy to end up the same as Ricky, so splitting them up is the only way. Even if it means her son winds up hating her forever for what she's done...

Clearly, therefore, the best way to solve this is for her to see firsthand that Scooby is not Pericles, and will never become like him. Then, and only then, will she be able to accept their friendship instead of seeing it as a disaster waiting to happen...

  • The Vincent Van Ghoul from the series was actually a ghost, and not the actual Vincent Van Ghoul. It was just an illusion to preserve their sanity. Further, this must have been revealed after the series, since they don't immediately act like they knew Vincent Van Ghoul personally.
    • Maybe the ghost took a form he knew Shaggy and Scooby (since they're the resident cowards) would be familiar with
    • The 13 Ghosts were minions of Nibiru until they defected to rule the world for themselves.

The Crybaby Clown from "The Night The Clown Cried" and the Crybaby Clown from "The Night The Clown Cried II: Tears of Doom" are not the same.
This is somewhat similar to a "Two Freaks?" theory above, but here goes..

I think this may have been overlooked, but really, it is not impossible for there to be 2 Crybaby Clowns. Now, let's analyze Baylor's motives. In Part 2, he said he had been kidnapping people for a new film of his. But now consider this: Why did he start kidnapping people in that part when he had been terrorizing Crystal Cove for weeks? Surely he had time to kidnap them too, unless his motives changed. But we all know that is not the case here. And why a clown suit? It is possible Baylor withheld information from the gang, and he got his idea of a second Crybaby Clown from the original. And we know Baylor didn't kidnap anyone else because of who was on the plane in Part 2, and who he said he was gathering up.

Also, the Crybaby Clown in Part 2 is less talkative, while the Crybaby Clown in Part 1 is more talkative. Overall, I think it is entirely possible the first Crybaby Clown is still on the loose.

Unconfirmed. But since reality's been rewritten, we may never know the truth.

The Flintstones were the prehistoric precursors to the mystery solving teams
When Nibiru first arrived on Earth and set the curse in motion, it hit two families. Two men (Fred and Barney), two women (Wilma and Betty) and an animal (Dino). Dino is also far more intelligent then later episodes indicate, having initially spoken with an intellectual accent in his first appearance.

The "Full Moon" seen in every episode is not actually the moon, it's Nibiru, the planet mentioned that will destroy the earth
It would explain why it's full all the time rather than just every once in a while and one of the gang did say that the moon was bigger than they remember.

The Nibiru entity was sealed by its own species
In many myths, there is a civil war between the gods, in which one plans to destroy humanity, but is opposed by the others. The Nibiru entity sealed under Crystal Cove wanted to destroy Earth, but was defeated and trapped in a sarcophagus.

Crystal Cove is a very anti-gun town
It would be a family-friendly way of explaining the almost complete absence of firearms on the show (not even the police have any guns).

The government sent the first Crybaby Clown to attack Crystal Cove.
And they know a LOT more than most people think. The Clown had two goals, and his bosses would have been satisfied if one or both were fulfilled. The first goal was to get everyone in town to cooperate with someone who was, effectively, a domestic terrorist. If they had, they could well have all been arrested for such an act. The second goal, and the one he achieved, was to terrify the populace into bringing Mystery Incorporated back to town, so they could finish solving the mystery of the Spanish treasure, and finally put an end to all the bad things that have been happening in town for all these years.

At the end of the series, the government will send agents to Crystal Cove again to arrest the final group of villains, and one of the people doing the arresting will reveal he was the first Crybaby Clown, and why he did it.

  • Well, the last part was jossed, but the basic theory is still plausible.

Velma and Hot Dog Water will make TV history by being the first lesbian couple on an American show aimed at children.
Their relationship seems to parallel that of Willow and Tara from the Buffyverse: You get the socially awkward, recently-heartbroken member of the gang to find someone of the same sex with very similar interests and abilities (magic or computers, as the case may be), the relationship is initially clandestine, and the rest of the group takes a while to see the outsider as one of their own. The ensuing controversy will just bring viewers to the show.
  • They're not the first. What about Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy? (Word of God confirmed it)
    • I never watched that series, so I could have misunderstood you there, but I meant as in being openly so. The WMG was that if they do come out, it'll go down in TV history. And even if the above were open about it... maybe Velma/Marcie will be the first protagonists? HQ and PI were villainesses, right?
  • Hints were already shown in the first season that Velma wasn't entirely straight, as the relationship between Shaggy and Velma seemed very forced on her side. In fact, their relationship is actually a decoy, to make us think that maybe she isn't lesbian.
  • Sadly unconfirmed in the show, but still dang plausible.
    • The finale makes it just about as explicit as possible without saying it outright.

