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Miraculous Ladybug pays homage to several pieces of media, adding its own quirky humor to the references.

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  • According to Word of God, Hawk Moth's creepy grey mask is based on the one worn by the movie version of Fantômas.
  • The in-universe superheroine Majestia has a resemblance to Carol Danvers.
  • Marinette and Adrien go to the collège Françoise Dupont. Françoise Dupont is the secret identity of French teenage superheroine Fantômette, from a 1960s series of books later adapted into a live-action TV series and cartoons.
  • The concept of the Miraculous timers is similar to the Colour Timers from the Ultra Series.
  • Wayzz's name might be a reference to Master Oog'''way''', who just so happens to also be a turtle and a Mentor Archetype.

    Season 1 
  • In "Bubbler", when Marinette is standing outside of Adrien's house, her surprise at the camera ball and the blunt way she's being spoken to strongly resembles C-3PO at the gate of Jabba's Palace.
  • In "Mr. Pigeon", Cat Noir decides to dance while waiting for Mr. Pigeon to show up. Among the recognizable moves include the Moonwalk and Gangnam Style.
    • In the French version of same episode, a hilarious quote from La Cité de la peur ("Good news for batavia lettuce lovers!") is used as a transition in TV news.
  • Rogercop seems to be a PG mix of RoboCop and Judge Dredd.
    • From the same episode, Cat Noir stands up and points just to say he and Ladybug should defend themselves in a court of law. Coupled with his dialogue about law, his pose is clearly a reference to Ace Attorney.
  • In "Kung Food", Kung Food's minions use caramel to seal off the hotel he's in, which comes out similar to the slime wall covering the museum in Ghostbusters II. Kung Food himself is a shout-out of Goku's Super Saiyan form. Also, he fights using a Pepperoni Pizza Buster Sword.
  • The battle against "The Gamer" is full of shout-outs to Street Fighter, with the heroes and Gamer trading signature attacks of the most famous characters (e.g. M. Bison's Psycho Crusher, Ryu's Hadouken, Ken's Shoryuken, Dhalsim's Yoga Fire). Ladybug and Cat Noir's robot even goes into Ryu's fighting stance.
    • In addition, the giant robot fight uses attacks from (among others) Mazinger Z, Grendizer and Combattler V.
    • A meta example: When confronting an akumatized Max in his robot mecha at the soccer stadium, one of the ads on the stadium walls is for "ZAG", the studio behind the show.
    • Cat Noir also a very conspicuous barrel roll upon jumping off a building, complete with the appropriate quote from Star Fox 64.
  • In "Antibug", Chloé (a powerless human) is trying to help Ladybug (superhero), but Ladybug thinks she is just carelessly putting herself in danger and doesn't listen to her "biggest fan". Crushed by this, Chloé becomes Ladybug's Evil Counterpart with the goal of proving that she is better. Sounds familiar?
  • In "The Puppeteer", Marinette's address is revealed to be Gotlib Street, which is quite probably a reference to French cartoonist Gotlib, whose works frequently featured a snarky ladybug as a background character.
  • In "Princess Fragrance", the titular villain shares a name with one of the many, many characters in The Book and the Sword. The novel's Princess Fragrance is a kind, gentle woman who's chosen as the Emperor's concubine and whose tomb starts emanating a divine smell after it's visited by a butterfly.
  • In "Origins", Alya theorizes that Ladybug got her powers by being bitten by a radioactive ladybug and tosses out every adjective that was included in a Spider-Man comic title for good measure (in the French dub, she also alls her "Coccinelle Girl", which translates to "Ladybug Girl"). For that matter, Ladybug's form-fitting red costume and her use of her yo-yo to swing around the city are strongly reminiscent of Spidey.
    • Chloé can't resist tossing out superhuman references, referencing Cyclops of the X-Men and making a sardonic comment alluding to Hulking Out.

    Season 2 

    Season 3 
  • In "Oblivio", an amnesiac Cat Noir refers to the akuma as a Hakuna Matata.
  • In "Desperada", the titular villain is a guitarist who pulls "guns" (actually music instruments she uses as guns) from her guitar case, much like a certain gun-totting mariachi.
  • "Startrain": Max is an expert gamer. Whose best friend is an AI with emotions. Whose transformation gives him a throwing weapon on the back. Who has created and gone himself into a cyber-space game. Definitely not Kevin Flynn... right?
  • "Bakerix" is a long homage to Asterix: the titular villain is shaped like a Gaul who gets stronger when drinking magic yeast from a gourd-looking container. Even before being akumatized, he boasted that this yeast was a secret recipe originating from his distant "indomitable" ancestor who lived in Armorica, and harboured a grudge against the Romans.
  • "Kwamibuster" includes multiple references to Ghostbusters (1984). The titular villain is styled after the ghost hunters, including a vacuum-like device to capture and store kwamis, at one point Cat Noir states "I love this plan, I'm excited to be part of it," and after the battle Multimouse says "We came, we saw, we kicked her hat."
    • The beginning of "Kwamibuster" has Ms. Mendeliev trying to prove the existence of kwamis, at one point using a butterfly net to try and capture them. This is similar to Denzel Crocker's obsession with fairies in The Fairly OddParents
  • In "Gamer 2.0", when Cat Noir wins with Reflekta against Gamer 2.0's Roger Cop, he references lyrics from the song "Riding Dirty" by Chamillionaire. Though the lyrics were altered slightly to add in a cat pun.
  • "Cat Blanc":
    • Bigger on the Inside ? Check. White background ? Check. Full of "the round things"? Check. Can be used for traveling through time and space? Double Check. Bunnyx's Burrow is basically a TARDIS..
    • A superpowered, traumatized young man unleashes an Angst Nuke that destroys the city around him and blows a hole in the moon. He then spends months living as a shadow of himself until he's reunited with an old friend who manages to bring him back to his old self. Are we talking about Cat Blanc and Ladybug or Vash the Stampede and Nicholas D. Wolfwood?
  • From "Ladybug", we have the titular villain: "Cat Noir, I don't feel so good..."

    Season 4 
  • In "Gang of Secrets" a close up in Alya's room shows that her door is painted dark blue and resembles a very familiar looking police box.
  • Also in Alya's room is a set of books on a shelf titled "The Crawling Dead".
  • In "Sole Crusher", it's revealed that Chloé has a sister named Zoé. There's another cartoon series featuring a pair of wealthy sisters going by these names.
  • In "Queen Banana", Vesperia introduces herself using a Sailor Senshi Send-Up pose that resembles a very iconic magical girl.
  • In "Hack-San", the titular Sentimonster closely resembles XANA.
  • in "Dearest Family", Gabriel's desire to use the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculouses to destroy the world and rebuild it with his wife well and awake seems to reference Enrico Pucci's desire to use his Stand to speed up time so that the universe collapses on itself and resets to be a world where his sister is alive and nobody is in grief due to fate.
    • "Ephemeral" intensifies the reference, as when Gabriel makes his wish, the Kwamis in Marinette's room shout in fear that it's the end of the world, and when Luka inquires as to why, Sass states that making a wish is like writing a sentence in a notepad, then erasing it to write it again with a different pen, meaning that Gabriel will erase the world and rewrite it to fit his wish.


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