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Not surprisingly given the Hollywoo(d) setting, this show is packed full of many references to other works of film and television, especially to the casts and crews involved in their production.

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  • Herb Kazaaz's production company Vanity Plate at the end of Horsin' Around episodes, is done in the style of Al Hirschfeld celebrity caricatures.
  • There are a few references to J. D. Salinger's lesser known works:
    JD Salinger: "Get me a Red Bull and a banana-fish sandwich!"
    Todd: "On it! It's a perfect day for a Red Bull!"
  • A recurring background character wears a shirt referencing The Misfits, except it reads "The Misprints".
  • Princess Carolyn's office contains several cat-themed versions of well-known books, such as "Purrsepolis" and "Me Meow Pretty One Day". The latter is a reference to a book by David Sedaris, the brother of Amy Sedaris, who plays Princess Carolyn. There's also a poster for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof featuring a feline actress.
  • The name Lenny Turtletaub is a reference to director/producer Jon Turteltaub.

    Season 1 
BoJack Horseman: The BoJack Horseman Story: Chapter One
  • When asked if he carries his Horsin' Around DVDs with him everywhere, BoJack replies, "Linus carried a blanket around with him, and no one gave him shit for it.

BoJack Hates The Troops


Zoes and Zeldas

  • From what we see of the video game Decapathon VII, it's a puzzle game apparently identical to Columns.

The Telescope

  • BoJack's dressing room mirror has several sticky notes with quotes from Rick and Morty on them.
  • Herb being caught trying to sexually solicit an LAPD officer in a public park bathroom in the mid-90s is a possible reference to an incident that happened to George Michael in the same place a few years later in Real Life.

Downer Ending


    Season 2 
Still Broken


  • Wanda's new friend Alex, who turns out to be a KGB agent that has been in a coma since the 1980s, strongly resembles Philip Jennings from The Americans, which is a show about Soviet spies in the 1980s. Coincidentally, Margo Martindale plays a supporting role on the show.

Let's Find Out

  • The Teaser is a clear homage to Birdman, with the same "one-shot" style and jazzy drum score.
  • The rest of the episode takes the common elements and gently transfers from there, to an episode-long homage to the media-focused works of Aaron Sorkin.
  • BoJack being Ordered to Cheat on a game show by Wanda, on a question about a close personal interest of his, is very reminiscent of John Turturro's role as Herb Stempel in Quiz Show.

Escape From L.A.

  • Bojack abandoning all of his responsibilities to travel across the country to reenter the life of someone he hasn't seen in a very long time is behavior that is very reminiscent of Don Draper in Mad Men.

    Season 3 
The BoJack Horseman Show

Fish Out Of Water

  • Much of the episode pays tribute to Lost in Translation. Pacific Ocean City is a stand in for Tokyo where Bojack feels isolated and struck with culture shock while promoting his film and the end where he tries to give Kelsey Jannings a note when she is about to leave the city is deeply inspired by the end of Lost in Translation. Except here we see Bojack's message to Kelsey but the words become blurred before she can read it which is the opposite of Lost in Translation where Bob successfully whispers his message in Charlotte's ear and she's deeply touched by it but we as the audience can't make out the words.
  • There's a homage to Modern Times when BoJack and the baby seahorse go to the factory where the baby's father works at.

Love And/Or Marriage

  • Ralph Stilton's name is a reference to the children's book series Geronimo Stilton. At the end of his "non-date" with Princess Carolyn, he references another with this line when she realizes she won't have time for another date with him.
    Ralph: "What? Did I say something? Is it because I asked for the glass of milk? Because if you give me a cookie—"
    • And in both cases, the name refers to Stilton cheese.
It's You

That's Too Much, Man!

That Went Well

    Season 4 
See Mr. Peanutbutter Run
  • A montage of Katrina getting legislation passed so that Woodchuck Couldchuck-Berkowitz could legally challenge Mr. Peanutbutter to a ski race is shown in the style of Schoolhouse Rock!, particularly the "I'm Just a Bill" episode, which, apparently, is the only song pop culture can remember.

Commence Fracking

Thoughts and Prayers

Stupid Piece of Sh*t


  • A group of spoiled, vain, hypocritical rich people are at a dinner party which they find themselves unable to leave, and as food and water begins to dwindle they succumb to their worst impulses. This is all inspired by the movie The Exterminating Angel.
  • Pinky mentions to have gotten the rights for a show about a mom who becomes a zombie called Mombie. note 

The Judge


Time's Arrow

  • The way that Beatrice's dementia-warped memories are represented is inspired by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; with objects randomly disappearing, people lacking faces, auditory distortions and places that should be normal becoming bizarre locations.
  • The scene where Joseph burns Beatrice's beloved baby doll as a result of scarlet fever later causing her to not abort BoJack is very similar to The Velveteen Rabbit.

    Season 5 
The Lightbulb Scene
  • At one point, Mr. Peanutbutter plays Julius Caesar in a TV commercial for the Little Caesar's pizza chain. He later describes Caesar being the King of Apes.

Bojack The Feminist

  • As Diane explains media normalization to Bojack, she mentions Ellen DeGeneres as a positive example of normalization (for gay people), and Jack Bauer as a negative example (for torture).
  • Diane calls Bojack's feminist shtick "playing Joss Whedon".

Free Churro

  • BoJack admits he stole his jacket anecdote from the Maude episode "Maude Bares Her Soul". Structurally, this episode is also quite similar to that one, in that it is effectively an episode-long monologue delivered by the main character.
  • BoJack compares his mom and dad to Becker, summing them up as having all the potential to be a good family / TV show, but letting it all go to waste.

Mr Peanutbutter Boos

  • Among the extras' costumes:
  • Mr. Peanutbutter and his wives' costumes:
    • Katrina wears a dress and a silly hat and says she's dressed as Blossom.
    • He and Jessica Biel try to make a couple's costume to The Notebook, but Mr. Peanutbutter dresses as an actual notebook.
    • He and Diane make a complicated costume reference to The Hangover.
  • During the parties, when Mr. Peanutbutter talks with several people about some TV shows:
    • In the one he goes with Katrina, he can be seen briefly talking with The X-Files lead actors about the existence of files A through W.
    • In the party he goes to with Jessica Biel, he talks with some lead actors of Glee about the show.
    • He believes that Lost is basically Gilligan's Island.
  • Jessica Biel has a big fear of mummies, due to failing to get a role for The Mummy (1999).

Ancient History

Ancient History

The Showstopper

The Stopped Show

  • One of the protesters against Henry Fondle is a dead ringer for Gert Yorkes.
  • Bojack losing track of reality thanks to trauma and addiction to pills, and having to make the choice to go to rehab, with his best friend having to take him, is the same beats as what happens near the end of House season five.

    Season 6 
Xerox of a Xerox
  • The wall of celebrities in the Laugh Shack features Ali Wong and Kristen Schaal, who are depicted as a cobra and a horse, respectively, in reference to their real-world comedy routines.
The Horny Unicorn
  • Diane is shown with a book called "Gal Pals: Eleanor and Hick", which references Eleanor Roosevelt's allegedly lesbian relationship with Lorena Hickok.


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