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With the release of the first episodes of Season 2, certain WMG have been moved to the Jossed and Confirmed tabs, which likewise do not have spoilers marked under them. Major spoilers are ahead. You have been warned.

Please keep WMG relating to Season 2 (and the information the episodes reveal) under the tab/section specifically made for it below. Spoilers will not be marked under that tab/section.

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    Pre-release theories 
The Butterfly Villain is going to be named "The Monarch''.
And we're totally going to make The Venture Bros. jokes.
  • That or "Papillon", and then we're going to make Buso Renkin jokes.
    • Yes and no. Le Papillon in French while in English and Korean dubs he is called Hawk Moth.

Chat Noir's name is Felix.
Because a) it's a common cat name and b) it's ironic, considering the meaning of the word.
  • Confirmed. The French language version of the show page gives his name as Felix.

The mime villain will defeat Ladybug badly at some point.
Considering his seemingly-broken shadow powers, he may cause our heroine to need very urgent rescuing.
  • Jossed. He doesn't do much better than the rest.

The final version of the show (CGI notwithstanding) was what they were really planning to do all along.
The creators were just saying all that stuff about the show originally being planned to be dark/edgy and all serious/"mature" just so they could please the (especially older) anime fans and reassure them that this show is still worth their time; same thing with the "Toei might make a 2D anime version themselves" claim.

    WMG for Aired/Announced Episodes of Season 2 
"The Collector"
Hawk Moth knows Cat Noir's identity
His suspicions were aroused when noticed Adrien's ring in "Simon Says". But in "The Collector" when he watches the security footage of Adrien taking the Miraculous book from his safe, that confirms it for him. Kwami can't be caught on camera, as Plagg mentions afterward. But as a Miraculous holder himself, Gabriel knows this. He also knows that Adrien opened the safe without entering the combination, and with him already suspecting his son is Cat Noir that's really all the information he needs. Also, in "Despair Bear" he demands that the akuma specifically bring him Ladybug's Miraculous...because he can take Cat Noir's any time he likes (though doing so would risk revealing his identity to Ladybug, so he holds off for now).
  • Also in "The Collector", he has no reason to think Ladybug and Cat Noir suspect his identity unless he thinks Adrien is Cat Noir and he stole the book to show Ladybug. If this applies, then he likely suspects Ladybug's identity as well. Additionally, he says, apropos of nothing, he'll see them "very soon". When talking about how important his son is to him, he puts his hands on Cat Noir's shoulders despite looking at Ladybug.
  • This does seem to be the case. Quite apart from the events of "Simon Says", in "The Collector", as mentioned above, Gabriel sees Adrien get into the safe without touching it (unless the camera takes pictures, not video), and that the only reason to him Adrien would steal the book is if Adrien is Cat Noir and taking the book to Ladybug. But there's more to it than that- Not only does Gabriel know the book makes him look suspicious, but his act against Adrien stealing it is to ground him and trap him in his room. Gabriel then akumatises himself and does something Gabriel would normally never do and knows an akuma might not do- he goes to capture Adrien in his book. He wouldn't look suspicious if he didn't- both Horrificator and Evillustrator abstained from hurting certain people. But he does go to Adrien and he's not surprised or worried, he's angry. Considering Gabriel is fully in control of himself as the Collector, why would he be angry unless his goal was to capture Adrien so that Cat Noir can't go help Ladybug? He of all people knows what a combo they make. And while Adrien would indeed be safe in the book, he'd also be safe if Gabriel simply went somewhere else entirely than the manor, like the Champs-Élysées but his goal was from the start to lure Ladybug and Cat Noir to the manor. It's why he tears apart the atelier. He's not throwing a tantrum, he's staging the room, based on how he acts throughout tearing it apart (impressively blasé for what he's doing). There's also how, like said above, he puts his hands on Cat Noir's shoulders when talking about how important Adrien is to him despite speaking to Ladybug. He's also the only one so far, I believe, to name Cat Noir first out of the duo. While this may be because he's looking at the one who came to talk to him, it's still a little odd, considering how most people look to Ladybug first, even if Cat Noir is nearest. Gabriel's actions throughout are just peculiar unless he suspects or outright knows who Cat Noir is. Marinette returning the book he suspects Ladybug has might signal to him that she is Ladybug.
  • Up until "Gorizilla", he didn't actually know or suspect his son was Cat Noir, until he saw photos of Adrien's ring and Cat Noir's ring and noticed the similarities. Of course he later discarded this suspicion when he saw Adrien (who was really Wayhem in disguise) and Cat Noir at the same time.

Because of Gabriel's actions in this episode, he'll eventually suffer a Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal.
And it won't necessarily be from Nathalie. It's not clear if his chauffeur knows his secret or not.

"Despair Bear"

"Prime Queen"

Gabriel Agreste was already expecting Ladybug to do something to make Nadja vulnerable to Akumatization.
He knew the heroes well enough to figure out how they'd react to such a personal question and savvy enough to figure out Nadja would ask that.

"The Befana"


Kagami is descended from a former Ladybug
Namely Tentomushi, a Japanese kunoichi. Tentomushi's family kept the tradition of fighting alive, so Kagami herself is a world-class fencer. This tradition ties into the "mission" she mentions in her voicemail. She also sounds like she'll be a bit of a recurring character, and may become an ally or antagonist to the heroes where her backstory and connection to the Miraculous mythos can be explored. Finally, it'll make her a Foil to Lila, who claimed she was Volpina's descendant for her own gain; Kagami may be Ladybug's descendant, but it's tied to a greater mission.
  • She also may be intended to evoke the image of Tentomushi and La Coccinelle, a French Ladybug long before Marinette who was a musketeer and used, naturally, a rapier in addition to the yo-yo. She actually appears in "La Befana", too. It's thoroughly unlikely she is related to both, but it's possible she's related to Tentomushi but evokes the image of La Coccinelle.


Robostus wasn't planning to sacrifice Max.
The Fridge Horror and Nightmare Fuel subpages imply that he was, but let's be honest. Markov's goal was to be treated as Max's friend - killing him would be counterproductive. If Robostus was going to sacrifice someone, it would probably be Damocles or Mendeleiev, who treated him as Just a Machine.
  • I don't think the subpages were saying that he was trying to sacrifice Max, the implication is that the magic may strike Max because he was closest.

Gabriel will try to use Adrien to bring his wife back in the equivalent exchange.
His "love" for his son and his overprotective nature are just him making sure nothing happens to his investment.
  • Then it won't work. It's not equivalent exchange if he doesn't care about Adrien as much as he cares about his wife.

The missile launchers in Hawk Moth's lair will come into play during his big showdown with Ladybug and Cat Noir.
They're just a big Chekhov's Gun waiting to be fired. Exactly how they get used is the question.

Master Fu will use the Wish to strip Hawk Moth of his Miraculous.
We know that Nino will at some point become the new Bearer of the Turtle Miraculous. We also know that Marinette will be the one distributing the new Miraculouses. Combined, those two facts suggest that Master Fu will somehow cease to be the Great Guardian and lose the Turtle Bracelet. Moreover, we know that Mayura will be introduced as a new villain in Season 3, suggesting at least the possibility that Season 2 will end with Hawk Moth's defeat. And finally, the ability of the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculouses to reshape reality in combination is a textbook Chekhov's Gun, and will need to be fired sooner or later. All these facts together suggest that the climax of Season 2's final episode will be Marinette and Adrien giving Master Fu their Miraculouses (temporarily), and Master Fu using their combined power to take the Moth Brooch from Hawk Moth at the cost of severing his own connection to the Turtle Bracelet.

Gabriel will ultimately get his wish... but it won't make him happy.
If only because at some point he's going to have to explain to Emile exactly how he got her back, and what he had to do to make it happen.


Adrien does know Marinette loves him. He just feigns ignorance to avoid dealing with her feelings since he loves Ladybug.
  • Makes sense, Marinette is one of his first friends, as stated in Origins part 2, and he likely knows their friendship would be strained or damaged, so he keeps quiet.

Adrien used to receive visits from younger cousins.
Neither of his parents was said to be an only child.

This episode takes place chronologically during season one
Mostly since Marinette seems more jittery around Adrien than she is in other season two episodes.

"The Dark Owl"

Plagg will surprisingly not spill the beans first. Tikki will.
Simply because it's expectations that Plagg will blab.

The (in)famous balcony scene is a result of Plagg spilling.
That is, telling Adrien who Ladybug is, since Plagg now knows.
  • Jossed, as of "Glaciator".



Alya's sisters can fuse into one being
Hence why there's only one of them on the thumbnail for the trailer.
  • Basically jossed. While they remain two separate beings, they are akumatized together. The fused screenshot is a trick of the camera.


We will learn Cat Noir and Adrien have different scents
As part of the Miraculous disguise.
  • No

This will be Carapace's debut episode,or Rena Rouge's second episode.
If Cat Noir can't fight, that is.
  • Nope

The "A. Bourgeois" in the film Emilie is in is not Audrey.
It is Arlette, who we will learn is André's sister. Arlette does appear to be a producer of some kind when we meet her in "Prime Queen".





"Captain Hardrock"

"Style Queen"

The episode's villain will akumatized for getting personal with Gabriel.
It is hinted that Audrey Bourgeois and Gabriel share a past, rather than just know each other through their jobs. Being her insufferable self, Audrey will hit a Berserk Button of Gabriel's about Emilie or something in the Mysterious Past he's obviously trying to hide to intimidate the designer. Outraged, Gabriel will ban Audrey from his fashion show to intentionally make her a target for Hawk Moth.

"Queen Wasp"


The episode will end with an ominous hint on Le Peon's civilian identity.
Since this is part 3 of a trilogy, that makes it Wham Episode material.

Season Finale

Wishing for Emilie back will come at the cost of Adrien.
At the show's Darkest Hour, Hawk Moth will succeed at getting Ladybug and Chat Noir's Miraculouses, then wishes for Emilie to come back in a healthy state. However, it comes at the cost of Adrien disappearing or switching places with Emilie (as in, Adrien was the one who disappeared in the first place instead of Emilie). Gabriel/Hawk Moth will have no idea of the consequences (or, despite being warned last minute by Ladybug that there's Equivalent Exchange, will brush it off, claiming that it doesn't apply to him or something) until it happens, leading to a My God, What Have I Done? moment. It takes the rest of the season finale or some episodes to fix this.
  • Well one of the promo images shows Ladybug, Carapace, Queen Bee and Rena Rouge but no Chat...

Post-Release Theories

    Confirmed Theories 
Hawk Moth has a Miraculous and a Kwami
The show's opening sequence shows four kwamis. There's Tikki and Plagg and an unknown pink and green kwami. If you freeze the opening at just the right moment you see the pink kwami heading towards something that looks exactly like Hawk Moth's "Butterfly Pin".
  • CONFIRMED! The pink kwami in the opening credits is indeed Hawk-Moth's Miraculous.

There will be a Master of Illusion akuma.
During his/her appearance, an accident will cause Ladybug and/or Cat Noir's identity to be revealed to the other, but by the end, they just assume it was the spell of the Villain of the Week.
  • Confirmed and Jossed. Volpina is a Master of Illusion villain, but this scenario is not present.

Gabriel Agreste

Hawk Moth is Adrien's father.
It seems apparent at this point (ep. 2), considering their very similar body shape (especially the same large eyes).
  • They also seem to have the same voice actor. Plus, his father's current design seems to show some similarites to Hawk Moth's earlier design in the 2d Ladybug PV. Being both men in white
  • You are not the only one who feels this way.
    • Sorry for the natter and not OT but do you have the original source and more fanart related to this?
      • Here. It's not the original source -seems that's been terminated- but you can reblog from this at least.
  • They also have very similar facial structures. Plus their personalities have definite similarities such as the fact that they both seem to like making others do their work.
  • Possibly Jossed: Gabriel is seen scolding Adrien for attempting to go to school while Stone Heart is still running around.
  • Then again the pendant that Hawk Moth has and seems to use to transform has a picture of a woman who seems to look remarkably like Adrien's Mother who has "mysteriously disappeared".
  • "Jackady", implies more strongly than ever that Gabriel is Hawk Moth:
    • Gabriel is paying so much attention to the Miraculous of both heroes. He even reaches for Ladybug's earrings at some point. When Chat Noir interrupts the exchange between him and Ladybug, he gets very irritated.
    • He looks mysteriously back at a large picture of his wife before the next Hawk Moth scene and he asks Adrien about his ring, stating that he didn't remember him wearing one.
    • When the Villain of the Week says that he is going to get Gabriel Agreste, Hawk Moth laments that "It's a risky plan, but inspired" implying that the villain's actions are endangering him somehow. When the villain manages to tear down Gabriel Agreste's door, Hawk Moth is angrier than usual and asks him what the hell he thinks he is doing.
    • And then when the Villain of the Week catches him, he hypnotizes him into believing that he is a butterfly, a "Papillon", which is Hawk-Moth's French name. Seriously, the writers aren't even being subtle at this point.
    • Probably the biggest is that there was no ending rant from Hawk Moth in the episode. Makes sense, since he was out of commission after Gabriel got captured and hypnotized. Either the animators want it to be obvious or it's a red herring playing off of the fans' theories to make a plot twist even more shocking.
  • Possible Meaningful Name: The agreste is the French name for the Grayling butterfly.
  • Counterpoint: Gabriel and Hawk Moth are often seen within minutes of each other ("The Bubbler," "Jackady," "Origins"), and the Agreste mansion is right by the Eiffel Tower (specifically, Adrien's bedroom window faces the base). When Hawk Moth releases an akuma, it always flies over a cityscape with the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Unless Hawk Moth's powers come with some sort of teleportation, it doesn't make sense logistically.
    • If Volpina's illusion of Hawk Moth was accurate, teleportation is one of his powers.
  • Guys, listen to the Hawk Moth's voice in Origins Part 1, before he transforms for the first time. It is the exact same voice as Gabriel Agreste. It is literally identical. Yeah, this theory has been confirmed.
  • If Hawk Moth is indeed Gabriel, Master Wu will figure this out or at least suspect once Marinette tells him where she got the book he's been looking for.
  • I think if you want to argue that he isn't because Hawk Moth's face doesn't match Gabriel's, the thing is that the silhouette we see of the civilian Hawk Moth has a different facial structure from Hawk Moth himself, but the silhouette of civilian Hawk Moth does look a great deal like Gabriel Agreste. There's probably a very good reason why Nooroo's mask covers the entire face save eyes and mouth, but none of the others we see do, including Lila's Volpina persona. For the changes to the eye colour, slight change to the skin, and lips, the things not covered by the mask, the same things happen to Ladybug and Chat Noir. Especially Chat Noir, who is noticeably more tan and whose eyes undergo a dramatic change. Marinette's eyes and hair both get darker as Ladybug. Also, you can make out a number of things about Hawk Moth's outfit- he wears red trousers and two-toned laced shoes, for instance. Sound familiar? Both Gabriel and Hawk Moth's civilian identity also sport a silver ring on the middle finger of their left hand, and both wear a collared shirt and a blazer, and both have something on their outfits that put buttons down their front. For Gabriel, it's a waistcoat, but we can't see what it is on Hawk Moth's civilian identity. Speaking of the left hand, while Hawk Moth might appear to be a lefty, that doesn't mean he isn't the apparently right-handed Gabriel. Nathaneal is right-handed but Evillustrator is left-handed. Civilian Hawk Moth and Gabriel also strike the same pose of having their hands behind them with their back arched. Their profiles are also the same- here's Gabriel's and here's the civilian Hawk Moth's. The biggest difference between the two is Gabriel wears glasses and a cravat, and those things don't appear to be on civilian Hawk Moth, but it's entirely possible he had neither of them on. The cravat because he doesn't need one if he's going to pin the Moth Brooch/Locket to his chest where a cravat would go, and people take off their glasses for a number of reasons. At the very least, this person looks, sounds, and dresses a lot like Gabriel Agreste before using the power of the Moth Miraculous. Keep in mind that butterflies and moths are symbols of transformation, so that applies to Hawk Moth.
  • Spoilers ahead: if this leaked video is anything to go by, the most popular theory in the fandom is most likely jossed, since it seems highly unlikely that Hawk Moth can akumatize himself.
    • Though, the fact that this clip and the one of Hawk Moth transforming were all told to be taken down has to mean something. Either it means there's more clues that Hawk Moth is Gabriel, or it's confirmed he isn't. After all, it makes sense for him to akumatise himself because 29 or more people have failed to even get their hands on a Miraculous. The only way this can possibly be jossed in that episode is if Hawk Moth is unmasked. It does seem unlikely, though, unless there's a trick to it. Word of God did say that nobody knew what was going to really happen, so until we see Hawk Moth transform or detransform face on, nothing can be for sure. For all we know, there's more to the Moth Locket than meets the eye. For all we know, the Collector we see is actually one of Volpina's illusions, since she is supposed to return.
      • It's also worth noting that in this new Season 2 video, the Collector can clearly be seen standing in Hawk Moth's observation room, somewhere we've never seen any other character visit; and since another clip showed that the fight with the Collector will be happening at least in part inside the Agreste mansion, this theory is still actually looking pretty strong.
  • Another thing that is worth talking about is how Hawk Moth has had many times where he could take Cat Noir's ring, but hasn't. While it might seem like Bond Villain Stupidity, a normal show would have the akuma victim get the ring once and then lose it, allowing the status quo to stay, but Hawk Moth never gets his hands on the ring. This might be the show's way of preventing the overprotective Gabriel from seeing that his son is out protecting Paris. His scenes in "Copycat" and "Rogercop", the two episodes where he comes the closest to getting his Miraculous taken, are not framed with the same tension as Ladybug's are in "Antibug" (vs Vanisher) and "Volpina", where she comes closest to losing her Miraculous.
  • Perhaps the most damning thing to Gabriel is that a recent advertisement in Brasil finally showed the Collector's akumatisation, where we see the akumatisation happens in Hawk Moth's lair and he's the one holding the Collector's book. The Collector is shown to not only be in Hawk Moth's lair, but where Hawk Moth always stands. This is as close to confirming this as the show can get without outright showing Gabriel transforming into Hawk Moth.
  • The first episode of season 2 finally confirms that Gabriel is Hawk Moth, and that he has the ability to use his own powers on himself. Sort of. He has to formally give up his Miraculous (temporarily) in order to pull it off.
    • Well... no, not exactly. There's nothing showing he HAS to give up his Miraculous to akumatise himself. Considering the context of the situation is guarding his identity, and having the Miraculous on him would raise eyebrows and Nooroo will talk him out of it, that could be the reason he removes it. Considering how the stated reason behind Marinette and Adrien being exempt from akumatisation is respectively their optimism and being used to disappointment, not their Miraculouses, he doesn't need to remove it. He chose to.
      • Except that he was a prime suspect for being Hawk Moth after his book was recovered by Ladybug and he's only dropped as a suspect because he was akumatized. Master Fu himself, the most knowledgeable person on the Miraculous so far introduced in the series outside of Hawk Moth himself or the Kwami, pretty much outright states that his own akumatization means he can't be Hawk Moth. If self-akumatization while holding the Butterfly Miraculous was a realistic possibility, his gambit to throw suspicion off of himself would not have worked.

Ladybug will be the first hero to find out Hawk Moth's Secret Identity.
She'll be so conflicted about her crush's father being the villain. Afraid of Adrien's reaction, she won't tell Cat Noir and Master Fu. She'll also start avoiding Adrien out of fear he's with his Dad. She'll assume that's the reason Adrien has never been Akumatized.
  • The specifics are mostly wrong, but the guess itself is correct.

The Miraculous transformation can alter a person's physical appearance.
Aside from the current fashion, a Miraculous wielder's costume depends on what they think a hero would look like. So, the effect is that they become the ideal version of themselves, both in costume and in body. Of course, neither Ladybug nor Cat Noir are especially insecure about their looks; Marinette is more inside-oriented, and Adrien at least messes up his hair to symbolize the desire to live more wild and freely. However, if Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth, this concept explains how his villainous alter ego is taller, more muscular, paler and has better teeth.
  • I would honestly call this confirmed, because we see Hawk Moth's civilian self in silhouette and he looks nothing like Hawk Moth.
  • Confirmed, as Hawk Moth, according to the height chart, is taller than his civilian identity.

Hawk Moth targets Adrien's class so much because he's aware of Chloé's reputation for hurting people around her.
He knows that where Chloé Bourgeois goes, misery will soon follow (and, since she's the mayor's daughter, this will not change in the near future), so the easiest way to find victims is for him to keep tabs on Chloé and then send akumas to the people she tears down. The fact that Adrien is also in her class is practically a non-issue, so long as Hawk Moth never sends akumas after his (probably) son.
  • As of Season 2's "Despair Bear", yes, this is absolutely correct, he is always banking on Chloé's nasty personality.

Someone will call Chloé out on how most akumatized victims are her fault.
She'll not only deny responsibility but also bring up those that weren't her fault like Mr. Pigeon and bring up those who became vulnerable for losing competitions. She'll ask whose fault those were: the losers themselves for not accepting defeat or their adversaries for winning. She'll sarcastically ask if people should stop holding competitions out of fear Hawk Moth will akumatize everyone who loses.
  • This will lead to an uneasy Jerkass Has a Point moment before Sabrina calls her out by asking one simple question: "So how was it my fault you decided I was invisible and I got upset that my friend would reject my apology?". As Chloé sputters, trying to pass off blame, the rest of the class will be emboldened to call her out about mistreating them, some incidents causing akumas and others just causing her and ultimately someone, possibly Alya, will suggest that a club for people who were akumatized because of Chloé be formed and when Chloé wails that she'll sic her daddy on them, Adrien, for the first time, will properly call her out, telling her he's sick of her treating everyone who isn't him this way and that they can't be friends anymore. When she wails about why, he replies "Because my friend Chloé is better than this; it's a shame she's forgotten that."
  • Confirmed in Zombizou. Chloé gets called out by Alix for it when she tampers with Marinette's birthday gift to Miss Bustier. And she gets called out again for causing another akumatization and getting the class in peril again, later by most of the class when Paris is under Zombizou's mind control.

Hawk Moth's lair
Assuming Hawk Moth is Gabriel Agreste, it may be under the room where he keeps the photos of Adrien and the painting of his wife. It's not behind anything, but there's a trapdoor under the floor somewhere. That room is full of secrets- it's the main room for activating security, it has the remotes to get through doors, and it has that safe in it. Who's to say it doesn't have an opening in the floor? If it is Gabriel, we know the lair has to be somewhere near the room because of how quickly he changes between Gabriel and Hawk Moth.
  • After three hours of looking, I've deduced it might be somewhere in the 16th Arrondissement, based on it's location in relevance to the Eiffel Tower. Assuming Gabriel is Hawk Moth, Hawk Moth must have the power of teleportation like "Volpina" vaguely implies he does with Consummate Liar Volpina's illusions.
  • Maybe there's a room underneath the atelier that he can use to go to his lair. It's worth noting he's not always shown transforming in the room (indeed it only happened twice that we know of), so we have no reason to suspect the lair is anywhere near the manor if Gabriel is Hawk Moth. I've suggested it elsewhere (but I thought I did on here, too) that it's in Gabriel's studio.
    • Yes and no to all of the above. The lair isn't exactly directly under the atelier as in the initial guess, but the entrance is and it is indeed accessed via a trapdoor in the room, making the third part correct, an the middle one is as yet unconfirmed.
      • The one in the middle is jossed now, as well.

Season 2 will start where "Volpina" ended.
The first episode will start with Marinette still recovering from the shock that Master Fu not only knows she's Ladybug but also is the one who gave her the earrings.
  • Confirmed, based on promo clips.
  • Confirmed, "The Collector" and "Volpina" do indeed overlap.

Currently, Ladybug and Cat Noir can only use a very limited form of their true power.
The Origins episode talks up both their respective Miraculous as turning the user into a borderline reality warper, but their powers as they currently stand only allow them to perform such an act once and it uses up so much energy that they de-power in five minutes after using it (Apart from Ladybug repairing most of the collateral damage). All of this despite the fact that it's stated that using both in tandem will make the user omnipotent. Why the discrepancy? Simply put, Ladybug and Cat Noir are new to the mantle and thus inexperienced as well as largely untrained, meaning that they currently lack the capacity to use their power to its full potential. Perhaps Master Fu will begin to train them in the second season.
  • Confirmed. In "The Collector" Master Fu tells Marinette that there are secrets in the book that can unlock new powers for Ladybug and Cat Noir.
    • Further supported in "Syren," when Master Fu reveals there are potions that grant new powers to Miraculous holders.
    • And given even more support in "Mayura", when Hawk Moth indicates that with further training the heroes could hold their transformations even after using their powers.
  • Essentially confirmed in "Timetagger" by Bunnyx.

There are Miraculouses for each animal of the Chinese Zodiac.
Decorating the chest owned by Master Fu for holding Miraculouses, there are twelve gold buttons, each having a Chinese symbol. From the sides that can be seen and translated so far, each button appears to list an animal from the Chinese zodiac, like rat, tiger, and monkey. Also, Jeremy Zag revealed in an interview that the chest has more than one floor. Chinese Zodiac-themed Miraculouses could very likely be meant to be stored in another floor or more that we have yet to see.
  • We do see that there could be a rooster and an ox, but the problem is we also see one that's definitely something like a deer and a lion. I'm talking about the opening of Origins, when Nooroo is talking and past Miraculous holders are being shown. So this might be a little off, or the deer and the lion are variants of other things in the Zodiac. If we use logic exhibited by the Pokemon fandom regarding the Fire starters, and go with "the thing that it vaguely looks like or shares a classification with", it's the Horse and the Tiger.
  • As stated by the official Miraculous Ladybug Tumblr blog, there are "maaaany more" Miraculouses, so it's not impossible for the Miraculouses showcased in the theme song animatic, the beginning of "Ladybug and Cat Noir", and zodiac-themed Miraculouses to all exist. At the least, it would be weird for the Miraculous box to have Chinese symbols for zodiac animals decorating the outside of the box if they don't exist.
    • On August 31, 2017, a promotional video confirmed that eleven of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals, the rabbit excluded, have Miraculouses based on them.
      • Which begs the question of why only the Rabbit was excluded.
      • While the Chinese Zodiac has the Rabbit as the 4th animal, the Vietnamese Zodiac replaces it with a cat instead. Just an observation.

    Jossed Theories 
The Green "Lucky Charm" introduced in "The Gamer" is a Miraculous and contains a Kwami
Again, in the show's opening a green Kwami can be seen and it heads towards something that looks suspiciously close to the green "Lucky Charm".
  • Jossed: It's just a lucky bracelet. The green Miraculous and its owner have been revealed in Part 1 of Origins.

Hawk Moth is himself an Akuma.
With the ability to create other Akumas given by their Kwami, almost entirely controlled by them due to being emotionally empty.
  • Jossed.

In a bit of irony, Chloé will not be Akuma-ized.
With a character like her, wouldn't it have happened by now if it were true?
  • Alternately, her Akuma's effect will be to make Chloé gentle, kind, and considerate. Makes no sense, but it'd be funny.
    • Unfortunately, both jossed; Chloé becomes the Akuma Antibug.

The green Kwami seen in the opening represents a four-leaf clover.
Based on the two known Kwamis being themed around luck, it would make sense that the others may be as well. Combine that with the Kwami's green color, and the four-leaf clover comes to mind as a possibility.
  • Jossed: It represents a turtle

Villain of the Week formula will only last one season.
It will end with Hawk Moth's defeat in season's final.
  • Jossed.

Hawk Moth does not/cannot discern his victims' identities.
Who his victims are serves no purpose in his search for negativity, and when someone is akumatized, he determines the source of the negativity and gives them a new name.
  • Jossed: He knows who Ivan is during the second origins episode.

Lila's last name is either Cagliostro or Balsamo.
As a homage to the infamous Count Alessandro di Cagliostro, born Guiseppe Balsamo, a Sicilian Phony Psychic and Snake Oil Salesman who traveled across Europe, struck it big in Paris, then he was arrested and exiled.
  • Jossed. Her official last name is Rossi.

Tom Dupain will be akumatized into a Bad Santa in the Christmas Episode.
Scans for season 2 hint to a future appearance of someone resembling Santa Claus, and is most likely a villain. Tom has a somewhat Santa Claus-y figure, plus the association of cookies and Santa. There's also an element of gravity that is necessary in a holiday special, because Marinette will be in turmoil of having to fight her dad.

Adrien will watch a Happier Home Movie in the Christmas Episode.
Probably from the simpler times when he was a little kid rather than just from the last Christmas. Either Adrien and Gabriel will (albeit awkwardly) bond by watching the video together, or Adrien will spy on his father watching it with a forlorn expression, and remember that he's not the only one missing Mama Agreste.
  • Jossed. We don't see anything like that.

The Peacock Miraculous technically has both peacock and peahen forms depending the gender of the wearer.
Because if you did not already know the fancy-tailed peacocks are all boys while there are also plainer colored female versions. Or perhaps there is just a peacock form and if the wearer is a girl then they are probably thought to be a boy to the public which could aid in the identity staying a bit more secret.
  • Er... Peacock Girl. It's a thing for a reason. Plus, with the reveal of Mayura, who at the very least is wearing a dress, this guess is likely jossed, unless Mayura is male and wearing a dress or does not consider themselves either gender (or considers themselves both). Either way, the Peacock Brooch can produce a dress in the usual peacock colouring.
  • Jossed, as Mayura is female. Makes sense- this is the Peacock Miraculous, not the Peafowl.

Kwamis CAN rebel against their masters.
If the Miraculouses are not meant to be used for evil, maybe the jewels have something of a failsafe? Of course for it to work, the kwami would have to possess the will to reject the holder, which adds a layer of substance to Nooroo's enslavement. Then again, it all leads back to the mystery of just what exactly the kwamis are and the extant of their personal power.
  • If that's true, Nooroo's revolt will take place during a Near-Villain Victory moment.
  • Word of God states that Kwamis MUST obey their masters, whether they want to or not.
    • Must they obey the letter or the spirit?

The Turtle Miraculous holder always takes up the position of "Great Guardian"
Possibly related to the above WMG, about the turtle being defensive and long-lived, becoming the Turtle Miraculous holder means taking up the responsibility for protecting the other, unused Miraculouses.
  • Nope, for there were one many Guardians.

The Moth/Butterfly Miraculous was lost on purpose
It seems to be actually very powerful- many of the akuma are on par with Cat Noir and Ladybug in terms of powers. In the wrong hands, it's chaotic. Therefore, it's possible that the Locket was lost on purpose so that no one may ever wield the great and terrible power within.
  • Definitely not the case, as "The Collector" reveals.

If Nino is given the Peacock Miraculuous, he'll end up in a variation of Dating Catwoman with Alya, who by then will have the fox Miraculous.
  • Jossed, a recent promo video shows he gets the Turtle Bracelet.

Alternately Lila will be re-akumatized in the first episode of Season 2.
And after she was de-evilized, Lila will meet with Hawk Moth in personally.
  • Might be jossed, if "The Collector" is the true first episode of the season.
  • Jossed for real; "The Collector" is set after "Volpina" and features a different akuma victim.

Despite the wikia's assumptions, Mr Damocles is not The Dark Owl.
I haven't found anything saying that's who Dark Owl is, anyway.
  • NOPE. He is.

Hawk Moth

Hawk Moth is Gabriel Agreste's akumatized form.
He was actually the first victim of the real Hawk Moth, and is being used as a patsy to hide the real mastermind's misdeeds.
  • Very unlikely, considering Gabriel's akumatised form is The Collecctor.
  • Jossed, as Hawk Moth is not an akuma.

As an alternate to an above, Adrien will be the first to find out Hawk Moth's identity
But Cat Noir can't exactly tell her because she doesn't want to know his identity, nor can he tell her as Adrien because of how he found out. It would be very hard to tell her who Hawk Moth is without revealing he knows because he's Gabriel's son. Nor is he sure he wants to tell her, because, well, it's his dad.

Hawk Moth is Gabriel Agreste's alternate personality.
Gabriel Agreste is displayed as being a calm and collected face (some would even call it "cold") obsessing over his work and goes to great lengths to keep Adrien busy and under-control, afraid that something could happen to him otherwise. Hawk Moth on the other hand is an egomaniacal, power hungry menace that corrupts others regardless of who they are (from little children to adults), sending them out to cause destruction and devastation in his quest for power. While it is possible that Gabriel's cool demeanor is just a face he puts on for the public, it is equally as likely that they are in fact two different personas entirely.

In "Simon Says" and "Volpina", it is made pretty clear that Gabriel knows about the miraculouses, possessing an ancient book about the miraculouses, possibly possessing the peacock miraculous, recognizing the cat miraculous on Adrien's finger in its powered-down state, etc.

This is most revealing in the Christmas special, where he spends much of his time staring at the portrait of his missing wife, then being the first Christmas he has without her. When he is told that his son has gone missing, he goes to great lengths to find Adrien and bring him home, calling the police and contacting all of his school mates. Meanwhile, Hawk Moth creates a supervillain that just happens to be involved with Adrien somehow and does not see any problem. If Gabriel was fully aware of his Hawk Moth-ways, he probably would hold-off his evil schemes and focus all of his energy on finding Adrien.

It is clear that one of the few things that he loves more than anything is his son, and when he saw Adrien's ring, he was shocked to see it. If Gabriel was Hawk Moth in full awareness, then someone like Gabriel would try and confiscate it from Adrien directly under some kind of ruse without ricking harm to his son, yet it isn't ever brought up and Hawk Moth does his usual "create a supervillain to draw them out" plan as always. In "Simon Says", the villain he creates desires revenge against Gabriel for humiliating him. Hawk Moth believes it to be "risky", but he goes along with it with no clear sense of worry for his own safety. Hawk Moth and Gabriel are never seen actively doing anything independent of each other, Gabriel by himself during the Hawk Moth's scenes. Because of this, I believe that while they both share knowledge on common things, it is possible that the mental split causes the two to act on with no awareness of each other, one blacking out as the other takes over.

  • It actually makes sense for him not to confiscate Adriens ring, as it will just lead to Adrien searching his father's room/office/study/misc. private locations for the ring. And if the combined power of Ladybug and Cat Noir can bring people back from the dead, why would Gabriel need to worry about his son dying to one of the akuma if it means he gets the power he needs?
  • It may be possible that Gabriel is at least partially aware of this theorized other side. It seems like he never leaves his house of his own will. (When judging a derby-making competition, he does via Skype) This may be a tactic to limit what kind of damage this split personality could do. If Gabriel is Hawk Moth through the other self, then Hawk Moth's lair may be more along the lines of a prison- and why Hawk Moth never joins the battles himself. It would also explain why Gabriel avoids spending time with Adrien; He hopes to hide this worser half from his son.

The Butterfly villain is related to Ladybug.
Specifically, he's her grandfather.
  • She inherited her ladybug earrings from her grandmother, but her grandfather hasn't been mentioned yet.
  • Origins has jossed the "inherited from grandmother" aspect of this theory.

Hawk Moth/Papillion is not Gabriel Agreste but rather a former romantic rival who never lost his love for Adrien's mother.
  • And the rival hides his desire to get revenge on Gabriel for the disappearance of his love. He's perfectly fine with removing Gabriel from the picture (possibly even trading him for his wife) and keeping Adrien around but has no qualms about eliminating the boy if he gets in the way. Bonus shock value if this former rival is someone Adrien considers an Honorary Uncle.
    • If Gabriel is aware of his former rival's feelings towards him (but not his supervillain activities), the extra security is to make sure that Adrien is never alone with his "uncle" long enough for things to go south.

Hawk Moth is Mr. Kubdel
We all expect it to be Mr. Agreste, but there's someone else who has access to research concerning the Miraculous.

Hawk Moth is one of Chloé's relatives.
We don't know much about Hawk Moth, but from his outfit and the few details we can see of his lair, he seems to be a fairly affluent individual. The Bourgeois family has been shown as very well-off compared to most of the rest of the cast (besides perhaps the Agreste family), and it would be an interesting story element given how often Chloé seems to act as a catalyst for people becoming akumatized. (Note: given Chloé's idolization of Ladybug, it seems unlikely that she's purposefully catalyzing these transformations, even if this guess is proven correct.)

While it can't be Chloé's father (the events of Rogercop clearly show them in different locations during the same period of time), who's to say she doesn't have a creepy uncle? Or even an estranged older brother?