Fred Jones, Sr. has Schizoid Personality Disorder.
Think about it; he seemed to have difficulty returning his son's feelings, did not care for the safety/health of Crystal Coves’ citizens, and preferred spending time alone rather than bonding with poor Freddy. Even so, the ex-mayor still has emotions, therefore making him a schizoid with emotions.

Here are the symptoms of SPD that fit him.

•Neither desires nor enjoys close relationships, including being part of a family. I never saw Fred Jones, Sr. display romantic emotions towards anyone. The episode “Where Walks Aphrodite” does not count. Aphrodite's pheremone made people fall in love with EVERYTHING on account of its scent. As for family, Fred only became his son due to leverage purposes. He doesn't really strike me as the type who wants children.

•Almost always chooses solitary activities. His obsession with the Haunted Treasure, for example.

•Lacks close friends or confidants other than first-degree relatives. His only friend was Sheriff Stone. They’ve known each other for years, and yet Mayor Jones fired his only friend in “Dead Justice”, without giving it a second thought - or an indication that his action bothered him.

•Shows emotional coldness, detachment, or flattened affectivity. Freddy described him as “cold” in “Wrath of the Krampus.” He was not a neglectful father, but he was emotionally distant one.

What do you guys think?

Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm's cameos in the Man-Crab episode...
Either a) that wasn't them, but their descendants, or b) the Great Gazoo had temporarily sent them to the future for whatever reason.

Nibiru has been responsible for the citizen's apathy the entire time.
As part of its engineering of Mystery-solving teams, it affects the people around its targets to alienate them. The fact that nearly everyone they know is a total bastard is a contributing factor to the eventual Face–Heel Turn.
  • Given how pleasant everyone becomes after the Gang reverses polarity on being Superboy-Prime, this seems fairly plausible.

The Nibiru entity is Maldor the Malevolent
  • Or his Dragon, since Maldor seems to be the leader of the 13 Ghosts, due to being the first the gang faced.

The Freak of Crystal Cove is the Nibiru entity's true appearance
Fred Jones Sr. mentions seeing the monster in his dreams which inspired his costume. Both Scooby and Mr. Tap-Dancing also saw it in their dreams as well. Since the Nibiru entity is sealed in a sarcophagus, it's using the dream world to"communicate" with others.
  • The Monstrous Freak was a transformed spirit of the lead conquistador, but it's still possible his altered form was the true appearance of the Evil Entity.

Nibiru was the reason behind Velma and Shaggy's one-sided secret relationship to drive a wedge between the team as part of his plan.

