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Heartwarming / A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

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  • Scooby's relationship with Velma is shown to be very sweet—Scooby just adores Velma and is arguably just as close to her as he is to Shaggy (she probably gets just as many "wet puppy kisses" as Shaggy). One of the best examples of just how much Scooby loves Velma is "The Computer Walks Among Us" (where Velma's framed after her computer causes a series of thefts and is suspended from school for a brief time). Scooby's the only one of the gang to never once doubt Velma's innocence (Freddy was quick to start accusing her while Shaggy and Daphne eventually began to suspect that Velma was the culprit before quickly dismissing it). At one point in the episode, Scooby refuses to enter a dark closet, even for a Scooby Snack. But he does so when Velma kisses him.
    Velma: Will you do it for me, Scooby? (she kisses Scooby on the cheek) Pleeeeeeease?
    Scooby: I'd do anything for you, Velma!
    • Likewise, Scooby and Velma hugging earlier in the episode.
  • In "Horror of the Haunted Hairpiece," Daphne's put in charge of running a videogame-arcade owned by her parents—however, Daphne doesn't want to run the arcade (feeling that she isn't ready to run a business at such a young age), but is afraid of confessing how she feels to her parents, fearing that she'll disappoint them. However, when she confesses to her parents how she really feels, Mr. and Mrs. Blake aren't mad at her—in fact, they're very accepting of it, acknowledging that Daphne has plenty of time to decide what she wants to do with her life and that she should enjoy being a kid while she still can.
    • Shaggy and Scooby find this exchange between Daphne and her parents so touching that they actually start crying.
  • Shaggy's relationship with his baby sister, Maggie (nicknamed "Sugie"), is very sweet—rather than being an Annoying Younger Sibling, Sugie's very sweet-natured and gets along well with her brother, Scooby and their friends. Shaggy, Scooby and the rest of the gang are all very protective of Sugie and have strong cases of Big Brother/Sister Instinct towards her.
    • In Sugie's physical debut, "The Babysitter from Beyond," after seeing the woman who ultimately turns out to be the babysitter who was supposed to look after Sugie while her and Shaggy's parents were out and Shaggy was at the movies with Scooby and their friends, Shaggy and the gang (not realizing that she actually is a babysitter) immediately freak out and run away with Sugie, fearing for Shaggy's sister's safety. Throughout the episode, Shaggy and the gang do their best to protect Sugie from the villains of the episode.
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    • It's also heartwarming to see that the woman revealed to be the babysitter wasn't actually going to hurt Sugie, which is what Shaggy and the gang feared—in fact, according to Shaggy's mom, the woman is apparently the best babysitter in all of Coolsville.
  • In "Dog Gone Scooby," the gang apologizes to Scooby for treating him so poorly at the beginning of the episode, to which Scooby forgives them. Also, it turns out that the "villain" of the episode wasn't so evil after all—as it would seem, the woman was just an artist who simply wanted to make a painting of Scooby and got overly excited about it. She apologizes to the gang for scaring them and politely asks Scooby if he would be okay with her making a painting of him, to which the puppy gladly accepts.
    • Also in that episode, the rest of Shaggy's family is sad to learn that Scooby apparently ran away, and Sugie wants to help her brother and his friends look for him, but Daphne advises her to stay home with Mr. and Mrs. Rogers in the case that Scooby gets home before her, Shaggy, Freddie and Velma do.
  • At the end of The Schnook Who Took My Comic Book, the gang confronts Mr. Cashmore (one of the suspects who was ultimately proven innocent) about why he was hiding comic books in his car despite him claiming early on in the episode that he hated comic books—Mr. Cashmore confesses that he actually loves comic books, but is ashamed to admit it because of his age (as he's in his mid-fifties). Rather than make fun of him for being into comic books despite being an adult, the gang assures him that it's not a big deal, with their friend, Selma (also an adult, albeit still considerably younger than Mr. Cashmore), freely admitting that she still reads comic books despite being an adult (though this seems kind of understandable, considering that Selma runs a comic book store for a living).
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  • In "Curse of the Collar", when Scooby goes through the routine of Daphne offering Scooby Snacks in exchange for doing the task requiring bravery, Scooby turns down the offer, stating that he'll go after the Ghost of Buster McMauler solely for his parents.
  • In "The Spirit of Rock'n Roll", Buddy Chillner makes it clear that he admires and respects Purvis Parker, who was is idol and his primary inspiration for becoming a musician. When the real Purvis Parker shows up, he reveals that he's actually a big fan of Buddy and his music. To make things especially endearing, the episode ends with the two musicians performing onstage together.

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