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With the release of the first episodes of Season 4, certain WMG have been moved to the Jossed and Confirmed tabs, which likewise do not have spoilers marked under them. Major spoilers are ahead. You have been warned.

Please keep WMG relating to Season 4 (and the information the episodes reveal) under the tab/section specifically made for it below. Spoilers will not be marked under that tab/section.

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Miscellaneous Theories

    Season 5 Theories (SEASON 4 SPOILERS UNMARKED!!!) 

Alya will discover Lila's treachery by Lila wearing the Fox Miraculous.

Now that Hawk Moth has gained all the Miraculous of the temporary heroes, he might decide to entrust one of his field agents with one of them - namely, the Fox Miraculous, which Lila has long coveted. He might even ask her to create some chaos with the Fox Miraculous itself, instead of merely Akumatizing her. If Alya spots the Fox Miraculous around her neck at school (completely ignoring how Alya ignored Lila's fake Fox pendent that "fell" out of Marinette's locker), then she might realize finally that Lila's a liar and that the only way she would have the Fox Miraculous (Alya's former Miraculous) is if she's in league with Hawk Moth. Bonus points if Trixx manages to somehow signal Alya.

The revealed titles refer to the Miraculous being focused on.

Nineteen of the 27 episode titles are the same as the concepts represented by the Miraculous in the Chinese Miracle Box. This is a departure from previous seasons, in which they were nearly all named for the Akuma/Sentimonster featured; the thought is that most of them will center around that Kwami and also involve Hawk Moth using (or trying to use) an Akuma with a power related to the respective Miraculous, which will lead to Marinette recovering that Miraculous. (Not sure how "Destruction" will relate to the Akuma though, since Hawk Moth doesn't have that one.)

  • 01: Evolution (Rabbit)
  • 02: Multiplication (Mouse)
  • 03: Destruction (Cat)
  • 04: Jubilation (Pig)
  • 05: Illusion (Fox)
  • 06: Determination (Ox)
  • 07: Passion (Goat)
  • 08: Reunion ()
  • 09: Exaltation (Tiger)
  • 10: The Kwami's Choice, Part 1: Transmission (Butterfly)
  • 11: The Kwami's Choice, Part 2: Deflagration (translated as "Blast") ()
  • 12: Perfection (Dragon)
  • 13: Migration (Horse - "Teleportation" is the English name of its power)
  • 14: Derision (Monkey)
  • 15: Intuition (Snake)
  • 16: Protection (Turtle)
  • 17: Adoration (Dog)
  • 18: Emotion (Peacock)
  • 19: Pretention (Rooster)
  • 20: Revelation ()
  • 21: Confrontation ()
  • 22: Collusion ()
  • 23: Revolution ()
  • 24: Representation ()
  • 25: The Last Day, Part 1: Conformation ()
  • 26: The Last Day, Part 2: Re-creation (Ladybug)
  • 27: Action (Bee - "Subjection" is the English name of its power)

The Last Day two-parter might mean the last day of school for everyone.

Could even mean last day of middle school, and season 6 and 7 will take place in high school. At least in the French dub. I'm not sure how the English dub would handle that if that's the case.

  • They could retcon it for the English dub to have high school grades 10-12. Or the middle school and high school are all in one building just in different wings.

Episode 20, "Revelation", will feature Ladybug and Cat Noir revealing their identites to each other and/or learning that Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth.
  • And unlike in Ephemeral, The Reveal is for real this time.

Chloé will be brought into the fold.

The fact that the last episode is named after the Bee Miraculous, one which Chloé has coveted as Queen Bee seems significant to end the season. We already know that Hawk Moth is not above recruting people to do his dirty work (Lila). We also know there will be a Hawk Moth in the future, so there is a chance that he might fully recruit Chloé with the giving her of the Bee miraculous and keeping her as an enforcer. This would also fit the story arc she's had where she willingly seeks Hawk Moth's power.

Gabriel will initially try to use a load of Miraculouses all at once, and find out why that's a bad idea.

Since he has so many Miraculouses, he will be tempted by their power. While he might know theoretically that using too many is dangeous, it doesn't seem to bother him; he eventually defaulted to using two, and in Ephemeral he even used three/four. He'll likely try to fuse a ton all at once, and then suffer the consequences; this could even lead to the heroes retreiving some Miraculouses. He will then decide to only use a small number at a time and/or pick subordinates (potentially making more Akumatised Miraculous holders).

Hawk Moth will try to use the Rabbit Miraculous, but will be stopped by future Bunnyx.

With the power of time travel, the Rabbit Miraculous is very tempting; the episode titles suggest it might even be the first one Gabriel tries to use. However, as long as he eventually loses it, future Alix will still have it and will be able to travel back and stop him. Evenetually he'll either figure it isn't worth the effort, or make a mistake that allows the heores to to steal the Rabbit Miraculous back. This could also potentially lead to present Alix finally getting to transform.

    Emilie Agreste 

The missing blue Miraculous belonged to Adrien's mother.

She used to be a superheroine, but something went down related to it and she went missing. Gabriel is well aware of this, which is why he takes great measures to keep Adrien sheltered and has a notably surprised reaction when he recognizes his son's ring.

  • WMG version 1: Assuming Gabriel is Hawk Moth, perhaps he used to be her partner (using Nooroo and the butterfly Miraculous), and is trying to get his hands on LB and CN's Miraculous in order to find/avenge her.
  • WMG version 2: Assuming Gabriel isn't Hawk Moth, he's just a well-meaning but kind of terrible dad who has no idea how to reach out to his son and explain his mother's disappearance to him.
    • Possibly confirmed. As of Volpina, the blue peacock miraculous has been shown stored in a secret safe in the Agreste mansion, located behind the portrait of Adrien's mother. Near the miraculous is a photo of her. This could imply that it belonged to her before she disappeared. Which version is more accurate is not yet clear, but Adrien has seen the miraculous (and possibly identified it using the book he took out of the safe), with Gabriel remaining unaware of this for now.
    • Related to the above, Gabriel is Hawk Moth, but wasn't involved with the miraculous prior to Adrien's mother's disappearance. She was the "wrong choice" that Master Fu made, and after she died/abandoned her duties as a miraculous holder this drove Gabriel to learn about the miraculous and seek out the butterfly one. (Why the peacock one didn't work for him is unclear, but possibly it he left it alone out of respect for her.) If he was previously a miraculous holder, the exposition that Nooroo gave to him at the beginning of Ladybug and Cat Noir (Origins – Part 1) seems ludicrous, even invoking As You Know.
  • Possibly confirmed. Emilie's coma was caused by the Peacock Miraculous, likely because she was using it but not confirmed precisely.

Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth, and Emilie was the owner of the Peacock Miraculous.
They knew the last generation of Ladybug and Cat and fought with them. Everyone but the turtle and butterfly Miraculous users died in some calamity. Gabriel demanded the god-like power of Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous to bring Emilie back to life, but this was taboo, so Master Fu hid the remaining Miraculous away from Gabriel.

This is how Hawk Moth knew about Adrien and Marinette's Miraculous, and their combined power, from the beginning. How would he know about their god-like power if he'd never seen either of them before?

This is also why Emilie 'disappeared'. She really died, but her cause of death being the same as Peacock's would arouse suspicion, so he had to pretend she disappeared. Its also possible she died as Peacock in a way that destroyed her body.

Finally, he created an Akuma that seems suspiciously similar to the theme of a known Miraculous. A fox-themed hero with a necklace. This indicates that he's likely taken inspiration from a possible former ally.

  • This seems unlikely, after Origins specifies that the Moth Miraculous was lost long enough that it was thought to be "lost forever". It also shows that Gabriel knows about the vixen superheroine because he had the book.

Nathalie and Emilie were friends.
The disappearance of Adrien's mother greatly affected her husband and son's lives for the worse. Why not assistant Nathalie as well, depending on how long she has been in the Agrestes' employment. It would give new meaning to her name, Sancoeur, meaning "heartless." Is an aloof disposition her natural state, or has she just lost the person who was her heart?

Emilie was/is a Pungeon Master.
Adrien letting loose his love of pun humour as Cat Noir is him tapping into his happy memories of his mother and honouring her. If Gabriel is Hawk Moth, then he is doing the same.

If Emilie returns, she and Gabriel will eventually have a second child.
What few details that have been released say the Agrestes are/were Happily Married, and it is heavily implied that hypothetical Gabriel-as-Hawk Moth's motivation is his wife's return. Besides, how amazing would Adrien would be as a big brother?

Agreste is a Nom de Mom.
Tying to the theory that Gabriel and his missing wife were a case of Uptown Girl while courting, Gabriel was from a much lower class than his wife and among the concessions marrying her required, taking her family name was one of them.

Adrien's mansion comes from his mother's side of the family.
If the theory about Gabriel Agreste being a poor man who made a fortune to impress his loved one turns out to be true, it'll be eventually revealed the mansion where he lives belongs to Emilie and, once she's Legally Dead, it'll belong to Adrien. Gabriel has a place of his own but rented it to a tenant after moving into the manor.

As a young Battle Couple, Gabriel and his wife were the reverse of LB and CN.
It's a common aspect within the "The Agrestes are in previous Miraculous holder generation" theory: Gabriel was in love with his classmate, while the future Mrs. Agreste was head over heels for her superhero partner.
  • If the above "Nom de Mom" theory and the Uptown Girl theory are true, it's probably even for the same reason as LB and CN's interactions. Adrien's future mom was the girl with everything except someone who cared for her for her and her partner provided that in the same way LB does for CN while Gabriel kept getting tongue-tied around Miss Perfect.

Emilie was kidnapped.
She didn't so much disappear in the same sense that is talked about on this page, where she up and vanished, but rather she was kidnapped by either someone who forced Gabriel Agreste to take up the position as Hawk Moth and obtain the missing Miraculous to get her back, or if it isn't Gabriel, Hawk Moth himself kidnapped her because he's in love with her and became Hawk Moth to keep her. In the latter case, he wants the Black Cat and Ladybug Miraculous to force her to love him. In the former, the kidnapper likely wants power. Gabriel wants them in exchange for his wife or possibly to use their power to bring her back to him safely.

Mrs Agreste disappeared after turning into a super villain
Be it because her Battle Couple husband was forced to (knowingly or otherwise) take her down, or she was Evil All Along unbeknownst to her muggle husband, her disappearance was caused by past Miraculous holders being forced to eliminate her in some capacity. She may still be alive, but sans Miraculous. Waiting for revenge.

Mr and Mrs Agreste were never a Battle Couple, but they will be a team of supervillains.
That is, Mrs Agreste is Mayura, and Gabriel is Hawk Moth. But Hawk Moth won't know Mayura is his wife. They will be an Evil Duo, with Hawk Moth as the Red Oni Dragon to Mayura's Blue Oni Baroness Dark Magical Girl Big Bad. If it is her, it creates a cruel twist of irony assuming he turned to villainy to get her back from wherever she is.

Mrs Agreste is not missing, that is a lie
Adrien says she's missing and while Word of God seems to say the same, that same Word of God is a Trolling Creator, so we can't say for sure he's telling the truth. However, I propose that Gabriel knows perfectly well where Mrs Agreste is- she is in Tibet. I find it peculiar that Gabriel has a photo of her in his safe, but there's photos and paintings all over the house. Moreover, that photo is sitting on the shelf among the stuff from Tibet and the Miraculous book (as well as the Peacock Brooch). Mr and Mrs Agreste went to Tibet for something related to the Miraculouses, though not necessarily at the same time. He likely joined her. Whatever they were doing forced Mrs Agreste to need to stay behind in Tibet, with only Gabriel knowing what is going on. Whatever she is doing, it's a secret. As such, Gabriel had to tell Adrien that Mrs Agreste is missing. Any of his wistful looks to her image is him missing her. This is also why he is not there even though Adrien needs him- Gabriel cannot relate because he knows where she is, and he likely feels guilt over lying to his son. His change in personality (according to Adrien) is a result of that guilt and not wanting to give anything away. This may relate to my above WMG about Gabriel being Hawk Moth but his goals having nothing or very little to do with Mrs Agreste. If Gabriel is not Hawk Moth, then it justifies his rage at having the Miraculous Book stolen and the resulting akumatisation- it relates to what his wife is doing, and Adrien stealing it might put Adrien in jeopardy. He gets akumatised, or akumatises himself, in order to get the book back. In the event he akumatises himself, he can't exactly go out as Gabriel or Hawk Moth to get the book, after all.

Like her husband and son, Mrs Agreste has a unisex name
Adrien and Gabriel are names that can be used for boys and girls (though Gabriel is typically the masculine spelling, with "Gabrielle" being the feminine spelling, but the original spelling is not unheard of for a girl). Thus, it's possible Mrs Agreste likewise follows this theme, and has a name like Dominique, Camille, or René(e), which are also unisex.
  • Probably not Camille, since outside France, nobody would recognise it as a unisex name, ruining the theme as much as if she were named Shirley, Kelly, or Ariel, which are best known as female names despite being unisex. Jean/Jeanne would also work as her name, but there are already one, maybe two Jeans.
  • Jossed - her name is Emilie.

