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  • Pretty much anything to do with Red Herring:
    • In "Horror of the Haunted Hairpiece", Fred blaming Red Herring for everything practically hits its peak when he deliberately goes off-script during the summation and approached Red in his house just to point the finger. Red (who was much more interested in reading the paper) didn't even bother to look up when he told Fred to beat it.
    • Fred is trying to go a whole case without accusing Red Herring of being the monster... turns out this is the one time he really was the culprit! Fred doesn't take it well.
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    • Fred's consistent blaming of Red Herring for crimes was a Running Gag extraordinaire—but in a prime case of Tropes Are Not Bad, watching the joke gradually get more exaggerated only made it funnier. In the first few episodes, Red being the culprit did make some sense, as he was often near the scene of the crime and/or had some kind of motive. But as the series went on, Red's connection to the mystery became more and more tenuous, until it was basically nonexistent—for example, if Fred were to accuse him of being behind it, the rest of the gang would point out that Red was out-of-town/state (such as visiting a relative and/or being on vacation), so he couldn't have been anywhere near the mystery. But it never mattered—Fred would always accuse Red of being the Monster of the Week. Similarly, Red's appearances in proving his innocence got wackier: after the accusation, a telephone might ring with Red appearing on the other end and announcing that he didn't do it, or, as mentioned above, Fred traveling to the bully's location to make his case. It eventually reached Once an Episode status, and it was always hilarious.
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    • In one episode after the accusation, Red calls Fred and says he can't make it to the crime scene this time because his bike has a flat tire. Daphne proceeds to have Jenkins go to Red's house and give him a ride on a ricksaw so he can proclaim his innocence.
  • The Were-Doo muttering over his crummy gifts during his birthday party:
    Nasty Doo: Yeahgreatabrickwallameteorthinkthey'regreatthey'reswellIgottahavethemIcan'tlivewithout'em...
    • The Running Gag of Scooby and his parents going into a Doo Family Faint whenever someone mentions the Were-Doo.
  • In "Mayhem of the Moving Mollusk":
    Daphne: You're scared of him?
    Julie: He's an ex-Critter Getter, and I owe him money.
    Ivan: That's right, Anita Kathy Jean-whatever. I want my money!
    Julie: I don't have it. I told you that an hour ago. I told you that two hours ago.
    Ivan: Okay. I understand. (walks away) See you in an hour.
  • From the first episode, which involves Shaggy's prized bike being stolen by the Monster of the Week, we have this exchange.
    Freddie: "Well Shaggy, Im glad to see you're taking this loss like a man"
    *The camera pans out to show Shaggy lying on the floor, kicking and screaming over his lost bike like...well, a kid*
    • Shaggy tries to tell the others about the ghost, but is so frightened out of his wits that all he can say is "Ga" and "Goo".
      Daphne: I knew Shaggy acted young for his age, but this is ridiculous!
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    • Fred's off-the-wall theories about the theft of Shaggy's bike being orchestrated by alien invaders.
  • "The Schnook Who Took My Comic Book"
    • Red Herring tries to scare some little kids, only to be carried away by a security guard, much to Fred, Shaggy, and Scooby's amusement.
    • The flashback showing that Shaggy has been buying comics since he was a baby.
    • Shaggy and Scooby accidentally changing into tutus when trying to become Commander Cool and Mellow Mutt.
    • The chase sequence takes place inside a movie theater which is showing King Kong vs. Godzilla. And it ends when the two kaiju in the movie actually take a moment to tell off the kids and Doctor Croaker.
      Godzilla: (with a British accent) I say, can't you do that outside? We're trying to do a movie here.
      Scooby: Sorry.
  • "Scooby Dude"
    • Just the fact that the monster of the episode is a headless skateboarder who talks like a Surfer Dude, constantly moaning "Oh, dudes!"
    • Red Herring hires the kids to prove his innocence and protect his good name. When asked about protecting his good name, Red concedes that he doesn't have a good name.
  • In "The Story Stick", Shaggy and Scooby introduce themselves to the Native American kid Warren by saying "Me Shaggy" and "Me Scooby", with Daphne snarking "Me embarrassed". Warren responds by cheerfully saying hi back to them, addressing Daphne as "Embarrassed" as if it was her actual name.
  • "Curse of the Collar"
    • Scooby and his parents recovering from their Doo Family Faint as soon as Shaggy mentions "dinner".
    • Daphne's disgust at the veterinarian speaking to the Doo Family with Baby Talk.
    • The unmasking of the Ghost of Buster McMuttmauler as Mr. Trixenstuff initially has the gang confused by the sight of a hand waving when the mask is removed. As soon as the rest of the costume is removed, it turns out that Trixenstuff was waving sheepishly after protruding his hand from the costume's neck.
  • "The Computer Walks Among Us"
    • Daphne siccing her butler on Red Herring.
      Daphne: Jenkins!
      Jenkins: Yes, Ms. Blake?
      Daphne: Remove this delinquent.
      Jenkins: Yes, Ms. Blake. (he grabs Red Herring by his shirt and carries him away)
    • In the chase scene for the episode, the gang and the Monster of the Week have to tiptoe through the library when Velma points out they have to be quiet there. Even the music pauses at that point.

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