Hawk Moth is not Gabriel Agreste, but rather, is a brother or another relative of his.
While it is fairly apparent that Hawk Moth has some sort of connection to Gabriel Agreste due to the numerous similarities between them, there are a few key pieces of evidence that make at least this troper doubtful that they are one and the same. The first piece of evidence against the theory would be Hawk Moth's eye color, which is a much lighter blue than Gabriel's eyes are. (Admittedly, Ladybug's eyes become a slightly lighter shade of blue when she's in hero mode, so this could just be due to the kwami having that effect on whomever uses them. However, I wouldn't have noticed that Ladybug's eye color changed at all had it not been pointed out to me numerous times, so at least the change in less pronounced with her). Hawk Moth's skin tone appears to be much lighter than Gabriel's as well. Their face shapes don't appear to be exactly the same shape either, though that could be an illusion created by Hawk Moth's mask. Physicality aside, there's also the fact that Gabriel's appearances in Simon Says would not match up with Hawk Moth's, timing wise- several of the clips we get of Hawk Moth are at points where Gabriel is presumably preoccupied, and Hawk Moth can't be two places at once.All said, Gabriel obviously has some sort of connection to the miraculous in general, so it seems unwise to discount him as an entirely innocent party in all this. Given that Hawk Moth bears a strong to Gabriel, if not a perfect one, they easily look as though they could be siblings. Perhaps Gabriel's got a brother whom he has a strained relationship with- maybe they were part of a love triangle involving both Agreste brothers and Mrs. Agreste, for instance, or something along those lines. Whatever the reason for it, perhaps Mr. Agreste's brother resents both Gabriel and Cat Noir enough that he wouldn't mind using either of them as collateral damage to further his own schemes.
  • It is heavily implied he is Hawk Moth (he does, after all, note that it's "risky" for Simon Says to come after Gabriel), but maybe those heavy hints are a bit of a Red Herring. He does know about the Miraculous, because he has the Peacock one and that book, so him being interested in the ring and earrings are irrelevant. Further, the place that's implied to be where he keeps his akuma (behind the portrait of Adrien's mother) is not a room at all- it's a safe, where he keeps the book Adrien steals and Marinette ends up with, and the Peacock pin. So that may explain his interest in the earrings and the ring. Considering they have the exact same voices, it's possible Hawk Moth is actually Gabriel's twin brother, who's mostly completely identical, but ever-so-slightly different in a few of his facial features. It's also possible that the poor lighting in the room is why his skin and eyes appear to lighten, and why his face shape seems off. It is a very pale, cold light. Also, even if the transformation does change those features, Ladybug's not the only one whose eyes change; Cat Noir's eyes change pretty obviously (gaining cat pupils), though I personally thought most of the change was the mask's night vision function adding a green hue to every part of his eye. Supposing this is correct, then maybe Gabriel's wife was the Peacock one, and Gabriel did research to find out if he could use a Miraculous, to protect his wife from her duties, or else he began to research them as a result of her death and learning the Miraculous indirectly led to hear death (if not both things- he's researching it for revenge and to protect his son). I originally thought he was Hawk Moth, but I think it's equally likely Hawk Moth is Gabriel's twin brother, and the allusions to Gabriel being it are just misleading.

Hawk Moth is Emilie Agreste.
Originally, she was the butterfly Miraculous, while her husband was the peacock Miraculous. At some point, though, she was presumed lost during a battle. To save her life, Nooroo used their powers on herself, as an Emergency Transformation. Unfortunately, however, this was corrupted by the akuma (or whatever) they were fighting, turning her into an evil copy of Gabriel, and causing (of course) Laser-Guided Amnesia. She keeps a picture of who she once was; while she doesn't know who the woman in the picture is, she can't bring herself to get rid of it.

Meanwhile, the loss devastated Gabriel, causing him to hang up the brooch and completely changing his personality. Shortly, however, he was forced into a final fight, to protect Adrien from a "dark Miraculous"; during the course of this fight, he realised who Hawk Moth really was. At the end, Hawk found that "he" couldn't finish Gabriel off, and merely left; Gabriel, after coming out of shock, decided to do everything he could to protect his son. He distanced himself in hopes that Hawk wouldn't see his son as his weak point on the chance that "he" figured out who the peacock Miraculous was, and set up all those defenses as a backup measure.

Considering this, the climactic battle will involve Gabriel coming out of retirement as the peacock Miraculous, and teaming up with Ladybug & Noir against Hawk. In the end, Ladybug will use her Lucky Charm... and, to her surprise, get a picture of the Agreste family. Gabriel will finally put two and two together, and the three of them will find a way to restore Hawk's memories; this will involve both Gabriel and Adrien revealing their identities (and Marinette revealing hers, either by being awkward around Adrien, or by telling him after the battle), and Hawk eventually regaining her memories. Marinette will use her World-Healing Wave on Hawk, removing the corruption and turning her back into the butterfly Miraculous.

[This ties into the similar theory below, that the Agreste parents were a Miraculous Battle Couple before Emilie disappeared.]

Marinette will find circumstancial evidence pointing to Gabriel being Hawk Moth
The evidence convinces her enough that Ladybug will publicly expose Gabriel, tarnishing his reputation. Then it turns out he wasn't Hawk Moth after all and he gets akumatized thanks to Marinette. His akumatized form will be the Hobgoblin.note 
  • Unlikely- Gabriel gets akumatised into the Collector sometime after learning Adrien stole the Miraculous book, and it seems Marinette has reached the conclusion that Adrien is Hawk Moth, not Gabriel. It's a bit unlikely they'd have her completely misunderstand twice, though not impossible, and we have no evidence that the Collector is the only thing he can akuamtise into.

Hawk Moth is Félix
Ignoring the fact that the creators hate him and don't want him to return at all for a minute, Hawk Moth could theoretically be an adult Félix, possibly because of how awful he was.

Hawk Moth's akuma will never work on Ladybug and Cat Noir.
Because Incorruptible Pure Pureness, that's why. While being brainwashed by an akuma victim is fair game (ask Cat Noir), gaining powers from Hawk Moth requires consent that one is giving in to The Corruption, and, well, we can't have the heroes of a kid's show doing that.
  • Jossed by Word of God, but oddly enforced in the show, as akumas never seem interested in Marinette no matter how angry or jealous she gets. But going under "jossed" because that's what Word of God says.

Gabriel Agreste is the Peacock Miraculous holder.
The most common theory is that his wife Emilie used it before she disappeared, there are potential subtle bits of evidence to the contrary. 1. Despite the Peacock Girl trope, it is the male peafowl that have the vibrant colours and feathers the pin depicts. 2. Gabriel displays the symbolic temperament of a peacock by being well-dressed (famous fashion designer,) proud (would sooner face a dangerous villain than sully his honour,) and family-oriented (protective of Adrien to a destructive degree.) 3. In the family portrait in the mansion's dining room, Gabriel is wearing shades of blue. Not as solid as the other points perhaps, but it's something.
  • Jossed, he's Hawk Moth.

Hawk Moth’s Miraculous belonged to Emilie Agreste
This theory combines with the one saying Adrien’s father is Hawk Moth.Adrien’s mother was a heroine and wielder of the butterfly Miraculous from her teenage years into parenthood. Gabriel was either her partner, or just an incredibly understanding husband. One day, she died while on a mission, or disappeared and left her Miraculous brooch and its kwami behind. Gabriel and the kwami, heartbroken, decided to team up and bring back the woman they both love, either to revive her or find her by collecting the other Miraculouses.
  • THIS!
  • The only part wrong with this is the fact that, as Origins shows, Nooroo does not want to be used for evil, but has no choice but to obey Hawk Moth. Otherwise, good theory.
  • Tying into this is the second Miraculous that Gabriel keeps in his safe. Perhaps he used to use that one while Battle Couple-ing with his wife, then respecced as Hawk Moth because that powerset could be better applied to villainy? Think about it, the male fashion designer with the peacock Miraculous is pretty damn fitting.
  • I don't think even the broad topic of this WMG is right. Wayzz and Master Fu imply that the Moth Miraculous has been missing for a very long time, long enough they think it's been "lost forever". It seems unlikely that Mrs Agreste would have used it in the past year if that's the case.
  • "The Collector" officially kills this one.

If Gabriel is not Hawk Moth..
The first episode of Season 2 (The Collector) is will be a Take That! against the theory about "Gabriel is Hawk Moth".
  • Jossed, as Gabriel IS Hawk Moth. In fact, the whole episode is about him trying to derail suspicion.

Hawk Moth's lair is a blimp
The original promo video had him using a blimp as his lair. Granted, this does raise a lot of inherent problems (How does he hide it? How does he get in or out?), but if you're going to be a villainous mastermind, you do it in style.
  • Well, that seems unlikely considering it's always in the same spot every episode.
    • Unless it's parked.
      • Then what's the point of it being in a blimp? Then it just becomes a fancy room with a giant balloon on top of it. Might as well be at a swanky car dealership. And a blimp is really, really conspicuous, especially if it's parked from at least September to June ("Origins" starts on 3 September, "Volpina"'s earliest possible date is 5 June based on date markers and continuity in previous episodes). It seems impractical and unlikely.
    • Jossed, as it really is under Gabriel's house. The Tower was just put in because they were putting it in every outdoor shot.

Adrien will suspect Kagami of being Ladybug.
She's the right size, has short blue hair, is obviously athletic and the preview for "Ripsote" shows that she'll wear a red fencing outfit, further highlighting the resemblance. Though once she becomes the Akuma of the Week and Adrien sees her fighting Ladybug, obviously that notion will fall apart.
  • Jossed There are some clues that Adrien might have had some suspicions, like the dramatic reveal of her face, or how Adrien notices a ring that is almost the same as his miraculous but he never ctually suspects her of being ladybug
  • He was also present when she was de-evilized, and at that point in the series he still doesn't think it's possible for Miraculous holders to be akumatized (which he cites as evidence that his dad can't be Hawk Moth) - he's technically wrong there, but he's still seen Kagami and Ladybug in the same place.

Kagami is a child or descendant of Marinette and Adrien's from the future.
Granted, this one will probably be jossed pretty quickly, but here goes. She has the same height and hair colour as Marinette, as noted above, and a similar fighting style to Adrien's (although with elements of Ladybug's as well). When she leaves after her duel with Adrien, she leaves a voicemail message to her mother cryptically saying that she's failed, but we never see either of her parents or guardians in the episode, and Timebreaker does set a precedent for time-travel in the series (which would also serve as an explanation for the origin of Alix's antique holographic watch). At the end of the episode, when she's talking to Adrien and the subject turns to Marinette, Kagami asks if he likes her with an expression and tone of voice that kind of make it seem like she ships it, before warmly musing that she looks forward to meeting Marinette properly. Most crucially, though: there's a lot of comparison in the fandom between Miraculous and Sailor Moon, and what's Sailor Moon without Chibiusa?
  • Kagami is Japanese, and Marinette is Chinese.
    • (oh geez, don't tell me I've turned into Chloé...) Yeah, that would rule out her being their kid; she could still be a descendant of theirs if, somewhere down the line, one of their kids or descendants married into a Japanese family. Super embarrassed that didn't occur to me though, gee whiz.
      • Too late. I think it's possible Kagami could be descended from Tentomushi, a former Ladybug from Japan.
      • ^Beat me to it.

Mr Damocles gets akumatised because he's a fan of Knightowl.
Either it's a case of "don't meet your heroes" or something more. Either way, he possibly gets akumatised while wearing a Knightowl costume.
  • Winner!


    Hawk Moth 
Hawk Moth will be an Arc Villain
According to the opening, there are at least five other kwamis besides Plagg and Tikki. If the pink-purple one is indeed Hawk Moth's, then his unmasking and defeat will set up for one of the other four kwamis' users take his place as Big Bad.
  • The other Kwamis potentially being used by Big Bads seems unlikely at present, due to Master Fu possessing all but one of the other unaccounted-for Miraculous. That having been said, there IS one unaccounted for besides the Butterfly Brooch.
    • As of "Volpina", the missing peacock miraculous belongs to Gabriel Agreste, and seems to have previously belonged to Adrien's mother. Since Hawk Moth has not yet been defeated or even unmasked, he is bound to stay for at least one more season.

Hawk Moth will undergo a Heel–Face Turn.
In the opening, a green kwami and a mauve-ish kwami appear alongside Tikki and Plagg, and it is widely believed that the butterfly-shaped brooch and it's mauve kwami is Hawk Moth's Miraculous. There is a rumor floating around that the green kwami is working with a yet-to-be-seen character named Master Fu, who is likely intended to be a kind of veteran hero/mentor to Ladybug and Chat Noir. Why would the heroes' kwamis and the villain's be seen together...unless they'll work together in the future?
  • Jossed in regards to Season 1. The reason Nooroo and Wayzz are in the opening appears to be simply because they're the only kwami besides Tikki and Plagg that were shown and named this season.

Hawk Moth's akuma supply is limited.
Hence why he restricts himself to one victim per day.
  • I would also think that due to his powers coming from a Miraculous, it's a one-time-per-day thing. Then again, there was Antibug, where he used two (although one had been used the previous day off-screen). Unless he fed his kwami very quickly.
  • This makes a lot of sense if we take the akumas to be the same as Ladybug's Lucky Charm and Chat Noir's Cataclysm. Including the five-minute rule. As for the time he made two akumas on the same episode, well, we have seen Ladybug and Chat use their abilities twice on the same day, so it could be a similar case for him.
    • Specifically, Because their Kwamis are eating well. Nooroo probably subsisting as a passive resistence to Hawk Moth's schemes. Thus one Akuma a day, after Nooroo has eaten his daily meal.
    • In "Mayura", Hawk Moth tells the heroes that unlike them, he can maintain his transformation after using his powers because he's more experienced.
  • Confirmed. He has to grow his own white butterflies, as we see in several episodes of Season 3.

If Hawk Moth's akuma caught someone who was happy or in a good mindset, they would become a superhero.
This was hinted in Evillustrator, where Nathanael was caught in a moment where he was thinking about both his frustration of Chloé and his crush on Marinette, and both were intensified for his akuma self, the latter of which angered Hawk Moth.
  • Possibly confirmed. Nooroo's exposition seems to suggest that Hawk Moth's use of his Miraculous is a corruption of its normal intent, which likely means it was meant to operate on positive emotions, not negative ones.
  • Doesn't seem to be the case. Catalyst, Chameleon, and The Collector are all in some form of positive mood when akumatised. The person doesn't become a hero, they just have a lot more control over their actions and aren't directed by their emotions. Using negative emotions makes them Brainwashed and Crazy. Using positive to neutral emotions makes them powerful superbeings. They aren't necessarily geared towards goodness. I actually imagine being consumed by a super positive emotion wouldn't be any better than being consumed by a super negative one. The logic of the negative emotion becoming the only thing they feel would imply the same is true for positive feelings. Based on what we see with the negative emotions, that could range from wanting to make everyone feel the way they do to being extremely invasive with the person who made them so happy. Might be interesting to see if that's the case, or if they keep their own mind the same as if they were feeling neutral to just normal levels of happiness.

Hawk Moth's powers can be employed in reverse.
Rather than bestow/add to negative emotions, the white butterflies can absorb and trap a person's stress, sorrow and/or anger. Basically, be a benevolent Emotion Eater.

Hawk Moth can intercept Ladybug and Chat Noir's calls.
Hawk Moth is misusing a Miraculous that is supposed to be on LB and CN's side, right? So he should be able to listen in when they phone each other with her yoyo and his staff.
  • Debatable. He should be able to call them, though.

Hawk Moth is targeting people close to Marinette and Adrien, either knowingly or unknowingly.
While we know that the protagonists save akuma victims not shown in detail on the show (The Magician), it's interesting that a staggering number of akuma can be traced back to people Marinette and Adrien know in real life. Their classmates (all of them!), schoolmates (Stormy Weather), classmates' families (Pharaoh, Rogercop, Mime, Kung Food, Animan), to people they just happen to be in the same area as (Pixelator, Guitar Villain, Simon Says). Especially egregious in that Marinette's uncle comes to Paris for, what, two or three days? and is akumatized the day of his arrival. It's possible that Hawk Moth (maybe via his kwami) can "sense" where Tikki and Plagg are, even if he cannot immediately discern their holders' identities, and sends out akuma to target people close to them to easily draw them out. (Of course, the Doylist answers to this are "Plot, duh" and "It's easier to care about an akuma victim if they're someone our heroes/the audience already know.")
  • He might just be trying to flush them out, because he knows about how old they are. He's narrowing things down. Ladybug does not help by making it pretty clear that she knows her classmates compared to Cat Noir almost never using a classmate's name unless he, as Cat Noir, have talked to them a few times.
  • As of the Season 2 episode "Despair Bear", it seems he's only targeting people around them because he just assumes Chloé's going to upset someone, so he apparently always has his eye on her. So it seems to just be a coincidence revolving around how Chloé is in their class.

Hawk Moth has a tragic backstory.
Miraculous holders become their innermost selves: Marinette is confident as Ladybug and Adrien is jovial as Chat Noir. Hawk Moth, whoever he is in mundane life, must have his fullest personality burst to the surface with his mask on as well. Along with the persona of a Card-Carrying Villain, Hawk Moth has a tendency to sound sympathetic to his victims misfortunes, especially in the French dub. Perhaps akumatizing is not only to further his mysterious goal, but to vicariously lash out through the Villain of the Week?
  • If Hawk Moth's secret identity is Gabriel Agreste, his backstory could take inspiration from the early life of his namesake, Coco Chanel, which included poverty and Parental Abandonment.

Hawk Moth's akumas are not true akumas.
Akumas are comparable to The Heartless, so I propose a dynamic similar to naturally occurring Pureblood Heartless vs. Magitek-made Emblem Heartless from Kingdom Hearts. A) It has yet to be clarified whether or not "akuma" is the name of a white butterfly or a corrupted one. Since the name is Japanese for devil, it's most likely the latter. B) Miraculous heroes have probably always battled akumas, so the creatures must have been around for much longer than when Hawk Moth started using the butterfly brooch for evil. C) The civilians' negativity serves as the tinder for the akumas, but Hawk Moth's own negativity is the spark. They are a mix of two darknesses, and therefore an artificial concoction.

Cat Noir/Adrien will be Hawk Moth's Morality Chain.
Only if, y'know, he really is Gabriel Agreste. It mostly depends on what path the writers want to take for the target audience. Do they want to be simplistic by keeping the Big Bad a human-shaped obstacle for the heroes to defeat, or be optimistic and make him redeemable?
  • "Gorizilla" has Hawk Moth lose a game of chicken with Adrien and allow Ladybug to rescue him, blowing a possible chance to learn Cat Noir's identity, lending credence to this theory.

Hawk Moth will choose between potential victims at once.
Realistically speaking, more than one person can experience negative emotions at the same time, even from the same event. When Hawk Moth has the opportunity to pick one person to akumatize over someone else, the choice will be based in personal issues and give the audience a hint to his secret identity.

Akumatized villains can dispel the dark power
There are several reasons for why this has yet to happen: Hawk Moth specifically targets those in a fragile state of mind and emotion, victims don't understand what is happening to them to properly resist, and they enjoy the power that comes with the transformation. But if it came to pass that Marinette or Adrien was corrupted by Hawk Moth, they manage Fighting from the Inside, then finally forcing the akuma out through Heroic Willpower, and it will be so awesome!
  • If it happens, Hawk Moth will keep an eye on them.
  • Confirmed on both counts. But of all people it's Chloe who resists akumatization. Hawk Moth is also keeping an eye on Chloe but has been ever since he knew she was Queen Bee, sizing her up to be an ally.

Hawk Moth's Heel–Face Turn
Hawk Moth is doing the wrong thing for the right reason, and his Arc will be resolved in the first two parter of season 2, at which point he'll join the winning team as the Zordon figure, trying to discipline Ladybug and Cat Noir into great heroes to fight the forces of a new big bad in Ladybug in Shanghai.
  • Jossed. He did lose but he's more determined than ever.

Hawk Moth has Villain Teleportation.
Going by the majority view of "Hawk Moth is Gabriel Agreste" - this would explain how he could be on TV one minute, then right back in his lair (and in costume on top of it) the next, in "Simon Says." Not to mention how Volpina's illusion of him behaved, too.
  • Corollary to this theory; Hawk Moth can only teleport in total darkness. That is why(other than cheap resusable animation) his lair is dark until that shutter opens. if Gabriel is Hawk Moth is true, this also explains why he wasn't giving a rant at the end of Simon Says. He was on the roof in broad daylight, unable to use his teleportation.

Hawk Moth’s akuma victims will reappear as heroes.
During a season finale, a powerful enemy arises. If an akuma, it is one too powerful for Hawk Moth to control. When Ladybug and Chat Noir are driven into a corner by their opponent, Hawk Moth uses his powers properly and benevolently when they respond to all past supervillains’ desire to help their heroes and transforms them again.

Hawk Moth is being mind-controlled
Ties into the "Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth" theory. A new character has been confirmed for Season 3 named Mayura and she holds the peacock miraculous, is a supervillain, and will become Hawk Moth's boss. The main idea that would hold this theory together would be if the peacock miraculous can be used to hypnotize/brainwash somebody. True, Hawk Moth appears to be acting alone but if he is Gabriel Agreste then the plan falls short. Gabriel Agreste cannot use the Ladybug earrings because he does not have piercings. In addition, in the episode "Simon Says" when Cat Noir shouts at Gabriel to "do what I tell you" it makes Gabriel react. This implies that Gabriel is very familiar with somebody angrily giving him orders. And since Gabriel has the peacock miraculous it would mean that the only way for Mayura to ever show up is if Gabriel hands it over. "But wait!" I hear you say. "Sure this proves that if Gabriel is Hawk Moth then he is taking orders, but what proves that he's brainwashed?" Well, Hawk Moth acts like he trying to take the miraculous for himself without referring to anybody. And if Gabriel Agreste is a brainwashed Hawk Moth then it opens the door to the possibility of a redemption, so Adrien doesn't lose his father.

If Hawk Moth is Gabriel, then his Control Freak tendencies extend from a case of Even Evil Has Loved Ones
Given that Hawk Moth's MO is going after people after they've been hurt emotionally and Gabriel is very much a Knight Templar Parent, if he is indeed Hawk Moth, he probably doesn't want unintentionally akumatize his own son, hence his attempts to control Adrien's life is an effort to try to protect Adrien from his own plans.

Hawk Moth will persuade Lila to help him as an undercover ally.
Since Hawk Moth won't have Mayura as his boss until Season 3, and there will be two new Miraculous superheroes in Season 2, Hawk Moth needs a new advantage over his enemies in Season 2. If he can't have more superpowered allies than his akumatized villains, the second best thing would be a civilian ally who could intentionally lie to, manipulate, and sabotage people to get prime vulnerable victims to transform, like if Chloé was being intentional with her cruel actions. Cue Lila, a new girl not as familiar with Hawk Moth's reputation and still angry at Ladybug after the events in "Volpina". Hawk Moth, the one person who could be a better liar than Lila, could promise to get her whatever she wants, like revenge on Ladybug, if she helps him make akumatized villains and pull off any scheme he has. Considering Lila's bitterness towards Ladybug, desire to win Adrien over, and be well-loved and popular among others, her impressive skills of deception would be majorly handy to Hawk Moth until he could get another helper or advantage.
  • We've seen in "Catalyst" that Lila is completely willing to do whatever Hawk Moth asks of him. She will presumably continue to aid him throughout Season 3.

There's an in-universe reason for why Hawk Moth doesn't force akumas to do his bidding
In the What an Idiot! page, the first entry is from someone wondering why Hawk Moth doesn't use the power he clearly possesses to force the akumas to get the Miraculouses before doing their own thing. While on a Doylistic level that would prevent the plot from varying between episodes, from a Watsonian perspective there may be a good reason for it. Either:
  • 1. Hawk Moth is a Well-Intentioned Extremist who wants to use the Miraculouses for good purposes, and owing to that draws the line at using force on his akumas unless he absolutely has to; or
  • 2. Nooroo, while enslaved, can potentially fight back and exert some kind of magical influence over the Miraculous that prevents a user from using it for the worst it is capable of unless the user truly puts their mind to it, and there's subtle enchantment on Hawk Moth that prevents him from taking the brute-force approach.

Hawk Moth will gain more power
Given the revelation that Hawk Moth is indeed Gabriel it's confirmed that he owns both a digital and hard copy of the Miraculous Spellbook. Fu has confirmed that with time he will be able to decipher his own digital copy of the book's code and unlock powers for Ladybug and Chat Noir that were previously unknown to them, these new powers having to do with the Stones and Pearl revealed at a previous con. It can be speculated thus that if there are additional powers for the Ladybug and Cat Miraculous that there are more powers for the other Miraculous, the Butterfly Miraculous included. Given Gabriel has a copy he will decipher it and access the Butterfly's full powers which will explain the circumstances of The Heroes' Day which will feature 14 akumas at least; one of the Butterfly's additional powers enables him to create as many akumas as he likes, this would be a counterpart to one of Ladybug's additional powers which allows her to create infinite Lucky Charms. The Heroes' Day is a season 3 two-parter and it's confirmed Ladybug and Chat will get new powers in season 2. This is due to the fact that Fu was trained to read the code whereas Gabriel will have to translate it from scratch, Fu will decipher it first but it will take Gabriel longer.
  • Hawk Moth has already been shown to possess the power to create multiple akumas in one day, this was shown in "The Collector", as both he and Lila were akumatised on the same day within two hours and in no more than thirty minutes after Volpina's defeat. "Antibug" doesn't count, because Sabrina was not akumatised on the same day as Chloé. There were also two akumas in "Princess Fragrance", the titular Princess Fragrance and the Magician of Misfortune, an akuma attack is mentioned at the start of "Darkblade" as well, before D'Argencourt is akumatised. So we know he already possesses the power to make more than one a day. He just doesn't usually do it, and considering how Stoneheart's akuma copies itself... There's also the fact that, at no point, is it shown or even implied that Hawk Moth has a special ability like Lucky Charm. Akumatisation is not shown in that light, something that is backed up strongly by how in "Despair Bear", "Robostus", and "Gigantitan", he is in no rush to get his akuma anywhere nor is he in a rush to stop conversing with Robostus like he needs to get going to feed his kwami. Akumas get places pretty quickly, as shown in other episodes like "Dark Cupid", "Prime Queen", and "Befana" where the person has not moved even though there are people nearby them, meaning he has no time to just detransform, feed Nooroo, and be back in time to chit-chat with his victim. He

Wielders of the Butterfly Miraculous communicate with the butterflies.
It is confirmed in "Queen Wasp" that heroes besides LB and CN can use their weapons as comms. But how do you make a phone call with a sceptre/Sword Cane? The same way it does with champions. The butterfly heroes can send a "regular" butterfly (one that hasn’t been charged with power) to follow another hero, and touching it creates a similar but more temporary link like how Hawk Moth telepathically speaks to his akuma villains.
  • Jossed. The stone of the swordstick flips up and HM talks into it.

Hawk Moth is holding back

If he wanted he could target people with far, far bigger issues (e.g. an abuse victim) or just more cruel and amoral (hardened criminals, terrorists). He doesn't because he's afraid such individuals would either be too destructive and could destroy the Miraculous or couldn't be trusted to not turn against him (for example, a corrupt politician is likely manipulative enough to outsmart him to steal his Miraculous for themselves).

    Hawk Moth's identity 
Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth and he is a huge comic book nerd.
He went to pursue a career in fashion because he secretly loves comic book villian costumes and wanted to create some of his own. Sadly he found himself only desgining for supermodels, which had nothing super about them. All of them were spoiled, stupid little stick figures with poofy lips who think only about themselves. He finally found solace as Hawk Moth creating the names and costumes for the god-villians he always dreamt of.

Hawk Moth's identity is not intended to be a plot twist. His reasons are.
Hawk Moth is Gabriel Agreste according to this WMG- it's hinted heavily at multiple times, and many people reject the idea simply because it's not a plot twist. But what if that's the point? What if Gabriel's reasons are the plot twist? Everyone who assumes Gabriel is Hawk Moth also assumes his goals relate to his missing, possibly dead wife. Even without her photo in the locket, people were assuming this. What if the photo in the locket is meant to be a hint to Hawk Moth's identity, and not his goal? What if Hawk Moth's goals have little or absolutely nothing to do with Madame Agreste? Think about it- if Hawk Moth wanted to find his wife, he doesn't need to turn to villainy nor get the powers of the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculouses. All he needs is to grant heroic psychic powers to a medium, who can tell him where his wife is. If Hawk Moth can grant the power of time travel, it's not unreasonable he can grant the power of Sight. Logically speaking, this means whatever he needs or wants can ONLY be obtained through villainous methods. Through abusing the power of the Moth Locket in order to obtain, simultaneously, the powers of the Black Cat and Ladybug. It is Gabriel's reasons for becoming Hawk Moth and why he must use the tactics he does that are the plot twist, not that he is Hawk Moth.
  • He is also very much aware that he's possibly putting Adrien in danger, but he absolutely needs to do what he's doing (and getting the ring would eventually protect Adrien). This may be related to the below WMG about Gabriel actually knowing Mrs Agreste's whereabouts, and the two have a goal regarding the Miraculouses.
    • Considering both WMG were penned by the same person, that's the idea, yes. He can't take the ring now, though- Adrien couldn't be safer than being Cat Noir.

    Mayura (Le Paon) 
She is Nathalie.
Would be amusing to see her turn the tides on her boss.
  • They have very similar short hairstyles, and peacocks are regarded by humans to be ostentatious and beautiful, something that could be reasonably related to in the fashion world.
  • Confirmed.

Mayura we've seen in promotional material is someone who has been akumatized.
The akumatized person taking the appearance of Mayura could probably be Nathalie. But like with Lila being akumatized to look like the Fox Miraculous wielder, she's not the "true" wielder of the Miraculous: it was Mrs. Agreste.
  • Jossed. It's Nathalie.

She is Emilie Agreste.
Combining this with the peacock being the symbol restoration, here is a theory on how it could transpire: Years ago, Emilie was diagnosed with an incurable disease. When she could no longer keep up the facade of health, she 'disappeared' - or, rather, that's the story that Gabriel made up to conceal the fact that his wife is currently being held in observation in a remote, private (and incredibly expensive) medical institution. Gabriel is now trying to acquire to power of the two strongest Miraculous in order to finally save his wife from her disease. However, if him saying that the Miraculous book was a gift from his wife wasn't (technically) a lie, it is safe to assume that that's how he acquired the Moth Miraculous. As Master Fu said, the book was lost alongside the peacock and moth brooches. However, Emilie kept the peacock brooch for herself and accidentally became its master during her time in the institution. Using the restoration power of the peacock brooch she managed to at - the very least - quell her disease for the time being. By the end of season 2, she will abruptly return to her family, utterly surprising her husband and son by doing so. However, as not even the peacock Miraculous could possibly completely solve her health issues, she takes up the persona of Mayura to finally obtain the Miraculous and heal herself. Similarly, her husband will (despite of initially sighing in relief, until he discovers that she doesn't have much longer to live) still continue his quest to steal the Miraculous for his wife's sake. The Wham Shot that will serve as the conclusion to the second season will have Emilie either transform into or untransform from Mayura.
  • Cue to Mayura never revealing her secret identity to Hawk Moth, even if she could probably discover his identity easily and blackmail him with threats that she will kill his wife.
    • Actually, even if she becomes his boss in the truest sense of the word, they may both take some time to discover the civilian identity of the other. That would make them a dark reflection of the relationship between Cat Noir and Ladybug.
  • Another possible way this could go down: Emilie just plain wants the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses to Take Over the World, so she either faked her own death knowing Gabriel would go to hell and back just to "save" her, or faked her own kidnapping and is now blackmailing Gabriel into working as her patsy.

The actual holder of the Peacock Miraculous was/is Nathalie or Miss Bustier, not Mrs. Agreste.
Mayura looks like like Nathalie and Miss Bustier. Because Ladybug and Chat don't really change their hair much (Adrien's gets messier, while Marinette's doesn't change at all), and Lila and Chloé don't change their hair much if at all, it's important to look at the hair. All three of them- Mayura, Nathalie, and Miss Bustier, have their hair back with one loose lock in the front. Caline Bustier's lock of hair is actually the same length and in the right spot, but her face is much rounder than Mayura's. This may not matter, considering Hawk Moth's face does not match with his silhouetted civilian identity. The real issue with Caline is that she's a very kind and gentle person compared to the ominous Mayura, though she could be a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. Noticeably, like Chloé, she wears colours that match the Miraculous. Regarding Nathalie, she has a much closer face shape to Mayura, she's close to the theoretical Hawk Moth, Gabriel Agreste, and we know she'll tell Gabriel of Adrien's movements. Living in the Agreste household would also make it easy to take her brooch. However, her legs aren't nearly as long and slender as Mayura's, where Caline's are. It's possible that Nathalie WAS its holder, but Caline gets it somehow. Mayura either doesn't wear a mask, or the mask covers much of the face like Hawk Moth's does.
  • Caline and Mayura also seem to both wear a necklace on a short chain, though it's hard to tell on Mayura if that's a necklace or not. Mayura also seems to be holding a quill in her right hand, and Caline Bustier does teach literature.
  • Caline also has direct ties to most of the akuma victims, as thirteen of her now fifteen students have been akumatisednote  and four of the remaining akumas also attend or work at the school and some of them definitely know her since she seems to be the primary teacher for French Lit and poetrynote . There are around 28 known akuma victims (I count 28 that have names, but there's a number mentioned or implied offscreen), and 17 of them she works with. And that's not counting the akuma victims that are family of any of her students (which is another five including Alix's brother Jalil and Marinette's great-uncle six if you count The Collector). For those keeping score at home, this means there's only around 6 total victims that do not have any obvious or clear ties to Miss Bustier, which is rather interesting. It's 5 if you take away Guitar Villain, since he arrived at the hotel while she was in the lobby and he worked closely with one of her students (and is presently friends with Marinette).
  • Caline is also curiously fine with the excuses Marinette and Adrien give, which Ms Mendeleiev on the other hand does not buy. Almost as if she suspects something. While she might suspect they're being teenagers and snogging in a broom closet, she's awful understanding if that's the case. She doesn't even really seem too upset when Marinette doesn't come back to class after being "in the bathroom" for so long.
  • Natalie is Mayura.

Chloé's mother is Mayura
Ever one to go against the normal guesses, I propose Mayura is Madame Bourgeois, not Madame Agreste or Nathalie. Or my previous guess of Miss Bustier, which was half in jest. Audrey could theoretically be Mayura since she's a blank slate just like Mayura right now. Plus, it's apparent that Adrien knows Chloé through their mothers, since Gabriel has no clue who Chloé, seeing as she introduces herself to him. So Audrey could be in a position to make threats against Adrien and Madame Agreste. She could have gotten the Miraculous from her friend, Adrien's mother.
  • Also; Did Chloe's mother leave her at a young age just to create the perfect Akumatised Villain creator? That would really be playing the long game.
  • Jossed.

She is Kagami or Kagami's mother
Kagami is similar-looking to Mayura and she, like Mayura, has blue hair. If it's not Kagami, it could be her mother.
  • Mayura will be Kagami's mother in keeping with Kagami being a Foil to Adrien; both champion fencers who are lonely prodigies from upper class families who ultimately are both children of supervillains.
  • Jossed. She's Nathalie.

Mrs Agreste is not Mayura
That is, supposing Hawk Moth's goal is to get Mrs Agreste back, wouldn't that mean he'd stop being a villain if his wife comes back? If he's so distraught by her disappearance enough that he may be willing to sacrifice Adrien if that's what it takes then there's reason to believe he's recognise her. There's also no proof Mayura and Hawk Moth don't know who each other is.

Mayura is a teenager, not an adult
If you've ever looked at Mayura's art and compared her to any similarly built adult female, Mayura does not have hips like they do. The only adult women who do not have notable hips are Penny Rolling and Ms Mendeleive (because of her lab coat). Instead, she's built more like Marinette. Slender hips that aren't much wider than her waist.

Mayura is related to Marinette.
Like a cousin or an aunt, on her mother's side of the family. She comes to live with Marinette's family for a little while, but her motivation for doing so is because of the Miraculouses, not knowing her cousin/niece has one of her own.

Mayura is Lila.
"Mayura" is Sanskrit for "peacock", hinting at Indian ancestry. "Lila" (or Leela") is a not uncommon given name in India, and it's also Sanskrit for "play, charm", which would tie in nicely to her Consummate Liar persona. Furthermore, Thomas Astruc, when asked about her ethnicity, gave an obvious joke answer (half-Klingon and half-duck), which could be deflecting to hide a spoiler. Finally, as mentioned above, Mayura is built more like Marinette than like the show's adults, hinting that she herself is a teenager. Lila, in addition to her apparent grudge against Ladybug, is approximately the right age and build to be Mayura.
  • In fact, according to Feri González "Lila will return with a somewhat important role".
  • Well, she does help a Hawk Moth lot during the season 2 finale... as Volpina.
  • Jossed.

Mayura will be related to Nino.
Given that we were told we'd found out more about Nino's family and home life this season. Also, despite his cheerful personality and his need to protect the people he cares about, Nino's shown to not have any close friends until Adrien and Alya show up, which would give him a Not So Different from Adrien, and a sharp contrast to Mayura, something the creators of Miraculous seem to enjoy doing. One could even consider that he was the last new holder announced to be a clue, as he would be a bit more of a spoiler than Alya or Chloe.
  • Although it is worth noting that Sanskrit is not a common language in either Morocco or Réunion.

