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  • The town's schools are called Wagstaff and Huxley.
  • The two daughters are named Tina and Louise, as well as Linda's friend we never see is named Ginger, which is the name of Tina Louise's most famous character.
  • Gene calls himself "The Squirrel Whisperer" in one episode, a shout out to "The Dog Whisperer".

Season 1

  • Lampshaded in "Crawlspace", when Gene asks if his dad sees "a lion, a witch, or a wardrobe" while he's in the wall. Bob doesn't understand the reference at first. Then it dissolves into a Seinfeldian Conversation...
  • Linda's nightmare about Gayle's animal anus paintings in "Art Crawl" is a parody of "Pink Elephants on Parade" from Dumbo.
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  • In "Lobsterfest", Louise has a plush creature on her shelf that looks suspiciously Totoro-like.
  • In "Crawl Space", one of the Burgers of the Day is called "Tunami".
    • Considering "tunami" spells "I'm a nut" backwards, it could also reference The Shining with the whole "redrum"-"murder" thing.
      • Not to mention the scene with Bob talking with the life-sized Kuchi-Kopi is pretty much directly based on the bar scene with Lloyd.
  • Banjo, the spaghetti Western series Bob and Gene become obsessed with, has many similarities to Django, including the ridiculous number of sequels. Though Sabata is the one featuring a banjo-playing gunfighter.

Season 2

Season 3

  • "An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal" has a ridiculous absinthe-fueled reference to My Neighbor Totoro.
  • In the episode "Boys 4 Now," Louisa tries to bluff her way past a concert security guard with a fake Southern accent: "I'm Detective Brenda Lee Johnson and there's been a murder backstage."

Season 4

Season 5

  • As revealed in "Behind BOB'S BURGERS Live Episode 3", the political ads made in "The Millie-churian Candidate" are both highly referential.
  • When the kids freeze the floor on the storage freezer in "Friends with Burger Fits", Linda dresses as Auntie Entity to referee their ice shoving matches, even calling the freezer "Freezerdome".
  • "The Gayle Tales" has the "Gayle of Thrones" segment, which is a long parody of GoT. The ending is particularly based on Tyrion Lannister's trial in Lady Lysa's court.
  • One episode had a Show Within a Show about a traveling samurai with his child called Hawk and Chick, with a few differences: Lone Wolf and Cub does have a series of movies like Hawk and Chick, but they're based off a manga. The "Wolf" is a wandering samurai, while "Hawk" is a barber who happens to be a samurai as well. "Chick" is also older than the "Cub", and female (while the "Cub" is male).
  • In "Midday Run", Tina and Zeke's exchange whilst she is chasing him is a shout-out to infamous dam scene in The Fugitive.

Season 6

  • Gene's version of what would've happened if Bob had met Linda without a mustache is RoboCop but with a cybernetic mustache instead.
  • The Boyz 4 Now music video in "The Hauntening" is reminiscent of "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" by Backstreet Boys, what with the boys all dressed as monsters and dancing in a creepy mansion.

Season 7

  • One of the songs in "The Quirk-ducers" rhymes "hotties" with "bodies" after a random explosion of violence, much like the American Psycho musical.
  • Both Couch Gags in "Aquaticism" are references to King of the Hill. The building next door is Pro-Pain Accessories Dominatrix Supplies and the extermination business is "Dale's Dead Bug", the name of Dale Gribble's extermination company.
  • The laser show Bob takes Gene to in "The Laser-inth" is based on a Concept Album titled General Insanity. Judging from Bob's description of the plot - the titular General bans rock music, and a man named Rebel writes a song to convince the people to rise up and defeat him - it is loosely based on 2112 by Rush, with elements of Kilroy Was Here by Styx.

Season 8

  • "The Hurt Soccer" has a few nods to Home Movies, Loren Bouchard's previous show:
    • The referee looks like Couch McGirk.
    • Mara, the goalkeeper for the Golden Dragons, is a dead ringer for Melissa, and is even voiced by the same actor.
    • The kid staying in the line for potty looks exactly like Brendon.

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