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  • One episode features Grandpa reading a tabloid article about a "two foot baby born with a three foot beard" accompanied by an illustration that resembles an Elbonian child.
  • One episode has a restaurant called ‘Mr. Chickens House Of Pancakes And Halibut’ which is a take on the restaurant chain Roscoe's Chicken And Waffles.
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  • Helga's lunch box has a design on it that looks like the Charlie's Angels silhouette.
"Arnold" Pilot
  • Harold says Thing’s catchphrase “It’s clobberin’ time!”
  • Harold wears a red striped shirt and a crown strongly resembled the one that Jughead always wore.

Downtown As Fruits

Eugene's Bike

The Little Pink Book

Field Trip

  • Grandma Pookie and Arnold freeing a mistreated turtle from captivity is Jesse wanting to free an orca whale named Willy.
    • Episode plot is also like the plot of TaleSpin episode “All’s Whale That End’s Whale.”

Arnold's Hat

Stoop Kid

Helga's Makeover

The Old Building


6th Grade Girls

The Baseball

  • Next to Arnold’s “THIS IS NOT MONEY” jar is a “Donna Smith’s Spelling Book,” the name being the show’s production manager.
  • Grandma Pookie is seen wearing a shirt with a logo circled with the “Black Sox” surrounding a picture of a black sock, a reference to the Boston Red Sox.
    • It may also be a reference to the infamous "Black Sox Scandal," in which eight members of the Chicago White Sox baseball team were accused of intentionally losing games in the 1919 World Series in exchange for money.



Operation Ruthless

The Vacant Lot

The List

Haunted Train

  • The engineer’s ghost sitting on the front of the train at the end is like Baron Samedi being perched on the front of the speeding train despite James Bond kicking him into a coffin full of snakes.
  • The engine itself resembles Spokane, Portland and Seattle 700.
    • It's probably more similar to Milwaukee Road 261 seeing how the front end with the cowcatcher is slung forward more than SP&S 700. Considering how many Northern type steam locomotives resemble it, it could just be a combination of the two (and possibly Santa Fe 3751)
  • The engine's tender reads "Great Northern" which was a real railroad that operated across the American Northwest including Washington where the show takes place.
  • Helga's "I do believe in mad engineers! I do believe in haunted trains! I do, I do!" line is more than likely a nod to the "I do believe in spooks!" line from The Wizard of Oz.


Roughin' It

Door #16

Arnold as Cupid


Cool Jerk

Das Subway

  • 'Das Subway' derives from German film Das Boot.
  • Episode plot is similar to an episode of The Odd Couple.
  • After Gerald points out the train has stopped:
    Helga: No kidding, Einstein.
  • Next to the pay phone is a sign for the 'Tucker Railroad,' “Tucker” being the surname of one of the story’s directors Tuck Tucker.
  • The song everyone sings at the end is a parody of "We Are the World".

Wheezin' Ed

Tutoring Torvald

Gerald Comes Over

  • While Arnold is at Gerald’s house eating dinner:
    Timberly: Hey look! I’m Timberly the Pink Ranger!
  • Arnold attempts to tell Gerald that the things he may see may confuse him or horrify him, and that "you've been warned", a parody of the opening prologue to James Whale's Frankenstein (1931).
  • Mr. Purdy is named after Hey Arnold! writer Joseph Purdy.
  • Oskar claims that he auditioned for Man of La Mancha and sings a snippet of "The Impossible Dream".

Spelling Bee

  • Episode’s story is similar to A Boy Named Charlie Brown plot.
  • 'Onomatopoeia' means “words that sound like the sounds they represent.”

Pigeon Man

  • The speech Pigeon Man makes at the end of the episode with him and Arnold on top the Brownstone is taken from Tom Joard’s speech.
  • Pigeon Man flying away using a huge flock pigeons is almost similar to when James Trotter used a huge flock of seagulls.
  • Helga says "What did he say? Koo Koo ka choo?" a reference to The Beatles’ song “‘I am the Walrus’” in which many people thought John Lennon said "Koo Koo ka choo," when in actuality he sang "Goo Goo Gjoob."
  • The Pigeon Man is based on the Birdman of Alcatraz, Robert Stroud.

