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The show is a pyramid scheme.
We all know about those years that Fox had several upon several good shows and unneeded efforts that came around at the wrong time. This is the final step in that scheme.
  • What is their devious plan again?
    • The total domination of Seth MacFarlane!
      • Why else would it be called "Animation Domination"?

The show will end after the Archer crossover.
Since the crossover will be Archer, as Bob, being attacked by thugs while making burgers and killing them with little effort, and then having to find out why he's so good at it. If Bob was really Archer the whole time, that would mean Bob's Burgers was never a continuity on its own.
  • No, Mr. Archer was simply the latest in a long line of Bobs. Soon another wretch will stumble into the shop, get whacked in the back of the head by Linda's frying pan, and told his name is Bob.

All of Bob and Linda's children have some form of Mental Handicap.
It explains so much after all.
  • Louise seems pretty smart
    • Tina could be possibly autistic.
  • None of them really seem handicapped. It's more like they each have an ambiguous disorder; Tina is autistic, Gene sometimes behaves like a child with ADD, and Louise is just a psycho.

The show takes place in the same universe as Sanjay and Craig
Look at the character designs, they're virtually identical.
  • Alternatively, Sanjay and Craig is set in the future in Louise's marriage where she has a legal name change and moved to Lundgren because of some wacky and illegal reason that fits in in both canons.
    • Contrary to popular belief, Sanjay and Craig did not rip off this show's art style. Jay Howell was the character designer for both, so a rivalry between shows seems unlikely. Plus, this isn't the kind of show that would "pick a fight" with rival shows, so to speak.

The show will do a Take That!, an homage, both or just a Shout-Out in general (subtle or not) to Sanjay and Craig in a future episode.

Bob's parents are dead
It doesn't seem to bother him too much as he never mentioned him before even relating to the topic of Linda's parents, likely one of his parents died when he was very young and the other parent died a few years after college or so (or even during and Bob dropped out to deal with grief).
  • Jossed as we've seen his father recently very much not in a coffin, but in fact alive and still having Christmas Parties and even voiced by Bill Hader. He does mention that Bob's mother has been dead for a while.

Tina is the author, writing of her childhood
Evidence in favor of the thesis:
  • Most episodes are framed by events specific to Tina: Her last Halloween, her last Fireside Girl event, her various crushes, etc.
  • Tina is the character who gives voice to observations that go unheard, because she is only thinking these things years later.
  • The characters of Tina's siblings are especially distorted because she is projecting back onto their childhoods attributes they will only really have years later.

The Bob's Burgers series was just a figment of Archer's imagination
  • If Archer had only known Linda and the kids, married Linda and worked at the restaurant long enough to have grown tired of the 18-hour shifts, then odds are all the crazy stuff that's happened in Bob's Burgers might just be a mix of sleep deprivation and PTSD all occurring in Archer's head.

Louise, without her hat, would look virtually identical to a younger Linda.
Just like Gene looks like his dad at his age, Louise probably takes after her mother as far as her physical appearance is concerned. There are really only so many ways that her hair can meet under her hat, after all, and it looks like it probably comes together in the same way as Linda's. Other than Louise having a hat and pigtails, they're pretty similar looking.

Piggybacking off of the above, Louise wears the bunny ears because she looks like her mother.
Louise thinks very highly of herself and it's clear that the bunny ears are her way of drastically standing out. She's afraid of looking like her mother because it will rob her of her identity, making her just a member of the Belcher family and not her own person (that, and she thinks her mother is a loser).
  • Seems unlikely, as we can see pictures of baby Louise wearing her ears in the background of many home scenes.
    • It's possible she began wearing them as a baby and then just refused to stop.

Louise has a bald spot just like her father
It's that obvious folks! This has got to be the reason why she refuses to be seen without her bunny ears!