'Mayura' is an ancient evil possessing Emilie and will save the heroes at the climax of the season 2 finale.
Consider the following:
  • Natalie proved to be too loyal during "Catalyst" to just turn her back on Gabriel. Therefore, the chances of her being Mayura aren't very high.
  • As Natalie/Catalyst is in Gabriel's lair, it is impossible to deakumatize her without uncovering the truth about Hawk Moth to the heroes. But Mayura could take her out without cutting the plot short.
  • Catalyst is Gabriel's trump card. That would give Mayura an in-story justification to incapacitate her. Otherwise, only Blackmail could help her keep Hawk Moth on a leash.
  • The season overview states that Mayura would provide the supervillains with 'allies''. That would be redundant with Catayst around. Therefore, one of them has to go.
  • Jossed, but it is still anyone's guess how would Natalie end up becoming the 'boss' of Hawk Moth, given her loyalty and the damaged Peacock Miraculous.


Mayura will be a Knight of Cerebus
It's stated that Mayura will make Hawk Moth look like nothing, so it's not unreasonable that the show will stop with its light, cheery, formulaic Slice of Life(-ish) deal and become more drama-focused once Mayura becomes active.
  • Especially if her motivations are more sinister than his.

Mayura is a much quieter evil than Hawk Moth
She doesn't speak much, if at all. She lets her expressions and actions speak for her, along with occasional lines of dialogue expressing what she wants.


Mayura is motivated by revenge against Hawk Moth
Possibly either because she reacted very badly indeed to being akumatised, because she's a Mama Bear who hates how he akumatised her child (or students if she is Miss Bustier, unlikely as it is) or because she doesn't like something he does, like if she is indeed Chloé's mother, how he relies on Chloé to be an awful person to further his own goals.

Mayura is motivated by her own boss to seize the Miraculouses
She's just using Hawk Moth to further her own plans.

Mayura will become more ruthless than Hawk Moth
Either from her desperation to win, or the Peacock Miraculous is damaging her sanity.

Theorizing on the owners of the other kwamis.
The opening implies that the titular Ladybug and Chat Noir are not the only miraculous individuals as along with Tikki and Plagg we see green and light purplish kwamis but no idea of who they could belong to. The Other Wiki has currently dubbed them as the green and butterfly kwamis and on closer inspection we see what is currently seen as a turtle shell and wings respectively.

But who possesses these two transformable companions? Is it someone of the cast we have already come to know and if that is the case are they going to Marinette and Adrien's level or newbies? Or perhaps a new member of the cast will arrive and be a holder of one?

  • As of Season 1 finale, besides Marinette/Ladybug and Adrien/Cat, the following information is available:
    The butterfly kwami is called Nooroo, and his miraculous is currently being used by Hawk Moth.
    The turtle kwami is called Wayzz, and his miraculous belongs to Master Fu; Fu doesn't transform anymore, but wears the bracelet and has Wayzz around.
    Of the other known miraculouses the fox and the bee ones are kept by Master Fu, and the peacock one is kept by Gabriel Agreste; the associated kwami lie dormant within and haven't been shown yet.
  • As of 2017, the appearances for the fox, peacock, and bee kwamis (as well as their names-Trixx, Duusu, and Pollen, respectively) have been revealed. It's also been revealed the Alya will be getting the fox Miraculous and Chloé will be getting the bee one in season 2, and that the owner of the peacock Miraculous will be seen in season 3 as a new villain.

Kwamis can briefly adopted a human disguise.
Because classic anime hijinks.

Power-Up Food guesses for Outer Kwamis.
  • Nooroo
    • peaches
    • grape juice
    • flower petals
  • Wayzz
    • pickles
    • seaweed
  • Duusu
    • nuts esp. pistachios
  • Pollen
    • eggs esp. hardboiled
    • honey
    • Candy, like taffy, caramel, or thin hard candies.
  • Trixx
It'd have to be something someone can carry on hand all day without it spoiling as well as something easily accessible to a normal person. Camembert can go a week without refrigeration, so it's fine in Adrien's bag for a day. I would guess nuts are out because so many people have violent nut and peanut allergies that can trigger just from touching them. Chocolate could be one, Trixx might enjoy a hot pepper because foxes are associated with fire, bread's a possibility as are a number of fruits and veggies, candy of some sort is a possibility (this one might work for Pollen, since nectar is mostly sugar), cereal is another that could work, and seeds like sunflower seeds could do.

Actually, the theory that Tikki and Plagg's food preferences (cookies and cheese respectively) are related to their kwami powers (creation and destruction respectively)note , the other kwamis may have similar food preferences. such as:

  • Nooroo, whose powers revolve around empowering others, may prefer high-energy foods. Especially quick energy like caffeine. He might eat straight-up coffee beans, or he might guzzle energy drinks like Red Bull.
  • Trixx, whose powers are heavily implies to be illusion-based might prefer foods that have a lot of taste but little real nutritional value (i.e. junk food). Salty foods might also be appropriate as well. I can see her munching on potato chips.
  • Wayzz, who is likely to grant powers of protection, might be a health food nut. Lots of fresh vegetables.
  • Pollen has the power of subjection and the ability they bestow is called Venom, so maybe she eats things that are common allergens like peanuts or tree nuts. “Poison” to some people, but not necessarily “poisonous.”
  • Duusu has the power of “emotion” and can create sentimonsters. Perhaps their favorite foods are “comfort foods” like chocolate or carb heavy foods that often bring people emotional comfort.
  • Sass could eat egg-based foods; they are both eaten by snakes and a symbol of rebirth.

Adrien has interacted with kwamis before.
Even if Adrien was bored and stifled with his lifestyle pre-Chat Noir, his reaction to the sudden manifestation of a bug-eyed sprite was unbelievably casual. If it is true that Adrien's parents are or were heroes themselves as widely theorized, then it is conceivable that he grew up privy to their secret identities and kwamis. Unfortunately, when Mrs. Agreste disappeared via an incident related to the Miraculouses, Gabriel decided it was too dangerous for Adrien to know about his lineage any longer. He had all his son's memories of magic suppressed, either by his own powers or with another's help (maybe even Master Fu.) Despite the Laser-Guided Amnesia, Adrien still knew what Plagg was on a subconscious level, explaining the lack of fright during their first encounter, and a natural affinity with Cat Noir's powers.
  • It's also possible his parents quit being heroes when he was too young to remember them being heroes. If Adrien's memories were all suppressed, he should still be somewhat freaked out, but he isn't. Though it could just be that Adrien is a giant fantasy nerd and reacts with interest because he's Genre Savvy.
  • This seems unlikely considering the Moth Miraculous's presence hasn't been felt in a long time, and neither Tikki nor Plagg would keep that kind of information quiet. Word of God has it that Adrien is just a nerd who likes anime/manga and video games, so...

Evil Miraculouses and/or Kwamis exist.
They are the jewels seen in the animatic but not used in the cartoon; The Ouroboros armband in particular seems malevolent. Either the power of the jewel could not be safely controlled, or the respective kwami pulled a Face–Heel Turn and corrupted their chosen wielder.
  • The Miraculouses don't have any sentience to be able to be good or evil by themselves. Only the Kwamis. If Evil Kwamis exist, one of them will be found by a wielder who'll use his/her power for good in contrast to how Hawk Moth uses Nooroo's power for evil.

Kwamis can sense the presence of other kwamis when they use their powers, but not when they are dormant and nearby.
Nooroo told Hawk Moth that the Ladybug and Cat Noir miraculous had been lost ... while they were actually nearby in Paris.Also, if kwamis could feel each other's presence, Plagg and Tikki would have noticed each other by now.
  • Alternatively, kwamis do sense each other's presence but can choose to to not reveal it to their masters. Nooroo kept the location of Plagg and Tikki secret in an act of defiance against being misused, and Plagg and Tikki don't reveal each other's presence out of respect of Marinette's and Adrien's secrecy.

The "weird" reason why Plagg didn't sense the Peacock Miraculous.
We can figure it out by examining Wayzz and Master Fu's exchange in the Origins episode regarding Nooroo, as well as taking a look at Lady Wifi. Firstly, Wayzz specifically says that he can detect Nooroo's power being in use, and Master Fu expresses surprise, since he thought the Moth Brooch was lost forever. From this exchange, we learn two things- Wayzz at the very least can detect when a kwami's power is in use. Not the Miraculous, but the kwami. Second, we learn that a dormant Miraculous is undetectable, at least from a long range. Since Word of God says its "weird" that Plagg didn't notice it, we can assume that a kwami can be close to a dormant Miraculous and detect the kwami inside it. And it must be the kwami- Wayzz was very specific in saying that he could detect the Moth Brooch's movements based on what was happening to Nooroo. Now, in Lady Wifi, there are a few things that happen- the Black Cat Miraculous falls off of Adrien's hand and gets lost. Not only is Plagg still around, which contrasts sharply with how removing the Ladybug Miraculous by choice makes Tikki disappear, but Plagg cannot sense his own Miraculous. He's totally unable to help Adrien find the ring. After all, there's no kwami in it to detect. If we look at Wayzz's dialogue a little more and compare it to some of Tikki's in Timebreaker, as well as the fact that Tikki and Plagg have not noticed each other, we can see that a kwami out of its jewellery is possibly undetectable, but this changes if their powers are in use, like when they've helped someone transform. Looking at all of that, it's very likely that Duusu, the kwami of the Peacock Pin, was not in the Miraculous, which is why Plagg wasn't able to detect her. Duusu can exist out of the brooch without the brooch needing to be with its user, it just means the user can't transform. It's possible that the brooch fell off and Agreste found or obtained it thereafter, and Duusu is trapped outside her Miraculous.
  • Jossed. Much simpler, it was a fake.
    • It doesn't seem to be a fake? More likely, Plagg can't feel it because it is damaged.

Animals that other Kwami may be based off of:
Given that as of September, we now know from the TFOU trailer that there are Kwami based off of the Chinese Zodiac animals, which are considered lucky to specific people, animals that the Kwami may be based off of are likely ones that are associated with luck.
  • EDIT: I should explain that peacock feathers are considered bad luck in the Mediterranean and some other Eastern European cultures, despite being considered divine and pure as a whole in Asian cultures.
  • Bees apparently represent good luck (usually in that you'll be wealthy) in British/Irish folklore, so if a swarm of bees set up their home near/in yours, or enter your home/ship/whatever, it's considered a sign of good luck. If a bee dies in your home, it's considered bad luck.
  • It is considered good luck if you see a lone fox while you're away from your home, but bad luck if you see several and/or the fox(es) are lurking near your home.
  • Frogs: The Romans believed a frog in their home would mean good luck. The Chinese also believed it was lucky, as frogs prefer wet environments, meaning that fertility to crops would come soon.
  • Albatross: Considered good luck if seen by sailors.
  • Beetle: Specifically the Egyptian scarab. Egyptians associated it with luck with the sun, since the desert sun can either be good for crops or can ruin crops. They're also seen as being smart (for, uh, putting their eggs in dung balls dried by the sun, but that probably won't be addressed here) and symbolic for being reborn into a new life.
  • Cricket: The Chinese believed its chirps were a sign of harmony in the cricket. If it stops chirping, there's something nearby that has gone wrong, also associating it with protection/guarding. In addition, due to its metamorphosis, it's also associated with rebirth.
  • Deer: In Chinese, it is considered lucky because it is symbolic of endurance, grace, longevity, and prosperity.
    • In "Ladybug and Cat Noir", someone with deerlike features is shown during Nooroo's explanation at the start. Supposedly they are Cernunnos, a Celtic deity in the real world, and a former Miraculous holder in the show. So there is that, although I don't know of any cultures that see bees, peacocks, and foxes as symbols of good luck, so I'm not sure of the WMG overall, but the deer one may exist, unless Cernunnos is using the Goat Miraculous (which is unlikely given the style of horns).
  • Elephant: To the Indians, it is considered a sign of good luck and fortune, turning the animal into a status symbol. It's also said that in depictions, superstition rules that its trunk should be worn upright.

Kwamis are typically matched up to people who display their opposite traits
It must be stressed that this is not always the case. However, when it is, this is to help a person learn and grow through the use of the Miraculous. Marinette was granted the responsible, level-headed spirit of creation, Adrien was granted the lazy, laid back, mischievous spirit of destruction. Even meek, sweet Nooroo with his power of transformation found himself in the hands of the bold, cruel Hawk Moth. Loud, bombastic, fun-loving Nino receives the mild-mannered, quiet, serious Wayzz with the possible power of duty. On the speculative side, determined, up front truth-pursuer Alya might have a sly, sneaky kwami with the power of deceit, and self-obsessed, do-nothing Chloé may find herself a support unit, one who needs others, with the power of perseverance or love.

Plagg's powers were partially sealed prior to the start of the story.
The power that allows him to sense other Miraculous or kwami and the power for he himself to be noticed, was sealed for some reason. Thomas Astruc has said it was weird for Plagg to not notice the Peacock Brooch. While I already gave an idea above for this, an alternative is that there's something wrong with Plagg and his ability to sense or be sensed. Plagg never remarks that Lila is lying because he can't sense a Miraculous or kwami on her, nor does he notice the Peacock Miraculous in "Volpina", and in "Gamer" he never talks about how he can sense Ladybug's kwami or Miraculous despite being physically very close to them. Plagg also never notices that the Turtle Bracelet is nearby in the Origins episodes. Despite the fact that brutally honest Plagg speaks his mind and seems to have no brain-to-mouth filter. He's also keen on finding out who Ladybug is. If Plagg's powers to notice other kwami or be noticed by other kwami was sealed, that would explain why he didn't even seem to see the Brooch, and why he doesn't fully recognise the book. It's because that part of him is sealed off for an unknown reason. It's possible the reason is directly related to the theory that Gabriel Agreste, or someone who looks and sounds like him (in most dubs) is Hawk Moth. The Black Cat Miraculous would be perfectly safe from Hawk Moth if Nooroo can't sense Plagg and if Plagg can't sense Nooroo. It's also possible that Tikki likewise had her powers sealed, to protect both her and Plagg from being noticed by Hawk Moth in their civilian identities, but I think Tikki, who likes secrets and indirectly encourages Marinette to lie when she has no reason to, might already conceal her identity and block her own ability to sense other Miraculous. She does, however, seem to know how to find Master Fu. Possibly by detecting Wayzz. But we only ever see Tikki unknowingly come near Plagg and his Miraculous (she knows Lila's Miraculous is a fake and she knows Master Fu is the Great Guardian), unlike Adrien. Adrien has unknowingly been quite near the Ladybug and Turtle ones, as well as a fake Fox one while thinking it's legitimate, and possibly the Moth and Peacock ones. Yet Plagg has never once remarked on it.
  • It's confirmed in "Style Queen" that a Miraculous serves as a power-limiter for a Kwami. Without a master, their powers are incredibly strong and very dangerous. Plagg, being Plagg, is implied to be responsible for the destruction of Atlantis, causing the Tower of Pisa to lean, and the extinction of the dinosaurs. Even him just breathing on the ground is enough to crack it, as seen in "Catalyst".

Tikki and Plagg are more like brother and sister than mates
Being genderless, ageless creatures probably unable to breed makes it weird they'd be mates, and their powers are polar opposite from each other, so they probably came to be around the same time.

The unseen Rabbit Kwami is actually a jackalope
And one of its past bearers was Cernunnos, who does seem to have long, thin antlers and long rabbit ears (albeit the floppy kind) in the cave drawing of him.
  • Jossed.

Fluff is the kwami of Travel, not Time.
In Timetagger, the Rabbit Miraculous does not affect the flow of time and instead grants the power to create portals not just to anywhen, but also to anywhere.

The Bee Kwami will be a Parental Substitute to Chloé
It appears that the root of Chloé worse traits is trauma from being essentially abandoned by her mother. Pollen, the bee kwami, will be sweet, generous, and helpful to the point of being a busybody, but with an authoritative edge when needed. Working together as hero and kwami, Pollen will give Chloé the unconditional love she was deprived of.

Kwamis die when their abstract concept also dies
For instance, if Dark Cupid had succeeded in purging love not just from Earth but from the universe, the kwami that represents Love would die.

Kwamis have an Evil Counterpart Race
A group of superficially similar spirits that are as dedicated to doing evil as the Kwamis are to doing good. Like the Kwamis, they can grant powers to people by using Miraculous-like artifacts—but unlike the Kwamis, they're not subservient to their holders and can actually make them do their bidding by subtly influencing their behavior or by outright possessing them.

    Seven Main Miraculouses 
Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculouses
Tikki and Plagg have a Fusion Dance.
According to the Origins two-parter, the power of the ladybug and the black cat can be combined into Godlike might. Perhaps "combine" can be taken literally? Most likely, a fusion of the two kwamis will be the ultimate symbol of a creation-destruction cycle: The Phoenix, or the Chinese equivalent, the Fenghuang.

Ladybug's earrings and Cat Noir's ring are meant to be physically combined.
The two earrings fit inside the shank of the ring to create one jewel, like a Dismantled MacGuffin. Besides, if Hawk Moth eventually took the Heroes' Miraculouses, we will be spared watching the Narm of the threatening villain being this close to victory while wearing ladybug-printed earrings.
  • Hawk Moth doesn't have ears, anyway.

Ladybug's earrings and Cat Noir's ring are the only Miraculouses with timers.
To balance out the surplus of power. The outer jewels must still have some sort of limit to how much magic is used in one stage, but there is no involuntary detransformation.
  • Jossed as of "Sapotis" - Rena Rouge is subject to a post-ability countdown just as Ladybug and Chat Noir are.
  • Since Hawk Moth was able to grow skilled enough to not worry about timers, the other heroes may also learn how to stay transformed after using their powers in time.

The Black Cat and Ladybug Miraculouses must always be active at the same time
Hawk Moth has, on multiple occasions, not taken the opportunity he has to obtain the Ring of the Black Cat. He had "Princess Fragrance" and "Dark Cupid", where Cat Noir was Brainwashed and Crazy, and he had "Copycat" where Copycat had Cat Noir pinned down and almost had his ring. Because of how desperate he is for them, it seems unlikely that he can just get Cat Noir's ring, forcing Ladybug to fight solo, making her easier to wear down and capture when she doesn't have Cat Noir there to protect her.

The Wish function of the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculouses can only be used once by any given person.
  • So it's stated that holding the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculouses at the same time will allow their wielder to make any wish come true, but that the magic will enact an equal cost. But if you have that level of power, surely you could make another wish to undo or mitigate the cost of the first... unless the nature of the magic is such that you can only use it once.

The Wish's Equivalent Exchange is based on the fact that both Creation and Destruction are invoked to fuel it.
  • It stands to reason that invoking both means that both powers must be used in equal measure. If the wielder's desired result is more one than the other then the rest is released wildly to produce Unintended Consequences likely based on what the wish was meant to accomplish.

Peacock Miraculous

The pin in Mr. Agreste's safe is not a Miraculous.
Clearly Gabriel is hiding something huge, but if the jewel really is the Peacock Miraculous, a kwami would most likely realize it, even lazy, gluttonous Plagg. Also, if Gabriel really is Hawk Moth, why didn't the peacock miraculous work for him too?
  • Even Plagg? He ignored the book and paid no attention to Adrien asking why the book would place Hawk Moth among heroes?
    • Actually, you could interpret his reaction as knowing exactly what the book is and wanting to get it out of there and get Adrien to not think about it and what it could mean. He's pretty rushed and immediately tries to distract Adrien.
  • Maybe the powers of the Peacock aren't useful to Gabriel? Plagg also has trouble recognising the book even though Tikki recognises it easily. It's possible Plagg can't recognise them for some reason.
  • Backing this up is the fact that the Peacock Miraculous is not the same colour as the background it sits on in the Miraculous Chest like the other outside ones do, and the Peacock Miraculous looking different in the Miraculous Book. Also the fact that Duusu's design does not match with the green peacock pin, which make her an anomaly if it really is the Miraculous.
    • There's also the fact that Master Fu doesn't mention that the Peacock Miraculous must be in Hawk Moth's possession when this is true of the Book.

The Miraculous Peacock hero's weapon is a Flechette Storm.
Bonus if they actually look like Feather Flechettes. The knives are either limitless or go up to between 150 to 200, the maximum number of feathers in an adult peacock's train.
  • Considering that the Black Cat, Ladybug, Moth, and Fox Miraculous are more Improvised Weapons than weapons, this doesn't seem likely. Cat Noir's stick is a baton that he can extend to any length he might need. It's shown to be a hand fan (though the fan could theoretically be a Flechette Storm, too) in Mayura's character art.
  • Alternatively, looking at Mayura's character art, Mayura is holding a quill in her right hand, and she can write things into reality, but not everything Mayura writes comes true (as Duusu's magic has limits to what it can do).

The powers of the Peacock Miraculous are vision-based.
The design on a peacock's feathers are reminiscent of eyes, making the bird a common symbol for insight. A most likely candidate is seeing the future, and applying it as Combat Clairvoyance. Other power tropes include X-Ray Vision, True Sight, and Seeing Through Another's Eyes.

The Peacock Miraculous is non-offensive.
Considering that they're symbols of protection, vision, guidance, watchfulness, it's plausible that the Peacock Miraculous is a defensive unit who cannot act offensively without risk, and that they possess the ability to see into the future as well as being able to "see" (sense) danger. They're a guide, a protector, but not a fighter. The Peacock is the Actual Pacifist.
  • Considering Mayura is supposed to be not only a villain, but the Greater-Scope Villain who effectively becomes Hawk Moth's boss by the end of Season 2, this seems unlikely (although certainly not impossible).
    • If Mayura is an expert manipulator, it's not so absurd. Also, it's not that the Peacock CAN'T attack, it's that they can't without risk. It would be interesting to see, anyway.

Mayura has regenerative powers, with regeneration being taken Up to Eleven.
Aside from being able to heal the akumatized villains (even from a distance), she can also replenish the energy of other Miraculous. Translation: she could enable Hawk Moth to make multiple Akuma in a day (given that the Moth brooch seems to have once-per-day restriction).
  • Alternatively, she could restore any Akuma at will, hence the poster for Hero Day in Season 3 depicts over a dozen Akuma seemingly returning to fight the heroes.
  • Hawk Moth's powers are not a once-a-day thing, because "The Collector" happens on exactly the same day as "Volpina".
  • She could still theoretically enable creating multiple, simultaneously active Akuma.
  • Jossed, but she can create 'minions' for the akumatized villains.

The Peacock's powers make their bearer a very limited kind of Reality Warper
Assuming the tool is a quill pen like it appears on the book page, then the power could be to write things into reality, but this power has limits as to how it works and what it can affect, and the effect is not permanent.

The Peacock's powers are based on emotion.
This guess relies a bit on meta logic, but the concept art for Duusuu shows her being highly emotional and emotional manipulation would perhaps be the single worst combo with what we've seen of Hawk Moth's abilities. After all, why wait for a random Parisian to have a dark emotional moment where they go off and sulk for an akuma to find them when you can just induce that moment in them yourself?
  • Duusu might be emotional, but we've never seen that Plagg and Tikki have bad or good luck. If anything, it's Tikki who has the bad luck since she's the one who gets separated from Marinette and she's the one who's been seen by other people on two different occasions and heard on still more. Plagg has never been seen by anyone nor has anyone come close to seeing or hearing him and it's good luck on his part that he can't be seen on video or image or he would be caught.

The Peacock grants the power of Revelation
  • The power of the Peacock is to see things as they truly are. Possibly the Peacock grants clarivoyance, or its bearer can see through illusion and disguise, or it grants infrared and x-ray vision, or some combination thereof.
    • Jossed. While the theme's name has yet to be confirmed, the Peacock's power seems to be summoning or, to fit with the -ion theme, realisation, a person's emotions are realised in the form of a sentimonster.
  • This would go with the eye designs on a peacock's feathers, and would cause the seven main Miraculouses (with the exception of the Turtle, which is set apart by being the Guardian's Miraculous), to form a trio of yin/yang pairs: Creation (Ladybug)/Destruction (Cat), Empowerment (Moth)/Subjection (Bee), Illusion (Fox)/ Revelation (Peacock).

Duusuu cannot feed the way other kwamis can.
  • When a kwami uses their powers, it drains their energy. Most kwamis regain energy by eating and resting, just as flesh-and-blood creatures do, but if for some reason Duusuu cannot do so (possibly because her Miraculous is "broken"), it's possible that she instead drains her Bearer's energy to replenish her own. So that would explain what happened to Natalie when she conjured that guardian: She had to pay the energy cost for the magic, instead of Duusuu.

The Peacock Miraculous is a Flawed Prototype.
  • Given that Miraculous seem to be just about indestructible, with only Cataclysm being shown to harm or degrade one, it seems odd that the Peacock Miraculous could be damaged. In addition, it doesn't look damaged when we get a glimpse of it, and its powers still seem to work, just at a hefty cost. So what if the Peacock was one of the first Miraculouses, made when the magi who invented them were still working out all the flaws?

The English name of Le Paon and Rena Rouge
It's unlike they'll call them Le Paon and Volpina (since Antibug and Copycat were not called Ladybug and Cat Noir, nor was Papillion used), so it might be fun to theorise the names.Peacock Wielder:
  • Le Paon (unlikely but possible)
  • Madame Peacock (as Le Paon is female)
    • Lady Peacock
  • (The/Le) Peacock
  • Jossed. Le Paon's name is actually Mayura, which is Hindu for "peacock"

Fox Heroine:

  • Volpina (unlikely since that was a villain's name, but possible)
  • Vixen (a female fox)
  • Foxy
  • Rouge Fox/Fox Rouge/Red Renard/Rena Red ("Red Fox" using Cat Noir's naming pattern)
    • In French she is Rena Rouge, so one of these might be likely.
  • Renarda
  • Something similar to the "Rouge Fox" guesses but using specific shades of red, like scarlet.
  • Jossed.

Duusuu is the Kwami of Life.
Kwamis are established as being god-like entities that have existed since the Big Bang, being the Anthropomorphic Personifications of abstract concepts. Tikki represents Creation, Plagg is Destruction, Trixx is Time, Nooroo is Transmission, etc.

The Peacock Miraculous grants the power to take the emotions of others and transmuting them into the form of creatures that embody those feelings called sentimonsters. They seem to just be things made of magic created to do a preprogrammed purpose, but "Ladybug" shows that with enough care and manipulation, the wielder is able to create a sentimonster so life-like that it has a will of its own. Mayura created a replica of Ladybug that did as she commanded as long as she held the object holding the amok (an Eiffel Tower keychain), but when the real Ladybug procured it and gave it to her sentimonster clone, it replayed them by turning against Mayura, proving that while it is a slave to those who weild its object, it has a will of its own.

It is likely that Duusu possesses powers related to the concept of Life, as well as the ability to create life. She can be something of a "lesser god" to Tikki's power over Creation, much in the same way the power of the Snake and Horse miraculous have power to travel through time and space respectively while the Rabbit Miraculous allows others to move through both.

The Peacock Miraculous was damaged before the Guardian Temple fell, and the blue skin Mayura and Master Fu get when using the Miraculous is a side-effect of the damage.
Master Fu is shown with blue skin, like Mayura, but we know this isn't a feature of the Peacock, because in "Feast", the same episode where we see Master Fu using the Peacock, we see the Ancient Chinese Peacock didn't have blue skin. The Miraculous being damaged likely causes the bearer to take on some features of Duusu, such as her colouring and her eyes. We actually see Queen Wasp do this, as her skin turns yellow like Pollen's skin and her hair is black with gold stripes like the markings on Pollen's head. She also adopts eyes like Pollen's, with blue sclrae, though her irises are pink instead of brown.

Fox Miraculous

The real power of the Fox Miraculous is transformation.
Besides casting illusions, Shapeshifting is a magic closely associated with the Kitsune, which, if Volpina is anything to go on, is the primary inspiration for the fox superhero.
  • Jossed.

The owner of the Fox Miraculous Will lose their Miraculous.
A word of warning, this guess will be spoiler-heavy. We already know that Alya will get the Fox Miraculous is Season 2 but I don't believe that they can hold onto it. This character is completely uncaring in regards to exposing the identities of Ladybug and Chat Noir and getting a Miraculous isn't going to change them overnight, that would be bad writing. The smart thing to do with this flaw is to make it a Fatal Flaw that causes them to be exposed to the public and to fail to realize the consequences until it is too late. After all they've shown no consideration for the consequences of exposing Ladybug and Chat Noir's identities. What I think might happen is that this hero will have their family taken hostage by Hawk Moth or Mayura and will have to either surrender their Miraculous or save their family. If they can save their family they will have to give their Miraculous back to Master Fu since continuing hero work leaves their loved ones in danger. With all of this there can be interesting Character Development. For example, Alya could have a My God, What Have I Done? moment for trying to expose Ladybug and Chat Noir since they understand the consequences of their actions and can take the first step to becoming The Atoner by shutting down the Ladyblog. Another idea this can go with is if Hawk Moth gets the Fox Miraculous by forcing Alya to surrender it he could potentially give it to Lila who can use it to jump straight into full on villainy.
  • It's also possible that they could have a 10-Minute Retirement, like Marinette did in the Origins two-parter. Fu could refuse the Miraculous, saying they deserve it, or Trixx could talk her out of it. Though all things considered, it may not be bad writing if she's given her own Miraculous and has to keep her identity hidden and we see her struggling with her duty to the Ladyblog and her duty as a superhero, so the change is slow but the struggle is shown. If we go with the Lila idea, the Miraculous could be stolen.
    • "Sapotis" ends with Alya (despite her reluctance) giving her Miraculous back to Ladybug, though Trixx vouches for her trustworthiness.

The true Fox Miraculous does not hold the power of illusions.
"The meteor, the building, they were all fake! Illusions, lies! That is your power! Fits for a liar just like yourself!" is what Marinette says about Volpina's power, so perhaps the true Fox Miraculous doesn't hold that power. The Fox's powers may be psychic in nature, like telekinesis, teleportation, and telepathy, as well as flight like Lila claimed it had (possibly as a byproduct of telekinesis). Likely not psychic in the sense that she can predict the future, except maybe in the short-term in the way Ladybug indirectly can with her Lucky Charm, but she can move things with her mind, teleport over certain distances, and communicate nonverbally.
  • Jossed.

Trixx is the kwami of Storytelling.
  • This would explain why the Fox Pendant apparently grants Master of Illusion powers, since one side of storytelling is the ability to make people see or experience what is not actually happening then and there, and possibly never happened to anyone anywhere.
  • This explains why Alya is going to end up partnered with Trixx. She wants to be a reporter, and a reporter is essentially someone who finds true (or mostly true) stories and tells them to others.
    • In addition, Stormy Weather demonstrates that Alya has quite a gift for made-up stories as well. And unlike Lila, she seems to know when it's ok to make up stories and when it's not.
  • This also explains why the Fox Miraculous's Iconic Item is a flute: Oral stories were traditionally told to musical accompaniment.

A past holder of the Fox Miraculous was The Pied Piper of Hamelin
He had figured out how to use the flute for Magic Music beyond illusions. Why they kidnapped the children of Hamelin, on the other hand, remains a mystery.
  • Perhaps they merely used their illusion powers to make the people of Hamelin THINK their children were spirited away to teach them a lesson about what is more valuable than money.
  • What has happened to the children is unknown, but Astruc confirmed it.

Returning the Fox Miraculous was a Secret Test of Character

Just like Marinette and Adrien before her, Alya had to prove that she deserved the Miraculous. When she kept her promise to return it after completing the mission, despite her reluctance, she proved that she's a trustworthy, honorable person, and willing to keep a secret despite her dedication to uncovering the truth. By giving up her power, she proved that she deserves it, so it's possible that she'll become a permanent heroine later on.

Bee Miraculous

The Miraculous Bee hero is The Medic/Combat Medic.
Honey has healing properties and can be used as an antiseptic in real life.
  • What’s more, if the above theory about the Miraculouses being the Chinese elements is true, The Medic goes beyond symbolism of the animal. Earth associates with nourishment of soil and stability of land. It’s the Team Mom of the five elements, for which healing would be the spot-on Personality Powers.
    • This WMG is hilarious considering Chloé is the one you're talking about.

The transformation phrase for who turns into Bee-themed Miraculous user to turning is the following:
  • French: Transform, me!
  • Korean: Transform, Bee!
  • English: "Pollen, Buzz On!"
    • Out of curiosity, why "Buzz On"? We have "[Dark] wings, rise!" and "Claws out!". It doesn't have to end with "on". "Buzz loud/Buzz out" "Stinger's ready?/Stinger's down", since she's called Queen Bee, it could relate to a crown or a tiara. It could relate to the stripes, too. Is it cuz her detransform phrase would be "Buzz off"?
    • I'm betting on something to do with stripes, like "Pollen, Stripes On!"
    • Confirmed. English phrase is "Buzz On".

The Bee Miraculous's power is to summon a Clone Army.
Bees attack in swarms, after all, so what more fitting power is there than for the Bee Miraculous to clone herself a small swarm to protect and attack?
  • Jossed.

The Bee is almost purely a support unit.
On its own, the Bee is possibly the weakest of the seven Miracuclouses. This being because its power likely comes from teamwork. While it can defeat a foe on its own, it takes a lot of effort from the Bee to pull this off. The Bee maybe has the power to strengthen the powers of their comrades and strengthen their teamwork. It's possibly not intended to be the main fighting unit, not a leader, but there to aid the others where it is needed. Pollen may have the power of Perseverance, for the Bee must persevere through the fight where it will not have an easy time in combat, where it is primarily meant to help others, where its power lies in teamwork so when alone it is weak and defenceless. Alternately, Pollen has the power of love, which comes in all forms, but she primarily represents the love of others.
  • Jossed. The Bee's power is paralysis.

The Bee is often given to people like Chloé.
Bees symbolise love, organisation, teamwork, hard work, wisdom, and growth. Instead of being given to someone who emulates these traits, the Bee is given to someone who lacks them and helps them grow as people.
  • Doubtful at this point considering she got it by accident the first time.

In addition to whatever other powers the Bee Miraculous grants, it can also purify akuma.
In fact, I'm willing to wager that at least part of the 'Queen's Fight' trilogy of episodes will involve Ladybug being neutralized, controlled, or otherwise incapacitated; forcing Queen Bee to step up and purify the akuma.
  • Isn't it stated by Plagg that Ladybug is the only one who can purify akuma?
    • Yes... in the context of between Cat Noir and Ladybug.

Turtle Miraculous

The Turtle Miraculous's power is immense durability.
Turtles are commonly associated with defense, so its power makes the holder like Marvel Comics's Juggernaut in that nothing stops him... until the timer runs out.
  • Close, the power is 'Protection'.

The Turtle Miraculous grants its user a long life
Heavily implied but not confirmed, the Turtle Miraculous is probably why Master Fu is as old as he is.

The Turtle Miraculous has the power of duty or responsibility
The Turtle represents the power of determination, of responsibility, of the personal obligation to see things through to the end. To protect, to serve, to support. A stalwart duty to themselves and to the Miraculouses.

The Turtle Miraculous's tool is a round shield
Which will frequently be thrown around Captain America style.
  • More likely, it's a frisbee to go with the non-weapon theme the others have going for them ( not counting the sword in Hawk Moth's cane that isn't shown in the Miraculous book, thus is likely not part of it normally), but like Cat Noir's baton, it can change size.
    • Which still means he could be throwing it Captain America style. I support this.
  • Confirmed, complete with 'Captain Turtle' joke.

The Turtle Miraculous's tool is as unconventional as the others are.
A flute, a yo-yo, a baton, a cane, a trompo, what appears to be a quill... and something shield-like, but a shield doesn't match with the rest.
  • Maybe it's wheels. It does seem to be weird convex on both sides of it (that is, it's shaped like two shields pushed together with the round side out. If you look at it, you can't see the dark green edge on Carapace's far side. So the side either doesn't have it, or the tool bubbles out against his back and away from it. And it does seem to have spokes.
  • Jossed. It's blatantly a shield.

The Turtle Bracelet does not grant the power to heal kwamis.
  • Instead, the healing ritual is something Master Fu learned as a Guardian, and any properly trained human (or possibly any human with magical potential, depending on how human magic works) could do it.
  • Confirmed. The Turtle's power is 'Protection', not 'Healing'.

The Turtle Miraculous's special power is Negation.
  • The Turtle will automatically negate one hit from something like Cat Noir's Cataclysm, Dark Cupid's arrows, or Timebreaker's draining touch, but it only works once per transformation and starts the five-minute countdown.
  • Jossed.

Alternately, the Turtle Miraculous's special power is the ability to recharge other Miraculouses.
  • If the above guess is wrong and Master Fu's ability to heal kwamis actually does come from his possession of the Turtle Bracelet, then it makes sense that the signature power of the Turtle could be restoring another kwami after they use one of their special abilities.
  • Jossed.

Moth Miraculous

Hawk Moth's Miraculous IS a Moth... but only when used for evil.
When used for good, it's a butterfly, but for evil, it's a moth. It is to my understanding Le Papillion can translate out to "the butterfly" OR "the moth", so maybe the brooch/locket is both.