Olga Comes Home

Sally's Comet

  • The first place, Hawk Mountain, Arnold, Grandpa Phil and Gerald try to see Sally’s Comet is a real place near Allentown, Pennsylvania.
  • 'Sally’s Comet' was aired on January 13, 1997 in commemoration to the Comet Hale-Bopp that passed over Earth in winter 1996 to spring 1997.
  • 'Sally’s Comet' sounds like “Halley’s Comet.”

Abner Come Home

  • The phone number on the “Have You Seen This Pig” billboard is 555-Pork.
  • 'Abner Come Home' is based on Lassie Come-Home.

The Sewer King

False Alarm

  • There’s a Yahoo! Soda machine in the cafeteria.
  • Several elements from 12 Angry Men are used:
    • Harold, Phoebe, Gerald, Helga, Curly and Arnold have to figure out if Eugene pulled the fire alarm where the titular twelve angry jurors had to find out if the boy being accused of murder was guilty.
    • Helga acts like Juror No. 3, who holds fast to his belief that the accused is guilty and often antagonizes Juror No. 8.
    • Arnold being the only person to vote not guilty like there only being one man saying “not guilty” against the eleven jurors during the anonymous votes from both medias.
    • Just like Juror No. 8 who voted “not guilty,” Arnold slowly gets the others to change their minds.
    • A character has tickets to a sporting event, in the movie it’s baseball and here it’s wrestling.
    • Arnold stabs a pencil in the table like how Juror No. 8 does this with a knife.

World Records

  • Phoebe has encyclopedic knowledge of Italian sauces.
  • One of the record breakers in Arnold’s book is Frannie Caudell, a reference to Helga’s voice actress Francesca Smith and Arnold’s season one voice actor Toran Caudell.
  • Helga makes reference to Don Quixote when she says “How many windmills have to knock you on your butt?”

Magic Show

24 Hours to Live

Part-Time Friends


  • 'Bio Square' could mean . . .

    . . . a variation of “biosphere,” an experiment where a number of people planned to live about a year in an entirely self-contained collection of building where even the air and water were recycled from inside . . .

    . . . and the movie Bio-Dome.

Arnold's Christmas

  • Department store ‘Kacy’s’ is based on real-life store Macy’s.
  • It’s revealed Mr. Hyunh gave his two-four year old daughter to American soldiers during the Fall of Saigon in 1975 to secure her safety.
  • Helga’s parents, “Big” Bob and Miriam sing half the “Jingle Bells” chorus.
  • Grandma Pookie plays “Yankee Doodle Boy” by George Cohan on the piano.
  • Mr. Bailey may be named after George Bailey.
  • Nancy Spumoni is a reference to Nancy Sinatra who is the real life daughter of Frank Sinatra, she is presumably related to Dino Spumoni who is an expy of Sinatra.
    • The "Nancy Spumoni Signature Snow Boots" could possibly be referencing Nancy Sinatra's hit song "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'."

Helga's Boyfriend

Crush on Teacher

Hall Monitor

Harold's Bar Mitzvah

  • Helga is seen wearing her dress with the pink sleeves and white collar from what she original wore in the Claymation shorts and it the pilot episode.

Coach Wittenberg

  • When Coach Wittenberg makes the team do pushups, they do it with their knees on the ground known as 'girl pushups.'

Four-Eyed Jack

Tour de Pond

Teachers' Strike

Arnold's Valentine

Runaway Float


The Big Scoop

Harold's Kitty

  • Arnold’s phone number is given as 555-123 . . . and yes, it’s missing a digit.

Arnold Saves Sid

  • Sid feeling he should act as Arnold’s slave as a way to thank him after the latter rescued the former from a falling board, thus driving Arnold crazy is like Clumsy Smurf doing Handy’s bidding thus driving him crazy after the latter saved the former from Gargamel.


  • Oskar Kokoshka mentions character Buddy Love.
  • When Arnold and Gerald are in House of Costumes, Gerald comments about being a "free man in Paris, unfettered and alive," stating he heard it on one of his parent’ old albums, referring to Joni Mitchell’s 1974 Court and Spark album and the “Free Man in Paris” written by her.