The Archer crossover is canon
Sterling is actually Bob's distant cousin, whom he decided to visit to get away from his troubles. But when he visited the restaurant, he was told that Teddy forced Bob to help him take care of his senile grandmother which (Because of a series of wacky incidents) ended up with Bob and Teddy stuck there for months with no way to contact home (An episode for another day). Archer a few days later after leaving Bob's city, ran into the KGB in which he won the fight but suffered a head wound, he then thought he literally was Bob, returned to the restaurant and took over his life, with Linda none the wiser. The kids knew he wasn't their father which scared them (Louise not so much) this made Gene and Tina very uncomfortable and nervous, thinking that this doppleganger most likely killed their father, that they refused to talk. Louise joined in too but just to creep people out. Once Archer!Bob left, Linda finally realized he wasn't really Bob, but she couldn't accept the fact that the real Bob was most likely dead, and in her grief refused to admit that to the police. So she made up a story about Bob being a step-dad marrying her around the same time Archer!Bob arrived.

Gene is trans
Maybe a trans girl, maybe genderfluid, with the constant references to femininity to the point of sometimes talking about women's bodies and beauty with a sense of envy.
  • This is where Tina's diary entry about "duderuses" came from: Gene mentioned his plausible genderqueerness to Tina in passing, then Tina's overactive imagination wandered on the subject until she realized that a trans-male person would be a boy with a uterus. This + the show being a World of Pun = "duderuses."
    • Eugene Mirman says that he thinks Gene is gender nonconforming, describing him as "a fluid person who doesn't care about gender roles."
    • While it's likely just Played for Laughs, Gene also crossdresses very frequently, with most of his Halloween costumes being based off of women. He also has shown to not care at all when people refer to him with feminine pronouns and, in some cases, seems to insist on it, and there are plenty of times where Gene groups himself up with his sisters as if to imply that all of the Belcher Children are female.
    • This could also be part of why Gene prefers Linda's company to his father's (not that he and Bob don't love each other, of course). While Bob is quite accepting of his kids, and is all but stated to be bisexual himself, he's also more likely to point out when he finds something bizarre and is a lot less patient with Gene in general, and sometimes criticizes what he does in a concerned, disapproving way (not because he wants Gene to be more masculine, necessarily, since that's never really been something Bob cares about too much, but that Gene might be doing something Bob sees as inappropriate for his age, or he fears Gene embarrassing himself or being put in harm's way). Linda, by contrast, not only accepts Gene's antics, but sometimes even encourages them or finds them cute. Gene could be more comfortable around her because she's a lot less critical of his expression.
Tina is trans
She is voiced by a male actor, and in the pilot, there was a son named Daniel in her place. If this were true, the pilot would be considered canon.

Horny Dave and Mudflap were in an open relationship
They were lovers but occasionally slept with other people, which is why Horny Dave was cool with Mudflap sleeping with Critter but may have been secretly not pleased with her pregnancy as he didn't want kids. Critter also has stated that Mudflap was Horny Dave's before he died and doesn't recall them breaking up.

Hugo is Boo Boo's father
Both are very short, arrogant and have massive inferiority complexes. There is also a certain physical resemblance, particularly their big blond hair. Since Boo Boo is apparently younger than Tina the timeline also works out. Boo Boo's mother was presumably a rebound fling after Linda dumped him.
  • Wonder Wharf is an unusually second-rate venue for a major star like Boo-Boo to perform at on his first solo tour unless there was another reason like visiting his father Hugo.

Jen and Millie are related in some way
They have similar features. They could be sisters or cousins.

The Belchers are related to the Tortellis
Louise is so much like a young Carla Tortelli that it makes sense they could be related somehow.

Louise and Tina are Bipolar.
Louise is Bipolar I with primarily Manic and Hypomanic episodes. Tina is Bipolar II and as such is primarily Depressed with occasional Hypomanic episodes.

Mort is actually Morty or a Morty from Rick and Morty
Considering the multiple dimensions in Rick and Morty, it is not hard to believe that Mort could be a Morty from the Bob's Burgers dimension or another.

In an alternative dimension, Hugo's Hotdogs is a hit show on the Wolf Network.