Emilie will be Mayura ... and she will be evil

Because how much of a kick in the nuts would it be if the supposedly Too Good for This Sinful Earth Emilie was just as evil as Hawk Moth? similar to the Code Geass twist with Marianne...

  • That's actually plausible. See, literally all we know about her is that she was the previous wielder of the Peacock Miraculous. She did something with it that put her in a coma, something clearly harder on her than even Nathalie's repeated use of it to send kaiju rampaging through town. See the "Adrien is a sentimonster" theory for one idea... but if he isn't, well, there's no guarantee that whatever she did with it was particularly nice. Especially since we've met two members of her family and they're both amoral schemers. (Not that you have to be just like your family, as proven by Adrien. However, it could be Foreshadowing. We hear about her only through those who loved her most, so on the surface she's perfect... meanwhile, she was the last user of the Peacock, and every time we've seen it used, it was being misused. And we meet other members of her family... and they're no angels. And it's been pointed out that Adrien's isolation doesn't seem to be a thing that started with her disappearance. All this could be intended as clues that the character we actually know nothing about beyond "Adrien and Gabriel miss her" isn't actually the saint she's assumed to be, and when she wakes up, that's when the merde hits the ventilateur.)

Emilie is a Time Lord, specifically the Thirteenth Doctor
Thirteen's outfit in recent promotional photos looks a lot like Adrien's. Also, this it TV Tropes — obligatory Time Lord guess is obligatory.

Emilie is at least partially responsible for Adrien meeting Chloé
Gabriel doesn't seem to know her very well in "Mr. Pigeon" - while he is an aloof Jerkass, one would expect him to know his son's Only Friend better than that. Since Gabriel obsessively micromanages Adrien's life to the point where he wouldn't have had much opportunity to make friends on his own, arguably his best chance of making friends was his parents' associates bringing their kids over. Therefore, Emilie likely had some professional association with the Bourgeois family. It's more likely her than Gabriel because, again, he didn't know his son's longtime friend very well even by his standards.
  • Further evidence: in "Gorizilla", the movie she appeared in was produced by A. Bourgeois, most likely one of Chloé's parents (although whether it's André or Audrey is uncertain).
    • Though it could be a family member of André's
    • Sloe Crusher confirmed that Chloé's father, André, produced the movie.

Emilie is trapped inside the Peacock Miraculous
Why else would Gabriel keep the Peacock Miraculous in a safe behind the portrait of his wife?
  • Because it's the only safe in the house? Because it's the safe that Gabriel spends the most time around? Because that's the safest out of all the safes? Because it's an all-powerful Miraculous? Because he doesn't know what else to do with it? Because he's saving it for her? Because the Miraculous reminds him of his wife? Because it's not the real Miraculous, just something important to him or his wife? Because it's not a Miraculous, it was just a famous piece from his collection that helped him make a name for himself so he wants to keep it safe? Because it was a gift from his wife? There's plenty of reasons.

Emilie is suffering from some kind of Demonic Possession.
  • That's what's in the vault under the Agreste manor. Emilie has been corrupted or possessed by some kind of evil power, and Gabriel wants the Miraculouses because they are the only things that can purify her again. He is keeping her (or rather, the thing that has her body) imprisoned until he can get them.

The Peacock Miraculous is responsible for Emilie's current comatose state
  • One use of that shit completely drained Nathalie. Overuse could easily cause longer-lasting damage to her.
    • Confirmed in the 'Gabriel' webisode, as well as in "Feast" and "Ladybug"..

She will be voiced by Tara Strong in the English dub.
I mean, Emilie's appearance is based on her.

Emilie will awaken and immediately need to fight
  • Hawk Moth will succeed in taking the Ladybug and Cat Miraculous, leaving Marinette and Adrien to have to fall back on the Dragon and Snake. Emilie will awaken and realise what has happened, what Gabriel has done. She'll march into the atelier and take the Peacock Miraculous, or possibly have to punch out Nathalie and take it from her. She'll transform and charge into the fight, Hawk Moth will see her and realise he's succeeded but Emilie knows what the cost was. Emilie will fight Hawk Moth, and win, and take the Miraculous from him. She'll return them to Aspik and Marinette but she'll know that reversing the Ultimate Power will send her back into her coma. She'll have a moment with Adrien before the two wear their Miraculous once more, and she'll go back to sleep.
Emilie: Adrien, what happened to me was my fault. I was in that coma because I used Duusu's power. My mistake is mine to bear, no one else's.

Emilie will Come Back Wrong.
  • Gabriel will succeed in reviving Emilie—but something will go wrong. She'll look like her old self, but act completely differently and it'll quickly become apparent that she's far more dangerous than Hawk Moth in this state. She'll easily dispatch her husband and then try to destroy the heroes who will have to find a way to take her down.

     Master Fu's "Mistake" 
Trusting Hawk Moth with a Miraculous is the mistake Master Fu alluded to in the Origins Episode.
When Wayzz questioned Master Fu's choices of holders for Ladybug's earrings and Cat Noir's ring, his main concern was the ring since Master Fu entrusted it to Gabriel Agreste's son and Gabriel is Hawk Moth.
  • Sorry to be a party pooper but I have to object. When Hawk Moth is first seen talking to Nooroo in the first Origins Episode he claims that he "found" Nooroo. Master Fu even claims that he thought that the Butterfly Miraculous "was lost forever". These claims indicate that if Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth that he wasn't given the Miraculous by Master Fu, he found it on his own. In addition, if Wayzz and Master Fu know the Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth then why are they keeping this vital information from the heroes? After all the two sent out the the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculous to stop Hawk Moth. So if Master Fu and Wayzz intend to stop Hawk Moth it makes no sense for them to know who Hawk Moth is and drag out the plot by not telling the heroes this key information.
  • Then Master Fu left the Miraculous where he expected someone else to find it. He eventually figured out his intended target didn't get it but didn't find out who got it.
  • It's plausible that many years ago, possibly in the early days of his being the Great Keeper, Master Fu gave the Moth/Butterfly Miraculous to someone who was, for a number of reasons, ill-suited. Either they sold off the valuable jewellery, or they ran off with it, believing it was evil and that its powers shouldn't be used, or they ran off with it and died. Either one would result in the Moth/Butterfly Brooch appearing to be lost forever, so long as it was never put on until Hawk Moth got a hold of it. Which makes me think it was being hidden for a long time, and then he tracked it down. It's possible The Collector factors in somehow, maybe being who Hawk Moth obtained the Miraculous from. In fact, maybe he works for The Collector. As does Mayura. Maybe the Moth Brooch was given to The Collector or one of the past Collectors, and they elected to not use it, but collect it and eventually the other Miraculous. The Collector allows Hawk Moth to use the Miraculous so he can obtain the other Miraculouses. Mayura is likely sent in to "help" because he's failed more than 26 times.
    • Nope on this last one; the Collector is an akuma villain.
      • Or at least, nope to the bits about about the Collector; everything before that is perfectly fine. The part where the mistake was made early in his post as the Great Guardian, he gave the Moth Locket to someone who was ill-suited for it. That person either sold it off or ran off with it and refused to use its powers, or ran off with it and died, causing it to become lost as nobody put it on thereafter, causing it to be lost. That part is totally fine.

Mrs Agreste has nothing to do with the Peacock Brooch, but it is how Hawk Moth found the Moth/Butterfly Locket.
Instead, it relates to the "mistake" Fu made, by giving it or another Miraculous to the man who would become The Collector, who never used it. Nobody said his mistake was giving it to someone who used it for evil. They may not have used it at all. Because the Miraculous are meant to be used and meant to keep balance in the world, not using it is almost worse than using it for evil. He might have used his Miraculous (be it the Peacock of one of the unseen ones) momentarily, discovered it was magic, and thus seeks the entire collection. Not for power, like Hawk Moth, but simply to collect. That's why the mistake Fu made was bad enough he hopes to never make it again. Giving it to an evil person or someone who died for or because of it isn't quite as bad giving it to someone who might cause a universal unbalance. Gabriel (assuming he is Hawk Moth), because he, like his victims, was heartbroken at the time at the loss of his wife. Thus, vulnerable. So he was given the Brooch (which was either the one the Collector had or was one he got his hands on) and the book (which the Collector stole) and told that if he can find the Black Cat and Ladybug Miraculouses, he can bring his wife back. Or, daresay, even HAVE her back. He took the Brooch and the book and was able to track down the Locket, putting away the Brooch so he could use the power of the Locket to draw out the Ladybug and Black Cat users. He does specifically say that was his plan for Stoneheart, so it's possible that's why he went after the Locket in the first place.

Master Fu's Mistake.
It wasn't that someone given a Miraculous turned out to be a lapse in judgement on the guardian's part, but that the intended recipient was a poor decision. As usual, Fu placed the Miraculous where his chosen one would find it, but it was picked up by another, likely someone close to the intended. However it turned out that his choice was The Chosen Zero and would have been easily corrupted by the power, and The Unchosen One was a better decision all along.
  • I'm going to have to take you back a step here. This scenario seems like a rather fortunate mistake given the good turnout that you have presented, but Master Fu was very clear in the Origins Episode when he said that this mistake is one he wouldn't want repeated. If there is anything that could logically be said about this scenario it is very best-case and this kind of turnout is something worth hoping for if he got it wrong and is nothing to be ashamed of given the payoff.

The "mistake" Master Fu made was giving the Peacock Miraculous to whoever he gave it to.
Not that the person was a bad choice, they emulated the Peacock Miraculous flawlessly, but the fact that they either gave up the call or their lives were destroyed (if not literally). Peacocks are a symbol of integrity, guidance, protection, and watchfulness. Further they're also symbols of resurrection, immortality, and renewal, because some people believe they're phoenixes of the land. One interpretation of all of that is that the Peacock Miraculous is not a very offensive one, it's primarily defensive and grants the user foresight and healing abilities. But because of that, the Peacock Miraculous is cursed so that the user's loved ones are always in danger. Often times, the Peacock wielder will either be Driven to Suicide, quit, or will die protecting someone they love. There's two scenarios I can apply: the first is that the last Peacock Miraculous was Adrien's mother, and she died or disappeared to protect her husband and/or son without Adrien ever knowing the specifics of why his mother isn't around, and the second is that Gabriel is the wielder, and the curse got his wife killed or drove her away for whatever reason, and so he threw the call aside to protect Adrien from the same fate. Still, it is interesting how Peacocks can mean resurrection, but it's Cat Noir and Ladybug's Miraculous that can turn back death itself. This might allude to Adrien's mother being the former Peacock user, if Hawk Moth wants to bring her back to life with the two main Miraculous. Fu deems it a mistake because he's aware of the darkness that sparked with her death, and that he cost a boy his only affectionate, clearly loving parent, or else that he destroyed a woman's life and fractured her family.

As an alternative to the above, Master Fu's mistake was "The Collector".
We know pretty much nothing about "The Collector", a mysterious villain teased for Season 2, but his name seems to suggest that he's also hunting the Miraculouses- and unlike Hawk Moth, who is primarily concerned with the two major Miraculouses (even the Butterfly Miraculous appears to be a means to an end), this would appear to be someone going after all of them. It's possible that Master Fu gave him a Miraculous in the past (most likely one we haven't seen yet), but he went mad with the power and had to have it taken away to protect those around him. Since then he's found another source of power and plans on using it to complete his mission of obtaining all the Miraculouses.
  • Jossed. The Collector is an akumatized Gabriel Agreste, not a past villain.

We will never find out what the "mistake" was
It may have happened a very long time ago, and the line is a throw-away meant to drive the fandom nuts.

The "mistake" was just a meta Take That! to Félix
It's no secret Astruc considers Félix a mistake, so the line may have been written as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the original "Cat Noir".

Master Fu's mistake was trying to use the Ladybug and/or Black Cat Miraculouses himself.
He thought he was able to use one or both of them, and instead massacred other Guardians, destroyed the temple and with it, destroyed the Order of the Guardians. When he said he "only got it wrong once", he was talking about himself.

His mistake involved revealing the location of the temple to an ancient enemy of the Miraculouses, who will eventually take over as the series' Big Bad
If the temple was destroyed, after all, someone must've done the destroying. Seems like an obvious opportunity to introduce some new enemy.

The mistake
Master Fu was once a turtle superhero, until a friend of his found out his identity by accident. When Fu learned this, he made the mistake of reporting it to his superiors, who decided to solve the problem through liberal application of Killed to Uphold the Masquerade. The friend survived, went on a bloody Roaring Rampage of Revenge, and killed everyone; Fu was the only survivor.

     Kagami Tsurugi and Luka Couffaine 
Kagami will eventually become Ladybug's Secret-Keeper
And by the most over-the-top Contrived Coincidence possible.

She will become the main Spanner in the Works to the vengeful Lila.
And it will be glorious.