Save the Tree

New Teacher


Ms. Perfect

Monkey Business

  • After getting home from the park and reads a comic book and laughs:
    Helga: Oh, that Jughead! Can’t she see that Veronica has no interest in him whatsoever?
  • 'Monkeynucleosis' a parody of “mononucleosis,” better known as “mono,” that’s an abnormally high proportion of monocytes in the blood.
  • Composer Jim Lang stated that the music for Helga's nightmare was meant to be styled after that of The Elephant Man.
Big Caesar
  • Grandpa Phil owns an autographed photo of Austro-American starlet Hedy Lamarr.
  • Much like how Arnold and Gerald try to catch the titular prehistoric fish is like how Homer Simpson goes after a giant catfish.
  • Gerald drops this line after seeing Big Caesar:
  • When Arnold and Gerald come back to the docks:
    Helga: Why if it isn’t the Skipper and Gilligan.

The High Life

Best Friends

Longest Monday

Eugene's Pet

Mud Bowl

Gerald Moves Out

  • Gerald is seen kicking a parody CocaCola can before he sees his dad and decides to come home.

Freeze Frame

  • Arnold’s computer is made by Purdy Electronics, Joseph Purdy being the writer of this episode.
  • 'Freeze Frame' shares the same name as a song by J. Geils Band.

Phoebe Cheats

  • The trophy for the poetry contest is a statue of Emily Dickinson.
  • Episode plot is very similar to when Blair Warner cheats on a poetry assignment by copying a poem by Emily Dickinson, and it ends up finishing in third place in a New York statewide poetry competition.
  • The sign in Phoebe’s room reads “CARPE UNUM,” which means “Seize One” in Latin.

Helga's Love Potion

Gerald's Secret

  • A store called ‘Baby Town’ that sells various baby products is based on actual store Babies Я Us.

Steely Phil

Quantity Time

Eating Contest

Rhonda's Glasses

  • The story is almost similar to the black and white segregation as the "cool kids" discriminated against the "geeks," the "geeks" having to sit at the back of the bus, sit at the geek tables, and get all the bad equipment, just like the blacks did. Not to mention Rhonda refusing to move to the back of the bus because she had glasses like Rosa Parks.
  • Becoming fed up with the treatment toward the geeks Rhonda yells “If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh?,” a verbatim line in the first scene of act three from William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice:
    Shylock: If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?

Eugene Goes Bad

  • After Eugene tells some little kid who looks up to him that it has to be way past his bedtime:
    Kid: I have to be in bed by 8:30 right after my favorite show Yo Ernest.

What's Opera, Arnold?

  • Besides episode title 'What’s Opera, Arnold?', in Helga’s dream sequence, she reveals her weapon to be a "golden magic slingshot" to which Gerald mentions that he thought the weapons were supposed to be a "spear and magic helmet" all alludes to What’s Opera, Doc? short.
  • When first introduced in Arnold’s dream, Gerald’s singing “Figaro.”
  • Twice, Curly says “Thank you very much” like Elvis Presley.
  • Mr. Packenham and Harold mentions Pagliacci, Harold even dresses and sings like him..
  • The opera Mr. Packenham takes the students to is Carmen.

Arnold's Halloween

  • The “alien” costume and makeup worn by Helga, Harold, Curly, Phoebe, Rhonda, Eugene and Sid are vaguely similar to the Talosians.
  • Gerald's father is disguised similarly to Fred Flintstone at the party.
  • The entire episode is based on the classic The War of the Worlds radio broadcast by Orson Welles and the MercuryTheatre:
    • Gerald’s “Aliens are coming to destroy the Earth!” broadcasted line was thought to be true and caused panic in the neighborhood.
    • Arnold and the gang fake an alien invasion using a water tower with Christmas lights for the UFO called Well’s Ridge.
    • Episode aired fifty nine years and three days to the day of Welles’ 1939 radio broadcast.
    • “Big” Bob Pataki’s voice actor not only used his Orson Welles voice for obsessive “UFO Tonight” presenter Douglas Cain but Cain spoofs Charles Foster Kane.
  • When perusing the sports section of his newspaper, Big Bob mentions the “Packers,” a reference to the Green Bay Packers

The Aptitude Test

  • Helga tells Mr. Simmons that she learned her new country accent from the Clampetts, especially from Jed and Ellie Mae.
  • When Stinky asks Harold to read the title of the Ornamental Horticulture magazine, the price can be seen to be $1 in United States currency and $10 in Canadian currency

