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"So you want the Miraculouses, Hawk Moth? Then that's what you're going to get!"

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers will remain unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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  • Anytime Chloé gets some form of Laser-Guided Karma; especially if she contributes to creating the Villain of the Week. The trauma she experiences may not be permanent or long lasting, but it's still something.
  • In his own way, Hawk Moth is a rather impressive Corrupter. Using his empath skills, he puts more effort into caring about his Victim Of The Week's issues than any other villain. Mad at adults? Yep, he totally agrees. Lost your family heirloom? He can help. Think pigeons should rule the earth? Absolutely! Just as long as while you're doing it, you get those Miraculous for him. Yes, he's making deals with the corrupted side of his victim's hearts, but he GOES THROUGH on his end. There's never The Reveal like most Evil Is Petty villains where he makes fun of his target, or gives his victims a Deal with the Devil arrangement that doesn't actually point towards what they want. He actually sounds upset when an Akuma's urges overrule what he wants. "Hey, we had a deal!" More often than not the Akuma of the Week actually get what they want and keep it; or at least something else that fixes their situation.
    • And the unique and colorful designs and skills of each akumatized person is amazing as well.
  • Ladybug aka Marinette Dupain-Cheng is made of awesome, from being the first superheroine to have the World-Healing Wave ability that repairs the damage done by the akumatized villain. Especially her "Lucky Charm" weapon and how she uses it. First, she summons it — which gives her an random item that is key to taking down the Akuma of the Week. She then uses her magnificent analysis skills to look around the environment and see how to implement it.
  • Adrien's entire bedroom. It's every person's dream. Too bad it's not his own.
  • As they gain more experience, Marinette and Adrien start to act and move like their superhero selves even when they're not in costume. "Weredad", "Reflektdoll", and "Feast" (among others) show they they don't need their Miraculouses to tackle an obstacle course and evade an akuma's attacks until they can slip away to transform.
    • In a similar vein, Alya and Nino practice Le Parkour in their spare time. Not only are they in complete sync with each other, they can also perform acrobatics worthy of their superhero selves.
  • After studying the grimoire and coming to the (correct) conclusion that Ladybug sets her own limits, Alya provides Ladybug with the knowledge of how to create Magical Charms. After successfully creating the first Charm of its kind, Ladybug has, without fail, provided a Charm to every akuma victim she's defeated. This means that with every victory Ladybug is slowly but surely inoculating Parisians against Hawk Moth. As impressive as it is, what's even sweeter is witnessing Hawk Moth realize but not fully understand that something is preventing his power from working.
  • While it does veer into the territory of being pathetic, the fact that Hawk Moth clearly acknowledges Marinette/Ladybug, a fourteen year-old girl, as a Worthy Opponent speaks to her intelligence and bravery.

    Season 1 
Stormy Weather
  • The way Stormy Weather introduces herself to everyone in Paris:
    Stormy Weather: For all of you who voted for Mireille, I'd advise you to move indoors. It's going to get very blustery! [Beat] Oh wait... Too late.
  • With a Funny Moment, Stormy Weather putting Cat Noir in his place after snarking at her so much.
  • Ladybug cutting a hole through a falling bus with her Yo-Yo.
  • Alya keeping Manon calm and distracting her from their worsening situation by telling her stories, despite clearly being anxious herself.

The Bubbler

The Pharaoh

  • Pharaoh stopping Ladybug and Cat Noir easily during the first battle.
  • Alya not freaking out when she's held captive.
  • Alya thinks she will find out who Ladybug is with the textbook she found. While not looking, Marinette casually pockets it back, all without drawing attention to herself.
  • Ladybug pulling an I Surrender, Suckers on Pharaoh.

Lady Wifi

  • Lady Wifi has to be given credit here. Similarly to Marinette and Adrien when they become Ladybug and Cat Noir, she unleashes her side of Alya and proceeds to kick their asses with ease, all to find out who Ladybug really is. She really means business.
  • Lady Wifi attacks Ladybug and Cat Noir through phones she placed onto tables all around them. What does Ladybug do to prevent her from teleporting all the time? Smash all the phones.
  • Lady Wifi attempts to unmask Ladybug. However, as good as a reporter as she was, she never put into consideration that it was magically embedded onto her face. Unlike the transformation sequence for the costume from Static Shock, the Transformation Sequence of the Henshin Hero makes it impossible for her, and possibly even Cat Noir, to be unmasked.
  • Cat Noir throwing his staffs to distract Lady Wifi long enough to cut off her power.
  • Unlike when Ladybug first used her Lucky Charm early, she doesn't hide away to recharge. Instead of caring about how much longer she has, she risks all of her time to focus on saving Alya instead.


  • Ladybug giving Timebreaker a piece of her mind after [Berserk Button killing Cat Noir]].
    Hawk Moth: Timebreaker! Take Cat Noir's Ring before he disappears!
    Ladybug: Go ahead and try!
  • Credit goes to Timebreaker, being the first to even kill a hero!
  • When Hawk Moth sees the Future Timebreaker and a second Ladybug, he does not have a breakdown. Instead, he evens the odds by creating a second Timebreaker!
  • Future and Present Ladybugs vs Future and Present Timebreakers. Doesn't get any better than that. Except when you add Cat Noir to the mix!

Mr. Pigeon

The Evillustrator

  • Sabrina finally stands up to Chloé, refusing to be her slave after at least years of grade school to tenth grade. It's nearly a Heel–Face Turn for her, had it not been for a misunderstanding from Marinette to stop Nathaniel.
  • For most of the episode, instead of Nathaniel using his newfound power to go after Ladybug and Cat Noir, he goes after Chloé for humiliating him, but most importantly, for what she's done to everyone. His way of saying The Dog Bites Back tops it all off.
    Nathaniel/The Evillustrator: You like to walk all over other people, but you don't like it when others trample on you, do you, Chloé? Do you?!
  • The way the Evillustrator handles the heroes. Anything he draws outmatches them, even pulling off an Offhand Backhand on Cat Noir by forcing him to use his Cataclysm on a wall instead of destroying the lights to keep him in power.
  • Marinette as Ladybug and vice-versa shows just how much of a pain Chloé is to both her alter egos after being forced to take a Selfie with her, finding out she was, once again the reason for someone being akumatized, and getting everyone she takes advantage of to ditch her.
  • Ladybug bringing her Lucky Charm Bouncy Ball Up to Eleven by using it to take out the power source of the Evillustrator, even after he mocked her about it.


  • Chloé wants to do anything to take Marinette down. When she wrongly accuses her of stealing her bracelet, she orders Officer Roger (Sabrina's Father) to arrest her. It leads to first Tom defending his daughter, followed by Officer Roger refusing to arrest Marinette, followed by Chloé telling her dad, the Mayor, of all people, ordering him to do it. Officer Roger still refuses to arrest Marinette, and, keep in mind, that he's not backing down from two of the most powerful people in Paris. Yeah, this leads to him getting fired and turned evil, but it takes guts to stand up to people like these.
  • Usually, Marinette or Adrien are able to find out who the Monster of the Week is, but this time, Sabrina clearly can tell that her father has been Akumatized.
  • Like The Pharaoh, RogerCop easily dispatches Ladybug and Cat Noir during their first battle. He even made it clear that Chloé was not that much important to him by ignoring every plea she made. He only turned his attention to her when using her to make André give him charge of the police, and using them to try and capture Ladybug and Cat Noir.
    • Before that, Ladybug and Cat Noir follow him to his Flying Car, and you'd expect him to fall off while battling them, right? NO. He calmly stays in place and continues to take both heroes down effortlessly, and even manages to almost send them to their Disney Death.
  • This exchange, which, in light of "Origins", reflects a lot of development on Marinette's part.
    Chloé: I wonder how many croissants your dad would have to sell to buy you one of these [fancy bracelets]. What am I saying? He'd have to sell the whole store!
    Marinette: Well, if you're so rich, obviously you don't need free croissants. [walks away without giving her one]
  • Cat Noir faces all the police guarding the City Hall in order to provide a distraction for Ladybug...and wins!


  • Cat Noir using the knowledge that Ladybug doesn't love him to get her to realize that Théo (Copycat) is the impostor.
    • Prior to that, Théo gets one for tricking Cat Noir into using his Cataclysm Attack. Noir aims for the chains, but Théo comes out of nowhere and grabs his hand, wasting it on a plaque instead.
  • Théo is later Hoist by His Own Petard when he falls for the same trick… when Ladybug uses his Cataclysm to free Cat Noir.
  • The fight between Cat Noir and Copycat.

Dark Cupid

  • The look of Kim as Dark Cupid can count as somewhat badass.
  • Dark Cupid has Chloé cornered, ready to get his revenge. After hearing her It's All About Me Rant, his way of saying she's Not Worth Killing sums her up perfectly:
    Dark Cupid: I don't need to waste this arrow on you. Your heart is so dark and shriveled there's no room for love.
  • Cat Noir, under Dark Cupid's control, has Ladybug pinned down and is prepared to use his Cataclysm on her. Thomas Astruc said that this episode would break the Internet, and he came as good as his word. Ladybug pulls Cat Noir in, and, much to the rejoice of the fans, pulls off The Big Damn Kiss with Cat Noir.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment — Sabrina actually carrying Chloé bridal style into the hotel when Dark Cupid attacks. Okay, so Chloé probably doesn't weigh that much, but that still must have taken some strength and dedication!
  • Another blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but Ladybug snipes Dark Cupid's arrow with her compact yo-yo. Right out of the bow, but still.