Her relationship with Adrien won't last.
  • As much as she likes him, she will eventually discover his former feelings for Ladybug. Or his feelings for Ladybug won't have truly died down.
  • Or, alternatively, he will find out somehow that Marinette had feelings for him, and this will make him conflicted.
  • Or, he won't find out that Marinette had feelings for him, but he will start to notice her instead. Perhaps while disguised as Cat Noir.
  • Or his feelings for Kagami won't really deepen, and Kagami will realize this.
  • Or he will hesitate too much, and Kagami will find his less assertive nature to be a turn-off. Especially if he fails to keep boundaries in place with either Chloé or Lila, or if he doesn't stand up to them when they mistreat others.
  • Another reason it won't last: at this point, they're literally copying Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Star and Marco had their own love interests (Tom for Star, Jackie and later Kelly for Marco), but by the end of the series, Star/Marco (or Starco was 100% canon. The same thing's gonna happen with Adrien and Marinette.
  • Confirmed. They did break up but for none of the reasons stated above. Kagami was disappointed in Adrien because he kept lying to her in order to protect his secret identity; and because she did not like his true self. In addition to this, Kagami admits later that this is Marinette who is the perfect match for Adrien despite the latter have yet to discover it.

Kagami is connected to a past Dragon Miraculous holder.
As this Tumblr post pointed out, the symbol on her mom's car is very similar to that of the Dragon Miraculous. Kagami could be a descendant of a previous wielder.


Luka and Marinette might end up looking Like an Old Married Couple.
Unlike Kagami and Adrien - who are arguably Birds of a Feather - Luka and Marinette will be constantly bickering but ultimately respectful and caring of each other.
  • Jossed. They broke-up so early that they did not have the time to develop such a dynamic- or any.

Specifically, Cuteness Proximity will result in Luka wanting to pet and hug Cat Noir. Bonus points if that ends up as a Running Gag whenever the two them meet.
  • Similarly to Kagami and Ladybug how? What Les Yay are you talking about?
    • Try the Ho Yay page.
    • Ironically, it is their civilian personas who end up getting along from the get-go.

Luka has an Unmanly Secret or two.
The punk/goth motif is just a facade, and he is more akin to Kanji Tatsumi. His Mangst would be reason he turns into an Akuma. Overcoming his internal insecurities will also be his overall character arc.

Luka will be a happy medium of Cat Noir and Adrien
Kagami is something like this to Marinette and Ladybug, being sweet, gentle, awkward, and considerate like Marinette and level-headed, confident, authoritative, bossy, and strict like Ladybug. Luka will balance out Adrien and Cat Noir, being funny, witty, laid-back, and playful like Cat Noir and subdued, polite, friendly, and respectful like Adrien.

Luka's akuma will go into his earrings.
Kagami's akuma went into her ring and as Marinette's foil it the likely location.
  • Jossed. It went into the mask he was holding.

Luka is a changeling.
  • Bright blue hair is not a normal color for humans, and that odd ability he has to read people's emotions hints at something supernatural in his makeup. And there's just something... off about the way he moves and talks.
    • Luka's hair is pretty clearly dyed, like his sister's.
    • The series seems to have "anime rules" for hair, as Marinette(and several other characters, like her mom or Mireille) has blue hair, Alix pink hair, Nathaniel bright red hair and even Miss Mendeliev has purple hair.

     Bourgeois Family 
The Bourgeois are related to the Duprees
It's obvious Chloé takes after Aunt Bianca.


Chloé will have a Face–Heel Turn by the end of Season 3.
  • Judging by the events of Miraculer, and going by the fact that she still hasn't become a significantly better person, it's possible that she'll join Hawk Moth and Mayura and declare war on Ladybug.
  • What's more, if the spoilers regarding someone else becoming the Bee Miraculous holder/Queen Bee are true, Chloé could become extremely embittered by, what she views as, a slight on Ladybug's part and join Hawk Moth.

Chloé will have a Jerkass Realization.
Specifically, it will dawn on the Alpha Bitch just how much Being Evil Sucks. It will happen something like this: Chloé announces that she will be throwing a party, most likely for her birthday, and starts tempting her classmates to jump through hoops for an invitation. Naturally, she ignores everyone's complaints about being baited like dogs, until Adrien, who's already having a bad day, is finally pushed to the brink and essentially tells his semi-friend to get over herself. At the party, Chloé is shocked to find that, aside from Sabrina and her father's employees, NO-ONE shows up. At first, she decides that she didn't want the riffraff at her party anyway, but she eventually gets sick of hearing nothing but "Whatever you want, Chloé." and starts thinking that maybe it's better to be around real people rather than sycophants. All this will be the first step on her road to Character Development.
  • Or she might get confronted by someone who's an even bigger Alpha Bitch than she is, only in a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing way. This girl shows up at school and at first, Chloé thinks the world of her, even if she's got the odd habit of treating her "inferiors" well...until the new girl goes on a date with Adrien, that eventually spins into several dates. Furious that someone would steal her Adrien, Chloé does some digging and discovers that the new girl is blackmailing Adrien, stumbling upon them having an argument that makes what she's doing clear without giving away what her dirt is (as it would probably be him being Cat Noir). Chloé tries to get help but no one believes her since Chloé has been her normal self and the new girl has been treating everyone sweetly. Desperate, Chloé ends up going to Marinette who only believes her for Adrien's sake and makes that clear. Chloé ends up gaining respect for Marinette and even has the beginning of a Heel Realization about her constant fawning over Adrien since it's becoming quite clear that he's not interested in her romantically.
  • Or, she gets a Miraculous (like the bee) and after the first few times she slowly realizes the Akumas are all people she annoyed/insulted earlier. It may take a bit, but she will soon realize almost everything with the akumas is her fault, or at least she contributes heavily and that will cause her Heel–Face Turn. After all, fighting classmates personally and watching them detransform is different from cheering Ladybug on from afar.
  • She kinda gets a short-lived variation at the end of "Zombizou". Sure she admits to Miss Bustier that it's her fault she was akumatized and forgot it was her birthday, but she refuses to admit it to the rest of the class. Marinette (who saw as Ladybug) realizes that Chloé does have the potential to be a good person, if she is set a positive example.

Chloé dyes her hair.
So she can undergo a Expository Hairstyle Change during or after a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Technically it's called bleaching if you mean she currently does something to her hair.
  • Possibly this, or she gets an Important Haircut

Marinette committed some slight against Chloé in the past.
Chloé is generally insufferable to everyone around her, but it's clear that she consciously tries to torment Marinette. It is possible that the time they first came into contact around four years ago, Marinette innocently did or said something that angered Chloé enough to declare vengeance, and she has never realized. Of course, it's still Chloé's fault for being petty enough to hold the grudge for this long, but if Marinette learns of what happened and has the humility to apologize for it, it could be the start of the girls mending their fences.
  • She might just be jealous of Marinette. After all, Marinette is very talented and her family is very close.

The basis for Chloé's crush on Adrien.
We have no idea why or for how long Chloé's mother has been out of the picture, but say that it's been much longer than the four or five years since Adrien's mother disappeared, around kindergarten or grade school. As a little girl who had everything in life besides a mother figure, Chloé quickly latched onto the sweet, beautiful mother of her friend Adrien. So much so that she declared her intentions to grow up and marry Adrien so his mother would become hers. Being the Spoiled Brat she is, Chloé immaturely holds onto her childhood dream even though the true object of her desire has vanished.

A key part of Chloé's redemption arc will be a reunion with her Missing Mom.
Mrs. Bourgeois has been absent ever since essentially abandoning Chloé at a young age, but she makes an unexpected appearance in an episode with the declaration of wanting to reconnect. Unfortunately, this is all revealed to be a ruse: Her mother was and still is an egotistic Gold Digger who married André in the first place because, like with their daughter, he has always catered to her every whim, and she's back to exploit money, political influence or publicity. Even if she has some maternal love for Chloé, it's not enough to make the woman want to change her ways. Chloé will be struck with the painful realization that her mother is precisely what she is in danger of becoming, so she rips the bi-atch a new one for being so selfish and manipulative, and starts taking the steps to ensure she never falls so low.
  • Alternatively, Chloé will be overcome with hurt upon realizing the kind of woman her mother is and breaks down crying. If Marinette can be witness to this, it would turn her perception of Chloé right on its head.
  • I like this idea, and the idea that her mom is a terrible person, but I prefer to think that Mme Bourgeois comes from old money herself and is a cold, haughty fashion model. I like to think that Chloé is the way she is because she's constantly trying to impress her mother, who has never felt Chloé is good enough. It matches with how Chloé is so desperate for attention and to be the best and most impressive person, and why Chloé never talks about her.

Chloé will fail to bully Lila.
90% of Chloé's submission tactics is to play the Mayor's daughter card, but if there's one person who Mayor Bourgeois wouldn't want to get on the bad side of, it's a foreign diplomat like Lila's parent(s)...provided that what Alya said about Lila's parentage actually was the truth, of course. After being told by André that the Rossis are not to be so much as irked, Chloé begrudgingly leaves Lila alone.
  • It doesn't need to be so complex. Lila could just be wholly unaffected by Chloé.

That is, Chloé does truly believe she's beloved and the best, but does not think this is enough. This is slightly hinted at by how she actively tries to be the best even though she clearly already thinks she is, as well as how often she states that she's loved and "the best". She seems to truly believe it, and yet, she constantly tries to make people like her and have people say she's "the best". Even though she truly seems to believe she's popular, she still feels the need to try and get rid of her competition and buy popularity. This may also be the driving force behind her crush on Adrien, who is a young, extremely talented, handsome model who makes it seem like his life is perfect. She likes him because he's got the things she's looking for. Genuine popularity and talent, for instance. Chloé also noticeably never does anything herself, preferring to use people who she knows can do it to handle things for her, like Sabrina and Marinette. Chloé's mother, whom we have not yet seen, may be the driving force behind this. She may directly or indirectly make Chloé think she'll never be good enough in her mother's eyes, even though Chloé tries very hard for it. André is almost so nice a parent, with a slight strict streak, that I can't help but wonder if his wife is very different from him.

Chloé will completely fail to maintain a secret identity once she gets the Bee Miraculous.
Because even after a Heel–Face Turn, her ego will still be massive enough that on some level she'll want everybody to know that the new superhero is her.
  • Knowing Chloé, she'll just announce it immediately, no Heel–Face Turn needed.
  • Confirmed. The first thing she does after getting the Bee Miraculous is to scream at the top of her lungs that she's Queen Bee.

Chloé will reject her Miraculous, at least at first
Assuming the Bee is simply not capable of being a solo act, nor is its hero ever meant to be part of the spotlight. Chloé is at first delighted to become a superhero (after getting over the shock of Pollen), but quickly learns that not only is it not all fun and games, but she can't even be the star. The Bee is meant to support, not act. Since Chloé is all about attention, she rejects her Miraculous. However, she does attempt to get it back and fails, forcing her to actually ask for it back.
  • Jossed. She jumps at the call, with disastrous consequences.

Chloé will have to make a Heroic Sacrifice
If she gets Character Development and goes through Heel–Face Turn, that is. There are two ways this may occur:
  • It will come before she gets her Miraculous. Maybe she will find out about Ladybug's or Cat Noir's secret identity, through considering that she is Adrien's childhood friend, it's likely going to be the latter. Then later, Hawk Moth will ask her to give her their Miraculous in exchange for something of hers - at best something like her wealth and at worst her freedom. After seeing her selfless sacrifice, Master Fu will give her a Miraculous and somehow, the Reset Button will be pushed as well and she will get back what she lost.
  • It will come after she gets her Miraculous. At first, she will be an Anti-Hero who only fights evil for fame, but eventually, someone she cares about - Adrien, Sabrina, her father, etc. - will be kidnapped by Hawk Moth, who will ask her to give up her Miraculous in exchange for their lifes - maybe the other Miraculous holders will be in a similar position, which will result in an arc where Marinette, Adrien and Chloé will have to save Paris without any powers.

Chloé is insane.
  • Not in an Insane Equals Violent way, of course, but with a massive case of Believing Their Own Lies. That is why she does things like insist that she hadn't offended anyone recently in "Antibug" even though she'd just had a fight with Sabrina, or thinking that everyone loves her despite the fact that everyone else can see the whole class hates her, or insisting that she and Ladybug are best buds even though they barely know each other. She isn't an idiot, or even lying in the normal sense, she literally can't tell the difference between her fantasies and reality. Her father doesn't grasp just how bad the situation is, and is therefore enabling her delusions because he doesn't know what else to do.
    • This also explains why Ladybug calling her out broke her so utterly in Antibug. She couldn't deny or explain her way around what she was hearing, so she was forced to confront the actual truth. And then by the end she'd managed to repress the realization, and was back to normal.

Chloé is a Take That! at the Superhero genre's Misaimed Fandom.
Pretty much everyone knows them - the guy or girl who goes out to see Thor or Captain America and goes on and on about how cool and powerful the character is and how they're such a huge fan, only to then spend the whole night moaning and ranting because on the way back from the movie theater some "smelly homeless bum" dared to ask them for a single penny on their "hard-earned" allowance from daddy.

Pretty much describes Chloé to a tee. She loves Ladybug and is fond of calling herself the superhero's "most devoted fan" but doesn't have any understanding of the actual heroic traits that make Ladybug the hero. In fact she utterly despises Ladybug's civilian persona Marinette specifically because Marinette possesses those same heroic qualities. It's obvious she only likes Ladybug because Ladybug is popular.