Oskar Gets a Job

Curly Snaps

Pre-Teen Scream

Stinky Goes Hollywood

  • The company that makes the publicity for “Yahoo! Soda” and where Stinky filmed all his commercials is Snee-Oosh Studios, named after the company that created this show, even having the same logo and symbol.
  • Stinky starring in commercials and rising to fame is similar to the late American actor, voice artist and comedian Jim Varney, best known for his role as Earnest P. Worrell.
  • Yahoo! Soda appears again.
    • Yahoo!! is also a multinational internet search site.
    • The name Yahoo! could also be a reference to the real life drink: Yoo-hoo. Though Yoo-hoo is chocolate milk instead of a soda.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger expy Abdicator appears again on a poster while Arnold and Stinky walk around the studio.
  • The “Just Drink It” slogan is very close to the “Just DO It” slogan for Nike shoes.
  • The ‘Revis and Jackie’ bit is a spoof of Regis and Kathie Lee, now known as Live with Regis and Kelly.

Olga Gets Engaged

Crabby Author

Rich Kid

Helga Blabs It All

Harold the Butcher

Arnold Betrays Iggy

Helga and the Nanny

Dangerous Lumber

Mr. Hyunh Goes Country

Arnold's Room

Helga vs. Big Patty

Career Day

Hey Harold!

  • 'Hey Harold' is an obvious parody of this series title, Hey Arnold!.
  • Episode’s a loose retelling of 1953 teleplay Marty, who also served as the inspiration for the character of Mr. Green.

Casa Paradiso

Gerald's Tonsils

  • According to Gerald, Arnold has twenty three volumes of ‘The Purdy Boys’ novels.
  • Gerald’s operation took place at Drymon Medic Clinic, one of the show’s directors is Derek Drymon.

Phoebe Takes the Fall

  • The scene with Helga and Phoebe in the car homages On the Waterfront.
  • While quizzing Helga, Phoebe asks "What type of cheese is Holland famous for?" to which Helga guesses "Glockenspiel?" Though 'Glockenspiel' isn't even a type of cheese; it is a keyboard instrument with a set of metal bars, also known as orchestra bells. For the real answer, it’s Dutch cheese.
  • One of the signs in Mrs. Vitello's shop reads "With ferns like these, who needs anemones?" a pun off the “With friends like these, who needs enemies?” saying that means when someone one thought as a friend treats oneself in an unpleasant way.

The Pig War

  • Again, Elk Island is likely based on Skagit Island.
    • The fact it’s supposedly home of a massive treasure trove, in a cave, that some believe is haunted much like Money Pit on Oak Island in Nova Scotia.
  • When Sheena’s Uncle Earl takes Arnold, Grandpa Phil, Harold, Brainy, Phoebe, Helga, Stinky, Rhonda, Sid and Gerald to Elk Island, Phil standing proudly at the bow is very reminiscent of George Washing Crossing the Delaware River, Phil even wears an outfit similar to George Washington’s commanding uniform.
  • Harold is dressed as Rambo, Sid dresses like Davy Crockett, Stinky wears a Confederate uniform and Rex Smythe-Higgins I, Rex Smyth-Higgins III and the rest of the opposing team all dress in Red Coats garb.
  • From Arnold confronts Rex Smythe-Higgins III at the fort, Rex taunts Arnold before he and fellow British re-enactors pelt him to Rex hearing saw noises in the forest parodies the scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail between King Arthur and his knights and the French-controlled castle.
  • In order to rescue Abner from being eaten by the opposing team, Harold, Arnold, Helga, Gerald, Phoebe, Sid, Stinky, Rhonda and Brainy all hide in a large wooden pig as Phil brings the “gift of truce” inside their fort, even one of the members recognizes the trick and tries to warn the leader, Rex Smythe-Higgins I, but he refuses to listen.
  • This episode is inspired by real life events taking place in the San Juan Islands in (what is now) Washington State also called "The Pig War" in which the only casualty was indeed a British-owned pig, the shooting of which almost led to an actual war between the US and Britain.

Best Man

Cool Party

  • In regards to Stinky, when mocking the “geeks” at her party:
    Rhonda: Where did he learn English? Green Acres?

Sid's Revenge

Roller Coaster

  • Hillwood has a “Statue of Justice” in its harbor where Eugene was once rescued from.

