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This show is filled with lots of references, including some allusions to Jackie Chan's movies.

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    Season 1 
The Dark Hand
  • The phone-booth elevator used to access Section 13 brings Get Smart to mind.

The Mask of El Toro Fuerte

Enter the Viper

Shell Game

Project A, for Astral

  • The title refers to the Jackie Chan film Project A.


Tough Break

  • Finn refers to Gnomekop as "Chucky".

Day of the Dragon

    Season 2 
Through the Rabbit Hole

Snake Hunt

  • When Tohru leaves a cave covered with bats, his silhouette resembles Batman's outfit.

The Stronger Evil

The J-Team

And He Does His Own Stunts
This is to be expected in an episode where everyone visits Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Showdown in the Old West


Shanghai Moon

Armor of the Gods

Agent Tag

  • This episode with secret agent Taggart McStone is one big shout-out to spy films like James Bond.

The Return of the Pussycat

The King and Jade

Demon World (Part 1)

  • When Jade presses the button on her watch, the Super Mushroom sound effect from Super Mario Bros. can be heard.

The Chosen One

Shrink Rap

Chi of the Vampire

The Good, the Bad, the Blind, the Deaf and the Mute

I'll Be a Monkey's Puppet

    Season 3 
Re-Enter the J-Team

The Invisible Mom

  • The title is a pun on The Invisible Man (1933).
  • Jackie gets bitten by a snake, where the venom slowly made him lose his balance as well as become very thirsty. So he has a loopy fight while grabbing and drinking any water he could find, an obvious joke towards Drunken Master.

Re-Enter the Dragon

A Night at the Opera

  • At the opera theater, the backdrop falls on Uncle and "Beatle Brow", completely missing them through the window. Just like Buster Keaton.

Attack of the J-Clones

    Season 4 
Fright Fight Night

The Good Guys

  • The Enforcers are presented as "Jade's Angels", complete with poses.
    Finn: "Step away from our Bosley!... I mean, buddy."

J2: Rise of the Dragons

The J-Tots

    Season 5 

Relics of Demons Past

It's All in the Game

  • This episode involves the heroes competing in a Survivor-style game show. At one point, Jade blindsides Uncle in a game-elimination vote, and Uncle famously replies, "Uncle's been bamboozled! Jade, we had a deal!" note 

Black and White and Chi All Over

  • Drago picks up the lotus pod containing the Moon Demon Chi and says "Smells like chi spirit!", in reference to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" song.

Clash of the Titanics

Stealing Thunder

  • When Drago loses the Thunder Demon Chi, he attempts to snag Jackie and yells, "You can't defeat me! I'm on top of the world!", courtesy of Titanic.

The Powers That Be Part 1

  • Before he ends the call, Drago taunts Jade by telling her that if she doesn't deliver the demon chi to him at the Golden Gate Bridge by 3 am, she'll be "spending the rest of her Wonder Years with Tohru is a reference to The Wonder Years.

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