  • The Big Damn Kiss between Ivan and Mylène near the end. Also counts as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Earlier, Horrificator captures Nathaniel and tries to scare Juleka, only for her to state how awesome Horrificator looks. She tries to scare Juleka again, but once again, it's a No-Sell. Even better is that she was the one to find the way to defeat her.
  • Ivan calling Chloé out for making Mylène cry.
    • Adrien's reaction as well: "Chloé, seriously?!" It doesn't seem like a lot, but it stands out as a rare case of Adrien being legitimately furious at his childhood friend's behaviour, rather than trying to tolerate it as best he can.


  • Marinette is surprisingly more cunning in this episode. First, she creates a diary with a failsafe for anyone who tries to steal it from her box, second, she steps up to run for Class Rep when no one else is, and finally, wins everyone over not because Chloé failed to make her drop out of the race, but because she wants to win fair. This speech explains just how good she is to everyone:
    Marinette: I just wanna be voted in fairly, not because you don't wanna vote for Chloé, but because you believe in me! I'm not gonna make promises that I can't keep, and I'm not gonna be able to get you everything that you want. But I am resourceful and I know how to prioritize. I'm a good listener and a great multitasker. Representing you all is something I truly believe in. And most importantly, I believe in myself.
  • The times Cat Noir and Darkblade clash with each other. By the third time Darkblade tries to trick Cat Noir, he's already gotten wise to it and decides to attack him head-on without falling for the same trick again.
  • The utter embarrassment of Chloé's Blackmail Backfire.

The Mime

  • Probably the best moment of the first half of Season 1: The Mime stops the Eiffel Tower from falling with his bare hands.
  • Not to mention, the entire reason the Eiffel Tower was falling over in the first place was because The Mime chopped it in half with a mimed sword. The Mime is easily one of the more powerful villains in the show, since anything he mimes becomes real. Anything.

Kung Food

  • Mayor Bourgeois, Alec, Marlena and Jagged Stone put up decent fights with Ladybug and Cat Noir when they're Brainwashed and Crazy.
    • Although Mayor Bourgeois and Jagged Stone proved to be worthy adversaries for the heroes, it was Alec and Marlena that gave them the hardest time, using archery and assorted cheeses, even the rotten ones, to nearly overpower them.
  • Kung Food himself is not so bad. His weapons consist of sushi and spices, but his biggest weapon, though not seen to be used as much, had to be his pizza sword that would make Cloud Strife and Zack Fair proud.
  • The entirety of the Bruce Lee and ninja homages in the episode.
  • Adrien, who has volunteered to be a translator for Cheng, does not put up with Chloé disrespecting Cheng or his dish. Near the end of the episode, after having just about enough of Chloé, he tells her off, not caring for what she does unlike in the previous episodes.

The Gamer

  • Marinette subverts expectations by engaging in a Curb-Stomp Battle against Max, and revealing in flashbacks that she would play games with her dad.
  • Meta-wise, Miraculous Ladybug showing their main female protagonist as a skilled gamer, with having Adrien and Max acknowledge it.
    • And they do it without the standard Anvilicious You Go, Girl! subplot where every male character is given the Jerkass Ball and turned into a sexist despite not being one before, just so they can be taught a lesson.
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir getting their own mecha to take down The Gamer.
  • The ending picture shows that, unsurprisingly, Marinette and Max won the tournament.


  • The way Animan escapes from being trapped inside of a bus: since Ladybug and Cat Noir only saw him use the forms of a panther, a hawk, a ladybug, and a bear, he transforms into a T-Rex! From the reactions to the heroes and some of the audience, no one was expecting that.
  • Ladybug jumps into a T-Rex's mouth! That is all. Haha-no. That's the Nightmare Fuel part. The Awesome part is where she then locks its jaw open with a car jack.


  • This episode was a big The Dog Bites Back moment for Chloé. After having enough of her for about sixteen episodes, Sabrina becomes The Invisible One after Chloé calls her invisible and makes her life a living hell. Sabrina even came this close to getting the Miraculouses, by simply pickpocketing Ladybug's earrings while invisible.
  • Meta-Wise, the fact that two different akumatized villains have been made in the same episode is a new score for the writers.
  • Tikki's big You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech to Marinette when recharging on energy while watching as Chloé/Antibug puts Cat Noir's life in danger. Marinette accepts it, and then proceeds to rescue Cat Noir while untransformed... cutting real close to revealing her true identity in the process.
  • The battle between Ladybug and Antibug. Battles between Spider-Man and Venom, Ryuki and Ryuga/Dragon Knight and Onyx may match up to this, but you have to admit that the way they battle is impressive. Even Cat Noir just stands back as the two battle, waiting to help Ladybug out if Antibug got the upper hand.
  • Lucky Charm vs Anti-Charm. And it shows why Antibug was a "cheap copy" of the original Ladybug since Lucky Charm was a bag of marbles and Anti-Charm was a BFS. Antibug loses the Anti-Charm in a matter of minutes, thanks to Cat, while Ladybug with Cat's help weaponizes the marbles to make Antibug slip and give her an opportunity to swipe her akuma.

The Puppeteer

  • After Hawk Moth gives his deal to Manon, Manon already knows about them, and she gives Ladybug and Cat Noir a hell of a hard time.
    • Credit to Manon in general for being the youngest one to become a villain, as well as one of the most competent.
  • Manon through Lady WiFi pausing Ladybug and nearly stealing her Miraculous. Small wonder that Hawk Moth praises her for being a "smart little girl".
  • Hell, pretty much what the Puppeteer does: she brings back former villains and pins them against Ladybug and Cat Noir. She even manages to get Cat Noir onto her side, and for the first time, Ladybug finds herself hunted and outnumbered.
  • The throw Ladybug does with the Ladybug doll, all the way from the KIDS+ Studio towards the Eiffel Tower. If you look closely, it looks like she broke the sound barrier.
  • Ladybug finds herself cornered, and her Lucky Charm is a power cord. What does she do to turn the battle in her favor? Use the power cord as a second yo-yo and dual-wield against Lady WiFi, Cat Noir, Rogercop and the Evillustrator! She manages to turn everyone against one another, first by getting Rogerop to restrain the Evillustrator, giving her what she needs to throw them into Lady WiFi. And just before The Puppeteer can take control of Ladybug, she uses Lady WiFi's runes to freeze her, incapacitating everyone. The way she casually walks by while whistling the theme song and destroys the Akuma is the icing on the cake.
    • The icing on the cake is Papillon's reaction to the defeat: not the usual pun, but sheer disbelieving rage at what just happened. And it looks like he remained stunned in shock for a while before that...
  • Marinette resisting Manon's Puppy-Dog Eyes at the end, after falling for them at the beginning of the episode.


  • The photographer gets points for shutting down Chloé's attempt at to force him to put her in the same row as Adrien, not even caring what she has to say after she states that her father isn't a photographer aside from remarking he could use an assistant. He then tells her to get into position or he'll make her sit in the front row where she claimed only "babies" should sit.
  • Cat Noir deserves some credit for continuing to fight even after he'd been hit by Reflekta's conversion powers. He's without any of his powers, and in heels that he can barely walk in, and he still proves to be just as useful to Ladybug in helping her defeat Reflekta.
  • Points have to be given to André. He is backed away at gunpoint and is listening to Ladybug's Rousing Speech, as well as defying Reflekta, shows he might have come a long way from being the overconfident and abusive-powered mayor he was before. He continues to defy her even after being transformed.
  • Reflekta already knew Ladybug's plan to swipe her akuma. She sends in André as a decoy, acting just like any villain would, and when their guards are down, she prepares to Curb-Stomp Ladybug and the already-transformed Cat Noir. The one thing she wasn't counting on, however, was that she already transformed Cat Noir, he takes a shot meant for Ladybug and doesn't get affected, not at all.
  • Meta-wise it's a CMOA for the animation team. Because, despite the fact that a good portion of the episode has the majority of the cast looking identical, you can still tell who certain characters are through body language. Cat Noir in particular is easy to pick out of the crowd.

Guitar Villain

  • Ladybug taming a transformed Fang and going How to Train Your Dragon all over Guitar Villain.
  • The following chain of events at the end of the episode: Jagged Stone dumping his hard assed producer, ranking #1 in sales, and Marinette getting public recognition for her album cover design.


  • Jagged Stone making a Heroic Sacrifice, offering himself to Pixelator before the latter can pixelate Ladybug. He then stalls for time in choosing the perfect pose, which allows Ladybug to weaponize her Lucky Charm and Cat to use his Cataclysm to free himself from the Prison Dimension.
  • Marinette making the glasses that Jagged Stone wants since they aren't available anywhere. This marks the beginning of their comradeship.
  • Cat Noir using his cataclysm to escape. Apparently, we can now add pocket dimensions to the list of things it can destroy.

Princess Fragrance

  • Miss Mendeliev's way to convince the students that playing with perfumes in the science lab is dangerous: she demonstrates.
  • After being out of the action for most of the episode, Ladybug appears prepared to take on Princess Fragrance. She has a clothespin on her nose to prevent herself from being put under her control, takes down her mind-controlled minions easily, uses fireworks to get rid of her mind-controlling perfume, and is able to put her balloon Lucky Charm to quick use.
  • Credit to Marinette before. While she is unable to transform into Ladybug, she puts up a decent fight against Princess Fragrance, preventing her from getting to Prince Ali as much as she can.

