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Awesome / A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

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  • One from real-life: Per producer Tom Ruegger, William Hanna directed the entire pilot episode all by himself- taking him over a week to do so. And it was by Ruegger's request, too.
  • In "A Bicycle Built For Boo", Velma loses her glasses during a chase with the Monster of the Week. Scooby, in full swashbuckler mode, swings from a rope and delivers Velma to safety several times and retrieves her glasses. Also a heartwarming moment.
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  • In "Now Museum, Now You Don't", Velma subdues the "samurai ghost" monster by repeatedly body-slamming him onto pillows!
  • In the episode with the robot dog protector, when said robot dog's creator turns it on the kids, Scooby nearly singlehandedly saves them. No one messes with these kids with Scooby Doo around!

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