Grandpa's Birthday

Road Trip

  • The mechanic who’s set to fix Miriam’s car is based and sounds like Karl Childers.

Arnold & Lila

Grand Prix

  • When Eugene says “Well, some kids would do that Wolfgang. Some kids would just give up and start falling apart, piece by piece. But other kids come home from school and wash up, and go racing in the streets” refers to the “Racing in the Street” song by Bruce Springsteen.
  • The race track has a similar shape to Donut Plains 1.

Arnold's Thanksgiving

  • Stars and Stripes Forever plays through the first part of the end credits.
  • When telling what work Helga had to do, “Big” Bob Pataki there was a three day weekend sale coming up, referring to Black Friday.

Girl Trouble

School Dance

Helga's Show

The Flood

  • After realizing that Mr. Simmons has been gone for some time after going to get the attention of the helicopter, the kids hear him singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic where they find him dangling helplessly from the latter two-three stories up.
  • Phil’s rescue raft is called “Titanic.”
  • Principal Wartz sings snippets of "La Cucuracha" and "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans".

School Play

Parents Day

  • Names of Phoebe’s parents are Reba and Kyo Heyerdahl.
  • Grandma (in her karate outfit) calls Grandpa “Anjin-san,” the lead character of James Clavell’s Shogun.
  • Arnold’s father Miles uses the phrase “aye-aye-aye!” after falling down the cliff side for the second time is likely a referent to The Gods Must Be Crazy where a character frequently would use that phrase.
  • From the sleeping sickness to fictional country where Arnold’s parents set off on a rescue mission and were never heard from refers to One Hundred Years of Solitude, though in the book, it was an island called Macono.

Eugene's Birthday

Stinky's Pumpkin

Dinner for Four

Phoebe Skips

Full Moon

  • 'Full Moon' refers to . . .

    1) a lunar phase of the moon.

    2) a play by Reynolds Rice.

    3) a 1973 Kris Kristofferson album.

    4) a novel by P. G. Wodehouse.

    5) the English translation of 1937 film Terang Boelan from the Dutch East Indies.

    6) the manga Full Moon.

    7) a 1980 Charlie Daniels album.

    8) a show with the same name.

    9) a 1986 Paul Brady album.

    10) a short story by Georgette Heyer.

Student Teacher

  • The foggy airport scene near the end where both Helga and Olga say goodbye is similar to the ending of Casablanca.

Big Gino

  • Discovering wood shavings upon waking up, Sid finds his wooden pony’s head when looking under his bed covers.
    • Big Gino’s attitude is very similar to Vito Corleone, the Mafia Don.
      • How he runs things is like an elementary school version of the Mafia.
  • After Sid avoids Big Gino's calls, the doorframe above him says "Cogit Ergo Sum," a flawed Latin translation of Rene Descartes' famous quote "I think; therefore I am," it should be "Cogito Ergo Sum."

Jamie O. in Love

The Beeper Queen

  • The song in the commercial Mariam was shooting is called ‘Beepers Are A Girl’s Best Friend’ parodies the song “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Oskar Can't Read?

Headless Cabbie

Friday the 13th

Helga's Parrot

Chocolate Turtles

  • During the credits for Arnold and Gerald's favorite TV show Pop Daddy, the executive producer is credited as "Snoop Cat."

Love and Cheese

Weighing Harold

  • Where Arnold is in the comic store, one of the issues in the rack says “SpongeBob.”
    • Behind Arnold are two comics forming the picture of CatDog.
  • The music playing when Harold tries to lose weight is almost identical to the music that plays when Rocky Balboa tries to get fit.

It Girl

  • The microphone the reporter, who's holding news cast at the Civic Auditorium, reads "E3."
  • Johnny Stitches resembles John Lennon.

Deconstructing Arnold

Grudge Match

Polishing Rhonda

  • Because Patty’s parents are much shorter than their daughter, they may suffer from dwarfism.