Simon Says

  • Nino making the mayor dance a little with his DJ skills.
  • Also Nino, worried about Adrien, refusing to leave the TV studio despite the akuma threat until they find Adrien. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Cat Noir, fed up with his father for being stubborn about his safety, jumps into his house after transforming from his civilian identity and orders Gabriel to implement the security system. When Gabriel asks Cat how he knew about it, Cat claims logically a mansion of that size would have such a system.
  • Cat calling out Gabriel for being stubborn about his safety. Given his Oh, Crap! expression right after, it's one of the few times he's told off his father, and the only time he gets away with it since Gabriel doesn't know his son's double life.
  • Also Cat subverting Always Save the Girl when his father gets hypnotized to jump off the roof, despite being terrified, to help Ladybug. He's not happy about it, but he knows in case of The Needs of the Many that purifying the akuma matters more and will save his father.
  • Ladybug manages to defeat the Villain of the Week even though her magic yo-yo is out of commission, having been nullified by the akuma's ability earlier, by using a regular yo-yo conjured by her Lucky Charm.


  • While it counts as a What the Hell, Hero? Moment and Nightmare Fuel, Ladybug exposing Lila for her lies counts.
  • At the same time, Adrien giving Ladybug a What the Hell, Hero? moment for her way of revealing Lila as a liar. Why? Because this short moment shows that while Adrien may be crazy in love with Ladybug, he's not afraid to call her out on things he finds wrong.
  • Illusion Volpina stopping a meteor, though fake, from hitting Paris and throwing it back into the sky.
  • Ladybug's Spotting the Thread moment when she realizes that Volpina's powers are all fake. Her "The Reason You Suck" Speech sells it when she shakes Volpina up.
    Ladybug: The meteor, the building, they were all fake! Illusions, lies! that is your power! Fits for a liar just like yourself!
  • Volpina is herself a formidable villain, coming close to get Ladybug to surrender twice with nothing more than illusions, and failing only due bad luck (the first time, when her illusion was accidentally dispelled by a passing pidgeon) or something she could have not known about beforehand (the illusion had her take Adrien Agreste as hostage, something Cat Noir obviously saw through).
    • Subtle, but when Ladybug summoned the Lucky Charm she got a chocolate bar... And, differently from most other Akumatized villains, Volpina did not dismiss it as useless, but tried herself to figure out how it could be weaponized. Just her luck that Ladybug was faster at figuring it out...

Ladybug and Cat Noir (Origin Part 1)

  • Alya establishes herself quickly when she stands up for Marinette against Chloé despite being a new girl at school.
  • While she messed up the clean-up, Ladybug's defeat of Stone Heart. It was her first outing, she was scared and confused, and still found a way to use the Lucky Charm and deal with the Akumatized villain-and one they couldn't hit or they'd make him bigger to boot.

Stone Heart (Origin Part 2)

  • After being mocked by Chloé, Ivan is almost ready to be re-akumatized, something Hawk Moth is waiting with gusto... Cue Marinette being herself, and the villain (temporarily) foiled shouting in rage as he has no idea what did just happen.
  • Hawk Moth introduces himself via a Huge Holographic Head made of butterflies, demanding Ladybug and Cat Noir turn over their Miraculous.
    • Also serving as an Establishing Character Moment in-universe towards the citizens of Paris, Ladybug responds to this with a great Rousing Speech followed by her catching and de-evilizing all of the corrupted butterflies at once.
    Ladybug: Nice try, Hawk Moth, but we know who the bad guy is. Let's not reverse the roles here. Without you, none of these innocent victims would be transformed into villains. Hawk Moth, no matter how long it takes, we will find you, and you will hand us your Miraculous!
  • Ladybug's new defeat of Stone Heart-and this time she doesn't mess the clean-up.
  • Marinette standing up to Chloé and taking back her seat.
    Chloé: Uh, you're in the wrong seat. Go on, get lost!
    Marinette: All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing.
    Chloé: What is that supposed to mean?
    Marinette: It means that I'm not putting up with your crud anymore, Chloé, and neither is anyone else around here! So take your attitude and go on, get lost!

    Season 2 
The Collector

Despair Bear

  • Thanks to Chloé deliberately causing a fire alarm and then refusing to take responsibility for it, the whole class is punished and forced to clean up the gym rather than have baking lessons with Marinette's dad. She claims that they were happy enough to get dirty making cookies, and they should be thanking her. Disgusted by Chloé's behaviour, Adrien flatly tells her that unless she can start attempting to be nice to people, they can't be friends, leaving Chloé dumbstruck.
  • When Cat Noir is (once again) controlled by the villain, he gets into a fight with Ladybug and activates his Cataclysm. Chloé rushes into the fray with no regard for her safety and pulls him away by the tail just in time, most certainly saving Ladybug's life, and later on, she assists Ladybug with capturing the Akuma. It bodes well for her future as the Bee Miraculous holder.

Prime Queen

  • Ladybug politely asserting herself during the interview- it's one of the few times she's been able to deal with her hurt feelings without going too far.
  • Ladybug invoking the Wrestler in All of Us to dominate Prime Queen with an armbar hold.

La Befana

  • When Befana shows up at Marinette's surprise party and tries to attack her, the other kids fight back. Special mention goes to Alya and Kim, both of whom try to attack Befana directly. The others actually manage to restrain Befana's fairies (including Rose) briefly. The classmates are now officially Badass Bystanders. Also special mention to Juleka who delivers this line:
    Juleka: Marinette is awesome so don't touch her.
  • Befana making Hawk Moth say "please" when he demands she get the Miraculouses. Given how he demanding and haughty he is, as both Hawk Moth and Gabriel Agreste, it is an impressive feat on her part.


  • Kagami and Adrien's initial fencing match is just breathtaking. Especially when Kagami asks to disconnect the machine.
    • Adrien's excellent fencing skills are one for him, period. At the end of the episode, Ladybug even tells Adrien that Cat Noir is a better fencer than her- a rare and powerful compliment, considering how often Ladybug has been forced to fight a Brainwashed and Crazy Cat, and has won every time.
  • Despite Adrien's Game-Breaking Injury, he still manages to help Ladybug by giving her Kagami's sword and later by pushing her away from one of Riposte's attacks that would have killed her.
    • Due to the above injury, Cat Noir can't help Ladybug through most of the episode, so she has to battle an akumatized Master Swordsman all by her own, doing a great job.
  • So, Paris has actually started to learn what to do what happens when an akuma shows up, with the akuma alert thing now. Shows they know what they are doing.



Dark Owl

  • A villainous one for Dark Owl. He takes two Cataclysms and two Lucky Charms to bring down, and he still almost gets Ladybug's earrings.


  • We finally get to see Rena Rouge in action! And it's amazing: she uses her illusion flute to create an illusion of an amusement park to distract the Sapotis that takes up the entire skyline, something instrumental to the success of Ladybug's plan.


  • Gabriel comes dangerously close to discovering that Adrien and Cat Noir are nearly one and the same. It only fails due to Adrien's quick thinking and his own morality.
    • The fact that Adrien trusts Ladybug enough to throw himself off the top of a skyscraper because she asked, trusting that she'll save him without him having to reveal his identity. He doesn't even show a flicker of fear during the freefall.
  • Marinette and Adrien use a lot of genius to avoid the mob.
  • In a shocking display of confidence, Wayhem and the rest of Adrien's mob attack Gorzilla when the villain kidnaps him.
  • As Wayhem gets captured by Gorzilla, he blasts Adrien's cologne in Gorzilla's nose, rendering the villain unable to use his smelling abilities.
  • Adrien uses Wayhem's similarities to trick everyone in believing that Wayhem is him, leading him to spring Ladybug's trap in the train station.

Captain Hardrock

  • Luka hiding Marinette and tricking Captain Hardrock that she escaped through the porthole.
  • The fact that Officer Roger, in spite of getting utterly destroyed every time he tries, keeps on attempting to arrest the supervillian. This could even count as a Heroic Bystander move, since he ends up distracting her at a vital point. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Cat Noir turns the Liberty into rust particles. Not quite as impressive as destroying a pocket dimension, but if his classmates' looks of astonishment are anything to go by, they hadn't realized that his power of destruction is on par with Ladybug's World-Healing Wave.


  • The entire class rightfully reprimands Chloé for sabotaging Marinette's gift for Miss Bustier, especially when Alix points out that at least half of the town's akumatizations were her fault!
  • Caline not only sacrifices herself to save Marinette from an akuma, she physically fights off the akuma (something we haven't seen since Aurore in the first episode) which tragically leads to her akumatization. Even when the akuma infects her, she does something no akuma victim has ever done before: she attempts to talk back to Hawk Moth! Even though it doesn't work, Caline's refusal to do evil is truly noble.
  • Chloé proving once again she's capable of change and being a better person by sacrificing herself to allow Ladybug to beat Zombizou:
    Chloé: Save us all, Ladybug.
  • Rose managing to pick up and carry Chloé to safety in her arms. Note that she's smaller than Sabrina, whom we've seen carry Chloé seemingly without effort before in "Dark Cupid".
  • Kim, Max and Alix unhesitatingly using their own bodies as barriers to keep the zombies back.


  • After months and months of waiting, ever since it was revealed that Ladybug and Cat Noir would be getting new powers, fans finally got what they wanted to see when Fu gave the two potions to access their aquatic abilities. On top of that, the aquatic abilities were only one potion; there are seven new potions! Seven new powers! Seven new transformations!
    • Hawk Moth becomes cocky and arrogant when Ladybug attempts to fight Syren and mocks her stating that each new environment has new rules and she can't breathe underwater. Her triumphant return with her aquatic abilities which allow her defeat Syren wipe the smile of Hawk Moth's face.
    • Not only that, the New York sneak peek that revealed the new power ups, including aqua powers and ice powers, only revealed five power ups whereas Fu makes seven potions meaning even though some of the surprise was spoiled there's still something in store that will shock fans.