André Bourgeois will lose his position as mayor.
Not only is the man implied to be a Sleazy Politician, the events of "Rogercop" show that he doesn't shy away from abusing his power. Granted, he'll probably get to keep the hotel, but it will cause Chloé to lose the connections that let her get away with so many offences. Depending on how much he's found out to have embezzled, he might lose even the hotel. Either way, it'll probably make him vulnerable to akumatization.

The Mayor will remarry.
Chloé will be so upset that her "wicked" stepmother refuses to spoil her.

André doesn't actually love Chloé; he just finds her to be a convenient prop to make himself look good.
He just throws money at Chloé to make her shut up and because she doesn't know any better, she assumes this is love. This could come out with a "truth teller" akuma that makes people blurt out truths about their darkest secrets; Chloé is devastated when she finds out she's nothing but a cheap political tactic and ironically finds her relationship with her classmates going better since all of them feel sorry for her since not even a jerk like Chloé deserves to have a parent who just uses her for his own benefit.

Jossed in Malediktator since her leaving the city is enough to get him akumitzed

André is his wife's Love Martyr.
Continuing the themes of theories about Generation Xerox in Adrien's parents, Chloé's mother Audrey is her Shadow Archetype, and André is her Sabrina: An underling who did everything Audrey wanted of him, no matter how unethical, only hoping for much more than friendship in return. Audrey eventually deemed André good enough to marry and have Chloé with after he became successful with his hotel and political career, but would still leave them to pursue her own interests. While Chloé was spoiled and sheltered to fill the void, André got by for years with the belief that Audrey would come running back if he stayed rich and faithful to her. When Audrey reappears, Chloé will realize that her mother is a selfish woman who isn't worth trying to please, and so will her father.

André has a sister
This hypothetical sister would be Arlette, Nadja's boss from "Prime Queen". Arlette does appear to be a producer, if not the owner of the TV studio as well, since she is the one calling all the shots in the TV studio. In "Gorizilla", we learn that an "A. Bourgeois" is a producer and produced a movie Adrien's mother, Emilie, was in.


Audrey is Adrien's mother
Just nobody was told this. Neither of them are anywhere to be seen, after all.
  • I heard Word of God jossed this a while ago.
    • That would make Chloé's constant hitting on Adrien highly inappropriate for a kid's show.
    • Also, this would require her to have been married to André Bourgeois and Gabriel Agreste at the same time, since Chloé and Adrien are the same age.

Alternately Audrey is the sister of Adrien's mother, Emilie
  • No, by "Word of God jossed this a while ago", they meant "Adrien and Chloé are not related".
    • That would make Chloé's constant hitting on Adrien highly inappropriate for a kid's show.

There's a connection between Chloé's and Adrien's missing mother's.
  • We learn in "Gorizilla" that Adrien's mother was in a film produced by an A. Bourgeois. This could mean whatever caused Chloé's mother leaving might have involved Adrien's mother as well.

Audrey wants custody of Chloé for some reason.
This is why Mayor Bourgeois bends to all of her demands; he doesn't want to lose his precious daughter. It's also possible that Audrey only wants her for superficial reasons and doesn't actually love her like a mother should, and André doesn't want his daughter to suffer from that.

Audrey has some connection to the Miraculouses.
  • At the end of "Feast", we see Audrey, Tomoe Tsurugi, and Gabriel and Nathalie reacting to the news of the temple's reappearance. While Gabriel and Nathalie have an obvious reason to be interested, Audrey doesn't seem to be the kind of person who'd be interested in a Tibetan temple reappearing... unless she was interested in what's in the temple.

Amber bourgeois
Similar to Félix, who was supposed to never appear in the series, Amber will be a canon character. She will also be the new Bee Miraculous´s holder. She could be:
  • Chloé's cousin; maybe Arlette is her mother.
  • Chloé's older sister. She maybe she lived in New York with their mother, or being older and more independent, she has been traveling.

Audrey is the mother of Jane and Stacy from Ghost Force
Same universe, similar blond hair and similar enough appearances. Their green eyes would come from their father.

     Hawk Moth's Wish 

Hawk Moth's wish is to erase Adrien's death (see the "Adrien is a sentimonster" theory a few folders down).
  • Going off the "Adrien is a sentimonster Replacement Goldfish for the late real Adrien" theory a bit further down, Gabriel might wish to prevent his son's death. Assuming any of it is true, if the real Adrien never died, then Emilie would never have needed to create the sentimonster of him, and thus would not have gone into her coma. Therefore, Gabriel would never have become Hawk Moth or akumatized innocent people (or Nathalie and Lila), because his reason to do so would not have come to pass.

Hawk Moth plans to sacrifice Lila
Since the Miraculous wish will require an Equivalent Exchange, it stands to reason that restoring Emilie will require sacrificing someone else's life. Adrien is out of the question - aside from Gabriel's occasionally showing concern for him, Emilie would likely not be happy if Gabriel sacrificed their son to bring her back. Nathalie is probably safe for the same reasons. On the other hand, Gabriel has shown contempt towards Lila (in "Onichan", before he decided to recruit her), and he might decided that she has outlived her usefulness (especially since her abhorrent behavior is likely to become a liability down the line, so there's no sense in keeping her around longer than he has to).

Hawk Moth has already made his wish, possibly several times, and nobody knows it including him
In "Ephemeral", the kwamis say "not again!" when they see him starting to make his wish. There are several possible explanations for this, but here's one of them. It's known that making a wish requires sacrificing something of equal value to what you gain. It's also revealed in "Ephemeral" that making a wish that changes the past (or possibly any wish, it's not made quite clear) involves erasing the universe and rebuilding it to fit the wisher's desires. It's often theorized that if Gabriel were to wish Emilie back to life, Adrien would fall into a coma in her place. If that did happen, what would he do next? Do you think he would just let his son remain near-dead, or would he try to wish him back too? And if the universe was rewritten, well, would he even know that the wish is the reason Adrien is lost? How many times might Hawk Moth have traded one family member for the other, never knowing the futility of his actions? His family will never be whole, and he will never realize it.

     Nino Lahiffe 
Nino has Abusive Parents
Forgive me if I sound like I'm overanalyzing a bit, but this is something I noticed when I watched The Bubbler. Nino is so quick and ready to judge every parent in Paris based on the actions of one adult, and it seems so petty. But what if it isn't? What if Nino was abused by his own parents? It explains why he acts extremely out of character when Gabriel shuts him out. His anger could be interpreted as a Big Brother Instinct towards Adrien trying to protect him (and let's be honest here, Gabe is abusive). Nino also acts incredibly mature for his age (hey, those "Dad Nino" memes aren't for nothing) at least when you compare it to the other kids of his class.

Nino will have a special, deep hatred for Lila Rossi
It makes sense. Since Alya is his girlfriend and Lila is Alya's Evil Counterpart and complete opposite, it would be fine and fitting for Lila to be his most hated person ever.
  • Makes sense from another angle, too - promo material for Season 2 has indicated that Lila will try to manipulate Adrien to keep him all to herself. Nino took it personally when Gabriel denied Adrien a party, so someone deliberately harming his bestie? Yeah, Lila's definitely going to end up on Nino's shitlist.
    • Jossed. In "Onii-Chan", Nino talks to Lila about her mother is attending a fancy gala and she wants to attend but she needs to be caught up on her schoolwork. Nino kindly offers her that he'll tell Adrien a good word about her to help her catch up.
    • However, in "Miraculer", Lila tells Gabriel Agreste that "Adrien could do much better than Nino". Despite Nino's kindness to her, this just shows how ungrateful of a person Lila is.

Adrian will tell Nino he's Cat Noir.
For one thing Marinette has already told Aliya she's Ladybug and Nino told Adrian he and Aliya are Rena Rouge and Carapace, making him pretty annoyed that they get to know each others identities while Ladybug strictly forces him to secrecy. This will eat away at him until he breaks down and tells Nino he's Cat Noir. Nino will probably tell Alya this putting her in the very uncomfortable position of knowing both Marinnete and Adrian's secret identities and Two Person Love Square but not being able to tell them.


There were several instances where Parisian security cameras recorded Marinette and Adrien transforming/de-transforming.
But considering their young age and the importance of keeping their identity secret, the government decided to put Ladybug and Cat Noir's identity under "Secret Défense"/Official Secrecy, which means anyone who tries to reveal their identity could face a severe prison sentence.
  • We've seen them transform several times in the Metro, and it's pretty much impossible to have a spot in the Parisian Metro that isn't camera'd. (Over 9500 cameras.)
  • Probably not, as the setting appears to be an alternate universe utopian Paris where security cameras either aren't necessary or are easily avoidable.
  • It's confirmed in Season 3 that the Kwamis can't be detected by any electronic means, and the New York special confirms that the Miraculous Holders have a 'quantum field' that messes with human minds' perception, so their transformations are pretty much undetectable unless someone is right there to watch it in person.
    • They do not need to record the kwami: even if the cameras do not directly record them transforming That is to say , the guards will do 2+2 and assume their secret identity.

If a Season 2 is made, there will be an episode about the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks.
Given the nature of this show however, it's extremely unlikely, plus, even then, it would still be "too soon".
  • I was more thinking that they'd put a situation in the show that, although it's not like the Paris attacks, would seem like a serious situation for Ladybug and Cat Noir. Most likely, I think there should be an episode about loss or (the most likely situation), there can be an episode with a new, strong villain who is a serious threat to Paris. Eventually, he defeats Ladybug and Cat Noir, causing them to loose their powers, which reveals Adrien and Marinette's superhero identities to each other, and Marinette and Adrien have to work together to get their powers back.
  • The Darkblade episode had a few noteworthy coincidences with the tragedy. A group dressed in black, motivated by rage at a French politician and by a belief in how things should be ruled, storm an event featuring an American rock musician. This episode first aired in South Korea a half week after the attacks. The parallels were so noticeable so soon after, that it could only be a big coincidence or an intentional episode selection meant as a tribute.

Someone will learn Ladybug's secret in the second season.
That "I have a secret that no one know yet" line sounds too suspicious.
  • Alya seems like the most likely choice, considering how much she and Ladybug are interacting via Alya's blog. Considering that Alya will also be getting a Miraculous in Season 2, they might even end up being mutual Secret Keepers.

There will be an episode or two involving the multiverse.
And among the universes will include an alternate Adrien named Félix, and an Akuma!Marinette.
  • Or, combining the two ideas, Félix will be the one to get Akumatized.

Gabriel Agreste's crazy overprotectiveness will be explored.
Picture this for an episode plot: Adrien is going to model in a fashion show for his father's newest line when an akuma strikes on the other side of Paris. After brief consideration, he decides to skip the show. There will be many more just like it, right? After LB and CN win the day, Adrien returns, fully expecting no-one to have cared about his absence. However, he sees that Gabriel is freaking out and has called a small squadron of police officers to go on a manhunt for Adrien. At the sight of his son, Gabriel runs to his side and tells Adrien how worried he was, even though he was only gone for just over an hour. Adrien isn't sure how to feel, seeing Gabriel in this new light.
  • Partially jossed. It was explored but during a Christmas Episode where Adrien runs away and thinks his father won't care. It has nothing to do with a missed show or an akuma attack.

In the fine tradition of Uptown Girl, Gabriel grew up poor and his wife came from Old Money. Feeling self-conscious about his humble origins in comparison, Gabriel strived to become the wealthy, sophisticated man he considered worthy of his then-girlfriend. Clearly, he succeeded and became the Self-Made Man he is today. Sadly, now that his love is not around to remind him how she couldn’t give a flapdoodle how powerful, important or rich her husband is, Gabriel’s psychological need to be the "best" version of himself is getting worse.

Many events from season 1 will get more attention in next season
Alya dating Nino, Marinette becoming class president, Adrien's lucky bracelet he got from Marinette...all these were used only once on purpose, since season 1 tried to have as little continuity as possible, since all countries aired episodes in different order.
  • Well, Alya and Nino still seem to be together, and the lucky bracelet returned in "La Befana".
    • The latter point is incorrect- he made her a new bracelet. He keeps the other one and states he always carries it on him. He's even holding it in his hand at the end of the episode.

Season 2 will have a more linear narrative
Season 1 was great at worldbuilding and establishing the character dynamics, but its back five episodes drew on way too many plot threads that would have to be resolved in a linear fashion next season.

Sabrina will get some real friends.
While there was an attempt to get her away from Chloé in "Evillustrator," all Sabrina did was try to make Marinette her new leader. So an alternate route will eventually be explored: Sabrina enters a group without Chloé for an assignment, (probably Rose and Juleka, to invoke Blonde, Brunette, Redhead,) and she will be rendered unable to choose a temporary Chloé. Sabrina discovers new interests and the joy of friendship on equal footing. Even if she returns to Chloé's side in the end — because without her, the Alpha Bitch will have no-one at all — Status Quo Is God will still be averted, because she goes back with a mind of her own, and, hopefully, a nicer outfit.