The Moth Miraculous has the power to, at least sometimes, see into the future
If you watch when he akuamtises people, most of them should have moved by the time the akuma finds them. But only a handful of them move locations and when they do, they were either already in motion or there was a scene between Hawk Moth releasing the akuma and it landing. No one has even stopped to talk to Kim, who is kneeling in the middle of a public landmark, obviously distressed. Alya is still sitting at the bottom of some stairs, obviously upset and in plain view of people. But most tellingly, Mr Ramier's whistle is still swaying from him sitting down when the akuma lands. It makes sense if he can see the future, because then he can grant powers when the emotion is still fresh and strong. Nino is the odd one, because Hawk Moth is shown walking into the room, talking about what just happened to Nino, then he sends an akuma after him but makes a different deal than what he starts out thinking will get Nino.
  • Jossed as of Sandboy. The Miraculous glows when it senses someone who is particularly suited for empowerment.

The Moth Miraculous grants the power to create a single copy of its user.
Butterflies and moths are very well-known for the fact that their wings are perfectly mirrored. Hawk Moth has got to be tired of his villains failing, but he himself can't go out lest he lose his Miraculous, even if he can akumatise himself. Plus, it would throw the audience and the protagonists off his trail if he can make a copy of himself. As of now, the locket's only known powers benefit other people, not the bearer. The copy likely would not have the power to akumatise, but it can be akumatised. This would enable the bearer to be more involved in protecting the world around them. A perfect copy, just like the wings of a butterfly or a moth, even one able to detransform and be akumatised.

The Moth/Butterfly Miraculous is designed to go to someone with physical deficiencies
Someone in a wheelchair, someone bed-ridden with illness, someone who is missing limbs- things that might prevent them from being less efficient in physical battle than an able-bodied person. It allows them the power to live through someone else (we see that Hawk Moth sees everything his akumas see), to be a superhero of their own design, despite being physically unable to do so. Since those are its powers, it seems an odd choice to always give it to someone who is physically able.
  • Alternatively, the Butterfly Miraculous was designed to create Paladins and right wrongs committed on people. This is why Hawk Moth has to wait for someone to be in emotional distress; it's not so much the emotions, it's that the circumstances need to be the sort that would usually turn the victims into Paladins, and Hawk Moth has to wait for those to corrupt them into villains instead.
    • He seems to wait for negative emotions because they're easier to manipulate into evil. He may not have to wait until they're in emotional distress, but he chooses to so he can take advantage of them. Someone who is in a good mood could make a paladin themselves, if they believe in righting whatever wrong deep enough.
      • None of that has anything to do with the WMG at hand- the WMG is not who the akuma are meant to go to, but who the Miraculous is meant to go to. Someone who cannot go out and fight because they're disabled.
  • Considering that Hawk Moth displays the same kind of physical enhancement as the heroes in Robustus, it's unlikely that the Miraculous is intended for someone with a physical disability. It's just that such a handicap wouldn't be a deal-breaker given its primary power.

The Locket and the Moth Miraculous are two completely different objects
I mean, the locket is about five times the size of the Miraculous. C'mon.

All Miraculouses

Each miraculous can act as a fail-safe to another miraculous.
The miraculous have a rock-paper-scissors thing going on out of the ones Fu has collected, so should someone go rogue (i.e. Papillion) there is someone who can beat them, and the miraculous that can purify corrupt akumas is the ladybug. Furthermore, should Ladybug have ended up misusing her powers Chat Noir would have been able to disarm her by using cataclysm on lucky charm. Then there's a miraculous that can beat him and so on until it comes back to Papillion.

The seven main Miraculouses (leaving out the Turtle) form linked pairs.
  • First, we have the Ladybug (Creation) and the Black Cat (Destruction). This pairing is very clearly spelled out.
  • Then we have the Moth (Empowerment) and the Bee (Subjection). Not spelled out, as such, but both powers are confirmed.
  • Finally, a not improbably power for the Peacock would be Revelation, the ability to see what is hidden and see things as they truly are. And if so, that would counterbalance the Fox's powers of Illusion.

All possible Miraculouses and their symbolism

By what the opening shows Ladybug and Chat Noir are not alone in their adventures as we see the green and Butterfly kwami flying along with Tikki and Plagg as they reach their Miraclouses along with a few other colors. In the center of the display is of course the spotted insect and black cat's rings of the ear and finger variety belonging to our masked crime-fighting duo. From classic myth we know between the two of them it's a parralel to good luck and bad luck. But where do the others fit in on possibility?Miraculouses in the opening we don't already know:

  • Purple/Butterfly Miraculous: This one is theorized to be owned by Hawk Moth due to how their motif is winged insects. The Other Wiki says if Hawk Moth owns this it's probably in the form of a bowtie but to me it looks like a pin. It is also mentioned that the butterfly is a symbol of of transformation, this makes sense because just like a caterpillar emerges as a butterfly Hawk Moth uses his akumas to transform people into villains.(It also seems like a bit of a stretch but I did look up what moths mean and some factors they are associated with include determination, concealment, attraction, shadows, and psychic awareness. So far we have seen the main villain of the show as an individual determined to steal the heroes Miraculouses by attracting someone to become a villain he controls to go through Paris while remaining in that dark room of a lair.)
    • Confirmed.
  • Green Miraculous: So far rumors are going around that this kwami resembles a turtle in some factors and might belong to a character yet to be revealed known as Master Fu. The destination this fourth and currently final kwami goes to is a bracelet which the animatic for the opening has looking like an Ouroboros, a serpentlike or dragon reptile swallowing its own tail. On the turtle perspective the symbolism can stand for patience, longevity, and protection. If the Ouroboros design in the draft has any importance then it's an eternal cycle, maybe like how every few years the Miraculouses get new owners.
    • Confirmed.
  • Blue Miraculous-Currently we have yet to see a kwami associated with this section of the Miraculous stand but in its place is what resembles some type of seashell or hand fan.
    • Looking at the opening in better details has it look similar to a peacock. Peacocks can be associated with glory, refinement, and incorruptibility, as well as vision (akin to the eye-shaped spots of a peacock's feathers).
  • Yellow Miraculous: Similar to the Blue Miraculous we have yet to see an associated kwami. I also can't exactly make out what it's supposed to be. If the animatic is used for a bit of possibility even though it's placed on the opposite side of the display it seems to be a yellow ring with what looks to be a bird head(?)
  • Orange Miraculous: The final piece of the display. Just like blue and yellow we don't know what the associated kwami is and not only that, perspective and angle makes it so we can't really get any idea on what the jewelry piece could be. Once again, if we go by the details the animatic show us then this Miraculous is also a ring but with a lion head on it. Given their status as King of the Animals lions are associated with authority, passion, and courage.
    • Given the better view given in the Birth of Ladybug Part 1, it seems to look more like a fox tail. There is rumored to be a character called Volpina, so it could be theirs.
      • The name "Volpina" does sound similar to the Latin term for foxes. If we are to hold onto this information then this individual if we are to see them is bound to have details of cleverness and adaptability.
      • Since "Volpina" has been revealed to be an akuma, and her "miraculous" was clearly shown to be a store-bought piece of jewelry, it's probably safe to assume the real thing is still in Master Fu's possession for now (he was shown to have it in Origins). Whether a real user of that miraculous would look similar to Volpina is not clear, but it does indeed resemble a fox tail, as shown in Gabriel's book.

Weapons and accessories can become part of the costume, but are not inherently part of it
So any weapon the Miraculous bearers have, such as La Coccinelle's rapier and Hippolyta's bow, which is red like her attire, are added onto the Miraculous. This same kind of deal applies to Mayura's hand fan (which is not her tool as previously suspected according to its page in the Book) and the sword concealed in Hawk Moth's cane. None of them are shown as being part of the Miraculous on the study pages for the tools, after all. They show the Black Cat's baton extended and the Ladybug's yo-yo cord, but not the hand fan as being part of the Peacock's tool, nor do they show that the cane has a sword in it. So it stands to reason these things are not normally part of the Miraculous.

Certain Miraculous provide certain greater physical abilities
As we saw in Sapotis the Fox Miraculous grants its user incredible agility as Rena was able to perform jumps that Ladybug and Chat Noir were unable to make. Thus if the Fox provides greater agility the other Miraculous may provide certain physical abilities that are greater versions than other Miraculous provide; the Ox may provide its wielder with greater strength than others, the Rabbit may provide its wielder with incredible speed, the Snake may provide its wielder with greater flexibility.

Animatic-Exclusive Miraculouses

Where the opening only has seven Miraculouses in total the draft for this showed four more. Whether or not they end up canon or not this is what appearance looks like to me:

  • Brown Miraculous: Another ring, looks like a bear head. Bears can be associated with power, benevolence, and motherhood.
  • Black and White Miraculous: These are earrings and given their stripes all I can think is "zebra". Zebras are associated with being social and the ability to blend into their surroundings.
  • Gray Miraculous: Another ring, looks like a bull head. Bulls are said to be strong and helpful.
  • Red Miraculous: Another set of earrings but can't get an ideal species out of it.
    • Based on the attire of a previous Miraculous holder in "Origins", the red one is probably meant to be a rooster, being either the comb or its head and comb.

The Outer Miraculouses correspond to the five Chinese elements.
Since the Ladybug earrings and the Black Cat ring are obviously Yin and Yang...
  • The Fox pendant is dynamic Fire
  • The Bee comb is empathic Earth
  • The Turtle bracelet is strong Metal
  • The Peacock pin is wise Water
  • The Butterfly brooch is generous Wood

The five outer Miraculouses to not have special attacks
That is, they don't have something like Cataclysm or Lucky Charm. The lack of them is part of what makes the Black Cat and Ladybug so powerful.
  • Jossed. The Fox Miraculous is confirmed to have illusions as its power, though only one can be cast before the power-down timer starts. In an interview, Wilfried Pain stated that the Bee Miraculous does have a special attack and a time limit that counts down once used, same as Lucky Charm and Cataclysm.

Six of the Seven Main Miraculouses come in pairs.
This follows the above theory that the outer Miraculouses are the five elements. The earrings and the ring in canon balance each other out as Yin and Yang, but in Chinese beliefs, the elements also have counterparts: Fire and Water (obviously,) and Wood and Metal. Earth is unique and has no counterpart as it is a stabilizer to the others. This is a probable reason why one Miraculous at a time is being lended instead of given. An active Miraculous without it's counterpart being active as well will be out of balance and likely unstable.

Every Miraculous holder can imbue/enchant living or non-living objects with "energy".
This is why both Hawkmoths and La Peons timer never starts after using their abilities.

     Other Miraculous 
The Chinese Zodiac
The potential powers of the Chinese Zodiac Miraculouses
The long-suspected Chinese Zodiac Miraculouses were confirmed, except for the Rabbit, but without any real information to go on, it might be nice to speculate on hypothetical powers, weapon, and Miraculous jewel anyway. To kick this WMG off, I propose that several of them will have some powers like the ones the talismans in Jackie Chan Adventures granted, namely the Rat (animating inanimate objects), the Ox (super strength), the Rabbit (super speed), the Snake (invisibility), the Horse (healing), and the Rooster (flight/telekinesis).

The Rabbit Miraculous
The Rabbit Miraculous is the cuff bangle we see in Master Fu's painted flashback and it was stolen by the dark-bearded man who can be seen handing it to the young Master Fu. It also probably has a power that is incredible if used artistically.
  • Jossed. The Rabbit Miraculous is a pocketwatch and its power is to make a portal to anywhere in time or space.

The Monkey Miraculous
The Monkey Miraculous appears to be some manner of folded headband with a design similar to the headband worn by Sun Wokong of Journey to the West. Sun Wukong has been confirmed as a past Monkey Miraculous holder and is known as both a master martial artist and a notorious shapeshifter in his legends. As such, it is possible that the Monkey Miraculous grants the power of Change, or shapeshifting.
  • Jossed. The Monkey grants the power of Jubilation, which manifests as a bit of chaos.

The Rooster Miraculous
The Rooster seems to be a special one- Orikko has a unique name compared to the rest. It's both longer than any other kwami's aside from the also-special Nooroo's and comprised of three syllables, unique to Orikko. So it stands to reason the Rooster has very special power to it. Seeing as the Rabbit Miraculous represents time, and time isn't exactly something Rabbits are tied to (likely because Fluff is probably referencing a literary character), it's possible the Rooster Miraculous grants the power to erase or change memories. Roosters aren't really tied to memories, but it's curious how Orikko seems to be a very unique kwami.
  • There is supposedly a kwami of mathematics. Chickens are weirdly associated with math and counting. Chicken maths, the fact eggs are only sold in factors of 6, "don't count your chickens before they've hatched", also chickens can apparently do basic maths. Orikki's name has a unique number of syllables in it and is unusually long for a kwami (only three of them have six-letter names so far- Nooroo, Orikko, and Daizzi). It seems more likely that Orikko is the Kwami of Mathematics.
    • It's probably cloning or making people follow the user.

Other Miraculous Guesses

Specific Miraculouses go to people with specific traits,
Traits the corresponding animals are associated with. For example, the peacock would traditionally mesh well with creators of beauty, e.g. artists and poets, and the bee would go to someone with a strong influence on the populace, like nobility or civil servants.

The Miraculouses are Mani Jewels.
According to the contents of Mr. Agreste's safe, Tibet is going to be part of the answer to several mysteries. In Tibetan Buddhism, there are objects similar to the Miraculouses: the mysterious Mani. It is unclear what the Mani are exactly, but certain traditions describe them as relics with divine magic. If this has a grain of truth, the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculouses could be dismantled pieces of the wish-granting Chintamani, the Eastern equivalent to the Philosopher's Stone.
  • Or the story of the Mani Jewels comes from the Miraculous, rather than the Miraculous coming from Mani Jewels.

At some point we will get to see four or more Miraculous transformations at the same time.
And it will probably sound really awkward in the dub, since they'll all be saying different things (i.e., "Spots On!, "Claws Out!"} instead of "Transform Me!"
  • The show is animated to match the English dub, hence the Lip Lock in French, so the bit about it being "awkward" isn't very likely, and the English dub isn't the only one that changes up the dialogue for the transformations. We can probably see the transformations at the same time, but they won't say the phrases together, since the show is written with the knowledge that it will be messy in most of the other languages.
    • They animate at least two versions, there's a French version and an English version. Not sure if the Lip Lock in French is true, but the Lip Lock in the English version is like that because they base the animation on the temp recording (testing out the script before finalizing it) and then the official voice actors have to Lip Lock to that.

There is a rooster, lion, ox and a deer-like Miraculous in the second tier of the box Master Fu has.
In the Origins special, while Nooroo is talking, we see an ox fighting a deer-like Miraculous holder. The deer-user is Cernunnos, according to The Other Wiki. In the original opening, you can actually see a ring with an ox on it in the 12 o'clock position in the box. While obviously not canon anymore, it seems that an ox-based one was in the works at one point. It would also seem that the Rooster Miraculous in the box may exist as well, based on the design of another ancient Miraculous wielder from the same episode, Gozen Tomoe, though it may be a different kind of bird. Also in that episode is Herakles, who seems to be using the Lion Miraculous from, again, the original animatic.
  • With the Chinese Zodiac Kwami being confirmed, we know there's a Rooster Kwami and an Ox Kwami, though that's about it of what we know so far.
  • In "Sapotis", the twelve Zodiac Miraculouses are revealed in full.

Master Fu's Miraculous box will be stolen by Hawk Moth and/or Mayura at the end of season 2 and most of season 3 will be spent getting those Miraculouses back.
  • Those Miraculouses will be given to various people in exchange for getting the Ladybug and Chat Noir Miraculouses (because Hawk Moth still needs those the most and he hasn't gotten them yet) and they'll be far more powerful foes than the akumatized victims ever were. If Hawk Moth is still fully powered, he might also send out akumas at the same time as the villainous Miraculous holders to make the fights all the more difficult.
    • Chloé will be one of the people who is given a Miraculous by the villains and she'll act as The Dragon for a while, at least until she discovers Chat Noir's identity and has a Heel–Face Turn because she can't hurt her oldest friend.

The Other Miraculouses

There is a Western Zodiac set.
Though it's anyone's guess as to what Libra, Virgo, and Gemini would be...
  • Libra and Virgo don't even have animals associated to them through their Greek inspirations, Themis and Astraea. Gemini, however, came from Castor and Pollux, who are tied to horses, but there's already a Horse. Virgo is probably an animal associated with femininity and purity, like a deer, a swan, or a dove. Libra could be an orca or a panda- both animals coloured black and white, like yin and yang, thereby getting the "balance" idea of the scales in. Seeing as Gemini can't be a Horse, it could be a Siamese Cat, referencing the idea of "Siamese twins".
  • It could well be that the sign of Libra was based on the Tool of a Miraculous from the set, Virgo based on a bearer of a Miraculous from the set, and Gemini based on the powers its Miraculous gives. We do hit another snag with Ophiuchus, though, as it's a snake, but it could be a different kind of snake from Sass, but then again, Ophiuchus is a "new sign", so it's easy to just ignore it.

    Future Miraculous Holders 

More Miraculous holders will appear in Season 2.
Thoughtsnote  on who could get what and why:
  • Chloé has been noted to have a bee motif, so it would bee appropriate if she were to get the hair comb - assuming she undergoes serious Character Development, that is. As she is now, she'd bee an absolute disaster.
  • This meta makes a good case for fox-wielder Alya and well as turtle-wielder Nino. Basically, the Miraculous trigger Character Development in people that need it — klutzy insecure Marinette is given the spirit of creation, allowing her to step up and showcase her responsible leader side, while composed rich kid Adrien is given the spirit of destruction, allowing him to let loose and run a little wild. Nino's youthful energy and anti-authoritarian thread make him a good match for the wisdom and protection of the turtle miraculous, while Alya's drive for truth and justice at all costs could be balanced by a miraculous bearing the powers of secrets and illusions. Having said that, Chloé could fit the bee miraculous, as they're all about diligence and teamwork, something Chloé seriously needs to learn.
    • As of October 2016, Fox!Alya has been confirmed by the creators.
    • As of August 31, 2017, all three are confirmed
  • Nino has been speculated to bee in line for the turtle Miraculous, presumably due to his protective qualities.note  And because, well, he's a major character. The problem with this is, what would happen to Master Fu after he gave the bracelet up? Would he die right then?
    • Another well-known theory for Nino is that he will get the peacock Miraculous, in part due to his design, which includes a blue shirt with an eye logo. Protection is also a symbol of the peacock, and Nino can be considered a visionary, being talented as a DJ and having enthusiasm for the short film he's directing in "Horrificator".
    • Nino has been confirmed to be the future Turtle Miraculous holder by a T Fou promotional video for Season 2.
  • A lot of people like to give Nathanaël the fox or peacock Miraculous, partially because he's a fan favorite and partially because he's already shown a desire to be a superhero - he even designed a persona! Granted, it was in the context of daydreaming about Marinette, but still. He was also probably the least evil akuma (until he felt betrayed), promising not to go after the girl responsible for his transformation simply because Marinette asked him not to.
    • The problem with anyone getting the peacock Miraculous is, of course, how? It's locked up in Gabriel's safe, so unless Master Fu is secretly a cat burglar, it's doubtful that anyone's going to get it any time soon.
    • Alternatively, going off the "Miraculouses respond to the Character Development people need" theory, Juleka seems like a plausible fit for the Peacock Miraculous, considering that the entire reason she got akumatized was because she felt invisible and unnoticed.
  • Lila could also undergo Character Development and earn the fox Miraculous. She got quite a bit of characterization for a one-shot villain, and it would make Volpina quite ironic.
    • This one seems to have been Jossed: Alya will be getting the Fox Miraculous, so this particular one seems unlikely.
  • Sabrina might be a possible owner for the moth Miraculous after Hawk Moth is defeated. Her outfit has a lot of purple, she already wears a bow tie — the form of the moth Miraculous when it's transformed — and she lines up with the butterfly/moth's theme of transformation, as she could learn to be more confident and make new friends outside of Chloé. Additionally, she and Nooroo have a lot in common personality-wise, so they could make a good team together.

Aurore (AKA Stormy Weather) will become a Miraculous user on the side of good
As of the end of Season One, nearly every single student in Adrien and Marinette's class has been akumatized. In the episode "Reflekta", there is a brief scene in which another class is having their picture taking. This class included Mireille and Aurore. By making a member of that class into a Miraculous User, the second season can begin focusing on students from that class as potential future villains. In addition, Aurore appeared to be the only one who even noticed the Akuma butterfly flying toward her, let alone the only one who tried to fight one off. This is foreshadowing that there's more to her than meets the eye.

If Chloé gets a Miraculous, she will undergo a deconstruction of Ascended Fanboy.
Evidenced by her hardcore LARPing and delusions of invincibility, Chloé would leap at the chance to fight evil at Ladybug’s side. However, her dream come true becomes too much to handle when a combination of petty reasons (dislike of the costume or powers) and inability to keep up with the physical and emotional taxation pushes her to call it quits after a handful of missions. If she keeps the jewel, this will eventually be reconstructed when the situation is dire enough to convince Chloé to realize her obligation and makes a greater effort this time.
  • Along the lines of this theory, it's possible that she'll try to make Sabrina her sidekick. Of course, since Sabrina doesn't have a Miraculous, she's completely unable to keep up, eventually causing her to abandon Chloé. This could be one of the things that triggers Chloé to finally pull herself back into the fight.
  • She'll probably try to buy a Miraculous for Sabrina.
  • Chloé will finally learn she's not so loved as she thinks. Not knowing it's her, Ladybug and/or Cat Noir will say how likely it's her fault the Monster of the Week got akumatized and bring up other occasions it was her fault. Also, her own kwami will have a headache trying to be The Conscience for her like Tikki is for Marinette.

Chloé will obtain the Bee Miraculous completely by accident.
It looks like just an ordinary hair comb, so it's possible it could fall into her possession by mistake. Alternatively, Master Fu might mistake her for a nice person after seeing her do one nice thing, whether it was by accident or not.
  • According to the official synopsis for "The Queen's Battle", "Ladybug is getting ready to call on a new superhero to help her, but she loses the Miraculous she wants to entrust to them..." This statement lends credence to this theory.
  • Pretty much, yes.

Chloé is deliberately given the Bee Miraculous
Master Fu gives it to her because the power of the Bee will teach her the humility she needs to become a better person. Not because he mistakes her for being nice or good, but because she needs the Miraculous. The Bee is possibly drawn to people who need it, not the other way around. Chloé is not a villainous person- she supports Ladybug (and indirectly, Cat Noir). She's mean, but she still sides against Hawk Moth. She's mean, but that's all she is. She is an antagonist, not a villain.

The Butterfly Miraculous will be inherited by an adult.
It will make for a nice foil to Marinette, Adrien, and the other confirmed Miraculous holders; instead of a school student, we get someone juggling superheroics and a 9-5 job. My money's on Madame Bustier in particular.

Alya will be given the Fox Miraculous to keep later on in the series.
She has already proven many times to be a fully-trustworthy ally that Ladybug can depend on, and "Sapotis" pretty much seals the deal by having Alya return the Fox Miraculous as she had promised to Ladybug despite every possible chance to refuse. She even chooses to respect Ladybug's secret identity (in the past being the one thing she wanted to learn most) by slipping the Miraculous to a powered-down Marinette from behind a closed door without daring to look behind it. Her being Rena Rouge in "Sapotis" was essentially a test to see if Alya could bear the responsibility, and she passed. When the time is right, there's no doubt that she'll be given back the Fox Miraculous and be allowed to keep it.

The upcoming Lady Butterfly show is a sequel to Miraculous Ladybug with a new holder for the Butterfly Miraculous.
It will take place after the defeat of Hawk Moth, leading to another youth from elsewhere getting a hold of the Butterfly Miraculous and becoming a superheroine.
  • Counterargument: Lady Butterfly doesn't have Hawk Moth's brooch.

The other students at Françoise Dupont High School will gain the Zodiac Miraculous.
It just seems obvious. After all, Master Fu pretty much trusts the younger generation more with these Miraculous. There are at least 14 other students beside Marinette, Adrien, Alya, Chloe and Nino. 12 of them could get the Zodiac miraculous, while the other 2 get the Moth and Peacock, so they can properly be used for good.
  • Thank you for giving me the hilarious mental image of an entire class worth of heroes, all trying to hide their identities from each other, and, when something finally leaks out, them all going "OK, is anyone here NOT a superhero?"

Chloé will not maintain a secret identity.
The upcoming synopsis for Queen Wasp indicates that Chloé transforms into Queen Bee in an attempt to impress her mother. Combine that with her self-centered personality, and it wouldn't be a surprise if she decided to go public in the hopes of becoming famous.
  • Confirmed. The first thing she does after getting the Bee Miraculous is to scream at the top of her lungs that she's Queen Bee.

Potential Users for the Zodiac Miraculouses
  • The Goat/Ram:
    • Either Luka or Juleka: Goats are often associated with metal music.
      • Jossed in Luka's case. He'll get the Snake Miraculous.
    • Marc: The Miraculous is black and white, which mirrors his color scheme as Reverser.
  • The Snake:
    • Kagami: She has a reputation as an Ice Queen. Snakes are cold-blooded, and Sass seems level-headed enough to work with her.
      • So far, jossed. She got the Dragon.
    • Lila: Sass came off as a bit Ambiguously Evil, and snakes are often associated with villainous characters. She will either steal the Miraculous, or Sass tricks Master Fu into letting her use it.
    • Luka: Sass is calm and relaxed, and snakes are often associated with playful personalities.
  • The Horse:
    • Kim: Horses are known for their use in athletics, and Kim is a Jock.
      • Jossed. Kim will get the Monkey Miraculous.
    • Max: Kaalki, the horse kwami, is shown to be very formal and seems rather intelligent, similar to Max’s personality. And as a competitive gamer, Max matches up with horses being used in many competitions.
      • Confirmed.
  • The Pig:
    • Rose: The kwami's name is Daizzi. That seems like an obvious setup for Floral Theme Naming.
      • Adding onto this, in the Season 2/3 intro, one of Rose’s images shows her with a pig snout and ears. This could be foreshadowing, considering it was the same for Alix as Bunnyx
  • The Rat/Mouse:
    • Mylène: As with Rose, if we go by the Season 2-3 intro, Mylène is photoshopped with mice ears and a nose. Mice are also associated with fear, which was Mylène’s main conflict when she was akumatized.
      • Confirmed.
  • The Dog:
    • Sabrina: She has an Undying Loyalty to Chloe, and dogs are known for their loyalty.
  • The Tiger:
    • Juleka: Juleka could benefit the most from the Tiger, it being a symbol of fierceness and confidence. Furthermore, the Tiger Miraculous appears to be a bangle you wear on the back of your hand, almost identical to Juleka’s wrist mirror.
  • The Monkey:
    • Confirmed to be Kim, who will use it to become King Monkey.
  • The Rooster:
    • Nathaniel: Nathaniel’s bright red hair, especially as Evillustrator, looks similar to a rooster’s comb. Also, Nathaniel both matches (Vibrancy; his artistic talent) and contrasts (Flamboyance and Confidence; something he needs) the Rooster’s symbolism, a recurring theme seen in the other selected heroes.
  • The Rabbit:
    • Alix: Rabbits are associated with speed, and Alix prefers to move very fast.
      • Confirmed.
  • The Ox:
    • Ivan: Oxes are associated with strength, and Ivan is a strong person.
  • The Dragon:
    • Hawk Moth: The Dragon Miraculous could have destructive power that even the Cat Miraculous wouldn't dream of. He sees that potential and uses it during the final battle.
    • Kagami: The weapon of the Dragon Miraculous is a sword, and Kagami is extremely skilled at fencing.
    • Even if almost all guesses are in Kagami, Markov. Why? He’s not human, and dragons aren’t real animals (they’re mythological). Also, as we have seen that the sword can change forms, maybe he tries to change forms For Science!.
      • Confirmed to be Kagami, though Marinette will use it with the Ladybug Miraculous at some point.

Lila somehow steals the box
To the best of my memory, I don't think Master Fu knows about Lila (or at least what she looks like). She finds out that he's holding the Miraculouses and manages to steal the box. Hawk Moth keeps the Bee, Turtle, and Fox Miraculouses, but since he only needs the Central Miraculouses for his wish, he has Lila take a Keicho Nijimura role by giving the Zodiac Miraculouses to people they know would misuse them and create potential Akuma targets.

Kagami will get the Dragon Miraculous.
As Luka will be receiving the Snake Miraculous, Adrien will also use the Snake Miraculous and use it with the Cat Miraculous at the same time, and Marinette will use the Ladybug Miraculous and Dragon Miraculous at the same time, it seems weird to leave out Kagami. It would make sense, as Longg is based on the Eastern interpretation of dragons and would befit how Eastern Asians are often associated with nobility and grace, katanas/samurai, and Eastern dragons. In addition, Kagami and Longg's color schemes match each other.
  • Confirmed.

Marinette will use the Dragon Miraculous by itself.
Because Adrien will be using the Snake Miraculous, which Luka will also use, and also going with the above WMG, Marinette could have to use the Dragon Miraculous. Like Kagami, this would also befit the Eastern Asian stereotype.
  • Counterargument: Marinette's "personal" Miraculous besides the Ladybug Miraculous is confirmed to be the Mouse Miraculous. It would seem weird to give Marinette any more Miraculouses.
    • She does in fact get to use the Dragon, but in combination with the Ladybug. Seeing as she's one of the only people with exclusive access to the Miraculous, she can use as many as is needed.

Possible candidates for the Future Hawk Moth
  • Lila. She's the most obvious choice due to all the build-up at the end of Timetagger. It would also play along nicely with the Create Your Own Villain tropes.
  • Adrien. We never actually hear Future Cat Noir speak nor do we see his face, and as Future Alix implies, their relationship is still all over the place. It's possible that he eventually learns what happened to his mother and his father's goal, and when Ladybug stops him for good, it drives him to villainy. This could lead into a future story arc where Marinette has to prevent this. As for who is Future Cat Noir? Felix.
    • Since Bunnyx tells the current Chat Noir that the future damage to her Miraculous is "your fault" due to his cataclysm, this seems unlikely unless she doesn't know that the identity of Cat Noir has changed.
      • Yeah, but she also said it in a rather bitter tone, like as if she held a grudge against him for it. It's possible that Adrien used the Cataclysm on the Bunny Miraculous as his first act of villainy. Ladybug was able to take the Cat Miraculous, but Adrien got the Butterfly one instead.
      • Or... it was literally broken right before she went back, as that was what Bunnyx implied, and it was actively part of the plan Ladybug had. I mean of course she's gonna be kind of bitter, he broke her Miraculous. She even tells him how he breaks it- on accident by being reckless. So I very much doubt this was his "first act of villainy".
  • Emilie. In what could be a cruel twist, Gabriel may succeed in reviving Emilie, at the cost of his own life. Driven by grief, just as her husband had been Emilie takes up the Butterfly Miraculous and attempts to revive Gabriel with Lila as her Peacock holder The Dragon.
  • Nathalie. If Gabriel DOES use the wish to bring Emilie back (we don't know if this is his goal for sure- he could wish instead that the Peacock was never broken which would cure both Emilie and Nathalie), it might do something to Gabriel, and Nathalie wants to fix that. Lila would again be her Dragon, but perhaps not with the damaged Peacock Miraculous, but one they manage to steal. Maybe even one not out of the first Miracle Box we see.
    • Another possibility is that Gabriel actually willingly gives up his pursuit of reviving Emilie, but Nathalie didn't want everything he had done to be All for Nothing.

Cat Noir will get to give Marinette the Mouse/Rat Miraculous
  • Multimouse seems to be just the Mouse Miraculous (despite what the toyline suggests about Multimouse). So it's possible the reason for this is simply because Cat Noir gives it to her. Perhaps Ladybug goes to detransform, and Cat Noir finds her a second later (looking for Marinette), and in her panic to hide the fact she's Ladybug from him, she accepts.
  • Jossed. In "Kwamibuster" Marinette takes the Mouse Miraculous to use when Tikki is captured. If there is ever an occasion for Cat Noir to give out this Miraculous, he won't choose Marinette because of the illusion he saw of Ladybug telling Marinette she can't have it again after revealing her identity.

Marinette will use the Mouse Miraculous to throw off suspicious classmates
  • Eventually some people will start to put 2 and 2 together and Marinette will fake being given the mouse miraculous by "Ladybug" (chatbug perhaps? just an arm would need to be seen after all) and will give it back to "ladybug" later just like Alya and Nino have to give theirs back and everyone would think the shy, sweet and clumsy Marinette would OBVIOUSLY fit a little mouse much better, right?
  • Confirmed. In "Kwamibuster", after Tikki is captured Marinette uses the Mouse's multiplication power to both get her back and avert suspicion away from herself being Ladybug.

Chloe will be replaced as Queen Bee because of her actions in the Season 3 Finale.
  • Let’s face it, Chloe seriously drew the line here. She has been given several second chances, and her actions were based on spite, and it’s doesn’t help she showed no remorse and ruined the other Miraculous holder's chances of being heroes by revealing their identities. While Ladybug’s actions contributed to it, it doesn’t excuse how badly she acted. While she might still have the opportunity to redeem herself, these actions show her unfit as a hero, and Ladybug will not likely forgive her, ultimately needing a new person to stand in.
  • Confirmed by news related to season four: There will be a new Queen Bee. Chloe is absolutely not going to be Queen Bee anytime in the foreseeable future.
    • Though given how Chloe as Queen Bee is still used in merchandising material, the replacement likely won't be permanent.

The second miraculous holder introduced in Season 4 will be Ivan, who will use the Ox Miraculous.
  • We have confirmation that for the next season, there will be at least two new Miraculous holders, one of which is Mylène, who will succeed Marinette at the Mouse Miraculous user. Putting aside the possibility they might be talking about the new Queen Bee, it seems possible that Ivan would be chosen because of his close connection to Mylène, as well as the fact that the Ox is second to the Mouse in the Zodiac. Plus Ivan has shown nothing but loyalty, strength and courage, which would make them a good candidate for a hero.

Felix will gain a Miraculous.
  • Though, like Chloe, he won't be the intended recipient of it. He'll find it accidentally or possibly even manage to steal it from Ladybug somehow. But unlike Chloe, he'll be smart enough to know not to brag to the world that he has it, and will try to keep his possession of it a secret so he can hold onto it for as long as possible, though Ladybug will eventually force him to give it back.

Lila and Felix become the new Hawk Moth and Mayura, respectively.
  • "Timetagger" seems to imply Lila as Gabriel's successor, and given Felix's obsession with reobtaining what he considers to be his family's property (his aunt's engagement rings), it would make sense that he would consider the Peacock Miraculous to be his and take it for himself. And given how both have a talent for deceiving others, they could possibly find some common ground and unite as the new supervillain duo of Paris.

Replacement Miraculous Holders
After season 3, many Miraculous holders had their identities exposed, forcing Marinette to no longer recruit them, and we already know the Bee is going to have a new holder.
  • The Turtle:
    • Adrien's bodyguard: Marinette gives it to him when the Villain of the Week puts Adrien in danger, and Cat Noir is nowhere to be seen. He is protective of Adrien, is seemingly unaware that his own boss is Hawk Moth, and he's shown to be a fan of superheroes.
  • The Fox:
    • Lila: The more likely scenario is that she manages to steal it. Another possibility is that the Villain of the Week is Lila's mother, and her Akuma power made it so that Marinette's other options were absent.

    Adrien and Marinette's Identities 


Cat Noir figured out Ladybug's identity in "Evillustrator"
  • In the episode proper, he gets annoyed when Ladybug leaves him on protection duty since the person he's protecting is Chloé, and assigns him then to follow "Marinette" while she goes on a date with the titular villain. During said date Marinette gets Cat Noir and her out of a box with a Ladybug-like idea and shows no fear, which Adrien comments on the next day before class. He also asks Marinette what she thinks of Cat Noir and is surprised when she tells him that he is more awesome than Cat several times. Adrien also pats her shoulder, which is a step up from her Gibberish of Love in his presence. Bad luck or not, Adrien may have simply put the pieces together with Something Only They Would Say, Ladybug's appearance, and Marinette showing off that she is a Badass Normal.
  • Adrien has also revealed that while he wants to know Ladybug's identity, he wants to respect her wishes for the Mutual Masquerade and thus doesn't know how to bring up the subject. The only solution for him is to get to know Marinette outside of Ladybug form, and convince her to loosen up.
  • In subsequent episodes, Adrien goes out of his way to spend time with Marinette; in "Kung Food" he volunteers as a translator for her uncle, tells off Chloé for being a Politically Incorrect Villain, and in "The Gamer" suggests that they practice for the competition at her house. In the latter episode he drops his Stepford Smiler demeanor around her and admits that he doesn't think he's as cool as she is and pulls her out of the Gamer's line of fire the way Cat did in "Stormy Weather" and in Cat guise assures her that Adrien is safe.
    • It's also worth noting that Marinette is the only other person Cat Noir has ever flirted with that heavily, doing so in Evillustrator. I suspect he might know, subconsciously, who Ladybug really is and figured it out before he ever went to protect Marinette. It's more logical for Adrien to figure it out- Marinette's appearance changes a lot less than his does and her mask covers less. Plus, he's in love with the alter ego, and is curious about who she really is, unlike Marinette who is blinded by Adrien to not see how similar he and Cat Noir are, even when it's pointed out. It is also worth noting that after Evillustrator, Adrien, too, has dropped Cat Noir-like puns. Though, the weirdest thing in that episode might be Ladybug asking Cat Noir if he thinks Marinette is cute. For someone who doesn't believe Cat Noir is really in love with her, she sure wants him to think she's attractive.