  • Chloé's actually a terrific dancer as Ladybug, stunning everyone at the audition. It seems all that cosplaying paid off.
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir's coordinated battle dancing.


  • After Bob and his film crew go back to broadcasting, Tom and Sabine tell them to stop the broadcast as they invaded their daughter Marinette's privacy, while Bob is being a Jerkass as usual. After Troublemaker starts to play pranks on them, Sabine grabs a peel and twirls it like a Kiai before thrusting it at Bob, demanding an apology. Then, Troublemaker hits Bob in the back with a guitar and frames it on Tom. When Bob accuses him, Tom drops his nice exterior before stating he's fed up with him on live television. That's right, Tom and Sabine stood up to Bob Roth.
Tom: I could pretend that this isn't bothering me, but now you've gone too far, mister!
  • A villainous moment of awesome for Troublemaker, who manages to take off one of Ladybug's earrings briefly.
  • Ladybug's Wounded Gazelle Gambit to trick Troublemaker into dropping her pen, allowing Cat to break it.


  • Nathaniel, Shrinking Violet that he is, has at least some of his drawings on the school's website. Clearly, someone recognized that Nathaniel has talent, which is further cemented when Marc starts fanboying over his sketches.
  • Reverser tries to hit Ladybug with one of his paper airplanes, but she keeps dodging his attacks. His solution? Target a civilian, knowing that Ladybug will save him and leave herself open to being hit.
  • Due to Reverser's attack, Cat is too terrified to take him on directly. Ladybug's solution? Tie him to a kite and have Alix fly him. And it works!
  • Reverser successfully hits both Ladybug and Cat with his powers, rendering both of them unable to fight him directly. If not for Reverser falling victim to a bad case of Revenge Before Reason, demanding to exact revenge on Marinette and Nathaniel before taking the duo's Miraculouses, which gave Ladybug enough time to find someone to help them and come up with a plan, Hawk Moth would have won, full stop.
  • Nathaniel and Marc producing a comic book together at the end.
    • Furthermore, they say it's their first issue, hinting at plans to continue.
  • A meta example: Zag colorist Féri Gonzàles confirmed on the Mexican MLB Twitter account that Marc and Nathaniel became an LGTBQ+ couple, making Miraculous Ladybug join other LGBT-progressive kid shows.
    • Even better: Thomas Astruc based Marc on Hope Morphin, a genderfluid and bisexual friend of his. Needless to say, Morphin was touched by the move.


  • Nora knocked her opponent out in the first round. It seems that this how all her fights end.
  • If Nora wasn't distracted by Marinette she would won have won the arm-wrestling without even trying.
  • The titular villain has captured Alya and placed her in a web. How far is Nino willing to go to get her back? He grabs Cat Noir's Staff, fights Anansi himself and even lands one good hit. Not bad for someone who will become Master Fu's successor.
  • The episode debuts Nino as Carapace.
    • Special mention goes to his transformation sequence which includes Nino break dancing and spinning on his back as the transformation generates his shield underneath him. All this whilst set to a pretty sick beat.
    • And Master Fu deserves huge credit for letting Ladybug give Nino the Turtle Bracelet instead of refusing to give up his Miraculous and either A) telling Marinette to pick another or B) insisting on going into the field himself.
  • Anansi is too strong to be beaten by conventional means so Ladybug has to trick her into destroying the Arc de Triomphe which then falls on her. Even then she resurfaces immediately and would have continued the fight if Cat Noir hadn't destroyed her helmet.


  • Hawk Moth almost overpowering and enslaving the kwamis through sheer force of will alone.
  • Ladybug gets de-powered by the nightmare sand but still manages to figure out how to defeat Sandboy and nightmare Ladybug using her wits. The best part? Even though her own Lucky Charm was interrupted and failed to manifest, she manages to use nightmare Ladybug's Lucky Charm to gain victory.

Style Queen

  • Nathalie putting Audrey Bourgeois in her place and even snarking at her when she is trying to fire her.
  • Plagg flying into action to protect Ladybug while Cat Noir is unable to appear.
  • Plagg uses Cataclysm to defend Ladybug against Style Queen. Every time we've seen Cat use it, he's disintegrated one object (except that time he destroyed a pocket dimension). Plagg's use devastates half of Paris. It's implied that Plagg was holding back.
  • Minor. But Chloé’s efforts to prevent Style Queen defeating Ladybug deserve some appreciation, especially when she informs Ladybug where Style Queen’s akumatized object is.

Queen Wasp

  • Sure her debut as Queen Bee is a total disaster which resulted in her second akumatization, but it seems Chloé is starting to learn how to be a hero.
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir performing a classic superheroic act; Trainstopping.
  • Marinette managing to get Chloé and her mother back together... by saying exactly what everyone thinks about them both.


  • When Chloé begins smack talking Marinette in front of Ladybug, who unbeknownst to her is Marinette, you can see Ladybug manage to overcome her urge to throttle her and hold her temper.
  • Chloé's massive Character Development and return as Queen Bee. Marinette/Ladybug putting her trust in her and getting Chloé to confide in her. She then gives her recruitment speech to her like Alya and Nino. And what Chloé says before she transforms.
    Chloé: I won't disappoint you this time Ladybug!
  • Ladybug and Queen Bee's fight with Malediktator qualifies as this. Ladybug disregards a BFG Lucky Charm instead utilising the laser pointer to make the brainwashed Cat Noir take out the guards protecting Malediktator whilst Queen Bee uses Venom to freeze Malediktator in place before freeing the akuma. The entire fight is set to some pretty hardcore music.


  • Kagami and Luka are terrific figure skaters. Luka gets special mention for being able to effortlessly lift Marinette and hold her above his head before bringing her back down just as effortlessly.
  • A villainous one with Frozer, who freezes all of Paris. The ice spreads so fast that the heroes are seen actively fleeing it in the early stages just to have enough space to transform before it gets them and once it's done the only people in the whole city not stuck in a block of ice are the heroes and Hawk Moth.


  • Marinette calling to Juleka to let go of her fear to prevent her being akumatized inspires everyone to remain calm and significantly lowers the number of people who become victims to the akumas.
  • The episode ends with all of the heroes, Rena Rouge, Carapace and Queen Bee, together to fight off the akuma army.
    Marinette: So you want the Miraculouses, Hawk Moth? Then that's what you're going to get!
  • Several villainous examples:
    • The Butterfly Miraculous is capable of granting effectively any superpower to anyone and Hawk Moth has the ingenious idea to create a villain specifically centred around enhancing his own power.
    • Lila's impressive combination of lies, going on without getting caught since we last saw her:
      • Her absence from the series? She's become a shut-in and convinced the whole class she's on a world tour with her parents. In the episode we see her claiming she's at Prince Ali's doing charity, with even Chloé being in awe. The only ones who don't believe her are Adrien and Marinette... And when the latter tries to call her out, she not only deflects it, but has Alya convinced that Marinette is biased due to Lila's past attempt at seducing Adrien.
        Lila: It’s absolutely amazing! Prince Ali invited me and my parents to his gorgeous palace.
        Marinette: Excuse me, Lila, but Prince Ali couldn’t possibly have invited you because he is in the United States.
        Lila: I never said he was actually there, Marinette. I just said he invited us, that’s all. His parents organized the visit.
      • Lila cannot resist teasing the seething Marinette a little bit.
        Lila: Today I’ll be meeting up with Prince Ali to show him an idea I came up with. Marinette? Prince Ali is coming back to Achu today, isn’t he?
        Marinette: Yeah, that’s right.
      • Lila has not only researched Prince Ali and his traveling plans, she even has considered the time difference and simulates a sunset.
      • Right after the video call to the class, her mother enters her room... And we see she's convinced that Lila is dating Adrien, with the video call being from him because he's lovesick, and that the school has been closed for months due too many Akumatizations. We then have a phone call from Mr. Damocles... And she still gets away with her lies.
      • The devastating return of Volpina: with a single illusion she turns all of Paris against Ladybug by making it seem she was akumatized and murdered Cat Noir with his own Cataclysm.
  • By blowing softly, Plagg is able to cause an entire stone road to collapse, saving Adrien from Gorizilla's grip.
  • Nora Césaire protects her little sisters from the swarm of akumas, with her own lack of fear preventing her from turning back into Anansi.
    Nora: Fear? Little sister, fear is afraid of me!
  • One for Chloé. When an army of Akuma appears, Chloé is the only one to not give in to fear, and just confidently walks back to her mansion to wait for the heroes to recruit her without getting akumatized! Was it from overconfidence? Probably, but it was still awesome.