Jimmy Jr. is destined to become like Bob, in the future.
Think about it, they are both Juniors of fathers who are both restaurant owners. Also Jimmy Pesto and Big Bob refused to only their sons creative freedom, whether it be dancing or burger making, and are rather harsh diceplincers. Though Big Bob deep down cares for his son while Jimmy Pesto only really cares for himself. It is possible for Jimmy Jr. to feel the need to start his own business as an adult like Bob did to distance himself from his father, whether it be a pizzeria, a dance studio, or some weird mix of both. Bonus, they are both played by H. Jon Benjamin.

The events in the opening sequence are Bob's current recollections of those events, which explains the Couch Gags.
  • The shop on the opposite side of the restaurant from the funeral parlor is different every time because Bob stubbornly pretends it has always been there. As evidenced by the 'For Rent' sign that is usually there during the actual episodes, the storefront is a 'death shop' - a seemingly cursed storefront where businesses and other organizations never last long.
  • By season two, Bob has forgotten the name of the extermination company he hired to get rid of the rat infestation, which bugs him to no end as he constantly dreads having another infestation. Every alternate name that shows up is his latest failed attempt to remember it.

Barbara, Bob's former girlfriend from the episode "My Fuzzy Valentine" will return in a future episode.
Since Hugo used to date Linda, Bob's future wife, maybe Bob would try to get Barbara together with Hugo to make his life happier, and therefore, being a less strict health inspector.

The series finale with feature a Time Skip to the Belcher family reuniting for Bob's funeral
Bob's Meaningful Funeral will feature, alongside the usual sitcom funeral hijinks (and maybe an Antagonist in Mourning moment from Jimmy Pesto and/or Hugo), grown-up versions of Tina, Gene, and Louise eulogizing their father with stories of inspirational moments with their father (in the style of the Vignette Episodes featuring the kids' stories, like "The Frond Files" and "The Gayle Tales"). Possible titles for the episode include "Whatever Happened to Bobby Belcher?" or "Bob Is Dead".

Guesses at upcoming episodes
  • Just the Trip: A Road Trip Episode featuring the return of Nat from "V for Valentine-detta", who ends up chauffeuring the Belcher family for some reason.
    • A customer at Jimmy Pesto's trips and breaks their nose after something is left on the floor, leading to them threatening to sue Jimmy. Bob and most of the others egg the person on, but Tina, concerned about Jimmy Jr, begins to stalk the person, convinced that they're faking their injury. The twist is that, no, they aren't faking it. Tina's antics somehow lead to the customer not suing Jimmy Pesto.
  • Yurty Rotten Scoundrels: Gayle drags Tina and Linda into her newest money-making venture involving custom yurts.
    • Louise, Gene, and Tina find a yurt abandoned in the woods and decide to hang out there, even holding a sleepover there with some of the other kids. All seems well, but the owner comes back and the kids refuse to leave. The episode then focuses of the naturally very crazy yurt owner trying to smoke them all out.
    • A group of Russian travelers (who are from one of the several places in Russia called Yurty) come to Bob's Burgers and give Bob a hard time over his burger of the day.
  • The Ring (But Not Scary): Bob dealing with losing his wedding ring somehow.
    • Confirmed! The episode will be the season 10 premiere, and the synopsis (based on the Bob's Burgers panel at San Diego Comic Con 2019) reads "Bob finally gets Linda an engagement ring, but he loses it."
  • Have Yourself a Maily Linda Christmas: Linda tries to deliver a Christmas gift to her parents in person, with Louise and Gene tagging along, while Bob and Tina do a B-plot involving Gayle
    • Linda accidentally mails all of the family's Christmas cards to a very obscure, out of the way location and has to drive there to get them back in time to mail them before Christmas (since the owner has no phone and the photo developer is closed for the holidays). Naturally, her trip goes off the rails. Back home, the rest of the Belchers try and make homemade Christmas cards.
  • Three Girls and a Little Wharfy: A Cryptid Episode featuring Louise, Jessica from "Slumber Party", and a new character.
  • Pig Trouble in Little Tina: Tina taking a field trip to a farm (and possibly facing a fear of pigs developed/discovered from having to dissect one in class).
  • Legends of the Mall: An episode taking place at OMG Mall, with each of the Belchers getting a sub-plot.
    • The kids all tell comedic horror stories in order to explain why the mall is temporarily closed for a day, while hanging out in the parking lot one stormy afternoon.
  • The Hawkening: Look Who's Hawking Now!: Another episode featuring Shinji Kojima from "Hawk & Chick", also involving Regular-Sized Rudy turning out to be (or becoming) a fan of the Hawk & Chick movies.
    • The reason Koji wants to shop the Belcher's showing is that he considers the movie they want to watch the weakest in the series.
  • The Handyman Can: A Day in the Limelight episode for Teddy.
    • It'll be a Musical Episode focusing on Teddy having to win back the Belchers', um, I guess we can call it respect, after screwing up royally.