Jagged Stone suspects that Marinette is Ladybug.
At least in the French version, he's supposed to be American, and American comic books codified certain superhero tropes that are in full play on this show. When Chloé and Sabrina were LARPing Ladybug and Chat Noir in "Antibug", he's the only one to point out that "Ladybug"'s hair is the wrong length and color (when Adrien seems to initially buy it in "Lady Wifi"). Not to mention that he's worked extensively with both Ladybug and Marinette in "Guitar Villain" and "Pixelator"; in the latter she even brings him to her school as Ladybug.

Adrien will figure Ladybug's identity first
If only because Marinette has had two blatant clues and still refuses to entertain the idea. Adrien also wants to know who Ladybug is, but respects her desire to keep it a secret. With Plagg also wanting to know who Ladybug is, and his being more nosy and forward, Adrien might unintentionally find out. He might see it see it or he might figure it out. He tries to keep it to himself hat he knows, but slips up.

Adrien is almost certain Ladybug is Marinette
But it's not enough to make him treat Marinette all that differently, since he's not completely certain. As discussed above, he's very interested in what Marinette thinks of Cat Noir in "Evillustrator" and oddly isn't offended by her answer- he nods in thought, smiles, and walks off. But most interestingly, in "Horrificator", after Ladybug fearfully calls out for Adrien after not hearing his voice, Cat Noir gets a rather wicked grin on his face after responding as Adrien. He then asks, again as Adrien if you listen to the way he's speaking, about Marinette. Listen to the tone of his voice when he does it. His tone isn't worried. His tone is more like someone suggesting something. He doesn't sound exactly concerned in multiple dubs, even. It's more like he knows Marinette isn't going to respond. Ladybug responds that they have everyone, rather than pretending to be Marinette. Consider also that Ladybug is terrible at pretending to not know the people Marinette knows, something he sees her do often, while Cat Noir rarely refers to any of their classmates by name unless he's dealt with them as Cat Noir multiple times, like Chloé. When he slips up, he covers himself quickly and it was only their second akuma attack based on the mistakes they both make and the fact that this is the only time Adrien listens to Plagg about ignoring his duties ("Bubbler"). "Horrificator" would have given him some huge hints, too, both before and after finding the other students and Mr Damocles. She knows who the akuma is based on something he knows Ladybug was not around for, and she knows what Mylene's special song is. She drops plenty of hints to him in just about every episode without meaning to. And that's not counting all the other episodes where she alludes to who she really is by how she talks about or to her classmates. She knows Adrien before Ladybug has actually met him. She, it seems, assumes Cat Noir does not attend her school.

Alya already knows Ladybug's secret identity.
As revealed in "Sapotis", she no longer buys the theory that Ladybug's the same one from Ancient Egypt. As that scenario's the only thing keeping Alya from being sure Ladybug is one of her schoolmates, there aren't many alternatives since Ladybug cannot be anyone who's ever been akumatized. She just decided to be a Secret Secret-Keeper.

Cat Noir will learn when Marinette is akumatized.
Plagg will tell Adrien, who will either come up with the idea of asking Rena Rouge or Chloe to become Ladybug for this story or ask Rena Rouge to create a Ladybug illusion. If the latter, Tikki will purify the akuma by herself.

Chloe started suspecting after Ladybug willingly trusted her with the Bee Miraculous.
At first, she didn't believe Alya about Ladybug being one of their classmates because she didn't believe Ladybug could be someone of her age group but changed her mind since Ladybug did trust a Miraculous to someone of said age group. As there aren't many other girls at school who haven't been akumatized... Any remaining doubts will be erased when/if Marinette ends up being akumatized.

Adrien/Cat Noir

The Gorilla knows Adrien is Chat Noir.
Still waters run deep, and you don't get anymore still than his type.

Without knowing, Adrien is/was training to be a superhero.
This is all banking on the theory that Mr. and Mrs. Agreste were secretly Miraculous holders, but, seriously, the boy does fencing, karate, and is almost fluent in the language most associated with the Miraculous? There has got to be more to read into here.

Adrien has Mixed Ancestry.
The fact that he's a Dark-Skinned Blond makes this troper suspicious. It would probably be from Gabriel's side of the family, as they both have an olive undertone Mrs. Agreste lacks.

Gabriel knows his son is Chat Noir
  • The reason he hasn't just taken the ring from Adrien is that he genuinely loves his son, and so he's trying to figure out a way to get the ring from Adrien, use it in conjunction with the earrings, and then return it to Adrien, all without Adrien ever realizing what happened.
  • Somewhat Jossed in Gorizilla when Gabriel suspects Adrien of being Chat Noir, but loses his suspicion when Adrien does not transform while in the titular Akuma's clutches.


The more Adrien and Marinette get to know each other, the more risk they have of being discovered.
  • Eventually, Adrien or Marinette will end up getting caught in a lie and their identity will be revealed. And of course the only way that could happen is if one of them knows the other personally, so it won't take much work to figure out that identity.

The cycle of unrequited love is a result of Chat Noir's and Ladybug's bad/good luck powers.
Chat Noir is infatuated with Ladybug, but his bad luck makes it so that he can't recognize her without her costume, making her more inaccessible. Marinette is infatuated with this blonde guy at school - but his bad luck makes it so that he doesn't recognize her out of costume and just considers her annoying.note  Her luck powers, however, compensate by making him infatuated with her in-costume - even if she's too besotted with the blonde guy at school to take notice. Basically, it's a cycle...sort of.

Adrien and Marinette will learn of each other's identities and get together.
Seriously, they might as well have a big sign over them saying "FOREGONE CONCLUSION".
  • Not so much as you might think, all things considered they wouldn't actually make a good couple, Adrien is in love with Marinette's serious and no nonsense ladybug persona, he seems to like her for being presumably a more experienced hero, he's in love with an invented identity. On the flipside, Marinette is in love with Adrien, because he's a nice guy who is mature and polite; however, Adrien only lets his real personality out when acting as Cat Noir, with the mature and polite identity, being fake, so she, like him, is in love with an invented identity. If both of them realize that the object of their affections is simply a mask to deal with matters of circumstance, won't the become disillusioned with the world around them?
    • Following from the above, the second season could pull a reversed love scenario. To explain, after spending time with the "person" who they not in love with, Adrien and Marinette will gradually fall in love with Marinette and Cat Noir, respectively. It would serve as a bit of ironic humor and allow them to get to know the other's true self.
  • Well, Ladybug isn't really a fake personality in the way Adrien is for Cat Noir. Marinette, when away from Adrien (except in The Gamer), doesn't act much different from Ladybug. Not like how Adrien and Cat Noir are, although Adrien does slip up sometimes. I'm pretty sure Adrien made a Cat Noir-like pun at one point. And we (now) know that Cat Noir actually took to his powers like a duck to water, where Ladybug didn't. Based on the phrasing of the second comment, I'm guessing that was posted before the Origins two-parter, where we learn Adrien and Marinette got their powers on the same day. Cat Noir fell in love with her after seeing her find her footing as a superhero and stand up to Hawk Moth- something he seems to want to do to his father. Marinette isn't good at faking or lying, you just have to watch Evillustrator to see that. Ladybug is very much her real personality, too.

Not everything about their identities will be revealed to Marinette and Adrien in one go.
Specifically, Marinette will figure out that Adrien is Cat Noir and/or Adrien will figure out Marinette is Ladybug, but they won't tell the other that they know. This dynamic will of course keep things fresh for a new season.

Both Marinette and Adrien will get a Secret Keeper in Season 2
Most obvious would be Alya becoming Marinette's Secret Keeper and Nino becoming Adrien's, resulting in the two of them covering for the heroes' absences. An interesting variation to the theme would be Nino becoming Marinette's Secret Keeper and Alya Adrien's which would also require them to make excuses to their best friends. A final possibility would be Alya discovering both Marinette's and Adrien's secret identity resulting in hijinks while she tries to polish Ladybug's opinion of Cat Noir and improve Adrien's feelings for Marinette.
  • Another variation of this theory is Alya and Chloé learning one or the other's identities, which would lead into them receiving the fox and bee miraculouses, as has been confirmed for Season 2.
  • Jossed. Both heroes make it through Season 2 with their identities intact. (Unless you count the kwami, but they were already in on the whole thing.)

Someone will figure out their identities from the fact Marinette and Adrien are the only kids at school that have never been akumatized.
It'll start with the character deciding to ask Marinette when her turn comes.
  • Mireille hasn't been akumatised yet, either.

No one recognizes Adrien or Marinette because the Miraculouses affect people's ability to recognize them.
Our two heroes are incapable of recognizing one another but they recognize akumatized victims fairly easily so being a full-powered miraculous wielder must have additional benefits in comparison to one merely bestowed abilities.
  • Well, Alya can see that Adrien and Cat Noir look a lot alike, so that may not be the case. Marinette is too in love with Adrien to even consider that he could be Cat Noir- she's got more evidence than he does as to who his real identity is, since Alya showed her a picture of Adrien dressed like Cat Noir and they both have the exact same allergy. Adrien might not know who she is simply because of the attitude difference, but he also may know, subconsciously, who Ladybug is. There's only two characters he's flirted with- Ladybug and Marinette.
    • Maybe Alya just made her Will save that day. And maybe the glamour only keeps people from consciously recognizing the wielders.
      • What Will?
      • Sorry, it's a DnD term. It means Alya was just excited or obsessed enough with finding out their secret identities that her willpower allowed her to temporarily resist the glamour's effect that one time.

Building off the above idea, the Miraculouses' glamour effect requires that Ladybug and Chat Noir don't know each other's identities.
Maybe the magical effect that keeps people from recognizing the Miraculous wielders requires a "sacrifice" of sorts, in that the wielders can't know each other's identities in order for it to work. This would explain why Tikki, Plagg, and Master Fu have been so insistent on secrecy up until now, even if it seems needless. There may be a future episode where Marinette and Adrien learn each other's identities, and subsequently find themselves experiencing Glamour Failure at an inopportune time.

There will be a significant amount of time between when Marinette or Adrien figure out the other's identity and when the reverse happens.
Specifically, there will be anywhere between 10 minutes and 6 episodes between when one knows and when both know. The writers would be insane not to milk out the "knows his/her identity" drama but doing it for too long would get old quickly.
  • There's no way in hell that Marinette will figure it out any time soon- she's had two blatant clues (the fact that Adrien looks like Cat Noir and their exact same allergy to feathers) and still can't figure it out. Or rather, she doesn't want to believe Adrien is Cat Noir, so she's unlikely to figure it out. Adrien, though, is a different story. I suspect Adrien will figure it out sometime in Season 2 or 3, but Marinette won't figure it out for at least another season past that or more. Adrien, though, likes Marinette as a person and doesn't find her obnoxious like Marinette finds Cat Noir. He's thus more likely to accept it. Marinette would have to start seeing Cat Noir in a different light before she can figure it out.

Prior to learning each other's identities, there will be an Unrequited Love Switcheroo
Marinette will start to fall for Cat Noir (despite what seem to be her best efforts), and Adrien will start to fall for Marinette. This might be a partial result of Marinette apparently thinking Adrien is Hawk Moth in "The Collector", since she pictures herself and Hawk Moth on a Twilight-like poster leaving her to start to fall for Cat Noir. As she becomes more normal around Adrien, he begins to fall for her. Although, this might be impossible if Adrien does indeed know who Ladybug is, since she's not exactly subtle around him of who she is.

Master Fu won't tell reveal Ladybug and Chat Noir's identities to each other.
Despite knowing who they both are. Because what fun would that be?

Marinette and Adrien will either figure out or stumble upon the other's identities, but won't know the other knows.
  • A fan asked the creators if Marinette and Adrien will find out, and requested that the question be answered "Yes or No". Word of God replied, "Yes or No." While this could be the work of a Trolling Creator, what better way for the Character Development to go on while keeping the main premise of the show?

Hawk Moth will reveal the identities.
At some point, he'll figure out how "Marinette" acts all nervous around "Adrien". Once he figures out Ladybug doesn't know Adrien is Cat Noir, he'll start thinking of a way to let her know so she'll be too nervous to properly fight the next akuma alongside her crush.

There is no glamour. Everyone is just stupid.
Alya has shown the ability to recognize Nino/Carapace based on his personality. Eventually, when the reveal is dropped, Alya will claim "there must be some magic in place to prevent the heroes' friends from recognizing them!" Tikki nods, and in a Two-Faced Aside, mutters to Marinette that there's no such thing.
  • While I agree there's no glamour, I think it's a little unfair to call everyone "stupid". What tips Alya off about Carapace is Nino's very unique personality, manner of speaking, and attitude being the same as Carapace and Nino. He wasn't doing a good job of hiding it at all. This doesn't apply for Adrien/Cat Noir and Marinette/Ladybug. Alya does notice Adrien looks like Cat Noir, and they don't at the time know him enough to see if he ever acts like Cat Noir. Sure she LOOKS like Ladybug, but Ladybug is cool under pressure and very graceful. It's like how the Flash's idea of hiding his identity is to simply be late to everything. Nobody would think the FLASH of all people would be late all the time. Same with Marinette, really, except she doesn't do it on purpose.
    • Jossed: Uncanny Valley reveals that there is a form of glamour (by revealing that she's immune to it).

Chloe will piece together the heroes' identities
If she remembers the events of Miracle Queen (she may or may not; most akumatized people don't, but after being de-akumatized, she still refers to Ladybug's "stupid friends"), she's in a unique position. Hawk Moth has showed a complete lack of interest in discovering Ladybug's identity (he's spent more time pondering Cat Noir's, and only because he noticed evidence it could be Adrien), but Chloe has what she treats as a personal grudge against Ladybug. And if she remembers the identities of the other Miraculous holders, she must realize that four of them are in her class and a fifth goes to her school and knows Adrien. Should she learn that Luka is Juleka's brother, that would tell her that all of them are at most one step away from her classmates. From there, all it would take is looking up which classmates have and haven't been akumatized (or, more likely, forcing Sabrina to do it) and noticing the two that haven't (in any way she'd be aware of.)

    Emilie Agreste 

The missing blue Miraculous belonged to Adrien's mother.

She used to be a superheroine, but something went down related to it and she went missing. Gabriel is well aware of this, which is why he takes great measures to keep Adrien sheltered and has a notably surprised reaction when he recognizes his son's ring.

  • WMG version 1: Assuming Gabriel is Hawk Moth, perhaps he used to be her partner (using Nooroo and the butterfly Miraculous), and is trying to get his hands on LB and CN's Miraculous in order to find/avenge her.
  • WMG version 2: Assuming Gabriel isn't Hawk Moth, he's just a well-meaning but kind of terrible dad who has no idea how to reach out to his son and explain his mother's disappearance to him.
    • Possibly confirmed. As of Volpina, the blue peacock miraculous has been shown stored in a secret safe in the Agreste mansion, located behind the portrait of Adrien's mother. Near the miraculous is a photo of her. This could imply that it belonged to her before she disappeared. Which version is more accurate is not yet clear, but Adrien has seen the miraculous (and possibly identified it using the book he took out of the safe), with Gabriel remaining unaware of this for now.
    • Related to the above, Gabriel is Hawk Moth, but wasn't involved with the miraculous prior to Adrien's mother's disappearance. She was the "wrong choice" that Master Fu made, and after she died/abandoned her duties as a miraculous holder this drove Gabriel to learn about the miraculous and seek out the butterfly one. (Why the peacock one didn't work for him is unclear, but possibly it he left it alone out of respect for her.) If he was previously a miraculous holder, the exposition that Nooroo gave to him at the beginning of Ladybug and Cat Noir (Origins – Part 1) seems ludicrous, even invoking As You Know.
  • Possibly confirmed. Emilie's coma was caused by the Peacock Miraculous, likely because she was using it but not confirmed precisely.

Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth, and Emilie was the owner of the Peacock Miraculous.
They knew the last generation of Ladybug and Cat and fought with them. Everyone but the turtle and butterfly Miraculous users died in some calamity. Gabriel demanded the god-like power of Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous to bring Emilie back to life, but this was taboo, so Master Fu hid the remaining Miraculous away from Gabriel.

This is how Hawk Moth knew about Adrien and Marinette's Miraculous, and their combined power, from the beginning. How would he know about their god-like power if he'd never seen either of them before?

This is also why Emilie 'disappeared'. She really died, but her cause of death being the same as Peacock's would arouse suspicion, so he had to pretend she disappeared. Its also possible she died as Peacock in a way that destroyed her body.

Finally, he created an Akuma that seems suspiciously similar to the theme of a known Miraculous. A fox-themed hero with a necklace. This indicates that he's likely taken inspiration from a possible former ally.

  • This seems unlikely, after Origins specifies that the Moth Miraculous was lost long enough that it was thought to be "lost forever". It also shows that Gabriel knows about the vixen superheroine because he had the book.

Nathalie and Emilie were friends.
The disappearance of Adrien's mother greatly affected her husband and son's lives for the worse. Why not assistant Nathalie as well, depending on how long she has been in the Agrestes' employment. It would give new meaning to her name, Sancoeur, meaning "heartless." Is an aloof disposition her natural state, or has she just lost the person who was her heart?

Emilie was/is a Pungeon Master.
Adrien letting loose his love of pun humour as Cat Noir is him tapping into his happy memories of his mother and honouring her. If Gabriel is Hawk Moth, then he is doing the same.

If Emilie returns, she and Gabriel will eventually have a second child.
What few details that have been released say the Agrestes are/were Happily Married, and it is heavily implied that hypothetical Gabriel-as-Hawk Moth's motivation is his wife's return. Besides, how amazing would Adrien would be as a big brother?

Agreste is a Nom de Mom.
Tying to the theory that Gabriel and his missing wife were a case of Uptown Girl while courting, Gabriel was from a much lower class than his wife and among the concessions marrying her required, taking her family name was one of them.

Adrien's mansion comes from his mother's side of the family.
If the theory about Gabriel Agreste being a poor man who made a fortune to impress his loved one turns out to be true, it'll be eventually revealed the mansion where he lives belongs to Emilie and, once she's Legally Dead, it'll belong to Adrien. Gabriel has a place of his own but rented it to a tenant after moving into the manor.

As a young Battle Couple, Gabriel and his wife were the reverse of LB and CN.
It's a common aspect within the "The Agrestes are in previous Miraculous holder generation" theory: Gabriel was in love with his classmate, while the future Mrs. Agreste was head over heels for her superhero partner.
  • If the above "Nom de Mom" theory and the Uptown Girl theory are true, it's probably even for the same reason as LB and CN's interactions. Adrien's future mom was the girl with everything except someone who cared for her for her and her partner provided that in the same way LB does for CN while Gabriel kept getting tongue-tied around Miss Perfect.

Emilie was kidnapped.
She didn't so much disappear in the same sense that is talked about on this page, where she up and vanished, but rather she was kidnapped by either someone who forced Gabriel Agreste to take up the position as Hawk Moth and obtain the missing Miraculous to get her back, or if it isn't Gabriel, Hawk Moth himself kidnapped her because he's in love with her and became Hawk Moth to keep her. In the latter case, he wants the Black Cat and Ladybug Miraculous to force her to love him. In the former, the kidnapper likely wants power. Gabriel wants them in exchange for his wife or possibly to use their power to bring her back to him safely.

Mrs Agreste disappeared after turning into a super villain
Be it because her Battle Couple husband was forced to (knowingly or otherwise) take her down, or she was Evil All Along unbeknownst to her muggle husband, her disappearance was caused by past Miraculous holders being forced to eliminate her in some capacity. She may still be alive, but sans Miraculous. Waiting for revenge.

Mr and Mrs Agreste were never a Battle Couple, but they will be a team of supervillains.
That is, Mrs Agreste is Mayura, and Gabriel is Hawk Moth. But Hawk Moth won't know Mayura is his wife. They will be an Evil Duo, with Hawk Moth as the Red Oni Dragon to Mayura's Blue Oni Baroness Dark Magical Girl Big Bad. If it is her, it creates a cruel twist of irony assuming he turned to villainy to get her back from wherever she is.

Mrs Agreste is not missing, that is a lie
Adrien says she's missing and while Word of God seems to say the same, that same Word of God is a Trolling Creator, so we can't say for sure he's telling the truth. However, I propose that Gabriel knows perfectly well where Mrs Agreste is- she is in Tibet. I find it peculiar that Gabriel has a photo of her in his safe, but there's photos and paintings all over the house. Moreover, that photo is sitting on the shelf among the stuff from Tibet and the Miraculous book (as well as the Peacock Brooch). Mr and Mrs Agreste went to Tibet for something related to the Miraculouses, though not necessarily at the same time. He likely joined her. Whatever they were doing forced Mrs Agreste to need to stay behind in Tibet, with only Gabriel knowing what is going on. Whatever she is doing, it's a secret. As such, Gabriel had to tell Adrien that Mrs Agreste is missing. Any of his wistful looks to her image is him missing her. This is also why he is not there even though Adrien needs him- Gabriel cannot relate because he knows where she is, and he likely feels guilt over lying to his son. His change in personality (according to Adrien) is a result of that guilt and not wanting to give anything away. This may relate to my above WMG about Gabriel being Hawk Moth but his goals having nothing or very little to do with Mrs Agreste. If Gabriel is not Hawk Moth, then it justifies his rage at having the Miraculous Book stolen and the resulting akumatisation- it relates to what his wife is doing, and Adrien stealing it might put Adrien in jeopardy. He gets akumatised, or akumatises himself, in order to get the book back. In the event he akumatises himself, he can't exactly go out as Gabriel or Hawk Moth to get the book, after all.

Like her husband and son, Mrs Agreste has a unisex name
Adrien and Gabriel are names that can be used for boys and girls (though Gabriel is typically the masculine spelling, with "Gabrielle" being the feminine spelling, but the original spelling is not unheard of for a girl). Thus, it's possible Mrs Agreste likewise follows this theme, and has a name like Dominique, Camille, or René(e), which are also unisex.
  • Probably not Camille, since outside France, nobody would recognise it as a unisex name, ruining the theme as much as if she were named Shirley, Kelly, or Ariel, which are best known as female names despite being unisex. Jean/Jeanne would also work as her name, but there are already one, maybe two Jeans.
  • Jossed - her name is Emilie.

Emilie will be Mayura ... and she will be evil

Because how much of a kick in the nuts would it be if the supposedly Too Good for This Sinful Earth Emilie was just as evil as Hawk Moth? similar to the Code Geass twist with Marianne...

  • That's actually plausible. See, literally all we know about her is that she was the previous wielder of the Peacock Miraculous. She did something with it that put her in a coma, something clearly harder on her than even Nathalie's repeated use of it to send kaiju rampaging through town. See the "Adrien is a sentimonster" theory for one idea... but if he isn't, well, there's no guarantee that whatever she did with it was particularly nice. Especially since we've met two members of her family and they're both amoral schemers. (Not that you have to be just like your family, as proven by Adrien. However, it could be Foreshadowing. We hear about her only through those who loved her most, so on the surface she's perfect... meanwhile, she was the last user of the Peacock, and every time we've seen it used, it was being misused. And we meet other members of her family... and they're no angels. And it's been pointed out that Adrien's isolation doesn't seem to be a thing that started with her disappearance. All this could be intended as clues that the character we actually know nothing about beyond "Adrien and Gabriel miss her" isn't actually the saint she's assumed to be, and when she wakes up, that's when the merde hits the ventilateur.)

Emilie is a Time Lord, specifically the Thirteenth Doctor
Thirteen's outfit in recent promotional photos looks a lot like Adrien's. Also, this it TV Tropes — obligatory Time Lord guess is obligatory.

Emilie is at least partially responsible for Adrien meeting Chloé
Gabriel doesn't seem to know her very well in "Mr. Pigeon" - while he is an aloof Jerkass, one would expect him to know his son's Only Friend better than that. Since Gabriel obsessively micromanages Adrien's life to the point where he wouldn't have had much opportunity to make friends on his own, arguably his best chance of making friends was his parents' associates bringing their kids over. Therefore, Emilie likely had some professional association with the Bourgeois family. It's more likely her than Gabriel because, again, he didn't know his son's longtime friend very well even by his standards.
  • Further evidence: in "Gorizilla", the movie she appeared in was produced by A. Bourgeois, most likely one of Chloé's parents (although whether it's André or Audrey is uncertain).
    • Though it could be a family member of André's

Emilie is trapped inside the Peacock Miraculous
Why else would Gabriel keep the Peacock Miraculous in a safe behind the portrait of his wife?
  • Because it's the only safe in the house? Because it's the safe that Gabriel spends the most time around? Because that's the safest out of all the safes? Because it's an all-powerful Miraculous? Because he doesn't know what else to do with it? Because he's saving it for her? Because the Miraculous reminds him of his wife? Because it's not the real Miraculous, just something important to him or his wife? Because it's not a Miraculous, it was just a famous piece from his collection that helped him make a name for himself so he wants to keep it safe? Because it was a gift from his wife? There's plenty of reasons.

Emilie is suffering from some kind of Demonic Possession.
  • That's what's in the vault under the Agreste manor. Emilie has been corrupted or possessed by some kind of evil power, and Gabriel wants the Miraculouses because they are the only things that can purify her again. He is keeping her (or rather, the thing that has her body) imprisoned until he can get them.

The Peacock Miraculous is responsible for Emilie's current comatose state
  • One use of that shit completely drained Nathalie. Overuse could easily cause longer-lasting damage to her.
    • Confirmed in the 'Gabriel' webisode, as well as in "Feast" and "Ladybug"..

She will be voiced by Tara Strong in the English dub.
I mean, Emilie's appearance is based on her.

Emilie will awaken and immediately need to fight
  • Hawk Moth will succeed in taking the Ladybug and Cat Miraculous, leaving Marinette and Adrien to have to fall back on the Dragon and Snake. Emilie will awaken and realise what has happened, what Gabriel has done. She'll march into the atelier and take the Peacock Miraculous, or possibly have to punch out Nathalie and take it from her. She'll transform and charge into the fight, Hawk Moth will see her and realise he's succeeded but Emilie knows what the cost was. Emilie will fight Hawk Moth, and win, and take the Miraculous from him. She'll return them to Aspik and Marinette but she'll know that reversing the Ultimate Power will send her back into her coma. She'll have a moment with Adrien before the two wear their Miraculous once more, and she'll go back to sleep.
Emilie: Adrien, what happened to me was my fault. I was in that coma because I used Duusu's power. My mistake is mine to bear, no one else's.

Emilie will Come Back Wrong.
  • Gabriel will succeed in reviving Emilie—but something will go wrong. She'll look like her old self, but act completely differently and it'll quickly become apparent that she's far more dangerous than Hawkmoth in this state. She'll easily dispatch her husband and then try to destroy the heroes who will have to find a way to take her down.

     Master Fu's "Mistake" 
Trusting Hawk Moth with a Miraculous is the mistake Master Fu alluded to in the Origins Episode.
When Wayzz questioned Master Fu's choices of holders for Ladybug's earrings and Cat Noir's ring, his main concern was the ring since Master Fu entrusted it to Gabriel Agreste's son and Gabriel is Hawk Moth.
  • Sorry to be a party pooper but I have to object. When Hawk Moth is first seen talking to Nooroo in the first Origins Episode he claims that he "found" Nooroo. Master Fu even claims that he thought that the Butterfly Miraculous "was lost forever". These claims indicate that if Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth that he wasn't given the Miraculous by Master Fu, he found it on his own. In addition, if Wayzz and Master Fu know the Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth then why are they keeping this vital information from the heroes? After all the two sent out the the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculous to stop Hawk Moth. So if Master Fu and Wayzz intend to stop Hawk Moth it makes no sense for them to know who Hawk Moth is and drag out the plot by not telling the heroes this key information.
  • Then Master Fu left the Miraculous where he expected someone else to find it. He eventually figured out his intended target didn't get it but didn't find out who got it.
  • It's plausible that many years ago, possibly in the early days of his being the Great Keeper, Master Fu gave the Moth/Butterfly Miraculous to someone who was, for a number of reasons, ill-suited. Either they sold off the valuable jewellery, or they ran off with it, believing it was evil and that its powers shouldn't be used, or they ran off with it and died. Either one would result in the Moth/Butterfly Brooch appearing to be lost forever, so long as it was never put on until Hawk Moth got a hold of it. Which makes me think it was being hidden for a long time, and then he tracked it down. It's possible The Collector factors in somehow, maybe being who Hawk Moth obtained the Miraculous from. In fact, maybe he works for The Collector. As does Mayura. Maybe the Moth Brooch was given to The Collector or one of the past Collectors, and they elected to not use it, but collect it and eventually the other Miraculous. The Collector allows Hawk Moth to use the Miraculous so he can obtain the other Miraculouses. Mayura is likely sent in to "help" because he's failed more than 26 times.
    • Nope on this last one; the Collector is an akuma villain.
      • Or at least, nope to the bits about about the Collector; everything before that is perfectly fine. The part where the mistake was made early in his post as the Great Guardian, he gave the Moth Locket to someone who was ill-suited for it. That person either sold it off or ran off with it and refused to use its powers, or ran off with it and died, causing it to become lost as nobody put it on thereafter, causing it to be lost. That part is totally fine.

Mrs Agreste has nothing to do with the Peacock Brooch, but it is how Hawk Moth found the Moth/Butterfly Locket.
Instead, it relates to the "mistake" Fu made, by giving it or another Miraculous to the man who would become The Collector, who never used it. Nobody said his mistake was giving it to someone who used it for evil. They may not have used it at all. Because the Miraculous are meant to be used and meant to keep balance in the world, not using it is almost worse than using it for evil. He might have used his Miraculous (be it the Peacock of one of the unseen ones) momentarily, discovered it was magic, and thus seeks the entire collection. Not for power, like Hawk Moth, but simply to collect. That's why the mistake Fu made was bad enough he hopes to never make it again. Giving it to an evil person or someone who died for or because of it isn't quite as bad giving it to someone who might cause a universal unbalance. Gabriel (assuming he is Hawk Moth), because he, like his victims, was heartbroken at the time at the loss of his wife. Thus, vulnerable. So he was given the Brooch (which was either the one the Collector had or was one he got his hands on) and the book (which the Collector stole) and told that if he can find the Black Cat and Ladybug Miraculouses, he can bring his wife back. Or, daresay, even HAVE her back. He took the Brooch and the book and was able to track down the Locket, putting away the Brooch so he could use the power of the Locket to draw out the Ladybug and Black Cat users. He does specifically say that was his plan for Stoneheart, so it's possible that's why he went after the Locket in the first place.

Master Fu's Mistake.
It wasn't that someone given a Miraculous turned out to be a lapse in judgement on the guardian's part, but that the intended recipient was a poor decision. As usual, Fu placed the Miraculous where his chosen one would find it, but it was picked up by another, likely someone close to the intended. However it turned out that his choice was The Chosen Zero and would have been easily corrupted by the power, and The Unchosen One was a better decision all along.
  • I'm going to have to take you back a step here. This scenario seems like a rather fortunate mistake given the good turnout that you have presented, but Master Fu was very clear in the Origins Episode when he said that this mistake is one he wouldn't want repeated. If there is anything that could logically be said about this scenario it is very best-case and this kind of turnout is something worth hoping for if he got it wrong and is nothing to be ashamed of given the payoff.

The "mistake" Master Fu made was giving the Peacock Miraculous to whoever he gave it to.
Not that the person was a bad choice, they emulated the Peacock Miraculous flawlessly, but the fact that they either gave up the call or their lives were destroyed (if not literally). Peacocks are a symbol of integrity, guidance, protection, and watchfulness. Further they're also symbols of resurrection, immortality, and renewal, because some people believe they're phoenixes of the land. One interpretation of all of that is that the Peacock Miraculous is not a very offensive one, it's primarily defensive and grants the user foresight and healing abilities. But because of that, the Peacock Miraculous is cursed so that the user's loved ones are always in danger. Often times, the Peacock wielder will either be Driven to Suicide, quit, or will die protecting someone they love. There's two scenarios I can apply: the first is that the last Peacock Miraculous was Adrien's mother, and she died or disappeared to protect her husband and/or son without Adrien ever knowing the specifics of why his mother isn't around, and the second is that Gabriel is the wielder, and the curse got his wife killed or drove her away for whatever reason, and so he threw the call aside to protect Adrien from the same fate. Still, it is interesting how Peacocks can mean resurrection, but it's Cat Noir and Ladybug's Miraculous that can turn back death itself. This might allude to Adrien's mother being the former Peacock user, if Hawk Moth wants to bring her back to life with the two main Miraculous. Fu deems it a mistake because he's aware of the darkness that sparked with her death, and that he cost a boy his only affectionate, clearly loving parent, or else that he destroyed a woman's life and fractured her family.

As an alternative to the above, Master Fu's mistake was "The Collector".
We know pretty much nothing about "The Collector", a mysterious villain teased for Season 2, but his name seems to suggest that he's also hunting the Miraculouses- and unlike Hawk Moth, who is primarily concerned with the two major Miraculouses (even the Butterfly Miraculous appears to be a means to an end), this would appear to be someone going after all of them. It's possible that Master Fu gave him a Miraculous in the past (most likely one we haven't seen yet), but he went mad with the power and had to have it taken away to protect those around him. Since then he's found another source of power and plans on using it to complete his mission of obtaining all the Miraculouses.
  • Jossed. The Collector is an akumatized Gabriel Agreste, not a past villain.

We will never find out what the "mistake" was
It may have happened a very long time ago, and the line is a throw-away meant to drive the fandom nuts.

The "mistake" was just a meta Take That! to Félix
It's no secret Astruc considers Felix a mistake, so the line may have been written as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the original "Chat Noir".

Master Fu's mistake was trying to use the Ladybug and/or Black Cat Miraculouses himself.
He thought he was able to use one or both of them, and instead massacred other Guardians, destroyed the temple and with it, destroyed the Order of the Guardians. When he said he "only got it wrong once", he was talking about himself.

His mistake involved revealing the location of the temple to an ancient enemy of the Miraculouses, who will eventually take over as the series' Big Bad
If the temple was destroyed, after all, someone must've done the destroying. Seems like an obvious opportunity to introduce some new enemy.

The mistake
Master Fu was once a turtle superhero, until a friend of his found out his identity by accident. When Fu learned this, he made the mistake of reporting it to his superiors, who decided to solve the problem through liberal application of Killed to Uphold the Masquerade. The friend survived, went on a bloody Roaring Rampage of Revenge, and killed everyone; Fu was the only survivor.

    Akumatized Victims 

There will be a Gaia's Avenger akuma villain.
It's a very common motivation for destruction.

Mireille will get akumatized in Season 2
She's literally the only recurring non-adult with a name who hasn't been aside from Marinette and Adrien. While we're at it, as of "Dark Owl", only two of the four school staff members with names haven't been akumatized yet, either: Ms Mendeleive and Miss Bustier. It's possible they will eventually get akumatized, since Hawk Moth likes to target the school.
  • Jossed, for not just Season 2 but also for Season 3. She might still get akumatized in Season 4 or Season 5.

Anansi/Nancy is Alya's sister or relative.
When Season 2 was being written, Thomas Astruc posted sketches of a hopefully new character named Anansi and/or Nancy. Later, Jeremy Zag released photos of Season 2 production, and one of them included a computer screen with a character model that looks like Anansi. However, what is notable is that Alya's model is right next to Anansi's, as if it's being used as a reference for coloring and designing Anansi. It has already been confirmed officially that there is another sibling to Alya that will be seen in the future who isn't Ella and Etta, and like how the Césaire family members are all named after famous jazz singers, if Nancy is Anansi's name, she could be named after famous jazz singer Nancy Wilson. With these details in mind, it could be very possible that Nancy/Anansi is Alya's older sister or a different type of relative.
  • Anansi is probably her akumatised name, since hers is spider-themed, where Nancy is her actual given name.
  • Confirmed, but her name isn't Nancy. Anansi, yes. She is Alya's older sister

Sooner or later, Ladybug will be made Brainwashed and Crazy by an Akuma.
After it's happened to Cat Noir so many times, A role reversal seems in order. Cat Noir will have to figure out how to break it though, seeing as Ladybug will have to be the one to catch the Akuma.

A psychologist, possibly the school shrink, has their professional opinion ignored, is akumatized, and the resulting villain traps people with hidden issues and fears is a world of their worst nightmare. The only way out, naturally, is to Face Your Fears.
  • This is a good way to reveal information about Adrien's mother, and at least hint to or at most divulge Freudian Excuses for characters like Chloé and Lila.
  • They may be able to go through the different nightmares, necessitating our heroes to help their friends get through their nightmares before they can deal with the akuma victim. This might mean the only victims are Alya, Nino, and Chloé, possibly Lila as well, but Lila would refuse help.

