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Shout Out / Squirrel Boy

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     In General 
  • Andy's character design is based as the title character of Everett Peck's previous Animated Series, Duckman, in that both have Eye Glasses and the same modeled ginger hair.
  • The misadventures of Andy and Rodney seem to be an homage to Calvin And Hobbes, except that in the case of this show, the human boy is the sane one while the animal is the reckless one.

     Season 1 

"Andy Had a Little Squirrel"

  • The title is a parody of the nursery rhyme "Mary Had a Little Lamb".

"Harried Treasure"

  • Captain Puffy's Shirt Puff Cereal and its mascot are a reference to Cap'n Crunch and the eponymous mascot.

"The Rod Squad"

  • The entire episode is a parody of the ABC crime drama series The Mod Squad (1968-1973), with Rodney playing the role as Michael, Leon playing Clarence, and Darlene playing Peggy.


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