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Nightmare Fuel / Bob's Burgers

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Bob's Burgers makes its name in crowning moments of awesome, rockin music, well-done jokes and humor, things that warm our heart, references to movies, TV shows, and more, and even its emotional scenes. But to say that the Spiritual Successor to King of the Hill (as some fans call it) is capable of scaring people is an Understatement, because the show, more often than not, can get really scary.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Season 1 
  • The unaired pilot’s original plot, where the burgers are made of flesh of dead humans.
  • In "Weekend at Mort's", Bob is nearly cremated alive trapped in a coffin by his kids.

    Season 2 
  • In "The Belchies" the Taffy Factory episode has the kids and their friends searching the abandoned building for a treasure, as it'll be demolished the next day, and they'll never have another chance. Cue the kids, Bob, and Linda being trapped beneath the building and hearing the wrecking balls start. They just barely make it out alive.

    Season 3 
  • Louise's Sanity Slippage in "Ear-Sy Rider" when she thinks her bunny ears had been destroyed by a bully. She cashed in a favor from a biker gang to slice off the teenager's ears in revenge.
  • The kids' fake drowned bodies to fool the crooked insurance agent in "Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks".
  • Tina nearly gets killed in Louise's science fair project in "Topsy". While she was only acting, her playing dead is good enough to convince Bob and Linda otherwise.

    Season 4 
  • "Fort Night" is chock full of this. It preys upon several adult fears by having the children completely trapped and at the mercy of a deranged child who won't let them go simply because they won't be her friend. Even worse is when they nearly get crushed to death by the compactor that's pinning them down.
    • There's also the Jump Scare in the Title Sequence, right after the pest control truck Couch Gag. The actual image is pretty innocuous (Louise's Kuchi Kopi nightlight on a black background with "Happy Halloween" in orange) but the fact it's a jump scare at all is certainly a bit startling, especially in the title sequence.
  • "Christmas in the Car" is rather unnerving for a Christmas Episode. To explain: Bob and family go out on Christmas Eve to get a tree last minute (due to the other two trees being bought way early and dying before Christmas). On the way out, Bob gets the car stuck in the path of a giant candy cane truck, and Linda makes the situation worse by repeatedly honking the horn (in a misguided attempt to get the driver to experience holiday cheer via "Jingle Bells"). From there, the episode basically turns into "Duel: Christmas Edition".
  • "The Equestranauts" has a few moments, especially with the main antagonist's increasingly disturbing behavior.
    "Some day, you will all DIE, and I will have the body of a twenty-year old!"
  • The Mood Whiplash at the end of "Wharf Horse", where Felix pulls out a gun. Keep in mind that Felix isn't the most mentally stable of people, and it suddenly interrupts a possible Heartwarming Moment.
    • Oh, and after that, he ties Bob and his own brother underneath the pier so that they drown in the incoming tide. It doesn't pull through, of course, but it's probably the most suspenseful episode to date.
  • One of Tina's beloved horses from the carousel in Wharf Horse is described with the name "Henry Human Feet". Yeah, imagine that horse for a second.

    Season 5 
  • Bob's nightmare from "Friends with Burger-Fits" is pretty disturbing. It starts with Teddy's doctor calling the restaurant, then Reaching Between the Lines to pull out Teddy's still-beating heart and cram it with hamburgers, causing it to swell grotesquely. Then Bob realizes that he's sprouted extra arms that are cramming burgers into Teddy's heart, and Bob wakes with a start just before Teddy's heart literally explodes.
  • "The Millie-churian Candidate" features the return of Millie Frock, whose obsession reaches a brand new level when she literally attempts to kill another student for the sake of having Louise as her best friend.
    • Louise's nightmare: Millie gets elected... and then has Louise brought to her by the wrestling team and SEWN TO HER.
  • "Housetrap" ends with the very strong implication that Linda and Louise were right that Helen killed her husband. All because Bob just happened to find an old toolbox containing a single hammer and two bent nails buried in the backyard (but he was too high on painkillers to draw the proper conclusion). The unnerving music, plus the stare Helen gives as the Belchers drive away just enforces it.