Reflekta's powers as we saw them are not all she can do with it.
I've seen complaints that turning people into copies of herself is a pretty weak power, but for all we know, that's just the most basic use of it owing to Juleka's anger fueling her obsession. She could potentially use them to make someone look like any kind of person she can think of, making it useful for disguising and/or humiliating others. She might even be able to turn the power on herself and become a master of disguise for when she needs to infiltrate a public place without standing out. Plus, being able to disarm enemies by transforming them allows her to win in a fight without actually fighting, so Reflekta's not as useless as everybody thinks. She's less a fighter and more of a spy.
  • To be fair, even if Reflekta's powers are only what we saw, she basically has to power to nullify Miraculouses, and going for the logical extreme, she should be able to nullify other kinds of magic too (Imagine if she got a direct hit on a Kwami, or if she had hit Adrien/Marinette before they transformed).
  • We also know that she can fly (zooming around Paris on her transforming rampage) and is super-strong (able to lift lockers overhead and tear basketball hoops apart with her hands), which does give her some physical power in a fight. Being able to stop enemies from attacking, including those with Miraculouses, is still her bigger strength if nothing else.

Hawk Moth will use an Akuma on at least one of the protagonists.

Chat Blanc will be Chat Noir's akuma personality.
Expanding to the WMG above. This is a popular theory that's been circulating around fanon, already generated fanart. This troper didn't come up with it but added it for archive purposes.

It's also often coupled with the "Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth" WMG above.

Regarding revealed S2 Akuma Victims
  • Style Queen could be Chloé's mother, while Malediktor and Queen Wasp are her husband and daughter, making Chloé the first to have two different akumatised forms.
    • The plot synopses of the above episodes indicate that this is indeed the case.
  • Troublemaker might have power to be a Reality Warper.

We will have another Musical Episode
The cause will actually be an akuma, who is either a rejected aspiring singer, or someone rejected from a musical theatre audition.
  • "The Befana" has singing in it from the villain, Ladybug, and Cat Noir, but is not a musical episode, technically.

Alya's young twin sisters will be akumatised
At the same time, as they were both holding onto the akumatized item when the akuma landed.
  • Confirmed with the episode "Sapotis". They were akumatized through their hat after getting into a typical sibling spat with Alya over their pranks.

At some point, Natalie will be akumatized.
  • For some reason, either Natalie or Gabriel will find it convenient for Natalie to be akumatized. Perhaps she just wants to vent at some particularly annoying individual, perhaps Adrien or Marinette will come to suspect that she is Hawk Moth (after all, other than Adrien and Gabriel, she's the only one who might have access to the Miraculous spellbook when it's in the Agreste safe), perhaps Gabriel will want to put some pressure on Adrien. Whatever the reason, she will be another willing akumatization (along the lines of The Collector).
    • And we will get a scene of Natalie smashing things with her usual bored look on her face as she "sets the scene" for her akumatization.

During Season 2, one of the Season 1 victims is going to be akumatized a second time.
We have no particular reason to believe that someone who's been akumatized once can't be akumatized again by a different akuma, if they once again become sufficiently angry.
  • Of course, the second akumatization may or may not carry the same powers as the first. In fact, given how context-dependent many akumas are, it is by far more likely that the second akumatization will carry totally different powers from the first.
  • Two things. First, as of "The Collector", we know they can be reakumatised because Mylene and Kim nearly are. Second, a little math comes close to disproving this theory. As of the writing of this, there are a total of 23 announced akumatised villains for the season. There is also Luka, who makes a potential 24th, as well as Anansi, making for 25 provided one of the unnamed villains isn't Luka, and there's been a hint that Master Fu will be akumatisednote , making for the full season of 26. The only possible hope for this WMG at this point is that this person is Luka, since this is the only one that could theoretically be male. Also there's Chris, who could hypothetically be one of the known but unnamed villains.
    • The plot synopsis for Style Queen indicates that Chloé is coming back for round two, confirming this.

Either because they're a Jerkass in general or they've just plain been pushed that far, they will basically beg for akumatization, and Hawk Moth will happily grant it. (No, Gabriel does not count.)

Anansi was holding back the whole time
When Nora shows up at her home she engages in a kickboxing pose, yet as Anansi she almost exclusively uses her fists plus the occasional throw. Chance is she was holding back the whole time, and only started going all-out when fists alone weren't enough to hit Ladybug in the "match" under the Arc de Triumph.

Astruc will be low enough to add "Pregzilla" as an akumatized villain in a kids show.
And guess who would become this villain of the day.

    Lila Rossi 

If Lila is re-akumatized, it will happen after Alya gets the Fox Miraculous.
That way, Alya can take on her Evil Counterpart.
  • Confirmed, although she is de-akumatized by Hawk Moth before the two can fight.

Lila will become a recurring villain
Lila's notably the only akuma victim who doesn't show a single drop of remorse for her actions, so maybe she'll join up with Hawk Moth in taking down Ladybug. A henchman who actually works in the field (instead of purely Orcus on His Throne like Hawk Moth) could spice things up next season (plus she could get a redemption arc ala Zuko).
  • It would be interesting to see an accomplice to Hawk Moth who willingly accepts the power the Akuma gives them. These individuals probably wouldn't become Brainwashed and Crazy. She'd also work in secret for a while, using her mirage powers but never being so obvious as when she was Akumatised, allowing for her to maintain a public life.
  • If Lila does not Heel–Face Turn, she will takes Hawk Moth's Big Bad position.
  • Confirmed. In "Catalyst", she is akumatized once more. She then returns to school in Season 3's "Chameleon" and continues to make Marinette miserable by turning the school and Adrien against her.

Lila wanted to become an Akuma
She's the only Akuma target who has not lost her anger after getting de-akumatized. Why? Lila actually wanted the two Miraculouses, even if she's not actually working for Hawk Moth.
  • Also, she thought that her lying would encourage Hawk Moth to akumatize her.
  • While there's no word on her actions in "Volpina", in "Catalyst" the Slasher Smile she has after being returned to normal by Hawk Moth does her no favors.

Lila is the daughter of a supervillain.
What's more perfect to surprise a Consummate Liar than finding out she said an Accidental Truth? Only her true lineage is much nastier than her fake one. Seeing superheroes have returned to the world, one of Lila's parents, who is another Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, will decide to come out of retirement, dust off their Wrong Context Magic, and go head to head with Ladybug and Chat Noir. Even if Lila has some fun being Daddy's Little Villain when first learning of her parent's secret identity, she soon realizes that he or she wants to hurt people For the Evulz, something she is NOT okay with. Lila breaks her ties with her villainous ancestry, pulls a Heel–Face Turn, and teams up with the heroes to stop her mother or father. Potentially, this can be the redemption that proves Lila worthy of the real fox Miraculous.
  • Or her ancestor really did posses the Fox Miraculous at some point. It could be why she was so interested in the book, and why she seemed to really snap when Ladybug said she was lying about it.

Lila's parents are divorced.
While her being the daughter of diplomats and constantly moving around already serve as a Freudian Excuse for a need to be the centre of attention, there is also the chance that Lila rarely got enough attention from her parents because they were always too busy fighting with each other until finally splitting up. Since this sounds like a potential Wounded Gazelle Gambit, Lila could admit to her family's dysfunction in a moment of weakness, but her classmates just think she is Crying Wolf and refuse to show sympathy. This will also cause yet another Lila/Volpina divide among the fans: those who feel sorry for Lila's situation, and those who believe she got what she deserved.

Lila will replace Chloé as resident Alpha Bitch.
Whether or not Lila deliberately usurps her, or Chloé is knocked off her high horse and gains some humbling Character Development, then Lila takes her place in the power vacuum.
  • In her concept art, Lila has sunglasses similar to Chloé's on her head. Perhaps Lila will start wearing them as a symbolic crown, while Chloé gives her own up?
  • A sad bonus is if Lila tricks Sabrina to befriend her and abandon Chloé, hurting Chloé deeply and resulting in Sabrina only leaving one awful friend to end up with another for at least awhile.
  • Seemingly confirmed. Lila's originally-planned character arc for Season 2 was that she would be lying and manipulating her way towards becoming the most popular girl in school and winning Adrien's undivided attention, forcing Marinette, Alya, and Chloé to work together against her. This arc may have been moved to Season 3 starting with "Chameleon".

Lila is of Mixed Ancestry.
While confirmed to be of Italian nationality, she probably has some Maltese in her blood. One of the roots of her name is the common Arabic name "Layla" at least.
  • This Maltese troper is very confused by this theory, as Maltese people do not speak Arabic nor is Layla a common name at all on the islands.
    • The Maltese language is descended from Arabic.
  • Names are not a flawless indicator of where people come from. Alya's family is from Martinique, but not one person in her family has a name that reflects it. Rose is not a French name, either, yet she's French.
  • Confirmed by Word of God: she's half-Klingon, half-duck.

Only one of Lila's parents is a diplomat.
The other has a different career that also drags them around the globe, like an anthropologist or a downplayed example of Adventurer Archaeologist.
  • Assuming the whole diplomat thing isn't just another one of her lies.
  • We know in "Catalyst" that her mother works at the embassy, but it's not clear exactly what she does.

Lila comes from a rich, or possibly aristocratic family.
How else could a middle schooler just pop into a jeweller's and buy a specific necklace, especially as said jewel is from a line of accessories created by posh designer, Gabriel Agreste? The only trait verging on a hint to aristocracy however, is that Lila has a Hime Cut, a symbol for upper-class girls in anime, and this is a heavily anime-inspired show. Lila being from Old Money would also be a potentially interesting contrast to the other rich kids, Adrien and Chloé, who are children of Self Made Men.

Lila will sing in an episode.
Just a hunch, as most of her actresses have some degree of musical experience. It could be part of a ridiculously Big Entrance, establishes her as having substance to go with her flash, or establishes her as a talented Privileged Rival for Marinette.

Lila is a sociopath
Mostly because she is a selfish liar.
  • As of "Catalyst", she's willingly committing atrocities for Hawk Moth, which really doesn't help her case.

Lila will redeem herself
...and eventually become the superheroine Volpina. Perhaps she'll have realized the error of her ways and eventually befriend our main characters. I have no justifications beside the fact that they put way too much into this character for her to just be a one-shot villain.
  • While redemption is still entirely possible, her becoming the real Volpina seems to have been Jossed: as of October 2016, it's been confirmed that Alya will get the Fox Miraculous in Season 2.
  • Further Jossed in "Catalyst", "Mayura", and "Chameleon" with her total willingness to commit atrocities in Hawk Moth's name, although the ending of "Ladybug" and the "Miraculous Secrets" short centered around Lila put the option back on the table, although it would take a lot of effort and more insight into her background.

Lila will be akumatized into something even worse than Volpina.
Her hate for Ladybug may get to the point where just hiding behind illusions isn't enough anymore. She wants more power, and so Hawk Moth obliges.
  • Confirmed. In Season 3, she becomes Chameleon, a shapeshifting villain who can mimic the appearance and powers of anybody she touches.

Lila's interest in Adrien
At first was because of his looks and/or fame and/or money, but now, is strictly because she knows Ladybug cares about him and wants to take him for herself for that reason.

Lila has innate powers already
Powers that make people give her their undivided attention. Think about it- Marinette gets to school and literally everyone is talking about her. This did not happen with the actual celebrity Adrien. Chloé is envious but not really outraged that Jagged Stone wrote a song about Lila. Moreover, Chloé actually believes her, when it's more in character for her to be sceptical. Alya brushes Marinette off in favour of her Ladyblog relating to Lila. For that matter, Lila's interview scored more hits on the blog than Alya's interview with Ladybug herself. Marinette becomes even more consumed by her jealousy than normal and gives Lila her full attention. Even Adrien is enchanted by her because she knows Ladybug, even though Adrien himself personally knows Ladybug. Everyone acts weird because of things Lila has said. Marinette even thinks Lila hypnotised everyone when she first hears about her.
  • It's possible that her hypothetical powers are related to the Miraculous given that the only people who seem immune to them are Adrien and Marinette, who are also the only two heroes who wear their Miraculous items all the time.
  • Or, more simply, she has the power to knock down the intelligence of everyone around her by several pegs, which would also explain why so many people believe her lies.

Lila will turn the entire school against Ladybug
She's got the lying skills (and possible power) to pull it off. She may even be able to turn Adrien and Alya away.
  • Confirmed for Season 3 in "Chameleon" and "Ladybug".

Lila will be an Evil Counterpart to Adrien.
They both have a number of similarities: Come from a rich family, New Transfer Student (Adrien the former, Lila the current), popular with classmates, lied about the nature of their relationship with Ladybug, and have or will have some connection to Hawk Moth (he states that Lila could become corrupted again while Hawk Moth keeps a picture of Adrien's mother in a locket). Season 2 will expand on how similar they are and will force Adrien to own up to his mistake he made in "Copycat".
  • Neither of them show their true face to the world, either.

Alternately, Lila will be Adrien's opposite
She could come from a poor family, she is a New Transfer Student like he was, but while Adrien is well-liked, he had to earn it thanks to Chloé, while Lila more or less has an Instant Fanclub. Adrien is very honest and open, especially as Cat Noir, while Lila is a liar, even as Volpina. Adrien is a true superhero, while Lila is a fake. Adrien is very mild, Lila loves the spotlight.

Lila is a Military Brat
This might explain why her first day of school can be pinpointed as the 5th of June at the earliest (the dates of previous episodes indicate "Darkblade", at 21/22 May. A poster of André shows the dates 21 and 22 May. Adrien has fencing in the episode, which are every Friday, meaning the 22nd is when most of the episode takes place. Adrien had fencing in "Volpina", but there's a possible 7 episodes between "Darkblade" and "Volpina"- four more episodes that have Jagged in them where he's got more sense than he does in "Darkblade", "The Gamer" weirdly features her diary trap even though that causes a continuity error with the dates, as that episode has posters for the tournament saying it's before "Darkblade" (18-21 May), "Horrificator" and "Simon Says" because Marinette is able to communicate with Adrien more like a human. It's possible "Princess Fragrance" is very late as well, because it introduces Marinette to Master Fu, who has been lurking in the background of different episodes). 5 June is right at the end of the school year, and an unusual time to move. However, it's not unheard of if your parent is in the military. Or a number of other positions, but for the sake of this WMG, it's about her being a Military Brat. This also might explain why she wants to be liked- she moves so constantly she feels lonely.

Lila is being set up to be a romantic foil to Marinette/Ladybug.
Even though Adrien was uncomfortable with Lila, Cat Noir flirted with Volpina immediately and equally immediately believed her while refusing to listen to Ladybug's reasonable suspicions. Even if he disliked Ladybug's jealousy earlier, he'd have no reason to distrust her for mentioning her concern about so many unbelievable things happening on the same day, plus he has worked with her for a long time. He never called either Volpina or Lila out on their lies, and now Lila goes to the same school as them. Lila also did not mend with Ladybug, and Adrien didn't reassure Ladybug of his safety in the more personal way he usually does. Not only is this a potential rift for Ladybug and Cat Noir, but also the ambiguous ending leaves Lila set up to reappear in future episodes, possibly in both their lives. Lila is also the only super villain who disguised herself as a hero first, and she has more knowledge of the Miraculous lore than others by virtue of reading Gabriel's book. Lila is also the only person to really flirt with both Adrien and Cat Noir, aside from Marinette/Ladybug. Also, Adrien as himself was almost immediately taken in by her lies/partial-truths about another Miraculous.
  • Sure, she could be but not for those reasons, I don't think. Cat Noir never said he didn't believe Ladybug, he said he's finding her behaviour odd, which is perfectly reasonable after seeing her humiliate a girl in the park for telling, as far as he could see, one or two lies to a boy she likes to impress him, and then treating this new hero with equal coldness for no reason. Something she has never done before. He's only ever seen her act cold towards Chloé before and that was after seeing Chloé be so flippant about her safety and lying to them. So yes, he's going to find her behaviour odd, but Cat Noir does not let other people's opinions dictate how he sees someone. He also believes her when she tells him Lila's an akuma. Cat Noir also doesn't assure her of his safety as tactfully as normal because, spitballing here, it's a little hard to lie when she can see Adrien being carried off and when Adrien is the target, not a bystander like he is in every other situation. He can assure her Adrien is safe normally because he isn't there to be seen. He's also much better at assuring Marinette of his safety than he is assuring Ladybug. If Adrien doesn't know she's lying, he can't call her out on lying. Adrien also now knows Lila is a liar, and he was starting to lose interest as Lila slandered Ladybug like she did. Lila pushed her lies too far and assumed Adrien's interest in Ladybug was because she was a superhero. He's also still interested in Ladybug (calling her stubbornness irresistible) so he might not like Lila, considering how she slammed Ladybug for the sake of a lie.

Lila has a legitimate (if stupid) reason for her rejection of Ladybug's peace offer
Ladybug had previously humiliated Lila before Adrien... And when she apologized for going overboard, Adrien wasn't there (as far as they both knew), something that in Italy could have come as genuinely offending, and as it came right after Volpina's defeat the message Lila got was likely "Sorry if I had to crush you again". Had this happened between Italians it would have been a dire insult-except Marinette is French, grew up in Paris, and her only exposure to Italian culture are her grandmother's occasional visits, she can't be expected to know about this.

Lila suspects that Adrien has feelings for Marinette
While she seems hellbent on ruining Marinette, she shows no apparent interest in targeting Chloé (Adrien's oldest friend) or Aurore or Mirielle or any of Adrien's other fangirls. Since her dialogue indicates that she knows Marinette likes Adrien, and that that's at least part of the reason why she's targeting her, Lila doesn't really have much more of a reason to go after Marinette than after any of the other girls. What makes Marinette different? Simple - unlike the rest of those girls, Lila believes, righly or wrongly, that there's actually a chance of Adrien returning Marinette's feelings (as half the fandom suspects he already does). And given that The Big Damn Kiss at the end of "Mayura", and Adrien's reaction to it, happened right outside Lila's window...

Lila Rossi is the un-favorite and has gone through several bad experiences (long WMG)
It is not the first time in the series that some topics such as abusive parents is touched upon, and in this case it is on the subtle hints on what can happen with the BRAT(Born Raised And Trained). For the sake of the WMG it is possible that the Rossi family had 2 planned sons and an accidental one (wine baby, Lila) which means that Mrs. Rossi didn't like the way things went. It also gets compounded if those older brothers are bona fide aces, whom at series start have left the nest, while Lila has yet to develop her true skill, which can be hinted to be storytelling but is very untrained. Mrs. Rossi is the diplomat and cares more about her sons than her daughter and only remembers when convenient. Mr. Rossi while trying to be a Good Parent is a member of the Guardia di Finanza, it is said that he is a diplomat but for the Rossi family to be dreaded it might be fitting to have him be the Gd F asset, which means he spends a lot of time away for work.

Not all Abusive Parents act the same way and some prefer to act "nice" to get what they want from their children, some go to some tactics as shown in the "unwanted assistance" and as such children whom live with such parents prefer to use some misdirection and lies to avoid the abusive parents' wrath. Also some viewers might notice but her room has more "national items" put as wall items rather than items a young girl would put on, another clue is how unpersonalized her laptop looks. This can be compounded as that like Adrien, Lila is expected to be the "perfect" daughter, with little parental support or guidance, and as such her reactions in some scenes are on the avoid reflexes to let the parent down, however when alone she slumps into depression due to not being able to cope with the psychological demands.

Due to the BRAT situation it is likely that Lila has no friends due to how the moving to a different country can do that, another factor is that the new kid in school tends to be a bully magnet. So by redoing the process for the nth time it is likely that Lila is trying to make herself look better to fit in a place where everyone has "celebrity connections" and knows would be bullied if they knew how her real life truly is. Due to the moving and likelihood of some places the parents have gone it is likely that jingoism has made "heroes" to turn against her. Example:

  • Rogercop experience: In a past country Lila gets in a situation similar to the "stealing" incident but given the absent parents she gets cleared of charges of the "theft" but something way more embarrassing gets out, for the sake of the argument let us say that she had Princess Penguin memorabilia (a very young kid oriented show, like 5 years below her real age) stashed in her school bag. Cue the class laughing stock for the rest of that year. A chance when a cop could have been the everyday hero and decided to just go through with the corrupt authority.

Series wise her actions can be analyzed as follow: In Volpina she lies to fit in because the bar is high, however when with Adrien the situation ends up with Marinette pulling something worthy of Super Dickery (Or would it be called Lady Dickery in universe?) and as such crossed the last hero in the list (super heroes were the ones that were missing in the list) that let Lila down. What is ironical is that Adrien was uncomfortable but trying to find a way to get things to settle peacefully. By the end of the episode not only is Lila in the hardest point of access of the Eiffel Tower but out of range for the rescue teams that provides some treatment or support for the akumatized victims. By the time for Catalyst Lila has avoided her troubles by not going to school and using the "rules" to avoid trouble, the moment Mr. Damocles calls is shown that he is going "by the book" instead of calling at another hour (the call is under standard procedures with students that skip school days). What is interesting is not that Lila is covering herself but that Mrs. Rossi didn't cross check on her child's information, which is rare for a diplomat but if the "Black Sheep" is not making any trouble "why check on said sheep?" (the favorite would get reviewed on not wasting time in education and as such checked on the veracity faster) which can make Gabriel Agreste actually seem a more present father in Adrien's life due to keeping tabs on him. By Chameleon one important line is to be seen as "no more heroes" (actual line actual line in English: "Are you trying to be some superhero lecturing me just like Ladybug did? Well thanks, but no thanks.", in Spanish it goes with the equivalent of "goody two shoes/sanctimonious") which showcases a lot of pent up anger, sadness and frustration which can showcase that if the world has treated her as a villain then she is going with a "then let me be evil" situation (something that can be similar to how Nick Wilde in Zootopia decided to embrace the fox stereotype).

What is interesting is that Adrien tries to negotiate and get Lila to show him the "maskless" Lila which could make him lose the "perfect" mask; however Adrien's lack of Social Skills, as well as Lila's lack of some of the same as protocols vary per country, makes the attempt a failure to an extent but it can hint that the way to deal with Lila is to get her to show a bit of her real self to Adrien and as such both learn to lose the mask.The fallout after Marinette pulled the Super Dickery landed Hawk Moth one of the best brains the heroes could have gotten. The actions through the series show some detective skills (including the comparison of body features to do facial/body recognition), and her targeting of Marinette shows that she has very high suspicions that Marinette is Ladybug and as such is targeting the one that wronged her. Now had the first offense gone differently and the heroes were in a better footing the heroes would have had Lila on their side and her suggestion that Hawk Moth is Gabriel because the misdirection of the fashion victim would pass through her and look as something that would look on an early sketch of a new fashion when things look with the idea but are a fashion victim start; add the broadcast in Catalyst and she would have put the finger that the possibility is high enough to keep more tabs on Gabriel.

Lila will be the new Hawk Moth in the future
The episode "Timetagger" reveals that there will be a different Hawk Moth in the future (in roughly ten years). The akumatized Chris Lahiffe, Timetagger, reveals this as he is about to claim the Miraculous from Ladybug and Chat Noir. At the end of the episode, Lila becomes the new sitter for Chris and for Alya's twin sisters Ella and Etta. She awes Chris by telling him she invented the rapping game Freestyle Clash 2. She lets him play the game, which Marinette did not. Since he will become Timetagger, whose trademark is talking in rap style, there is an implication that Lila may become the future Hawk Moth. There are villainous "Twin Queens of the Inner World" in the future too, so Lila may also corrupt the twins. Lila begins to work in partnership with Gabriel Agreste in "Oni-Chan" and carries on a covert conversation with him in "Miraculer," so she has an inside track to either be given or steal the Butterfly Miraculous at some point.
  • A possible argument against this is that Timetagger may have used a male pronoun for the future Hawk Moth. However, he was deliberately deceptive throughout his interaction with Hawk Moth and this may not mean anything.
    • Also he could just be mistaken, if it's Lila. She's not exactly honest.

Lila will learn Hawk Moth's identity
If Lila is publicly exposed as a Consummate Liar, Gabriel may feel safe to let her in on his secret, knowing that nobody would believe her even if she did try to tell anyone.
  • Alternately, she had guesed his identity, specifically after her team-up (with Gabriel).
  • In the episode "Ladybug" Lila smiles when her causing the downfall of Marinette (as prompted by Gabriel) coincides with an immediate flow of butterflies from Scarlet Moth. She isn't surprised — it seems she knows exactly who she's working for.

Lila is into combat sports
She's awfully nimble as Volpina, reflexively executes a boxing parry when Marinette throws a napkin at her, and in "Chameleon" she shows herself rather adept in fighting Ladybug hand-to-hand. Chance is she's enrolled in a kickboxing or MMA gym (or just self-trained and really talented).

In "Miracle Queen", Lila will become Volpina with the real Fox Miraculous
The previous episode ended with the Miracle Box in Hawk Moth's possession. He might give her the Fox Miraculous to use, but she'll look exactly like her Akumatized form. She'll be smart enough to find a way to make it look like she can still make more than one illusion without detransforming.

  • Jossed, at least for this episode.

Lila really is a descendant of Volpina
Just because she is a Compulsive Liar, it doesn't mean everything she says is a lie. Maybe the reason why she became like that, is because no one believed she is a descendant from a superhero and laughed at her.

Lila isn't even Italian
She's lied about everything else, why not her own heritage?

Lila will die a Family-Unfriendly Death.
She'll use all of the Miraculous on herself at once, and suffer a horrible case of Power Incontinence, causing her to graphically disintegrate onscreen.

similar to Emperor Joker, Lila will gain Reality warping powers and altered the whole world in her liking where she is the world’s greatest heroine.

     Kagami Tsurugi and Luka Couffaine 
Kagami will eventually become Ladybug's Secret Keeper
And by the most over-the-top Contrived Coincidence possible.

She will become the main Spanner in the Works to the vengeful Lila.
And it will be glorious.

Her relationship with Adrien won't last.
  • As much as she likes him, she will eventually discover his former feelings for Ladybug. Or his feelings for Ladybug won't have truly died down.
  • Or, alternatively, he will find out somehow that Marinette had feelings for him, and this will make him conflicted.
  • Or, he won't find out that Marinette had feelings for him, but he will start to notice her instead. Perhaps while disguised as Chat Noir.
  • Or his feelings for Kagami won't really deepen, and Kagami will realize this.
  • Or he will hesitate too much, and Kagami will find his less assertive nature to be a turn-off. Especially if he fails to keep boundaries in place with either Chloe or Lila, or if he doesn't stand up to them when they mistreat others.
  • Another reason it won't last: at this point, they're literally copying Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Star and Marco had their own love interests (Tom for Star, Jackie and later Kelly for Marco), but by the end of the series, Star/Marco (or Starco was 100% canon. The same thing's gonna happen with Adrien and Marinette.

Kagami is connected to a past Dragon Miraculous holder.
As this Tumblr post pointed out, the symbol on her mom's car is very similar to that of the Dragon Miraculous. Kagami could be a descendant of a previous wielder.


Luka and Marinette might end up looking Like an Old Married Couple.
Unlike Kagami and Adrien - who are arguably Birds of a Feather - Luka and Marinnete will be constantly bickering but ultimately respectful and caring of each other.

Specifically, Cuteness Proximity will result in Luka wanting to pet and hug Chat Noir. Bonus points if that ends up as a Running Gag whenever the two them meet.
  • Similarly to Kagami and Ladybug how? What Les Yay are you talking about?
    • Try the Ho Yay page.
    • Ironically, it is their civilian personas who end up getting along from the get-go.

Luka has an Unmanly Secret or two.
The punk/goth motif is just a facade, and he is more akin to Kanji Tatsumi. His Mangst would be reason he turns into an Akuma. Overcoming his internal insecurities will also be his overall character arc.

Luka will be a happy medium of Cat Noir and Adrien
Kagami is something like this to Marinette and Ladybug, being sweet, gentle, awkward, and considerate like Marinette and level-headed, confident, authoritative, bossy, and strict like Ladybug. Luka will balance out Adrien and Cat Noir, being funny, witty, laid-back, and playful like Cat Noir and subdued, polite, friendly, and respectful like Adrien.

Luka's akuma will go into his earings.
Kagami's akuma went into her ring and as Marinette's foil it the likely location.
  • Jossed. It went into the mask he was holding.

Luka is a changeling.
  • Bright blue hair is not a normal color for humans, and that odd ability he has to read people's emotions hints at something supernatural in his makeup. And there's just something... off about the way he moves and talks.
    • Luka's hair is pretty clearly dyed, like his sister's.
    • The series seems to have "anime rules" for hair, as Marinette(and several other characters, like her mom or Mireille) has blue hair, Alix pink hair, Nathaniel bright red hair and even Miss Mendeliev has purple hair.

Luka's relationship with Marinette will last longer than Kagami's relationship with Adrien
.Marinette already showed a fondness for Luka beforehand, plus Adrien as a civilian has already indirectly turned her down several times. Marinette's feelings for Luka might grow to be something deeper, considering her deep sense of loyalty and how well Luka treats her, and their relationship will be a healthy one.

     Bourgeois Family 
The Bourgeois are related to the Duprees
It's obvious Chloe takes after Aunt Bianca.


Chloé will have a Face–Heel Turn by the end of Season 3.
  • Judging by the events of Miraculer, and going by the fact that she still hasn't become a significantly better person, it's possible that she'll join Hawk Moth and Mayura and declare war on Ladybug.
  • What's more, if the spoilers regarding someone else becoming the Bee Miraculous holder/Queen Bee are true, Chloé could become extremely embittered by, what she views as, a slight on Ladybug's part and join Hawk Moth.

Chloé will have a Jerkass Realization.
Specifically, it will dawn on the Alpha Bitch just how much Being Evil Sucks. It will happen something like this: Chloé announces that she will be throwing a party, most likely for her birthday, and starts tempting her classmates to jump through hoops for an invitation. Naturally, she ignores everyone's complaints about being baited like dogs, until Adrien, who's already having a bad day, is finally pushed to the brink and essentially tells his semi-friend to get over herself. At the party, Chloé is shocked to find that, aside from Sabrina and her father's employees, NO-ONE shows up. At first, she decides that she didn't want the riffraff at her party anyway, but she eventually gets sick of hearing nothing but "Whatever you want, Chloé." and starts thinking that maybe it's better to be around real people rather than sycophants. All this will be the first step on her road to Character Development.
  • Or she might get confronted by someone who's an even bigger Alpha Bitch than she is, only in a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing way. This girl shows up at school and at first, Chloé thinks the world of her, even if she's got the odd habit of treating her "inferiors" well...until the new girl goes on a date with Adrien, that eventually spins into several dates. Furious that someone would steal her Adrien, Chloé does some digging and discovers that the new girl is blackmailing Adrien, stumbling upon them having an argument that makes what she's doing clear without giving away what her dirt is (as it would probably be him being Chat Noir). Chloé tries to get help but no one believes her since Chloé has been her normal self and the new girl has been treating everyone sweetly. Desperate, Chloé ends up going to Marinette who only believes her for Adrien's sake and makes that clear. Chloé ends up gaining respect for Marinette and even has the beginning of a Heel Realization about her constant fawning over Adrien since it's becoming quite clear that he's not interested in her romantically.
  • Or, she gets a Miraculous (like the bee) and after the first few times she slowly realizes the Akumas are all people she annoyed/insulted earlier. It may take a bit, but she will soon realize almost everything with the akumas is her fault, or at least she contributes heavily and that will cause her Heel–Face Turn . After all, fighting classmates personally and watching them detransform is different from cheering Ladybug on from afar.
  • She kinda gets a short-lived variation at the end of "Zombizou". Sure she admits to Miss Bustier that it's her fault she was akumatized and forgot it was her birthday, but she refuses to admit it to the rest of the class. Marinette (who saw as Ladybug) realizes that Chloe does have the potential to be a good person, if she is set a positive example.

Chloé dyes her hair.
So she can undergo a Expository Hairstyle Change during or after a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Technically it's called bleaching if you mean she currently does something to her hair.
  • Possibly this, or she gets an Important Haircut

Marinette committed some slight against Chloé in the past.
Chloé is generally insufferable to everyone around her, but it's clear that she consciously tries to torment Marinette. It is possible that the time they first came into contact around four years ago, Marinette innocently did or said something that angered Chloé enough to declare vengeance, and she has never realized. Of course, it's still Chloé's fault for being petty enough to hold the grudge for this long, but if Marinette learns of what happened and has the humility to apologize for it, it could be the start of the girls mending their fences.
  • She might just be jealous of Marinette. After all, Marinette is very talented and her family is very close.

The basis for Chloé's crush on Adrien.
We have no idea why or for how long Chloé's mother has been out of the picture, but say that it's been much longer than the four or five years since Adrien's mother disappeared, around kindergarten or grade school. As a little girl who had everything in life besides a mother figure, Chloé quickly latched onto the sweet, beautiful mother of her friend Adrien. So much so that she declared her intentions to grow up and marry Adrien so his mother would become hers. Being the Spoiled Brat she is, Chloé immaturely holds onto her childhood dream even though the true object of her desire has vanished.

A key part of Chloé's redemption arc will be a reunion with her Missing Mom.
Mrs. Bourgeois has been absent ever since essentially abandoning Chloé at a young age, but she makes an unexpected appearance in an episode with the declaration of wanting to reconnect. Unfortunately, this is all revealed to be a ruse: Her mother was and still is an egotistic Gold Digger who married André in the first place because, like with their daughter, he has always catered to her every whim, and she's back to exploit money, political influence or publicity. Even if she has some maternal love for Chloé, it's not enough to make the woman want to change her ways. Chloé will be struck with the painful realization that her mother is precisely what she is in danger of becoming, so she rips the bi-atch a new one for being so selfish and manipulative, and starts taking the steps to ensure she never falls so low.
  • Alternatively, Chloé will be overcome with hurt upon realizing the kind of woman her mother is and breaks down crying. If Marinette can be witness to this, it would turn her perception of Chloé right on its head.
  • I like this idea, and the idea that her mom is a terrible person, but I prefer to think that Mme Bourgeois comes from old money herself and is a cold, haughty fashion model. I like to think that Chloé is the way she is because she's constantly trying to impress her mother, who has never felt Chloé is good enough. It matches with how Chloé is so desperate for attention and to be the best and most impressive person, and why Chloé never talks about her.

Chloé will fail to bully Lila.
90% of Chloé's submission tactics is to play the Mayor's daughter card, but if there's one person who Mayor Bourgeois wouldn't want to get on the bad side of, it's a foreign diplomat like Lila's parent(s)...provided that what Alya said about Lila's parentage actually was the truth, of course. After being told by André that the Rossis are not to be so much as irked, Chloé begrudgingly leaves Lila alone.
  • It doesn't need to be so complex. Lila could just be wholly unaffected by Chloé.

That is, Chloé does truly believe she's beloved and the best, but does not think this is enough. This is slightly hinted at by how she actively tries to be the best even though she clearly already thinks she is, as well as how often she states that she's loved and "the best". She seems to truly believe it, and yet, she constantly tries to make people like her and have people say she's "the best". Even though she truly seems to believe she's popular, she still feels the need to try and get rid of her competition and buy popularity. This may also be the driving force behind her crush on Adrien, who is a young, extremely talented, handsome model who makes it seem like his life is perfect. She likes him because he's got the things she's looking for. Genuine popularity and talent, for instance. Chloé also noticeably never does anything herself, preferring to use people who she knows can do it to handle things for her, like Sabrina and Marinette. Chloé's mother, whom we have not yet seen, may be the driving force behind this. She may directly or indirectly make Chloé think she'll never be good enough in her mother's eyes, even though Chloé tries very hard for it. André is almost so nice a parent, with a slight strict streak, that I can't help but wonder if his wife is very different from him.

Chloé will completely fail to maintain a secret identity once she gets the Bee Miraculous.
Because even after a Heel–Face Turn, her ego will still be massive enough that on some level she'll want everybody to know that the new superhero is her.
  • Knowing Chloé, she'll just announce it immediately, no Heel–Face Turn needed.
  • Confirmed. The first thing she does after getting the Bee Miraculous is to scream at the top of her lungs that she's Queen Bee.

Chloé will reject her Miraculous, at least at first
Assuming the Bee is simply not capable of being a solo act, nor is its hero ever meant to be part of the spotlight. Chloé is at first delighted to become a superhero (after getting over the shock of Pollen), but quickly learns that not only is it not all fun and games, but she can't even be the star. The Bee is meant to support, not act. Since Chloé is all about attention, she rejects her Miraculous. However, she does attempt to get it back and fails, forcing her to actually ask for it back.
  • Jossed. She jumps at the call, with disastrous consequences.

Chloé will have to make a Heroic Sacrifice
If she gets Character Development and goes through Heel–Face Turn, that is. There are two ways this may occur:
  • It will come before she gets her Miraculous. Maybe she will find out about Ladybug's or Cat Noir's secret identity, through considering that she is Adrien's childhood friend, it's likely going to be the latter. Then later, Hawk Moth will ask her to give her their Miraculous in exchange for something of hers - at best something like her wealth and at worst her freedom. After seeing her selfless sacrifice, Master Fu will give her a Miraculous and somehow, the Reset Button will be pushed as well and she will get back what she lost.
  • It will come after she gets her Miraculous. At first, she will be an Anti-Hero who only fights evil for fame, but eventually, someone she cares about - Adrien, Sabrina, her father, etc. - will be kidnapped by Hawk Moth, who will ask her to give up her Miraculous in exchange for their lifes - maybe the other Miraculous holders will be in a similar position, which will result in an arc where Marinette, Adrien and Chloé will have to save Paris without any powers.