  • The heroes manage to take down several of the akuma baddies (including the Pharaoh, Riposte, and Rogercop) fairly quickly.
  • Rena Rouge showing some resistance when she took the arrow Dark Cupid was aiming for Carapace. Sure she succumbed a few seconds later, but it's still heroic of her to do something like this.
  • Hawk Moth's planning continues to be excellent: he dispatches Dark Cupid to attack the newly deakumatized civilians, with his Hate Plague abilities allowing Hawk Moth to instantly reakumatize them.
  • Another villainous moment for Hawk Moth: he manages to akumatize the entire team except Ladybug and Cat Noir. And he's even thought up numerous contingency plans: he has Syren waiting in the sewers, and Frozer to cut off their escape.
    • However, in their spectacular act of heroism, Ladybug and Cat Noir are able to swiftly thwart the Big Bad's plan by purifying and rescuing Ondine and Otis, leaping out of the water before Frozer can fully freeze their way out, and Ladybug caps it all off by communicating to the civilians via Prime Queen's camera drone that the superheroes are back, giving hope to the Parisians.
  • Nora leading an army of civilians against the akuma army. Among those citizens include Tom, Sabine, Gina, Anarka Couffaine, Marlena Césaire, Luka and even Marc and Manon Chamack, who are willing to charge into battle and risk their lives to help the heroes.
    • The ways that the civilians fight the superpowered villains are awesome as well. They grab the akumatized Miraculous holders (Rena Rage, Shell Shock and Queen Wasp) and take them out of the fight, honk a car's horn to distract Gigantitan and tripping up Stoneheart, Gorizilla and Horrificator.
  • The heroes trick Gamer and Glaciator into a Mutual Kill.
  • The scene where Kim/Dark Cupid gets purified and rescued by Ladybug and Cat Noir also counts. Judging by Hawk Moth's angry reaction, the heroes made a big hole through his plan by preventing him from akumatizing more villains. Afterwards Ladybug and Cat Noir fight Hawk Moth in person, complete with the latter being able to hold his own using his cane.
  • Even though he lost his cane by Cat Noir's Cataclysm, Hawk Moth is able to take down Ladybug and Cat Noir through hand-to-hand combat.
    Hawk Moth: You're never going to win. Not today, or any other day. You're still so green, young superheroes. You can't even stay transformed after you've used your powers.
  • We finally see Mayura, aka Nathalie, in action, and she proves herself magnificently, creating a large buglike creature who is able to blow the entire team away merely by flapping its wings.
  • While it's smaller than all of the above moments, Marinette manages to find the courage to kiss Adrien on the cheek before he leaves. Looks like Kagami's advice stuck with her.

    Season 3 
  • Lila continues to captivate the class with her lies while thwarting Marinette's attempts to expose her.
    Marinette: You have a hearing problem, Lila?
    Lila: Yes, I suffer from tinnitus, a constant ringing in my left ear. I'd had it ever since the sound of an airplane engine burst my eardrum on the runway when I was saving Jagged Stone's lost kitten.
    Marinette: Isn't Jagged Stone's pet a crocodile?
    Lila: Now it is, yes. But he had a kitten until he found out he was allergic to it.
  • Marinette manages to use her Heroic Resolve to drive off an akuma before it can possess her. Too bad it goes to Lila right after...
    Tikki: You can resist it, Marinette. Hawk Moth's power only effects people who think there's no solution to their problems, and you always find a solution.
    Marinette: You're right! You won't get me! I'm proud, I'm confident, I'm Marinette!
  • Once again Lila (aka Chameleon) comes dangerously close to victory through taking Ladybug by surprise and is only thwarted by Cat Noirs sacrifice. Even then she still gives her a very hard time and had her all but defeated until the last moment.
    • One quite easy to miss: she overpowers Ladybug while transformed in Cat Noir, so one would expect Karate moves... But she instead uses a mix of Boxing hooks, a reverse crescent kick (that one indeed from Karate), and a wrestling tackle, it was all Lila.
  • The title villain assumes the forms of others by kissing them. Ladybug defeats her by tricking her into using her power on a clam, which doesn't have lips. Or anything else that would make it a threat.
  • Lila tries to intimidate Marinette at the end of the episode, vowing to steal Adrien away and turn all her friends against her. Character Development, however, means that Marienette isn't so easily bullied, and casually brushes off the threat before daring Lila to Bring It.


  • When Chloé is trying to intimidate Kagami her retort is amazing and makes Chloé back off:
    Kagami: Don't ever touch me again. Don't ever speak to me again. Don't ever look at me again.
  • The use of 2D animation from the villain mixed with the show's 3D animation.


  • Marinette’s brilliant plan to stop the titular villain: set up Cat Noir’s movements so that when he gets struck by Backwarder’s powers and begins moving backward through time, he’ll end up in the perfect place to trip up Backwarder and Cataclysm her brooch, releasing the akuma.
    • Word of God has said that this plan was the most complicated use of a Lucky Charm in the series so far.


  • Hawk Moth and Mayura combine their powers to create a supervillain and a sentimonster under her control.
  • Despite having initially some troubles with their powers, Lady Noir and Mister Bug learn fast and do surprisingly well against Reflekdoll.


  • Marinette manages to get through a dangerous obstacle course in order to to deakumatize her father. Without transforming.
  • Despite getting beaten up viciously Cat Noir refuses to give up and fights on.


  • Ladybug tricking Silencer into activating her Lucky Charm for her by painting a lamp in her signature colors and making it seem like she managed to activate it anyways.
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir tricking Bob Roth into confessing that he plagiarized Kitty Section on live television.


  • After two seasons of Karma Houdini, Lila finally gets some glorious comeuppance for her lying, three times over:
    • First, her invasion of the Agreste Mansion angers Gabriel enough to smugly hope he can akumatize someone and force her to back off. While he’s not above using her against Ladybug, he won’t let her or her influence go near his son. Which leads to...
    • Kagami’s akumatization. Lila, in petty jealousy, sends out a selfie of her kissing Adrien on the cheek. In addition to alerting Gabriel, the message goes to Kagami, the worst person Lila could ever anger. Oni-Chan terrorizes the girl relentlessly and gives her a Pinocchio Nose horn that exposes her lying to several people, taking Lila down a peg.
    • Finally the normally kind and sympathetic Adrien, is thoroughly fed up with Lila. After seeing her get his guardians in trouble, breaking his friend’s heart, and faking an injury to force Cat Noir away from Oni-Chan and leave Ladybug at the villain’s mercy, he realizes she won’t change for anything. As Cat Noir, he saves Ladybug by convincing the fireman to have Oni-Chan teleported to their location, despite the liar begging him not to, and later snarks “She lies as much as she breathes”. As Adrien, he pushes off all of her excuses and tells her that he wants nothing to do with her if she’s alright with hurting his loved ones with no remorse or willingness to change.
    • Subverted in the end when she impressed Gabriel Agreste so much that he makes an alliance with her.
  • Combined with Tear Jerker, Kagami slices a tree cleanly with her wooden sword after seeing a picture of Lila kissing Adrien on the cheek. Granted, only the aftermath is viewed, but it probably might've been for the best that Kagami's furious venting wasn't witnessed.
  • Oni-Chan is the first villain who manages to steal Ladybugs Lucky Charm and use it against her. But Ladybug and Cat manage to use this misfortune to secure victory by manipulating Oni-Chan's powers to swap places with the helpless Ladybug.
  • Lila manages to get access to the Agreste mansion through her lies. Later she convinces Oni-Chan to leave her be and go after Ladybug instead. Note that Oni-Chan was akumatized primarily to kill Lila, as Gabriel felt she was a bad influence on Adrien and wanted her gone. He barely even cared about the Miraculouses this time and really only mentioned them in his akumatization speech because the heroes were going to inevitably show up anyway. She even successfully separates Cat Noir from Ladybug so she has to fight Oni-Chan on her own and gets overwhelmed. There are good reasons why Hawk Moth's opinion of her does a complete 180 during the episode.


  • Lila manages to manipulate Chloé effortlessly and makes her perfom a ridiculous dance. When an angry Chloé confronts her she easily convinces her that everything she said was true.
  • Chloé is the first person who manages to resist an Akuma successfully.
  • Apparently Alya and Nino's time as superheroes has really paid off as they are seen doing some impressive free running while out of costume and carrying ice creams from André's.
  • Cat Noir is hit by a Cataclysm and gets his ribs broken. He still manages to bear up a good fight against Miraculer, and although he gets hit with another Cataclysm, he still manages to hold out for a few minutes against Mayura.
  • Ladybug (with the help of Rena Rouge) tricks Miraculer into giving her her powers back by pretending to be Chloé.
  • Chloé manages to fight off Mayura and almost gets her Miraculous.


  • Amnesiac and unable to use her upon her Ladybug powers because of it, Marinette still manages to jury-rig decent distractions so she and Adrien can escape from Oblivio.
  • With Plagg AWOL, Adrien can only watch as Ladybug fights Oblivio on her own. What does he do? He fashions a Cheap Costume and weapon from some cardboard boxes so he can take part without revealing his identity. It doesn't work because Oblivio is Made of Air except their hands, but if it weren't for that, Adrien would have scored a hit.


  • When Desperada appears, Kagami immediately shields Adrien. She even tries to attack her with a microphone pole.
  • Rose taking a "bullet" for Juleka.
  • Desperada has a guitar battleaxe, a sniper trumpet and two small trumpet guns and is an incredible shooter who manages to defeat Ladybug and her allies several thousands times. Many times, Ladybug doesn't even see her coming. Even with the help of Cat Noir and Viperion, she has a very hard time defeating her and needs many second chances.
  • Despite failing again and again for several months, Aspik tries to protect Ladybug 25,913 times before finally giving up.
  • Luka transforms into Viperion for the very first time and leads the heroes into defeating Desperada.


  • It's minor, but Adrien defying his father by sneaking onto the field trip without his permission. Our boy is finally growing some!
  • Chloé showing actual leadership skills; taking control and evacuating the people in her wagon, getting sure they don't panic, before trapping the akuma inside. She even uses her usual bragging about being Queen Bee to get everyone to trust her experience in this kind of situation and obey without arguing back. Basically, the girl stopped the akuma from infecting any passenger, and if the akuma hadn't sensed the conductor's distress, it would have stayed in the wagon without affecting anyone.
  • We get to see Max's transformation into Pegasus. With a pair of Cool Shades to serve as his Miraculous, working popping and locking into his Transformation Sequence, and a surprisingly sick beat to go with it, what's not to like?
    • He has a horseshoe boomerang that is extremely effective against Startrain's drones.
    • There's also his power, Voyage. He makes a portal large enough to take the Startrain from space into the safety of London... where it ends up embedded in Elizabeth Tower.