One of Hawk Moth's villains will turn against him.
While most of Hawk Moth's victims never or don't come close to getting the Miraculouses, one of the new ones may just succeed and try to take them for him/herself. This could lead to Hawk Moth going into the open, or a backfire on whatever villain that may be.
  • Partially confirmed. While Robostus didn't succeed, he tried to get the Mirculouses for himself and even attacked Hawk Moth when the latter tried to gain control.

Rose is a Grade Skipper.
I don't know how the French collège curriculum works, but Rose's design and innocence make her seem younger than her classmates.

Félix Agreste will make an appearance...sort of.
In an expository flashback, we will see a teen Gabriel Agreste, who will be a dead ringer for Félix. As a possible bonus, if the theory that Gabriel was holder of the peacock miraculous is true, his costume will take cues from the original Cat Noir.

There will be an Unfortunate Item Swap.
According to Word of God, Gabriel Agreste has a line of accessories that resemble the Miraculouses. Someone (likely either Chloé for the bee comb or Lila for the fox pendant) will inadvertently switch one of said pieces of jewelry for a real Miraculous.

Juleka has musical talent.
Her concept art wears a guitar case anyway.
  • Confirmed in "Captain Hardrock".

Félix was Adrien's predecessor.
Thomas Astruc has said he wants to bring Félix back at some point, and having him appear in an episode as an ex-Cat Noir would be a neat way of fitting him in while also being able to explore the downside of Cat Noir's powers, which the show hasn't really done.
  • He's Master Fu's mistake. He used his powers for evil until his time's Ladybug defeated him or Plagg revolted once he ran out of stinky cheese. Now he wants to find out the current Cat Noir's identity so he can reclaim the ring.
  • Astruc has mentioned several times that he has since lost all interest in using Félix, calling him too cliché a character and generally favoring Adrien.
  • He once stated point-blank that Félix will NEVER appear (emphasis his.) ...So of course, Félix did go onto appear (...which makes this theory Jossed, as there's no sign of him being a miraculous wielder, past or present.)

Master Fu will eventually Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence.
Given that turtles have lifespans lasting over a century, and are therefore a symbol of longevity, being keeper of the Turtle bracelet is likely the reason Fu has lived for 180+ years. Deciding to pass on his Miraculous to another goes hand in hand with deciding that his time has come. To keep it from being too depressing, Fu will probably act as a Spirit Advisor on occasion.
  • Welp, he's not dead, but it did turn out hella depressing anyway. [sniffle]

There will be a comedic Power Incontinence episode.
Ladybug and Cat Noir's powers (and those of other heroes if they have been chosen by then) will hit a spike and undergo a kind of puberty/rite of passage, but the luck magic will bleed into their alter egos; Marinette becomes a living good luck charm, and Adrien becomes The Jinx to himself and those around him.
  • Alternatively they're already this, but being so near to each other since getting the powers has caused it to balance out and no one has noticed.

Villains from a past generation will appear.
New baddies have to take the stage after Hawk Moth's defeat, preferably ones that can pose an even bigger threat. If Adrien's parents were Miraculous Heroes, the prospective new villain would be from their Rogues Gallery, and is at least a major reason for why they were always so overprotective of their son.
  • That generation's Hawk Moth is a good guy like the one from Gabriel's book.

Shambhala will be featured.
Tibet is going to eventually be featured, and it's unlikely that a chance to go to the holy kingdom of Tibeten myths will be passed over.

Master Fu has descendants.
Wielding a Miraculous doesn't appear to carry a vow of celibacy, given an important plot line in the show, so a man pushing his 200s can easily have some great-grandkids. One of them will become a villain.

Cat Noir was fighting the mind control in Dark Cupid.
During the mind control, he talks in the exact same manner the entire time, except for when Dark Cupid offers to help him destroy Ladybug. For a moment, he drops to his normal manner of speaking to briefly say no, before going back to speaking like he was before and accepting the offer. Also, when he's fighting Ladybug alone, he says things that if you swap one word, would sound like a long drawn out confession of love. Like switching "loath" with love in "I loathe you".
  • If you watch when she tries to kiss him and he's tied to a lamppost, he actually tries to kiss her too, despite dodging her attempts. You can see him make a kissing motion with his lips. In the slow motion part where he almost uses Cataclysm on her, he looks shocked and afraid. Also, when she kisses him, he kisses back once he stops being stunned even though the spell isn't broken until the kiss breaks. You can also see that when she brings him down, his lips are already puckered for a kiss even though he'd just thrown a nervous Freeze-Frame Bonus Aside Glance to the camera when she grabbed him. So it's actually pretty likely he was fighting it, even though he can't remember anything he did.

One episode will feature a genie.
Plagg's reply in the Origins Episode when Adrien assumed him to be one shows that they exist in the series. The troubles caused by the wishes will make Adrien realize Plagg's right about being better than genies.

Ladybug will develop a crush on Cat Noir, and Adrien develops a crush on Marinette, but they still don't know each other's identities.
The annoying Love Square is taken to the next level!
  • Ladybug already flirts with Cat Noir, no matter how much she denies it, and "Despair Bear" made it obvious that Adrien has a romantic interest in Marinette. And they still have no clue about each other's identities.

In the series finale, Hawk Moth will get his hands on Ladybug's and Cat Noir's Miraculouses...
And he will toss off the Butterfly miraculous as being inferior to the powers of creation and destruction. Marinette will find the discarded miraculous and proceed to give a speech about how she and Cat Noir didn't win the day because of their powers, but because of teamwork. She will then put on Hawk Moth's miraculous and re-akumatize all the previous akuma victims, asking them all to help capture Ladybug and Cat Noir's miraculouses from Hawk Moth. Cue epic fight scene with cameos galore.
  • If it happens, Alya will become Majestia instead of resuming her Lady Wifi form.

Gabriel Agreste was born and raised in a rural area.
The surname already suggests it. One episode will reveal that Gabriel left for the big city to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer and estranged himself from his family because they didn't agree with his ambitions.

Gabriel isn't Adrien's real father.
Adrien's real parents were Miraculous holders who perished in battle (or so Gabriel believes).

D'Argencourt will receive the Prix Iznogoudnote .
As someone who so epically failed to become Mayor instead of the Mayor, he'll at least be nominated for the award.

There will be a Time Skip after defeating Hawk Moth and the Miraculous holders find out each others' identities.

There will possibly be an episode where either Ladybug or Cat Noir can't change back.
Most likely Cat Noir, since he's prone to taking hits for Ladybug and has "bad luck" as a trait, but there's always a chance it'll be Ladybug's turn. The cause will be because of the most recent akuma nailing the Miraculous with their attack, causing Cat Noir or Ladybug (or both) to be completely unable to detransform OR use their special attack again. Nor can they remove their Miraculouses to force the detransformation (but the akuma can). It would provide a hefty clue for the other into who Cat Noir/Ladybug truly is, since obviously they can't go to school or lessons in their superhero identity. Meaning their civilian selves would disappear for a while. On the one hand, Adrien's sudden disappearance would upset Marinette and he'd may have to make excuses for Nathalie and to a lesser degree his father, but on the other hand, Marinette would definitely have to outright hide from her parents and friends, lie to them, and her sudden absence while Ladybug can't change back might clue Adrien in on who Ladybug really is. Cat Noir and Ladybug might confide in the other if they can't change back, though it's a little easier to see Ladybug telling Cat Noir somehow. While it could, in theory, happen to both of them, it's more likely that it'll happen to only one of them. Unless it's meant to provide Ship Tease between Ladybug and Cat Noir.

There will possibly be an episode where Adrien or Marinette can't transform.
Another staple of a series with transformation is one where the Transformation Trinket won't work for one reason or another. Considering that Ladybug is vital for taking out akumas, she's the most likely candidate. Again, this will probably be a result of the most recent akuma power, and Marinette (or Adrien) will have to get around it somehow.
  • Confirmed, sorta, and already happened in season 1. In "Princess Fragance" Marinette and Tikki get separated and Marinette can't trasnform, and in "Rogercop" Plagg gets a bracelet stuck in his head, and while Adrien could technically still transform, Plagg advices agaisnt this, as the bracelet would go inside the ring too and affect Cat Noir powers

The code to Gabriel's secret safe is Adrien's birthday.
Because there's some warmth under all that frigidness.
  • While that's a sweet idea, it'd be easy to guess, so unlikely something Gabriel would pick. It's not a secret he cares about his son. Relating to Adrien, it could be the day Adrien made it big as a model, or the day he learned his wife was with child. The latter is something that would be very hard to guess and that only he might know.

Every season of miraculous will span a year in the kids' lives and we'll see them grow up through the adventures. If we're lucky, they will also get one outfit change per season.

In the event Melissa Fahn ever voices a character in the series...
There will be an outtake in which Marinette says "Nep-Nep?"

Because why not.

Nathaniel is secretly Raphael/Phantom R from Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure, or at least is related to him in some way.
Because Nathaniel literally looks like a 3D version of Raphael, not to mention that they both live in Paris, which seems to be a Weirdness Magnet in more ways than one (multiple superheroes as a result of magical items; a magic crown that can allegedly summon Napoleon; etc). Alternately, he could be an Identical Grandson of some sort.

Alix and Jalil's mother died at some point prior to the beginning of the show
It was possibly in the recent past—distant enough that Alix and her dad would be able to cope better with their grief and move forward, but they're still hurting over it. They've just all responded differently—Alix doubles down on her competitive spirit, Mr. Kubdel tries to accept the reality and move forward, and Jalil still hasn't let it go. It might explain why he's so enthusiastic about the possibility of bringing people back to life, while his father immediately tries to quash the notion because he knows it's better to face the real world than to continue to be foolishly optimistic.

Marinette and Adrien will have four children.
In the series finale, an epilogue will be shown of the two having four children, quadruplets, consisting of two boy and two girls. This will be a subtle Shout-Out of the Love Square between them.

Marinette will become the new Great Guardian in Season 2
With the knowledge that Nino will obtain Wayzz's Miraculous and that Marinette will be the one distributing the other Miraculouses, this may mean that Master Fu's time has come, and he passes his job on to Marinette.
  • Jossed, but it seems to be happening in Season 4.

The miscolouring of Cat Noir's ring in "Gamer" wasn't a mistake
It's worth noting that Hawk Moth likely sees what Gamer sees- the ring of the Black Cat, in its depowered form on Gamer's screen. Assuming Hawk Moth is Gabriel Agreste, this makes sense for why he reacts like he does on seeing Adrien's ring, despite only getting a brief look at the Black Cat Ring.

Adrien getting pen-sets for the past few birthdays could either be Nathalie just being in a hurry, or
One of those gifts kids just don't understand or appreciate. A pen-set is often given as a sort of 'rite-of-passage' gift. A sign someone is maturing and most likely means a lot to Gabriel, and possibly his wife, as Adrien mentions getting them for the past few birthdays. Though it's possible he didn't complain as much as he got a gift from both parents in the past. A nice pen set from his father, and something from his mother.
  • She isn't getting him pen-sets, she's just giving him a single pen, and Adrien says it's the same pen every year.

Le Grand Paris will go out of business.
With the constant akuma attacks, it's only a matter of time it no longer has enough guests to keep it active. That'll make Chloé even more desperate to have something more than friendship with Adrien.
  • Or at least, there will be a threat of it for an episode, but the status quo means this is unlikely to happen.

The reality of why Adrien is oblivious to Marinette's crush on him.
Because all Marinette is lacking to be more obvious is a giant flashing neon sign over her head that says 'Has a Crush on Adrien Agreste'.
  • One of the common fanfic themes is that Adrien thinks she's still mad at him over the misunderstanding in Origins.
    • Very unlikely. You wouldn't get someone a Christmas present if you were mad at them.
  • An alternative to that is that, instead of thinking she's still mad, Adrien thinks she's embarrassed and ashamed of making such an incorrect assumption about him and that her blushing tongue-tied antics are her trying to think of a way to apologize and/or make it up to him. Even though he's long since forgiven her and considers it water under the bridge, he doesn't want to further embarrass her by bringing up the whole issue again.
  • Or the simple explanation: Adrien is a socially awkward and moderately famous model. His experience with girls crushing on him is along the lines of Chloé's antics — i.e. hanging off of him, loudly declaring affection, and being overly forward. He doesn't really have any previous frame of reference to actually get the awkward blushing and stammering kind of crush that Marinette has on him.
  • It's also possible that he thinks his fame makes Marinette nervous, or else that his father's fame makes her nervous.
    • Highly unlikely, if not outright Jossed by how she treats him pre-crush in the Origins two-parter.
      • Mmm, not if he thinks (correctly) she didn't recognize him on sight and found out later.
  • Or it's possible he simply just thinks Marinette is easily very flustered by little things. He personally hasn't seen much else from her.
  • It's also possible that he knows Marinette has a crush on him, but is pretending not to in the hopes that she will eventually get over it.
    • Or he doesn't take the idea seriously, since he knows that Marienette hates liars, and the few times he has teased or asked directly if she liked him, she has denied it and he took her at her word.
  • Or he's in denial about it. He knows that Marinette has a crush on him (c'mon, it's obvious to anyone with a single braincell), but because she shares so many qualities with Ladybug and his heart belongs to Ladybug he doesn't want to think about "betraying" Ladybug.

