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NOTE: Shout-Out examples under here are for specific entries in the Scooby Doo franchise that don't have their own page.
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Certain shout outs for the rest of the Scooby-Doo franchise belong here.


"A Bicycle Built for Boo"
  • Fred says "Elementary" to Daphne much like Sherlock Holmes.
  • The gang calling themselves "The Scooby-Doo Detective Agency" is how Daphne, Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy identified themselves in The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries.
  • The villain's face-within-a-face trick is like the aliens.
  • The female medium whom the gang suspects, but who turns out to be a real detective when she arrests the actual culprit, is named after famous New Age aficionado Shirley MacLaine. It's also worth noting that two years later, the character's name was recycled for a psychic valley girl–like white-feathered mallard whose friends refer to her as "Shirley the Loon."
  • The gang's dance moves mimic the infamous dancing cycles performed by the Peanuts gang in A Charlie Brown Christmas, particularly Velma's dancing animation.
  • The episode title comes from famous line "a bicycle built for two" from the song "Daisy Belle" by Harry Dacre.
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  • Scooby's line "We fall down, go boom!" refers to the saying Tweety Bird uses in early Warner Bros. cartoons.

"Wanted Cheddar Alive"

  • The cartoon to which Shaggy turns for a split second before a breaking news report interruption is Huckleberry Hound episode "Spud Dud", though the characters are colored differently.
  • The president of the Scooby Snack Factory, Constance McSnack, sounds like Granny, though it helps that both are voiced by the same person.

"The Schnook Who Took My Comic Book"

"For Letter or for Worse"

"Babysitter from Beyond"

  • The babysitter has the hairstyle of the bride of Frankenstein's monster.
  • After spending nearly half the episode banging on the basement door the kids barricaded, masked villain Boogedy Bones finally decides to go out the basement window, goes into the house through the front door, removes the random objects barricading the door and then goes back into the basement just so he can finally go through the basement door during the musical chase scene can be traced back to a scene from an episode of Bugs Bunny called "Buccaneer Bunny''." note 

"Now Museum, Now You Don't"

  • One of the items on display at the museum is an airplane called "Mahogany Pigeon" belonging to Harvard Huge, respective allusions to the "Spruce Goose" and its inventor, Howard Hughes.

"Ghost Who's Coming to Dinner"

"The Story Stick"


  • Episode title is a parody of RoboCop.

"Lights... Camera... Monster!"

"The Return of Commander Cool"

"The Spirit of Rock'n Roll"

"Scooby Dude"

  • One of the dolphins Aunt Thelma owns is named Skipper.

"Chickenstein Lives!"

"Night of the Living Burger"

"Dog Gone Scooby"

"Mayhem of the Moving Mollusk"

"Wrestle Maniacs"


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