  • Ms. Mendeleiev noticed Plagg and Tikki a long time ago. Since then, she was researching them while baiting them with camembert and preparing a trap.
  • Kwamibuster getting dangerously close to defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir - capturing their respective kwamis. No kwamis, no powers!
  • Cat Noir helping the depowered Marinette to escape unseen. Later the depowered Adrien manages to do it himself and evades being captured long enough for help to arrive.
  • Marinette wielding almost all the Miraculous available without losing her mind, and utilizing the Fox, Mouse, Cat and Ladybug powers in tandem to defeat Kwamibuster.
    • Her plan is ingenious too. As Multimouse, she can divide and shrink to a size smaller than the kwamis, who then hide her inside their mouths as they charge Kwamibuster and get captured . Multimouse grabs the Cat Miraculous off Cat Noir so she can borrow Plagg and intentionally gets captured. She then uses two duplicates to merge the mouse with both the Ladybug and Cat so she can use their respective powers, before using the Fox to deceive everyone into believing Marinette is not Ladybug.
  • Speaking of which, Adrien suspects Marinette is Ladybug while Marinette suspects that Cat Noir is a student at her school.
    • Marinette cleverly manages to mislead Cat Noir by "accidentally" revealing herself as Multimouse and getting reproved by Ladybug who then takes her away. It is all an illusion.
    • Cat Noir manages to mislead Ladybug by pretending to assume Ms. Mendeleiev is an elementary school teacher.


  • Through her research Alya learned about the secret Order of the Guardians.
  • Their Miraculouses taken away, Marinette and Adrien don disguises and bike after Fu, doing everything they can to keep Feast away from Fu such as recruiting the bus driver from "Glaciator", Captain Roger and André the ice cream man to help. While it doesn't amount to much, their determination is enough to convince Fu to give them back the earrings and ring. Special mention must be made to Adrien, who was able to get out of his Gilded Cage without Plagg's help.
  • After Ladybug & Cat Noir defeated Feast, it restore everything that the sentimonster ate, which includes the temple, the monks, and the other Miraculouses. Which means more superheroes possibly in the future.

Gamer 2.0

  • Ladybug and Cat Noir playing a tournament with many of their former villains as their fighters.
  • When Ladybug and Cat Noir are forced to compete against each other he does not fight but sacrifices himself without hesitation.
  • Ladybug using Volpina's powers of illusion in order to trick Gamer into defeating himself.

Ikari Gozen

  • Despite being blind, Tomoe is still an even better fighter than Kagami.
  • In order to trick the vocal recognition, Kagami has recorded her mother's voice.
  • Despite being sabotaged, Kagami solves every riddle very quickly. If she and Marinette weren't interrupted by a supervillain they would have won the game.
  • Kagami transforms into Ryuko and manages to deliver an amazing fight against Ikari Gozen.
  • Ryuko allows herself to get captured and swallowed in order to defeat Ikari Gozen from the inside by using her superpowers.
  • Alya and Wayhem winning the scavenger hunt.


  • Ladybug and Cat Noir nonchalantly defeat Mr. Pigeon in under a minute, leaving them plenty of time for Raimer to treat them to ice cream afterwards.
  • Alix meets her future self who is a superheroine and the holder of the rabbit miraculous. She is ecstatic.
  • The battle between Timetagger and Bunnyx is amazing, creative and contains a lot of teleportations and time portals.
  • Bunnyx has mastered her Miraculous to the point where she not only doesn't have a timer when using her powers, but she can use her power repeatedly instead of just once per transformation.
  • The future Hawkmoth sends a powerful villain back in time so that he can defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir before they are in their prime.
  • The Ladybugs and Cat Noirs of the present and the future work together to defeat Timetagger.
  • Apparently, after getting sent to the 15th century, Xavier Ramier became a knight famous enough to have a memorial statue in the present day.

Party Crasher

  • Kim gets his own Miraculous and becomes King Monkey, with a very funky and bouncy transformation theme.
  • Party Crasher may look silly but he is able to predict the attacks of his opponents and manages to defeat and capture Ladybug, Viperion, Carapace, Pegasus and Cat Noir before King Monkey can turn the battle.
    • Hawk Moth has learned from his experiences in "Desperada" and makes sure that Viperion is taken out as quickly as possible in order to prevent any other second chances.

The Puppeteer 2

  • Adrien duels with Hawk Moth's wax figure and holds himself up against it for a short time so that Marinette can escape.
  • The Puppeteer uses wax the figures of Ladybug and Cat Noir to catch their respective partner off guard by pretending to be the real one.
    • Later, Cat Noir returns the favor by pretending to be the wax figure who has captured Ladybug.
    • Ladybug tries to trick the Puppeteer into exchanging her real wand with a copy. The Puppeteer realizes the ruse soon but at this point it is already too late.

Cat Blanc

  • Marinette finally finds the courage to confess her love. Unfortunately she has to make sure it is undone.
  • Much like with Caline, Cat Noir manages to resist the akumaization for a few seconds.
    • His resistance is actually much more impressive, considering the sheer amount of emotional trauma he's going through at the time, which is far more than almost all of the other Akumatized victims.
  • As tragic as the consequences actually were, the fact that Cat Blanc managed to take a third option and not be Hawk Moth’s puppet is pretty impressive.
  • Cat Blanc is clearly the strongest and most dangerous supervillain Ladybug has ever faced.
    • Immediately after his akumatization he kills Ladybug, Hawk Moth and everybody in Paris by turning them to ashen statues.
    • He also leaves Paris flooded and in ruins and even destroys a big piece of the moon.
      • To put this into perspective, the shot described above was one cataclysm. The moon took a direct hit and the damage to Paris was nothing more than the recoil.
    • When he gets really upset he even prepares an attack that would be strong enough to destroy the whole galaxy, proving that his power just has no limit.


  • Once again Marinette musters enough courage to confess her love to Adrien. When she wants to back out, Tikki just doesn't allow it. Too bad Adrien never gets to see it, due to Félix's machinations.
  • When Lila sends Félix video to Gabriel and Nathalie, they see through his disguise immediately.
    • Lila probably realized the deception, too.
  • Adrien quickly realizes what Félix has done. He still pretends to be him so that the Punisher Trio goes after him instead his cousin.
  • Nathalie fights against Princess Fragrance, Reflekta and Lady Wifi (without transforming) in order to protect Adrien and manages to hold her own, even after being hit by Reflekta's power. They only defeat her after a very hard battle.
  • When Félix gets pushy towards Ladybug and tries to kiss her, she realizes the hoax quickly and punches him in the face.
    Ladybug: OK, which part of the word no did you not understand?
  • Félix is a very capable fighter and hold himself against Reflekta, Princess Fragrance and Lady Wifi. He even manages to steal the akumatized object and orders them to attack Ladybug and Cat Noir.
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir manage to defeat Félix and the Punisher Trio easily within seconds.
  • Félix gives a fake apology that convinces at least Adrien and proves himself a very skilled thief by stealing Gabriel's wedding ring.


  • Pretty much everything that Lila does in this episode.
    • She frames Marinette for several delicts like stealing the answers for a test, her necklace and pushing her down the stairs without leaving any clues like fingerprints.
    • She even pretends to defend Marinette when she is "exposed". When Marinette accuses her of framing her, Lila simulates being offended which makes Marinette look even worse.
    • Those events does get Marinette expelled and several people in the school akumatized. The same would have almost happened to Marinette and her mother. Hawk Moth was only seconds away from victory.
    • Despite all of Alya's efforts, she does not find any clues as Lila has left none. She committed the perfect crime.
    • When she finally proves Marinette's innocence by "confessing" with a made-up sob-inducing story that is so convincing that everyone but Marinette is moved to tears.
    • In the end, she still has the last laugh by escaping any punishment and being part of the photo shooting together with Adrien. She does such a great job that she even gets an interview on TV.
  • Chloé protecting Sabrina from the akumas. Also a good Call-Back to "Miraculer"; Chloé knows she can actually resist Hawk Moth's influence, so she's a very effective Human Shield who can protect her friend without being affected herself.
    • This becomes twice as awesome in the following context: Marinette herself was akumatized, meaning Chloé unknowingly pulled off something her idol, Ladybug, has been unable to manage, by standing up to Hawk Moth.
  • A villainous moment; Mayura's attempt at stealing Cat Noir's ring has failed, her minion has turned against her, and she's ticked off Cat by destroying said minion. What happens to keep her from being beaten so soon? Hawk Moth himself shows up and fences him and Ladybug to a draw.
    • The above ends up culminates in a mutual hostage situation; Ladybug has Mayura, Hawk Moth has Cat Noir. They both end up pushing their hostages over the edge of the building, and then rescuing the other. The shot of Hawk Moth and Ladybug running past each other is glorious.
  • Adrien confronting Lila and forcing her into "proving" Marinette's innocence with another lie or losing his friendship for good. After everything Lila's done, his patience with her is wearing thin and he doesn't provide any leeway. This is the first time we've seen Adrien truly angry and it is scary.
    • Note the phrasing of Adrien's terms; He knows that Lila is a Consummate Liar, so he doesn't press her to tell the truth. Instead, he tells her to "make up" a disease that makes people lie irrationally. Pathological lying is a legitimate mental disorder, so he got Lila to confess her character flaw by asking her to lie about it.
    • Also, it's been noted before that Adrien threatened to break it off with Lila because of her lies. However, if it means getting Marinette back in school, he's willing to associate himself with someone who disgusts him.