In the movie Louise will be the one to drop a precision F-Strike.

But probably nothing too vulgar. Just something they wouldn't say on the show. Like having Louise say shit or call an antagonist an asshole.

Louise's hat will be removed at some point in the movie.

It might even be ruined or otherwise lost as a plot point. She'll most likely receive a new one by the ending.

  • Or they'll cutaway and not show her without the hat like they did in Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show. This would be because the creators/writers of the movie can't think of antything that won't disappoint.

Ginger will appear in the movie.

Her face is visible and she has a speaking role.

The movie will deal with the restaurant on the brink of closing or threats for it to be shut down by Hugo yet again.
Easy peasy plotline?

At the end of the movie, everybody gets brainwashed to forget the events
Status Quo Is God after all.

A future season will have an episode where the kids get interested in Dungeons & Dragons.
Possibly as part of a team-building exercise that gets out of hand. Mr. Frond is certainly going to be involved somehow.

The Larp was a scam.
It's rather suspicious that in an event advertised as "roleplay as characters from this show" that the majority of the players were assigned the roles of no-name characters whose exclusive rules were as servants... And that said characters were treated as servants as soon as they got to the property, before the game began and before anyone was in character. Not to mention the historically in-accurately harsh way that the "servant characters" were treated.

Obviously, the company running the Larp didn't want to(or couldn't) shell out the cash to hire actual servants—I don't think it's even 'legal' to treat employees like that—and so chose to handwave the issue by having drastically more seats for the game than they intended to actually play in the hopes of duping most of the people coming in into acting as slave labor to keep the party rolling.

The show is a disguised Shin Megami Tensei spin-off
.Bob is the protagonist, Tina is the Law representative, Louise is Chaos and Gene is Neutrality. Bob uses the Demon Summoning Program to make a deal with Lucifer to make really good burgers, and the end of the world is going to come about because of it.

Hugo quietly resents the Belcher kids for being a reminder that he lost Linda to Bob, and a later episode will address this.
If there's one set of characters that hardly ever interacts, it's Hugo and the Belcher kids. The Belcher kids don't seem to like Hugo (especially in later seasons), but Hugo rarely if ever addresses the kids directly (he only really shares one or two lines with them during each health inspection). Hugo already treats Bob like crap for "stealing" Linda from him (ignoring that Linda wasn't happy with him anyways), and the logical conclusion would be that he hates the kids as well for being a result of Bob and Linda's union (in his eyes, they should've been his kids, not Bob's). A later episode will have the kids and Hugo interact more directly, and in said episode Hugo's resentment will come to light. The episode could even result in Character Development for Hugo, leading him to realize that not only should he not resent the kids, but he shouldn't do the same to Bob given his hate for both stems from similar places.

The show will eventually get a full The Simpsons crossover episode
Like the Couch Gag from the latter show's "My Way or the Highway to Heaven", only now it's a full episode. In search of the perfect burger, Homer drags the Simpson family to Seymour's Bay where they meet and befriend the Belchers. Homer and Bob hang out as fathers, Marge and Linda do mom stuff with Maggie, Lisa and Tina bond over their mutual awkwardness, and Bart performs pranks with Gene and Louise.

In the movie, Bob will be told he is His Own Worst Enemy
The movie will begin with (or at least have a plot point of) the restaurant going through a 4th grand opening

Bob's Burgers will eventually get a world in Kingdom Hearts