Chloé is insane.
  • Not in an Insane = Violent way, of course, but with a massive case of Believing Their Own Lies. That is why she does things like insist that she hadn't offended anyone recently in "Antibug" even though she'd just had a fight with Sabrina, or thinking that everyone loves her despite the fact that everyone else can see the whole class hates her, or insisting that she and Ladybug are best buds even though they barely know each other. She isn't an idiot, or even lying in the normal sense, she literally can't tell the difference between her fantasies and reality. Her father doesn't grasp just how bad the situation is, and is therefore enabling her delusions because he doesn't know what else to do.
    • This also explains why Ladybug calling her out broke her so utterly in Antibug. She couldn't deny or explain her way around what she was hearing, so she was forced to confront the actual truth. And then by the end she'd managed to repress the realization, and was back to normal.

Chloé is a Take That! at the Superhero genre's Misaimed Fandom.
Pretty much everyone knows them - the guy or girl who goes out to see Thor or Captain America and goes on and on about how cool and powerful the character is and how they're such a huge fan, only to then spend the whole night moaning and ranting because on the way back from the movie theater some "smelly homeless bum" dared to ask them for a single penny on their "hard-earned" allowance from daddy.

Pretty much describes Chloé to a tee. She loves Ladybug and is fond of calling herself the superhero's "most devoted fan" but doesn't have any understanding of the actual heroic traits that make Ladybug the hero. In fact she utterly despises Ladybug's civilian persona Marinette specifically because Marinette possesses those same heroic qualities. It's obvious she only likes Ladybug because Ladybug is popular.


André Bourgeois will lose his position as mayor.
Not only is the man implied to be a Sleazy Politician, the events of "Rogercop" show that he doesn't shy away from abusing his power. Granted, he'll probably get to keep the hotel, but it will cause Chloé to lose the connections that let her get away with so many offences. Depending on how much he's found out to have embezzled, he might lose even the hotel. Either way, it'll probably make him vulnerable to akumatization.

The Mayor will remarry.
Chloé will be so upset that her "wicked" stepmother refuses to spoil her.

André doesn't actually love Chloé; he just finds her to be a convenient prop to make himself look good.
He just throws money at Chloé to make her shut up and because she doesn't know any better, she assumes this is love. This could come out with a "truth teller" akuma that makes people blurt out truths about their darkest secrets; Chloé is devastated when she finds out she's nothing but a cheap political tactic and ironically finds her relationship with her classmates going better since all of them feel sorry for her since not even a jerk like Chloé deserves to have a parent who just uses her for his own benefit.

Jossed in Malediktator since her leaving the city is enough to get him akumitzed

André is his wife's Love Martyr.
Continuing the themes of theories about Generation Xerox in Adrien's parents, Chloé's mother Audrey is her Shadow Archetype, and André is her Sabrina: An underling who did everything Audrey wanted of him, no matter how unethical, only hoping for much more than friendship in return. Audrey eventually deemed André good enough to marry and have Chloé with after he became successful with his hotel and political career, but would still leave them to pursue her own interests. While Chloé was spoiled and sheltered to fill the void, André got by for years with the belief that Audrey would come running back if he stayed rich and faithful to her. When Audrey reappears, Chloé will realize that her mother is a selfish woman who isn't worth trying to please, and so will her father.

André has a sister
This hypothetical sister would be Arlette, Nadja's boss from "Prime Queen". Arlette does appear to be a producer, if not the owner of the TV studio as well, since she is the one calling all the shots in the TV studio. In "Gorizilla", we learn that an "A. Bourgeois" is a producer and produced a movie Adrien's mother, Emilie, was in.


Audrey is Adrien's mother
Just nobody was told this. Neither of them are anywhere to be seen, after all.
  • I heard Word of God jossed this a while ago.
    • That would make Chloé's constant hitting on Adrien highly inappropriate for a kid's show.
    • Also, this would require her to have been married to André Bourgeois and Gabriel Agreste at the same time, since Chloe and Adrien are the same age.

Alternately Audrey is the sister of Adrien's mother, Emilie
  • No, by "Word of God jossed this a while ago", they meant "Adrien and Chloé are not related".
    • That would make Chloé's constant hitting on Adrien highly inappropriate for a kid's show.

There's a connection between Chloé's and Adrien's missing mother's.
  • We learn in "Gorizilla" that Adrien's mother was in a film produced by an A. Bourgeois. This could mean whatever caused Chloé's mother leaving might have involved Adrien's mother as well.

Audrey wants custody of Chloé for some reason.
This is why Mayor Bourgeois bends to all of her demands; he doesn't want to lose his precious daughter. It's also possible that Audrey only wants her for superficial reasons and doesn't actually love her like a mother should, and André doesn't want his daughter to suffer from that.

Audrey has some connection to the Miraculouses.
  • At the end of "Feast", we see Audrey, Tomoe Tsurugi, and Gabriel and Nathalie reacting to the news of the temple's reappearance. While Gabriel and Nathalie have an obvious reason to be interested, Audrey doesn't seem to be the kind of person who'd be interested in a Tibetan temple reappearing... unless she was interested in what's in the temple.

Amber bourgeois
Similar to Felix, who was supposed to never appear in the serie, Amber will be a canon character. She will also be the new Bee Miraculous´s holder. She could be:
  • Chloe's cousin; maybe Arlette is her mother.
  • Chloe's older sister. She maybe she lived in New York with their mother, or being older and more independent, she has been traveling.

     Hawk Moth's Wish 

Hawk Moth's wish is to erase Adrien's death (see the "Adrien is a sentimonster" theory a few folders down).
  • Going off the "Adrien is a sentimonster Replacement Goldfish for the late real Adrien" theory a bit further down, Gabriel might wish to prevent his son's death. Assuming any of it is true, if the real Adrien never died, then Emilie would never have needed to create the sentimonster of him, and thus would not have gone into her coma. Therefore, Gabriel would never have become Hawk Moth or akumatized innocent people (or Nathalie and Lila), because his reason to do so would not have come to pass.

Hawk Moth plans to sacrifice Lila
Since the Miraculous wish will require an Equivalent Exchange, it stands to reason that restoring Emilie will require sacrificing someone else's life. Adrien is out of the question - aside from Gabriel's occasionally showing concern for him, Emilie would likely not be happy if Gabriel sacrificed their son to bring her back. Nathalie is probably safe for the same reasons. On the other hand, Gabriel has shown contempt towards Lila (in "Onichan", before he decided to recruit her), and he might decided that she has outlived her usefulness (especially since her abhorrent behavior is likely to become a liability down the line, so there's no sense in keeping her around longer than he has to).

     Nino Lahiffe 
Nino has Abusive Parents
Forgive me if I sound like I'm overanalyzing a bit, but this is something I noticed when I watched The Bubbler. Nino is so quick and ready to judge every parent in Paris based on the actions of one adult, and it seems so petty. But what if it isn't? What if Nino was abused by his own parents? It explains why he acts extremely out of character when Gabriel shuts him out. His anger could be interpreted as a Big Brother Instinct towards Adrien trying to protect him (and let's be honest here, Gabe is abusive). Nino also acts incredibly mature for his age (hey, those "Dad Nino" memes aren't for nothing) at least when you compare it to the other kids of his class.

Nino will have a special, deep hatred for Lila Rossi
It makes sense. Since Alya is his girlfriend and Lila is Alya's Evil Counterpart and complete opposite, it would be fine and fitting for Lila to be his most hated person ever.
  • Makes sense from another angle, too - promo material for Season 2 has indicated that Lila will try to manipulate Adrien to keep him all to herself. Nino took it personally when Gabriel denied Adrien a party, so someone deliberately harming his bestie? Yeah, Lila's definitely going to end up on Nino's shitlist.
    • Jossed. In "Onii-Chan", Nino talks to Lila about her mother is attending a fancy gala and she wants to attend but she needs to be caught up on her schoolwork. Nino kindly offers her that he'll tell Adrien a good word about her to help her catch up.
    • However, in "Miraculer", Lila tells Gabriel Agreste that "Adrien could do much better than Nino". Despite Nino's kindness to her, this just shows how ungrateful of a person Lila is.

     The hypothetical akumatizations of Marinette and Adrien 


The class has a betting pool on whether Marinette or Adrien will be akumatized first.
Everyone else has been akumatized, so they all wonder whether the Plucky Girl or the Lonely Rich Kid will be the last man standing.

Laser-Guided Amnesia will be used for plot convenience.
It will be used as a contrived method to get their akumatizations over with without revealing their secret identities.

After something happens that separates them from their Miraculous they will frantically try to retrieve them and after one too long Humiliation Conga, they'll get akumatized (perhaps accidentally, like Gigantitan), but conveniently leave out the fact that they always had the Miraculous from Hawk Moth.


What happened in "Zombizou" will happen again, only worse.
After someone hurts her friends and/or family and is Off on a Technicality, it will be her sense of justice that will make her susceptible again.

Marinette is more likely to be akumatized than Adrien
Aside from Word of God saying that where Marinette's optimism protects her from Akumatization, which we've now seen isn't infallible, while Adrien's defense being that he's so used to being disappointed that he doesn't loose his temper too much, Gabriel/Hawk Moth does, in some way, care about Adrien and so is unlikely to want to directly Akumatize him. He'd have no such qualms with Marinette. It'd also balance the books from every time Adrien's been brainwashed or otherwise affected by the Akumas, while Marinette usually avoids it.
  • Technically this is true- Gabriel and Lila have spent all of S3 trying to make Marinette angry or sad enough she could be akumatised. She very nearly was in three different episodes- "Chameleon", "Zombizou", and the absolute closest in "Ladybug". Lila was deliberately setting Marinette up to be akumatisable. However, despite the fact Marinette has been set up several times to be akumatised, it's ultimately Cat Noir who gets fully akumatised first between the two of them.

When Marinette is akumatized, we will discover that there are other ways to neutralize akuma than Ladybug's purification.
Because it makes little sense for only Ladybug to be able to deal with the akuma.
  • The other way will be Tikki doing the purification by herself and it'll be revealed to have some sort of setback just like there are setbacks when Plagg uses Cataclysm.
    • Or Marinette is simply not wearing her earrings at the time.
  • Maybe it'll be another bug-themed Miraculous, like a dragonfly.

Ladybug will get akumatized into a new Antibug.
So far, akumatized Miraculous holders just become evil versions of their normal superhero selves (Queen Wasp, Rena Rage, Shell Shock), so there's no reason to think the pattern won't hold true for Ladybug herself.

Marinette/Ladybug will force the akuma out of her body through sheer willpower.
She'll rampage as expected, but the encouragement of her friends to fight Hawk Moth's control will push Marinette/Ladybug to reject the akuma on her own power, after which she can purify the insect as normal.

Marinette will get akumatized because of Lila.
It almost became canon in "Chameleon". This time, though, Marinette won't see the butterfly coming.
  • It kind of became canon in "Ladybug", but she never got akumatised, she was just connected with Hawk Moth.

Marinette will be akumatised when she isn't wearing the Ladybug Miraculous
We know from certain spoilers that Marinette won't wear the Ladybug all the time in Season 3. Not only did she take the Miraculous off on "Reflekdoll", which ended up with her becoming Lady Noir, but we also know she wears the Mouse Miraculous AND the Mouse with the Fox at one point. So there's two, maybe even three, times in Season 3 where Marinette is not wearing the Ladybug Miraculous. This means she might not wear it all the time in Season 4, too. Marinette being akumatised will probably bring back Mister Bug as well.
  • The trailer for "Kwamibuster" shows Marinette trying on some of the other Miraculous before choosing the use the Mouse; it's likely that she is doing so because Tikki got captured by the villain, so she is probably still wearing her earrings but can't transform into Ladybug without Tikki.


Adrien's grief about his mother will reach its peak.
Even if he is used to disappointment, the topic is so sore to him that it basically screams 'volcano that is about to erupt', especially if some paparazzi get involved, given that she is the wife of one of the most wealthy and most famous denizens of Paris (who rarely interacts with the public), mother of one the most popular adolescent models in Paris. And that's not even getting into her own heavily implied career of acting and working with the wealthy and controversial Bourgeois family.

Adrien's akumatization will turn him into a anthropomorphic manticore.
Aside from the obvious reasons, scorpions, while being sinister in most narratives, also symbolize death and rebirth (making them very similar to snakes) - not to mention that lions are heavily symbolic of family - as in Adrien finally having a catharsis regarding his personal issues, like some 98% of the other akumatized victims.

Adrien's akumatization will turn him into something similar to the Scorpion from the Spider-Man franchise.

Adrien's akumatization will be caused by his entitlement issues concerning Ladybug.
For example, maybe he pulls another stunt like Copycat, causing someone (possibly Ladybug, Plagg, or maybe Luka) to blow their shit at him and tell him the world doesn't revolve around him and he isn't going to get Ladybug just because he wants her. Despondent, Hawk Moth decides to bite the bullet and akumatize him.

Adrien's akumatization will cost the heroes his own identity and Master Fu's.
"Backwarder" shows that Hawk Moth can compel his victims to give up information regarding the Miraculous holders and the Guardian if they possess it. He would have to fly right past stupidity into full-blown suspension-of-disbelief-breaking plot contrivance not to take advantage of the Holy Grail of akumas and wring every drop of knowledge he can out of Chat. Given what Chat is shown to know, he would thus tell Hawk Moth that he is Adrien Agreste and that the Guardian is going by the alias of Mr. Chan (although he doesn't know where Fu lives or who Ladybug is under the mask).
  • Well, first off, Backwarder started talking without prompting. But that's not the point. Most likely what will happen is he decides he'll not bother asking because he figures he'll find out when Cat Noir hands the Miraculous over. Hawk Moth has never been very smart about how he uses Cat Noir when he does have control over him, so it's unlikely he'll start now. He also doesn't seem to care too much about their identities, oddly enough. He sees them untransformed as weak and vulnerable, but he doesn't seem to care who they are.

     Future Akumatiziations and Their Causes 

After hearing his father call him untalented, he looked visibly hurt. So, he wants to make an honest effort to improve as a musician, but his reputation was too badly damaged. This will lead to his Akumatization.

Lila's mother will find out about her daughter's bad behavior
After she gets Akumatized, this will actually lead to an Even Evil Has Loved Ones moment from Lila.

Sabine will successfully be akumatized into Verity Queen
She will have the ability to make people tell the truth, putting Ladybug and Chat Noir at risk of revealing their identities.
  • If she does, it's possible this happens because she's disappointed in Marinette for lying (be it one lie or several).

If Felix is akumatized, it will be willingly
He will either take an akuma meant for someone else like Lila did in "Chameleon", or just gladly accept an akuma that was sent after him.
  • Felix will become the new Cat Blanc. Someone will refer to him as "Cat Noir's evil twin"; obviously ignoring that both are cousins.

Master Fu will get akumatized?
In an upcoming season 4 episode, Master Fu plans to get akumatized.


Pygmalion was a former wielder of the Peacock Miraculous and Galatea was a sentimonster.
According to Classical Mythology, Pygmalion was a sculptor who carved a woman from ivory. She was said to be so beautiful that the sculptor fell in love with the statue. he made an offering to Aphrodite, who then answered his prayer and brought the statue to life. The woman (then named Galatea) married him and bore him children and they lived happily ever after.

It is likely that the statue was used as a vessel for an amok, creating a life-like replica for Pygmalion to interact with like a real human-being. In "Ladybug", Mayura was able to create a sentimonster replica of Ladybug so convincing that it developed a will of its own, so it is clear that the Peacock Miraculous is capable of making people.

While Aphrodite is not associated with peacocks - that being more Hera's thing - there are likely some versions of the story where is was Hera, and Hera is the goddess of marriage, so it is still a likely parallel.

Nathalie is a sentimonster created by Emilie.
It's revealed in "Ladybug" that sentimonsters are fully sentient beings that follow the orders of their master. Emilie may have created Nathalie and handed ownership of her to Gabriel.

Adrien is a sentimonster created by Emilie.
The original Adrien may have died, and Emilie used the Peacock Miraculous to create a Replacement Goldfish for him. The strain of this abuse of her Miraculous is what put her into a coma. Since Adrien has free will and doesn't always obey Gabriel, the amokitized object must be in his own possession. One possibility is the framed picture of Emilie in his room, which he treasures.
  • Adrien is "perfect" according to Astruc. Perhaps a little too perfect? In the episode "Ladybug" the Sentimonster Ladybug is also called "perfect."
  • He was kept home-schooled. Emilie and Gabriel wanted him to sooth their own grief and didn't trust he could be around others his own apparent age. In the Origins episode, Gabriel says that Adrien "isn't like" other kids. He follows up with "you're my son", but...
  • This provides an understandable, well-intentioned reason for Emilie to push her use of the Peacock Miraculous, and for Gabriel to let her do it.
  • The episode "Feast" shows that more than one Sentimonster can exist at the same time if they were created by two different Peacock wielders. One was dormant in this case, but that was due to circumstances. There was still an amok inside Feast for nearly two centuries.
  • Another thing: Cataclysm. This power has been shown to destroy organic matter, buildings, Shell-ter, a magical prison dimension and even Miraculous. Though we've almost never clearly seen it be used on a living thing, we've seen two (false in the first case and arguable in the second) images of Cat Noir or Copycat getting hit by his own Cataclysm and crumbling to dust. I can only think of two things that haven't been outright destroyed by an application of Cataclysm offhand: Reflekdoll (obviously a Sentimonster) and the actual Cat Noir himself (when hit by Miraculer.) Both were hurt, but neither destroyed.
    • Roads and bridges are also Sentimonsters then, because Cataclysm doesn't destroy every square inch of road when it's used on those. It only seems to do so much damage over a certain area, and it doesn't seem capable of killing. Reflekdoll's damage was no different than Cat Noir using it on a road- it only created cracks and fissures, but didn't completely destroy it. Likely because of how large it is. We also see in several episodes that Cataclysm causes technology to malfunction, which is exactly what happens to Reflekdoll. We also never see Cataclysm used on living things EXCEPT for Cat Noir.
  • Hang on. You can't tell me that Gabriel, controlling as he is, would give Adrien's Amok to anyone, even Adrien himself? Obviously Emilie can't still have it, or Gabriel would have taken it to keep Adrien safe by controlling him. It seems unlikely Emilie wouldn't tell him what it was or that he wouldn't hunt it down. As to the portrait suggestion, the Amok can't be locked up or in his room- when Bugette's Amok was just on the ground with nobody to control her, she stopped moving. Sentimonsters can't act without someone, even them, holding their Amok. Adrien obviously doesn't have this supposed Amok- the only thing he always has on him is his Miraculous, and he even takes THAT off in "Reflekdoll" to completely change his clothing. If he doesn't even put the Black Cat Miraculous in his pocket, despite its importance, why would he put an Amok in his pocket? It doesn't seem possible Adrien is a Sentimonster if you think about how the Amok seem to work. They need someone (or the Sentimonster itself) to have possession of them, physical possession, for the Sentimonster to be able to act. Moreover, Emilie creating an Adrien Sentimonster wouldn't force her to repeatedly use the Peacock, so it doesn't justify her using it enough it nearly kills her like suggested above. She just had to use it the once, because whoever has the Amok calls the shots, not the Peacock holder. They just have the ability to destroy the Sentimonster.
    • The rules are not that clear. Nobody was holding Hawk Moth's broken cane and the giant butterfly moved. So did the lollipop monster when the pacifier was dropped. Also, the extent and exact effects of a Cataclysm are normally up to the user of the power: it once broke a prison dimension of seemingly unlimited extent. It seems likely that Ladybug willed the total annihilation of Reflekdoll, but she was only able to crack it and drive it crazy. And although Gabriel is controlling, if he wants a substitute son he would not be satisfied with a puppet that required his command for every move. It is plausible that he knows the amokitized object but leaves it alone.
      • Keep in mind she doesn't know how to use Cataclysm and that Cat Noir doesn't always destroy everything he touches even if he's trying to. I mean he was trying to destory Ladybug but when he set off the fireworks in Princess Fragrance, all he did was make the machine malfunction. Cataclysm is only able to make technology go haywire, it cannot destroy it. I would argue if this absurd idea is true, that Gabriel would not let go of the Amok, and that would not mean he has to give Adrien every single order. It would however let him keep tabs on his son and make sure his son doesn't go against his wishes. But this doesn't seem to be how Adrien functions. He has his own free will and disobeys his father often. Ergo, Adrien cannot possibly be a Sentimonster, because he has free will and his father obviously doesn't have his amok. And Gabriel would most certainly have it- there is no arguing this fact. Based on the kind of person he is, Adrien's amok would not leave his possession, and thus, Adrien would not be able to disobey him.
      • As of "Cat Blanc", the situation is... ambiguous: We see that Cataclysm does in fact cause humans to crumble to dust, even if they're currently transformed via Miraculous... well, at least, Cat Blanc's super-Cataclysm does. That still leaves the question of Cat Noir's normal Cataclysm. All the same, though every last one is frustratingly a special case, it remains true that every seeming instance of Cataclysm used on a human destroys them, except with Miraculer on Cat Noir.
  • What if Emilie made Gabriel promise never to use the amok object to control Adrien? He loves her and insists on keeping his word, so that could be it.
    • Alternately, what if Emilie specifically imbued the Adrien sentimonster with true free will, so that he cannot be controlled through his amok? Either deliberately, or as a side effect of making him able to learn and grow like a human being? Again, we've seen that creating an intelligent sentimonster (Ladybug) was exhausting for Natalie but didn't drain her to the point of coma, so whatever Emelie did would have to be a step beyond even that.
  • We have seen that a complex enough sentimonster can become fully sentient if no one is holding its amok and giving it commands, and making Adrien this realistic and this resilient (surviving Cataclysm) might be what damaged the miraculous (and its user) in the first place. Gabriel wouldn't be unable to send him to school and expect him to act like a normal human. BUT... we know what a control freak Gabriel is. The real problem here is that Gabriel would never decide not to use something that would give him complete control over Adrien. Also, when he suspects Chat Noir is Adrien, he'd have an easy time confirming it. Next time he sees Chat Noir, get the amok and give him an order. Something small like "cough twice" that won't cause Adrien too much trouble if it's not him and he's somewhere else.
  • One thing to consider that might point toward this theory: Nathalie used the broken Miraculous all season and though she suffers, she was pretty far from "Human Popsicle in a life support tube" status by the end. Emilie's current condition would mean she did even more with it than Nathalie has - yet there's no sign of a rash of kaiju attacks in the show's backstory. So just what did Emilie do that was so much more taxing than everything Nathalie did put together, but went unnoticed? Hmmm...
  • The fact that he is exactly identical to his cousin Felix to the point where they could impersonate each other seems rather suspect, regardless if their mothers are twins or not. If Adrien is a sentimonster, it is likely that she based Adrien's appearance off of his nephew. With Adrien being a sentimonster, its possible that he has the ability to alter the memories of those around him without even knowing it, thus life will be as though he had always existed.
    • Alternately, if we go with the "the Adrien sentimonster is a Replacement Goldfish for the deceased real Adrien" angle suggested by the original poster, Emilie could have modeled "Adrien"'s appearance off of Félix, extrapolating from the fact that the boys looked similar when they were little (depending on how recently the real Adrien died). And depending on the time frame, they might not need to warp anyone's memory - just keep Adrien in seclusion for a bit near the end, make the sentimonster, then claim that he miraculously recovered (which would be true, from a certain point of view).
  • This might also explain why Gabriel thinks he needs the Wish to get Emelie back. It's possible that something like Ladybug's Miracle or some lesser restoration magic might be able to cure Emelie... but at the cost of dissipating Adrien. Maybe only the Wish can restore Emelie while still leaving the sentimonster she made intact?
  • One problem with this theory: Adrien has memories of his mother getting sick and weakening. So unless Emilie gave him false memories of her growing sick (which makes little sense), then he would have had to be alive before Emilie did whatever it was she did that put her into this coma.
  • It's possible Emelie didn't just fall into a coma, her health could have just slowly deteriorated after making a sentimonster as complex as an actual human being, since we know making a Ladybug copy was hard on Nathalie. This would explain why Adrien would have memories of her getting sick.
  • Well, I'm still in favor of this theory, and if you've seen Loveater/Heart Hunter, you might understand why I think that it could also be the case that (see next entry)...

Kagami is a Sentimonster.
You've seen Loveater/Heart Hunter, right? Warning you!


...(following from previous entry) Given all the "made for each other" talk taken literally. And Mayura knows it, and that she's Ryuko, and she has the right Miraculous to destroy Sentimonsters without a fight...

Adrien's Bodyguard is a sentimonster created by Emilie.
Adrien's bodyguard is hyper fixated on protecting Adrien. He doesn't have a name and while he is sentient he doesn't speak. In "Simon Says", he manages to restrain Cat Noir, who has super strength.

    Miraculous World 

Lady Butterfly is the Brazilian Miraculous superheroine that Zag and Astruc have been teasing.

The Miraculous World specials will culminate in a Crisis Crossover of all the global Miraculous heroes.

Ghost Force and/or Pixie Girl will have guest star appearances from the United Heroez and/or the American Miraculous heroes.
Both shows are slated to take place in New York and were originally supposed to guest star in the New York special, so having appearances or references to the characters that did end up in the New York special in place of them could be a nod to that and would make the Quantic Universe feel fuller by having a crossover with Miraculous Ladybug without needing the appearances of the main characters.

    The Reveal 

In order for The Reveal to stick, all four corners of the love square have to be acknowledged.
Many episodes have had moments that could have lead to The Reveal of Marinette/Ladybug and Adrien/Chat Noir's identities to each other, but often one of the two missed a tiny detail that would have made it click.SPOILERS BELOW, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!
  • In most episodes, only one or two of the four ships are acknowledged, usually Adrinette or Lady Noir. Hence, most often Adrien or Marinette are blind to who is behind the other mask.
  • A few episodes shake this up, such as "Gorizilla" which acknowledges Adrinette and Ladrien, with a small nod to Lady Noir, but not Mari Chat, and after Ladybug rescues Adrien from falling off of the building, he nearly gives away who he is.
  • In the two episodes that a temporary reveal happens, "Oblivio" and "Chat Blanc", three of the four are acknowledged. Oblivio has no mention or showing of Mari Chat and "Chat Blanc" has no mention of Ladrien (when Adrien realizes Marinette and Ladybug are the same person, he even has thoughts about Mari Chat, Lady Noir and Adrinette, but no Ladrien). Both episodes also prove that once the two heroes know who is behind the other mask, they will become a couple. Once she knows Adrien is Chat Noir in "Oblivio", Ladybug has no denial of her love for Chat. When Adrien realizes in "Chat Blanc" that Marinette is Ladybug, he mentions that he always felt she was more than just a friend, but could not figure out why he did.
  • Master Fu states in "Stoneheart" that the two are made for each other, and this show has placed a lot of emphasis on metaphysical phenomena, hence why, despite not knowing at the time that Chat's flirting was more than banter, why Ladybug's kiss freed Chat from Dark Cupid's Hate Plague. They do love each other, but they don't know it for certain because they're both in love with one side of the other. In order for The Reveal to happen and stick, Adrien must see why he loves Marinette like he does Ladybug and Marinette must see that she loves Chat Noir, not just Adrien.


There were several instances where Parisian security cameras recorded Marinette and Adrien transforming/de-transforming.
But considering their young age and the importance of keeping their identity secret, the government decided to put Ladybug and Chat Noir's identity under "Secret Défense"/Official Secrecy, which means anyone who tries to reveal their identity could face a severe prison sentence.
  • We've seen them transform several times in the Metro, and it's pretty much impossible to have a spot in the Parisian Metro that isn't camera'd. (Over 9500 cameras.)
  • Probably not, as the setting appears to be an alternate universe utopian Paris where security cameras either aren't necessary or are easily avoidable.
  • It's confirmed in Season 3 that the Kwamis can't be detected by any electronic means, and the New York special confirms that the Miraculous Holders have a 'quantum field' that messes with human minds' perception, so their transformations are pretty much undetectable unless someone is right there to watch it in person.
    • They do not need to record the kwami: even if the cameras do not directly record them transforming That is to say , the guards will do 2+2 and assume their secret identity.

If a Season 2 is made, there will be an episode about the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks.
Given the nature of this show however, it's extremely unlikely, plus, even then, it would still be "too soon".
  • I was more thinking that they'd put a situation in the show that, although it's not like the Paris attacks, would seem like a serious situation for Ladybug and Cat Noir. Most likely, I think there should be an episode about loss or (the most likely situation), there can be an episode with a new, strong villain who is a serious threat to Paris. Eventually, he defeats Ladybug and Chat Noir, causing them to loose their powers, which reveals Adrien and Marinette's superhero identities to each other, and Marinette and Adrien have to work together to get their powers back.
  • The Darkblade episode had a few noteworthy coincidences with the tragedy. A group dressed in black, motivated by rage at a French politician and by a belief in how things should be ruled, storm an event featuring an American rock musician. This episode first aired in South Korea a half week after the attacks. The parallels were so noticeable so soon after, that it could only be a big coincidence or an intentional episode selection meant as a tribute.

Someone will learn Ladybug's secret in the second season.
That "I have a secret that no one know yet" line sounds too suspicious.
  • Alya seems like the most likely choice, considering how much she and Ladybug are interacting via Alya's blog. Considering that Alya will also be getting a Miraculous in Season 2, they might even end up being mutual Secret Keepers.

There will be an episode or two involving the multiverse.
And among the universes will include an alternate Adrien named Felix, and an Akuma!Marinette.
  • Or, combining the two ideas, Felix will be the one to get Akumatized.

Gabriel Agreste's crazy overprotectiveness will be explored.
Picture this for an episode plot: Adrien is going to model in a fashion show for his father's newest line when an akuma strikes on the other side of Paris. After brief consideration, he decides to skip the show. There will be many more just like it, right? After LB and CN win the day, Adrien returns, fully expecting no-one to have cared about his absence. However, he sees that Gabriel is freaking out and has called a small squadron of police officers to go on a manhunt for Adrien. At the sight of his son, Gabriel runs to his side and tells Adrien how worried he was, even though he was only gone for just over an hour. Adrien isn't sure how to feel, seeing Gabriel in this new light.
  • Partially jossed. It was explored but during a Christmas Episode where Adrien runs away and thinks his father won't care. It has nothing to do with a missed show or an akuma attack.

In the fine tradition of Uptown Girl, Gabriel grew up poor and his wife came from Old Money. Feeling self-conscious about his humble origins in comparison, Gabriel strived to become the wealthy, sophisticated man he considered worthy of his then-girlfriend. Clearly, he succeeded and became the Self-Made Man he is today. Sadly, now that his love is not around to remind him how she couldn’t give a flapdoodle how powerful, important or rich her husband is, Gabriel’s psychological need to be the "best" version of himself is getting worse.

Many events from season 1 will get more attention in next season
Alya dating Nino, Marinette becoming class president, Adrien's lucky bracelet he got from Marinette...all these were used only once on purpose, since season 1 tried to have as little continuity as possible, since all countries aired episodes in different order.
  • Well, Alya and Nino still seem to be together, and the lucky bracelet returned in "La Befana".
    • The latter point is incorrect- he made her a new bracelet. He keeps the other one and states he always carries it on him. He's even holding it in his hand at the end of the episode.

Season 2 will have a more linear narrative
Season 1 was great at worldbuilding and establishing the character dynamics, but its back five episodes drew on way too many plot threads that would have to be resolved in a linear fashion next season.

Sabrina will get some real friends.
While there was an attempt to get her away from Chloé in "Evillustrator," all Sabrina did was try to make Marinette her new leader. So an alternate route will eventually be explored: Sabrina enters a group without Chloé for an assignment, (probably Rose and Juleka, to invoke Blonde, Brunette, Redhead,) and she will be rendered unable to choose a temporary Chloé. Sabrina discovers new interests and the joy of friendship on equal footing. Even if she returns to Chloé's side in the end — because without her, the Alpha Bitch will have no-one at all — Status Quo Is God will still be averted, because she goes back with a mind of her own, and, hopefully, a nicer outfit.

One of Hawk Moth's villains will turn against him.
While most of Hawk Moth's victims never or don't come close to getting the Miraculouses, one of the new ones may just succeed and try to take them for him/herself. This could lead to Hawk Moth going into the open, or a backfire on whatever villain that may be.
  • Partially confirmed. While Robostus didn't succeed, he tried to get the Mirculouses for himself and even attacked Hawk Moth when the latter tried to gain control.

Rose is a Grade Skipper.
I don't know how the French collège curriculum works, but Rose's design and innocence make her seem younger than her classmates.

Félix Agreste will make an appearance...sort of.
In an expository flashback, we will see a teen Gabriel Agreste, who will be a dead ringer for Félix. As a possible bonus, if the theory that Gabriel was holder of the peacock miraculous is true, his costume will take cues from the original Chat Noir.

There will be an Unfortunate Item Swap.
According to Word of God, Gabriel Agreste has a line of accessories that resemble the Miraculouses. Someone (likely either Chloé for the bee comb or Lila for the fox pendant) will inadvertently switch one of said pieces of jewelry for a real Miraculous.

Juleka has musical talent.
Her concept art wears a guitar case anyway.
  • Confirmed in "Captain Hardrock".

Felix was Adrien's predecessor.
Thomas Astruc has said he wants to bring Felix back at some point, and having him appear in an episode as an ex-Cat Noir would be a neat way of fitting him in while also being able to explore the downside of Cat Noir's powers, which the show hasn't really done.
  • He's Master Fu's mistake. He used his powers for evil until his time's Ladybug defeated him or Plagg revolted once he ran out of stinky cheese. Now he wants to find out the current Cat Noir's identity so he can reclaim the ring.
  • Astruc has mentioned several times that he has since lost all interest in using Felix, calling him too cliche a character and generally favoring Adrien.
  • He once stated point-blank that Felix will NEVER appear (emphasis his.) ...So of course, Felix did go onto appear (...which makes this theory Jossed, as there's no sign of him being a miraculous wielder, past or present.)

Master Fu will eventually Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence.
Given that turtles have lifespans lasting over a century, and are therefore a symbol of longevity, being keeper of the Turtle bracelet is likely the reason Fu has lived for 180+ years. Deciding to pass on his Miraculous to another goes hand in hand with deciding that his time has come. To keep it from being too depressing, Fu will probably act as a Spirit Advisor on occasion.
  • Welp, he's not dead, but it did turn out hella depressing anyway. [sniffle]

There will be a comedic Power Incontinence episode.
Ladybug and Cat Noir's powers (and those of other heroes if they have been chosen by then) will hit a spike and undergo a kind of puberty/rite of passage, but the luck magic will bleed into their alter egos; Marinette becomes a living good luck charm, and Adrien becomes The Jinx to himself and those around him.
  • Alternatively they're already this, but being so near to eachother since getting the powers has caused it to balance out and noone has noticed.

Villains from a past generation will appear.
New baddies have to take the stage after Hawk Moth's defeat, preferably ones that can pose an even bigger threat. If Adrien's parents were Miraculous Heroes, the prospective new villain would be from their Rogues Gallery, and is at least a major reason for why they were always so overprotective of their son.
  • That generation's Hawk Moth is a good guy like the one from Gabriel's book.

Shambhala will be featured.
Tibet is going to eventually be featured, and it's unlikely that a chance to go to the holy kingdom of Tibeten myths will be passed over.

Master Fu has descendants.
Wielding a Miraculous doesn't appear to carry a vow of celibacy, given an important plot line in the show, so a man pushing his 200s can easily have some great-grandkids. One of them will become a villain.

Cat Noir was fighting the mind control in Dark Cupid.
During the mind control, he talks in the exact same manner the entire time, except for when Dark Cupid offers to help him destroy Ladybug. For a moment, he drops to his normal manner of speaking to briefly say no, before going back to speaking like he was before and accepting the offer. Also, when he's fighting Ladybug alone, he says things that if you swap one word, would sound like a long drawn out confession of love. Like switching "loath" with love in "I loathe you".
  • If you watch when she tries to kiss him and he's tied to a lamppost, he actually tries to kiss her too, despite dodging her attempts. You can see him make a kissing motion with his lips. In the slow motion part where he almost uses Cataclysm on her, he looks shocked and afraid. Also, when she kisses him, he kisses back once he stops being stunned even though the spell isn't broken until the kiss breaks. You can also see that when she brings him down, his lips are already puckered for a kiss even though he'd just thrown a nervous Freeze-Frame Bonus Aside Glance to the camera when she grabbed him. So it's actually pretty likely he was fighting it, even though he can't remember anything he did.

One episode will feature a genie.
Plagg's reply in the Origins Episode when Adrien assumed him to be one shows that they exist in the series. The troubles caused by the wishes will make Adrien realize Plagg's right about being better than genies.