Heart Hunter

  • Hawk Moth creates another powerful villain and correctly predicts that Ladybug will go to the guardian to get another Miraculous. She leads him right to him.
  • When Master Fu is attacked by Hawk Moth he transforms into Jade Turtle and fights back. He ultimately fails, but points for effort.
  • Not only has Hawk Moth captured Master Fu and gotten almost all his Miraculouses except the dragon, he also manages to convince Chloé to turn on Ladybug and join him instead. It is his greatest triumph yet.

Miracle Queen

  • Luka and Kagami sacrificing themselves for Marinette and Adrien, giving them the chance to escape and fight back.
    • Adrien attempting to sacrifice himself for Kagami before.
  • Hawk Moth learning the identities of all heroes except Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Bunnyx.
  • Dragon Bug and Cat Noir/Snake Noir fighting and winning against Viperion, King Monkey, Pegasus, Rena Rouge and Miracle Queen herself.
  • Queen Bee attempts to get even with Ladybug and Cat Noir fusing with more than one Miraculous by upping them with almost all of the Miraculous. Unfortunately for her, the kwamis will have none of it from her, not when she doesn't know their names and their transformation phrases.
  • Hawk Moth and Mayura fail to break Master Fu's shell in time but they still succeed in getting his tablet which contains a deciphered spellbook.
  • Gabriel manages to fix the Peacock Miraculous. Now he finally has two working Miraculouses.

    Season 4 
  • A villainous one with Hawk Moth managing to fix the Peacock Miraculous and unifying it with the Butterfly Miraculous, becoming Shadow Moth for the first time.
  • Luka resists for a while to the akumization, making perfectly clear to Shadow Moth that he doesn’t want to get the truth by force. And before he gives in, he urges Marinette to run away from him.
  • Juleka protecting Rose from one of Truth's beams.
  • Cat Noir saves Ladybug in the nick of time, tackling her into the river just as she's about to reveal her real name to Truth, Shadow Moth, and everyone aboard the Liberty, which includes most of her friends.
  • When Truth delares that he wants to read Marinette's diary Tom immediately tries to stop him.
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir saving each other's skins either by interrupting Truth when he's about to compell them to reveal their true names or by changing the question to a harmless one.
  • Cat Noir manages to come up with a plan to make Ladybug summon her Lucky Charm by taking advantage of Truth’s side effect.


  • In "Ikari Gozen" Tomoe defeated Kagami, already a terrific fencer, very easily. This time Kagami can hold her own against her mother and even manages to disarm her for a short moment.
  • Kagami proves herself to be a very talented artist.

Gang of Secrets

  • Remember how Chloé is the only person to ever resist akumatization? Well, here Alya manages to one-up her by doing the impossible and breaking Shadow Moth's hold over her, deakumatizing herself.
  • It's subtle, but when Alya, who throughout the whole show has been trying to learn Ladybug's Secret Identity, is told by Marinette that she's Ladybug, how does she react? No questions, no excited screams, just smiling and hugging her best friend.
  • The events of "Miracle Queen" left many fans assuming that the revelation of all the occasional heroes' identities meant they were unable to return to fight alongside Ladybug and Cat Noir. Ladybug entrusting Alya with the Fox Miraculous despite her known identity gives hope that we might not have seen the last of Carapace, Viperion and the others.

Mr. Pigeon 72

  • Now that Alya knows about Marinette's double life, she is using her investigative skills to try and decipher the Guardian Grimoire alongside Marinette.
  • Marinette trusting Alya enough to have her retrieve her own Miraculous from the Miracle Box.
  • Ladybug using Rena Rouge's illusions and Plagg to defeat Mr. Pigeon without ever leaving her hiding place.
    • Ladybug specifically needs to stay safe from the transforming pigeons so asks Rena to create an illusion of Ladybug and Cat Noir to give Mr. Pigeon someone to chase. Hell, even the 'reveal' of their identities to throw off Shadow Moth was brilliant, as it caused him to forget about the possibility of a Mirage, especially after Gang of Secrets.
    • Ladybug doesn't even need to have the objects at hand to realise what to do with her Lucky Charm in this episode. She closes her eyes and imagines them, putting the whole thing together in her head.
    • And on Rena Rouge's side, she manages to run an entire chase of the fake heroes through the city to the pool complete with her playing out the part to near perfection with banter between the two all while remaining in Marinette's room the whole time. She keeps track of it using the communicator in her flute, something she's likely never had to use much before if ever.
  • Alya figuring out how to unleash Ladybug's new powers, and Ladybug's new Power-Up sequence.
  • With the Magical Charms, Ladybug now has a way to provide lasting protection to frequent akuma victims like Mr. Ramier and Juleka.
  • It would appear that this episode is the moment that Adrien starts getting true feelings for Marinette, knowing that he can't have a relationship with Ladybug but Marinette is still there.

Furious Fu

  • Su-Han doesn't need a Miraculous to hold his own in combat against Ladybug and Cat Noir. Later, he also gives Furious Fu a really good fight.
  • Ladybug distracting Su-Han with a movie so that she and Cat Noir can escape.
  • Su-Han has a secret technique which repels the akuma.
    Su-Han: My anger is mine but I am not my anger.
  • Marianne sneaking up on Furious Fu and destroying the akumatized object.

Sole Crusher

  • Watching Sole Crusher chase down Chloé and absorb her is nothing but a cathartic trip to watch.
  • While he still obeys his wife and daughters whims, André cleverly finds a way to get his stepdaughter Zoé to stay in Paris with them, and directs her to her room to protect from Chloé's wrath. The way he phrases it even gets Audrey's consent. Score one for this Henpecked Husband!

Queen Banana

  • Adrien calling Chloé out on her bratty behavior towards the group, pointing out how the film was never hers to begin with and like always, she made everything about her. He punctuates this point by reminding her of his promise to her back in "Despair Bear", that if she couldn't learn to be kinder to others, he'd end his friendship with her. Given how much of a doormat Adrien has been in the past regarding Chloé, it's refreshing to see him stand up to her for a change.
  • Zoé facing Queen Banana on her own, trying her best to talk her sister down. It's this act of bravery that earns her the Bee Miraculous.
  • Zoé tricking Chloé into accepting the anti-akuma magical charm Ladybug made for her by telling her that it's a gift from their mother. Chloé snatches it from her hands and puts it on mere seconds before a second akuma reached her.
  • Mayor Bourgeois finally puts his foot down and tells Chloé in no uncertain terms that she can order him around all she wants, she can demand all the absurd things she wants (like painting their limousine pink), but she should never again ask him to hurt Zoé.
  • Even though he likely just agreed to anger Chloé for akuma purposes, Adrien getting Gabriel to step in and counter bribe Roth to get the original movie back was very satisfying to see.

Gabriel Agreste

  • Félix notices Gabriel's Miraculous and quickly realizes that his uncle is Shadow Moth.
  • Gabriel manages to throw Félix off for a very short time by using a sentimonster of himself and trying to akumatize his nephew.
  • Not only does Félix manage to resist the akuma, he also marks Sentigabriel by damaging his trousers. When the real Gabriel later shows up undamaged, Félix knows that he was right all along.
  • Kagami, Adrien's bodyguard and Sarah the hotel maid all attack the Collector (the latter brandishing a broom) rather than trying to flee. All three are captured pretty swiftly, but it goes to show that there really is a hero in everyone.
  • While this was also apparant in Queen Banana it's pretty obvious here that Chloé has long since lost the ability to terrorize Marinette and the other students and throw her power and money around. Sure she still tries it but they're just annoyed by her at this point and easily make a plan to thwart her rather than get upset enough to Akumatize and otherwise let her walk all over them. Marinette even tells her to her face that she'll never have Adrien, a far cry from her constantly being afraid that Chloé would somehow steal him away from them in the earlier seasons to the point of it being her Sandboy nightmare. Marinette's not afraid of her anymore.

Mega Leech

  • The episode shows how Team Miraculous operates in unison - each member has their own role in saving the day.
    • Ladybug acts as the Big Good, coordinating the others into position and calling on them when needed. She also ultimately purifies the akumas and amoks.
    • Cat Noir is the most physically agile, allowing him to distract and evade the enemy, plus his Cataclysm allows him to destroy anything they need.
    • Pegasus is able to teleport other allies to the enemies' blind spots, getting behind enemy lines for a surprise attack.
    • Vesperia is able to use said teleport to jump right on top of Mega Leech and paralyze it with Venom.
    • Ryuko's elemental manipulaiton allows her to collect all the wayward akumas and amoks into one place.
    • Carapace is able to contain the akumas and amoks inside of a Shellter.
    • Lastly, none of the above would be possible without Polymouse fighting Microdiktator en masse to de-akumatize him and his clones.
  • Mrs. Bustier shows how much she supports her class. Upon hearing that Roger has told Ivan and Mylène to leave, she tells them to go back to class...because she's going to bring everyone to support the protest.


  • Rose manages to break free from Guiltrip's bubbles through sheer positivity alone. It's this act of pure determination that convinces Ladybug to give Rose the Pig Miraculous.
  • The Pig Miraculous’ power is so strong, it got Juleka to voluntarily give up her Akuma. They didn’t need to steal it at all.
  • Rose returns the Pig Miraculous to Ladybug of her own accord, without any prompting from the latter. She even tells the class that it was Ladybug and Cat Noir who saved them, even though both of them would have remained trapped inside the sentimonster without Rose's help.
  • Some positive Character Development for both Adrien and Chloé. At the finale, Adrien finally speaks up in front of all his classmates instead of remaining a quiet observer and snarks at Chloé, basically calling her a Drama Queen. And Chloé sullenly admits that he's got a point, taking the jab without throwing a hissy fit like she usually does when someone calls her out on her behavior.