    Season 6 
  • In-universe, the Belchers consider Tina's segment in "Sliding Bobs" to be this, when she presents a hypothetical scenario where Linda married Hugo like she originally intended. It's kind of disturbing to see Tina, Gene, and Louise act so out of character. "Mona" is not socially awkward, couldn't care less about boys or horses, and has very little interest in Jimmy Jr. when he actually pays attention to her. "Dean" is quiet, withdrawn, and speaks in a slight monotone voice, as if he's just going through the motions of life. And finally, "Charlize" is a sweet and adorable princess lover who thoroughly enjoys helping her dad. There's also Hugo in Bob's place running the restaurant, with a mustache-less Bob as the health inspector investigating a claim that Hugo's hot dogs are made from actual wiener dogs. AND THEY ARE!
    Louise (To Tina): You got dark, girl. You got real dark.
    Bob: That was... disturbing.
    Linda: I think I need to go lie down.
  • "The Hauntening" was the sixth season's Halloween Episode, and a legitimately creepy one at that. Bob and Linda try to put together a haunted house so Louise can finally say she's been scared by one, but it goes... poorly. When the family tries to leave, all the car's tires are flat, and they're being watched by an old man holding a pair of gardening shears. Literally all the man does is stare at them from the driveway, not even moving or blinking. Once the Belchers get back inside the house, the power goes out and they hear terrifying noises coming from the basement. The old man tries getting into the house, and while looking for a place to hide, Tina finds a room only containing a baby doll with sharp tree branches jammed into its eye sockets. Things get worse from there.
    • Thankfully, the episode ends with the reveal that the entire ordeal was a set up to give Louise a legitimately scary haunted house.
  • The nurse in "Lice Things Are Lice". Louise rubs the nurse's hair against another kids hair thinking it'll slow her down. Not to be outdone, the nurse promptly shaves off all her hair, including her eyebrows and her appearance afterwards is creepy too. She then tries to do the same to anyone she thinks has lice.
    • The whole episode is rather creepy, playing heavily on the Adult Fear of someone who's supposed to be looking after kids going completely off the deep end and abusing them. A whole group of kids are in terror of an impending Traumatic Haircut. They appeal to Mr. Frond, who at first completely turns his back on the kids until it's revealed he's going to need said traumatic haircut as well. He then is forcibly shaved by the insane nurse while crying, his jerkassery still not enough to save this from seeming like serious Disproportionate Retribution. In the climax, Louise (who has the most to lose, seeing as her beloved hat will also get burned if she's caught, the very same hat she almost chopped a kid's ears off over a couple seasons ago) escapes but basically sees the other kids getting caught as a Fate Worse than Death and goes back for them. In the end Louise realizes Tammy never had lice, just dandruff, and Tina calls the nurse out for not wearing glasses and therefore not being able to see the flakes/lice anyway, and everyone (sans Frond and the nurse) keeps their hair. Still a weirdly unnerving episode, though.
    • There's some Fridge Horror with the nurse, as it's mentioned that a regular hospital/clinic wouldn't take her. Considering her actions in this episode, it's not really hard to see why and it brings up many questions.
  • While not as extreme, Joel repeatedly tricking his elderly and senile Aunt Meryl into thinking it's his birthday every week so she'll write him a check in "Secret Admiral-irer" is a shockingly straight depiction of Elder Abuse.

    Season 7 
  • Gene getting the reverse Norwegian stink-hold in "Large Brother, Where Art Thou?" shown only in shadow on the wall behind a horrified Louise.
  • Linda's nightmare in "The Grand Mama-Pest Hotel" is pretty creepy and also kinda sad. It starts with Linda and baby Tina in an animated picture in a scrapbook, only for Tina to undergo Rapid Aging into a teenager. The now teenaged Tina yells at Linda for embarrassing her, pushing away and running out of the scrapbook. Linda desperately runs after Tina, but the cover to the book slams shut, trapping Linda inside a dark void with a somewhat-unhinged version of Dillon's mom Amy, who offers to share her scrap-booking supplies in a creepy, distorted voice.
  • The Nightmare Face that scares Gene at the beginning of the laser light show in "The Laser-Inth". From his point of view, the mouth looks like it's coming right at him.
  • "Into The Mild" basically pins this for both the claustrophobic and the acrophobic among the audience. More or less at the same time.

    Season 8 
  • In "The Silence of the Louise", Louise ends up having to work with Millie Frock to solve the "murder" of Mr. Frond's therapy dolls, but Millie will only cooperate in exchange for playdates with Louise. Cue a cheesy "playdate/crime solving" montage and a deliberately silly, over-the-top song to go with it that is hard not to laugh at... until you notice that the lyrics constantly repeat that "(Millie) will play with (Louise) till (they) Die", befitting her psychotic attraction in terrifying fashion. The song is even song with a just slightly off-kilter "cutesy" voice.
    ''"Playdates, playdates, having lots of playdates / I'm gonna play with you till we die / Playdates, playdates, super fun playdates, gonna play together until we die"
  • "V for Valentine-detta" has an almost literal example of Nightmare Face. When the girls get Valentine's Day makeovers, Louise winds up spending most of the episode in grotesque facial makeup that makes her resemble an Oni—a look she says was inspired by her nightmares.

    Season 9 
  • In "PTA It Ain't So", Linda has a pretty messed-up guilt-ridden nightmare caused by keeping quiet about Joanne stealing stuff from the charity auction. It starts with Linda and Joanne talking in the restaurant, then Joanne offers Linda a contract. When Linda doesn't have a pen, Joanne says she can sign in in blood and begins laughing maniacally. Then she rips off her face to reveal a Big Red Devil as flames surround her and Linda. Then, she rips off that face to reveal Linda's own face.


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