Ladybug will develop a crush on Cat Noir, and Adrien develops a crush on Marinette, but they still don't know each other's identities.
The annoying Love Square is taken to the next level!
  • Ladybug already flirts with Cat Noir, no matter how much she denies it, and "Despair Bear" made it obvious that Adrien has a romantic interest in Marinette. And they still have no clue about each other's identities.

In the series finale, Hawk Moth will get his hands on Ladybug's and Chat Noir's Miraculouses...
And he will toss off the Butterfly miraculous as being inferior to the powers of creation and destruction. Marinette will find the discarded miraculous and proceed to give a speech about how she and Chat Noir didn't win the day because of their powers, but because of teamwork. She will then put on Hawk Moth's miraculous and re-akumatize all the previous akuma victims, asking them all to help capture Ladybug and Chat Noir's miraculouses from Hawk Moth. Cue epic fight scene with cameos galore.
  • If it happens, Alya will become Majestia instead of resuming her Lady Wifi form.

Gabriel Agreste was born and raised in a rural area.
The surname already suggests it. One episode will reveal that Gabriel left for the big city to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer and estranged himself from his family because they didn't agree with his ambitions.

Gabriel isn't Adrien's real father.
Adrien's real parents were Miraculous holders who perished in battle (or so Gabriel believes).

D'Argencourt will receive the Prix Iznogoudnote .
As someone who so epically failed to become Mayor instead of the Mayor, he'll at least be nominated for the award.

There will be a Time Skip after defeating Hawk Moth and the Miraculous holders find out each others' identities.

There will possibly be an episode where either Ladybug or Cat Noir can't change back.
Most likely Cat Noir, since he's prone to taking hits for Ladybug and has "bad luck" as a trait, but there's always a chance it'll be Ladybug's turn. The cause will be because of the most recent akuma nailing the Miraculous with their attack, causing Cat Noir or Ladybug (or both) to be completely unable to detransform OR use their special attack again. Nor can they remove their Miraculouses to force the detransformation (but the akuma can). It would provide a hefty clue for the other into who Cat Noir/Ladybug truly is, since obviously they can't go to school or lessons in their superhero identity. Meaning their civilian selves would disappear for a while. On the one hand, Adrien's sudden disappearance would upset Marinette and he'd may have to make excuses for Nathalie and to a lesser degree his father, but on the other hand, Marinette would definitely have to outright hide from her parents and friends, lie to them, and her sudden absence while Ladybug can't change back might clue Adrien in on who Ladybug really is. Cat Noir and Ladybug might confide in the other if they can't change back, though it's a little easier to see Ladybug telling Cat Noir somehow. While it could, in theory, happen to both of them, it's more likely that it'll happen to only one of them. Unless it's meant to provide Ship Tease between Ladybug and Cat Noir.

There will possibly be an episode where Adrien or Marinette can't transform.
Another staple of a series with transformation is one where the Transformation Trinket won't work for one reason or another. Considering that Ladybug is vital for taking out akumas, she's the most likely candidate. Again, this will probably be a result of the most recent akuma power, and Marinette (or Adrien) will have to get around it somehow.
  • Confirmed, sorta, and already happened in season 1. In "Princess Fragance" Marinette and Tikki get separated and Marinette can't trasnform, and in "Rogercop" Plagg gets a bracelet stuck in his head, and while Adrien could technically still transform, Plagg advices agaisnt this, as the bracelet would go inside the ring too and affect Chat Noir powers

The code to Gabriel's secret safe is Adrien's birthday.
Because there's some warmth under all that frigidness.
  • While that's a sweet idea, it'd be easy to guess, so unlikely something Gabriel would pick. It's not a secret he cares about his son. Relating to Adrien, it could be the day Adrien made it big as a model, or the day he learned his wife was with child. The latter is something that would be very hard to guess and that only he might know.

Every season of miraculous will span a year in the kids' lives and we'll see them grow up through the adventures. If we're lucky, they will also get one outfit change per season.

In the event Melissa Fahn ever voices a character in the series...
There will be an outtake in which Marinette says "Nep-Nep?"

Because why not.

Nathaniel is secretly Raphael/Phantom R from Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure, or at least is related to him in some way.
Because Nathaniel literally looks like a 3D version of Raphael, not to mention that they both live in Paris, which seems to be a Weirdness Magnet in more ways than one (multiple superheroes as a result of magical items; a magic crown that can allegedly summon Napoleon; etc). Alternately, he could be an Identical Grandson of some sort.

Alix and Jalil's mother died at some point prior to the beginning of the show
It was possibly in the recent past—distant enough that Alix and her dad would be able to cope better with their grief and move forward, but they're still hurting over it. They've just all responded differently—Alix doubles down on her competitive spirit, Mr. Kubdel tries to accept the reality and move forward, and Jalil still hasn't let it go. It might explain why he's so enthusiastic about the possibility of bringing people back to life, while his father immediately tries to quash the notion because he knows it's better to face the real world than to continue to be foolishly optimistic.

Marinette and Adrien will have four children.
In the series finale, an epilogue will be shown of the two having four children, quadruplets, consisting of two boy and two girls. This will be a subtle Shout-Out of the Love Square between them.

Marinette will become the new Great Guardian in Season 2
With the knowledge that Nino will obtain Wayzz's Miraculous and that Marinette will be the one distributing the other Miraculouses, this may mean that Master Fu's time has come, and he passes his job on to Marinette.
  • Jossed, but it seems to be happening in Season 4.

The miscolouring of Cat Noir's ring in "Gamer" wasn't a mistake
It's worth noting that Hawk Moth likely sees what Gamer sees- the ring of the Black Cat, in its depowered form on Gamer's screen. Assuming Hawk Moth is Gabriel Agreste, this makes sense for why he reacts like he does on seeing Adrien's ring, despite only getting a brief look at the Black Cat Ring.

Adrien getting pen-sets for the past few birthdays could either be Natalie just being in a hurry, or
One of those gifts kids just don't understand or appreciate. A pen-set is often given as a sort of 'rite-of-passage' gift. A sign someone is maturing and most likely means a lot to Gabriel, and possibly his wife, as Adrien mentions getting them for the past few birthdays. Though it's possible he didn't complain as much as he got a gift from both parents in the past. A nice pen set from his father, and something from his mother.
  • She isn't getting him pen-sets, she's just giving him a single pen, and Adrien says it's the same pen every year.

Le Grand Paris will go out of business.
With the constant akuma attacks, it's only a matter of time it no longer has enough guests to keep it active. That'll make Chloé even more desperate to have something more than friendship with Adrien.
  • Or at least, there will be a threat of it for an episode, but the status quo means this is unlikely to happen.

The reality of why Adrien is oblivious to Marinette's crush on him.
Because all Marinette is lacking to be more obvious is a giant flashing neon sign over her head that says 'Has a Crush on Adrien Agreste'.
  • One of the common fanfic themes is that Adrien thinks she's still mad at him over the misunderstanding in Origins.
    • Very unlikely. You wouldn't get someone a Christmas present if you were mad at them.
  • An alternative to that is that, instead of thinking she's still mad, Adrien thinks she's embarrassed and ashamed of making such an incorrect assumption about him and that her blushing tongue-tied antics are her trying to think of a way to apologize and/or make it up to him. Even though he's long since forgiven her and considers it water under the bridge, he doesn't want to further embarrass her by bringing up the whole issue again.
  • Or the simple explanation: Adrien is a socially awkward and moderately famous model. His experience with girls crushing on him is along the lines of Chloé's antics — i.e. hanging off of him, loudly declaring affection, and being overly forward. He doesn't really have any previous frame of reference to actually get the awkward blushing and stammering kind of crush that Marinette has on him.
  • It's also possible that he thinks his fame makes Marinette nervous, or else that his father's fame makes her nervous.
    • Highly unlikely, if not outright Jossed by how she treats him pre-crush in the Origins two-parter.
      • Mmm, not if he thinks (correctly) she didn't recognize him on sight and found out later.
  • Or it's possible he simply just thinks Marinette is easily very flustered by little things. He personally hasn't seen much else from her.
  • It's also possible that he knows Marinette has a crush on him, but is pretending not to in the hopes that she will eventually get over it.
    • Or he doesn't take the idea seriously, since he knows that Marienette hates liars, and the few times he has teased or asked directly if she liked him, she has denied it and he took her at her word.
  • Or he's in denial about it. He knows that Marinette has a crush on him (c'mon, it's obvious to anyone with a single braincell), but because she shares so many qualities with Ladybug and his heart belongs to Ladybug he doesn't want to think about "betraying" Ladybug.

There will be a Bait-and-Switch reveal about Gabriel.
He will spent most of the episode on a daytrip somewhere secret, while Adrien, Marinette, and probably Alya and Nino, tail him. Instead of something shady that the kids are expecting, or the Internal Reveal the audience is expecting, the whole thing is innocent, but something Gabriel considers embarrassing and hazardous to his public image: going to visit family in a working-class neighbourhood, a loved one's grave, his old school, even his childhood orphanage, etc. Realizing he's been outed, Gabriel opens up to Adrien about some details of his Mysterious Past.
  • And it'll turn out to be another cover-up like the Collector.

Non-Miraculous supernatural elements will begin to enter the scene.
Nooroo himself pointed out that none of the Miraculouses were intended to be used for evil. And it's confirmed in several places, most notably The Pharaoh, that the Bearers have fought other enemies over the years. Perhaps some of those old foes will begin to make their appearance once more.
  • Going on from the above, it's possible that the intervention of more purely evil supernatural powers will cause Hawk Moth to pull an Even Evil Has Standards and start using his Miraculous as it was intended to be used: to create heroes to fend off these new monsters.
  • This could be considered semi-confirmed already given the planned crossover with upcoming series Pixiegirl and Ghostforce. Plus it makes sense given that the purification function of Ladybug's yo-yo cannot have possibly been designed solely with the Butterfly Miraculous being used for evil in mind.
    • It doesn't have to be evil akumas the Ladybug purifies. The Ladybug could see that a proper akuma, like how one could argue the Collector is, isn't behaving very heroically or is being reckless or has too much power or something and take matters into their own hands and deny them powers even when the Moth's bearer won't cut their powers or can't. She isn't so much purifying it as she is removing its power, though purifying is still a good word.
  • This seems likely, considering not just the past heroes we see like Herakles and Hippolyta, but the flashback Master Fu has, depicting a giant squid monster that needs dealt with by Miraculous intervention, even though the temple is in the mountains. Plus, if good magic exists, so must evil. For every positive, there is an equal negative. Plus, in the comics, don't the American superheroes like Majestia have superpowers?

Past Miraculous bearers were the inspiration for in-universe comic book superheroes.
Like one Black Cat was the inadvertent inspiration for a Black Panther-like comic book hero, or a past Ladybug inspired a Wonder Woman-like comic book hero.

Kagami will be voiced in the English dub by Kari Wahlgren.
As an in-joke to another Kagami she voiced.
  • Kagami already has an English voice.

Why Master Fu has not figured out Hawk Moth's identity.
Back in the day, Gabriel and his eventual wife used the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculouses as superheroes, mentored by Master Fu. After Emilie disappeared in the Tibet incident, Gabriel lied about losing their Miraculouses in the tragedy and kept the spell book for himself. Fu believed him and now thinks who or whatever killed/took Adrien's mother is Hawk Moth, because he cannot believe his mentee and friend could be a villain.
  • This is already jossed if you watched "Origins Part 1":
Hawk Moth: I found you though, my little Nooroo. Your Miraculous... remind me of its powers again.
Master Fu: I thought it (the Moth Miraculous) had been lost forever!
There's absolutely no way Hawk Moth could have used the Moth before becoming Hawk Moth since he asks Nooroo about how it works and if he worked with his wife and used the Peacock, he should know how it works since Ladybug knows how Cat Noir's powers work and vice-versa though simple observation. Wayzz and Master Fu pretty much state the Moth Miraculous has been lost for a very long time. You don't just assume something is lost forever after it's only been missing for less than a year, especially something as important as a Miraculous. If it was lost under a year ago, Master Fu should be in Tibet looking for them. Considering how the Moth Miraculous's powers had not been used prior to "Origins Part 1", it's impossible anyone could have used it. This is also further jossed by "The Collector".

The Kubdel family have magical ancestry
That holographic watch we see in Timebreaker is stretching the bounds of modern technology, let alone what must have been 17th or 18th-century technology when it was first crafted. But if mortal magi could create the Miraculouses, then they could create other magical items. Moreover, that Jalil Kubdel was able to decipher the papyrus in The Pharaoh when what must have been numerous other historians failed does not seem to make sense... unless, as a magical scroll, the papyrus can only be read by someone with magical ability.

Max was cheating in The Gamer
Everything aside from this episode, when he was playing against both Adrien and Marinette, you can clearly see that his glasses are displaying codes that are clearly not in the screen they are using (Even the words "Game Over" appear when he loses). He is using a list of moves or cheat codes, either way, that's an advantage over whoever he is playing against.
  • It's notable that this coding and stuff can be seen from outside his glasses as well, when the camera is facing Max, so it is unlikely that it's just a style thing to show how Max sees the game, like what they do with Ladybug and her Lucky Charm vision.

Emilie Agreste was the Fox Miraculous holder, and Lila will be Mayura
The Volpina episode hints that Emilie was/will be the Peacock Miraculous holder and Lila lies that she's the Fox hero. What if Emilie wasn't the one who owned the Peacock Miraculous because she was the Fox. And if Lila is the Peacock, it will makes an irony.Jossed. Nathalie becomes Mayura and Emilie used to be that miraculous' holder.

Season 2 will end with Master Fu using the Wish to strip Hawk Moth of his Miraculous... at the cost of his own.
  • It's been mentioned that combining the Ring of the Black Cat and the Earrings of the Ladybug allows for the casting of a single Wish, but that the yin-yang nature of the two powers will cause the magic to enact an equivalent price. Surely Astruc wouldn't go to the trouble of setting up a Chekhov's Gun like that and neglect to use it.
  • It's been confirmed that Nino will acquire the Turtle Bracelet at some point, which would require Master Fu to first lose it.
  • It's also confirmed that Marinette will be distributing the new Miraculouses, suggesting that something will happen to Master Fu.
  • Mayura is confirmed to be the villain of Season 3, which requires Hawk Moth to be got out of the way first.
  • For all these reasons, I suspect that during the final episode of Season 2, Hawk Moth will do something exceptionally destructive, something that for some reason Ladybug cannot fix. Master Fu will decide that this incident proves that Hawk Moth must be defeated at whatever cost. He asks Marinette and Adrien to loan him their Miraculouses, and uses the Wish to take away Hawk Moth's Miraculous. But the price of the Wish will be that he shall lose his own connection to Wayzz and the Turtle Bracelet, and never be able to regain it.
    • Except Marinette can distribute Miraculouses just fine and dandy with Master Fu being around, as seen in "Sapotis" and Mayura is supposed to work with Hawk Moth, not be a solo act.

Gabriel will actually succeed at getting Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses, and use them to cast the Wish...
... at which point one (or more) of three things could happen.
  • First, something goes spectacularly wrong. Perhaps using the Wish to call back Emilie opens the path for some other evil, perhaps he misphrases his wish, perhaps the price ends up being something more or other than what he expects, perhaps Emilie is actually a villain.
  • Second, he succeeds at getting back his wife, but Adrien manages to put two and two together and now knows that his father is/was Hawk Moth.
  • Third, he succeeds at getting back his wife, manages to concoct a cover story, and to all appearances has gotten away with it. Adrien is ecstatic to have his mother back, and we the audience groan at the further dramatic irony.
Whichever of the three happens, after he has cast his Wish, Gabriel will use the last dregs of the magic to restore the Miraculouses to their rightful owners. After all, if he knows that his son is Cat Noir, he will want Adrien to have his Miraculous back.
  • Fourth, his own life turns out to be the price to have his wife back. She makes up a cover story, Cat Noir goes to the bakery to return Marinette's earrings and, when she asks how he got the Miraculouses back, he explains everything, including the fact that he's Adrien Agreste and his now late father was Hawk Moth. Marinette and Adrien will try to return the Miraculouses but Master Fu tells them to keep them because there'll be a new villain. Marinette and Adrien will finally become a couple after months getting over the emotional trauma.
  • Fifth, the wish will create an Alternate Timeline where Emilie was never rendered in a coma by the Peacock Miraculous, but Gabriel was and she became the Hawk Moth of that timeline. It is likely that Alex was protected from the change with the Bunny Miraculous and thus she is able to change things back to the way they were.

Adrien had a weak immune system as a child
It would explain why before the events of the show he never went to school (since germ laden children who have been goodness-knows-where + sensitive immune system = no go) , and why his dad is so overprotective of him (and his mother must have been too since he did not go to classes even when she was around ) and they kept this overprotective nature even when he got better, and Gabriel's overprotectiveness just skyrocketed after his wife went missing.

There will be an episode where Marinette and Adrien switch powers.
After the reveal, Marinette and Adrien will be playing video games at her house. One of them claims that the other wouldn't last five minutes in their shoes, leading the two to switch Miraculouses for the day for shits and giggles. Naturally, an akuma attacks that day.
  • Confirmed by leaks of Marinette as "Lady Noir" and Adrien as "Mister Bug", although the details are still unknown.
  • Confirmed in "Reflekdoll", though it's not for shits that they exchange Miraculous- Plagg finds Reflekta!Marinette before Reflekta!Adrien, and she just takes the Miraculous rather than try to find Tikki. Tikki then finds Adrien searching for his ring and gives him the Ladybug earrings. They did however think the other couldn't possibly do what they do though.

Nathalie will have Bait-and-Switch motive similar to Juri Arisugawa.
Dialogue or, if we're lucky, flashbacks will imply that Nathalie is in love with Gabriel but lost him to her best friend. However, like Juri and Shiori, it will be revealed that the one Nathalie has been carrying a torch for is Emilie. The episode in which this scenario is most likely to happen in is "Catalyst," when she will be akumatized.

Mayura (AKA Nathalie
) will turn Ax-Crazy from continuous use of the Peacock Miraculous.

If we're under the assumption that coughing and barely standing aren't the only side effects of using a damaged Miraculous.

Season 3 will end with a two-part episode.
All seasons so far ended like that. In this case, Lila will make good on the threat to steal Marinette's friends and it'll enable Hawk Moth to finally akumatize her, leaving Tikki and Master Fu with no choice but to allow the other Miraculous Heroes to know she's Ladybug.
  • The two-parter bit is confirmed by the synopsis leak. The season finale is a two-parter called "Battle of the Miraculous". So far, the confirmed opponents are Mr. and Mrs. Bourgeois in part 1 and Chloe in part 2.

The episode "Darkblade" was not the first time a D'Argencourt crossed the path of the Ladybug Miraculous
The nom-de-guerre of D'Argencourt's ancestor was in English even in the French dub, and we know that Jeanne d'Arc was a Holder of the Ladybug Miraculous. It could be that Darkblade ruled Paris in the English' name and used some strange power to boost his strength... And that the real goal of the 1429 French attempt to retake Paris was to neutralize said power, and succeeded. It would certainly explain how a Miraculous Holder was wounded.

The broken Peacock Miraculous will be repaired in Season 3.
It has been shown as of the second part of Season 2 that Ladybug's powers can fix broken Miraculouses. If Mayura ever enters the fight against Ladybug (especially if Hawk Moth akumatizes her through her Miraculous), and Ladybug defeats her, Ladybug's cleansing powers could restore the Peacock Miraculous to its former state.
  • Confirmed. Gabriel repairs it at the end of "Miracle Queen".

The defeat of Hawk Moth
First off, Ladybug will defeat Lila and learn that she has been willingly aiding Hawk Moth. Interrogating her leads her to the realization that someone who is willingly akumatized can retain control of their actions, giving her something she can exploit. She and Cat Noir have replicas of their Miraculouses created. They will then get a volunteer akumatized by making it seem like they have a grudge against Ladybug and Cat Noir like Lila did (most likely Alya, as she has the requisite lack of self-preservation instincts and connection to Ladybug to pull it off). The heroes will throw the fight against the akuma and surrender the fake Miraculouses, detransforming afterwards to sell the illusion (obviously, they will be wearing some sort of disguise in their civilian identity). Hawk Moth directs the akuma to either his mansion or a neutral drop-off point, unaware that the heroes are tailing said akuma. The akuma leads them to him, at which point the heroes ambush him and kick the ever-loving shit out of him.

Hawk Moth will INTENTIONALLY try to akumatize Adrien

After he finds out his son is Chat Noir, Gabriel will decide he can use this in his favor, and will do his best to make his son miserable, taking away his school privileges, putting in more modeling gigs and activities. And when Adrien is unhappy what does he do to relieve the stress? Turn into Chat Noir! And that will be when the akuma gets him, turning him into Chat Blanc, then Gabriel will bribe his son (I do see Hawk moth treating Adrien like he did puppetmaster, being kinder and complimentary then he is with most of hic victims)He offers to stop all the gigs and activities he hates and perhaps even tells the now-insane Chat that he can keep Ladybug's civilian form for himself (after all, what is a lion without his lioness?) Perhaps even convincing him that defeating her will be the only way she will ever fall for him, And he will get his beloved mother out of the deal as well.

  • Confirmed in "Chat Blanc", but it didn't end well for him... or the rest of the world.

Nathalie is bi-romantic asexual

She is is helping Hawk Moth because she is in love both Gabriel and Emilie and believes that helping can ensure Emilie comes back.

The series will undergo Cerebus Syndrome by the time Season 3 reaches its end.

Specifically when the episode Cat Blanc comes out the series will shift to a more serious tone then before. Then shit will REALLY hit the fan once Season 3's 2 parter episode comes out.

There will be a Time Skip.

The future in "Timetagger" is rather detailed, including a Sequel Hook of regarding the identity of the next Hawk Moth (possibly Lila). Astruc has also posted art of hypothetical looks of adult Ladybug. However, this Time Skip won't happen until perhaps after Season 5 as that's when Ladybug & Cat Noir: Awakening takes place and the promotional image shows that Ladybug and Cat Noir are still at their current age.

Felix will be voiced by Lucien Dodge.

Mostly making this guess because he voiced another antisocial student character named Felix in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so he'd be a good fit.

  • Jossed. He shares the same voice actor as Adrien due to being almost identical to him.

Nathalie is a crane wife.

The story describes a crane who shapeshifted into a human, ripping off its own feathers (like the amoks, maybe?) to repay a debt to a human man she was in love with. The man, much like Gabriel, was horrified by her self-mutilation and told her to stop, but she didn't listen.

It fits symbolically (Nathalie isn't a peacock, not like Emilie, but she is something very close- maybe another sort of bird) and aesthetically (that sweep of red in her hair isn't dyed, it's her "crown"). Note also that a species of crane lives in Tibet, where Emilie and Gabriel found the Miraculouses. Perhaps they found a new ally too? It also explains why Gabriel is comfortable telling Nathalie about magic; if she's supernatural herself, she wouldn't be shocked by it.

Kagami will not survive "Miracle Queen".
First of all, this is not a Die for Our Ship request. I do not dislike Kagami's character, and am not too concerned with the shipping. This is just what I feel like the last episode may have been hinting at.

Spoilers from Loveater/Heart Hunter below. You've been warned!


This ties in with a theory posted above, but even if that theory is wrong, I think Marinette's opening narration about loss was a Bait-and-Switch - it seemed like it was about losing Adrien, but instead will be about losing Kagami. I'm thinking Heroic Sacrifice - I mean, she's the only one beside the main characters whose Miraculous isn't in Hawk Moth's hands...

Also, Word of God stated that Season 4 with show who will win and lose in the "Adrienette vs. Lukanette" ship. Notice whose name isn't part of either Portmanteau Couple Name?

  • And Jossed. I misread the hints.

By the series' end, Marinette will forget ever having been Ladybug.
  • In "Miracle Queen" it is established that when a Guardian relinquishes their position, they forfeit all memories relating to the Miraculous so as to keep the secret. It goes far enough for Master Fu to not even remember who Marinette is outside of costume. And now with Ladybug getting that position, she may well give it up come the end of the series, passing the mantle to someone else. And since this eliminates all Miraculous-related memories, she won't remember Cat Noir, her time as Ladybug, Tikki, etc. What this means for her character, of course, is up in the air.
    • Considering episodes like Timetagger and Chat Blanc depict Ladybug and Cat Noir as co-leaders of a superhero team into adulthood, this isn't looking likely.

The Miraculous are contained Quirks.
As part of a UN initiative to give Quirks to the Quirkless, they took certain animal-related Quirks and put them in various pieces of jewellery. Unfortunately, though, they had to stop the project when the League of Villains caught wind of it, and they faked the destruction of the Miraculous to throw them off.

The Miraculous were entrusted to a retired hero named Fu, who took them to Paris for safekeeping. But when the Moth Miraculous fell into the hands of Gabriel, he began finding people to use the Miraculous to stop his evil machinations.

At the end of Season 2, Fu's memory wasn't wiped. He is merely faking amnesia to hide his involvement in the creation of the Miraculous, and to make sure Hawk Moth doesn't join forces with All for One, at which point they'd be unstoppable. Of course, they inevitably do, and Ladybug and Cat Noir go to Japan and make contact with Midoriya and co.

Chloe will be forgiven for her actions in "Miracle Queen".
Her parents were under Hawk Moth's control and she made that deal to have them freed after all.

Gabriel had an identical twin brother, who married Emilie's identical twin sister Amelie.
This is the best explanation for the identical cousins Adrien and Felix. His brother died within the last year.

Félix is Adrien's half-brother, not his cousin.
Félix looks too much like Adrien to just be his cousin. At some point Gabriel had an affair with Amilie, the question is whether it happened before or after Emilie's was put in the glass case (in which case Gabriel might have slept with Amilie out of grief because she looks identical).

  • Since Félix and Adrien appear to be the same age, and Emilie only "disappeared" a year ago, the affair would have to be years ago.

Marinette has an undiagnosed inner ear problem.
After all, she's incredibly clumsy and uncoordinated. She often falls over randomly, simply because she turned her head. Her sudden improvement as Ladybug could simply be Tikki compensating for the problem. In her first outing as Ladybug, in the Origin two-parter, she was still clumsy, which could have be Tikki still adjusting and figuring out how to compensate.

  • However, it could also be psychological, as she showed no sign of her usual clumsiness when her memory got wiped in Oblivio.

  • Some sort of anxiety or panic disorder would fit. Marinette is quite quick to jump to worst case scenarios and when surprised often jumps or flails her arms around as a result.

Ladybug and Cat will somehow make Hawkmoth and Mayura will forget the allies identities, which will allow them to return to being heroes.
Given their presence in merchandise material and advertisements, it’d be very strange to set up a bunch of superheroes only to stop using them altogether because of one traitor revealing them. It’s possible that somehow the duo will force Hawkmoth and Mayura to forget, which will allow the heroes (sans Chloé whose superhero form is public knowledge), to return to their positions. Also, knowing the class and friend connections of the allied heroes would make it very easy for Hawk Moth to guess the identities of the two main heroes.

Marinette and/or Adrien will begin to suffer a Sanity Slippage throughout Season 4.
Word of God states things are going to be like "Cat Blanc", meaning things will get more serious.

In "Kwamibuster", Marinette was able to wear all of the miraculouses and use multiple ones at the same time. Master Fu remarks that using more than one miraculous at a time puts a heavy strain on the wearer and can cause madness, Marinette being able to use so many being the mark of a strong will. However, the odds of her doing this a second time in "Miracle Queen" without beginning to feel the effects or that Adrien was left unscathed when he used the cat and snake miraculouses is highly unlikely. With Master Fu gone, it is likely that the increasing threat that Hawk Moth, Mayura and Lila pose will force the dynamic duo to pull riskier gambits and they just might be forced to use more miraculous.

The symptoms of degradation will add a sense of overarching doom to the story, with mood swings, hallucinations, insomnia, etc. Without Master Fu's help, Marinette will have just herself and Tikki to figure out how to reverse what is happening. In Adrien's case, it would probably be much worse as he has far less emotional support to fall back on and his Extreme Doormat tendencies will force him to weather through it without help.

Chloé will be arrested for what she did in Miracle Queen.
Chloé did help a known terrorist after all. While neither Ladybug or Cat Noir will probably reveal this, possibly to protect Chloé's safety, the news will leak and Chloe might face some consequences for her actions.
  • As far as we know only Ladybug, Cat Noir, Hawk Moth and Mayura remember anything. It is very likely that nothing will happen.

Most Miraculous are former akumatized objects.
I'm just spitballing on this one, but I can't help but notice a similarity between akumatized objects and Miraculous - seemingly innocuous items that supernatural beings enter to become Transformation Trinkets for people. Perhaps, under the right circumstances, akumatized objects can become Miraculous, and this might be how most of the Miraculous were formed in the first place (obviously not Nooroo's though!) It's even theoretically possible that many of the kwamis are uplifted akumas. (Granted, I believe it's been stated that Tikki is the oldest kwami, and Plagg was at least alive during the time of dinosaurs, so if this is the case, it's apparently not true of them.)

The Order will interfere with Marinette.
With the Order restored, it won't be long (considering modern news and TV) before word reaches them about the Miracle Box being in Paris. They will send an envoy to Paris who will either demand Marinette return the Box or assume an inferior mentor role to Fu, likely the second. The envoy will be extremely critical of Ladybug and Chat Noir but particularly the former considering she possesses the Box. Also, the two Miraculous holders haven't received the particular training necessary for their jobs, he deems them unworthy and incapable. Fu should have been more critical of who he chose rather than deciding in a moment of necessity. We know the Order relied on archaic and somewhat cruel practices; making Fu go on a hunger strike. This will set him up as being a foil to Fu. He is a by-the-book, rule follower whereas Fu was far more lenient. Compare how in Buffy when Giles was replaced by Wesley as Buffy's watcher. There will possibly be a situation with an akuma/amok where he deems the heroes incapable and doing a poor job. Thus, he takes up a Miraculous. However, despite his immense knowledge of the Miraculous, he struggles to put it into practise and LB and CN will save the day. When it comes down to it, the envoy will realise Marinette and Adrien have done great work while as Ladybug and Chat Noir. He'll then leave Paris and return to the Order, asserting Marinette's status as a Guardian and leaving the Box in her care. He'll become a champion of Marinette and heavily supportive of her role as Ladybug and caretaker of the Miraculous.

This will likely result in the Order loosening their grip on their practices and rejoining with the wider world. Also, they will possibly remain involved in the "Parisian Miraculous Crisis of '15" (from a distance) while allowing the heroes to maintain their autonomy. They'll probably become active and help during particular crises, think the Catalyst incident.

  • Almost entirely confirmed. Su-Han takes the box back and tries to coerce the heroes into giving up their Miraculous, but comes around after realizing the two have a pretty good handle on things and that he's not actually helping the situation. However, because he's completely by-the-book, he does not use a Miraculous himself (it's forbidden). He also does not go back to the temple, but decides to keep an eye on the situation in Paris while trying to catch up on the modern era.

Chloe will have one last change of heart that will win the day in the Grand Finale.
Chloe has always been established as a Hate Sink and an Alpha Bitch with Hidden Depths that makes her a Jerk with a Heart of Gold when push comes to shove (Depending on the Writer). In Season 3 two-part finale, Chloe had reached Moral Event Horizon when she has Hawk Moth akumatize her willingly and permanently loses Ladybug's trust, this being The Last Straw after three seasons of on-and-off Character Development and attempts at being better.

This is likely to mean that Season 4 Chloe will become a more active and willful antagonist in a similar vein as Lila (perhaps even having the two of them becoming allies under Hawk Moth's direct orders). However, whereas Lila is a high-functioning sociopath, Chloe is a Spoiled Brat capable of being better but has simply fallen off the wagon. Whether or not Hawk Moth and Lila knows this or have complete faith in Chloe's worse nature is up for debate, but Chloe can be a serious wild-card that can either help cause the right kind of chaos that Hawk Moth can use or make her a Spanner in the Works that can make a carefully crafted Evil Plan fall apart due to her habit of doing before thinking.

With this it is likely that she will eventually develop a conscious, seeing the lengths that the other villains will go to and realize that she just doesn't have the stomach for it. With this in mind, she will try to find ways of regaining the hero's trust and will ultimately be the Deus ex Machina that finally takes down Hawk Moth. Perhaps Hawk Moth gives her the Bee Miraculous after stealing it back and then she paralyzes him when his back it turned, unmasking him for all to see. Or maybe she happens upon Ladybug as she transforms back into Marinette (without Marinette knowing of course) and decides to keep it to herself, an astonishing sign that her Character Development hasn't completely left on account of the fact that Chloe sucks at keeping secrets.

Mr. Banana isn't the name of a person who goes around in a banana costume, but the character that the costume is of.

It may not even be the same person wearing it from episode to episode.

The entire plot of the cartoon started in an effort to make polygamy legal with superpowers.

Emilie Agreste and Gabriel Agreste wanted to add Nathalie Sancoeur to the marriage and try to use the Peacock Miraculous and the Butterfly Miraculous but that made Emilie Agreste fall into a coma.

Gabriel has arranged for the Gorilla to become Adrien's legal guardian should anything happen to him.

After all, the most immediate family the've been shown to have are Amelie and her son Félix, meaning that if he gets cuaght and arrested for his crimes as Hawk Moth, she'd probably be the next in line. Given their relationship, I doubt he's crazy about the idea of gaining custody over his son, and he'd probably want to take measures to prevent that from happening. And while Nathalie might seem like the more obvious choice, her complicity with Gabriel's plans mean there's a good chance she'd end up being dragged down with him, even before her health is taken into account. The fact that Adrien's Bodyguard is Locked Out of the Loop, however, means he'll have Plausible Deniability if they're ever found out. And, obviously, Gabriel trusts him with Adrien's safety, and for good reason.

Adrien was being secretly trained to wield a Miraculous - and he's not the only one.

While Adrien's schedule is packed full of extracurriculars, some of them stand out. The first bit of evidence is that he's learning Chinese. While it's established that Adrien speaks multiple languages, his learning Chinese is given a bit more emphasis, which stands out in a show where the main characters' superpowers come from ancient Chinese artifacts. Next up, Adrien is taking both fencing and karate - clearly, Gabriel and/or Emilie wanted to make sure Adrien could handle himself in a fight. Finally, there's his isolation from most other children around his age. Just Gabriel (and possibly Emilie) being controlling - or fearing that someone might accidentally defuse their little tyke-bomb? Put it all together, and it's likely that Gabriel and Emilie had bigger plans for Adrien than just being a pretty face on Gabriel's billboards - and given their interest in the Miraculouses, it's likely that wielding one was in their plans for his future (although they probably weren't counting on him wielding one in his current capacity).
This Tumblr post spells out the evidence of a connection between the Agreste, Bourgeois, Graham de Vanily, and Tsurugi families. While the former three are obvious, the Tsurugi connection is seemingly more tenuous (whatever Tomoe Tsurugi's contract with Gabriel Agreste is supposed to be) - but Gabriel and Tomoe are essentially raising their children in the same way. As the Fridge page points out, Kagami circa "Ikari Gozen" is very similar to Adrien pre-series - specifically, she's what Adrien would be if he hadn't become Chat Noir and undergone the attendant Character Development. Also, while Gabriel would (as seen in "Chat Blanc") take Adrien and Marinette being together very badly, there's no evidence that he has any such issues with Adrien and Kagami being together. Maybe allowing him to date an outsider would be too much of a risk, while being with someone raised in a similar manner would keep Adrien more tractible, allowing Gabriel to keep steering him toward whatever his endgame is.
Furthermore, at the end of "Feast", Audrey and Tomoe are seen watching the news of the temple's reappearance, as well as Gabriel and Nathalie. While the latter two's reasons for being interested are obvious, Tomoe and especially Audrey don't have obvious reasons to be interested - unless they're more interested in what's in the temple.
All four families mentioned above have one child each, all of whom are around the same age, and three of whom have clear fighting skills. It's possibe that Kagami and Félix are undergoing similar training to Adrien's, although they are unaware of it. Chloé stands out from the other three due to her laziness and apparent lack of self-defense skills.

The reason why Marinette was unaffected by carrying so many kwamis in Kwamibuster

According to master fu, it is dangerous to carry several kwamis, although ; Actually, Marinette could resist wearing so many not because she had something special, but because she was divided into several copies and each one carries a prodigy in addition to the mouse.

Recurring theme in season 4?

I have noticed that every season in this show has had a recurring theme.

Season 1 was based on new beginnings, season 2 was the meaning of heroics and what it meant to be a hero, season 3 relied on changes happening. Could a new theme on season 4 be based on the past, going by the trailers shown?

there will be It’s a wonderful life parody episode.
The Akuma will sent Ladybug to an alternative universe where Marinette is never born.

Adrien is the reason Gabriel's first attempt to claim the Prodigious failed.
He last tried 15 years ago, which lines up with Adrien's age. Maybe a plan to travel to Shanghai for the eclipse was cancelled after learning Emille was pregnant.

The show will end with Marinette/Ladybug stopping Hawk Moth and saving but at cost of her existence.
  • everyone’s memories will be erased except Adrien.


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