Even Nibiru finds Scrappy-Doo annoying, which is probably why he didn't stay with Mystery Inc for long.
  • Alternate theory: The Nibiru entity was the reason Scrappy started becoming annoying, as his influence on him was having an odd effect on the pup in particular. Fortunately, the gang realized Scrappy was acting very off and sent him back to live with his parents again. Whatever he did that lead to that decision, it's apparent that the gang doesn't ever want to speak of it again.
The following is what some of the unknowns are doing in the new timeline from "Come Undone". Troops, feel free to add more.
  • Film Flam: Is most likely working for a juice or soda drink factory.
  • Vincent Van Ghoul: Enjoying his movie-making business, and beloved as both a dramatic and comedic actor.
    • Or alternately: he really IS a magician in the new universe.
      • Better yet: Vincent has genuinely supernatural powers in the new universe because reality re-built itself to accommodate the Scooby Gang's hopes, desires and yearnings. Deep down, Shaggy'd always thought it would be way cool if his favorite horror-movie star really did have supernatural powers.
  • Scrappy-Doo: Mostly with his parents. Considers his uncle to the bravest dog in the world.
  • Jason Wyatt: With his mother and looks more like a male Velma.
  • Alice May: A teenage actor for a famous soap opera.
  • The Hex Girls: Enjoying their music career.
  • Skipper Shelton: Still running his clam restaurant, with his nose intact.
  • Ed Machine: Working for Ricky Owen's company, though no longer its CEO.
  • Velma's Parents: Most likely running a Science or History Museum.
  • Amy Cavenaugh: With her husband.
  • Blue Falcon: He's no longer the Dark Age Batman parody he became in this show, and makes an effort not to scare people.
    • So a Adam West's Batman homage.
  • Dynamutt: Was given an upgrade thanks to Creationex, so he no longer carelessly malfunctions.
  • Mary-Ann Glearon: Still in school.
  • Rung Ladderton: Retired after selling his company to Creationex.
  • George Avocado: Working his avocado farm. Might have Thomas Avocado here as an old man.
  • Prof. Raffalo: Working at a Darrow University.
  • Daniel Frezzette: Working at the Radio station.
  • Grandma Moonbeam: Spokeperson for Creationex's Nature Slivers.
  • Benson Hairmore: A security guard for Creationex.
  • Tom and Tub: They have a real whale.
  • Shaggy has a sister named Maggie.
  • Amanda Smythe: Brilliant biochemist who's working on a cure for depression, and is regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world.
  • Danny Darrow: Heir to the Darrow fortune, and gives tours of his mansion where harmless traps cause flowers and candy to fall on guests.
  • Baylor Hotner: Renowned for being a great and charitable actor who rarely thinks of himself.
  • Francilee Jackson: Renowned Health Chef who makes food that tastes good, but is also good for you.
  • Franklin Fruitmeier: Still running his business, but his dessert is make from pudding.
  • The Gator Family: Could be running a Gator-themed theme park
  • Bud Shelton: Make a healthy juice for Creationex.
  • The Littlefoots: Happy together.
  • The Minners: Either still in the circus or running their insurance companies.
  • Shelia Altoonian: A friend of Nan Blake
  • Howard E. Roberts: A college age science writer and a pen pal of H.P. Hatecraft
  • Maxwell: Copyboy and Video Game Tester
  • Mr. Wang: Living in China.
  • Mai Le: Living in China.
  • Argus Fentproof: Making movies for Hollywood studios
  • Ernesto and his friends : Hippies.
  • The Spartans: Exploring the world's jungles for lost artifacts.
  • Charles Wheatlesby: A cameraman for the Spartans. Usually called "Chuck" by the Spartans.
  • Wilson Fleach: Runs Funland.
  • Deputy Bucky: Helps Sheriff Stone in his job.
  • Charlie The Haunted Robot: The gentle bodyguard to Mr. Jenkins, who's the CEO of his own beneficial robotics company.
  • Henry Bascombe: Moved on after the Air Force took over his land and pursued a career as a technician.
  • Deacon Carswell: Still running his bank and married with three children.
  • Curator Vronsky: Still in Russia running its museums
  • Horbet Feist: Running his bank.
  • Roberto: Either in the jungle or in a circus.
  • Hans Gruber: Still playing polka in his home country.
  • Count Evallo: In his home country, being the opposite of his name.
  • Doogle McGuiness: Teenage actor.
  • Dan Fluunk: Runs the Burlington Library. A museum to the Benevolent Lodge of Mystery and their capers.
    • Except, was there a Benevolent Lodge of Mystery at all? As both the first Mystery Incorporated and the Darrow Family as mystery solvers were undone, not likely.
    • Then he's running the Burlington Library, which is a museum dedicated to the Benevolent Lodge of Discovery: a Steampunk-themed group of inventors, naturalists, and world travelers.
  • Rube Boy: Gives up on the music world after his record flops.
  • Shaggy's mom: Not only is she proud of her son's cooking skills, but she also approves of his close friendship with Scooby.

The results of what happened to Nova in the new universe.
  • This troper is confused about what happened to Nova at the end of the finale. So I figured that either Nova never really existed or in that universe, she really WAS the good Annunaki all along. She was possibly pretending to never have spoken.

