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Funny / Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!

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  • "Shags to Riches"
    • Shaggy learns about his inheritance.
      Shaggy (on phone): Hello? ...Yeah. ...(eyes widen) My uncle what? He left me how much? ...Like, a bi—a bi—A BIIIIIIIII—ohhhhhhhhhhh... (faints)
      Scooby: Ruh-roh...
    • Agents 1 and 2 approach the front door of Uncle Albert's mansion. Agent 1 says "At the count of three, break it down." At the count of three, Agent 2 starts to bust a move like MC Hammer.
    • At the end of the episode, Dr. Trebla reveals to Professor Phibes that the formula they found was actually for hot dog tacos. Phibes bluntly complains that he hates hot dog tacos while his ship gets devoured by a whale.
  • "High Society Scooby"
    • A lot of Agent 2's attempts at being a ninja qualifies. Highlights include how his Kiai sounds like a chicken clucking and using stealth to annoy Agent 1.
    • Dr. Eisenhorn moping when being told he has to choose between getting ice cream and getting a research grant.
    • When Dr. Eisenhorn remarks that he doesn't see how Shaggy can be Albert Shaggleford's nephew, Shaggy doesn't get what Eisenhorn is saying and answers that he's his Uncle Albert's nephew because Uncle Albert is his mother's brother.
  • "Lightning Strikes Twice"
    • On Dr. Phibes' list of people he hates, he has "People with hair" and "Santa Claus" listed above Shaggy and Scooby.
    • Dr. Phibes' agents thinking Shaggy and Scooby are aliens after the pair get covered in lemon-lime pudding.
  • At one point in "Mystery of the Missing Mystery Solvers", Dr. Phines tries to use his swiss army prosthetic on Shaggy and Scooby, but is sidetracked by one of the settings being labeled "Dr. Phibes is a stupidhead". Angered, he asks who wrote that on his arm. Two of his henchmen point at each other, causing Phibes to sigh and remark that he'll deal with them later.
  • "Chefs of Steel"
    • When testing the effects of hypnosis by using it on Agents 2, 5, and 8, Dr. Phibes refers to it as a combination lunch/experiment. When Agent 2 comes up with the portmanteaus "Lunchperiment" and "Experimunch", Dr. Phibes quips that Agent 2 shouldn't hurt himself by thinking too hard.
    • After the experiment results in Agent 2 thinking he's a guard dog, Agent 5 thinking he's a chicken, and Agent 8 thinking he's a cat. Dr. Phibes gets very frustrated with their antics.
    Dr. Phibes: No, daddy's latte is not for doggy!
  • "Pole to Pole"
  • "The Many Faces of Evil"
    • The bizarre varieties that Dr. Phibes' clones come in, like a Clown Dr. Phibes who throws pies and a Pirate Dr. Phibes who goes about wearing pirate regalia.
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    • Evil Phibes annoying the original Dr. Phines by constantly finishing his sentences.
  • "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'"
    • Because Dr. Phibes' usual psychiatrist isn't available, he ends up having to have his head examined by his dumb henchman Agent 2. The highlights of the session include Agent 2 asking how many D's are in "idiot" when Dr. Phibes complains about these circumstances and Dr. Phibes saying that every ink blot shown to him looks like either a "dog" (Scooby) or a "hippy boy" (Shaggy).
    • Agent 2 gets carried away with the word association exercise, to the point that the rest of the episode has him yell random words every time Dr. Phibes talks to him.
    • At the end of the episode, Dr. Phibes takes out his frustrations on Agent 2's sock puppet Andy and tries to "drown" him.
  • "There is a Doctor in the House"
    • Robi's faulty security system that zaps everyone who approaches the front door except Dr. Phibes.
    • Dr. Phibes complains about how he doesn't have his monogrammed pajamas that say "PP". Scooby predictably laughs at how this sounds.
    Dr. Phibes: Oh, grow up! It stands for Phineas Phibes!
  • Dr. Phibes berating himself for not realizing that Dr. Trebla was a Sdrawkcab Alias used by Albert Shaggleford the whole time in "Uncle Albert Alert".


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