There will be a Bait-and-Switch reveal about Gabriel.
He will spent most of the episode on a daytrip somewhere secret, while Adrien, Marinette, and probably Alya and Nino, tail him. Instead of something shady that the kids are expecting, or the Internal Reveal the audience is expecting, the whole thing is innocent, but something Gabriel considers embarrassing and hazardous to his public image: going to visit family in a working-class neighbourhood, a loved one's grave, his old school, even his childhood orphanage, etc. Realizing he's been outed, Gabriel opens up to Adrien about some details of his Mysterious Past.
  • And it'll turn out to be another cover-up like the Collector.

Non-Miraculous supernatural elements will begin to enter the scene.
Nooroo himself pointed out that none of the Miraculouses were intended to be used for evil. And it's confirmed in several places, most notably The Pharaoh, that the Bearers have fought other enemies over the years. Perhaps some of those old foes will begin to make their appearance once more.
  • Going on from the above, it's possible that the intervention of more purely evil supernatural powers will cause Hawk Moth to pull an Even Evil Has Standards and start using his Miraculous as it was intended to be used: to create heroes to fend off these new monsters.
  • This could be considered semi-confirmed already given the planned crossover with upcoming series Pixiegirl and Ghostforce. Plus it makes sense given that the purification function of Ladybug's yo-yo cannot have possibly been designed solely with the Butterfly Miraculous being used for evil in mind.
    • It doesn't have to be evil akumas the Ladybug purifies. The Ladybug could see that a proper akuma, like how one could argue the Collector is, isn't behaving very heroically or is being reckless or has too much power or something and take matters into their own hands and deny them powers even when the Moth's bearer won't cut their powers or can't. She isn't so much purifying it as she is removing its power, though purifying is still a good word.
  • This seems likely, considering not just the past heroes we see like Herakles and Hippolyta, but the flashback Master Fu has, depicting a giant squid monster that needs dealt with by Miraculous intervention, even though the temple is in the mountains. Plus, if good magic exists, so must evil. For every positive, there is an equal negative. Plus, in the comics, don't the American superheroes like Majestia have superpowers?

Past Miraculous bearers were the inspiration for in-universe comic book superheroes.
Like one Black Cat was the inadvertent inspiration for a Black Panther-like comic book hero, or a past Ladybug inspired a Wonder Woman-like comic book hero.

Kagami will be voiced in the English dub by Kari Wahlgren.
As an in-joke to another Kagami she voiced.
  • Kagami already has an English voice.

Why Master Fu has not figured out Hawk Moth's identity.
Back in the day, Gabriel and his eventual wife used the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculouses as superheroes, mentored by Master Fu. After Emilie disappeared in the Tibet incident, Gabriel lied about losing their Miraculouses in the tragedy and kept the spell book for himself. Fu believed him and now thinks who or whatever killed/took Adrien's mother is Hawk Moth, because he cannot believe his mentee and friend could be a villain.
  • This is already jossed if you watched "Origins Part 1":
Hawk Moth: I found you though, my little Nooroo. Your Miraculous... remind me of its powers again.
Master Fu: I thought it (the Moth Miraculous) had been lost forever!
There's absolutely no way Hawk Moth could have used the Moth before becoming Hawk Moth since he asks Nooroo about how it works and if he worked with his wife and used the Peacock, he should know how it works since Ladybug knows how Cat Noir's powers work and vice-versa though simple observation. Wayzz and Master Fu pretty much state the Moth Miraculous has been lost for a very long time. You don't just assume something is lost forever after it's only been missing for less than a year, especially something as important as a Miraculous. If it was lost under a year ago, Master Fu should be in Tibet looking for them. Considering how the Moth Miraculous's powers had not been used prior to "Origins Part 1", it's impossible anyone could have used it. This is also further jossed by "The Collector".

The Kubdel family have magical ancestry
That holographic watch we see in Timebreaker is stretching the bounds of modern technology, let alone what must have been 17th or 18th-century technology when it was first crafted. But if mortal magi could create the Miraculouses, then they could create other magical items. Moreover, that Jalil Kubdel was able to decipher the papyrus in The Pharaoh when what must have been numerous other historians failed does not seem to make sense... unless, as a magical scroll, the papyrus can only be read by someone with magical ability.

Max was cheating in The Gamer
Everything aside from this episode, when he was playing against both Adrien and Marinette, you can clearly see that his glasses are displaying codes that are clearly not in the screen they are using (Even the words "Game Over" appear when he loses). He is using a list of moves or cheat codes, either way, that's an advantage over whoever he is playing against.
  • It's notable that this coding and stuff can be seen from outside his glasses as well, when the camera is facing Max, so it is unlikely that it's just a style thing to show how Max sees the game, like what they do with Ladybug and her Lucky Charm vision.

Emilie Agreste was the Fox Miraculous holder, and Lila will be Mayura
The Volpina episode hints that Emilie was/will be the Peacock Miraculous holder and Lila lies that she's the Fox hero. What if Emilie wasn't the one who owned the Peacock Miraculous because she was the Fox. And if Lila is the Peacock, it will makes an irony.Jossed. Nathalie becomes Mayura and Emilie used to be that miraculous' holder.

Season 2 will end with Master Fu using the Wish to strip Hawk Moth of his Miraculous... at the cost of his own.
  • It's been mentioned that combining the Ring of the Black Cat and the Earrings of the Ladybug allows for the casting of a single Wish, but that the yin-yang nature of the two powers will cause the magic to enact an equivalent price. Surely Astruc wouldn't go to the trouble of setting up a Chekhov's Gun like that and neglect to use it.
  • It's been confirmed that Nino will acquire the Turtle Bracelet at some point, which would require Master Fu to first lose it.
  • It's also confirmed that Marinette will be distributing the new Miraculouses, suggesting that something will happen to Master Fu.
  • Mayura is confirmed to be the villain of Season 3, which requires Hawk Moth to be got out of the way first.
  • For all these reasons, I suspect that during the final episode of Season 2, Hawk Moth will do something exceptionally destructive, something that for some reason Ladybug cannot fix. Master Fu will decide that this incident proves that Hawk Moth must be defeated at whatever cost. He asks Marinette and Adrien to loan him their Miraculouses, and uses the Wish to take away Hawk Moth's Miraculous. But the price of the Wish will be that he shall lose his own connection to Wayzz and the Turtle Bracelet, and never be able to regain it.
    • Except Marinette can distribute Miraculouses just fine and dandy with Master Fu being around, as seen in "Sapotis" and Mayura is supposed to work with Hawk Moth, not be a solo act.

Gabriel will actually succeed at getting Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses, and use them to cast the Wish...
... at which point one (or more) of three things could happen.
  • First, something goes spectacularly wrong. Perhaps using the Wish to call back Emilie opens the path for some other evil, perhaps he misphrases his wish, perhaps the price ends up being something more or other than what he expects, perhaps Emilie is actually a villain.
  • Second, he succeeds at getting back his wife, but Adrien manages to put two and two together and now knows that his father is/was Hawk Moth.
  • Third, he succeeds at getting back his wife, manages to concoct a cover story, and to all appearances has gotten away with it. Adrien is ecstatic to have his mother back, and we the audience groan at the further dramatic irony.
Whichever of the three happens, after he has cast his Wish, Gabriel will use the last dregs of the magic to restore the Miraculouses to their rightful owners. After all, if he knows that his son is Cat Noir, he will want Adrien to have his Miraculous back.
  • Fourth, his own life turns out to be the price to have his wife back. She makes up a cover story, Cat Noir goes to the bakery to return Marinette's earrings and, when she asks how he got the Miraculouses back, he explains everything, including the fact that he's Adrien Agreste and his now late father was Hawk Moth. Marinette and Adrien will try to return the Miraculouses but Master Fu tells them to keep them because there'll be a new villain. Marinette and Adrien will finally become a couple after months getting over the emotional trauma.
  • Fifth, the wish will create an Alternate Timeline where Emilie was never rendered in a coma by the Peacock Miraculous, but Gabriel was and she became the Hawk Moth of that timeline. It is likely that Alex was protected from the change with the Bunny Miraculous and thus she is able to change things back to the way they were.

Adrien had a weak immune system as a child
It would explain why before the events of the show he never went to school (since germ laden children who have been goodness-knows-where + sensitive immune system = no go) , and why his dad is so overprotective of him (and his mother must have been too since he did not go to classes even when she was around ) and they kept this overprotective nature even when he got better, and Gabriel's overprotectiveness just skyrocketed after his wife went missing.

There will be an episode where Marinette and Adrien switch powers.
After the reveal, Marinette and Adrien will be playing video games at her house. One of them claims that the other wouldn't last five minutes in their shoes, leading the two to switch Miraculouses for the day for shits and giggles. Naturally, an akuma attacks that day.
  • Confirmed by leaks of Marinette as "Lady Noir" and Adrien as "Mister Bug", although the details are still unknown.
  • Confirmed in "Reflekdoll", though it's not for shits that they exchange Miraculous- Plagg finds Reflekta!Marinette before Reflekta!Adrien, and she just takes the Miraculous rather than try to find Tikki. Tikki then finds Adrien searching for his ring and gives him the Ladybug earrings. They did however think the other couldn't possibly do what they do though.

Nathalie will have Bait-and-Switch motive similar to Juri Arisugawa.
Dialogue or, if we're lucky, flashbacks will imply that Nathalie is in love with Gabriel but lost him to her best friend. However, like Juri and Shiori, it will be revealed that the one Nathalie has been carrying a torch for is Emilie. The episode in which this scenario is most likely to happen in is "Catalyst," when she will be akumatized.

Mayura (AKA Nathalie
) will turn Ax-Crazy from continuous use of the Peacock Miraculous.

If we're under the assumption that coughing and barely standing aren't the only side effects of using a damaged Miraculous.

Season 3 will end with a two-part episode.
All seasons so far ended like that. In this case, Lila will make good on the threat to steal Marinette's friends and it'll enable Hawk Moth to finally akumatize her, leaving Tikki and Master Fu with no choice but to allow the other Miraculous Heroes to know she's Ladybug.
  • The two-parter bit is confirmed by the synopsis leak. The season finale is a two-parter called "Battle of the Miraculous". So far, the confirmed opponents are Mr. and Mrs. Bourgeois in part 1 and Chloé in part 2.

The episode "Darkblade" was not the first time a D'Argencourt crossed the path of the Ladybug Miraculous
The nom-de-guerre of D'Argencourt's ancestor was in English even in the French dub, and we know that Jeanne d'Arc was a Holder of the Ladybug Miraculous. It could be that Darkblade ruled Paris in the English' name and used some strange power to boost his strength... And that the real goal of the 1429 French attempt to retake Paris was to neutralize said power, and succeeded. It would certainly explain how a Miraculous Holder was wounded.

The broken Peacock Miraculous will be repaired in Season 3.
It has been shown as of the second part of Season 2 that Ladybug's powers can fix broken Miraculouses. If Mayura ever enters the fight against Ladybug (especially if Hawk Moth akumatizes her through her Miraculous), and Ladybug defeats her, Ladybug's cleansing powers could restore the Peacock Miraculous to its former state.
  • Confirmed. Gabriel repairs it at the end of "Miracle Queen".

The defeat of Hawk Moth
First off, Ladybug will defeat Lila and learn that she has been willingly aiding Hawk Moth. Interrogating her leads her to the realization that someone who is willingly akumatized can retain control of their actions, giving her something she can exploit. She and Cat Noir have replicas of their Miraculouses created. They will then get a volunteer akumatized by making it seem like they have a grudge against Ladybug and Cat Noir like Lila did (most likely Alya, as she has the requisite lack of self-preservation instincts and connection to Ladybug to pull it off). The heroes will throw the fight against the akuma and surrender the fake Miraculouses, detransforming afterwards to sell the illusion (obviously, they will be wearing some sort of disguise in their civilian identity). Hawk Moth directs the akuma to either his mansion or a neutral drop-off point, unaware that the heroes are tailing said akuma. The akuma leads them to him, at which point the heroes ambush him and kick the ever-loving shit out of him.

Hawk Moth will INTENTIONALLY try to akumatize Adrien

After he finds out his son is Cat Noir, Gabriel will decide he can use this in his favor, and will do his best to make his son miserable, taking away his school privileges, putting in more modeling gigs and activities. And when Adrien is unhappy what does he do to relieve the stress? Turn into Cat Noir! And that will be when the akuma gets him, turning him into Cat Blanc, then Gabriel will bribe his son (I do see Hawk moth treating Adrien like he did puppetmaster, being kinder and complimentary then he is with most of hic victims)He offers to stop all the gigs and activities he hates and perhaps even tells the now-insane Cat that he can keep Ladybug's civilian form for himself (after all, what is a lion without his lioness?) Perhaps even convincing him that defeating her will be the only way she will ever fall for him, And he will get his beloved mother out of the deal as well.

  • Confirmed in "Cat Blanc", but it didn't end well for him... or the rest of the world.