The pair of eyes in every previous series' theme song...
...Belonged to the Nibiru Entity, as this Tumblr post shows.
  • Except for the eyes in The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries, they belong to some good Annunaki.
  • The evil eyes that appeared briefly in Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? opening right after the Black Knight Ghost is also the Nibiru Entity.
  • The evil eyes that appeared in the opening credits of Scooby-Doo! and the Reluctant Werewolf is also him.

The Nibiru Entity is sucked into the Dead Zone.

Season 3 would have been a Post-Script Season.
Namely, that although the main Myth Arc would be over and done with, a mini Story Arc would be created as the gang tries to solve one last mystery: What changed in history when the entity was destroyed, and what is the mystery of their new college? Just for fun, we can have cameos of all the older characters on the Gang's road trip, just to show us how things have changed.

If they had reached season 3, Fred and Daphne would have gotten married in the Grand Finale
(the new one), and in a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, we'll see Daphne give birth to her first child, delivered by Brad and Judy

Scooby Doo and Nova would have eventually had puppies together
Weird semi- extra dimensional puppies, but essentially, the legacy of Scooby Doo to be passed on forever.

Crystal Cove in the new timeline is extra clean because
...The entity had its tendrils in every last thing, every last bit of weirdness that went on. It became so enmeshed in the fabric of Crystal Cove, it displaced every other type of corruption, regardless of its origins. When it was finally destroyed, every last thing it ever corrupted was not only not corrupted by the entity, it was never corrupted at all in any way. Witness the much mentally healthier Sheriff in the new world, not to mention Fred's three parents.

"Children of Nibiru" mystery-solving groups do not age, and the Evil Entity covers for this by altering memories in Crystal Cove
The second Mystery Incorporated was in operation for many years, much longer than their ages and status as high-school students can account for. The Evil Entity creatively warped the memories of people in town so they wouldn't recognize this. For this group we have a logical explanation of Comic-Book Time.
  • Fred's parents lived in the 70's (using slang like "Smokey" and "far out"). Brad and Judy had a child young (two years after being forced from town). If Fred was 17 or so, the show should date to about 1998 or 1999. But the technology (e.g. cellphones and laptops) is more advanced than that, while clothing fashions are strangely out-of-date.
  • The gang has had enough adventures to fill a museum with exhibits. The town has had enough time to adapt everything to a haunted/monster theme.
  • Shaggy said they had been "teenagers forever."
  • Fred didn't know what graduation was, and found the concept of time confusing.
  • All the parents, especially Daphne's, are a little crazy due to their extra-long parental roles and memory edits.
  • Daphne's older sisters were originally her quintuplet (or sextuplet if you count the astronaut-marrying sister as a different one) identical sisters. This accounts for their precocious graduation from college and their careers, because they aged while Daphne didn't.
  • It might explain why they didn't check Alice May's story more carefully. It actually was possible for a little girl from one of their early cases to grow up to be their peer.
    • Dr. Thinker: Welcome to , RockSunner

Sheriff Stone and Mayor Nettles' children would've been a new Mystery Incorporated
...There's four of them, so why not?

Dexter's Laboratory and The Venture Bros. are in the same universe as Mystery Incorporated, which is a prequel to both.
With both Blue Falcon/Dynomutt (previously cameo'd in Dexter's Lab) and the Jonny Quest gang (side-characters in Venture Bros., even if they don't have their actual names there anymore) showing up in the episode "Heart of Evil", it seems pretty obvious that all five of these shows are part of the same universe. Most likely, the continuity goes from Mystery Incorporated to Dexter's Lab some time later (reality rewrite explains the less Frank Miller-esque Blue Falcon in that cameo) and then from Dexter's Lab to Venture Bros. at least a decade or so later.
  • Watchmen could be set in the same world, this is easily the darkest Scooby Doo show made yet; perhaps Velma's Rorschach disguise wasn't just a reference to a fictional superhero here...

In addition to being a Stealth prequel, the show was secretly more like an animated adaption of BioShock Infinite.
The key is in how similar the two are, Like Bioshock Infinite, the series has a similar approach to mystery solving groups (there are always four humans and an animal, they always band together to solve mysteries, they catch people who are either disguised as or are monsters, and they are always involved with the cursed treasure), the hardcore deconstruction of the whole concept of Scooby Doo (whilst Bioshock Infinite does this to multiple political views and extremism in general) but most importantly, they have very similar endings; they essentially retcon the events of their respective works of fiction out of existence and replace it with a better one. The main difference however is we actually see this timeline, while Bioshock Infinite's is up for much more debate.

The Nibiru entity still exists, in the form of the gang.
In the old universe, the entity was what guided their actions. Now the gang has been moved into a universe where they live completely different lives, with Fred a football player and Shaggy a chef. Since they're their old, trap-loving, slacker selves, that means that the Nibiru entity's influence is still a part of them. At the very least, they may retain its Weirdness Magnet during their travels.

The universe became Denser and Wackier after the Gang destroyed the Evil Entity.
Just as Crystal Cove transformed from a prettified Wretched Hive to a normal resort town, the world at large is a lot more benign than the one the Gang grew up in. Having to adapt to a harmless, wacky sitcom world filled with bungling baddies when they're used to dealing with people trying to kill them is the challenge that the cast of "Be Cool, Scooby Doo" has to face.

Daphne's sisters were in college at such a young age unwillingly
In the first universe, the Blake's were affected by the evil entity, only they were greedy for prestige/personal wealth rather than the treasure because they were not a part of the main mystery/treasure hunting. As such, they forced their eldest daughters to get into college at such a young age for the prestige/wealth (Daphne's mom specifically calls her daughter's jobs "rich" careers). At a proper age, they pushed "appropriate" suitors their way, and the oldest sisters gave in, marrying "appropriate" people for their class. The sisters react in different ways- mild sadism (the military sister) and apathy (the neuroscience sister).

In the new universe, the Blake's haven't forced their children to do anything. Unfortunately, this does give the eldest sisters a reputation as slackers, but on the flip side, they're a lot more mentally healthy considering that they weren't forced to behave to their parents standards. Eventually, they'll find their own jobs/husbands on their own terms, maybe even going into the same fields, and marrying the same people, but on their own terms, and with genuine love for their profession/partner.

Be Cool, Scooby Doo! will be a Stealth Sequel to Mystery Incorporated in the most Mind Screw-y way imaginable.
Because the fact that the next series picks up with the gang on a cross-country road trip, while this series ended with them road-tripping their way to college is a little too much of a coincidence. And Bee Cool is slated to share some crew members with Mystery Incorporated, including a few writers.

This show firmly established the parameters of the Scooby Doo multiverse, and one of those parameters seems to be that Every new series seems to be caused by a Cosmic Reset Button, and when it is hit at the end of this series, it creates a new universe that aligns with the newer, Denser and Wackier Be Cool. As the series goes on, what would start off as simple mythology gags would slowly begin to spiral into a Darker and Edgier finale where the gangs remembers the events in Crystal Cove, and could potentially have to face Nibiru again, because we all know Evil Never Dies, and he seems to be intrinsically tied to the Cosmic Reset Button. If you go with the WMG above that Nibiru was the disembodied pair of eyes in most Scooby Doo opening sequences, than it means Mystery Incorporated probably isn't the first time the gang has battled Nibiru, making the Scooby Doo franchise as a whole a rather dark example of You Can't Fight Fate.

Professor Pericles Is A Nazi
He speaks German, he's evil... and he knew people in the 1930's.After all, this has all happened before...
  • He is also trying to get his wings on a historical artifact with allegedly immense occult power, which they did both according to Indiana Jones and real life.

The Nibiru entity deliberately prevented Vincent Van Ghoul from developing his magical powers and, in the new timeline, he is the powerful mystic seen in the older series.
Because, let's face it, if anyone was going to notice a massive evil entity warping the world to win its freedom, it's a very powerful sorcerer best-known for his involvement in one of these groups of mystery-solvers. Thanks to the Nibiru entity, Vincent Van Ghoul became an actor instead of a sorcerer, and so never became a threat to its plans. The gang will then be very surprised should they encounter him in the new timeline, or when Scooby and Shaggy find out Vincent's movies were either never made or made with someone else in the lead.

The reason Shaggy and Scooby are vegetarians in so many other incarnations ...
Is the trauma of having seen people eaten alive by the Nibiru entity. This made them more sensitive to the idea of living creatures being consumed for the benefit of another. Of course the real reason is that Shaggy's original voice actor, Casey Kasem, was an avid animal right's activist and vegetarian in real life, but this works nicely as an in-universe reason.

The Gang's Memories of the Original Timeline will Eventually Fade.

This explains how it becomes a prequel to the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! without the Gang remembering the "monsters" they already faced.

There are references to Higurashi When They Cry throughout the show on purpose, not just "When the Cicada Calls".
  • There's a curse that brings out the worst in anyone who gets involved. The one in Mystery Incorporated is indeed supernatural, while the one in Higurashi is apparently from nature. Maybe.
  • There's a cute character that turns out to be a godly figure (Nova/Hanyu, maybe Rika) that ends up being the Big Good to the group instead of the expectation that they'd be the Big Bad.
  • Repetition is a recurring theme (Mystery Incorporated: History Repeats, Mythology Gag, Like Parent, Like Child, Reset Button Ending/Cosmic Retcon; Higurashi: History Repeats, "Groundhog Day" Loop), and the universe resetting part is caused by a godly figure.
  • A past character(s) is missing and a newcomer(s) is very similar to them by coincidence, which does not go unnoticed by other characters and some are disturbed by these similarities because of History Repeats.
  • The Big Bad is motivated by their god complex and has an army of mooks.
  • One of the members of the Big Bad Ensemble is someone who got interested in studying the peculiarity regarding the town and tricked the heroes into believing they were an amicable & trustworthy figure of authority, if a bit kooky. Mayor Jones/Nurse Takano.
  • The head of the police is only useful sometimes.
  • Said member is responsible for the disappearance of a main character's parents. Fred's parents were threatened and went into hiding, Rika's parents were murdered.
  • As the heroes are starting to figure everything out in the climax part of the show, at least one person gets shot to death by the Big Bad's mooks in a seeming loss for the heroes. Hot Dog Water is shot to death, the entire cast except for Rika is shot to death.

Jabberjaw is an Anunnaki vessel descendant.

Sheriff Stone is still friends with Mr. Jones in the new universe.
Now he can have two of his most favorite people as his best friends at the same time, with Jones's friendship being genuine this time. Bonus points if Nettles and Jones are also friends (instead of the rivals/enemies that they would've been in the original universe if they had met back then), and double if Jones is seen as an Honorary Uncle to the Stone-Nettles kids (to further drive in the point that he's a good paternal figure despite not having kids of his own).

The cat god in Zombie Island is an Anunnaki or outside of the Anunnaki's jurisdiction.

Fred writes a book (series) about the original universe and gets Velma's help in publishing it.
  • I'd say that this whole series is a book within the original cannon. It would explain both references to the original and the negative continuity.
The show is not a Stealth Prequel to the original continuity, but is the beginning to a Broad Strokes of it.
Assuming that the gang's Ripple Effect-Proof Memory won't go away, you'd think that they'd be less prone to Arbitrary Skepticism in the new universe.
  • Zombie Island still happens, but the gang is more willing to believe that the zombies and curse from a vengeful god are real. Same goes for the witchcraft in Witch's Ghost and aliens in Alien Invaders.
  • The gang is less patient with Scrappy and Flim Flam than they were in the original continuity, though presumably still patient enough to not outright hate them since they aren't as bad as they were in the original universe.
  • Everything involving Coolsville and the gang's families from the original continuity are changed to Crystal Cove and the gang's families from Mystery Incorporated. For example, Pirates Ahoy! happens except Brad and Judy are in Skip and Peggy's places.

Mr. Bendy was once the Team Pet for a Mystery Gang group that didn't work out.
The evil giraffe worked with a group of zookeepers at a facility just outside Crystal Cove, back when Scooby's friends were still in kindergarten. They could have become the second Mystery Incorporated, but their responsibilities to care for all the other animals weren't the sort of duties that could be neglected while they ran off to snoop. Tired of his human associates' zoo-keeping chores interfering with their mystery-solving, Bendy stole the keys to the other animals' exhibits and let them all loose, thinking that if they had fewer animals to worry about, they could devote their attention to their "destiny". But Bendy's human companions solved that mystery instead, and had the giraffe sent to the animal prison alongside Professor Pericles, never investigating a case again.

Brad and Judy losing Fred to Fred Sr. is what got them into trap-making.


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