Veterans Day

  • Both Phil and Martin Johanssen, Gerard’s dad, were both Privates in the U. S. Army, but are not promoted until the end of World War II and Vietnam War, respectively.
  • During the WWII flashback, Phil is seen holding an autographed photo of Austro-American starlet Hedy Lamarr while he’s peeling potatoes.
  • Phil delivers 'Cham' to Northern France is a parody of “Spam,” the difference between Cham and Spam being that Spam was made of ham while the Cham was combination of chicken and ham used for military for experimental purposes in 1944.
  • The armband of the Nazi soldiers is a sad face. This replaces the real Nazi armband of a swastika that had been used by Nazi Germany from 1933 until 1945, or Adolf Hitler's death, as it may have caused some controversy, most especially in Germany as well as in several other countries that implemented anti-Nazi laws such as Austria and Poland if they decided to use the real symbol. It is also important to note the swastika is not of German origin as the swastika has many Asian variants.

Back to School

Egg Story

Weird Cousin

  • There’s a movie poster advertising ‘Evil Twin II.’
    • On the poster has an undead corpse popping out of a grave, scaring a woman, a refence to any horror movie involving supernatural.

Baby Oskar

  • During their fight:
    Suzie: Oh sure it’s a good day for you! Tomorrow’s a grand day for you because tomorrow is the day you get a job! Tomorrow is the day you pay the bills, tomorrow is the day you grow up and start acting responsible. But tomorrow never comes for you does it Oskar because it’s so conveniently a day away.
    Oskar: Right, it’s always a day away, just like the song that little orphan girl sings.
  • After getting off the phone, Suzie calls Oskar’s name:
    Oskar: Are you talking to me or that rugrat?
  • While stuck in traffic on his way to the hospital with sick Baby Oskar in a taxi, not only does Oskar complain about the Pope coming today but there’s a banner saying “SAY HI TO THE POPE,” who at the time of this episode, would been Pope John Paul II.

Helga Sleepwalks

Fighting Families


  • After Monkeyman changes his clothes and washes his hair, he’s dressed like Willy Wonka.
  • Sid’s white Winklepickers are the prized Beatle boots.

Buses, Bikes, and Subways

Grandpa's Sister

Synchronized Swimming

  • The movie both a young Coach Wittenberg saw at a drive-in movie theatre and the boys (Arnold, Gerald, Stinky, Sid, Harold and Eugene) re-enact has the line “Wayne! Wayne! Come back Wayne!” though here, 'Wayne' is the horse’s name instead of the cowboy.

Helga's Masquerade

Mr. Green Runs

Helga on the Couch

  • Dr. Bliss has an Edward Hopper painting in her office.
  • During the word association, Bliss says “rocket.”:
    Helga: Locket! Pocket! Davy Crockett!
    • Toward the end of their word association.
      Dr. Bliss: Monday.
      Helga: Night Football. (fall out of chair) . . . enough word association.
      Dr. Bliss: Good idea.
  • During Helga’s flashback to when she was four or five, a fifteen year old Olga is playing on the piano with her parents behind her:
    Bob: . . . Come on, play us another one Olga.
    Olga: I know, how about the Minute Waltz by Monsieur Frédéric Chopin?
    Miriam: Oh! I love that one.
    Bob: Yeah, you should hear her play Beethoven Miriam.
  • Before revealing her feelings for Arnold to Dr. Bliss, Helga questions even if under torture her secret will be kept, said torture being “stuck your head in a cage with a starved rabid rat,” the same suffering Winston Smith was subjected to.

Dino Checks Out

  • Some of Dino’s ’60s records spoofs other musicians including The Doors depute album The Doors and The BeatlesSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.
  • The cover of Dino’s ‘Trippin’ With Dino’ album is based off Robert Crumb’s 1968 Keep on Truckin’ comic.
  • Among his possessions, Dino owns a copy of I The Jury by Mickey Spilante.

Summer Love

Sid the Vampire Slayer

Big Sis

Gerald's Game

Fishing Trip

  • Sid wears a Davy Crockett hat all through the episode.
  • After Gerald’s father Martin tells Harold there’s no way he could get rabies from the raccoon that bit him because his skin wasn’t broken:
    Sid: Yes he could! It’s just like that show “When Animals Attack!” It was about—
    Phil: Oh knock it off! The boy’s fine!
  • As pointed out by Sid, former Monkee Davy Jones appears.
  • This isn’t the first Nickelodeon show where characters sing Miss Suzie had a Tugboat.
  • Where both the boys (Arnold, Sid, Harold, Eugene and Gerald) and their fathers are farting in their tents comes from Blazing Saddles.