  • Ladybug needs time to reassemble the akumatized object for Cat Noir to destroy to release the akuma, while Guitar Villain and Captain Hardrock are bearing down on them. Purple Tigress gives her time, by utterly flattening the Liberty with a single blow, sending it and GV careening into the sky.
    • Note that Purple Tigress is the first hero to be able to just straight up attack an Akuma head-on and overpower it. Not one but two at that. That's an impressive feat, as Akumas usually always have the strength advantage and the heroes need to be strategic with their power.
  • Juleka, following her experience as Purple Tigress, straight up yells over her bickering parents and shaming them into apologising to one another over the Crocoduo incident.


  • Optigami was spying on all the exposed heroes for months without being noticed.
  • Shadow Moth's plan was incredibly well thought out and would have worked perfectly if it wasn't for Alya's and Nino's special handshake. It may have been his best one so far.
  • When Style Queen aims at Adrien, Kagami attacks her to protect him. It works long enough for him to escape.
  • Ladybug fusing the Ladybug and Bee Miraculous to become Lady Bee.
  • Alya's sheer bravery and cunning over the course of the episode pays off, as Ladybug decides to let her keep the Fox Miraculous permanently.
  • Max and Luka make it their priority to try to help the bystanders even without their powers, proving it isn't the Miraculous or the suit that makes the hero.
  • Not only does Ladybug notice at the last second that Nino was a fake, but because it was something she'd seen as Marinette (his and Alya's handshake) and since she doesn't actually say why (since that would give away that she's close enough to them in her regular life to notice something like that) Shadow Moth and Natalie are completely aghast at her calling "Nino" out. It seemed to them like Ladybug just instantly caught into their plan with no logical reason why.
  • The extent of how Crazy-Prepared Marinette is as the Guardian.
    • As Ladybug, she always retreats into the sewers after retrieving a loaned Miraculous to ensure she isn't followed. Even though she doesn't know she's being tailed by Optigami, it aids in preventing the sentimonster discovering her identity.
    • Inside the art supply box that she uses to hide the Miracle Box, Marinette has left an old-school cell phone (one that's clearly cheap and ensure it has a charge that lasts) that she uses to get in contact with the kwamis should she need them yet be unable to reach them. This proves instrumental to victory.


  • Alya is able to effectively use her Mirages to trick Shadow Moth a grand total of three times throughout the episode. Marinette even compliments her on her resourcefulness. She truly is the master of illusion.
    • First, she creates a distraction to momentarily hide herself so she can transform. She then quickly conjures a Mirage of herself to lead Sentibubbler astray, in order to get to her room for a private chat with Cat Noir, making sure he doesn't interfere with her illusions and knows that the villain is a sentimonster.
    • Later, she creates a dual illusion of both herself and Ladybug. This version of Ladybug tells "Alya" that she can no longer be Rena Rouge — a completely believable deceit, given Chloé received the exact same treatment — guaranteeing that Shadow Moth will leave her alone for a while. The false Ladybug then heads out and is followed by Shadow Moth, only for her to disappear after ducking into an alley.
    • After Sentibubbler traps Cat Noir in a bubble and makes him waste his Cataclysm, Alya is forced to improvise by creating a third illusion of Marinette in her bubble, to hide the real Marinette as she transforms and summons Kaalki to become Pegabug and save the day.
  • The smirk Pegabug gives to Shadow Moth as she snatches the cup containing the amok from his very hand.

Glaciator 2

  • The Lucky Charm of the Week ends up being a supercar, and both Ladybug and Cat Noir take turns racing around the streets of Paris trying to first get away from Glaciator, before luring him to a trap to melt all his ice cream armor.


  • Shadow Moth effortlessly blackmails Robustus into compliance, after his last attempt almost ended up getting him killed. This time, Robustus is infected with a virus caused by Shadow Moth's sentimonster Hack-San. The terms of the deal are simple: obtain the Miraculous, and Shadow Moth erases Hack-San and the virus, freeing Markov from its influence. Make no mistake, Shadow Moth is getting craftier and more effective in both his targets and their akumatizations.
  • The foresight from Marinette to reveal her identity to Alya bears fruit in this episode, as she is incredibly lucky to have handed over the Miraculous to Alya on the same day that Shadow Moth creates an akuma that can remotely attack her. If she hadn't, he would have won there and then.
  • Robostus tricking Scarabella with a fake cry for help. Soon after that he lures the heroes into an ambush by letting his brainwashed minions pretend they are wax figures in the Musée Grévin. Very soon they are cornered with no way to escape.
  • Scarabella's first outing as Ladybug is quite remarkable, given the circumstances. Her first obstacle is an angry Cat Noir, who doesn't trust her, believing her to either be a villain or a Sentimonster (and in fairness, he has had experience in both). She is able to counter his Cataclysm, before stunning him with a myriad of blows before binding him with her yo-yo. She even states that if she really wanted his Miraculous at that point, it was hers. After the recharge, and their battle with Robustus, she quickly realises that she can't get to him to release the akuma, but a trapped Marinette can. Thus, she slyly threatens to destroy the Miraculous, denying Shadow Moth his victory. With the promise of the heroes in exchange for the captives, he reluctantly agrees, before Marinette interrupts him mid-sentence by beaning Robustus over the head with a frying pan.


  • Just like Alya did in "Gang of Secrets", Nino successfully manages to break free from his akumatization after having been transformed.


  • André the ice cream man, Luka, and the Bourgeois butler all casually bull-rush Alec on his own show after he tries to mock and belittle their life choices. Even better, they are doing it in an incredibly kind and conciliatory way which makes him questioning his own life choices.
  • Luka became the second person to know Ladybug's secret identity, but he's also the first person to know Cat Noir's secret identity.


Dearest Family

  • Cat Noir ends up doing most of the work this episode, primarily because Tikki is having her meltdown with the Galette, forcing him to take on four incredibly powerful and versatile Akumas, on his own. Yes it is mostly stalling for time until Ladybug can sort herself out, but he is able to evade and stall the family without assistance.
  • We previously saw in Pixilator how powerful his Cataclysm is, wiping out a pocket dimension. In Hack-San we saw it destroy a Lucky Charm. Now, we see one of his strongest displays yet, almost rivalling Cat Blanc levels of destruction, in that Astro Cat flies into Low-Earth-Orbit to destroy a planet-sized Galette before it can collide with the Earth.
    • On Astro Cat, his suit's power is so strong he is able to fly at immense speeds in space, judging by the scale of the Lucky!Galette and the Earth. The Galette is almost as thick as the Earth's Diameter, and the Earth is 12'700 km wide. This puts the distance at a conservative 76'000 km between the two. If it took Cat Noir 5 minutes to reach the Galette, and another 5 back (as not a lot of time seems to pass) that puts Astro Cat's space speed at roughly 740x the speed of sound! Repeat, he is travelling through space at speeds that make the Space Shuttle gasp. No wonder he is surrounded by a green aura as he flies around...



"Santa Claws"

"World: New York – United Heroez"

  • In the Action Prologue, Ladybug and Cat Noir power up into their new Astro forms to save Mr. Pigeon from flying into space unprotected.
  • Majestia, Knightowl, Sparrow and Uncanny Valley preventing a plane crash and capturing Techno-Pirate.
  • Villainous one for Hawk Moth, who akumatizes Techno to create a distraction by stealing Lafayette's saber; while the American Heroes take on the empowered villain, Hawk Moth casually steals the Eagle Necklace, before personally recruiting Techno before he can be captured for step 2 of his scheme.
  • The Eagle Miraculous grants the bearer the power of Freedom, as in freedom from any limitations. In the past, Lafayette used it to aid the American forces by removing their physical limitations. In the present, Miraculyzer uses it to remove the moral limitations of the Heroes, allowing them freedom to do whatever they like without ethical considerations.
  • Ladybug, Cat Noir, Ms Eagle and Uncanny Valley are able to save the Adult Heroes and New York by defeating Miraculyzer and foiling Hawk Moth's scheme.
  • Marinette successfully persuades her classmates with a rousing speech to stand up to Gabriel and convince him to allow Adrien to go to New York with them. This time Lila has to concede defeat.
  • Ladybug manipulating Doorman's curiosity and tricking him into getting her and Cat Noir into the statue of liberty so that they can take Miraclonizer by surprise and get the Eagle Miraculous back.
  • Majestia stopping a nuclear rocket and hurling it into the sun, preventing a nuclear world war.

"World: Shanghai – The Legend of Lady Dragon"

    Comic Books 
  • Alix, Ivan, and Kim wanting to help Adrien against Replay. Sure, Ladybug told them to go away, but still, these guys have balls for standing against an akumatized villain.

  • The show itself is one long one for its animators. Every episode demonstrates that the show's notably high budget is well-earned and then some. The characters move and flow dynamically and the action makes use of great shifts in camera angles. This show is the best argument for 3D animated superhero shows you'll ever find.
  • A Merch example: The Tikki plush is now a Bestseller!
  • Miraculous Ladybug beat Steven Universe, Rick and Morty and even Family Guy for the Teen Choice Awards 2018's category of Best Animated TV Show! Quite a feat, considering it was the first time they get nominated in this category.


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