Nathalie is bi-romantic asexual

She is is helping Hawk Moth because she is in love both Gabriel and Emilie and believes that helping can ensure Emilie comes back.

The series will undergo Cerebus Syndrome by the time Season 3 reaches its end.

Specifically when the episode Cat Blanc comes out the series will shift to a more serious tone then before. Then shit will REALLY hit the fan once Season 3's 2 parter episode comes out.

There will be a Time Skip.

The future in "Timetagger" is rather detailed, including a Sequel Hook of regarding the identity of the next Hawk Moth (possibly Lila). Astruc has also posted art of hypothetical looks of adult Ladybug. However, this Time Skip won't happen until perhaps after Season 5 as that's when Ladybug & Cat Noir: Awakening takes place and the promotional image shows that Ladybug and Cat Noir are still at their current age.

Félix will be voiced by Lucien Dodge.

Mostly making this guess because he voiced another antisocial student character named Felix in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so he'd be a good fit.

  • Jossed. He shares the same voice actor as Adrien due to being almost identical to him.

Nathalie is a crane wife.

The story describes a crane who shapeshifted into a human, ripping off its own feathers (like the amoks, maybe?) to repay a debt to a human man she was in love with. The man, much like Gabriel, was horrified by her self-mutilation and told her to stop, but she didn't listen.

It fits symbolically (Nathalie isn't a peacock, not like Emilie, but she is something very close- maybe another sort of bird) and aesthetically (that sweep of red in her hair isn't dyed, it's her "crown"). Note also that a species of crane lives in Tibet, where Emilie and Gabriel found the Miraculouses. Perhaps they found a new ally too? It also explains why Gabriel is comfortable telling Nathalie about magic; if she's supernatural herself, she wouldn't be shocked by it.

Kagami will not survive "Miracle Queen".
First of all, this is not a Die for Our Ship request. I do not dislike Kagami's character, and am not too concerned with the shipping. This is just what I feel like the last episode may have been hinting at.

Spoilers from Loveater/Heart Hunter below. You've been warned!


This ties in with a theory posted above, but even if that theory is wrong, I think Marinette's opening narration about loss was a Bait-and-Switch - it seemed like it was about losing Adrien, but instead will be about losing Kagami. I'm thinking Heroic Sacrifice - I mean, she's the only one beside the main characters whose Miraculous isn't in Hawk Moth's hands...

Also, Word of God stated that Season 4 with show who will win and lose in the "Adrienette vs. Lukanette" ship. Notice whose name isn't part of either Portmanteau Couple Name?

  • And Jossed. I misread the hints.

By the series' end, Marinette will forget ever having been Ladybug.
  • In "Miracle Queen" it is established that when a Guardian relinquishes their position, they forfeit all memories relating to the Miraculous so as to keep the secret. It goes far enough for Master Fu to not even remember who Marinette is outside of costume. And now with Ladybug getting that position, she may well give it up come the end of the series, passing the mantle to someone else. And since this eliminates all Miraculous-related memories, she won't remember Cat Noir, her time as Ladybug, Tikki, etc. What this means for her character, of course, is up in the air.
    • Considering episodes like Timetagger and Cat Blanc depict Ladybug and Cat Noir as co-leaders of a superhero team into adulthood, this isn't looking likely.

The Miraculous are contained Quirks.
As part of a UN initiative to give Quirks to the Quirkless, they took certain animal-related Quirks and put them in various pieces of jewelry. Unfortunately, though, they had to stop the project when the League of Villains caught wind of it, and they faked the destruction of the Miraculous to throw them off.

The Miraculous were entrusted to a retired hero named Fu, who took them to Paris for safekeeping. But when the Moth Miraculous fell into the hands of Gabriel, he began finding people to use the Miraculous to stop his evil machinations.

At the end of Season 2, Fu's memory wasn't wiped. He is merely faking amnesia to hide his involvement in the creation of the Miraculous, and to make sure Hawk Moth doesn't join forces with All for One, at which point they'd be unstoppable. Of course, they inevitably do, and Ladybug and Cat Noir go to Japan and make contact with Midoriya and co.

Chloé will be forgiven for her actions in "Miracle Queen".
Her parents were under Hawk Moth's control and she made that deal to have them freed after all.

Gabriel had an identical twin brother, who married Emilie's identical twin sister Amelie.
This is the best explanation for the identical cousins Adrien and Félix. His brother died within the last year.

Félix is Adrien's half-brother, not his cousin.
Félix looks too much like Adrien to just be his cousin. At some point Gabriel had an affair with Amilie, the question is whether it happened before or after Emilie's was put in the glass case (in which case Gabriel might have slept with Amilie out of grief because she looks identical).

  • Since Félix and Adrien appear to be the same age, and Emilie only "disappeared" a year ago, the affair would have to be years ago.

Marinette has an undiagnosed inner ear problem.
After all, she's incredibly clumsy and uncoordinated. She often falls over randomly, simply because she turned her head. Her sudden improvement as Ladybug could simply be Tikki compensating for the problem. In her first outing as Ladybug, in the Origin two-parter, she was still clumsy, which could have be Tikki still adjusting and figuring out how to compensate.

  • However, it could also be psychological, as she showed no sign of her usual clumsiness when her memory got wiped in Oblivio.

  • Some sort of anxiety or panic disorder would fit. Marinette is quite quick to jump to worst case scenarios and when surprised often jumps or flails her arms around as a result.

Ladybug and Cat will somehow make Hawk Moth and Mayura will forget the allies identities, which will allow them to return to being heroes.
Given their presence in merchandise material and advertisements, it’d be very strange to set up a bunch of superheroes only to stop using them altogether because of one traitor revealing them. It’s possible that somehow the duo will force Hawk Moth and Mayura to forget, which will allow the heroes (sans Chloé whose superhero form is public knowledge), to return to their positions. Also, knowing the class and friend connections of the allied heroes would make it very easy for Hawk Moth to guess the identities of the two main heroes.

Marinette and/or Adrien will begin to suffer a Sanity Slippage throughout Season 4.
Word of God states things are going to be like "Cat Blanc", meaning things will get more serious.

In "Kwamibuster", Marinette was able to wear all of the miraculouses and use multiple ones at the same time. Master Fu remarks that using more than one miraculous at a time puts a heavy strain on the wearer and can cause madness, Marinette being able to use so many being the mark of a strong will. However, the odds of her doing this a second time in "Miracle Queen" without beginning to feel the effects or that Adrien was left unscathed when he used the cat and snake miraculouses is highly unlikely. With Master Fu gone, it is likely that the increasing threat that Hawk Moth, Mayura and Lila pose will force the dynamic duo to pull riskier gambits and they just might be forced to use more miraculous.

The symptoms of degradation will add a sense of overarching doom to the story, with mood swings, hallucinations, insomnia, etc. Without Master Fu's help, Marinette will have just herself and Tikki to figure out how to reverse what is happening. In Adrien's case, it would probably be much worse as he has far less emotional support to fall back on and his Extreme Doormat tendencies will force him to weather through it without help.

Chloé will be arrested for what she did in Miracle Queen.
Chloé did help a known terrorist after all. While neither Ladybug or Cat Noir will probably reveal this, possibly to protect Chloé's safety, the news will leak and Chloé might face some consequences for her actions.
  • As far as we know only Ladybug, Cat Noir, Hawk Moth and Mayura remember anything. It is very likely that nothing will happen.

Most Miraculous are former akumatized objects.
I'm just spitballing on this one, but I can't help but notice a similarity between akumatized objects and Miraculous - seemingly innocuous items that supernatural beings enter to become Transformation Trinkets for people. Perhaps, under the right circumstances, akumatized objects can become Miraculous, and this might be how most of the Miraculous were formed in the first place (obviously not Nooroo's though!) It's even theoretically possible that many of the kwamis are uplifted akumas. (Granted, I believe it's been stated that Tikki is the oldest kwami, and Plagg was at least alive during the time of dinosaurs, so if this is the case, it's apparently not true of them.)
  • It seems more likely that the inverse is true, the concept of the Butterfly Miraculous was the creation of temporary Miraculous.

The Order will interfere with Marinette.
With the Order restored, it won't be long (considering modern news and TV) before word reaches them about the Miracle Box being in Paris. They will send an envoy to Paris who will either demand Marinette return the Box or assume an inferior mentor role to Fu, likely the second. The envoy will be extremely critical of Ladybug and Cat Noir but particularly the former considering she possesses the Box. Also, the two Miraculous holders haven't received the particular training necessary for their jobs, he deems them unworthy and incapable. Fu should have been more critical of who he chose rather than deciding in a moment of necessity. We know the Order relied on archaic and somewhat cruel practices; making Fu go on a hunger strike. This will set him up as being a foil to Fu. He is a by-the-book, rule follower whereas Fu was far more lenient. Compare how in Buffy when Giles was replaced by Wesley as Buffy's watcher. There will possibly be a situation with an akuma/amok where he deems the heroes incapable and doing a poor job. Thus, he takes up a Miraculous. However, despite his immense knowledge of the Miraculous, he struggles to put it into practise and LB and CN will save the day. When it comes down to it, the envoy will realise Marinette and Adrien have done great work while as Ladybug and Cat Noir. He'll then leave Paris and return to the Order, asserting Marinette's status as a Guardian and leaving the Box in her care. He'll become a champion of Marinette and heavily supportive of her role as Ladybug and caretaker of the Miraculous.

This will likely result in the Order loosening their grip on their practices and rejoining with the wider world. Also, they will possibly remain involved in the "Parisian Miraculous Crisis of '15" (from a distance) while allowing the heroes to maintain their autonomy. They'll probably become active and help during particular crises, think the Catalyst incident.

  • Almost entirely confirmed. Su-Han takes the box back and tries to coerce the heroes into giving up their Miraculous, but comes around after realizing the two have a pretty good handle on things and that he's not actually helping the situation. However, because he's completely by-the-book, he does not use a Miraculous himself (it's forbidden). He also does not go back to the temple, but decides to keep an eye on the situation in Paris while trying to catch up on the modern era.

Chloé will have one last change of heart that will win the day in the Grand Finale.
Chloé has always been established as a Hate Sink and an Alpha Bitch with Hidden Depths that makes her a Jerk with a Heart of Gold when push comes to shove (Depending on the Writer). In Season 3 two-part finale, Chloé had reached Moral Event Horizon when she has Hawk Moth akumatize her willingly and permanently loses Ladybug's trust, this being The Last Straw after three seasons of on-and-off Character Development and attempts at being better.

This is likely to mean that Season 4 Chloé will become a more active and willful antagonist in a similar vein as Lila (perhaps even having the two of them becoming allies under Hawk Moth's direct orders). However, whereas Lila is a high-functioning sociopath, Chloé is a Spoiled Brat capable of being better but has simply fallen off the wagon. Whether or not Hawk Moth and Lila knows this or have complete faith in Chloé's worse nature is up for debate, but Chloé can be a serious wild-card that can either help cause the right kind of chaos that Hawk Moth can use or make her a Spanner in the Works that can make a carefully crafted Evil Plan fall apart due to her habit of doing before thinking.

With this it is likely that she will eventually develop a conscious, seeing the lengths that the other villains will go to and realize that she just doesn't have the stomach for it. With this in mind, she will try to find ways of regaining the hero's trust and will ultimately be the Deus ex Machina that finally takes down Hawk Moth. Perhaps Hawk Moth gives her the Bee Miraculous after stealing it back and then she paralyzes him when his back it turned, unmasking him for all to see. Or maybe she happens upon Ladybug as she transforms back into Marinette (without Marinette knowing of course) and decides to keep it to herself, an astonishing sign that her Character Development hasn't completely left on account of the fact that Chloé sucks at keeping secrets.

Mr. Banana isn't the name of a person who goes around in a banana costume, but the character that the costume is of.

It may not even be the same person wearing it from episode to episode.

The entire plot of the cartoon started in an effort to make polygamy legal with superpowers.

Emilie Agreste and Gabriel Agreste wanted to add Nathalie Sancoeur to the marriage and try to use the Peacock Miraculous and the Butterfly Miraculous but that made Emilie Agreste fall into a coma.

Gabriel has arranged for the Gorilla to become Adrien's legal guardian should anything happen to him.

After all, the most immediate family the've been shown to have are Amelie and her son Félix, meaning that if he gets cuaght and arrested for his crimes as Hawk Moth, she'd probably be the next in line. Given their relationship, I doubt he's crazy about the idea of gaining custody over his son, and he'd probably want to take measures to prevent that from happening. And while Nathalie might seem like the more obvious choice, her complicity with Gabriel's plans mean there's a good chance she'd end up being dragged down with him, even before her health is taken into account. The fact that Adrien's Bodyguard is Locked Out of the Loop, however, means he'll have Plausible Deniability if they're ever found out. And, obviously, Gabriel trusts him with Adrien's safety, and for good reason.

Adrien was being secretly trained to wield a Miraculous - and he's not the only one.