Bag of Money

Principal Simmons

  • The song ‘I Will Prevail’ Principal Warts sings is a parody of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” song.
  • Episode’s plot is very similar to The Simpsons episode “Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baaddaasss song” . . .

    . . . goody-two-shoes Ned Flanders replaces Principal Skinner like Mr. Simmons replaces Principal Wartz, . . .

    . . . with both original principals gone, the kids cause chaos in the schools, . . .

    . . . Arnold and Simmons try to get Wartz back like how Bart tires to get Skinner back, . . .

    . . . both Flanders and Simmons say "I intend to put the ‘pal’ back in ‘principal!’" . . .

    . . . and both Principal Skinner and Principal Wartz cry when walking by the school.

New Bully on the Block

  • The fourth graders face two bullies sharing a name of a composer who fight over Gerald Field, the fifth grade school bully Wolfgang and new bully Ludwig who returns and wants the vacant lot for himself.
  • 'New Bully on the Block' parodies New Kids on the Block or NKOTB.

Phoebe Breaks a Leg

Stuck in a Tree

Rhonda Goes Broke

Helga's Locket

Sid and Germs


Old Iron Man

Ghost Bride

  • How Curly yells “It’s not fair!” sound like Pee-Wee Herman.
  • This episode has Scooby-Doo gags all over:
    • Helga shutting both south and north gates, as well as shaking the north gates by ropes to make it look like a ghost did it.
    • The moment Arnold notices Curly’s red striped socks when the latter was dressed as the Ghost Bride and unmasking him is like Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, Velma and Scooby finding clues before unmasking the Monster of the Week.
    • The reveal of how the gags were pulled off.

Gerald vs. Jamie O


  • At one point, Principal Wartz says “D’oh!”

Ernie in Love

Arnold Visits Arnie

Chocolate Boy

Harold vs. Patty

Rich Guy

The Racing Mule

Curly's Girl

  • Helga calls Rhonda “Cruella.”
  • Rhonda pretending to be Curly’s girlfriend for a week after he removes a stain from her mother’s birthday present is similar to what happened to Ronald Miller and Cindy Mancini.

On the Lam

Family Man

Phoebe's Little Problem

Grandpa's Packard

A Day in the Life of a Classroom

  • 'A Day in the Life of a Classroom' parodies “A Day in the Life” song by The Beatles.

Big Bob's Crisis


  • Right after President Helga’s inaugural speech during her dream, a character can be seen in the crowd sporting a mo-hawk and a military jacket similar to Travis Bickle.

Timberly Loves Arnold

  • Arnold is a fan of Thelonious Monk.
  • The park being named 'Tina Park' possibly refers to Tom Park, one of the layout designers.

Eugene, Eugene!

April Fool's Day

  • Helga says "Yeah, right. And I'm Mary, Queen of Scots".
  • Stinky’s turtle is named “Snappy.”
  • Ice cream server Wyatt’s appearance and character role is similar to Jeremy Freedman.
  • The 'YMMA' is a spoof of the YMCA . . .

    1) a worldwide organization short for Young Men’s Christian Association aimed to put Christian put Christian principles into practice by developing a healthy "body, mind and spirit."

    2) a 1978 song by the Village People.
  • At the end, a pool opens in the middle of the gym like in It's a Wonderful Life and Whatever It Takes, though the idea came from Beverly Hills High School Swim Gym.

The Journal

  • Again, the sleeping sickness and fictional country refers to One Hundred Years of Solitude, though in the book, it was an island called Macono.
  • It’s revealed the name of the fictional country Arnold’s parents went to is 'San Lorenzo,' the name of an insular nation.
  • Stella wears a tank top similar to what Lara Croft wears.
  • Miles telling Stella not to look at La Corazon is like Indiana Jones saying not to look at the Ark of the Covenant.
  • Miles hating spiders is like Indiana Jones hating snakes.
  • Miles yelling “Stella!” in almost exact same way as Stanley Kowalski does.
  • Pookie confuses Miles and Stella's wedding with the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.
  • She also confuses Arnold's birth for a lyric from the Allman Brothers song "Ramblin' Man".

Hey Arnold! The Movie (a.k.a. Arnold Saves the Neighborhood)

Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie