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Nightmare Fuel / Miraculous Ladybug

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Miraculous Ladybug may be one of the last western cartoons you should be scared by, but make no mistake, it is not completely removed from any horror whatsoever, as it's fully committed to descending into nightmare-inducing depths that not even Code Lyoko would be allowed to go. And considering that one of its production companies is known for taking anime to frightening new heights, it's a miracle that this show somehow got to air on TV.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers will remain unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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  • You can always count on any villain to be quite scary. Sometimes their powers are downright apocalyptic, or leave people in conditions that are as good as dead (such as being erased from history in "Timebreaker", or transformed into something inanimate, or any form of brainwashing that totally overwrites your personality). These effects are cast as easily as gesturing in the general direction of the target; none of the usual windup/delay/drawbacks that keep a lid on the enemy's most dangerous powers. No akuma effect seems fixable by anything anyone tries, or wear off with time or even the release of the akuma victim - under normal circumstances, everything a villain has ever done to a victim is 100% permanent, even if they are de-akumatized by Hawk Moth himself. Even the more comedic villain effects don't seem as much of a laughing matter when you consider there's no expiration date, Curse Escape Clause, etc. Without Ladybug's World-Healing Wave, this would be a much darker show.
    • For even more Fridge Horror, remember that said wave is caused by Ladybug returning the item created by her Lucky Charm - which is an ability she can't lead with because it's very energy-consuming. Now... imagine an akumatized object being broken during the course of a battle before she feels the need to use Lucky Charm. That's all it'd take for there to be nothing to be done about any number of innocent Parisians being erased from reality, dancing until they die of exhaustion, or crumbling into piles of glitter.
      • This is somewhat negated in season 3 where it's revealed that she can still summon a Lucky Charm that repairs the damage done even if the akuma was already released and purified, but until then, it was unclear if that would work or not. And what if villain had left her unable to use the power, meaning she had no way to get it back? Sandboy, Silencer, and Miraculer did this to her, and each time she found a way around it, but what if it hadn't worked?
  • Since Hawk Moth attacks anyone who experiences a negative emotion, really anyone could be transformed at any time anywhere in Paris. Parisians have to walk around with the fear that anyone could be transformed and wreak havoc at literally anytime. It's even worse that some, like Stormy Weather, were scared of being akumatizied before then, and couldn't do anything to stop themselves from doing harm. Leaving it for Ladybug and Cat Noir to save them.
    • Season 2 has confirmed that Hawk Moth specifically targets Marinette's class because he can count on Chloé to cause negative emotions. Imagine parents waving off their children as they go to school having to worry if today is the day a madman with superpowers targets their children.
      • Even worse, "Zombizou" shows that while negative emotions are easier for him to use, even positive emotions can be used to tempt and akumatize others.
  • Hawk Moth can corrupt anyone, including non-native French speakers like Master Cheng.
    • To add to that, there's something very eerie about him using high school kids as his main pawns. What's scarier is that the majority of his villains are kids, even Manon, a girl not from the school.
  • The way the police turn on Ladybug and Cat Noir in "Copycat" and "Rogercop". It's as if they're the Clone Troopers who act only upon a single command from whoever is in control of them. It doesn't get any better when the scene transitions to night, where it looks like a manhunt for them has been put into effect.
  • A relatively recent video (a fake season 2 promo) featured an Akuma going after Marinette. While it is not canon, it does raise a disturbing line of thought. If we assume that having a Miraculous doesn't make one immune to Hawk Moth's Akumatizing abilities, then Marinette is literally the worst possible person who could be Akumatized. She would immediately hand over her Miraculous, and even if Cat Noir managed to reclaim it, Hawk Moth would know exactly who Ladybug was, and that's the best-case scenario. Worse, Ladybug/Marinette knows exactly how Cat Noir fights, and could likely capture him where the other villains failed, provided she doesn't end up with a garbage power to replace her Miraculous. Even if she fails there, Hawk Moth would have his hands on the only known Miraculous that can purify Akumas and reverse the damage the villains do. Cat Noir would be stuck fighting a losing battle, even if he managed to free Marinette from the Akuma's control. Not to mention we'd likely see a semi-repeat of what happened with Stoneheart. The Akuma that had turned Marinette into a villain multiplying and her guilt over allowing herself to be corrupted ironically allowing Hawk Moth to corrupt her again. Marinette's villainous alter ego would only need to win once. Besides which, we have no idea what happens to a Kwami if the person who holds their Miraculous is Akumatized.
    • Though, he may not find out, if he akumatizes Marinette but she doesn't become anything like Ladybug after. Cat Noir could defeat her without Ladybug around and free the Akuma, and as long as she keeps her emotions under control, Ladybug takes out the Akuma without Adrien or Hawk Moth learning who she is. We see that you don't need to de-evilise the Akuma to bring the Akumatised person back, after all.
    • She still has to de-evilise the Akuma to detransform those who become clones of her akumatized form. Hawk Moth can just keep it hidden somewhere and those people will be statues forever or until she's Akumatized again.
      • As of "Zombizou", non-canon can no longer be said, as Hawk Moth has tried, and luckily failed to akumatize her.
      • And as of "Ladybug", he hasn't just tried. He succeeded. Marinette was briefly akumatized, and was ready to give up her Miraculous before her transformation could even start. If it weren't for Nathalie's health, he would have won before the battle even started.
      • In "Cat Blanc", while his new attempt at akumatizing her is set up in an alternate future, Hawk Moth stated that Marinette will be his masterpiece if he succeeds, a similar word when he refers to Style Queen. Which means that if she gets akumatized, Marinette could potentially become one of his most powerful and dangerous akumatized villains, more powerful than any other.
  • According to a tweet Thomas Astruc, The Pied Piper of Hamelin was a past holder of the Fox Miraculous. Now, the question is: why and how did he take 130 children from Hamelin? Do the illusions from the Fox Miraculous allow for hypnosis, too? If it were possible to, say, create a massive Hypno Pendulum, then the Fox Miraculous could well be far more dangerous than initially thought...
  • There seems no limit to the range or level of the powers the Butterfly can grant, up to and including power enough to shift the orbit of the planet or destroy the entire universe!
  • The Cat Miraculous bestows the wielder the power of destruction. When some fans asked Thomas Astruc on Twitter about what would happen if someone evil becomes the wielder of Cat Miraculous, it would be even more than extremely dangerous. Not to mention, Plagg is shown to be more powerful and dangerous when he is without his owner, as he's responsible for sinking the Atlantis and the extinction of dinosaurs.
    • Cat Blanc goes Up to Eleven by showing how dangerous and nightmarish the power of the Cat Miraculous can become if the owner gets akumatized by removing any limitation, and Driven to Madness to the point that his power can potentially trigger the end of the entire universe.

    Season 1 
Stormy Weather
  • The way Aurore gets Akumatized. She gets stuck in an elevator, which malfunctions, and creeping through the door is the Akuma. Before getting corrupted, you can see she was actually scared of the thing.
    • It's especially unnerving if we assume that she had some idea of what it was going to do to her and was trying to fight it off to avoid becoming a monster. It means that that bit of reluctance became completely irrelevant once the butterfly touched her parasol and Hawk Moth got into her head.
  • The first thing Stormy Weather does after her transformation? Trapping Mireille inside an elevator with an ice wall, and leaving while she's begging for help.
  • There was also the dangerous icicles nearly sinking in on Alya and Manon while they were trapped inside of ice, all with Alya trying to keep Manon under control.

The Bubbler

The Pharaoh

  • Pharaoh gains the powers of the Egyptian Gods. He uses these powers to knock Ladybug and Cat Noir around, tossing Cat Noir into a coffin and planning to leave him there, turns people into mummies, and plans to send Alya, a girl younger than him, towards the Sun as part of an ancient sacrifice.

Lady WiFi

  • Alya as Lady WiFi. You see her as a friendly person on the surface, but as Lady WiFi, she can be anywhere you can be. Given the fact that she travels through Cyberspace, she could come out of nowhere and take you down without a struggle.
    • When it looks like Ladybug and Cat Noir are running away from Lady WiFi, she attacks them from above and everything echoes, from her laughs to yelling "I've got you now, Ladybug!" If she had more signal to attack the two while they were trapped down below, she would have been able to kill them so easily.
  • Also, she traps Cat Noir inside of a freezer, unknowingly causing him to revert back to Adrien. She, with Hawk Moth's help, plan to leave him there to freeze. Instead of just going in there and taking away the Miraculous, it can be assumed that Lady WiFi would have originally meant to leave Ladybug trapped, take her Miraculous and mask first, and then take it from Cat Noir after he's frozen to death.


  • Clearly most of the episode. A Brainwashed and Crazy Alix continuously freezes people in time, first off with Kim, tricking and mocking Rose for help, Mylène and Alya, the second running right after being caught, and, making her the most dangerous, killing Cat Noir! Luckily, Ladybug goes back in time to make sure this never happens.
  • The disturbing grins Timebreaker makes during the episode (like in her profile picture).
    • Timebreaker's French voice is also very unnerving, as she sounds deeper and constantly snarls, making her sound like a feral animal and more Ax-Crazy in this version. However, special mention to this psychotic Evil Laugh she makes after spotting Alya in the English dub.
  • There's also something chilling about the way things go From Bad to Worse when Ladybug and Timebreaker head into the past. Partially being responsible for the second time Alix's watch is destroyed, with her calling out to Chloé to put it down, everyone stops to hear Alix say something that made the past Marinette scared.
    Past Alix: Ladybug... It's all Ladybug's fault!

Mr. Pigeon

  • Mr. Pigeon showing his wrath by kidnapping all of the park keepers. Judging from the way he almost had Ladybug and Cat Noir in a cage earlier on, although with bird poop, he could have something more deadlier planned for the ones who did him wrong.

The Evillustrator

  • The Teaser at the beginning. When you see Stormy Weather walking after Marinette, it looks like she remembered who she originally was and went after Marinette after finding out who she was too. Then Lady WiFi appears, and the two incapacitate her without a cinch. Had it not been for Nathaniel's Big Damn Heroes Moment, she would have faced a much worse fate had it not been All Just a Dream.
  • In the same episode, the Evillustrator refuses to take the Miraculouses and instead prepares for his date with Marinette. Hawk Moth, being a villain who never wants his pawns to disobey him, uses his Villain Override Abilities to force him to do what he says. Even though he is never seen outside of his lair (or so we think), he can be pretty threatening if he could take control of any villain.
  • There's also the Evillustrator's way of causing terror: he can erase any kind of entrance blocking him, find anyone easily, and if he could, erase anyone out of existence. That's the kind of thing that makes him a Reality Warper. Fortunately for most of the episode he's in Poke the Poodle mode, but by the end he's a Not-So-Harmless Villain and tries to kill Chloé.

Dark Cupid

  • Cat Noir when Dark Cupid turns him evil. While telling Ladybug he loathes her, he tries to crush her like a grape. When as a villain, he becomes more monstrous, as seen when he wanted to use his Cataclysm against her!
    Evil Cat Noir: I've always wondered what would happen if I used my Cataclysm on someone.
  • Dark Cupid encounters Marinette and Alya, two girls he's acquainted with in his class. He shoots an arrow at Alya, the latter despising Marinette and almost cutting a picture of them together if it wasn't for the World-Healing Wave. Imagine if Marinette was struck by the arrow. Like how Cat Noir teams up with Dark Cupid in the episode, Marinette could've gave him her Miraculous and helped him defeat Cat Noir. What's even worse is that she knows Cat Noir only too well.

The Horrificator

  • The Jump Scare attacks used in "The Horrificator". Quite shocking when you think about it, especially the screams that follow afterwards.
  • Keep in mind that the Horrificator is the kind of villain who wants to kill others through means of suffocation.
  • While Horrificator stands out as being relatively inhuman compared to most of the villains, the situation is often more scary the the monster. The Dwindling Party in the beginning and the moment Nathaniel gets sucked behind the desk (complete with some awful sucking and thumping sounds) in particular.

The Puppeteer

  • The Puppeteer herself. She can make anyone Brainwashed and Crazy if she happens to hold their plushies and demand they come to life. Bonus points for having the voice of Nui Harime in the English and French versions.
  • Hawk Moth corrupted a child, none other than Marinette's charge little Manon. A child that was having a disagreement with her mother over if she could have a certain doll. When Manon's mother realizes what happened to her daughter, the Adult Fear on her face is palpable.
    • Before she accepts Hawk Moth's mission, Manon talks with him and manages to anticipate his sayings thanks to her own desire to defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir, all while keeping a creepy tone and sporting an evil smile on her face all along.
  • Marinette and Alya's faces when Alya turns back into Lady WiFi. For Alya, she has a split second to realize what's happening, and for Marinette it's an Oh, Crap! moment after lightheartedly stalking Adrien on the train on Alya's advice.
  • The return of RogerCop and Evillustrator. Two former akuma victims who have put the trauma behind them suddenly revert to their demonic selves, and have no control.
  • Cat Noir is more terrified in this episode than in other ones, when Ladybug deduces that the Puppeteer can control heroes and villains through the plushies that Marinette made, including one of him. The poor guy appears to flashback to when he nearly killed Ladybug after Dark Cupid made him Brainwashed and Crazy.
  • Honestly, hearing Carrie Keranen and Bryce Papenbrook talk in a child-like manner while controlled is quite... unnerving.
    Lady WiFi (Puppeteer): I want Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses, to win! Forever and EVER!
    Cat Noir (Puppeteer): I'm gonna get you Ladybug! You'll be super duper sorry!
  • Word of God says that if the Puppeteer has a doll of someone across the other side of the world, she can still control them. Nothing Is Scarier than that.


  • There's something scary about how Reflekta, with no hesitation, decides to shoot her friend Rose instead of sparing her. Unlike the Evillustrator with Marinette or the Horrificator with Ivan, Juleka really meant it when she told Rose to forget about her, and in the process of becoming a villain, she forgets all sympathy for her too.
  • Speaking of which, when Juleka gets akumatized, she goes from shock and awe to one creepy goth.
  • In the English Dub of said episode, Reflekta gets a really crazed and insane Evil Laugh that, while sounding better than the original dub, shows how Erin Fitzgerald can truly pull off an evil performance.
  • Reflekta's initial attack plays unsettlingly like a school shooting, with her leaping into a crowded room before blasting away at everyone in sight, lots of shots of terrified students hiding as she paces the hallways looking for more targets, and Ladybug and Cat Noir walking in on scenes of people comforting their panicking and traumatized classmates. It's eased by the fact that Reflekta's powers are the least life threatening of any akumatized victim we've seen, but there is still lots of tension there.


  • Vincent Asa stands out as one of the creepier akuma victims even before he gets the power to send people into another dimension - a Loony Fan photographer who doesn't care about Jagged Stone's privacy or that of his family, nor does he seem to care about the potential consequences to himself for invading it. One gets the feeling he could have become dangerous without Hawk Moth's help after what happened at the hotel.

Simon Says

  • "Simon Says" has so much of this for Adrien that as Cat Noir he's in Let's Get Dangerous! mode for most of it.
    • The amount of Adult Fear that Adrien suffers when he hears that the titular akuma wants his father's head on a platter for sabotaging his attempt at winning a competition.
  • Adrien's brainwashed bodyguard nearly squeezes Cat Noir to death when the latter is wrestling the former. Cat has to use his Catacylsm to shove his bodyguard down an elevator shaft, which is Nightmare Fuel in itself.
  • The many hints that Gabriel is Hawk Moth and deliberately endangered himself so as to get the Miraculous. From commenting on how Simon targeting Gabriel is a risk that Hawk Moth is willing to take, not having a We Will Meet Again rant at the end, and Gabriel noticing Adrien wearing a ring after hugging him. If this theory turns out true, Fridge Horror ensues as a Rewatch Bonus.
  • Gabriel's stubbornness about not evacuating or taking safety precautions. He tells Adrien Go to Your Room! when the latter begs him to take care of his safety, reassures Ladybug that he's depending on her to protect him, and tells Cat Noir You Remind Me of X when the latter calls him out for thinking he's invincible. This ends up biting Gabriel in the butt when Simon's brainwashed army crashes the gates and doors, taking him hostage. He was only lucky that Adrien was not taken as well for revenge.
  • A brainwashed Gabriel nearly jumping off the TV studio roof; small wonder that Cat Noir chases after him in a panic. Ladybug then forces Cat to stop and help her defeat Simon Says, and Cat has to make that Sadistic Choice and hope that Ladybug's World-Healing Wave will save his father.


  • Marinette abuses her powers as Ladybug to mercilessly humiliate Lila for telling one Celebrity Lie after another to impress Adrien. Beware the Nice Ones doesn't even begin to cover it, and it shows just how scary Marinette can be when her Green-Eyed Monster comes into effect.
  • When Lila becomes Volpina thanks to Ladybug, her illusions can be quite scary when you put them in contrast. She could have destroyed Paris with a meteor, have Hawk Moth out in the open with no limitations to his powers, use an array of weapons at her disposal, destroyed a building and killed several civilians, make clones of herself, and if her illusion of Adrien was real, she could have dropped him and killed him at the same time. Even when she's back to herself, she refuses to forgive her, and the worst part? Hawk Moth implies that she will be back for more.
    • Also, remember that evil grin every one of Hawk Moth's victims makes before transforming into a villain? Here's one for Lila, a Slasher Smile in all its glory.
  • Cat Noir had to Shoot the Hostage to prove that illusion Adrien was a fake so that Ladybug wouldn't sacrifice her Miraculous. In other words, he had to destroy himself, and he nearly saw his terrified civilian self fall hundreds of feet to a grisly death. Heh heh, good luck sleeping tonight, Adrien!

Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins – Part 1)

  • In this episode we find out that the kwami are meant to be used for good and that Hawk Moth gets his powers by enslaving the moth kwami Nooroo, despite Nooroo's warnings that if he does, something terrible will happen.
  • We also learn that, should Ladybug fail to purify an akuma, said akuma will multiply and possess people at random. When exactly this happens, Marinette is so distressed that she removes her earrings, despite Tikki's protests.

Stoneheart (Origins – Part 2)

  • Stoneheart throwing Chloé from the Eiffel Tower at such a great speed that if it were real life, then being caught by Ladybug wouldn't have helped.
  • The way Hawk Moth communicates with the heroes: by getting Stoneheart to cough up loads of akumas that form the shape of his head to talk to them. While it's unknown if he could do with this anyone he akumatizes or if it only applied to akumas that hadn't previously been purified, it's still very unsettling to see lots of insects coming out of someone's body.
  • Ivan and Myléne almost falling to their deaths, especially in Ivan's case where it happens because he transformed back while hanging from the Eiffel Tower but was unlucky enough for the de-akumatization to cause him to no longer hold on, and because he didn't remmber how he got there. Ladybug and Cat Noir have to think fast to save them both and purify the akuma.

    Season 2 
The Collector
  • The fandom's fears are confirmed. Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth, and it's implied that he suspects Adrien is Cat Noir.
  • Gabriel is normally a Knight Templar Parent who genuinely loves Adrien, despite his obsessive micromanaging of his life. Gabriel as the Collector, on the other hand, shows no qualms about possibly trapping Adrien in his book. And on top of that, as Hawk Moth, Gabriel attempts to kill Cat (who he might suspect is Adrien) on a regular basis.
    • The Collector actually heads for Adrien's bedroom to trap him after taking out Nathalie and the Gorilla.
      The Collector: Adrien? I have a great collection I want to show you...

Despair Bear

  • Cat, while possessed by the titular akuma, comes within an inch of using Cataclysm on Ladybug. If not for Chloé's intervention, she wouldn't have survived.
    • Arguably, it's even worse than previous occasions when Cat was Brainwashed and Crazy. When he got affected by Dark Cupid and Princess Fragrance's powers, Cat still went through the usual Stock Footage and song to activate the Cataclysm, so Ladybug saw it coming and had the chance to avoid it; in fact, on both occasions, she actually used the Cataclysm to her advantage to defeat the episode's villain. And, when he got controlled by The Puppeteer, she only wanted to defeat and capture Ladybug, not to kill her, so he didn't use the Cataclysm that time. Despair Bear, however, is a No-Nonsense Nemesis who uses Combat Pragmatism, skipping the whole activation sequence and trying to use the One-Hit Kill right when Ladybug was holding Cat, so she has no chance to avoid the attack by her own.

Prime Queen

  • Prime Queen is willing to trap Chloé on a speeding train just to get Ladybug and Cat Noir to confess their feelings for each other. A few minutes later, she locks Alya in a sarcophagus and threatens to drop her into the Seine to get the Miraculouses. Keep in mind that she's not even aware of their importance to Marinette and Adrien - as far as she knows, they're random people who called into her show.
    • Of course, Nadja would recognize Chloé as the Mayor's daughter, and Alya is identified as the Ladyblog's creator, so Nadja isn't using random people as hostages but the closest relative of an important political figure, and someone who Ladybug and Cat would be, at the very least, fond of. Still doesn't make it any better for the victims or the heroes.

La Befana

  • Befana turning people into coal, including her own son. Even moreso when you see the non-people objects turned to coal break easily.
  • If not to coal, she turns people into fairies... who mindlessly obey her and have white, expressionless masks with blank eyes.


  • How close Riposte comes to killing Adrien in their initial confrontation.
  • Riposte would have slayed Ladybug if Adrien hadn't safed her at the very last moment.
  • Hawk Moth turned someone with a grudge against Adrien into an akuma with an Absurdly Sharp Blade. Given Riposte's actions, it indicates that Gabriel values the Miraculouses over his own son.
    • Except that he did stop her from slashing Adrien in half, and ordered her to get Ladybug's Miraculous for him first. It's quite possible that he would deprive her of her powers once she did that.


  • Almost a parallel to The Puppeteer, Markov is a genuinely sweet little robot who has limited experience with the world, and has never even been separated from his creator before. He becomes Robostus, the akuma closest to taking the Miraculouses from our heroes, and has so far been the only akuma to turn on Hawk Moth and come close to murdering him. Used to Be a Sweet Kid, indeed.
  • Robostus' powers were reminiscent to many of the nightmare fuel inducing Skynet. Ladybug and Cat Noir were lucky all Robostus wanted was to become a real boy...
    • Even worse! As soon as Max tells Robostus he will not be friends with a supervillain, Robostus angrily declares that's he's done with humans. Remember this robot already accessed one missile system in the city. That robot apocalypse may have been closer than they thought...
  • Max's place as Robostus' hostage is a frightening enough situation on its own, seeing the friend you created bring the city of Paris to chaos and defeat the city's protectors. Then we learn from Master Fu that Robostus would have required a sacrifice to receive the humanity he wanted so much. Max's presence in the firefight suddenly makes even more sense, and becomes even scarier a situation.
  • Within seconds of gaining power, Robostus turns every car against its owners and sets to work making his own Devastator.


  • Even though it's Played for Laughs and he was intending to target The Gorilla (itself a case of this as Gabriel was planning to akumatize the man who's responsible for protecting his son), the fact remains that Hawk Moth was willing to use a baby as his newest pawn.
  • The giant akumatized baby in general. A Godzilla-sized villain with all the strength that implies combined with all the moral restraint and understanding of consequences of a toddler. To drive the point home, one of the first things the akumatized baby does is almost step on his mother.

Dark Owl

  • Dark Owl's Near-Villain Victory is pretty chilling, getting ahold of Ladybug's earring long enough for her to start changing back.
  • Dark Owl is also one of the only villains to outright try and kill Ladybug and Cat Noir.
  • After being tricked, Hawk Moth orders Dark Owl to "destroy [Ladybug and Cat Noir]!" Again, it's implied that Gabriel knows that Cat Noir is his son.


  • The reveal that Hawk Moth can akumatize multiple people with one akuma.
  • Once more Hawk Moth is akumatizing children.


  • With Gabriel beginning to suspect that Adrien and Cat Noir are one and the same, Hawk Moth's Adult Fear when, as part of her plan, Ladybug has Adrien jump from a building. Intending to catch him, Ladybug is caught by Gorizilla. With Adrien unable to transform in the open and Ladybug caught, Hawk Moth desperately cries for Gorizilla to let her go so she may save him.
    Hawk Moth: If indeed you are Cat Noir, then transform, son! Please... come on, son!... DROP LADYBUG!
  • Bear in mind, despite his obvious fear in the above scene, Gabriel / Hawk Moth *still* waited until the last possible second to release Ladybug. Even while watching Adrien fall to his death, he wanted to be sure Adrien either wasn't Cat Noir or really wasn't going to transform.
  • The strange room beneath the Agreste mansion. Hoo boy, where to begin?
    • It looks like a mausoleum, but its exact purpose is left vague.
    • The reveal of the room follows a shot of Emilie, making it just about impossible not to connect the two.
    • At the far end of the room, there is something that looks like a casket.
    • The ending music in the final shot is joined by ominous drumbeats that sound eerily like banging, giving the implication that someone or something is inside the casket, and that someone or something is trying to escape!.
    • In "Style Queen" we learn that the room really IS a mausoleum, and Gabriel is seen placing flowers on his wife's casket (with her body inside) to boot!

Captain Hardrock

  • When Ladybug and Cat Noir are forced to beach Hardrock's ship so they can free the prisoners safely, the ship comes within inches of hitting some civilians.


  • The fact that this is the first time Hawk Moth actually tried to akumatize Marinette. Just think about what would happen if Miss Bustier didn't protect Marinette.
    • Even if Marinette's Miraculous made her immune to actually getting akumatized, all that means is that Hawk Moth would learn who Ladybug is and start going after Marinette directly.
  • This episode is basically a Zombie Apocalypse episode with all the tropes it entails, including Dwindling Party and its associated tropes. The group started out with all of Marinette's classmates but Sabrina, Mylène, and Ivan. By the time it ends, everyone is gone, including Cat Noir who performed a Heroic Sacrifice.


  • As of this episode Gabriel is aware that the Miraculous have additional hidden powers and vows to find the only one who knows the recipes to them; Master Fu.
    • If the NY leak about the power-ups is correct then one of the potions grants unlimited access to a Miraculous' superpower; Ladybug may use as many Lucky Charms as she likes and presumably Cat can use as many Cataclysms. If this holds true and Gabriel manages to get a hold of the recipes...unlimited akumas...
      • Considering that the leaked plot for an upcoming episode apparently involves the re-akumatization of many previous villains...


  • In a far more mundane example than most on this page, Jagged Stone and the cameras barging into Marinette's room and sharing all her private stuff with the world.
  • But in a more troublesome example, Troublemaker managed to take off one of Ladybug's earrings, being the next villain after Dark Owl to nearly see Ladybug's true form. Only this time, Cat Noir was in the room, and Troublemaker was nowhere near defeat.


  • Gabriel appears to have some amount of control over Nooroo. How much? He can command Nooroo to stop speaking, and the poor thing has no choice but to obey.
  • The various nightmares Sandboy creates get outright disturbing.
    • Marinette's first nightmare, in which an Adrien clone invades her home, creepily climbs up into her bed, and declares his unending love for Chloé. Let's just say you'd be forgiven for thinking he was demonically possessed. He's the page image for a reason.
    • When Marinette gets outside, she sees what effect Sandboy has on other people...including civilians getting chased by giant spiders and dinosaurs.
    • Adrien's first nightmare is him getting locked in his room, with no way to get himself out. Considering how much the kid values his freedom…
    • While it's mitigated by the fact that it manifests itself as bedsheet ghosts, Master Fu's nightmare is of his greatest failure–the downfall of the Order of Guardians and the loss of two Miraculouses–coming back to haunt him.
    • Marinette's second nightmare (as Ladybug)? Being powerless. And Sandboy, demonstrating combat pragmatism, hits her just as she's about to use her Lucky Charm.
    • Adrien's second nightmare (as Cat Noir) involves Ladybug not only rejecting his advances, but turning evil to boot.
  • After the kwamis accidentally contact Hawk Moth, he immediately tries to enslave all of them with his will, and considering how they react (clutching their head in pain, and in some cases like Pollen, Barkk and Kaalki, falling to their knees), the process is not pleasant at all.
  • Hawk Moth/Gabriel now has a good idea on where the other Kwamis are thanks to their communication ritual, and he plans to enslave them all.

Style Queen

  • Hawk Moth/Gabriel is horrified to see Adrien being turned into a gold statue by his own akuma. And it gets worse by the fact that Style Queen begins to pull a Darkest Hour by threatening to kill Adrien by making his body slowly crumble into glitter dust.
    Style Queen: " Gabriel Agreste, if you refuse to show your face,your son will soon be nothing but GLITTER IN THE WIND! "
    • A Freeze-Frame Bonus of Style Queen stands up on her forcefield and Ladybug breaks it after it gets cracked by Plagg's Cataclysm, you can see his lower body already reduced into a pile of glitter dust. He fortunately gets better after Ladybug defeats her.
    • While this is not the first time an akumatized villain has the power to turn people into breakable inanimate objects since Befana, it's clearly show that Adrien as a golden statue is not solid, as shown when Style Queen reduces him into glitter dust, sucks him into her staff and then materializes him into a laying position at the Eiffel Tower.
    • While the way Style Queen holds Adrien as her hostage not only gives some Sleeping Beauty vibe, with her announcement that she will make his body completely disappear into glitter dust in the wind to every Parisian, both Ladybug and Chloé notice that his leg started to crumble. This situation is basically equivalent to Dead Guy on Display.
    • Seeing Adrien as a golden statue, laying on a golden coffin protected by a forcefield might remind someone of a tomb shown in a mausoleum.
  • This seems to be the first time we see Gabriel engineer an akuma villain. Without being empowered he ensures Audrey is as furious as possible and seemingly thought around every weakness possible; making Style Queen intangible makes most of Ladybug's attacks futile, teleportation allows her to jump around a battlefield quickly and allowing her to generate force fields means the one actual solid part of her, the rose that holds the akuma, can be safely tucked away almost rendering her without any weaknesses. Almost.
  • It turns out, Plagg can use Cataclysm without Adrien. Except Cat Noir is a vital Power Limiter. The subsequent blast devastated half of Paris, starting with toppling the Eiffel tower, and tearing up absolutely everything in the area, easily surpassing the damage Style Queen herself caused. And it kept on growing. Plagg even seemed scared of it himself, telling Ladybug she had to fix everything quickly. It's implied he held back as much as he possibly could, and in the past, it wiped out the dinosaurs.

Queen Wasp

  • As of this episode, two things have been made clear. 1.) Those who have been akumatized before can be akumatized again, and 2.) Even those wielding the Miraculous can be akumatized.
  • While Chloé was never an ideal candidate to receive a Miraculous it's a good thing she found it. Whilst Chloé's primary motivation is proving herself "exceptional" to her mother, and granted she does cause some significant chaos, imagine what someone with much more insidious intent could do with a Miraculous that grants the power of paralysis...



  • Just like Syren, Frozer demonstrates the world-altering powers an akuma villain can possess. How long did it take him to render Paris a frozen wasteland? A few minutes? Less?


  • Gabriel and Nathalie have video surveillance on Lila's apartment. It seems that they were spying on a teenage girl for several months.
  • Through the titular akuma, Hawk Moth is able to reakumatize those who were akumatized before. Not only that, but also he and his villains have turned red.
    • Whenever an akuma is spotted before it hits the target, like in Stormy Weather and Zombizou, it always induces an incredible amount of fear. That's with a single regular akuma. Imagine how terrified the Parisians were when an entire swarm of blood red akumas descended upon Paris.
  • Volpina creates an illusion of Cat Noir being destroyed by his own Cataclysm. Fake though it may be, we nevertheless get to see Cat Noir petrify and then crumble into dust.


  • Chloé finds out first-hand why you never reveal your identity to anyone. Any battle that she's in from here on out has a chance of getting her parents kidnapped or killed. Also, even if she gives up the Miraculous and a new Queen Bee takes her place, there's a chance they could be targeted.
  • The giant moth creature Nathalie creates with the Peacock Miraculous when Hawk Moth is about to be captured by the heroes. And then there's how creating it makes her so tired that she can barely stand.

    Season 3 
  • Whilst this isn't the first time Lila willingly chooses to be akumatized, it is the first time we see anyone grab an akuma and accept its power. Lila even initiates the conversation between herself and Hawk Moth.
  • As Ladybug and Cat Noir take off, Lila's face falls from smiling to a dark rage. It's incredibly unsettling to see the anger Lila has towards superheroes to the point she'd choose to help a terrorist.
  • The plan to extract the akuma from Lila's earrings run into a pinch when she keeps transforming into people that don't have that jewelry on them. The solution? Trick Lila into transforming into a clam and crack her open, splitting her in half.


  • This villain falls straight to the Uncanny Valley since the characters he transform into are animated in 2D, plus the way that Animaestro looks is pretty disturbing and cringe inducing, it didn't help that Thomas Astruc (The show's director) was the one that got akumatized into this villain.


  • Master Fu and Marianne's flashback at the beginning is rife with subtle Nightmare Fuel. First of all, even though the word is never actually said, the two of them are fleeing France from the Nazis. This is disturbing enough, but then there's also Fu's chilling conclusion that, should any of the Miraculous fall into enemy hands, it could mean the end of the world.


  • Duusu's black/red eyes and her sudden mood swings are very unsettling. Nooroo is shocked to see her like that. Something is clearly wrong with that kwami.
    • Although, considering the fact that she's the kwami of Emotion, it's to be expected that she's very emotional.
  • Nathalie's health continues to decline after using her damaged Miraculous again.
  • Hawk Moth calls on Nathalie's self-destructive help without the slightest hesitation, and only shows a trace of concern at the end.


  • Luka's Death Glare after being corrupted by the akuma is quite frightening, especially when you know how calm and laid-back he usually is.
  • The way Silencer uses his powers is rather chilling: He puts two fingers to his victims' lips, one to his own, and whispers "Shhhh..." It's very soft, almost as if he was trying to calm someone down instead of stealing their voice. In other words, it's scary in the same way that the Soft-Spoken Sadist trope is scary.


  • The fact that Hawk Moth sends Onichan after a teenage girl to get rid of her is unsettling.
  • The forehead horn that Onichan curses Lila with that grows with every lie she tells and acts as a honing beacon for the supervillain, combined with Onichan's relentless and vengeful nature, certainly made Lila fear for her life. After all, no matter where Lila goes or how fast she runs... Onichan. Will. Find. Her!
  • It's rather disturbing seeing Lila casually manipulate Onichan into killing Ladybug. Her horn didn't grow bigger either so her offer on giving up on Adrien if she got rid of Ladybug was genuine. Even Hawk Moth was impressed. Later, she even fakes an injury to lure Cat away so Ladybug will be alone with Onichan.


  • There are many insidious implications of Chloé's identity being public knowledge but there's something particularly unsettling and creepy about Mayura just...watching Chloé while she's at home.
  • Gabriel and Nathalie smiling as they manipulate Lila into provoking Chloé's akumatisation is terrifying enough, but the idea of an unknown adult pulling up in a car to discreetly talk to a teenage girl through a park gate is especially sinister.
  • Cat Noir is hit by a Cataclysm. It does not kill him but he ends up unable to walk properly, and can barely get his words out afterwards. Since Cataclysm destroys whatever it hits, odds are Adrien's bones got disintegrated! Yikes!


  • Marinette and Adrien wake up without their memories and realize that they are hunted by an unseen yet powerful and dangerous enemy that is always close behind them.
  • Hawk Moth knows that the Montparnasse Tower has been evacuated and that the only ones inside the tower aside from Oblivio are the two heroes. If he remembered to bring his phone with him, he could have learned BOTH of our heroes' identities (since Adrien learns Marinette's identity before he makes the call). Though, with Gabriel being Gabriel, he probably wouldn't have picked up anyway.
  • Oblivio itself is hyper scary once you realize it's just a featureless, intangible sillhouette whose voice is an otherworldy-sounding mix of Alya and Nino's, making it akin to a Creepypasta monster. It's easily the most alien of any of Hawk Moth's akumatized villains.


  • Ladybug and her allies were defeated more than 25,913 times. If it weren't for the Second Chances or if Desperada took out Aspik/Viperion first just once, Hawk Moth would have been victorious and gotten three extremely powerful Miraculouses.


  • If Marinette hadn't the Horse Miraculous with her the startrain and its passengers would never found their way back to earth again. They would be lost in space. With no lasting supply of food, water or air their end would have been horrible.
    • Even if they somehow found their way back (Ladybug's world-healing wave took the train back to the tracks after all), Marinette not having the Horse Miraculous would have clued Hawk Moth to the fact Ladybug and Cat Noir were already inside the train.


  • Kwamibuster actually manages to capture Tikki and Plagg so that Marinette and Adrien remain powerless. She also comes dangerously close to finding out their secret identities several times, and even if she wouldn't remember them after being de-akumatized, Hawk Moth would.
  • Hawk Moth realizes how many Miraculouses Master Fu is protecting. He plans to get them all so that he can create an army of Mirculous wearing supervillains.
    • If Marinette had failed, he would have no less than 18 Miraculouses and Kwamis under his control while Master Fu and Wayzz would be the only ones left to oppose him.


  • Feast is an ancient and powerful sentimonster that will not stop until it has devoured every Miraculous that exists and it will do the same with everything and everyone who gets in his way. What is even worse is that Hawk Moth gives it the power to track down the Miraculouses no matter where they are so it was able to find it's way to Master Fu immediately.
    • It would also be able to track down Adrien and Marinette who are sleeping at that time and would be taken by surprise.
  • Adrien's mother used to have the same dizzy spells Nathalie is experiencing. It is not unlikely that she will suffer the same fate.
  • Hawk Moth learns Master Fu's identity and is now more determined to succeed than ever.
  • Now the whole world including Hawk Moth knows that the temple in Tibet has reappeared and that it contains many Miraculouses. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Gamer 2.0

  • Ladybug and Cat Noir have to compete in a real-life video game tournament with their former akumatized villains as their fighters in order to free them. Most of those fighters are sympathetic people, many of them are their friends, and some are part of Ladybug's family.

Stormy Weather 2

  • Stormy Weather announces her return by creating a massive volcano in the middle of Paris and then proceeds to use said volcano like a massive booster rocket to knock the planet out of orbit. That's right, one of the earliest villains Ladybug and Cat Noir ever faced had world-ending potential the whole time.

Ikari Gozen

  • Hawk Moth has found out Master Fu’s identity so he had to go into hiding.
  • Ikari Gozen swallows her own daughter (twice) and declares that she will never let her out again.


  • Timetagger sends Bunnyx into different time periods; among them the year AD 79. He declares that things are going to heat up and when Bunnyx returns, she is exhausted and surrounded by smoke. It is very likely that she was sent to Pompeii during the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
  • In the future there will be a new Hawk Moth who seems to be even more dangerous than the present one. Gabriel Agreste is deeply concerned about this information.
    • The Butterfly Miraculous is taken from Gabriel Agreste; that means there is another one who knew his secret identity, someone who didn't stay loyal to him to keep that secret like Nathalie. Imagine future Adrien learning that...
  • Beyond the new Hawk Moth in the future the Miraculous Team has also made other enemies they've had to deal with including what seems to be a mad scientist, a dark counterpart of superheroine Majestia, and even a hostile alien army. As cool as these exploits are, it looks like the future is gonna be a pretty dangerous place and things will only escalate. According to Bunnyx in the future Ladybug will have to organize and command an entire extended team in order to deal with Paris's many crises.
  • One of the periods Timetagger sends Bunnyx to is the far future in the middle of what he calls the 7th Interplanetary War. Kind of frightening to think that not only will there will space wars in Earth's future, but at least 7 of them.
  • When Timetagger has Bunnyx defeated and at his mercy he threatens to get rid of her by sending her back in time before the Big Bang.
    • Among the enemies Bunnyx listed, there is "Twin Queens of the Inner World". And there is only one set of twin girls in the show so far...
  • To top it all off, near the end of the episode, we see that Lila is babysitting both Chris and the twins, and Chris is already completely enamored with her... given that Chris becomes Timetagger in the future and the twins are likely candidates to become the "Twin Queens of the Inner World", might it be possible that Lila is the the one manipulating them and akumatizing them in the future? Could she be the one who won't stay loyal to Gabriel after she finds out his secret? Have we just discovered the identity of the Future Hawk Moth? Imagine Lila Rossi becoming the most dangerous threat of them all in the future...

Party Crasher

  • Markov accidentally redirects all of the power in Agreste Mansion to the music system; including the power going to Emilie’s life support and the elevator to Hawk Moth's lair. Adrien’s mom almost dies and Gabriel is powerless to do something because he is trapped.
  • Party Crasher may look silly but he is able to predict the attacks of his opponents and manages to defeat and capture Ladybug, Viperion, Carapace, Pegasus, and Cat Noir before Monkey King can finally turn the battle. He is one one of the most dangerous villains the heroes has ever faced.
    • He's the only akumatized villain thus far to successfully take out Ladybug and leave Cat Noir without her, instead of the usual reverse. She's been crippled by an akumatized villain before but always managed to use her wits and some help from Cat Noir to turn it around. Not here. She's helpless until Monkey King saves her.
    • Party Crasher's victims are trapped in single mirror panes, unable to move but possibly still conscious, and stuck that way forever unless the mirror is broken.

The Puppeteer 2

  • The wax figures of Musée Grévin (among them many supervillains) come to life and attack everyone.
    • Nino and Alya are surprised and captured by statues of Lady WiFi and the Bubbler.
    • Adrien and Marinette are attacked by a statue of Hawk Moth himself. Adrien fights it, but he doesn't stand a chance and is almost killed.
  • The Puppeteer uses the wax figures of Ladybug and Cat Noir to catch their respective partner off guard by pretending to be the real one.
  • The Puppeteer threatens to dip two hostages in boiling wax.

Cat Blanc

  • As soon as he learns that his son is Cat Noir, Gabriel plans to akumatize him so that he can get his Miraculous. And unlike Nathalie he goes through with his plan without any qualms or regrets. If there were any doubts about Gabriel truly being a bad person, let this moment alone vanquish them all.
  • Hawk Moth manages to akumatize Cat Noir. Cat Blanc's first actions are killing his girlfriend and his own father, destroying a chunk of the moon and flooding all of Paris.
  • In the Bad Future Paris is in ruins and flooded. All the Parisians (including Ladybug and Hawk Moth) have become statues and the only survivor seems to be Cat Blanc.
    • When Cat Blanc sends Ladybug underwater, she witnesses all the Parisians submerged and turned into statues, including herself and Hawk Moth, and as she touches her alternate self's statue, it suddenly decomposes into nothing. Marinette basically saw her own dead body fading away before her eyes.
  • Everything about Cat Blanc is very unsettling:
    • There's the cause of Adrien's akumatization: the anger, grief and confusion of learning Hawk Moth is his father and his mother is still alive but in a coma.
    • Cat Blanc didn’t even mean to destroy Paris and kill everyone in it. Unable to aim the Cataclysm at the love of his life or his villainous father, he turned it on himself and essentially tried to commit suicide to avoid harming the people he loved; the backlash of this attempt is what destroyed the city. And imagine how he felt when he came to after trying to sacrifice himself only to see his home destroyed and everyone dead and it was all his fault. No wonder Cat Blanc had gone mad by the time Ladybug arrived.
    • Although Hawk Moth is killed by Cat Blanc, instead of turning back into Cat Noir, he still remains akumatized. After Bunnyx brings the main timeline's Ladybug to his, she finds out that Cat Noir has been akumatized and now suffers from nasty mental instability, with his behavior constantly changing from being in love with Ladybug, to trying to kill her and back again as his old self in the blink of an eye. Which makes you wonder how long he has been akumatized and alone in the ruins of Paris, which certainly shattered his mental and emotional state.
      • According to Thomas Astruc on his Twitter account, Cat Blanc was spending his time alone by himself in the ruins of Paris, singing and waiting for Ladybug for MONTHS. Just try to imagine what he is doing aside from singing and waiting, and how he survives without any help from anyone. Cat Blanc basically lives with something that he fears during his whole life: being isolated or alone from his loved ones. If Bunnyx didn't teleport the main timeline's Ladybug, this poor boy would be akumatized for the rest of his life, and there would be no hope that he will return to Adrien/Cat Noir, since he killed his Ladybug.
    • While his singing about a "little kitty on the roof, all alone without his lady" is count as tear-jerker, this moment is also very disturbing because Cat Blanc sings this with a flat and lifeless tone, in the middle of Paris' ruins. After we saw his mental state, you can think that his song also count as his Madness Mantra.
    • Cat Blanc's behavior when he is excited to see Ladybug again by circling her and suddenly grabbing her earrings reminds you of a wild predator targeting their prey, becoming ready to hunt them. Also, the way he speaks to Ladybug is very unsettling, as his voice sounds raspier and angrier. Not to mention he always randomly shows his Slasher Smile with Wide Eyes and Shrunken Irises every time he is about to attack her. Keep in mind that it's Adrien we're talking about.
    • The way Cat Blanc threatens Ladybug on the base of the ruined Eiffel Tower by pointing a finger-flick Cataclysm at her and walking towards her until she gives up her Miraculous quite looks like he has a gun pointed at her.
    • What is even worse is that his power seems to have absolutely no limits and that he is able and willing to destroy the WHOLE GALAXY, and this is at minimum; Bunnyx flat out states that the after-effects of his attack will destroy the ENTIRE UNIVERSE.
  • Bunnyx is literally running out of time as she is starting to dissipate. If Ladybug fails to persuade Cat Blanc, all of them including the entire universe will completely disappear from existence.
  • The episode implies Gabriel is starting to take interest in Marinette as a potential Akuma. And while the event in the bad timeline was stopped, who's to say he still doesn't believe that in the corrected one and might try again? (He does, with his attack through Lila in "Ladybug").
  • Learning that Ladybug and Cat Noir are people that might be sympathetic to him and Gabriel only cares about exploiting it for Akuma, which suggests he has no intention of any kind of negotiation or deal to cooperate. It seems he'll only accept defeating them or having them surrender to him on his terms alone and give Gabriel total control of both their Miraculous and it's complete power without any input from them. Looking at that it seems like they'll end up fighting to the bitter end with no hope of a happy end to that plotline.


  • Since this episode takes place after "Cat Blanc", the moment when Gabriel try to talk with Adrien about to reveal of his identity as Hawk Moth and about Emily real condition fell into Fridge Horror.
    • What is the real reason for Gabriel to confess this, does he wanted to Adrien to just understanding him ? or he wanted Adrien to aiding him to take Ladybug Miraculous ? Since we already know Adrien reaction about this revelation from previous episode, it's that some foreshadowing Cat Blanc will appear on main timeline for real ?
  • Félix has no qualms to ruin Adrien's reputation. He even goes so far as to work with supervillains to get what he wants. And despite his fake apology he has no regrets.
  • When Gabriel realizes that Félix stole his ring he is beyond furious. This is far from over and might not end well for Félix.
  • Félix, disguised as Adrien, tries to put the moves on Ladybug while the cutesy music becomes disjointed and just plain creepy, and even tries to forcefully kiss her without her consent. Does This Remind You of Anything?
    • What’s worse is that we’d just seen Félix fight 3 Akumas to a draw, so it’s not hard to fear that Ladybug would have a hard time defending herself from him.


  • If Hawk Moth hadn't been distracted at the very last moment, Marinette would have been akumatized and nothing would have stopped her from bringing him her Miraculous. She was already about to take off her earrings...
  • Nathalie's health is getting worse and worse, and it's implied that using the Peacock Miraculous is what caused Emilie to be in her current state.
  • Mayura destroys the sentient Ladybug Sentimonster the moment she sides with the heroes. Basically, Ladybug sees her own death, and Cat Noir sees his beloved dying, with him totally unable to rescue her.
    • Mayura's callous destruction of the false Ladybug and Hawkmoth mocking them for caring about a magical creation is kind of disturbing, especially given how Hawkmoth treats Nooroo. They clearly just see magical beings as things to be used and nothing more.
  • Marinette's predicament. The idea of being falsely accused is bad enough, but Lila manages to turn the whole school against her and socially ostracize her to the point that she's stuck in the bakery more or less for her own safety... and of course Lila left no evidence of her wrongdoing, making it impossible to prove the accusations false. If Adrien hadn't stepped in to help her out, she could still be in that situation.
  • This episode shows just how helpless Marinette can be if it's not a situation she can superhero out of. She and Alya couldn't get anything on Lila and Adrien had to basically cave to her to get Lila to fix the situation on her own terms. And for everyone expecting Marinette to heroically shrug off an Akuma like Chloé did out of a sense of duty or what not she gave in just as easily as everyone else typically does and was only saved by dumb luck.

Heart Hunter

  • Heart Hunter's design is very unsettling, being a grotesque floating head with two faces. And that's not even getting into what they can do to anyone who feels any kind of love.
    • Okay, let's get into it. They seek to consume love in all its forms. If they detect any form of love in someone, the Audrey face will use its Eye Beams to reduce them to just their love, which the André face promptly devours using its Vacuum Mouth. Oh, and this isn't undone when Hawk Moth de-akumatizes them, Ladybug still has to use the Miraculous cure to bring everyone back.
  • Hawk Moth and Mayura manage to find and capture Master Fu and to get hold of the Miracle Box. Now they have every Miraculous except the Ladybug, Cat, and Dragon.
  • Hawk Moth convinces Chloé to join him so she can get revenge on Ladybug. She even lets herself be akumatized willingly.

Miracle Queen

  • Pegasus sending Snake Noir through a portal to the sun. If he hadn't had the Snake Miraculous, he would have been burned alive.
    • Imagine Gabriel learning both the Black Cat Miraculous and his son were jettisoned into deep space to be destroyed by the sun. Not only would it have been impossible to enact his plan, he would have been left with nothing. And it would have been all his fault.
    • Actually, it would be far worse than just being burned alive. There are gamma rays and toxic gases to worry about too, and since Adrien wasn’t close enough to just disintegrate, being exposed in the middle of space could have easily just made his lungs explode and failing that, boil bim from the inside and kill him in seconds.
  • Hawk Moth knowing the secret identity of every Miraculous holder except Ladybug, Cat Noir and Bunnyx. And since the Miraculous cure transported them back to where they were before, it's possible that they don't even know their identities were revealed.
  • Gabriel manages to fix the Peacock Miraculous. Now he finally has two working Miraculouses and doesn't have to worry about any consequences.

    Season 4 
  • Lies' power creates a dome of eerie light around her which paralyzes everyone who's ever told a lie. And since people lie all the time, she leaves a trail of paralyzed bodies behind her wherever she goes.

Queen Banana

  • After Chloé is akumatized she is just as furious and upset as before. Hawk Moth immediately sends a second akuma after her and implies that he can repeat this as often as he wants since Chloé's anger is infinite. The akuma reaches Chloé only seconds after she accepts the magical charm.

Gabriel Agreste

  • Gabriel (or rather the sentimonster of him) confronts Félix and coldly threatens to destroy his life, telling him he can make him disappear with the snap of his fingers.

Mega Leech

  • The titular Mega Leech allows Malediktator to clone himself into tiny versions of him, which creepily crawl onto people like bugs, walk into their ears and take control of their bodies. And there are MILLIONS of them!


  • Guiltrip's guilt bubbles were so powerful, they nearly got Cat Noir to Cataclysm himself. If Ladybug hadn't been there to pull his hand away, he would have died.


  • Imagine you and your (ex)partner after being freed from some sort of demonic possession, wind up dropping to the ground from presumably hundreds even thousands of feet in the air, crushing innocent civilians underneath the weight of the ship, your home...


  • Nathalie created a sentimonster that spied on the exposed heroes for a longer time to find out who Ladybug is. Nobody has ever noticed it. It is only a lucky coincidence that it never followed Alya into Marinette's room.
  • Gabriel realizes that Alya plays an important role in Ladybug's team and decides to focus on her. He is getting closer and closer to Marinette.
  • Kaalki teleporting the Eiffel Tower into a desert and the Arc de Triomphe onto the moon is hilarious. It stops being funny when a train ends up under the sea, a skyscraper in an active volcano and several vehicles in space.
  • We see yet again just how bad it can be if Shadow Moth knows someone's identity even if they're not given a Miraculous and even if they're not someone he can manipulate to betray Ladybug like Chloé using Style Queen and Optigami in sync, he slowly picks off the other heroes one by one while they have no idea they're being singled out, and predict and control Ladybug's actions by giving her a fake Nino as her only option for backup. Even though Alya manages to evade him, she's completely unaware that Nino is a fake, because as Adrien's friend who's over his house, he's familiar enough with him to almost perfectly impersonate him, and he's familiar with how to use the Turtle Miraculous because of his battle with Jade Turtle last season.
  • There's something oddly terrifying about Style Queen just flying through the building turning everyone she finds into glitter (and not even glitter statues this time, all the victims instead collapse into piles of glitter). There's no place safe from her; not the vents, not the door (as shown by people frantically trying to get out the glittered shut doors before she finds them) and the only reason the elevator is safe is because Shadow Moth lies to her that nobody is in there to protect Adrien. She basically goes on a mass murder spree in the building that only Ladybug can reverse.


  • Shadow Moth capturing Alya's whole family, Marinette and Nino and threatening to send them into space if Alya does not work with him. Later he lets them fall into their doom and only Ladybug´s quick reaction prevents a tragedy. The worst is that Gabriel doesn't have an iota of remorse.
  • Marinette's nightmare early in the episode. Alya reveals her identity as Rena Rouge to her family and allows Trixx to eat at the table openly, and when Marinette protests, Alya slyly reveals Ladybug's identity, then walks over to the balcony to let Shadow Moth inside, Miracle Box in his hands. But when Marinette tries to run to transform, she's stopped by none other than Cat Blanc, who creepily tells her she doesn't have to hide anymore. Poor Marinette can only whimper in terror as the entire group zombie walks towards her.


  • Adrien's spiral into depression is played entirely realistic, given the culmination of the last couple of episodes. He firmly believes that he will no longer be of any use to the team with the sheer volume of allies Ladybug has recruited, compounded by the fact he is being left in the dark about their identities, instead of being an equal partner in the team. Furthermore, Nino's secret from the prior episode has shook his faith in Ladybug, with the whole "rules only seem to apply to me" thing. Now his lack of ambition is fueling his depression, which is causing major problems in his crime fighting.
  • It gets to the point where he ends up taking the hit from Wishmaker deliberately, just to find out what his childhood dream was as he doesn't remember. While Marinette had the goofy looking but still relatively normal knitting fairy, Adrien transforms into... Adrien. His entire dream was to be what his parents wanted him to be. In other words, this 14 year old boy has no true ambitions of his own, and now has severe depression working against him following his breakup with Kagami earlier on in the season. Poor guy really needs a hug, and a vacation.

Dearest Family

  • Gabriel creates the Megakumas, which are capable of destroying Ladybug's charms which means her one defence against his magic is rendered null.
  • Tikki's hunger when she develops a craving for the Dupain-Cheng family's galettes becomes this as she begins eating every galette she can find without care and even threatens to create a giant galette as big as the sun. Even turning into Ladybug causes Marinette to develop the same cravings. A NF made nasty because Fanon likes to portray Tikki as having a scary side, making this a nasty Cerebus Retcon Ascended Fanon.
  • Gabriel has now devolved into a full-on Misanthrope Supreme if The Stinger is anything to go by, declaring to his comatose wife that once he gets the Miraculous, he will use them to destroy the entire frickin' world for taking her away from him and create a new one where they can be together again!


  • Moolak's face is rather disturbing.
  • We get a first glimpse of what it looks like for someone to use the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculouses to make a wish. And it is terrifying. Only a bright red flash is shown from outside Marinette's room, and the Kwamis seeing it causes them to freak out. Sass explains to a confused Luka that this isn't no ordinary reality changing wish. Their entire world will be erased and rewritten like a sentence in a notepad so that Gabriel will get Emilie back. Imagine that you're an ordinary Parisian working through your day, wondering if there will be an Akuma, and a red flash appears in the sky. You don't know what's happening, this has never happened before, and suddenly, you get erased along with your loved ones. No wonder Sass had to use his unhindered powers to stop this.
    • The kwamis' reaction implies that this has happened before.
  • Once again, we get to see just how horrifying the relationship between Gabriel and Adrien really is. First, when Gabriel realizes his son is Cat Noir, he brings him to where he’s keeping his mother. He then infects him with an Akuma, and when Adrien tries to fight back, he is able to cow Adrien into submission by simply telling him to obey. This one simple word immediately destroys Adrien’s will to fight back, and he removes his ring, hands it to his father and is akumatized, dooming that timeline.
    • Plagg doesn’t get it easy either: As soon as Shadow Moth puts on the ring, he immediately tries to use Cataclysm on Shadow Moth, only to be stopped as Shadow Moth is his new master. Just for him and Adrien to be forced to obey Gabriel like they are just slaves to him is just horrifying.
    • Fridge Horror then really sets in when you think about what would had happened to the both of them if Sass hadn’t used Second Chance and Gabriel had succeeded with destroying and rewriting the universe. Would Adrien have taken Emilie’s place? Would he remember the old universe where he was forced to betray Marinette and help his father destroy everything?


"World: Shanghai - The Legend of Ladydragon"

  • Your teenaged great-niece is in town, and goes for a walk. Hours later, she isn't picking up calls or texts, and nobody has seen or heard from her. She is in a city she doesn't know, using a language barely anyone there speaks, and she could be lost, or worse. Even the news bulletins of Marinette's disappearance hit home for anyone who has had a child or sibling go missing for an extended duration.
  • From Marinette's POV, being stalked and followed by three guys on mopeds, in a city you don't know, with no map, translator or even friends to call on. And since she had already been robbed blind of all her material possessions...
  • A pawn shop owner extorting teenagers for different reasons. For Fei, he wants a lot of money to tell her who killed her adoptive father (he did it), while for Marinette, he asks for 100'000 Yuan (almost 13k Euros) to buy back her stolen earrings. And in case he doesn't get what he wants, he has enforcers willing to beat the customer into submission.
  • Yan Woshi pulls an Eviler Than Thou on Hawk Moth after the latter orders him not to attack Shanghai or else he will take his powers away from him. Woshi declares that he takes orders from no one and blasts Hawk Moth, straight-up disintegrating him instantly. Cat Noir later suffers the same fate while trying to get close enough to use Cataclysm (incidentally, the only reason Hawk Moth even cared about Woshi attacking Shanghai at all was that it could potentially put Adrien in danger). Fortunately, Miraculous Ladybug brings both of them back.

"World: New York – United Heroez"

  • While Ladybug and Cat Noir are stuck in New York, Mayura creates a sentimonster that rampages through Paris without any her around to stop it, making it look like a war zone.
    • What is even worse is that Mayura recalls the sentimonster before Ladybug has any chance to do her Lucky Charm. This means that the damages are permanent and cannot be magically fixed.
  • Cat Noir accidently uses Cataclysm on Uncanny Valley and kills her. While she is revived by Ladybug's Lucky Charm, he is still devastated by this incident, to the point he temporarily gives up his Miraculous.
  • Liiri's power of Liberation frees the heroes of New York from everything that keeps them from achieving their full potential. Unfortunately, we are talking about things like restraint and lenience. As a consequence, there is a whole team of superheroes rampaging through New York.
    • Even worse, Majestia is trying to move the moon to the earth.
    • Knightowl goes full Knight Templar, using explosives and brutal violence on people committing misdemeanors, such as blowing up a car that had been parked illegally, or getting ready to beat up someone with a late library book.
    • Just as bad, Victory, who's also the President of the United States, has full control over the nuclear football, a briefcase-shaped computer, that gives her control over a ridiculous array of hidden weaponry throughout the city, Liiri's affect on her leaving her screaming about her plans to oppress others. And then Miraclonizer steals it, revealing that the 'football' also controls friggin' NUKES.
    • Doorman ends up going into places he shouldn't be. The ice-based heroine starts skating around on icy slicks she creates, not cleaning them up afterwards. The plant-based hero starts growing plants everywhere. The weather controller starts making wild, dangerous storms. Considering what characters like the Flash are capable of, Manhattan should feel lucky that the worst their speeder wanted to do was just sit down and relax.
  • Hawk Moth threatens to fire a nuclear rocket which will end in an atomic war unless Ladybug and Cat Noir give him their Miraculouses. When they refuse, he goes through with his threat. If it wasn't for Majestia...
  • Hawk Moth learns about the lost Miraculouses and swears to find them.



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