While Adrien's schedule is packed full of extracurriculars, some of them stand out. The first bit of evidence is that he's learning Chinese. While it's established that Adrien speaks multiple languages, his learning Chinese is given a bit more emphasis, which stands out in a show where the main characters' superpowers come from ancient Chinese artifacts. Next up, Adrien is taking both fencing and karate - clearly, Gabriel and/or Emilie wanted to make sure Adrien could handle himself in a fight. Finally, there's his isolation from most other children around his age. Just Gabriel (and possibly Emilie) being controlling - or fearing that someone might accidentally defuse their little tyke-bomb? Put it all together, and it's likely that Gabriel and Emilie had bigger plans for Adrien than just being a pretty face on Gabriel's billboards - and given their interest in the Miraculouses, it's likely that wielding one was in their plans for his future (although they probably weren't counting on him wielding one in his current capacity).
This Tumblr post spells out the evidence of a connection between the Agreste, Bourgeois, Graham de Vanily, and Tsurugi families. While the former three are obvious, the Tsurugi connection is seemingly more tenuous (whatever Tomoe Tsurugi's contract with Gabriel Agreste is supposed to be) - but Gabriel and Tomoe are essentially raising their children in the same way. As the Fridge page points out, Kagami circa "Ikari Gozen" is very similar to Adrien pre-series - specifically, she's what Adrien would be if he hadn't become Cat Noir and undergone the attendant Character Development. Also, while Gabriel would (as seen in "Cat Blanc") take Adrien and Marinette being together very badly, there's no evidence that he has any such issues with Adrien and Kagami being together. Maybe allowing him to date an outsider would be too much of a risk, while being with someone raised in a similar manner would keep Adrien more tractible, allowing Gabriel to keep steering him toward whatever his endgame is.
Furthermore, at the end of "Feast", Audrey and Tomoe are seen watching the news of the temple's reappearance, as well as Gabriel and Nathalie. While the latter two's reasons for being interested are obvious, Tomoe and especially Audrey don't have obvious reasons to be interested - unless they're more interested in what's in the temple.
All four families mentioned above have one child each, all of whom are around the same age, and three of whom have clear fighting skills. It's possibe that Kagami and Félix are undergoing similar training to Adrien's, although they are unaware of it. Chloé stands out from the other three due to her laziness and apparent lack of self-defense skills.

The reason why Marinette was unaffected by carrying so many kwamis in Kwamibuster

According to master fu, it is dangerous to carry several kwamis, although ; Actually, Marinette could resist wearing so many not because she had something special, but because she was divided into several copies and each one carries a prodigy in addition to the mouse.

Recurring theme in season 4?

I have noticed that every season in this show has had a recurring theme.

Season 1 was based on new beginnings, season 2 was the meaning of heroics and what it meant to be a hero, season 3 relied on changes happening. Could a new theme on season 4 be based on the past, going by the trailers shown?

  • Consequences. So far every episode has been dealing with the fallout of prior actions or decisions.

Mr. Ramier will be the first to get an anti-akuma charm

there will be It’s a wonderful life parody episode.
The Akuma will sent Ladybug to an alternative universe where Marinette is never born.

Adrien is the reason Gabriel's first attempt to claim the Prodigious failed.
He last tried 15 years ago, which lines up with Adrien's age. Maybe a plan to travel to Shanghai for the eclipse was cancelled after learning Emille was pregnant.

The show will end with Marinette/Ladybug stopping Hawk Moth and saving but at cost of her existence.
  • Everyone’s memories will be erased except Adrien's.

Audrey was in a relationship with Zoé's father before she left Chloé and André.
It's mentioned that Audrey spends most of her time in NYC due to her job in the fashion industry. Given the half-sisters close ages and that she had been married to André for twenty years, it's possible she had been with Zoé's father for quite some time, since it's clear she had always been traveling between the cities in that time frame. At the very least she had to have known him well enough to become pregnant with his daughter.

Zoé's father will eventually join the cast and become friendly with Mayor Bourgeois.
The most we know about Zoé's father is that his surname is Lee. We don't know what he does, how he's involved with Zoé's life, or how he even started the affair with Audrey. A future episode will give us some answers, and will allow the two men to discuss Audrey's cheating and ironically become friends over it.

Chloé will slowly lose everything over the course of Season 4, leading a massive Break the Haughty.
As of "Queen Banana", her rotten and entitled personality has isolated her from her classmates even more, her half-sister is receiving all the attention and love she wants, and her father angrily refuses to get rid of Zoé because he won't hurt her for Chloé's sake. She even broke off her friendship with Adrien when he refused to side with her for her stubbornness and Jerkass attitude about sabotaging the student movie. Something huge will happen that leads Sabrina to finally grow a backbone and abandon Chloé for better friends and being treated like a human being. And that will be the straw that breaks the camel's back for Chloé.

Adrien will get sick of being Locked Out of the Loop
Most likely feeling pushed aside as Ladybug's partner in favour of Rena Rouge, if he ever finds out that Rena Rouge knows Ladybug's identity along with being next in line as Guardian, he's going to want answers from ladybug about why he wasn't trusted with knowing anything about her.
  • Didn't this happen before, in season 2, the episode where Paris was flooded,though he confronted Plagg, not Marinette. Though if, as speculated above, Consequences is the running theme, the possibility that Adrien feeling like he isn't trusted could be an interesting take on that.
  • Keeping Adrien Locked Out of the Loop is eventually going to blow up in Marinette’s face. Most likely in the season finale.
  • Both of the most recent episodes (Sentibubbler and Rocketear) have featured this, it looks increasingly like they are heading to a blow up over all this.

Marinette's friend group will grow to include Kagami, Zoé, and eventually Sabrina.
It would help Kagami and Zoé due to their friendless backgrounds to become recurring members of the girl squad from Miss Bustier's class. Adding onto the above theory of Sabrina leaving Chloé, she could join the friend group to become more independent and form healthy relationships with the other girls.

The Dragon that St. George fought is the Greater-Scope Villain of the show as a whole.

The above suggestion of Adrien growing tired of being Locked Out of the Loop will lead to Marinette unmasking herself to him.
If Cat does confront Ladybug about it she may decide she's been taking him for granted, and attempt to regain his trust the best way she can; telling him who she really is.

Adrien being Locked Out of the Loop won't push him over the Rage-Breaking Point it'll push him over the Despair Event Horizon.
In "Wishmaker" we hear Adrien comment that he believes, with Ladybug increasingly relying on the newer Heroes, eventually she'll retire Cat Noir. However he doesn't say it in an angry tone, he's just resigned. Perhaps instead of an argument or Cat being akumatized again, he'll lapse into a depression, giving up on Cat Noir, possibly when he's needed most, forcing the other heroes to explore Cat's emotional state, particularly if it leads to a reveal.
  • In "Kuro Neko", Adrien does indeed give up being Cat Noir, though thanks to Plagg it doesn't stick.

Alya will remain Marinette's backup Ladybug into the future.
She's already obviously the new hero Marinette trusts most, and giving it to Cat Noir might turn out badly for multiple reasons (not to mention her fear of a Cat Blanc incident messing with her trust in him). Furthermore, why would the show do something as huge as having Marinette temporarily give her Miraculous to somebody else if they intended to leave it as a single-episode thing? Additionally, it might explain Bunnyx's reply to Cat's question about his future self's relationship with Future Ladybug. The two getting together eventually seems to be one of the show's endgames. If Alya is occasionally Ladybug even in the future, Bunnyx could truthfully say that his relationship with Ladybug is "complicated"...because she's not always the same person.

Chloé and Sabrina's friendship will end over Sabrina's father and after she gets the Dog Miraculous.
Sabrina's father Roger is the only one whom Sabrina has such Undying Loyalty towards besides Chloé; we can see in the few scenes they share together that they love each other very much. However, with Chloé having upped the ante in being a jerk this recent season after losing her superhero powers and status, and treating Sabrina even worse than ever (making her do her homework in the dark, forcing her to run behind her limo instead of riding inside like before), she'll likely force Sabrina to give her her full and undivided attention and loyalty, leaving her no time at all to spend with Roger despite his attempts to do so. This will make him distraught enough to be akumatized by Shadow Moth, which will then cause Ladybug to recruit Sabrina as a hero, giving her the Dog Miraculous to help save her father. After everything is set and done, Chloé will continue to demand Sabrina's loyalty, but she, having grown a backbone from her experience as a superheroine, will finally have had enough and stand up to Chloé at last, resulting in a massive fight that ends with one or both of the girls ending their friendship. Afterwards, Marinette and the rest of the class, who witnessed the fight, will see how lost and uncertain Sabrina feels afterwards (since Chloé was her only friend), and offer their friendship to her and she'll accept, while Chloé, now completely friend-less, can only watch on, distraught and angry.

Chloé will finally start to recover from her losses and truly start to redeem herself with help from Zoé and Luka.
  • Continuing from the above theory, after losing Sabrina, the last remaining constant in her life, Chloé will really start to spiral downward. She will attempt to cover for her lost friendships with Sabrina and Adrien by trying to find replacements, aka, she'll try and pay people to be substitutes for them. Of course, she'll still be a massive bully towards them, eventually to the point where they either get fed up with her attitude and quit or she gets put off by their failure to live up to the real Adrien and Sabrina's standards and fires them. After going through everyone and finding that no one else will hang out with her, Chloé will go through a massive Break the Haughty phase, sinking into a period of loneliness, isolation, and depression, especially as Sabrina thrives in her new friendships with Marinette and the rest of their class.
  • Throughout all this, Zoé, the only person currently in Chloé's life who isn't mad at and/or doesn't despise her, will continue to try and reach out to her and be there for her like any good sister would, but Chloé will continue to stubbornly refuse any of it, mainly out of anger for her part "stealing everything" from her. Eventually, by chance, Chloé will run into Luka and, after getting to know him, will spill to him all of her emotional baggage: her feelings, insecurities, losses, burned bridges, etc. She'll even express to him that she has nothing and no one to care about or who cares about her and feels that she doesn't feel capable of love or deserve to be loved by anyone. However, Luka will point out that Zoé cares, even after how bad Chloé has treated her since her arrival, and will try to convince her to embrace that love. What happens from there is up to interpretation for now, but this could be the start of Chloé's true redemption.

Ladybug & Cat Noir Awakening will take some of the unused elements from the Anime PV
Some of the concept art, such as the one of Cat Noir giving Ladybug a rose, and the one of Paris in chaos as Hawk Moth's symbol lights up the sky were both scenes that were in the Anime PV. While Marinette and Adrian's personalities will be more in-line with the final product, it's possible that this movie will follow the original plot and the Darker and Edgier tone of the Anime PV.

Jagged Stone only found out Luka and Juleka were his kids after the events of "Desperada"
Going by "Crocoduel" Jagged and Anarka broke up on pretty bad terms. They're both dramatic and a bit immature. So if Anarka only found out she was pregnant after Jagged left, she may have decided herself that Jagged would be a lousy father and, with her personal fixation on liberty, decided to raise her kids on her own terms alone. However, when Jagged comes to ask for her to return in Desperada, he sees Luka, learns he's Anarka's kid, and - does some math. Since he and Anarka make peace of sorts at the end of the episode, he was able to question her in private and learn the truth. Then, since he had to leave on tour soon, he decided to put off telling them at the moment until he could spend more time with them - maybe on their birthday. But the events of "Truth" brought the truth out ahead of schedule, and he decided not to cause any more drama that might make Anarka's kids angry at her by taking all the blame on himself. Jagged is only too eager to spend time with and reconnect with his kids in "Crocoduel" and to a lesser extent "Wishmaker" and the end of "Truth" - it just seems like he's happy to be a father, and the never-resolved argument of whose fault the breakdown of the family was in "Crocoduel" does raise some questions.

There will be a Ship Tease of Sabrina and Zoé
Sabrina was shown hugging Zoé’s arms in “Sole Crusher”, so it is possible for Sabrina on having some moments and a relationship with Zoé.

There is a gas leak under Paris that gradually damages the intelligence of the citizens.
It would explain all of the stupid decisions everyone makes and why Lila and Félix, who are both foreigners, are able to play the rest of the characters like fiddles.

Sabrina is actually using Chloé and not the other way around.
Sabrina sees pretty well that their relationship is unequal and toxic. But she doesn't really need it to be healthy. In fact, she doesn't need Chloé as a friend at all. She tolerates all this solely because she knows pretty well that Chloé would never agree to have any other kind of relationship. As Chloé's friend, she often appears in the mayor's home, and is on pretty good terms with André. Sabrina also accompanies Chloé when she meets with other powerful people, thus getting more connections. As a result, after university she can use her multiple strong connections to either have a well-paid and influential position in someone's company or even get those rich people to support her own business.

Zoé is older than Chloé.
With Audrey traveling so much it wouldn’t have been hard for her to hide a pregnancy. Her infidelity could have happened when she was in New York and just dropped Zoé off with her dad.

What’s to the noted is that when children from a foreign country move and switch schools, they are held back a year due to a variety of factors such as a language barrier. This could be why Zoé is in Chloé’s class since she’d be held back.

There will be a Ship Tease between Luka and Zoé
They got the same aesthetic going on with dyed hair and the type to wear leather. Zoé also has a similar enough personality to Marinette that Luka would like.